By: Max the Cat


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Part 1: Caught!

The male nurse had just finished with giving Danny's father his sponge bath and re-hooked up his feeding tube. Danny watched from the crack in the door. When the nurse filled the needle with the evening sedative, Danny left, he didn't like to see the shots being administered. Graham La Farge had, had a stroke and was being kept alive by machines and moden day pharmaceuticals!

Danny went to his room and sat before the video screen of his laptop. He talked to men who did so may sexy things and asked him to do things too! He did, who could catch him, no one cared and he had just started ejaculating and that was an experience he wanted to repeat as many time as he could. One man sat there naked as they talked, and two days ago he too stripped for the man.

Now again he and the stranger were connected and talking. The stranger sat back and gave Danny a look at his hard cock. Danny actually licked his lips. The stranger grinned, bent forward a kissed his cock, then licked the bulbous head. 'Can you do that?” Danny stroked himself moved back to give the stranger a good view and bent forward.

Danny looked at his uncut boi-cock and licked the head, opened his mouth and engulfed the head and another inch. To his surprise he could suck himself. He looked up and the screen, the man said “bravo, ah to be young again, you are so agile, can you suck yourself off” Danny again bent forward, opened wide and his mouth engulfed the head and two more inches of his boi-cock, he sucked!

Danny's door was open a crack and Major Gregg the black male nurse who attended to Danny's father watched Danny's performance. Danny was in his own world as he gave himself sexual gratification and performed for the stranger, and the male nurse. His dark curly head moved on himself, the feeling in his young body was something just jacking off hadn't given him before. The sucked and licked, the top of his red tongue scraped and gave him new feelings.

Ever so quickly the wonderful feeling overtook him, the head of his cock began to swell and open up, sperm filled his mouth quickly. With his mouth full of cum he released his dripping penis and brought his face to the screen and opened his mouth to show the stranger the creamy spew. The stranger was wanking himself “bravo, bravo, swallow it” came across the screen. Danny swallowed, the licked his red lips.

Danny got the shock of his young life. Is door opened and the nurse said 'I was going to ask if you wanted lunch, but I see you just ate” Danny stood there naked, sperm still dripping from his cock tip. 'i-I-I-I-I!” That was all he could muster up for speech. “A very good show Master Daniel, I see you have skills!” His door closed and again he was alone, he looked and the computer screen was blank.

Danny cleaned the cum up and slipped on a pair of boxers then his robe. Slowly he went down for lunch and to face the music. Major, the nurse said nothing, he placed a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a sandwich in front of Danny. “Would you like milk, water or lemonade?” the black man asked. 'Milk would be nice, sir.” Danny said very lowly, his wanted to melt into the woodwork.

Major placed a glass of cold milk in front of Danny. “Thank you.” Danny said. The man sat down across from Danny. He slowly ate. Finally Major broke the ice. “I have never seen anyone suck themselves before, I have had many young boys in my life, I find young boys very sexy and desirable, but that was a first for me, it was very hot!” Danny felt a hot flush, sweat formed in every nook and cranny of is nubile body.

Major continued “the next time you do it, let me watch, please?” Danny looked up “I had never done it before, please don't tell anyone, please?” A broad smile came over Major's full black lips. “Danny, your secret is mine, I find you very sexy Danny, I could teach you a thing or two, when you're ready, you and I are the same, really?” Major slid a magazine to Danny. On the cover a boy his age had a cock deep into his throat, saliva made the man's pubes matted.

Danny's eyes were big. “Boi Toi Monthly. The other wording said “The Making of a Pleasure boy. Immediately Danny was erect again. “Take it, you might find it very interesting, if not very educational!” Major was laying the groundwork for another conquest, Danny was about to become his new fuck toy!

Danny ate his lunch in silence, while he eyed the magazine cover, he had never seen anything like it, with the exception of what was on Channel 6969, but that was his secret, or it was until Major walked in on him and his oral activity. .He picked up the magazine and started for his room when Major said “you like the taste of sperm?” Danny felt like dying right there and now.

Danny quickly went into his room and made sure the door was closed. Danny removed his robe and crawled on his bed and thumbed through the magazine. The pictures were hot and very explicit. Boys his age were having hot sex with each other or grown men. He turned one page and a boy sat impaled on a big penis. Smiling the boy was asking if the person reading the article was ready for the hottest time on his next vacation!

The blond headed boy was named “Christy” and a Pleasure boy at a place called Sorococo island of the coast of Brazil. The photo layout had “Christy” is sexual situations of every conceivable position. He was also telling the reader of the upcoming Brazilian festival called Carnival and the pleasure boys participation in the festivities!

