By: Max the Cat


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Part 3: “Uncle Gordie's Occupation!:

Danny lay in his bed, he still could feel Rambo's fur scraping his cock, and body, he could also feel the big canine cock buried deep in his boi-pussy, shooting hot sperm deep, the canine cock seemed to be so much warmer than a humans, and the cum was also! He had gotten a special delivery envelope, a copy of the video and a note “Watch it on B.T.W.'s Channel 6969, amateur section, You and Rambo are a hit!”

He got up a bit late for breakfast. Actaully Major got him up “Danny's your father has taken a turn for the worse, I'm so sorry!” Danny ran to his father's room, but the doctor was there and he could hear his father's breathing, a rattle drowned out even the machines.

He walked out to his tree and sat. “At least Uncle Gordie is here.” he thought to himself. The gardener and a younger Mexican sat down next to him. A brown hand rubbed his leg. “Chico I am so sorry, my nephew Jose and I wish we could do something for you, Chico?” Danny shrugged “No one can do anything, but gracis, mucho gusto!” Danny answered is the little Spanish he knew.

The hand rubbed his cock, it immediately got hard. Danny's breathing got quicker, sex seemed to be the thing that helped him forget. The brown hand squeezed him gently. Another brown hand ran up his shirt and rubbed his nipples. Both Mexican's were rubbing him, he was responding. He heard a couple zippers come undone. He was now holding a brown cock in each hand. His red lips touched the cock of Jose, it seemed to push foirward. His lips opened and the cock slid over his tongue, he began to suck it.

His basket ball shorts were peeled off his slim hips, he wore no underwear. He was now naked from the waist down, total exposed and hard as a rock. Brown lips closed over his penis, he closed his brown eyes and relished the electric feeling his penis felt from tip to deep inside his body. “You can fuck me if you want, please? He was almost begging for a good fucking, he could forget his plight!

Ever so quickly he was totally naked. Two cock poked his lips and he opened as wide as he could to encompass both brown crowns. His mouth was stretched, but he took in as much as he could, cock tasted good. “Chico on you knees, I will fuck you, Jose your mouth, suck him good, you love sucking cock. I know such! Danny did as told.

His mouth was being fucked by Jose's hard brown cock, his boy-pussy was packed by the other brown penis. He braced himself with one hand and grabbed his cock with the other and jacked himself off and his mouth and love hole were being ravaged, he loved it, in sex that was all he could think about, it was good!

Chico such a warm, tight hole, I love fucking you, you like my cock, is it good for you?” Aurelio asked. Danny could only reply in muffled sounds, Jose was pumping his mouth hard and deep, Danny's red tongue tickled his balls. Danny pulled off and grabbed the brown pole, and began to suck the man's balls, he loved sucking balls for some reason!

Danny's red tongue danced over the sensitive flesh. He sucked in one and then the other brown sac encased ball. Moans and Spanish could be heard loudly form Jose's lips. “Sorbalo, sorbalo, sorba mis pelotas, muchacho me sorben mas dificil, ah senor!” Danny just kept sucking and licking the sensitive flesh!

Danny moved back up to the head of the cock and clamped down tight around the crown and stretched foreskin just in time to catch the creamy explosion. Sperm splashed into the boy's sucking mouth. Danny swallowed as Aurelio hammered into his boi-pussy with his hard brown skinned cock. Danny swallowed as fast as he could the cream slid down his throat and he sucked Jose dry!

Aurelio held Danny's by the hips and fucked the preteen like mad. He could feel cum fill his balls, he would cream the kid soon. He tried to hold off, but as Danny swallowed he tightened his muscles and made it feel like Aurelio was also getting sucked as he was fucking. Aurelio shot off, he couldn't hold off, hot sperm traveled deep into Danny.

Both men were exhausted. Danny had used them up. They all laid on their backs staring at the blue sky. Cum oozed from Danny. “Muchacho you make my life wonderful, I have told my friends of the beautiful white boy who love making men so happy, maybe you'd like to meet them, maybe you'd like to meet Carlos, a boy like yourself, porfavor?”

Danny grabbed Aurelio's shrinking brown penis. He licked off the excess cum, then he looked at the Mexican man. “You want me to meet your friends?” Aurelio smile “si, Chico, they want to meet you very bad, so does Carlos, maybe tomorrow?” Danny thought to himself. “OK, I'm not really doing anything, sure I will meet your friends, and Carlos, how old is Carlos?”

