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Freaky Phone Number


By Chris Carr


Copyright Jan, 2011









There's this number. You call it and you're supposed to get a blow job. That's the story that was going around.







My new High School sucks. It's old as sin and cold as fuck in the winter. Around campus I keep to myself, my involvement in band the only bright spot.

Ok, it's not a full fledged marching band, and we only practice twice a week, after school, but it's at least better than nothing. We play at games (mostly basketball) and some functions.

I'm hanging out with some band mates when this older kid starts telling us about the number. He says it like it's really true. Like he'd got his blow job already. I listened but I wasn't convinced. Rumors are always circulating around school. Like the one about the old janitor that's an undercover NARC. Or that the entire football team fucked a girl and posted it online. I'd still like to find THAT ONE.

Puberty has been a total trip for me. Pops says it's all natural what's happening but sometime it freaks me out. Like when one of my balls dropped! I stood in the mirror staring a long time at that. I was certain my balls were broke or something.

  Some things I tell my dad, like the ball incident, but some things I keep to myself. I sure haven't told him about my newest obsession, jacking off. But I'm pretty sure he knows, it's what all guys do.

  I like looking at myself in the mirror. Like the way my dick is getting bigger and how hard it gets. I swear, you probably could hammer nails with it. I'm not sure how it'd compare to any of my friends, but it's definitely not a little boy dick anymore.

  Pops works late and my mom passed when I was little so it's just me and him. He's a good dad, just not the huggy-kissy type. Mostly I have the place to myself and I make good use of the time. Man, I never thought there was so much cum in one kid. Can't get enough of it though.

Lying on my bed at night, the stupid rumor about the number came back to me. The kid said you have to get this web address from one of the kids that's had one. At first it kind of weirded me out hearing some guy was giving boys blow jobs. I've never had a blow job though and I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Where'd he do it and did he really suck the guy off? Imagining someone sucking my extra hard dick, I soon had a handful of cum. Falling to sleep, I still had my doubts.

  Band practice was good, our uptight teacher finally letting us do a contemporary piece. We'd been buggin him about all the old songs he always taught so when he said we could do Usher's OMG, we were really pumped. Ok, it sounded a little raggedy but it was still fun, learning a cool song.

  After practice my friend started grilling one of the older boys about the number. I hate to admit it but I listened in. The older kid said the man only put up his web page when he was looking for a new kid. He said you had to send him a picture or he won't even reply.

The rumor about the undercover NARC janitor ridiculous, it was nothing compared to what he said next. According to the rumor it was one of the after school janitors with the freaky number!

It was really beginning to sound like an internet hoax so that evening I did a check on Snopes.com to see if I could find it. There were plenty of hoaxes from one about Mountain Dew supposedly shrinking your balls to school rumors about a gay dude anesthetizing someone so he could rape him but nothing about a freaky number.

I kept hunting around until the next thing I knew, I was looking for the supposed ad. The older kids claimed it was on Craigslist so I found the listing in my city and started looking around. There were a lot of guys talking about sex, some of them offering money but I didn't find what I was looking for.

Tired again I got in bed, my mind racing. It's funny how you think about sex so much when you're a teen. I hadn't even had sex with a girl yet but my head was always thinking about sex. As much as I hated to admit it, I couldn't get guys off my mind. Young guys my age, older guys, even guys like the janitors at my school.

I'd seen a few guys naked at the local pool locker room. Some of them were real pasty and their dicks pretty puny. But some of them really caught my attention. I'm not saying I'm gay but I can't help looking at guys. Hey, everybody does it!

I tried going to sleep but my dick was so hard I couldn't even lay on my stomach, my fave position. Flipping onto my back I started thinking about the janitors again. Most of them Hispanic I still couldn't believe guys like those hardnecks would do something with a kid. Still, one in particular coming to mind, I was soon blowing a big one.


Around campus I kept looking at the janitors. There was a wide range of ages, some them older than my grandfather it seemed. I was in the bathroom one day when this Black janitor came in. Sweeping around the sinks he soon started in my direction. I stood close to the urinal, willing my dick to pee and not get hard but when I felt it growing, I stuffed it in my pants and got the hell out of there. That night the Black guy was featured in my fantasy, his muscular body naked as he sucked my dick. Blew another big one on that!


A few days later I got this lucky break and the mysterious number sort of fell in my hands. I was leaving the music building and I saw that older kid that'd told us about the number talking to this pimply faced kid. The younger kid didn't seem that interested but the older kid kept talking, almost as if there was something in it for him. When I got closer the older kid shut up, both of them looking at me like the cat that'd ate the canary.

They walked off, disappearing around the back of the building and I decided to follow. By the time I got to the back of the building the older kid was gone and the younger kid was holding a piece of paper. He studied it for a few minutes then dropped it on the ground and walked off.

