Friday Night Delight, a short story by Josh Terrence


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I was laying in bed, letting the afterglow of a powerful orgasm wrap itself around my body when I heard a familiar set of footsteps moving down the hallway from the other side of my bedroom door. I could hear the floor right outside of my room creak, then the light footsteps moved to the stairway and down to the kitchen. I glanced over at my boyfriend Jason, who was fast asleep after a mutual 69 in our bed, and grinned when I realized that we were being spied on by a little eavesdropper.

Quinn, Jason's only child, had moved into our townhouse just a few months earlier. The kid had been having a rough time adjusting to the reality that his mom and dad were divorced and missed his father's influence in his life. I could imagine that the shock of having a parent come out of the closet and move in with his gay lover would disrupt any teenager's life, and Quinn was no exception. Making the matter even more complicated was the fact that Quinn was waking up to his own sexuality, which seemed to parallel that of his old man.

So when the school year ended, the youngster begged for permission to come stay with us. His mother reluctantly agreed and the teenager packed his bags right away. When Quinn moved in with us, the landscape around the house quickly changed. Gone was the freedom to roam the house in the nude. Gone were the anything goes parties that Jason and I used to host. Most of all, though, gone was the privacy that Jason and I used to enjoy when we wanted to snuggle up and watch a dirty movie.

Other than the inconvenience of rearranging a few of our routines, Quinn has been an absolute joy to have around. He's a smaller, more innocent replica of his daddy. He stands at 5'8” and weighs just over 125 pounds. He has dark, curly locks and a baby face that looks like it came straight off of a jar of strained carrots. His smooth, unblemished complexion is complimented by a pair of big brown eyes and a button nose that hovers over a set of wet, deep red lips. His slender build is only betrayed by his very prominent, very round and always on display bubble butt. When he's home it's not uncommon for him to run around the house in nothing but a teeshirt and pair of tight, white boy briefs.

In addition to his cute features, the kid's a little charmer. Without even trying, he quickly wormed his way into my heart and my wallet. When we're out shopping, all he has to do is look at something with his expressive brown eyes and I melt like butter. Jason loves to give me hell for spoiling the kid, but he's just as bad, and we both know it. Only, he gets to play the stern father from time to time, though all three of us know he doesn't really mean it.

The first time we busted Quinn eavesdropping on our lovemaking was a dramatic affair, to be sure. The minute we opened the door and found him with his ear pressed to the door, his bottom lip began to quiver and tears welled up in his expressive brown eyes. My heart melted immediately and I quickly found my own parental instinct, which I never knew existed. In a flash, I wrapped him up in a hug while I accepted his tearful apology. His father and I made him promise not to spy on us while we had sex, then we sat him down and had “the talk” with him.

The second time Quinn spied on us I decided to test the waters a little. Jason hadn't noticed that he was there, but I could see his size ten feet through the crack under the door. Instead of ratting him out to his dad, I ignored his presence and instead blew my lover to completion. While Jason was sleeping in his post orgasmic haze, I donned my silk robe and went down the hall to confront our little busy body.

Quinn, were you listening to your dad and I have sex again?” I asked knowingly, but the 18 year old only looked away deceptively. I wrapped an arm around his skinny shoulders and pulled him into a tight hug, then I planted a kiss on his brown, curly head of hair and told him, “You know, you're a very cute young man. I'll bet you can find a lover of your own if you tried hard enough. Then maybe I wouldn't see your feet blocking the light at the bottom of my door.”

With a deep blush, he gave me a sheepish smile and said, “Thanks, Steve. Do you think my dad would be upset if I started dating?”

We'd both be very happy for you, kiddo,” I assured him.

Do you really think I'm cute?” he asked insecurely, prompting me to nod in the affirmative. “I think you're really cute, too.”

Thanks, buddy,”I said, giving his shoulder a firm squeeze. “You know, if I didn't think your dad would murder me, I'd make a move on you myself.”

You and my dad go to sex parties, don't you?” he asked with a naughty smile. Instead of answering with a yes or a no, I simply winked, earning me a grin that brought out his deep dimples. “I think I'd like it if you made a move on me, Steve.”

