By: Max the Cat


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Part 4: Changes!

Danny and Uncle Gordie took up a vigil in the hospital waiting room. The doctors had placed electrodes in twenty areas of Danny's fathers skull to measure brainwaves, if he had any at all. Danny tried to watch television while Uncle Gordie talked on his cell phone to some one at B.T.W. The door opened and in walked another boy Danny's age and a woman.

The boy gave Danny a weak smile, Danny returned it. The woman looked over some papers. Danny introduced himself to the boy. “Name's Danny, yours?” The boy gave Danny another weak smile “I'm Roger, people call me R.J. My middle name is James, thus R.J.!” Danny shrugged “I'm just Danny, my Dad is dying, you?” RJ said “my mom, she has Cervical cancer and is in a coma!”

Danny said he was sorry, RJ said he was sorry about Danny's dad, too. Uncle Gordie came back in, “no change Danny, haven't got the tests back, who's your friend?” Danny introduced RJ. Danny asked who the lady was with him?” RJ said “she's my social worker, she's been assigned to my case, I have no other family and when my mom passes, she has to find a place for me and that's gonna be hard?

Danny then asked the question. “Why. You got a disease or something?” RJ gave him a weak smile. “You might call it that and when I tell you, you'll run like a bat out of hell?” Danny moved away a few inches. “See and you don't know and you already moved, I'm gay, and no one wants a gay kid?” Danny scooted closer “I got a secret to tell you, come closer?” RJ scooted closer and Danny stuck his tongue in RJ's ear “I am too and I'm having a blast!”

RJ looked at him funny while he tried to clean the saliva from his ear. “You too?” Danny was giggling “I am and I have more men friends than you have fingers, as long as you're over 10 and are kewl with it, you can do what you want with them, and I do!” Danny told RJ proudly! RJ was flabbergasted. “B-B-B-u-u-u-t-t-t your family doesn't hate you or anything?”

Danny looked at Uncle Gordie on his cell. “Uncle Gordie RJ an I are going to go for a walk, I'll be back in a bit?” Gordie nodded “you need any money or anything? Danny thought for a minute “Maybe a couple bucks for a couple sodas and the van keys, I want my IPOD so RJ and I can listen to music?”

Gordie gave Danny a five and the keys. RJ told the social worker he and Danny were going to get a soda. “You have money Roger?” Danny piped up “Not to worry, my treat, mam, I'll keep him out of trouble.” She gave Danny the once over, shrugged and said “stay out of trouble and don't get lost!”

Danny and RJ got their sodas and went to the van. “Want to see something kewl?” Danny asked RJ. “Sure?” he replied. Danny reached into the side sack and produced a copy of B.T.W. Monthly and handed it to RJ “look at this RJ?” The boy sat and eyed all the pictures of men and boys in sexual acts. “This for real?” RJ asked, kind of in shock. “You bet it is!” Danny said with a chuckle.

RJ leafed through the periodical very slowly, over and over again he had to read adjust himself. Danny watched, he just wanted to see RJ's cock and maybe his body, they were alone. He came to a section with a boy named Jimmy being fucked by a big ugly looking dog. “For reals?” RJ said. Danny nodded “for reals, I know I had an experience wit one named Rambo, came twice!”

Danny decided that it was time to make an advance, he was hot and bothered and he hoped RJ was also. His hand lay on the boys leg and slowly inched up closer and ever so closer to RJ's privates. He came in contact with a big lump pointing straight out. “Gee you're big RJ?” RJ moaned and opened his legs wider and Danny found the zipper to RJ's jeans.

The rattle of the the zipper opening broke the silence. “Lift up.” Danny said. RJ did and his pants slid down his freckled legs. RJ had blond hair, white skin covered with freckles. Danny skinned off the boys boxers and licked his lips at what he was. RJ could only stare as he watched Danny began on him.

Danny looked up, winked and ran his red tongue around the cut penis. His mouth opened wide and he sucked in the hardening length of sweet flesh. Danny began to suck RJ. RJ opened his legs wide, this had never happened to RJ before, but it felt so good, real good. Danny moved to the hairless wrinkled ball sac.