Don't ask me why but I actually got excited when I saw that paper. I had to chase it around a little, the wind catching it. Felt kind of stupid, running around like that but when I got it, I was pretty happy. Studying the lone piece of paper I didn't even notice my dick getting hard until I stuffed it in my pocket.






When I got home I went straight to my computer. Typing the multi-lettered address in my web browser, I held my breath as I waited for it to make the connection. The page finally loaded and, like they said, it was a Craigslist ad.

There wasn't much in it, just an email address where to send a pic and a warning that emails without pictures would be ignored. Crappy thing was, I didn't have a picture on my computer. I stared at the ad for some time, my heart racing. So far, the rumor was true.

Getting a picture without a camera wasn't easy but I finally got a friend to take one with his phone. Somehow we figured a way to get it online and that evening I practically ran home.

Downloading the picture from my email I returned to the mysterious Craigslist ad only to find it wasn't there anymore. Bummed me out. I searched everywhere on Craigslist for a listing like the one I'd seen but no such luck.

I guess I was a bit more hooked than I thought because I eventually found that older kid around campus. Drilling him for answers I was a little shamed by the look on his face. Did I sound that desperate?

"I don't know," He says, a little perturbed. "All I know is that he puts it up when he's looking for someone. Just keep checking."

He walked off, leaving me feeling like a horny girl looking to get her cherry popped.

That night, I checked the address again, my heart in my throat as it loaded (our internet is hella slow!), but no luck. The waiting seemed to make things worse, my anticipation growing. Nights, I'd whack-off to images of various school personnel. The gym coach, my fifth period Math teacher. I even jacked off to our goofy looking Band teacher, the one that only comes twice a week.

Two nights later and nothing. I was going out of my head with questions and mounting desire. I had a late practice the following day our teacher wanting to talk to me afterwards about missing practices. Far as I'm concerned, if the school's not taking it serious enough to hire a full time music teacher, why should I bust my hump making all those after school practices?

I ran home and checked the ad only to find it wasn't even up anymore. Like it'd been removed or something. A little despondent, I started in on my homework. Pops doesn't usually come home till after six, sometimes later, so I had the place to myself.

I got out my school clothes and, since it was nice and warm inside (cloudy and cold outside though) I stayed in my underwear. Maybe it's the age I'm at or the hormones raging through me but I like being almost naked. Like the way the carpet feels beneath my bare feet. Sort of goes up my soles to my nutts, then up my dick.

Anyway, I was heading back to my room with a glass of Sunny D when it hits me, check my email. Like I said, I pretty much keep to myself so the most I get in my inbox is ads for free computers and the occasional request to ad some freaky girl on Myspace.

I fire up my email and there's one that catches my eye. "Re: Free Cell Phone" the subject line says. My heart jumped in my throat when I remembered the instructions to put those words in the subject line of the email of the Craig's List ad!

Quickly opening it I was met with a simple link. Hesitating, my hand hovered over the mouse, concerns about email viruses surfacing. I was pretty sure the email was in reply to my original email but still, you can never be sure.

Finally, I clicked the link and an attachment started downloading. I really started to panic then and almost stopped it but decided I'd let it finish. Worse case scenario I could move it over to my external drive, I figured.

The download completed and a Word Document opened. I watched it all, my heart pounding, then there it was.

Mechanical room 3

Tomorrow: 3:30 pm

A whole Word Document and that's all that was in it. I stared at that message for a long time, all kind of thoughts going through my head. While I was excited (my dick got hard but it does that all the time) I had my doubts. I'd worked so hard to get this, I almost felt let down, now that I had it. Part of me was worried I'd turn totally faggot and part of me wondered who the hell this person was? I mean, com'on, was I really going to meet with a total stranger, just to get my dick sucked?

Sleep was restless that night, my mind whirring on a thousand possibilities. In one scenario I saw me going through with it and then coming out to my dad! In another I saw me blowing it off and regretting what I could've had. The thrill of it all. The titillation.

All the next day I debated going through with it. As the moment drew closer, I found my curiosity piquing. Hell, I'd never even had sex, let alone a BLOW JOB, I reasoned.

Mechanical room 3 was behind the cafeteria, I eventually found. Had to ask about three teachers before I found it. A dark corridor connecting the two buildings, you walked beneath the stairwell to enter room 3.

Silence greeting me, the room was dark, the hum of the school's cooling and heating units droning in the darkness. I searched my way along the wall, looking for a light switch but got a little creeped out when my hand landed in something sticky.

The door closed behind me and then I was in almost total darkness, the only light a few dim bulbs overhead. My eyes adjusted and I saw a little more but I seemed to be all alone.

