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Part 2: Enter Uncle “Gordie!”

Danny had a hard time sleeping, the things that happened with Major and his friends played deeply on him, he couldn't get it out of his mind, he only wished he could go back, it was fun making the men so happy. They fussed over him, he was the center of attention “You come back and visit us again, y' all hear now, White Boy!”

Danny's father wasn't getting better, Major had to spend more time watching him and attending to his medical needs. Danny had to invent things to do. First he spent time on the computer, mostly in Chat Rooms, he loved to tease and show off, his act of sucking himself off was a bigger hit than he thought, taking gymnastics had paid off.

Danny was tense, everything in his mind was sex, sex and more sex, He decided to release some tension by riding his BMX through the hills close to home. He put on his knee, elbow pads and helmet and went for a ride. He filled his water jug and put his fix it and first aid kits in the saddle bags. He was ready to burn off some frustration.

He told Major he was going. “Remember Danny your uncle will be arriving later this afternoon, I want you here to meet him so don't be late!” Danny said he'd be back by five and no later. He took off thru the bike trail and into the woods, the canopy shaded the trails, keeping the heat down, still not wearing under shorts the wind blew thru the fabric and that made him tingle.

He had been riding for over an hour and came up on a man sitting on an old tree stump, his bike was somewhat mangled from what looked like a mishap. Danny stopped and dismounted his BMX “looks like you had a crash sir, is there some way I might help?” The man, around fifty and balding. “You wouldn't happen to have a tool kit, would you?”

Danny beamed “you bet, I'm always prepared, though I'm no boy scout.” Danny went into the saddle bags and pulled out the tool kit, which lay under his magazine, he figured to look at it at one of the rest stops. He accidentally dropped the B.T.W. Monthly on the ground. “Ooops!” Danny and quickly picked it up, but the man took it from his hand. “Well what do we have here, aha my favorite periodical, yours?”

Danny blushed and handed the tool kit to the man “I think this is what you wanted sir, my name is Danny, Danny La Farge!” The older man took the kit, but held on to the magazine, “I'll hold on to this for a few minutes, don't worry I'll give it back, I want to see how many pages you have stuck together?” He chuckled, Danny blushed a deeper red.

The man worked on his mountain bike, the magazine under his knee. “I have some cold soda in my saddle bags if you want, one?' Danny reached in and instead of a soda pulled out a tube of anal lube. Danny quickly dropped it back in the bag, looked and found a grape soda. The man commented “the lube is grape flavored also, never know when I might find a honey like you on one of these trails. Danny had to adjust himself.

“”Good, finished, I'm Ward Windflower Danny, would you believe I took my last vacation at Palmyra island, it's in the South Pacific, it's a B.T.W. Vacation facility, you ever heard of it?” Danny thought for a few minutes, “oh ya, there is a section on it in my magazine, he emphasized “my magazine!” Ward chuckled as he wiped his hands on a rag.

Ward handed Danny back his tool kit. Thank you!” Danny smiled sweetly while Ward thumbed thru the magazine. He handed it back to Danny, then slid his hand down the front of Danny's basketball shorts and took hold of his boi-cock, which was quickly filling up with excitement, he was hard as a rock!

Now this is very nice, a boy who likes a man's attention.” His thumb rolled the penis tip while Ward continued talking “You like a man's attention don't you Danny?” Danny swallowed hard and said “Wow, do I!” Wand smiled slyly “gee how could I tell Danny, just how could I tell?” Danny was throbbing and asked “because I'm real hard?” Ward leaned forward and kissed Danny.

Danny's basketball shorts slid off his slim ass and onto the ground. “Danny do you like sucking cock?” Ward whispered in his ear. Danny couldn't speak, but nodded. Ward again whispered “will you suck my cock?” Danny just nodded “yes” and swallowed hard again. Ward said “I have a blanket in my saddle bags, why don't we put it to good use?” Danny nodded “yes!” Once again.

