By: Max the Cat & Hermes


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Part 4: Gee, I wish I could go to Argos with Denny!

Galen's door bell rang and Anne got up from her chair to answer it. She opened the door and Denny was standing on the porch. "Oh Denny please come in, is your uncle with you?" She opened the door for Denny who entered and answered "No ma'am, he dropped me off. He has some loose ends to take care since I'm going to Greece for six months to study. I wanted to tell Galen and Mark that I was going. I wish they were going with me, see, there are three openings to study and Uncle Lou got one for me -- this is my second, I went to the South Pacific last year, it was so cool! I learned to snorkel and skin-dive." Anne smiled "You're a lucky boy, Denny."

Anne went to the banister for the upstairs and yelled "Galen, Mark Denny is here for you." She turned to Denny telling him they'd be right down. She then added "I really wish Galen had an uncle like yours. I dreamed of being able to study overseas when I was a young girl, if Galen had that opportunity, it would help him in life." Denny brightened up and suggested, "I could ask Uncle Lou, as I told you, there are two more openings." Anne blushed "I couldn't impose, and I don't think Mark's mom would let him go either. You know how tight Galen and Mark are!"

Galen came down the stairs two at a time, Mark walked more slowly. "Hey Denny 'sup dude?" Denny quickly broke the news that he was going to Argos and Galen's grandmother thought it was a good idea that Galen went as well. He also asked Mark if he would like to go, assuming his mom would agree. Mark shrugged, "Sure if she'd agree." He didn't think she'd go along with it. Galen said "Gee if Mark doesn't go then I don't want to either."

Denny took out his cell and punched speed dial for Uncle Lou. He explained that Galen could go, his grandmother actually thought it would be good for him, but there was a fly in the ointment. Mark, wanted to go, but he didn't think his mother would go for it. Anne thought, 'but a chance to study overseas!' Anne was on the phone with Mark's mother telling here what a great deal this was and it wouldn't cost them a dime, the opportunity for the boys to study in the cradle of civilized humanity was a chance in a lifetime.

Anne handed Mark the phone. He said 'Gee mom, if you don't want me to go it's all right." When his mother replied, he couldn't believe what he was hearing! She wanted him to go, but she wanted to meet this Uncle Lou and find out just what the deal was, and why it was free. Denny took the phone from Mark, introduced himself and explained that his Uncle Lou was very rich and would come to the diner where she worked and explain it all. He also told her that he had gone to the South pacific for six months, helped the natives, learned to swim, snorkel and scuba dive. He told her Uncle Lou would call, soon!

Denny picked up his cell and again explained to Uncle Lou, who told him he would call at once. The boys went upstairs to Galen's room and logged on the B.T.W.'s Channel 6969 and went to the area for Vacation facilities, then clicked on Argos. It showed naked young boys in the water and on their backs, legs wide open and an adult male between then probing the boys insides with their erect penises, or a boy on his knees before a Patron, their cock fully engulfed down the boys throat. "Soon we'll be those boys, how kewl!" Denny had the other two totally engrossed. "Oh, but first we spend a few weeks on RenaŠ's farm, you two do remember RenaŠ don't you?"

Uncle Lou was dressed in a suit and tie and drove to Galen's house to talk to Anne. He explained that his company sponsored three boys, twice per year, to study and help the natives learn English. They'd found that the youth having contact with the native youth worked miracles with the indigenous population. It seemed that the boys taught each other and it laid the ground work for further contacts in the business world. Galen's grandmother was quite impressed with the smooth talking Uncle Lou and signed, giving her permission for Galen to go immediately.

Uncle Lou convinced Anne to accompany him to the diner to explain everything to Mark's mother. She quickly showered and dressed, it was the first time she had been out in years. They met Mark's mother and quickly convinced her. the coup-de-gras was when Uncle Lou told them the boys would also be set up with a savings account with their compensation for their work with the indigenous peoples. Plus, the boys would be required to spend six mornings each week in school learning the native language, in addition to two other courses; math and science. Mark's mother signed. Uncle Lou now had three Pleasure Boys in his back pocket, and mused that the boys would be fucking their brains out very soon.

Denny called Galen and Mark as soon as Uncle Lou let him know that the three boys were on their way to Argos together. Galen and Mark sat in Galen's room giggling and laughing. They were on their way to a new adventure and if they were lucky they might even go to Brazil or have six months in B.T.W.'s Popsicle Navy! They rolled on the bed tickling each other and giggling even more!

The time flew by and finally they would catch the B.T.W.747 the next morning, The boys were picked up and driven to Uncle Lou's that evening because they needed to leave at 2:30 am. The boys couldn't sleep. They were driven to the airport by Uncle Lou and placed on the plane. Lou was a little misty with the boys leaving. He now had to round up more boys willing to share their nubile bodies with men willing to pay for their time. He chuckled that finding the men was a breeze.

Galen and Mark sat in the big seats, this was the first time either had been on a plane, let alone on a big trip. The plane would fly to the Azores, refuel, and then land at Orly airport in Paris. There they would be met by RenaŠ and Marcel. They were quickly asleep after take-off. Since they were the only ones on the plane, Denny was the only one roaming around and he headed to the flight cabin to entertain the pilot and co-pilot.

The pilot and co-pilot were busy flying the plane, reading the instruments, and checking the flight plan when they heard "hummm". Both looked to see Denny standing in front of them totally naked and sporting a very erect penis. "Anyone care for a blow job, or a hot fuck?" Both almost jumped out of their skin even though they were pretty used to this, working for BTW and all. "Fuck, kid you almost gave us heart attacks!" The co-pilot answered, but he staring at the boys tongue as it rolled over the boys red lips. "Gee, I'm really sorry, but you can still fuck me if you want, I'm ready and prepped. I used tangerine lube, let's not let it go to waste." Denny said giggling.