Walking further, I walked around a huge unit, humming loudly under its labor to warm our freezing school. Heat radiated from it and I steered clear. Looking all around I understood why my mystery dick-sucker would have me meet him here. On top of it being in a secluded area from the rest of the school, once the door was closed I doubt anyone would venture inside.

My heart pounding, I went behind the humming unit. My underarms started sweating and my eyes were looking everywhere but nothing. Then I heard the door open. Freezing, I peered around the heating unit, hoping to glimpse my mystery man.

The door slammed shut, and then it sounded like the person was locking it. Concerned, I craned around the unit, trying to see but the lights went off. Panic setting in, I backed up when I heard footsteps approaching.

If the room looked dark before, it was pitch black now. Backing away from the approaching footsteps, I almost jumped when I backed into the wall. The footsteps kept coming, like the person was used to walking in this darkened room then they were past the unit, closing fast.

"Hey," The person said.

My head cocked, the voice sounded familiar but I couldn't place it. "You there?" I nodded, forgetting we were in total darkness. The person took a few more steps and then he was almost directly in front of me. His body heat near, my skin tingled as we lingered.

I waited, sweat gathering under my arms, the heavy coat I was wearing like a furnace in the warm room then I felt a hand on my face. I jumped, the sudden touch startling me.

The hand traced about my cheeks, my nose, my chin, then it found my lips. Slowing, the fingers moved around my lips, like a sculptor tracing a piece of work. I heard the dude's breathing pick up and that made my heart race and my breath increased.

Down the hand went, another hand joining it, working together to open my parka. Both hands moving inside, they moved up my flanks, thrilling me to no end. This was going better than my fantasies, the only down side being I couldn't see who the guy was.

My breathing increasing, I shuddered when the hands pulled my shirts out of my pants. I'm not what you'd call muscular and I guess it kind of bothered me so I had conflicting emotions about my body, even in the dark.

The way the hands were feeling up my bare skin and the guy's breathing became raspy, I guess I was what he wanted so I soon relaxed. Those hands were like magic fingers, searching every part of me beneath my clothes. It was so exciting, my dick was practically doing flip flops in my pants!

When he started tweaking my nipples, I started trembling. Couldn't help it. Surprised as hell that my nipples could make me hot, I let out a tiny whimper. His fingers working back and forth across them, they hardened like tiny knobs.

He was driving me crazy with the pre-game show and I worried I might not make it past half-time at this rate. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, he moved closer. Raising my shirts, his lips were suddenly on my nipple. I gasped, the sensation was so incredible.

Flicking his warm tongue across my excited bud, he sent me to new highs, my dick throbbing in anticipation. Leaving the left nipple he was suddenly on my right. I trembled, my breathing ragged. Then his hand shot into my pants and I just about collapsed.

Weak in the knees I panted, the hand reaching inside my shorts. The warm fingers coiling around my hardness, his tongue never stopped lapping at my nipple.

In pure nirvana, I trembled and writhed to his expert ministrations. While I hated not being able to see him, it was like the darkness added to the mystique. Like we were both being naughty or something.

His hand slipping up my randy dick, I soon had to warn him, "I'm getting close!" He stopped licking my nipples and then it felt like he was gone. Peering into the darkness, I searched for him. My hands still plastered against the wall, I was about to reach for him when I felt my pants ripped open.

My dick springing into the darkness, I let out a loud gasp when it was suddenly enclosed in a warm mouth! Hands working into my opened pants, they moved around my thighs, the mouth deliciously moving up and down my super hardness.

Oh my God, I won't last no time! I thought, my legs trembling. Then the hands moved further towards the back area and my lust lessened. When they cupped my twin globes, I froze, my dick wilting slightly.

The mouth continued sucking, my dick rebounding but then the hands pulled my cheeks apart and a finger found my quivering booty hole. My eyes bucking wide, I reached back to grab the hands but before I could, the finger was working wonders on my hole, circling it and diddling it.

I grabbed one of his hands and pulled but the effort was insincere and I think he knew it. To my utter surprise, the sucking stopped and before I knew it, he'd spun me around. Yanking my pants down, I felt my exposed cheeks in the room air.

Bending me slightly at the waist, my cheeks were spread again. I started to protest but the words became a gurgled moan when a tongue suddenly started flicking across my exposed hole. Shocked, I whimpered, despite myself.

WTF, was he doing to me???! My ass spread, I felt his mouth work wonders on my quivering hole. Before I knew it, I was pushing my ass back, my hands slapped flat against the cold wall. Up and down his tongue traveled, each cycle taking me higher and higher. My dick bobbled, seemingly forgotten as he lapped away. Then, as if he'd heard me, his hand found my dripping post, his expert fingers sliding back and forth.