Oh that's real kewl Danny, real kewl, I love this, can I do this to you?” Danny was ecstatic and stood up and was quickly naked. RJ followed suit. They moved to the back of the carpeted van and lay in each others arms. Danny said. “I'll turn to yours and give you mine, OK?” RJ just looked as Danny moved to the other way and began to suck RJ again.

Come on RJ suck me too, please?” RJ had hold of the hard three inches and could only look, this was the closest to some one else's he had ever been. Ever so slowly his red tongue tip licked the tip of Danny's. Finally he got the nerve and opened his mouth and sucked in the head of Danny's penis and began to bathe it in warm, wet saliva. Danny sighed, it felt so good, and sucked RJ harder taking in the whole length of cock, he realized RJ had some sparse hair at the base, it tickled his lips.

Now Danny and RJ were really going at it. RJ was learning from Danny and quickly. Taking Danny's cock in his right hand and sucking on each sac encased testicle sloppily. Saliva coating his own chin and making glossy streaks down his hairless chest. RJ was very noisy as he sucked Danny's balls. His left hand's middle finger fucked Danny's asshole.

Danny was loving all he was getting and did the same to RJ, the other boy was a quick study and showed promise, as Danny got an idea as they made oral and finger love to one another. Both boys were getting close, their hips pumped in and out as cum began it's path to exiting each body!

Uncle Gordon and Mrs. Piper the case worker for RJ. Gordon asked “what will happen to RJ after his mom passes?” The lady shrugged. “He's at the age where it's almost impossible to place him and he's a gay child and that is another Albatross around his neck, poor boy!” “That's a shame, I guess Danny is lucky he has someone. Uncle Gordon pulled out his business card and handed it to Mrs. Piper. “I just might have an answer to you're problem?”

She looked at the card. “Never heard of this company?” I think I'll go check on the boys, should have been back by now, my organization is only interested in gay boys his age, please think about it, talk to RJ about it, who knows what we can work out?” She gave Gordon a half smile, “I will Mr. La Farge, I'll talk to RJ also.

Gordon eased up on the van and peeked in. “Well that is really something, sweet RJ is a prime subject in this equation,. Both Danny and RJ still were licking on each others privates when Gordon slid open the side door and entered. RJ froze, Danny continued. “Don't stop on my account you two little sluts, I do love a good show?” Danny giggled and tongued RJ's asshole.

Gee I-I-I-I, w-w-w-e-e-e?” RJ quit speaking. Gordon was taking off his pants and showing both boys his hard cock. “Come here RJ suck me, it's test time?” RJ froze. Danny piped up “I will if he wont Uncle Gordie!” RJ stared at the hard piece of man flesh, he licked his dry lips, he couldn't take his eyes off the hard penis. “I-I-I-I never sir?” Gordon chuckled “You sucked off Danny!” RJ looked back at Danny who was wiping his chin.

What test?” RJ asked, it finally it him. “I just might have a new home for you RJ, but you have to be willing to please, our boys please men, but if you can't I'll understand?” RJ reach out, took Gordon's hard penis in his hand, it throbbed, it seemed to beat like a heart beat. “Go on suck it, it's fun really, I can't get enough!” Danny whispered in his ear.

Slowly Gordon pushed his cock toward RJ's face. He rested the head on RJ's bottom lip, smiled and pushed forward. Reluctantly his mouth opened, Gordon filled it with his throbbing penis, RJ sucked lightly, Gordon filled the boy with more of his cock. Danny was right next to him coaxing him to suck and slurp Gordon's hot, hard meat. RJ began to suck on his own.

That's it RJ suck it, that's you are doing it, fun isn't it, I love sucking cock, you'll get into it. That's it, suck in more , that's it, boy you're doing a good job, I'll suck it if you don't want to?” RJ lips slid down on the length until he had over half in his mouth. His saliva coated all he had in his mouth and when he brought his lips up the white stalk was glossy, his mouth quickly slip back down taking in another inch or so.