Ward led Danny into the woods a ways. His basketball shorts lay on the path. Ward laid out the blanket next to a small babbling brook that meandered through the forest. Danny slowly sat, then fell back giving the man total access to his nubile boi-body. As Ward slowly removed his clothing he savored the tight frame that awaited him. Smiling he mumbled “luscious!”

Ward knelt across Danny's naked chest holding his hard cock and laid it on the boys bottom lip. Danny's red tongue tip flicked out and licked off the creamy bubble that had formed. He opened and let Ward push half his cock into Danny's warm, wet mouth. Danny clamped tightly on the tingling man flesh and sucked the hard fleshy stalk. Ward moaned “oooohhhh sweet!

Ward braced himself on the pine needles, his hips moving in and out gently and he fucked the warm saliva coated mouth. “Danny you are a god send, you suck like you were born for it, damn this is good!” Danny sucked in more cock until it hit the back of his throat, he gagged, tears filling his sparkling brown eyes. Ward pulled back so Danny could readjust himself.

Ward had brought the lube and coated his cock with an ample amount. “Danny open your legs wide for me, I'm going to make love to you?” Danny looked at him funny, more of a quizzed look. Ward said “Danny let's fuck?” Danny opened his thin white legs wide and Ward positioned himself, his cock kissing the boy's tight rose bud!

Danny grabbed the slick cock and pushed it forward. “Well you impatient little slut!” ward was amazed and pushed hard, the head of his glistening penis popping into the boy's very tight channel and driving forward until his pubic hair covered the boy's anus, boi-cock and ball sac. He fucked Danny with unbridled lust. He was also surprised as Danny pushed back just as hard as he fucked the preteen and plucked Danny's rose.

The two released all their pent up lust one pushing forward and the other pushing back. Danny also tried using his inner muscles, something he read in an interview with a boy named Jimmy who said “it make my fucker so hot when I clamp down hard on his cock, some say it's like me sucking and fucking at the same time!” Danny tried and forced his muscles to milk Ward's turgid prick!

Danny had hold of his own cock, he wanked and clamped in alternating movements. Ward now just wanted to get off, this kid was making a fuck a work of art, and he loved the hot feeling he was receiving as he skewered the kid. Danny loved being skewered, he wanked harder and faster.

Danny could feel his cum as it left his boi-cock and began to coat Ward's belly and chest, tangling with his chest hair. Ward was almost there also, he tightened his body, gritted his teeth, but to no avail, he erupted and shot cum deep into Danny's colon, coating it a creamy white, almost as quickly it began to leak out and make a gooey pool between Danny's splayed legs, then fell forward onto the well fucked boy.

Ward rolled on hid back and looked up at the rays of sunlight breaking through the tree tops. “What part of heaven did you drop from Danny, fucking you was amazing?” Danny giggled at the compliment “just riding my bike for exercise and there you were a hot looking man in distress!” Ward smiled “in more ways than one, do you make house calls?”

Danny got up and rinsed off in the stream. “Never thought of that, might be a good business venture, what do you think?” Ward got up and rinsed off also, “hell Danny I'd rent your services in a heart beat!” They dressed and Ward handed Danny is card “my email is on it, do you have a web cam Danny?” Danny said he did. “Maybe we can arrange something at my Poker Party and you could pick up some pocket money?”

Danny said “Maybe?” He didn't want to tell Ward he already had money, at least family money and got what ever he wanted, no questions asked, but he liked the mystery of his persona. He checked his watch, it was three-twenty. “I better get going Ward, my Uncle Gordie is arriving, I'll log u up later, maybe we can work out something fun, OK?”

Ward, smiled nodded “OK I'll look for you.” Each rode off in opposite directions. Danny headed home, he wanted to shower and make himself presentable for Uncle Gordie, he just hoped he wasn't a stuffed shirt like his Dad's friends, Danny could be seen, but never heard.

