Fun By The Buck
Part 7
By: Jim Carter

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"Sure, let's go." We went to JT's room and were sitting on his bed. We have tried several different things with his system and he had figured out how to mix different inputs to make a new CD or tape. We were having a ball and he had me giggling like a teen again myself. We were currently doing voice overs to the Baha Men's song `Who Let the Dogs Out'. Suddenly JT stopped singing and I notice his stare. Karl was in the room. JT shut down the CD has Karl approached.

"What are you doing up here. You are not allowed up here. Get out now!"

"I think you should not be so quick to throw me out. I heard the boy scream last night and you carry him out of his room naked into yours."

"I had a nightmare you idiot. Dad came to help me and let me sleep the rest of the night with him. Nothing wrong with that."

"It doesn't matter, all that matters is that I can cause you big trouble. It doesn't matter if it is true or not. I will keep my mouth shut for, oh, lets say twenty no, thirty thousand a month."

"How dare you try to blackmail me?" I pushed the intercom button. "Paul call the police and come to JT's bedroom."

"You better call him back, just rumors of child molesters will get you in all kinds of trouble."

"No one has been molested. I hope they put you in jail and never let you out. My dad loves me and would never hurt me."

"By the time we get through with you, you will look like the biggest of molester in history."

"What do you mean? We?"

"I have a friend that will swear he saw you doing all kinds of things with this kid."

"Who would lie for you like that?" I was pretty sure I knew whom, but I wanted to hear it.

"Never mind who, you better pay up if you know what is good for you."

Paul came in and I filled him in on Karl's accusation. I told him to take him downstairs and hold him for the cops.

When they left, JT stopped the tape. "I think I have it all on tape, I didn't stop recording when I turned off the CD. We played the tape and sure enough he had captured the whole conversation clear as a bell.

"You are one smart cookie." I kissed his forehead. We made a copy of the tape and headed downstairs.

When we got downstairs the police were talking to Karl and another one was talking to Jerry. Paul said he had called my lawyer and was told to tell me to say nothing until he got there. He said Jerry had come in and said he could verify everything Karl had said. "I think the cops might be believing them." Paul said.

My lawyer got there before the cops were through questioning Karl and Jerry. I told him everything that had happened and told him about the tape. He said to let him handle everything. He got on the phone and called the DA and asked him to come sit in on the questioning. The uniform police had already called in detectives; it was more than they wanted to deal with.

When the DA got there, he talked with the detectives and came over and talked to Tony my lawyer. Tony came to me and said. "Those two have their stories together and swear they saw you molesting JT last night in your bedroom."

"They are lying, JT had a nightmare and I did bring him to my bed and we slept the rest of the night together, but sleeping is all that took place last night." Not a lie. "We were playing with JT's stereo when Karl tried to blackmail me. The tape JT was making was still recording and we have it all on tape."

"I would like to listen to it before letting the DA hear it, but I am afraid that won't be possible."

The DA, Tony, JT and I went up to JT's room to listen to the tape. After listening to the tape the DA said. "Those bastards have balls, they had the detectives convinced you were molesting JT. I need one of them to roll over on the other one and we can keep this out of court and out of the news." He went and got Jerry and brought him up to JT's room.

"Are you sure you want to stand by your story? If you do, you will suffer the same charges as your friend. Before you answer, you need to listen to something." He played the tape.

"That stupid mother fucker. Him and his big fucking mouth. What are my options?"

"You don't have many options. You turn state's evidence and I will listen to your lawyer about a plea bargain. That's it and it is a one time, right now offer. What is your answer?"

"Okay deal. I will take it."

With that the DA had them both handcuffed and taken to jail. He had to explain to the detectives what was on the tape and when Karl found out that Jerry was turning state's evidence, he started telling about all the other crimes both he and Jerry had committed. Turns out they were wanted in three different states on several changes. Both would be doing time behind bars.

I figured with all the excitement JT would be worn out or shaken a little. I went to where he was sitting and knelt down beside him. "You okay bud?"

"Yeah, I am great. We did good today, huh?"

"Yes, we did very good."

He hugged my neck and gave me a kiss. "Do we still have time for you to give me another flying lesson?"

"Yep, I think we can get a couple of flights in before it is too late." JT got up and jumped on my back, wrapping his arms around my neck.

"Come on horsy, give me a ride."

I gladly carried the boy out to the shop. He started getting everything ready. He had paid attention yesterday and made all the preparations to fly. I didn't let him start the engine. He looked a little hurt.

"I don't want to take a chance that you might get hurt with the prop. Starting and adjusting the engine is the most accident prone part of flying."

"I understand, but I have to learn sometime. Promise you will teach me so I can do it all. I trust your judgment, but you can't protect me from all danger forever."

"I know I can't protect you from all danger forever, but give me a little time to get used to the idea. I trust you and you have shown good judgment, I will loosen up eventually." We both grinned and got ready to fly.

By the third tank of fuel JT was handling the plane very well. I started having him make approaches getting lower and lower each time. Finally, I said. "Throttle all the way down. Now flair. All right! You just made your first landing."


After another tank of fuel he was taking off and landing without any problems and not much coaching.

"When you take your pilot's test at the club, it will feel funny with people watching you. Just put it out of your mind. It is just you and the plane. The instructors will be giving you instructions, but you have done everything they are going to ask before. Just don't worry about anything, you are doing fantastic and it won't be a big deal."

"Why can't we just fly here, like we are?"

"We can and we will, but I like to fly with some of my buddies over at the club at times and you have to pass the pilots test to fly without being on a buddy box. If you don't want to fly there or don't want to fly except on the box, it is okay."

"No, I want to fly with you and your buddies. I just don't want to embarrass you or make a fool out of myself. I want you to be proud of me and I am afraid if I fuck up you won't be proud of me."

"I can't imagine not being proud of you. You don't have to do a thing for me to be proud of you. I will always be proud of you. As far as fucking up as you put it, everyone makes mistakes it is part of life. Try not to make the same one more than once, but if you do, it will still not make me any less proud of you. I will always love you and be proud of you no matter what."

JT just smiled and wrapped himself around me in a hug. We put the equipment up and were ready to go in for dinner. Paul came in the shop with a phone in his hand. "Jim, Tony just called and wanted to talk to you immediately. He sent me to find you with a phone."

"Thanks Paul." I took the phone and dialed Tony. To make a long story short, Tony was having some problems with the legal aspects of trying to get legal documents for me to be able to keep JT. His lover is Judge Parker and picked up on his dilemma. The good judge seemed to think he would talk the authorities into granting an adoption and went to work trying to make it happen. Since they had no previous interaction with JT, they wanted to talk with him and have him examined tonight. He said they wanted to make sure he wasn't coached. If we would agree to it they would be waiting as soon as we could get to the clinic. JT said if I thought it was what we should do, he would go along with anything I thought was in our best interest.

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