Danny was hard and throbbing. This was even more exciting than the Chat Room on Channel 6969, well almost. Talking to a live person or watching one of the movies was actually more exciting. The boy and the big dog he watched yesterday was actually the most exciting thing he had ever seen, it was something he could never imagine. “Frankie and Tsar” was unbelievable!

Danny eyed the red canine cock buried inside of Frankie, he could tell the dog was cuming, a white ring had formed at it's base. Danny worked his boxers down to his knees, his white well formed butt moving up and down, his left hand wrapped tightly around his hard boi-cock as he read intently.

Quietly his bedroom door opened and then closed. Danny never heard the footsteps approach his bed. “Like what you're reading Danny?” He jumped and rolled on his side. His hand still grasping himself tightly. The black male nurse stood next to him naked. Danny stared at the hard black cock pointed at him. “I think it's time for your first lesson in pleasing men, Danny!” Danny's red mouth opened wide, but nothing was uttered, he only ran his tongue over his dry lips.

A big black hand placed itself behind Danny's curly haired head and brought his red lips to the mushroom shaped penis head. “Open your mouth Danny!” The nurse ordered. Danny slowly opened wide and found the hard throbbing cock in his mouth. His lips closed tightly behind the hard black flesh. Danny sucked like he sucked his own cock. He closed his eyes and savored the creamy bubble that popped in his wet mouth!

Major rocked in to get more cock into Danny's mouth. Slowly his hand slid down Danny's backside until a big finger found the boy's tight pucker. The man's finger circled the boy's entrance. Danny actually ground down as the finger tried to probe him. A fat knuckle made it's way inside the boy, he sucked on the nurses cock harder. Saliva coated the cock, Danny's chin and hairless chest.

Danny's head was pushed away and he found himself on his back, his legs wide open. His brown eyes focused and the black man's head blocked any view. His eyes rolled back as he felt his privates being gobbled up into a warm wet mouth. He was being licked and sucked, and it felt better than anything he had ever felt in his young life, he never wanted the feeling to stop!

Danny laid wide eyed and his tender body was orally manipulated and a second finger joined the other inside of his body, he actually pushed down on both when they found his spot and sent electric shocks into his body. “Oooohhhh Major your driving me insane, I've never felt anything like this, please don't stop, please I feel so funny, I think you gonna make me cum?”

Major ran his tongue from Danny anus to the tip of his cock. Major's tongue tip twirled on Danny's cock tip, then he was swallowed up again. Danny was in heaven, anything Major wanted Danny would let the man have, He was in charge of Danny and his young body., and Danny kept humping forward, while the two fingers probed him deeply. Danny erupted in the black man's mouth. The lad could only lie there, this was so good!

Major shook Danny with his other hand “it's your turn Danny, make me cum and be sure to swallow it all, I did it for you!” Danny wasn't sure why he said it but he did “yes sir!” he grabbed the black cock and opened his mouth wide and encompassed the black mushroom head, his red tongue rolling over and around it. His saliva flowed in mass and coated the entire length, the two fingers still working his tight sphincter.

Danny began to experiment and moved to the two big kinky hair covered balls and sucked each one. A low moan came from with in the big black nurse. Danny sucked each one gently. Then back up the underside of the black stalk and sucked in the cock half way again. His curly haired head moving up and down giving the black man the greatest of feelings.

Major could feel his juices began to boil inside, Danny was about to get the taste of another than himself. Major;s balls began to tighten against his body. He worked the boy's anus harder and deeper “I'm cuming Danny, you drink it all, you hear me boy?” Danny never took his mouth off the cock and just sucked harder.

The big black cock began to expand at the head, the hole opened up on the tip and hot creamy goo hit the roof of Danny's mouth, his cheeks puffed up like a squirrel storing nuts. Quickly he swallowed like ordered only to have his mouth refill again. The preteen swallowed three hearty loads of sperm and then sucked Major dry. He looked back at the nurse for some sort of approval.

Good Danny, you are a quick study, you have the makings of a good cocksucker, your learn fast, my friends will just love you, I can't wait to show you off to them and to have them sample your oral skills.” Danny smiled, he felt he had done good, yet he wasn't used to be ordered around, but he still new he better not cross the big black nurse. Still he asked “your friends?”

Sternly Major said “yes Danny, my day off is Monday and you'll be broken in by then, so I can take you to my club, just be ready?” Again Danny said “yes sir, I'll be ready, how are you going to break me in, I don't understand?” Major got up “I'm going to fuck you, what do you think, Danny, you want to fuck don't you, you saw the boys in the magazine, don't you want to be one of them, look at all the men they get to please, they're called Pleasure boys and my friends and I train boys for that service, besides your uncle will be here from that island in the Mediterranean, called Argos?”