The pilot grinned at the co-pilot "Well we do have auto-pilot. And, besides, I'm horny!" The co-pilot nodded and flipped a switch engaging the auto-pilot. Both men slipped their pants off and pulled up and down on their cocks bringing themselves to erection. Denny saw this and said, "Yummy, just so hot!" Denny was quickly on his knees in front of the co-pilot and in his grasp he had the hot throbbing cock. Denny blew on the hot flesh and ran the tip of his red tongue around the skinned back purple head.

The pilot knelt behind the very willing boy, holding his thick fleshy tube and he ran it up and down the boys lubed anal ring, teasing the ready boi-flesh. "Ready son? I am!" Denny couldn't say a thing, his red lips were buried in the Co-pilots curly pubes, this throat was filled with hot throbbing cock, his head was bobbing at light speed, he wasn't about to waste a creamy drink.

The pilot decided to do his diligence in fucking the very willing boi-slut. "Fuck these trips were wonderful, each time meant a hard fucking or sucking by one or more of the boys being ferried to the vacation facilities." The pilot thought.

This trip was no different. The co-pilot asked the sucking teen "What are your buddies doing?" Denny answered "mumph, mumph." The two men chuckled and kept up their hot probe of the teen impaled at both ends.

The pilot grasped Denny's slim white hips, while the co-pilot held the boys head and actually was fucking the boys mouth, the boy wasn't in control anymore, he was being drilled from both ends, and that was alright with him, he love being used. "Mumuph, mumph." Denny was mumbling as both holes were filled and moving to a double blast from two fleshy spouts. He finally gave up and let the two men use him. He grabbed his own cock and began to wank it in earnest, he wanted to cum too!

Denny licked and sucked and could hear both men moaning and mumbling. The two cocks were swelling and getting warmer and Denny could feel the peak rising; and he was ready! He had to laugh thinking about the two sleeping in the back and what he knew they were going to experience once they arrived. First at RenaŠ's and then on Argos and maybe even other places. Denny exploded in his hand, then his head was rocked back with the co-pilot's blast in his sucking mouth which he had to swallow as fast as he could.

His mouth filled and he swallowed and filled again. The pilot was pounding him harder and faster. He felt the swell inside of his body as his colon was filled with the man's hot and creamy juices. Denny loved it and kept up the licking and sucking, his butt kept pushing to the jabs the man was giving him. He loved sex and the pleasure he gave with his young and nubile body.

The jet landed at 2:00 pm, local time, at Orly. The three boys deplaned and saw RenaŠ and Marcel waiting for them. The boys cleared customs and were driven to RenaŠ's estate. "My lovelies, are your ready to start your movie careers?" Mark and Galen smiled "Gee, I guess, when?" Mark asked. "We start shooting in two days. I think tomorrow we go to the nude beach next to my estate, the water and sand are nice to play on. You two like the beach, right?"

Galen smiled broadly, "Mark and I have never been to the beach, isn't that right Mark?" Mark, wide eyed, agreed. "Good, very good, we will have a picnic too I think, then we will film. Also, there will be a meeting, and Marcel will be in-charge of the filming, voila !" The boys giggled. Mark asked what movie's they would be doing and would they get residuals?' RenaŠ laughed out loud. "Yes, my lovelies, you will fill your savings with each video of yours that is sold. I have a kennel filled of your co-stars just waiting to fill your sweet bodies."

Denny and Galen laughed along with RenaŠ. Mark thought 'kennels? That means dogs?' Mark asked "RenaŠ, are we fucking dogs?" RenaŠ looked at him and responded, "Why yes my love, how else can we make the 'Dog and his boy series', it is the best and most profitable series B.T.W. makes, and you make the most money from them, besides they have the biggest and the hottest cocks! You like big and hot cocks, right?" Mark just nodded and said "I guess", but he wasn't sure. Galen was still laughing and grinning along with Denny.

The big limo drove up the long drive to a very big ranch style home with red tile roof. Mark was in awe of the house and all the grape vines that seemed to go for miles. Mark asked, "Do you also make wine RenaŠ?" The man opened the door to his limo, "Why yes my love, I live in Bordeaux, and wine is god here, my sweet boi!" Mark looked over the land and could only shake his brown and gold streaked head of hair.

Marcel met them and he had three men take their bags to their rooms. the boys were fed and told that Pleasure boi's didn't wear any clothing, so please divest themselves of any and all clothes. The three walked out of their rooms totally naked. RenaŠ clapped and laughed out loud, "You are all so pretty! I love the body of a naked boi! You all are hungry, no?" The three naked boi's agreed that they were very hungry. Marcel led the group to the dining area and the boys, Marcel, and RenaŠ sat down to a huge meal.

Mark, Galen and Denny looked at their glasses as wine was poured into them. RenaŠ smiled, "My sweetie's now remember, you are in Europe and we drink wine here, unless you would want something different?" The boi's said 'non', which meant no in French, which caused Marcel laugh along with RenaŠ. The boi's drank, and drank more, soon they were buzzed. RenaŠ and Marcel toasted each other.

The boi's turned in early, they were excited to go to the beach, Mark and Galen especially. They were up early, excited because everything was so new. RenaŠ and Marcel picked up the picnic basket and they all headed to the other side of Rene's property. The beach bordered RenaŠ's place and it was nice to have one's own beach close by.