Well, you're very sexy, buddy,” I told him. “I'm sure you can find another cutie closer to your age who would be thrilled to make a move on you.”

Maybe someday,” the boy lamented with a sigh, then he looked up at me with hopeful eyes. “Do you think you and my dad would ever want to take me to one of those parties?”

I don't know that your dad would go for that, kiddo,” I said with a doubtful tone. “Besides, those are parties for old farts like us, not fresh faced cuties like you.”

I don't think you're an old fart,” he smiled, resting his head on my shoulder and nuzzling his cheek into my robe before gazing up at me with a mischievous smile. “I think you're an old hunk.”

I'll tell you what, kiddo,” I said, leaning in and stealing a quick peck on his moist, pouty lips. “If you agree not to spy anymore, I'll talk to your dad about including you the next time we do a party.”

Really?” he asked with an excited gasp, his mouth hanging open in surprise and his beautiful brown eyes filled with hope. “I love you, Steve.”

We'll see what he says, Quinn,” I told him, not wanting him to get his hopes too high. Running my fingers through his curly brown locks, I smiled and told him, “You know, you're a very beautiful boy. I'm sure you could get lucky on your own if you put yourself out there, buddy.”

With another deep blush, the boy looked at the floor and sighed while I tousled his hair. Finally, I planted a wet kiss on his baby soft cheek and got up, leaving him sitting on the bed while I rejoined my boyfriend in the bedroom so that I could make the case for him.

There was a romantic charge in the air as Jason and I ushered Quinn into the living room, where our guests were already undressed and preparing for an evening of sex. Quinn was holding his father's hand like a kindergartner on his first day of school, his young eyes filled with nervous anticipation as he scanned the room. Laying on the floor were the two couples who we invited over. They were cuddling close with each other in front of the fire place, petting one another and getting comfortable. As soon as we walked into the room with the horny boy in tact, the petting and the soft, lovey dovey talk halted and all eyes were on the boy.

Are you sure this is what you want, babe?” Jason asked, turning to face his son without letting his hand go. I watched with a concerned look if my own as my boyfriend caressed Quinn's smooth cheek with a soft expression, silently communicating that if he wanted to, he could still back out.

I'm sure, dad,” the boy said with a nod, his youthful tone serving as a reminder of his tender age.

I want you to speak up if you feel uncomfortable, okay?” Jason said, his eyes filled with emotion. “Don't do anything that you don't want to do, okay?”

I promise,” Quinn said dutifully, giving his dad and I a sweet smile.

I love you, kiddo,” Jason said with a warm smile, then he planted a kiss on his son's forehead.

I love you too, dad,” the boy grinned, then he turned my way. “And I love you, Steve.”

I love you too, buddy,” I told him. “Would you like to get comfortable with daddy and I?”

With the sweetest smile I'd ever seen in my life, Quinn nodded his answer, then he let Jason and I lead him to the fireplace. The foursome of males quickly spread apart, making room for the three of us to sit in the center of the group. Quinn looked a little embarrassed that so many older men were studying his naked body, so I took the initiative by guiding him to the spot between Jason and I so we could dote on him.

He's a very beautiful boy,” said Terry, one of the men in the room. He had his arm wrapped tight around his husband Dave, who was smiling warmly at Quinn, Jason and I while he nodded in agreement.

You look just like your daddy,” the man said, his southern accent as prominent as his lisp.

Thanks,” Quinn said, his boyish tone a little husky as he leaned into his father's side. “I think you're both really sexy.”

He definitely takes after his father,” Terry remarked with a wink, letting his eyes travel down to Quinn's soft boyhood.

He's a cutie, that's for sure,” said Ronald, who was at the gathering with his partner Ray. “I'm sure he's broken a few hearts already.”

Are you dating yet, honey?” Dave asked, and Quinn shook his head no with a deep blush.

Are you alright, buddy?” Jason asked, wrapping his muscular arm around Quinn's slender shoulders with a protective look.