Danny licked the cum from his red lips and thought “Argos, where have I heard of Argos before?” Uncle Gordie, his father's younger brother was some place in Europe, he had heard his dad talk to some friends about Gorgie and how he wasn't too happy about his choice of occupations, but couldn't do a thing about it, it was legal now!

Danny showered, brushed his teeth and went outside. Dressed only in purple basketball shorts with a gold stripe down each side. He had a large rolled beach towel, the B.T.W. Magazine rolled inside. He found his favorite spot under the large Weeping Willow at a secluded part of the property. He laid out the towel and laid back and began to read and look at the pictures.

He was intently looking and slowly slid off his shorts, being naked was so free feeling. In the bushes stood Aurelio Sierra the gardener. The Mexican man was in his early fifties and had been eying Danny for the last few years. He was an ardent boy lover and now here was the object of his desire lying naked in front of him, twice he had to adjust himself, especially with Danny slowly stroking himself.

Slowly Aurelio came closer to the unsuspecting boy. “Chico you make me so horny!” Danny jumped. Still holding his cock he saw the older man standing on the beach towel. “Please continue Danny, you make it so hot as you play with your cock, please continue?” Danny was now on his knees staring at the Mexican gardener.

Danny smiled crookedly, he really had lost all feeling of being scared. He looked all around, he and the Gardner were alone. Danny smiled and ran a hand over the man's crotch and again looked to see if they were alone. He quickly unbuttoned the man's jeans and pulled them down to his ankles, he wore no underwear. Danny took hold of the brown uncut penis and jerked it a few times.

Danny opened wide and sucked in the hardening flesh, his wet mouth sucked and licked taking the cock deep into his mouth. “Chico, oooohhhh Chico that is muy bueno, so good. Danny slurped and sucked, giving the old man more pleasure than he had had in a very long time. Old calloused hands held Danny's head close as he fucked the boys mouth.

The sucking was driving the old man nuts, his balls seemed to scream for attention. Danny held the now slick penis to the sky and began to nurse on the wrinkled sac, sucking one ball then the other. Back and forth he washed the sac in his slick wet saliva. Aurelio could feel his sperm boiling, he tightened up, his breath came in hard, short pants!

Chico you are making me cum, I can't hold back any longer. Danny tried to move fast to get the cock back in his mouth, but the blast hit him right above his nose, the second coated his lips and the third covered his chin and dripped down his neck and coated his hairless chest. Danny was licking cum quickly, them man's sperm was saltier than Majors, still he loved it!

Ooohhh Chico, I am sorry, so sorry?” Danny grinned, his finger was scooping up gobs of creamy goo. “Gee Aurelio my face is a mess, but your cum is sure good, I love the taste!” The old Mexican just stood there, Danny had his cock back in his mouth and was sucking him dry. “No more, the feeling is, is too much to bare?” Danny giggled as the cock slipped from his mouth.

The gardener led the boy with cum all over his body to the hose and rinsed Danny off. “Please don't tell anyone Chico, please?” Danny smiled “our little secret, maybe next time you an fuck me, I'd like that? The gardener smiled broadly “so would I, so would I, Danny!” Danny went back to his towel straightened it out and laid down again. “That was fun!” he said to himself.

Monday morning, Danny was ready. Major made sure the boy was naked and just covered in a boys trench coat and slippers. Major instructed his replacement for the day on what Danny's father would need. “I will take Danny with me, you need not watch him!”: Rufus the replacement nurse smiled “good, I'm not much for kids!” Major shook his head “you don't know what your missing?”

The sped across town. Major pulled up in front of and large older house. There was a sign in the window.”The Man's Club, Member's Only!” He opened up his glove compartment and produced a jeweled collar and put it around Danny slim neck and then led Danny in to the house.

Danny was led into a big room where three black men sat watching a sports show on a big television. “Lordy look what Major has in tow!” The black man closest to him said. “Gentlemen this is Danny, Danny this is Moses, Raphael and Luke, you will be taking care of them today, oh yes and I will take care of you” Danny gave the group a weak smile.

Major sternly said to Danny “take off that coat and show my friends your beauty!” Slowly, still not sure of just what was happening to him, Danny removed his trench coat and slippers and stood there clad only in the jeweled collar. Major motioned for Danny to turn around slowly, he complied. “beautiful butt on this one, the one Luke brought last week was a bit boney!