Aurelio thought “How does one say in English, eleven, si, eleven, like you!” Danny sucked off all the creamy excess, looked up “OK, tomorrow, kewl!” The three lay there watching the clouds and a few birds fly over. A few leaves fell from the tree, one landed on Danny's tummy, he giggled and as it slid off, it tickled and Danny chuckled!

The medical staff was working on Danny's father. Uncle Gordie told Danny he wanted to talk to him. The two went into his room. “Danny you know that it's almost impossible for your father to recover. I will stay here as long as it takes to resolve this situation. I will be going to the Seychelles Islands, I will be the new Assistant Director of something called Boi Lemuria and I might have to take you with me?”

Danny smiled “I know Uncle Gordie, I know you've talked to Major about what we did and I know you work for B.T.W., and I want to be a Pleasure Boy, I love fucking men, does that make you feel better, I'm a boy slut, I can't help it, so don't worry, I just hope my dad gets better, although I don't think he will?” Gordon was floored at what Danny said!

Danny wasn't finished “I will try to keep out of the way, OK?” Uncle Gordie could only nod his approval. Finally he regrouped. “You want to go with me, really?” Danny moved forward, ran his hand up his uncles package and squeezed. “Does that give you my answer, if not I will suck you off, and I swallow, I love the taste!: Gordon had to readjust. “Might take you up on it Danny?” He went back to his brothers room, he looked back at Danny twice.

The next day Danny met Aurelio and went with him to meet his friends. They went into a place that looked like a club. The place had music playing, the men were talking. As Danny entered the place went quite. The music was turned off and Aureilo spoke in Spanish “Mis amigos este es el muchacho sobre el que le dije, el ama complacer hombres, para mirarlo no es el bastante?”

Aurelio picked Danny up and placed the preteen on a table that use to be a cable spool. “Danny take off all your clothes, let my friends see your beauty!” Danny first looked around, he now knew what he was here and swallowed hard, there were so many men. Danny started slowly to divest himself of his clothing. When he was naked he turned in a circle to let all the Mexican men ogle his body. “Danny bend over give them a view of heaven, be sure to split your cheeks!”

Danny slowly bent over, split his butt cheeks wide, there was a round of applause when his hole opened up ever so slightly. Danny then stood up. In front of his was a small Mexican boy he assumed was Carlos. Aurelio stood him on the table and he quickly stripped. “Hi I am Carlos, you are Danny, right?” Danny said “I'm he!” Carlos whispered in Danny's ear, you know we have to fuck or suck them all, right?”

Danny looked around again. “Yes Carlos, I figured as much, I guess this is what they call a gang-bang right?” Carlos said “si!” Aurelio spoke to the men. “Carlos y Danny haran todos nosotros, ello willl ser diversion, ver que no menti!” Carlos smiled “at least I don't have to fuck them all by myself, you and I get to share them!” Danny again swallowed hard, he was glad he brought extra lube.

Aurelio got the men's attention, some had started the music again, others were passing bottles of Tequila others drank beer. “Carlos usted y Danny se acestan el uno a; otro.” Aurelio told Danny and Carlos “now entertain us, do some 69ing?” Danny lay down, Carlos did likewise and both began to lick each others cocks, then sucked feverishly. Their butts pushed back and forth as they fucked each others mouths. Aurelio now got the men's attention. “Mis amigos, preparese, quite su ropa!”

The men scrabbled to strip off their clothing. “Mis amigos se alinean, esto es el tiempo para la diversion!” Four lines of me assembled. Danny let Carlos's cock go “Aurelio why four lines?” Aurelio slapped Danny's ass. “Sweet boy one line each to fuck, one line each to suck, you and Carlos have your work cut out for you!”

Danny asked Aurelio for the bottle in his basketball shorts pocket. Aurelio gave him the bottle of lube. Danny pushed the nozzle up his butt and shot a good amount inside of his body. He handed it to Carlos. “What's this Danny?” Danny showed Carlos his asshole “It's lube, I ain't fucking all of them with out it. We won't be hurt, use it and use a lot, Carlos!” He did and shot in a lot. “Danny it smells like coconut?” Danny answered “Pina Colada flavored!”

The boys spread out on their backs and readied for the cock onslaught. Danny looked down and saw a man holding a big brown cock, smiling he sunk it into Danny to the root, before he could move another straddled his chest and placed his brown penis on Danny's red lips. Danny opened his mouth and it was quickly filled with hard cock. His love hole and his mouth were now being fucked and fucked hard, he had to swallow the cock or strangle.