Quinn nodded silently, resting his head on his father's shoulder while the others looked on, prompting my boyfriend to give his son a concerned squeeze. I could see the look of regret on his face and worried that he might want to call the evening off, so I reached down and ran my fingers through Quinn's locks and gave him a loving smile.

This is a safe place, kiddo,” I told him with a tender tone. “Nobody's expecting you to do anything that you aren't ready for, okay? We all love each other here, and we're all here to look out for you.”

Maybe he's not ready for this,” Jason lamented, rubbing his son's bare back with his large hand while the boy gave us all a pleading look.

I'm ready for it, dad,” the boy countered, his voice so small and full of doubt that it sounded as if he were trying to convince himself that it was true.

I don't think so, baby,” Jason said in a sympathetic tone, planting a loving kiss on Quinn's head while the boy hung his head in shame. “I want your first time to be special, not scary.”

I'm not scared,” he practically whispered, then he looked around the room with embarrassed eyes.

Thinking quick, I stepped in by saying, “How about if we just get comfy and enjoy each others' company for a while?”

Giving me a doubtful frown, Jason started to shake his head when Ray piped up with, “That sounds like a great idea, Steve. The fire is really nice.”

With that, Jason nodded his approval and gave his boy a warm hug while I leaned in and planted a peck on Quinn's cheek, then gave my boyfriend a wet one while everyone else resumed their petting and kissing. When Jason and I broke our kiss, I turned my ministrations to Quinn by petting his face and rubbing his smooth chest while he smiled up at me.

Within moments, the boy had melted into my side and was gazing up at me with stars in his young eyes while I planted kisses all over his neck, chest and face. Jason gave me a silent nod of approval that Quinn never saw, sending the signal that I could proceed. The magic of the moment was dancing all around my head, filling my heart with a swell of affection as I lovingly puckered my lips and pressed them into Quinn's, then my lips parted and I gingerly let my tongue enter his mouth. The boy's chest was heaving up and down with slow, deliberate motions and his tummy was rippling as he looked into my eyes with wonder. I used my hands to cup his soft cheeks and he moaned into my mouth, then he let loose with a sigh and I knew that he was ready.

To our left, Jason was watching with a tortured expression while I swept his baby boy off of his feet. Sensing that he was having harsh feelings of regret, Terry and Dave moved to his side, rubbing his back and caressing his body while they watched the show. I could feel Ronald's palm rubbing the small of my back while I engaged the teenager in his first kiss, prompting me to purr with contentment. At the same time, Ray moved in to rub Quinn's hairless legs and his size ten feet, wrapping the boy in a cocoon of warmth and security.

When Quinn and I finally let our lips part, we shared a sweet smile, gazing into each others' eyes while the others continued to watch.

I love you very much, Quinn,” I told him. “How are you feeling?”

With a deep sigh, he told me, “I love you too, Steve. I feel really sexy right now.”

You should feel sexy,” I said softly, running the end of my thumb over his soft, moist lips. “You're a very sexy boy. You know, that kiss was very special to me.”

It was special for me, too,” he practically sang, biting his lower lip with an adorable smile, then he turned to his dad and gave him a questioning look. “Are you okay, dad?”

Hearing his boy's tender concern melted Jason's anguished frown into a warm smile as he reached out and stroked his boy's brown curls. With a gentle nod, he said, “Of course I am, kiddo. I want you to have a special evening, okay?”

I will, dad,” he said, his face filled with as much love as Jason's, then he watched as his dad planted a long French kiss on Terry's mouth.

Knowing that Jason was going to give his son the latitude to act uninhibited, all of our guests took turns kissing and cuddling with Quinn while he got comfortable with the group and eased into his comfort zone. With the promise of a slow, patient hand of experience and care to guide him through the evening, the boy took everything one step at a time until he figured out what he was ready to experience.