RenaŠ and Marcel watched as the naked boys headed into the surf. "Please boi's be careful, I hope you can swim!" RenaŠ shouted, but doubted that he was heard. He and Marcel laid out. A few minutes later, he noticed and older man and two boys, as naked as his charges. The two lads ran down to the water line where Mark, Galen and Denny were splashing, giggling and generally having great fun. One boy was about his groups age, but the other was maybe seven or eight.

The man, who seem to be the boy's father, gave RenaŠ and Marcel a half hearted wave as he approached. "I hope my boys aren't bothering you, we're on a vacation. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Dan Jefferson and those scamps are my sons, Tyler, the older one, and Timmy, my youngest." RenaŠ said "Bonjour Monsieur Jefferson, I am RenaŠ Degroot, this is my associate, Marcel Badeau. The boys are my charges, Galen, Mark and Denny. Welcome to Bordeaux and our beach! Daniel began to apologize, "I am so sorry if we are trespassing."

RenaŠ shook his head and said, "Non, non, please feel free to use the beach! You and your sons must join us! Please do, it is so difficult, how you say, to feel like an outsider in a foreign land! Please join our little get together! See, the boys are having so much fun together." RenaŠ patted the blanket. Dan thanked him and sat down. It seemed that the five boys were having the time of their lives.

"Monsieur Jefferson why did you pick our humble land for your vacation?" Marcel inquired. Marcel was told that Dan and the boys were going through a divorce from their mother. Daniel explained that she didn't want the boys and he thought it would be good to get away for awhile. RenaŠ asked what he did for work? Dan was vague since he really didn't know these men, but left it that he worked in the business world. He asked RenaŠ and Marcel their line of work. RenaŠ said he had two jobs, first he ran the family winery and he worked on the side of a Belgian company called B.T.W.

The name was somewhat familiar to Dan, but he just couldn't ran up place it and decided to let it go. Denny ran up to the adult group, "Oh RenaŠ! This is so kewl! The others are having a blast!" The fourteen year old looked at Dan and almost at once his boi-cock began to harden. "Hello sir, I'm Denny and who may I ask are you, sir?" Dan looked at the boy who was now very erect and he also began to get erect. "I'm Dan Jefferson, Tyler's and Timmy's father." Denny sat next to Marcel and whispered in the man's ear, "He's so fucking hot! I'd eat a mile of wire to hear him fart over a cell phone." Marcel looked at him and said "ce que, ce qui" then chuckled.

Dan jumped up "Damn! I have wine, soda, bread, and cheese in my vehicle, I'll go and get it." Denny quickly jumped up and said, "I'll go with you and help you bring it back." Dan said, "You really don't have to." RenaŠ said "Non, non, Denny go with Mr. Jefferson, help him!" Denny grinned. The two walked down the beach toward the car. Seeing his father leaving, Tyler ran to the group and asked, "Where is my dad going?" RenaŠ answered, "Lovely one, he went to the car to get his food so you can all join us, Denny will help him." Tyler seemed to relax.

Dan and Denny walked slowly down the beach. "Do you go to school Denny?" Dan asked. "Well, I do in the morning, but I am really a Pleasure boy for B.T.W. We service the needs of our clients. Galen, Mark, and I, are going to Argos." Dan looked at him a little funny "needs?" Denny grinned and ran a hand over the man's penis, he grasped it and smiled. "You've heard of Boi Toi's World Wide, Inc. haven't you?" Dan was startled. But that didn't stop his penis from throbbing in the boys warm hand. It responded as he hardened quickly.

They walked close to the car, his cock still in Denny's hand, and Denny was wanking him slowly. Denny was certain they could not be seen and he went to his knees and ran a tongue tip over the hard purple head. Dan was a little nervous and said, "Gee Denny, aren't you afraid we'll be seen?" Even though, he didn't try to pull away as Denny sucked in over half of the hard throbbing cock. He heard Dan moan as he leaned against the car, he was very horny!

Denny's mouth released the cock from his mouth, but not his hand and began to suck on the skin encased ball sac. He sucked and licked the balls and worked down to the nether area between the balls and asshole. Dan looked around, saw no one and closed his eyes as he relished the feelings the boys was giving him. "Fuck Denny where did you learn this?" Dan said. The boy snickered and ran his tongue up the stiff underside of his very hard cock causing Dan to shiver.

Denny, still latched on to the cock said, "Open the back so we can lay down and fuck! You want to fuck me, that I know." Dan quickly opened the hatch back and Denny pushed him onto his back, his purple capped cock standing up in Denny's hand. Denny formed a good quantity of slippery saliva in his mouth and let the glop cover the man's cock. Denny then climbed up and straddled Dan's midsection. Holding the man's cock at his anus, he slowly moved down until the head kissed his ring, then he pushed down and felt the hard tube sink into him. He bent over and kissed Dan, his tongue searching the man's oral cavity.

Tyler began to worry some and began to walk toward the car. Galen and Mark joined him while Timmy sat down next to RenaŠ who had his straw hat over his eyes. Timmy looked at the man's penis and the covering over the cap and wondered, 'does his thing have a head like mine?' Timmy looked at his red tiped penis and back at RenaŠ's. Timmy had been broken in and was sampling the fathers cock, not to mention Tyler's, Joe's, and the other guys in the club, but here was a stranger's and he was curious.

Timmy poked RenaŠ's hip, "Mr. RenaŠ what happened to head of your thing?" RenaŠ was dozing and was a bit lost at just what the little boy was talking about? "What Timmy, what are you talking about?" The seven year old pointed at his foreskin covered penis and said, "Did it get shot of in a war, it's head, I mean?" RenaŠ and Marcel were laughing out loud at the youngsters questions.