Danny looked up at his Uncle with a grin on his face. His hand had hold of RJ cock. Danny whispered “you gonna fuck him?” Gordon smiled but said nothing just relishing the hot cock sucking he was receiving from the novice. RJ was learning how to please very fast, and Gordon didn't want to scare off a potential convert to Pleasure Boy status.

Gordon ran fingers through the boys hair., and watched his nephew's head in RJ's lap. Danny always wanted to be involved and this was no different. Danny's head turned to RJ's nipples and latched on to the left puffy piece of flesh and drug the rough of his tongue across the pink/brown flesh. RJ stiffened up, released Gordon's cock “somebody fuck me, please?”

RJ froze, he couldn't believe he had just murmured those words, but he had never had his nipples sucked before, it triggered something. Gordon wasted no time and pushed the preteen onto his back and placed himself between the boys thin legs. “You sure RJ?” Gordon's cock just kissed RJ's virgin pucker.

Danny kept sucking on the nipple, he also had hold of the boys cock, his thumb rolling the sensitive purple walnut. Danny was a big help in RJ's decision. “Please!” was uttered from the virgin boy's lips. Gordon pushed hard against the virgin rosebud, the anal ring resisted at first, but Gordon pushed even harder.

Before RJ could say stop or anything else. Gordon's hard cock head busted into the channel and into the dark hole at least five inches. RJ caught his breath, the stretching was a bit of a shock and Gordon wasted no time, he pushed harder and his ball slapped against RJ's, his cock hit bottom. Danny was now sucking the right nipple, RJ was experience his first fuck from a man's hot, hard cock!

In and out Gordon relentlessly fucked the boy. RJ's head rolled from side to side. He was trying to process all the new feelings, while Danny sucked nipples and rubbed the boy's cock trying his damnedest to get RJ to cum. Danny never gave up any thing to do with sex, he was addicted to fucking and sucking, now he was having a blast in RJ's seduction.

Oooohhhh, um, um, um I'm cuming, Danny I cuming, um, um, um it feels so good, b-u-t should we be doing this, Oooohhhh here it cums!” RJ shot a creamy geyser into the air. Danny moved in too late, cum hit him in the nose before he could clasp his lips tightly on the spouting purple head and suck in the rest of his new friends cum.

Gordon could feel his sperm moving thru his body and would soon empty into the new boys colon reservoir His purple/red head expanded, the slit opened wide and belched hot sperm deep into RJ for the first time in his life. The man's balls were hard and lay in the boys which were as hard, each had emptied into someplace wet and warm.

Gordon rested, his hands on his knees. His cock was still draining into RJ's boi-pussy. The boys cock throbbed in Danny's mouth while Gordon's pulsed inside of the newly fucked preteen. Gordon announced “RJ I think you might have a place in the B.T.W. home, you'd fit right in, if you think you'd be able fuck men you don't really know, but would sure want to be with and deep inside of you? RJ blushed at the thought.

Danny planted a kiss on RJ's lips “you have an alternative. An orphanage or the system, for myself I love fucking and sucking cock, so I'm going with Uncle Gordie and Major to Boi Lemuria and make the vacationers very happy, you can come if you want RJ, we could have fun, swimming, sunbathing fucking, sucking and snorkeling and scuba diving and fucking and a little more sucking, hell a whole bunch of cock sucking!” Danny giggled.

RJ lay naked on the van floor, cum drizzled from his previously virgin boi-pussy. The thought of an orphanage or foster home scared the hell out of him, he liked Danny, even if he was a little slut, but he was fun. He had to decide and quickly. He felt a tongue on his asshole, Danny was lapping up the leaking sperm, it tickled “Danny quit it, that tickles?” Danny looked up licking his lips “it taste too good to waste!” he dove back down.

Gordon said “you two better dress and we have to get back to Mrs. Piper, she'll be wondering just where they were. They walked in where Mrs. Piper was on her cell talking to someone. She looked up at both boys and Gordon sadly. Both RJ's mother and Danny's father had expired while they were fucking in the van.