Outside of this boy being very compliant, he had a skill, right Danny?” Danny gave Major a quizzed look?” Major then rolled out a stool than spun, “Danny can suck himself off, right Danny, show my friends how you suck your own cock?” Danny blushed, sat on the stool and manipulated his boi-cock. He was having trouble getting himself hard, when one of them men handed him a copy of B.T.W. Monthly, The cover had a boy named Jimmy on the cover being fucked by an African and sucking the other.

Danny was erect quickly, cum ran down Jimmy's chin and onto his naked chest. Danny's head bent forward, his red tongue flicked out and licked the head of his cock. Moses quickly objected, “hell the kid only licked it, fuck I can do that and I have a bad back!” Danny bend forward more and opened his mouth wider and his mouth clamped tightly over the back of his cock head. Moses's mouth dropped open, it opened wider when Danny slid his lips to the base and began to suck himself.

Fuck he can suck himself, I''ll be dipped!” Danny kept it up, his mouth slid up and down on his fleshy stalk. The men watched in awe. Finally Danny sat up, opened his mouth to show a creamy mass of boi-honey floating in his open mouth. Quickly he swallowed his cum and smacked his lips. He stood up and gave a bow!

Major walked up to the boy and placed an arm around the naked white shoulders. “Now I have a treat for you, Danny will suck you all off, one at a time, take off your clothes. Danny start with Luke here. Danny quickly knelt between Luke's black legs, took hold of the hood covered penis and skinned it back and ran his red tongue over the head, a creamy bead appeared and Danny licked it clean.

Major lubed his first two fingers and knelt behind the preoccupied preteen and began to play with Danny's tight pucker. A middle finger inched its way into Danny's rectum and he pulled back and gave a low moan. “Oooohhhh w-h-a-t a-r-e y-o-u d-o-i-n-g?” Major knelt next to Danny's ear “I getting ready to fuck you Danny, you knew I was going to fuck you right?” Danny slowly nodded. Major whispered more “now suck his cock, make him cum and make sure you swallow it all!”

Danny's mouth returned to the task and sucked in over half of the black appendage. A hand held him in place as he sucked and slurped. He felt a second finger in his body, the were stretching him some, he sucked and licked feeling the rumbling from inside of Luke's body, cum was beginning to look for a way out. Danny used the top of his tongue and scraped the hard length, Luke shivered, he held the boy tighter.

Sperm flooded Danny's sucking mouth. He swallowed as fast as he could, it came in copious jets until there was only a trickle, the sucked Luke dry and moved to Moses's penis and began all over again. He held the cock straight and sucked each testicle, the two fingers went with him, Danny was now pushing back at the fingers, they had found his spot and given him away, he was squirming and breathing in hard pants.

He sucked and licked for ten minutes until the second eruption, which he drank each hard blast. He finished leaving the black penis empty of semen and very glossy with his saliva. He now faced Rafael's cock. The top looked like a big black walnut. Danny licked from the base of the man's balls to the tip. The converted boi-slut jacked the cock rapidly producing a big pearl of cream and clamped his mouth over the head and licked it over and over again!

Danny was concentrating on sucking the hard cock when he felt Major plant the head of his black penis against his virgin anus. Major pushed with a very hard thrust and drove his big black cock into the boy's body, he never stopped until his balls slapped against Danny's smaller white ones. Danny found he couldn't breathe, his body was full and packed with the man's penis.

Danny's brown eyes were even wider. He finally caught his breath, he also found he was fully erect again. He was actually pushing back to meet the hard thrusts. His boi-cock tingled, it throbbed and as Major broke his cherry, he could feel another cum building, the fucking was uncomfortable, yet thrilling. He could hear the man breathing harder as he clamped down on the foreign object ravishing his love hole!

Danny was concentrating on him being fucked for the first time in his young life he forgot about the cock in front of him. He finally remember and turned to face a hot creamy blast of Rafael's sperm hit him in the face. Cum landed in his hair, his eyes and finally in his mouth as he clamped his lips over the spewing prick. He licked and swallowed, his face a cummy mess!

Danny laid his head in the man's kinky pubes as Major pounded him. He could feel another cum as it blasted from his penis onto Rafael's left leg. Major couldn't believe how tight Danny had become, his cock was being milked as he fucked the boy, he couldn't hold back.

Danny felt the cock inside of him get even bigger, then erupt and fill him with sperm. The cock filled him with creamy jets of man sauce, the excess began to run down the inside of his thin white legs. He was smiling, he actually like it, he only wished it could have gone on forever. He licked cum from the Rafeal's kinky pubic hair!

Part 2: Enter Uncle Gordie!

Thanks to the artists and of course Danny (hope you like this and thanks for letting me include you in the story!