Danny came in and showered in his own bathroom. He was lucky he had as much privacy as he did, it made things much easier. The staff knocked before entering, Major didn't, but he wasn't considered staff. He had always wanted a pet, a dog or can, even a lizard, but his father wouldn't hear of it, he was allergic or so he said, there was never an animal around to prove it.

He watched as the house car pulled into the long driveway and out stepped a tall blond man. Well tanned and dressed very casual, he wore sandals instead of shoes and no socks, had his dad seen that he'd had a cow. He watched as the man entered the house. He then went down to meet Uncle Gordie!

Danny went down the stairs. Major and Uncle Gordie were talking in the corner of the foyer. They looked up at Danny coming toward them. Danny overheard Major telling Gordie things. Gordie smiled and pointed at Danny. “He does, great!” Danny this is your Uncle Gordon!” The man gave the boy a big hug. “Call me Gordie, Danny, I'm so sorry about your dad, but we'll talk a bit later, Major says that you took after me and not my brother, wonderful!” Danny didn't know what he was talking about?

Danny and his Uncle went up to Danny's father's room and looked down at he comatose man. To Danny it seemed his dad had shrunk. He use to be so big to him now the bed mad him look so small. “Danny you can go to your room while Major and I talk, plus Mr. Granger, the lawyer will be here to brief me, then you and I will have a long talk about you and I and the future, OK?”

Danny said “sure!” He went back to his room and logged on to Ward's email site, made sure his web cam was on so they could talk in person. Quickly the face of Ward Windflower was opposite him. “Hey beautiful couldn't get my mind off of you and your very hot body, damn you make me horny!” Danny chuckled. Behind Ward walked what looked like a small horse.

What's that?” Danny asked. “What's what?” Ward asked. “Behind you?” Ward turned around “oh him, that's Rambo, my always horny dog, must run in the family?” Danny typed “LOL!”
The asked “What kind is he Ward, my dad won't let me have one?” “He's a “Sooner!” Danny typed “?????, what the fuck is a Sooner?” Ward could be seen laughing “Sooner fuck than eat!” Danny typed “LOL, LOL, LOL!”

Ward then pushed Danny a bit. “Have you thought about coming over, I'm having that Poker Party and I really thing you'd make it a fun time for all?” Danny thought “what would I tell them here, they just won't let me come over an be with a bunch of men?” Ward thought for a minute “tell them your going to sleep over with my son Ward Jr. and when they call I'll give them a good story, what do you say?” Danny grinned “OK1” I'll try it!”

Danny went and asked Uncle Gordie and Major if he be able to spend the night with a school friend?” They didn't bat an eye “that might be a good get-away for you, all the drama here.” Uncle Gordie said, “Have me talk to his father, just to see if wasn't an imposition? Danny got on his phone and talked to Ward and told them it was OK, but they'd have to talk to him first.” Danny went back with the phone and handed it to Uncle Gordie.

Danny stood there as Ward talked to Uncle Gordie. “You sure it won't be an imposition, oh, oh, gee that, oh, oh you'll pick up Danny and bring him home the next day, great, OK I'll tell him, good bye.” Danny couldn't believe it went so smooth. Uncle Gordie looked down at Danny “you didn't tell me his boy was in a wheelchair, of course you can spend the weekend, please don't be to rough on young Ward Jr., especially in his condition.”

Danny nodded, “I won't I promise.” He took his cell back to his room and logged back on to the computer. There was Ward. “Just what did you tell him?” Danny asked. “I just told him that my son was wheelchair bound and had no real friends, but you!” Danny shook his head. “I'll pick you up around three tomorrow afternoon, OK?' Danny said that would be fine and logged off.

Ward picked Danny up and made all the formalities. “You ready for tonight Danny, there will be 5 of us, think you can handle five horny men?” Danny got a crooked grim, kind of impish. “5, gee it will be a challenge, but I'll try, boy will I try, gonna be fun. I'm already excited.”