RenaŠ skinned back the foreskin and exposed the penis head. "I am not, how do you say, circumcised!" Timmy looked at him funny "circum...what?" RenaŠ and Marcel laughed again. "Little one they removed yours when you were very young, in my country they don't do it, understand?" Timmy shrugged "I never felt it, at least I don't remember, but I wish i had a shirt for mine, it would be warmer." He then picked out a bunch of grapes and ate them.

Tyler, Galen, and Mark walked up to the car and looked in. Denny was riding Dan's hard cock and moaning "Oooohhhh fu-u-c-c-k me harder Dan! You have such a beautiful cock!" Tyler looked wide eyed and turned to Mark and Galen, then ran back to where his little brother was sitting. "What is wrong Tyler, what is wrong?" RenaŠ asked as he saw the boy's tear streaked face as the boy collapsed in his arms "He's fucking Denny! He should only fuck me and Timmy! He's our dad!" RenaŠ petted the boy and kissed the boys cheek.

Mark and Galen ran up panting for breath. "Dude! What's wrong?" Mark asked since he wasn't sure why the boy was crying. RenaŠ put his finger to his lips "s-h-h-h-h-i-s-h, Mark he is how you say jealous, I think. I think the father has been having sex with him and his brother and they believed they should be the only ones. He will come around, I will talk to him, but I think we have a pleasure boy in the making! Have some grapes."

Back in the car the two unsuspecting sexual partners kept up their fucking. Dan was into the sensual atmosphere and pushing up as Denny pushed down. Dan thought, 'If only my wife had been this responsive in the sack!' Denny bent forward and whispered in the man's ear, "Do you want to cum in my boi-hole or in my mouth, you can have anything you desire Dan, I love pleasing you!"

Dan didn't say a word, he could feel his cum building up inside and he wanted to shoot far and deep. He grabbed the boys ass cheeks and held him tight. Denny knew the man was going to cum and wanted to deposit his sperm deep inside him. He clamped down tight with his muscles as he tried to milk the man dry.

Denny cooed to Dan, "You're getting bigger... I can feel it... You're getting So big! You're ready to cum, please let me have your cum." The boy clamped down hard and latched on to a rubbery brown nipple with his teeth and sucked and bit the tip. Dan exploded deep inside of Denny, and the boy began to use his inner muscles on the man's fleshy stalk. Dan just let his creamy sauce go and Denny took every drop and kept sucking the man's hard nipple.

Dan and Denny returned to the group and he saw Tyler in distress. Tyler saw the inside of Denny's thin white legs streaked with cum, and Tyler even got madder and held on to RenaŠ even tighter. RenaŠ put up a hand and whispered, "My friend he saw you and Denny in how should i say, a compromising position, and I believe he is hurt. He and I will talk and I think I can smooth out this little escapade.

The rest of the boys played in the water and RenaŠ asked Dan where he was staying. "Were at the MaŠtropole." Dan answered. RenaŠ smiled "Nice, but not good enough I think. You should come and stay with us! I have so much room and not enough guests, please do me the honor of being my guest! Tell the boys I have two new litters of puppies! A boy cannot resist puppies to play with, please Dan."

He asked Tyler and Timmy, Tyler ignored him, but when Timmy heard puppies he said, "If Tyler doesn't want to stay and play with the puppies let him stay in the hotel by himself! By the way they're not poodles or anything like that are they?" RenaŠ laughed "Non little one they are big dogs, Chocolate Labrador Retrievers, very big, but very gentle, right Denny?" Denny chuckled, he had made the video, "A Dog and His Boi # 39", a very big seller for B.T.W.

RenaŠ took the group to his place, Daniel and Denny drove there, it took the two over an hour to show up and Denny had creamy white streaks, this time, on his naked chest. Tyler saw this and was even madder, but didn't say anything, he was forming a plan of his own and it included RenaŠ and maybe even Marcel. Tyler figured he'd get even with his Dad! RenaŠ showed them to their rooms, one for each boy and one for Daniel and Timmy. Timmy only had puppies on his mind. RenaŠ told Tyler and Timmy that as a rule in his house, all boys were to be naked at all times, neither seemed to mind and Tyler became Rene's shadow.

Rene's cooking staff had dinner ready at six and then cleaned up while RenaŠ, Marcel and Daniel sipped Cognac from large snifters. The boys played with the Wii and then RenaŠ showed them a movie called "Despicable Me". The boys quickly went to their rooms after the movie while the adults talked. RenaŠ wanted to know Daniel's plans after his divorce. "I know you are like us, a Boi Lover and I think it could be put to good use." Daniel smiled, "If I didn't know better, I'd think you offering me a job." RenaŠ smiled at Marcel, who smiled back "Oui!" RenaŠ explained to Dan exactly what he'd planned for Dan to do for B.T.W.

"It has been a long day, we should turn in." RenaŠ said. Daniel said it was a good idea, plus he had a lot of thinking to do. He was also thinking that there was Joe, his lover back home, he didn't want to leave him out of the loop. Maybe he could join him in Argos, he would need help controlling 50 nubile boys hell bent on fucking and sucking everything that moved. He'd have a whole division to run and that would be a challenge. He figured he could turn Tyler into a Pleasure boy and let him have a ball, hell the kid might organize some type of a union, again like he did the club, he chuckled.