As Quinn took each new step, his father was watching with cautious eyes, making sure that his boy was safe and well cared for. When the boy wrapped his hand around my erection, Jason seemed to focus on the scene, wanting to be sure that there was no stress on his son's face. When the boy worked himself up into enough of a frenzy to slip his mouth over the head of my cock, Jason wanted to be sure that he wasn't gagging on it. His observation, while clearly intended to keep his son safe, had the potential to disrupt the mood. Happily, the others took care to distract him with their own acts of tenderness.

I was sure that my partner was going to draw the line when Quinn allowed me to access his most private, most precious place. I'd be lying if I said that I hadn't had my eye on his bubble butt all evening, but I would have never made a move if he didn't truly want it for himself. It started innocently enough, with a gentle caress of his rump while we kissed. Then my middle and fore fingers found their way into the valley of his crevice and the heat of his boy pussy inundated their tips. In a trance of my own, I began a careful caress of his pucker that brought a hard grin to his face.

While Quinn was still in his comfort zone, Jason clearly wasn't. I watched from the corner of my eye as he broke up the three way circle jerk he was taking part in and turned his paternal gaze our way. Wanting to ease his fears that I might be penetrating his son, I wisely used my thumb and pinky to open Quinn's crevice, letting his daddy see the gentle attention that I was paying to his pucker. Giving me a smile of trust and relief, he relaxed and let me proceed while Quinn never batted an eye.

My next move was much, much braver, but I wanted to make this a special evening for the boy. So while Quinn accepted a deep, tongue filled kiss from Ron, I dropped to my knees behind him and opened his crevice with both hands. Once again, Jason was watching me with cautious certainty. He knew that I would never hurt his son, but he seemed to be worried that I would try to take Quinn's anal virginity. I eased his fears by staying where I was, eating the boy's tasty butt hole with deep, indulgent licks until his young body tensed up and he experienced the ecstasy of a hands free orgasm. Everyone in the room, including Jason, watched with mesmerized stares as Quinn's cock fired a load that arched high into the air and landed on the carpet.

In his post climax haze, the boy found comfort between his father and I. Jason tried to keep his emotions in check as he held his son close, planting fatherly kisses on his cheek and hugging him tight while his young body shivered. When Quinn started to drift off into his post orgasmic slumber, he had an adorable grin on his face. His young cock went soft and retracted back to its flaccid 2 ½ inches while his daddy and I rubbed his back and his tummy. Jason and I shared a loving kiss, then we turned our attention back to Quinn, smothering his face with kisses while he cooed in his sleep.

Quinn was closing the refrigerator door, a can of soda in his hand and a cute smile on his face when I walked into the kitchen. As soon as he spotted me, his smile faded and he looked away with guilty eyes while I took a deep breath.

Haven't we already talked about this, buddy?” I asked, watching as he nodded with a shameful look on his face. I could see his eyes moistening with tears while he set the soda can down and tried to compose himself.

I'm sorry, Steve,” he said in a small voice, prompting me to open my arms and take him in for a hug. He was wearing his traditional fare, a pair of tidy whities and a plain teeshirt. I rubbed his warm back through his shirt and held him close, listening to his adorable sniffling as he tried not to cry.

I guess you're having those sexy feelings again, aren't you, buddy?” I noted, and he nodded on my shoulder. Planting a kiss on his cheek, I assured him, “Your dad didn't hear anything, Quinn.”

He didn't?” he asked, watching me with a dubious frown while I stroked his brown hair and shook my head no. “Are you going to tell him?”

Of course not, baby boy,”I said in a soft tone. “What good would that do?”

He said I'd be in trouble if you guys busted me again,” he reminded me, the anguish in his voice too much for me to resist.

How about if we move to the couch, kiddo?” I suggested, earning me a sad smile and a slow nod from the horny teenager.

I don't know why I keep doing it,” he said with a tinge of shame in his voice as I wrapped an arm around his lithe frame and walked him to the family room.

I know why, buddy,”I said softly, letting my hand run down to his curvacious bubble butt.. “How about if I make it all better?”

Okay,” he hissed just as my palm caressed his plump buns. “Steve?”

Yeah, buddy?”

I love you,” he sighed, melting my heart all over again.