Inside the house he had Danny strip the put on a red bow tie. “That's your uniform for the evening!” Danny looked at himself in the mirror. “Gee I'm missing something, you have a hand towel?” Ward got him a white hand towel, Danny hung it over his left arm and looked at Ward, “how can I service you sir?”

Ward spoke, “damn we better go down stairs, or I'm gonna throw you on the bed and fuck the living life out of you!” Danny bent over “I'm ready, plug my hole sir?” Ward slapped his ass cheek and said “lets go before I cum in my pants!”

Ward had Danny stand in his den while his poker buddies arrived. He had them all sitting around the table one of the players Rocco asked “hey Ward where's the beer?” Ward smiled and yelled “Danny can you bring in some beers for my guests?” Danny carried a tray of Coronas and lime slices in on a tray!

Rocco's cousin Mario gave out with a low wolf whistle as Danny set a beer and a lime in front of each man. “Where in the fuck you get his little gem, does he or does he?” Mario asked as his hand slowly squeezed Danny's right ass cheek. Danny batted his brown eyes “that felt nice sir and I do just about anything you'd want?” Mario winked at the others.

As they played cards Danny served beer, chips and let them take an occasional feel of his body, he also felt their packages too, letting them know that more was to follow. Ward got up and went to the back door and whistled. In trotted Rambo a cross between a Mastiff and Pit Bull, his head was enormous, his balls hung down low and was attached to a very large sheath. Danny was in love!

Rambo knew his job and quickly Danny's also in lust. Rambo's big red tongue ran up and down the boys naked penis which stood straight out, Rambo kept up his licking. “Wow Ward h-e-e-'s licking me off, I-I-I-I oooohhhh I-I-I-I'm so hot, why is he doing it?”

Mario's video camera was humming, every-time they got a young boy into the house they turned Rambo on them and he did his job to perfection, this time was no different. Louie had slid the ottoman in behind Danny and he fell backward on to it, his thin white legs splayed out wide, Rambo's tongue continued lapping Danny's private's.

The canine tongue licked and lapped Danny's hard penis, working the preteen to a creamy climax, what came next was what they wanted. Danny began to shoot into the air, creamy splats hit his tummy and was quickly cleaned off. Danny's brown eyes glazed over and he relished the feeling he was getting from Rambo's oral manipulations.

Danny lay there totally exposed and Rambo took advantage of the situation. The large canine covered the boys open body with his, his tongue washing Danny's cute face and turned up nose. Rambo's hips were moving in forward stabs, four inches of red canine cock were looking for an open entrance to Danny's unsuspecting body.

Danny relished the licking of his face, his desire for a dog of his own made him vulnerable, but the fog quickly evaporated when Rambo found Danny's open love hole and drove his ever growing penis deep into Danny's body. Rambo had six dripping red inches into Danny before he could react, Danny opened his mouth to say something and four more inches were in place.

Ward he fucking me, he has all his cock in me?” Danny was telling Ward and friends, who were enjoying the show. Ward spoke in a somewhat reassuring voice “No Danny he doesn't have it all, but he will, just relax and he's make you feel wonderful, relax? Danny's red mouth opened, but nothing came out. Rambo knifed again and Danny's ring stretched and snapped back around the knot, they were tied!

Rambo began to hunch into the skewered boy, his bristled hair rubbed the boi-cock and soon he was hard again, Danny locked his legs at the ankles and held the hard fucking canine tightly, Danny was now totally into the hard fucking he was getting, his new sex life was getting a much wider perspective, he was loving it. “Come on Rambo fuck me harder, god this is so good, I never expected a dog would fuck me or I'd like it, your cock Rambo is so hot!”

The men were now high five-ing each other as Rambo and Danny gave them a great show. Danny was fully packed with canine penis, the big balls slapped Danny's ass cheeks as he was pounded unmercifully. Rambo continued to shoot lube in lieu of his sperm, it was soon coming, but Danny didn't care he was being fucked and it was good!

Grrrrrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrr!” the growl came from deep inside of Rambo. Ward reassured Danny he wasn't going to get bit “he going to cum in you Danny, how do you like his cock?” Danny again glassy eyed, and mumbled “I'm cuming again, I can't believe he's making me cum again, wow!”

Rambo froze, his cock swelled more. “H-h-h-h-e-e-e's's getting even bigger Ward, real big?” Danny didn't know what was about to happen. “He's cuming in you Danny, relax and enjoy it, you're tied for awhile.” Danny felt the blast of hot cream as his preteen colon filled with canine sperm. His legs were cramping and he let them splayed wide, the dog kept shooting and pounding. Finally he collapsed on Danny.

Danny gave the men a weak smile “wow, wow Ward, this was hot, but what did you guys get?” Ward chuckled “Danny you still have to give us blow jobs, were hard as rocks, you made a very hot video, now I have to make copies for us all!” Danny weakly asked “can you make me one, please?” Ward chuckled more. “You bet I will, Danny!” Danny weakly said “thank you!”

Rocco placed a towel below Danny and Rambo to catch the cum as it leaked. Danny could just lay there, he was tied to Rambo and his monster cock. Rambo could only lie there atop of the boy he'd just fucked very well. Ward held him in place, the cock was still at it's zenith of size.

After close to twenty minutes attached, Rambo's cock lost some of it's girth and a big “plop” from Danny and the tired canine limped to a corner and cleaned his cock and Danny's sperm that coated his fur. Danny was a site, his lags spread wide, cum flowing from his reamed boi-pussy. The video still in progress. Finally they finished up and Ward took a weak smiling Danny to the bathroom, he received a round of applause as the left the room.

Rocco asked Louie “you think he'll be able to suck us, I could really use some relief, I know we won't be able to fuck him, Rambo reamed the shit out of him, still I could sure use a good blow job?” Louie shrugged “lets wait and see, who knows kids are very resilient.”

Danny took a hot shower. Ward stripped and stepped in with him and scrubbed him down. “Gee Ward I never expected that, why didn't you say anything?” Ward cleared his throat, his hard cock kept poking the boys butt. “Didn't want to scare you Danny, Rambo can be a fierce looking animal, still you think you'll be able to suck some cock?” Danny nodded “sure, I'll never pass that up, don't think I can fuck though, but then who knows?”

Ward and Danny dried off! Both returned naked, the other four were already naked and Danny licked his lips. “Wow five hard cocks and all for me. Danny, a bit tired still knelt before Mario first and took hold of his cock. His red tongue circled the head of Mario's circumcised penis. “Oooohhhh that feels good! Mario's head fell back.

Danny's red mouth opened and clamped tightly behind the head. He licked and sucked the precum coated head, the took it to the root and covered his lips with with the pubic hair, his throat took the length. He drew it back up and sucked he hard flesh. Mario couldn't hold back and came quickly, all the action going on did the trick!

Danny loved the taste of cum, he like the differences between men. He let his mouth fill and the swallowed the creamy goo slowly! His mouth filled two more times before it quit spewing creamy seed. Danny looked up for approval, Mario smiled tiredly. Danny moved to Gus and started on his fat cock. This time he started at the bottom.

He nibbled at the neither place then took in one sac encased testicle and sloshed it in his warm, wet saliva. He did the other then he held the stalk and made sloppy kissed up the underside hearing Gus moan “geeezzz my cock throbs Danny your good, very good.” Danny smiled he like the approval and licked, nibbled and sucked to the crown.

A cream bead sat at the tip and Danny licked it clean. Opening his mouth wide he covered the crown and slid down part way. Saliva flowed and made it glossy. Danny's eyes smiled up at Gus as the cock slowly disappeared into Danny's mouth, finally his red lips nestled in Gus's black pubic hair. Gus gently placed a hand on the back of Danny's curly hair.