RenaŠ lay in his big four poster bed, a B.T.W. movie on the 65 inch LED screen, it was a movie of a Pleasure Boi playing the role of a paper boy collecting for the delivery, a very popular plot, the boi would end up doing two men. He also had papers to go through for tomorrow's meeting with H. Montague Anders, the Chairman, and the lawyers from BTW . He heard a small squeak and his door opened. There stood a very naked Tyler sporting an erection and sneaking into the bedroom. "Little one, you can't sleep?" RenaŠ inquired.

Tyler placed his hands behind his back and slowly walked up to RenaŠ's bedside. "My bedroom is so big and I got lonely." Trying to put on a seductive look, he put the tip of a forefinger in-between his lips and gave a pout. RenaŠ pulled back the covers and Tyler climbed in beside RenaŠ and looked at the screen. "Wow! He's getting it from both ends, that's hot!" Tyler exclaimed. RenaŠ chuckled. "Soon, if everything goes well, you'll be doing the same thing and fattening your savings account."

RenaŠ felt a small hand take hold of his cock, never one to pass up a tryst with a cute and sexy young boi, RenaŠ let the boi play with the organ and let it get hard. He slipped a hand and cupped a butt cheek and let his finger circle the boi's tight ring, then pushed in to the first of his knuckles. "Oooohhhh that feels so nice RenaŠ, can I suck you? PLEASE!" RenaŠ threw back the covers and gave Tyler open access to his cock.

The boi looked up after looking at RenaŠ's penis,"Its covered?" RenaŠ chuckled, since Timmy was also intrigued at the foreskin that covered the corona. "Skin it back and look Tyler." RenaŠ urged. Tyler licked his red lips and gently pushed back the foreskin and exposed the purple corona. "Gee RenaŠ it has a hood like a Cobra has!" The boi said wide eyed. RenaŠ chuckled. "Tyler suck it good and like the Cobra it spits out a copious essence, only it's juice won't hurt you." Tyler opened and sucked in the head and cleaned it of precum.

Tyler took it to the root and swallowed the cock, his red lips peeking out from the mass of black curls. RenaŠ ran his hands through Tyler's brown hair and closed his eyes, this lad was a well trained cocksucker, and he took his craft seriously. His tongue rolled over the flesh while he bathed RenaŠ's penis in copious amounts of warm slick saliva. "Ah, the Patrons of Argos are in for a treat, mon petit choux!" He watched the brown haired head bob up and down.

Tyler looked up with a smile and flashed his hazel eyes. "You have lovely eyes, my little cock sucker, suck some more, you are very good, ChaŠraŠ!" Tyler held the throbbing organ so the underside was shown and ran the tip of his tongue up and down, then found the crinkled ball sac and sucked in the right and then the left, he flashed his hazel eyes again and snake licked the nether area.

"Ooohhh merci mere, where did you learn that area was THE area?" RenaŠ moaned. Tyler giggled and began to lick around the man's anus. RenaŠ jumped and heard another giggle, then Tyler dug in with the tip of his red tongue. RenaŠ groaned and decided he just had to fuck this one, the boy was the consummate oralist. He was certain then that the men on Argos will be in for a treat.

RenaŠ pulled the boy up and slipped a small pillow that he used when he had a boy in his bed and set the boys legs splayed as wide as he could. He reached for a tube of lube. "Strawberry." He told Tyler. He paused and looked into the hazel eyes again, then smeared the lube over his cock and some on Tyler's anal ring. "Ready chaŠraŠ? Ready for my cock?" Tyler winked at RenaŠ and nodded up and down!

RenaŠ placed the penis at the boys small tight ring and pushed in hard, at first the ring slightly resisted his thrust, but RenaŠ pushed in harder and the corona popped in and slid down into the depths of the lad's tight colon. "Oooohhhh RenaŠ you have a real big one and it's so warm and it throbs like it is beating to your heart." RenaŠ grinned, as he worked in and out of the boi-hole. Tyler used his muscles like he had been fucking for a lifetime, it excited RenaŠ. 'Youth', he thought, the ones that fuck make me feel like the king of the world.

Tyler locked his ankles behind RenaŠ and held on for dear life. The man-cock found Tyler's special spot and seemed to drive him crazy, as RenaŠ pushed in, Tyler pushed back. Tyler moaned when RenaŠ took hold of his boi-cock and rolled his thumb over the red penis head. "Oooohhhh RenaŠ, ooohhh RenaŠ!" That was all Tyler could say, his penis throbbed and he could feel his sperm moving in leaps and bounds to be released from his sensitive fleshy tube.

RenaŠ could fell his cum bubbling inside his body, he was almost there. Tyler's boi-cock swelled in his hand and began to coat the digits in his hot boi-honey. This was all RenaŠ needed, his penis swelled inside of Tyler and erupted deep inside of the boy. Hot bolts of his sperm leaped out of his piss slit. "Fuck RenaŠ! You're cumming in gallons! I feel it leaking down my butt crack!" Tyler was pushing back as hard as RenaŠ was pumping into his preteen body!

The two slept like babe's in a crib. In the morning they had to shower, both were caked with the remnants of the sexual tryst they had been through the night before.

At eleven they saw the big Mercedes roll up. The driver got out and opened the two back doors so H. Montague Anders and a Lawyer Dudley F. Grossman III, who's Law Firm's only client was B.T.W. Grossman also spent his vacation time touring the B.T.W. facilities, (one must know how each one works, he was heard to say). They entered RenaŠ's home and were introduced to Daniel. As they went into RenaŠ's office Dudley whispered to Rene, "Who is he, and why is he here?" RenaŠ explained and took him to the deck were Timmy was playing with some puppies "That is his and he has and older one and he fucks them. He's one of us and I can use him."