"Oh!" I cried, my ass aglow.

"Damn! Gotta get some of this!" He suddenly said and my heart dropped into my nutts.

In a flash he was behind me, clothes rustling as he opened his pants and then I felt his hardness press against my smooth ass. This was more than I'd bargained for, the tables suddenly switched!

Sliding his leaking pipe about my smooth cheeks, his finger returned to my hole. But this time it was all slippery, like he'd put oil on it or something. Like a key in a lock, his finger dove into my hole, slipping to the second knuckle before I could cry out.

My face flushed against the wall, a surprised yelp escaped me when it sunk deeper. His dick still laid against my butt cheek, he worked his finger in and out of my hole. My toes wiggling in my sneakers, a myriad of sensations flooded my brain.

Like I'd feared, he was turning me out!! Making me like getting my ass busted!! Trembling on his thrusting finger, I moaned like a two cent whore when he stroked my anxious dick. Pushing my ass further, my heart pounded as the finger probed my depths. Quivering and moaning, part of me wondered if a dick would feel half as good?

I didn't have to wait long, my molester as anxious as me, apparently. The finger leaving me feeling empty, it was quickly replaced with an equally slippery dick. When I felt the size of it, wedged against my hole, I panicked.

"Stop," I cried, my hand reaching between us.

The wonder-hand returned to my wilting dick and when it started coaxing it towards release, I forgot about the invading member at my back door. Laying my face against the cold bricks again, I shuddered, the hand finding every hot spot on my wickedly extended post.

Concentrating on the exhilarating sensation of my approaching orgasm, I nevertheless screamed like a stuck pig when his dick popped past my hole.

"Wait!" I yelled, the dick momentarily stopping its advance.

But it was inside me already, the fullness in my hind side undeniable. I couldn't tell how much he had in but my toes actually curled in my tennis when he started pulling back, then pushed in. Pulling back, then pushing in. Pulling back, then pushing in.

In no time my dick was happily dripping, lubricating dude's stroking fingers. Plastered against the wall, I could sense he was taller than me, his breath slightly above me. Frozen in shock, I whimpered as he slowly fucked me.

Was this all part of the bargain? Did all the guys get fucked and just never told? Raising up on my toes, I felt my ass clenched tight around his thrusting python. His hands reaching around me, he bent down to nuzzle my ear.

All of the multiple sensations colliding behind my closed eyelids, I was a quivering, shaking mess before long. While one hand was tweaking my hardening nipple, the other was still stroking my anxious dick. Pressed close behind me, the warmth of the man excited me, his dick shoved deep up my chute.

Finding a rhythm, he humped me like a bitch in heat, his sensuous lips nuzzling my ear, as he held me on the precipice with his expert hand around my dick. Pounding against the wall, our unified grunts amplified until eventually we were both wailing pitifully.

Something was happening, building a nutt like I'd never had on my own and I no longer cared if he was turning me out. All I wanted was more!

Pushing my ass back, I met his thrusts, that weird something building deep inside me. Oh this was too fantastic! Whimpering and whining on his thrusting spear, I felt my ass nursing his hardness like a baby at a tit.

Moaning loudly, he increased his strokes on my dangerously close dick then I felt him slam into me and I let out another scream. Damn, if anyone heard me, I'm sure they would've come running by now.

All of his dick crammed to the balls, he thrust me even harder. Although it hurt at first, it was like he'd turned a key, his dick thrust so deep. Wailing like a little girl, I trembled and danced on my toes, my dick suddenly pitching in the dark.

I felt it like a volcano, spewing all over the wall. My wails coming close to tears, I felt his dick swell and then I felt the powerful spasms, bumping against the walls of my impaled portal. He's cumming, I thought, my own dick spurting high.

We both wailed and yelled like someone had set us on fire, slamming against each other, squeezing as much as we could from our simultaneous orgasms. His dick pulsated and pumped inside me, his breaths ragged and filled with exclamations while I shuddered and whined atop him, the cum shooting from my dick in torrents.

Then we finally drained, both of us heaving air against the cool wall. He pulled his drained dick out and I felt empty. Still whimpering and trembling, I heard him cleaning up, then zipping his pants.

"You wanna know who this is?" I shook my head, forgetting he couldn't see me again. He pushed something in my pocket and then he was gone.

The dim lights on again, I reached in my pocket.

Recruit a new kid and you get to watch.

Along with the note I was surprised to find 40 bucks! Suddenly it dawned on me, someone could've been watching me! Looking around I saw no one. Comforting myself with the notion, technically, no one had "recruited" me, I dashed out the dark room.

As I cleaned up in the boy's bathroom, I couldn't get over how exciting the whole thing had been. Looking at the note, I knew exactly who I wanted to recruit....



The End


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