I'm so sorry for the both of you!” She said. “RJ I have to find a place for you, there are not many places of boys your age especially the way you are?” Danny piped up “RJ can come with us, we don't care if your gay, straight, transgender or what, as long as you are happy!” he was matter of fact in his declaration.

Gordon followed. “We have more than ample space at our place Mrs. Piper, RJ is welcome to be with us, really. He and Danny get along quite well, both are alike in many ways, although Danny is very gregarious, much more than RJ. “RJ is this OK with you?” The boy nodded, I'd much rather be with Danny and his uncle than lost in some system or the corner of an orphanage.

Mrs. Piper was on her cell talking quickly with her superiors. She hung up. “We can do this on a temporary basis, but I'm not sure just how this will work out?” Gordon was on his cell with B.T.W. Getting their lawyers into the loop, prospective Pleasure boys were a commodity that just didn't come around every day and one willing to have lots of hot sex was a rarer commodity.

Gordon and Mrs. Piper exchanged all the pertinent information. While they were exchanging the information Mrs. Piper received a call from a B.T.W. Lawyer setting up a meeting and wanting to expedite the paperwork, they wanted Gordon, Danny Major and now RJ at Boi Lemuria as soon as possible.

Gordon called the mortuary for his brother's remains, he made the arraignments for RJ's mother “RJ I will make sure she is buried in a very nice place, somewhere you'll be able to visit at times, OK?” RJ nodded tears streaked down the faces of both preteens. RJ must have thanked Gordon twenty times the other alternative was Potter's Field!

Gordon rounded up the two boys and headed back to the house. Inside he showed RJ to a bedroom of his own. Danny leaned against the door jam grinning. RJ walked around the bedroom “this is bigger than our apartment.“ “Danny giggled “wait to you see the pool, it's an Olympic size, come on I'm hungry, and I want to introduce you to Major, he's hung like a horse!”

RJ looked at Danny, he wasn't sure what Danny was talking about. He followed Danny into the kitchen. Major was reading the paper and drinking a cup of coffee. “Hey Danny you look funny with clothes on, who's your friend?” Danny was smiling, he was always smiling most of the time. “Major this is RJ, he lost his mom and he's hot, and don't worry I'll be naked fast enough.” he pushed RJ out “RJ this is Major, my dad's nurse and Major this is RJ, Gordon fucked him for his first time today!” RJ went red with embarrassment.

Hello RJ welcome to the fold.” Major shook the boys hand. RJ returned the greeting. “Danny the funeral will be the day after tomorrow, again I'm sorry about your father and RJ your mother, it must be hard, but we'll try to make everything easier.” RJ began to cry, he hadn't cried since he was told of his mother's passing.

Major drew RJ to him and hugged him tightly. RJ sobbed. Danny looked at him funny, but now he was tearing, all the pressure he had buried, the hurt and the sadness he had buried, now rose and Major had the two boys in his arms. He let them cry it out, then let them go back to Danny's room. They lay on Danny's bed looking at the ceiling.

The funerals came and went. Gordon worked on passports for the two boys and of course Carlos. Danny and RJ took a walk to the other side of the property. Danny liked it, it was secluded and that's where he met the two Mexican gardeners. Danny and RJ laid out the big beach towel under the favorite tree and stripped and lay naked in the partial shade.

About forty minutes later the gardeners approached the two naked boys. “An two chico's and a very pretty duo. “Buenos tardes chico's, Danny are you awake?” Danny slowly opened his eyes and smiled “hi Aurelio, hi Jose, this my friend RJ.” Danny nudged the other boy awake. RJ's eyes slowly opened, he quickly tried to cover himself.

RJ they are friends of mine Aurelio, Jose meet RJ, and he's hot, I've been teaching him how to pleasure men and he sure learns fast, right RJ?” The embarrassed boi nodded to the two Mexicans. Danny stood up naked and ran a hand on each crotch. “I see I still excite you two, I bet RJ will too?”