Dudley told H. Montague Anders what RenaŠ had told him, who whispered back, "I trust RenaŠ, He had always made the best of decisions, lets us proceed"

"Gentlemen B.T.W. is expanding, we are making money hand over foot and there is more to be made, we have a great product and we have found another group, smaller than B.T.W., but they have a good product also. We have tendered an offer of $27.00 per share to absorb them into the B.T.W. Family. They are worth $25.00 per share, but this our chance to expand into Florida, Hawaii and Australia, as you know we are already setting up operations in Bavaria to catch the winter crowd, skiing and a war boy in the skiers bed go hand in hand. there was a bit of laughter."

"We have received and answer from Driscoll Properties, the owners of Hotel Boi in Hawaii and they like our idea here it is:

To: Mssr. H. Montague Anders, esq., Chairman of B.T.W.

Fm: Eddie Driscoll, Chairman, Driscoll/Jefferies Properties, Inc (owners: Hotel Boi, Hawaii)


We have been informed of your organization through one of our customers from Los Angeles. Richard Marcus. He has told us that there may be interest on your part to the possibility of merger. I would like to extend an invitation for a contingent of your choosing to come and spend a few days looking over our operation in prelude to negotiations.

Please notify us at your earliest convenience the name of the individuals attending. Also, first names of their "boys" for credentials to be prepared. Also, we will need the location of our private jet to pick up and bring your people here.

All of us in the management team of Driscoll/Jefferies Properties look forward to our mutual discussions and hopefully positive result.


Eddie Driscoll-CEO and Allen Jefferies-COO

RenaŠ looked it over. "This looks positive, Sir." Dudley Grossman took over. "We have sent this to Driscoll and Jefferies:"

Sir: We have sent our Law team to your Accounting team to look over your books and have found all in order. Your worth, according to our calculations, is $25.00 per share, we hereby tender an offer of $27.00 per share and the following positions for you and your staff. Mr. Driscoll will take charge of our Pacific Division (Hawaii, Palmyra Island, New Zealand operations and our new Australian Operations), Mr. Jefferies, our North American Operations. We feel that you are most able to take care of these: they include Montana Facility, New York facility, one in Las Vegas, and our new Orlando operation next to Disneyworld which we will complete from your plans. We will include in each the cruise liner operations. Salaries will be commensurate to your experience and we are certain you will not be disappointed.

Mr. Dudley Grossman, Mr. RenaŠ Degroot and Mr. Daniel Jefferson, his two sons Tyler and Timothy will be our envoys to look over your operation first hand.


H. Montague Anders Esq, Chairman B.T.W.

As the meeting continued. Mark, Galen, Denny, and Tyler were bowling on the Wii and Timmy was in the backyard with the puppies. Marcel was on a chase lounge dozing. Timmy was, of course, naked. He saw an aerosol can on the table. He thought it was Sun Tan spray. He read it: 'Bitch In Heat.' "Gee that's a funny name for sun tan spray." He read the instructions "Spray the anus of the boi evenly." Timmy shrugged and put the nozzle in the crack of his butt cheeks and sprayed.

Kato, a big male stud Chocolate Lab, was lying in the sun. Marcel had given him a bath so he would be ready to use with Mark in the morning. He had to bathe Crusader for Galen, and "The Kaiser" for Denny. They had three video's to shoot the next day for the "Dog and His Boi" series. Kato's nose was sniffing the air and his big canine cock was growing, he had caught the scent.

Timmy had got on his hands and knees to pet a puppy and Kato, unbeknownst to Timmy, was circling him. The circle was getting smaller and smaller until he was behind Timmy and used his big red tongue to run up and down the boys ass. Timmy giggled, it felt good and he turned and smiled. He saw a very large male Chocolate Labrador Retriever behind him with a very large red penis sticking straight at him. "Wow Kato, you have a real big one, who's it for?"

Kato mounted Timmy and clamped his forepaws around the boys midsection and to Timmy's surprise the big red penis was for him. It hit his tiny boi-hole at light speed and entered him with nine hard inches. He yelled for Marcel. "Marcel Kato is fucking me! Marcel he's real big!" Marcel awoke from his nap to see Kato's big red knot lock Timmy tightly and the big Lab begin to fuck the boy in earnest.

Marcel saw the boy was knotted and ran in the house. "RenaŠ! RenaŠ! Where is the video camera, where is the fucking camera!" RenaŠ ran from the meeting. "What is happening Marcel? What is happening?" Marcel grabbed the video camera and took off toward the patio, RenaŠ followed him and Daniel was hot on their heels.

Marcel began to video tape the boy and Kato fucking. To all's shock Timmy was moaning "Fuck me harder Kato! Gee you have the most wonderful cock I have ever felt in me! You keep shooting something in me! Keep it up, I just love it!" RenaŠ and Daniel stood off to the side open mouthed. They could not believe the seven year old was having the time of his young life. He was actually loving the big red canine cock as it drove into him!

"Oooohhhh Kato it's so hot and I am as hard as I have ever been in my life! I think I'm going to cum! I've never shot off before!" His little red capped penis was sticking straight out under his tight little tummy. Daniel nudged RenaŠ, "He won't be hurt will he?" RenaŠ smiled "No my friend, he won't, but I sure think he's having the time of his young life and just wait until Kato shoot's his cum, Timmy will blow his mind when the cum hits his insides! This movie just might send your tyke to the college of his choice! Just watch!"