I love you too, Quinn,” I assured him, leaning in and planting a wet one on his mouth. With a moan, he parted his lips and his eager tongue darted into my mouth. With a knowing smile, I shared a brief French kiss with my young accomplice before finally taking a seat on the couch while he stood in front of me, chewing on his pinky with an adorable smile. His hard boy cock was pointing straight out from his body, making his undies tent with its full six inches while he stepped closer, allowing me to reach out and hook the blue striped waistband and ease them off of his hips.

As soon as I had his undies peeled down to his thighs, his young boner sprang loose, causing a thick strand of precum to splash me in the face. He let loose with a naughty giggle while I scrunched my nose in mock disgust, then I leaned forward and puckered my lips. At the same time, I raised his shirt up, exposing his naval to my attack, and planted a loud raspberry on his tummy. He giggled again and started to squirm, so I took a firm hold of his hips and blew several more raspberries against his naval while he ran his fingers through my blonde hair. When I was finished with his belly button, I kissed my way down his body to his pubic bone, which was still as smooth as a baby's bottom for the most part. There was a dark half circle growing at the base of his hard on, which was now standing at a 45 degree angle while I planted a row of kisses across the top of his pubic bone. I pressed my nose into the soft layer of tissue that was resting just above his pubic bush, then I let my tongue run through his curly mane of puberty, lapping up the precum that was matted there.

While I was inhaling and lapping up Quinn's essence, he was smiling down at me with his fingers locked behind his head, watching my every move. I used my right hand to rub his warm tummy, then I planted a soft kiss on his smooth, hairless nut sack before taking him by the hips and encouraging him to turn around.

As soon as his bubble butt was in my face, I planted my nose in his crevice and inhaled the sweet, spicy scent of pure boyhood. His pheromones were incredibly powerful, and I felt out of my mind with pleasure as I pulled them in through my nostrils. After a long, drawn out whiff, I parted his impossibly stuffed orbs and took in the sight of his perfectly round, dark pink pucker. Unblemished, virginal and moist with ass juice, Quinn's hot boy pussy is an unclaimed gift that any boy or man would be blessed to receive. I knew that it was mine for the taking if I ever decided to act on my urges, but I never will. A boy only has one “first”, and while I was the first man to give him anal pleasure, I won't be the first to penetrate him.

Instead, I indulged the boy the way I always do. I buried my face between his cheeks and feasted at his back door while he moaned with pure pleasure. I could hear his boyish calls of carnal joy, ringing through the living room while his father slept upstairs. His moaning was nothing less than an operatic symphony, conducted and performed by the most beautiful boy that I'll ever know. And while he was gracing me with his song of pleasure, I was finding my own brand of paradise at his back door buffet. The sharp, almost metallic aroma and rich, decadent flavors that emanate from between this boy's plump buns is nothing short of hypnotizing. Every rim job I'm lucky enough to give him is an extravagant feast that never fails to satisfy my hunger.

While I was eating at Quinn's back door, I could feel his legs parting and I knew he was trying to give me better access to his boy box. I responded to this by angling my head so that I could take deeper, more forceful licks against his moist pucker and was rewarded with a fresh flow of ass juice. The moist squelching of my tongue against his hole seemed to intensify while the flavors in my mouth grew sweeter and the aroma got sharper. At the same time, Quinn's boyish moaning seemed to take on a more guttural tone, telling me that his pleasure was soaring at the same rate that mine was.

I pulled my tongue away from his hole just long enough to rub it down with two fingertips, then I used my thumb and middle finger to pull its lips apart so I could eat it even deeper.

Oh, that feels so good,” he moaned helplessly, and I responded by eating him with more passion. I knew that I was being gluttonous, but I couldn't seem to stop myself. I could feel my teeth brushing against his pucker with each inward thrust of my tongue while the moist inner lining of my lips grazed the sweet, tender skin around his anus. I was so lost in my deep ass eating that I barely noticed his right leg when it began to shake. I knew he was getting close to orgasm and that I should probably stop, but I was immersed in the pure pleasure of this boy's tasty rear end and had no inclination to end my feast.