The fingers on both of Danny's hands slid zippers down, the unbuckled both pair of pants. Both boys watched them slide to the men's ankles, neither wore underwear. Danny turned to RJ “One for you and one for me.” Danny slid to his knees in front of Aurelio and grasped the man's brown cock. His red tongue circled the head and looked over at Jose. RJ had joined him and had swallowed the man's fat brown cock.

Danny slipped onto his back and laid his legs wide “Fuck me Aurelio, it's been awhile since I've been fucked and I need a good fucking. Aurelio quickly took off everything and knelt between the preteen's legs holding his cock and taking aim at the ready lubed boi-hole. Holding his brown weapon in his hand and rubbing the head on Danny's waiting rosebud.

Danny mouthed 'fuck me hard!” Aurelio pushed hard at the boys sphincter. Slowly the hole opened and received the hard 7 inches of hot Mexican cock. Danny hooked his ankles and readied himself for the fuck ride he was about to get. Danny looked to his left and saw RJ was still sucking Jose.

Aurelio's cock was doing things to Danny that drove the boy crazy with lust. The Mexican's tongue fucked the boys ear, which was one of Danny's places. Danny could feel his cum boiling inside, he was already going to cum and it was hands free. “Oooohhhh you're going to make me cum already, oooohhhh I love your cock, such a great fuck stick, oooohhhh I'm cuming!”

RJ felt Jose push him on his back and push his legs up and apart. The Mexican dropped a dollop of lube on the head of his fat brown cock and place it at the tight hole. “Chico relax, I fuck so good, you make me cum so much!” RJ understood the broken English and relaxed, now he was ready for a fuck,

The walnut shaped penis head pushed and pushed again harder, the Chico was tight, but finally the head punched through the tight anal ring and slowly with the help of the Cherry flavored lube and finally his black haired ball sac laid up against RJ's smaller sac. He fucked hard and deep, his hair covered belly rolled across the head of the boi cock sending electric feeling into the boys body, RJ also locked his ankles around Jose's midsection.

Both boys rode cocks as they lay next to each other. Danny looked over at RJ an smiled. RJ was pushing back against the plunging cock of Jose. His eyes were squeezed tight, he was cuming, when RJ got into fucking he really got into it. His arms held Jose tightly, he was mouthing words Danny couldn't read.

Aurelio stiffened. Danny realized the Mexican gardener was going to shoot hot cum into his body and that felt almost as good as cuming, which Danny had already done. Danny whispered low into Aurelio's ear. “Cum, cum hard in me Aurelio, fuck me deep, you know I love deep fucking!” The man was breathing in hard, short pants and finally couldn't hold back any longer.

Aurelio grunted and shot hot sperm deep into Danny's sweet young body. Four hard creamy bolts of cum coated Danny's insides. Danny's tongue washed out the inside of the older Mexican's ear as creamy goo coated Danny's tight colon. “Danny you are the best fuck I have ever had, so tight and you love to drain me!”

The Mexican laid atop of the young slut. Ankles had him locked in place, his cock throbbing and depositing all of his juices. He mumbled in short pants. “I know you will be leaving soon, the house has been leased to B.T.W. For what I do not know, but maybe you and your friend can visit the Cantina one last time, my friends ask for you, your friend too would make them so happy?” His cock had shrunk and slipped out.

Danny laid there, cum pooled at the base of his ass cheeks. “Maybe tomorrow we can come and make all of them happy, I know Carlos is going to Boi Lemuria with us, one last gangbang for old times sake, I would like that and RJ needs the experience. OK tomorrow pick us up here at eleven.

Aurelio sat back on his knees, Danny swung around and sucked in the man's shriveling penis and sucked the sperm coating on the length. Danny even licked some off the old man';s ball sac, Danny loved the taste of cum, he had always thought of 20 men lined up and he would go from one to the next sucking them all dry, he giggled again at the thought!

Part 5” One last hurrah's at the Cantina, the off we go!

Thanks to Danny, this is his story, hope I've made you slutty enough, wait until you get to Boi Lemuria with the rest of the Pleasure Boys? Of course thanks to the artists!