Kato's red tongue hung out of his mouth to the right. His big brown hips were humping away hard and his red penis was locked in tight and now a white ring had formed around the back of the big red nut. Timmy was mumbling to himself, but it was out loud "Fuck me! Oh fuck me harder! Daddy I want my own dog! Please!! Ask RenaŠ if I can have one, ple-e-e-e-e-s-s-s-e!"

Now Ander's had joined the group, he had to adjust himself, as the rest had. The group was chuckling at Timmy's comment. RenaŠ nudged Daniel. "I have a couple you can choose from and they all are hung, but Kato is not on the list! Kato began to swell inside of Timmy, the canine wined, he knew he was about to cum and began to hump the boy harder.

"Daddy I think he cumming in me! I thought he was before, but he's so big now and I feel so full! There is so many blasts in me, I just love this!" Timmy's tummy was puffed out, sperm was leaking down the inside of his thin white legs. Marcel yelled out, "RenaŠ, grab Kato before he drags the boy all over the place." RenaŠ didn't have to be asked twice. He ran out and grabbed Kato's collar, he had reversed position and the boy and dog faced in the opposite direction.

Just then Tyler, Mark, Galen, and Denny entered the show. Mark giggled "Hey that's Kato I was supposed to be done by him, does that mean I go to the back of the line?" Marcel heard him. "Not to worry Mark I will get Rocket Man ready and you're still first on the list." Mark shrugged.

Timmy was still tied to Kato, it took twenty minutes for Kato's knot to shrink. Finally a big "plop" echoed through the yard and Kato broke away and found a tree to lie under and lick his penis. A flood of creamy white shot out of Timmy, the back of his thin white kegs looked like a creamy gloss in the sun light. Timmy flattened out and looked up at his dad, "I really want a dog of my own, but I have a question, am I going to have puppies?" Everyone broke out laughing.

RenaŠ left Marcel in charge instructing the boys to help Marcel out. Daniel picked up Timmy and took him to the bathroom and give him a bath, then let the boy lie down and sleep. He rejoined the meeting. Anders slipped a piece of paper to Daniel, he picked it up and it had a figure on it, with a per annum next to it. Daniel almost fainted. He looked at Anders with a smile and mouthed, "Yes, YES!"

The meeting broke up at six and RenaŠ's staff laid out a spread for dinner. Lamb kabobs, rice pilaf, salad and RenaŠ served for desert, "Banana-Cocks" (frozen chocolate dipped bananas, sprinkled with chopped almonds, at the base sat two balls of chocolate frozen yogurt), the Popsicle Navy also had its own frozen confection's "Lollicocks" in assorted fruit flavors, and also chocolate fudge. That's is how they got their name of the Popsicle Navy. The boys were really impressed.

RenaŠ put up Anders and Grossman due to the late evening, though they had to leave early. Anders suggested that Daniel accompany RenaŠ to Argos when Mark and Galen were taken to the facility. "I believe it would be a good idea for you to see the operation. Mrs. Griggs, the current director wants to retire. She has her triplet grandsons on the island as Pleasure boi's." Grossman mumbled something. "Speak up Dudley!" Anders said with a grin. "I was saying it was the triplets that almost cost us a cruise liner, that was all."

Daniel asked "How was that?" Grossman said further, "The three imps went into the wheel house and serviced the pilot, first officer, and the captain, and I believe it was Tyler, her Tyler, not yours, that was trying to do "U-ies" in the channel when the Coast Guard stopped them, we had to fire the crew and get others, very embarrassing." The group all chuckled.

Everyone turned in. RenaŠ cornered Mark and Galen. Boys it's time to become Pleasure Boys, Mark you are Mr. Anders bedmate tonight and Galen you crawl in with Mr. Grossman. Now, used the red bag and shower, oh, make sure you lube." The two did as instructed. Mark inserted Strawberry and Galen Cherry. They laughed, then Mark jabbed Galen, "Let's go fuck their brains out!" Each entered a bedroom.

"Good evening Mr. Anders, can I help you relax?" Mark said, sweetly. The chairman smiled, put down his book and pulled back the covers and patted the sheets. Mark slipped his pajama clad body on the bed. He had put on Spiderman pajamas. RenaŠ said that Mr. Anders liked to peel them off a boy before he fucked them. Mark gave the man a big smile, "I'm ready for you to do anything you want, sir."

Galen only wore his Sponge Bob Square Pants tee shirt, his penis sticking straight out, the red head seemed to wink at the man. Grossman licked his lips and pulled back the covers, he was naked and pulled on his cock, a bead of precum seeped up to the top. Galen got on the bed, his head bent down, he opened his mouth wide and sunk down to the man's pubes, he clamped down around the root. His saliva coated the cock as his head moved up and down. Grossman groaned as the boy sucked in earnest.

Mark helped Anders undress and then pushed the older man on to his back. He sucked in a nipple and licked the tip with his tongue. Mark moved to the other and repeated the act. Anders closed his eyes and let Mark take over, he did. He moved down and laid his head on the man's belly and looked the cock over, the ran the tongue tip around the corona. He wanked it back and forth and suck the head in, his tongue polishing the purple crown.

Galen found a set of scented oils, he picked out Sandalwood and shook some into the palm of his left hand, he rubbed his hands together to cover both palms and said, "Mr. Grossman please roll over on your tummy." Grossman rolled quickly and Galen straddled him and began to rub the man's shoulders. For a youngster he had much power on his hands and arms. Down the small of the back. Galen scooted down and worked each ass cheek. He planted a wet kiss on each and then split them wise and ran a wet tongue down and over the man's anus.