Back and forth the boys head bounced up and down on Gus's cock. Gus was breathing hard, the kid was a magnificent cocksucker, he seemed to love giving pleasure. His tongue top scrapped the underside, Gus felt a shiver run up his backside. His balls tightened up against his body. “Oooohhhh fuck he's made me cum!” Danny felt the first creamy blast hit the roof of his mouth, he swallowed fast, he hadn't expected the man to cum this fast. He sucked Gus dry, looked up and planted a wet kiss on the head of Gus's cock.

Danny moved to Louie. Holding the man's throbbing penis Danny smiled and winked, then said “you're turn, ready?” Louie nodded and mumbled “yes!” Quickly his cock was gobbled up and into the boys saliva slick mouth. Danny wasted no time in swallowing the entire length of cock. His throat bulged to the right showing the head of Louie's cock.

Danny's red tongue tip began to wag on Louie's balls. Louie's eyes got big, this had never happened to him before. He stared at Danny as the boy sucked and slurped his penis, saliva pooled in the mass of pubic hair, matting it. Danny held the cock and began to lick the underside. That was it. A creamy white geyser shot up in the air and fell into the front of Danny's hair. Cum trickled down Danny's cheek.

Danny stuck his tongue out and caught some of the semen as it ran over his lips. Danny was chuckling as he lapped up the sperm. He sucked Louie dry and planted a wet kiss on the head and moved to Rocco. The man was already throbbing, watching Danny and Rambo, then watching the boy happily suck the others.

A big bubble of precum had formed. Danny held the long fleshy stalk and eyed it. He gently knifed his tongue tip into the bubble the lapped it clean. His tongue began to circle the head. Over and over he flicked his tongue out like a snake testing the air for prey, Danny's prey was the man's throbbing penis.

Danny winked and gobbled up the whole cock. Up and down his smaller mouth worked the taunt flesh. Trying to think of other things. Rocco looked at Ward “where did you find him, this is out of this world?” Ward, his arms folded as he watched Danny's personal sex show. “Riding my bike, I broke down and this angel arrived to rescue me, the let me fuck him as a gift from heaven. Rocco said w-w-o-o-w-w his cock was gobbled up by the young sucker.

Danny pursed his lips and scraped Rocco's cock. That was it. The man moaned “Danny I'm cuming, I'm cuming!” Danny clamped down hard and caught the gooey spew. Danny swallowed each cream blast. Finally to rush of sperm became a trickle and finally only a bubble or two. Rocco collapsed in his chair. Rocco smiled “fuck I'm sorry it's finished!”

The only one left was Ward. He escorted his friends out and then turned to Danny “shall we go to my bedroom beautiful?” Danny blushed and followed the man to his bedroom. Danny stretched out on the big four poster while then man on all fours over him began to lick Danny's tender body. He took one nipple into his lips and using his tongue tip to scrape the “v” below the tip of War's cock, Danny felt the man shiver!

Slowly Danny edged up on Ward's midsection and gently slid his butt into place and felt the rampant cock bury it's self into Danny's body. Gently Danny moved up and down on Ward's penis. Ward was very surprised on Danny's actions. Danny clamped down hard and massaged the throbbing cock.

Ward grabbed Danny by the hips and pushed up as Danny pushed down. Ward was in heaven. Danny was making ward feel good and that made Danny feel good, he had the feeling this was what he was meant to do, he ground down and fucked ward back until Ward couldn't stand anymore, he tried to hold back, but to no avail, his cock swelled and exploded inside Danny. Danny fell forward and lay there, it had been a very exhausting day for such a young boy, but very interesting!

Part 3: Uncle Gordie's occupation!

Thanks to Jellofunk and his drawings. Heredia and his drawings! To Daniel, hope you like how I portray you?