For the next two hours the two boys took cock after cock. Danny quit counting after sucking his tenth. His boi-pussy was flooded with sperm, the creamy puddle was large below his ass, but he took on more. Licking and sucking he held each penis and made sure each that left his mouth was sucked dry and cleaned of any residue. Danny could have sworn he had sucked some that fucked him.

Unbeknown to Danny the gang-bang was filmed. Major had found out about it, supplied two video cameras and paid two men to get it recorded. If there was money to be made for B.T.W. Major would do it, and did. When he viewed it, he gave the two men bonuses. “This is great these boy fucked their asses off, Danny and Carlos would surely make fantastic Pleasure Boys at Boy Lemuria.

Finally the last two Mexican's began their sexual attack on Danny's exhausted body. His mouth was somewhat sore, he had swallowed so much sperm, he kept burping as he sucked the last cock. The man fucking him was huffing, puffing and sweating profusely. Finally he came and fell forward, his nose in the other man's ass. This almost started a fight and Aurelio had to step in.

Danny and Carlos could only lay in all the sperm. Both were exhausted. Carlos looked over, braced on his elbow “Danny thank your for the lube, if not for it I would be fucked raw, gracis mi amigo. You are hard, you must like fucking?” Danny smiled “well Carlos that sure was an experience, yes I love fucking, but I think I will pass the next time one of these come around.” Both laughed.

Aurelio and another man took the boys into a room with a shower, the shower had two stools. The two sat on the gingerly. Under the hot beads they got back some energy. To Danny's surprise Carlos bent over and sucked in his cock and began to suck him. Danny knew it would not be long and he'd cum, he was surprised he hadn't cum when he was fucked, he had when Rambo did him, he thought of the dog fucking him, he had like it. He came quickly in Carlos's mouth.

Carlos licked his lips “thank you for the lube!” Danny looked over and Carlos was also hard. He was tired, but he felt he should and sunk his lips over the hard brown three inches and scrapped the underside slowly. That set Carlos off and Danny drank his last sperm for the night.

Carlos and Danny rested. “Maybe the next time you and I can have fun with Pedro, he and I fuck last week, man did he cum?” Danny asked “who is Pedro?” Carlos grabbed Danny bu the hand and led him to the back door. Carlos pointed out in the back yard. Gee Carlos I don't see anything but a burro?” Carlos giggled “that's Pedro, he has very big cock and cum's very much!” Danny stepped back “think I'll pass, you fucked him?”

Carlos said “no Danny he fucked me after I sucked his cock for awhile, the men they clap and clap, then I lay over the hay bale and they guide him into me, then he fuck me like crazy.” Danny let out with a low whistle. “You mean you lived?” Carlos looked at him funny “I am still here, but I thought he'd never stop cuming?” Danny just shook his head, well I did let a dog fuck me, and that was hot, still?”

Aurelio and Jose drove him back home. Jose handed him an envelope. “Yours Danny, the men just loved you, they hope you'll come back soon, por favor?” Danny said he'd see, but he was exhausted, but for some insane reason it was fun, this was a personal best for him sucked off 12 men and fucked 13 cocks. In his room he bent over and split his butt cheeks to see if his hole was still small. The mirror showed no difference, “kewl!” He mumbled.

He sis sit on a pillow as he ate an early dinner and was asleep as soon his his head hit the pillow. He dreamed he was tied down and Pedro was led over him. He had to suck the long black burro cock. In Spanish the crowd kept chanting “deep throat, deep throat. He did, his red lips were covered with gray-brown hair. Then his thin his legs were wide and the burro was drilling him with the foot long black burro cock. He awoke in a cold sweat, his tummy was covered with his own cum. He sat up and grabbed a tissue and dabbed his sperm up “damn what a dream, I could feel everything.” He went back to sleep.

Two days later all hell broke lose. Danny was awoken by the sound of sirens. The ambulance arrived an hour after he had gone to sleep and rushed his father to the hospital, he got up and ran down the hall naked, forgetting to put on a robe. He ran into Major who had just finished washing his hands.

Danny stood naked in front of Major “what happened, what happened?” he asked, “Danny your father took a turn for the worse and we felt he'd have better care in the hospital, we'll go in the morning to see how he's doing?” Danny asked where Uncle Gordie was?” Major looked at the naked imp, readjusted his blood filling black cock. “In his room!”

Danny ran in to Gordie's room. “Are you asleep Uncle Gordie?” The man wasn't he was reading a magazine, the latest copy of B.T.W. Monthly. There was a big article on the new Boi Lemuria in it. Gordie patted the side of his bed. “Sit, let's talk!” The naked boy sat next to the man who also seemed to be naked, but had a small towel over his mid-section, but still Danny saw he was erect.