With his brown/golden highlighted head on Anders belly and the hard penis in his hand Mark swallowed the stalk. He bobbed up and down on the hot throbbing flesh. "Ooohhh Mark you are a wonder, you suck like you've doing this all your life." Mark spit out the saliva coated cock. "Not that long, sir," then resumed sucking and licking the tube set in the gray speckled bush. Mark pushed the cock on the man's belly and began a trek down the underside with the rough of his red tongue. Anders shook and Mark found the ball sac and began the wash each one in his wet, warm mouth.

Galen kept licking the asshole up and down. He nibbled the sensitive flesh, then dug his tongue into the ring and wiggled. Grossman broke out in a sweat, he had used some of the boys before, but that was just fucking and sucking, this kid was truly into 'Pleasing' his Patrons, he was gold in his actions. Galen moved the back of the man's legs and worked down to the man's feet. He pulled up the left foot and began to lick up and down between each toe, Grossman was loving this action Galen was applying to his body.

Mark was highly oral. He sloshed each testicle in a sea of slippery saliva, then nibbled on the nether area, which made Anders squirm from side to side. Mark now worked his way up to the crotch and holding Anders sex by the root. "Open your eyes Mr. Anders." Mark cooed. Anders opened his brown eyes just in time to see his rampant cock slide into Mark's nubile body. Mark was riding the throbbing cock like a bucking bronco. Up and down the preteen rode the cock, Anders was in heaven, he always like young boys, and now he was reaping the fruits of his labors.

Galen sucked each toe. Both feet got the oral treatment. "Mr. Grossman please turn over, I am going for the goodies. Grossman flipped on his back, his seven inches of throbbing flesh stood so straight a flag could have flown from it. Galen slid up slowly making guppy movements with his lips, Grossman could only look and wait for Galen to catch his cock and work him over. Galen finally made it and took the prick in his hand and bent forward and placed his red lips on the purple head and ran a tongue around and around, Grossman was going mad.

Mark rode the cock, and moaned "Y-e-e-e H-a! Ride em' cowboy!" As horny as Anders was he had to chuckle, Mark loved what he was doing, and Anders loved what Mark was doing to him. Mark now bent forward and his mouth latched onto the right rubbery nipple, he sucked and then bit it. Mark moved to the right and did the same, then he straightened up and clamped down with his inner muscles and milked the cock. Uncle Lou taught his Pleasure boys well. Mark ground down and his muscles clamped down, Anders could feel his sperm begin to boil, he wanted to cum.

Galen held the man's penis in his hand, his thumb rolled over the purple head. "Should I suck you off, beat you off or fuck you off, sir?" Grossman just shrugged "You pick it, just make me cum, please!" Galen smiled and placed the cock at his ass lips and rubbed the cock over them, then holding it straight he pushed down and took it to the hilt. He'd decided to fuck him off. The men loved to cum inside of him. Up and down he felt the hard flesh enter his body, he would get to feel the blast of the man's sperm in his bowels.

Anders couldn't hold back anymore, his semen was on a roll and heading to the tip of his cock. "Mark I'm almost there, I'm gonna cum." Mark grinned and clamped down hard and made it so tight that Anders felt the sperm explode out the piss slit and fill Mark's colon with his hot sauce. Mark looked into Anders eyes "Fuck me hard! You can fuck me harder! I know you can!" Anders couldn't, he closed his eyes and relished the way Mark had handled his body.

Galen worked Grossman's cock, he massaged it with his inner muscles. This was not only a great meeting, but this kid was working him over in the good way. Grossman was throbbing, the cock head was tingling and cum was boiling. Grossman fucked up and Galen pushed down. Grossman moaned "I'm cumming I'm cumming." Galen jumped off the cock and sunk it between his lips and sucked hard. The cock erupted and quickly filled Galen's warm mouth with hot sperm, he swallowed quickly and had to swallow three more time. He cleaned out the man's pipes and sat back and licked his lips clean.

The next day Mark and Galen were skewered by ten inches of hot red canine cock, as the each made their own "A Dog and His Boi" videos. They rested and RenaŠ and Daniel flew them to Athens. The Argos launch was there to meet them. It was a forty minute ride on the deep blue Aegean. Ten minutes from landing at Argos, Mark and Galen stripped as RenaŠ told them to do, Pleasure bois uniform was nudity.

Mary Griggs met them at the dock. RenaŠ introduced her to Daniel. "Ma this is Mr. Daniel Jefferson, he will be the new Southern European B.T.W. Director, I know you can't wait to retire, and it will be soon. He is here to look over the operation." RenaŠ told her. Ma was in her mid-seventies and just wanted to sit in a rocker. Her triplet grandsons would also be going to the new Orlando facility. She would live in Orlando since she wanted to be close, but not there. They were fun, but a handful!

RenaŠ let Mary take Galen and Mark to the office. They were given necklaces with their number on it. Mark got 18 and Galen 19. They also got gold matching anklets with the same number on them. She used the phone and called a boy named Robbie to show the two boys around and to their rooms. Robbie was thirteen and served as a Pleasure Boy and her assistant, he didn't have one. Daniel looked at RenaŠ. "I'm gonna need some help, I need and assistant to help me, there are fifty boys here." RenaŠ thought for a minute "Do you have someone you can trust?" Daniel immediately thought of Joe, he was older, but great with the boys in more ways than one. "RenaŠ, I know just the man, his name is Joe, my lover back home." RenaŠ said "Get me all the info on him and I will give it to Mr. Anders, he won't say no, he wants it all to run smoothly!

Part 5: Expansion!

Thanks to Cutterman, of course. The artists, for my inspiration! And to Hermes, I thank the gods you sent me that email, B.T.W will be Look for Part 12 of world wide, with all your help!

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