Finally, I felt both of Quinn's hands come to rest on the sides of my head, seemingly pushing my face deeper into his crack. With one final flurry of hunger, passion and sheer desire, I ate deeper and with more force than I planned. The end result was Quinn digging his fingers into the sides of my head while his body shivered, then his moaning turned to frantic panting and he began pulling in quick breaths through his nose. His panting seemed to flow straight into a long and depraved moan that originated from his deepest, most secret place and I knew that I had finished the little cutie off. I gave into my own desires, eating him for another full minute while his moaning and panting carried on unabated.

When my tongue was finally too tired to go on, I reluctantly pulled it out of his bottom and sat back on the couch while he snuggled up to my side. I wrapped my arm around his small frame, holding him close while he recovered from his powerful anal orgasm. He let loose with a number of deep, satisfied sighs while he rested his head on my shoulder, silently processing all of the special feelings that were going through his body at the moment. I took the time to let my eyes roam his young body, taking note of the fact that his cock was still rock hard but that it was dripping with his semen. I planted a kiss on his head and rubbed his back, then I spoke softly to him.

Is that better, baby?”

Yeah, it's a lot better, Steve,” he panted, his eyes focused on our reflection against the TV screen. “Steve?”

Yes baby?”

Can we snuggle on the couch and watch TV?”

Of course we can, Quinn,” I told him, running my fingers through his curly hair. “Do you want to lay your head in my lap?”

Yeah,” he practically whispered, then he lifted his head and planted a sweet kiss on my lips. “I love you.”

I love you too, baby boy,” I said with an affectionate smile. With that, the boy untied my robe, letting it lay open and exposing my rock hard member. Setting his eyes on it with a soft moan, the cutie got comfortable by resting his head in my lap and wrapping his lips around the engorged head while I rubbed his back and reached for the remote. Ten minutes later, I looked down to see that my little buddy was fast asleep, nursing diligently on the end of my prick. His undies were still bunched around his thighs, so I diligently reached down and pulled them up over his hard as steel boy cock and his delicious bubble butt.

Just as his waistband snapped back against his skin, Jason picked his son's feet up from the couch and lifted his legs from the cushion so he could take a seat beside me. He was smiling warmly as he rested Quinn's legs down across his lap, then he leaned down and kissed his sleeping boy on the cheek.

I take it we had a little visitor on the other side of the door this evening,” he said with an amused smile, then we shared a kiss on the lips.

He was pretty worked up tonight, honey,” I told him. “Did we wake you up?”

Yeah, but that's okay,” he said, rubbing Quinn's warm back with his strong hand. “Thanks for taking care of my baby boy again, dear.”

“He was so upset that I caught him,” I told Jason, giving Quinn's curly locks a gentle tousle. “He needed something to soothe him.”

With that, Quinn's eyes started to blink, then he felt his father's loving touch on his face and sighed deeply around the head of my cock. He pulled off with a slurp and smiled up at his dad and I, prompting Jason to say, “Hi baby. Were you spending some special time with Steve?”

“Yeah,” he grinned, his tone so sweet that my heart instantly turned to butter and melted. “When did you come down stairs?”

“I just sat down, buddy,” Jason said, reaching down to pet his son's face. “Why don't you sit up and give daddy a hug before you fall asleep again?”

With that, the little cutie sat up and let Jason wrap him up in a tight hug, resting his head on his dad's shoulder while I rubbed his back.

“Do I have to go to bed already?” the boy asked with a sleepy yawn.

“Why don't you stay here and snuggle with Steve and daddy?” Jason said, making me smile warmly. “I want to cuddle with my boy.”

“Okay,” he said with a sweet smile. “I love you, dad.”

“I love you too, baby boy,” Jason said, planting a loving kiss on his son's left cheek while I kissed him on the right cheek. The cute teenager gave me an adorable smile and sighed, then he laid his head back down in my lap. I could see his face glowing with contentment as he wrapped his lips back around my moist glans, curling his legs up in his daddy's lap. We rubbed his back and turned our attention to the TV, letting him nurse peacefully while he drifted back to sleep.

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