Danny sat. Gordie started to say something, but Danny beat him to the punch. “Am I going with you to this Boi Lemuria place when my dad passes away?”” Gordie was flabbergasted. “B-b-u-u-t-t, I-I?” He stopped for a minute. “Well you know I prefer men, I can here you and Major talking, and that I am very sexually active?” Gordie had to regroup. He regained his composure. “Do you want to go there, you know what you'll have to do there, you know as a Pleasure boy?”

Without batting an eye. “Sure I get to have all the sex I want, a Pleasure boy give his body to the men called Patrons, sounds kewl.” he now had an erection and Gordie couldn't take his eyes off it. He had all the young boys he wanted on Argos, now he was sitting next to another and he seemed to be excited/ “You don't have to go Danny, I can find a boarding school for you, if that's what you'd like?”

Danny looked direct at Gordie, his hands were inching toward the small hand towel that covered Gordie's erection. “Are you kidding, I want to be a Pleasure boy, it sounds so kewl!” His hand slid under the towel and took hold of Gordie's throbbing cock. Danny threw off the towel, exposed the hard penis and brought his lips to the head. He opened his mouth wide and his lips enveloped the hard man meat.

Oooohhhh that's good Danny, real good!” Danny had over half of Gordie's cock in his mouth and was sucking the hot fleshy stalk with gusto. Danny wanted to impress Gordie and slowly let the entire length slide into his mouth and down his throat. His eyes teared up, but he kept up his oral manipulations on the hard flesh. His saliva made the cock slick and slippery, more saliva pooled in Gordie's blond pubes

Gordie's hands roamed over Danny's soft skin. His fingers trekked to Danny's boy-pussy and began to finger the hole. He was very surprised, Danny was lubed. “You little shit, you planned this right?” Danny could be heard with a muffled giggled as he continued to suck the hard cock. The two were lost in the sex act when the door opened and Major eased in. “Can I join the orgy?” Gordie didn't interrupt Danny's cock sucking, but motioned Major in.

Major divested himself of his scrubs. Jacked his big black a couple times. “Get on your hands and knees Danny, Major's going to fuck you!” Danny caught the frame of the big black nurse, and adjusted his stance, giving major total access to his slim body. Major placed the black crown at Danny's hole and pushed in.

Danny's head moved up and down while Major fucked the boy hard and deep. The lube turned slippery and rivets leaked down the inside of his thin legs. He pushed back hard and met each stab of the nursed hard black penis. Danny was having a great time, but fucking and sucking hard cock was the most fun he could think of.

Danny scrapped up the underside of his uncles penis, this sent an electric shock from the man's brain to the tip of his cock. “Good god Danny how long have you been sucking cock, you are very good.” Holding the slick throbbing cock in front of his face. “Maybe a month? His lips then clamped behind the head and rolled his tongue over and over the head. He could feel a rumble inside.

Hot sperm splashed on the roof of Danny's mouth. His cheeks puffed like a squirrel storing nuts. Danny swallowed and swallowed and again swallowed the creamy man elixir. Danny sucked the head. He grinned and stuck his tongue tip in the leaking hole. Gordie pushed his face away. “You're driving me crazy Danny, you know that?” Danny grinned, his tongue tip flicked out and rolled across the head again.

Major too was going to cum. He was fucking the preteen hard, fast and deep. Danny was doing his best to keep his balance. He kept licking the cumy residue on his lips and chin, but major huffing and puffing bellowed “I'm cuming you little white boy bitch, I'm cuming take my cum slut!” Danny pushed back to meet each hard thrust, he couldn't wait to feel the blast of major's hot gooey blast.

Fuck me Major, fuck me, I know you can fuck me harder, you've fucked me harder before.” Major's cheeks puffed out, blew air and pounded Danny as hard as he could. His black cock exploded and shot gobs and gobs of his his hot gooey sperm deep into the boy's insides. He was exhausted and rested on Danny's slim back, his cock still shooting sperm into Danny's body.

Danny lay on his back looking at the ceiling. He realized things would be changing and soon, but Uncle Gordie was actually fun and he did have a real nice cock. Then there was Major, he had a real great cock, but would he be going to Boi Lemuria, probably not. Maybe he'd get Carlos to go with him, living around the Cantina was no life for a boy who was make a great Pleasure boy, he fell asleep dreaming about that damn Burro again................

Part 4: Changes!

Thanks to the artists, Heredia, Jellofunk and Masked, they make for real good art I can adapt for a story. Then there is Danny (he's real and a fan, hope I made you a hit?”