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Part 5: Expansion!

Galen and Mark spent the first couple of days getting ready to take their place in the group of fifty Pleasure boi's. They got squared away in their individual rooms, which were set into a mountain. Each was whitewashed and glistened in the warm Mediterranean sun. The hardest problem a new boi had to deal with was jet lag, (that, and an almost perpetually hard dick), but Galen and Mark adjusted quickly. They were also surprised that they had school from nine to twelve Monday thru Saturday. Galen, not the best of students moaned to Mark, "Hell back home we get Saturday off!" Mark grinned, "Dummy, they didn't pay you to go to school back home. Hey, let's check out the beach!"

They walked down to the beach which seemed to go on forever, a funny thought, since they were on an island. Beach umbrellas spotted the pristine white beaches. Both boi's dove into the blue/green Aegean, which was surprisingly warm. The boi's splashed and horsed around. A little while later, as they walked out of the water, they were met by four Patrons who split in two's, each pair taking a boy to separate umbrellas. Under the umbrellas were large white B.T.W. embossed beach blankets and large pillows for comfort.

The four Patrons were vacationing Germans and spoke very little English, but that didn't stop their hands and mouths from being all over the bois. Four erect cocks were also a direct giveaway. Galen and Mark each went to work as though they had been on Argos for an eternity. Galen had a hard cock in each hand, his thumbs were rolling over the two vermillion coronas. Mark was on his knees, his red tongue was rolling from one cock the other and back again, his hands wanked each to produce precum on each tip, which he licked clean and wanked some more.

Galen pushed one Patron onto his back and bent over the man's cock, sucking and licking while the other had his own cock in his hand and was bobbing it up and down along Galen's anal crease. Galen turned to the Patron and whispered "fickin mir!" He had read it in a book. The Patron smiled at Galen's use of his native lanugage and placed the reddish/purple head against his ring and pushed in hard. "Oooohhhh ficken mir gut!" Galen moaned in German (meaning, Fuck Me Good!).

Mark pushed his own German Patron onto the blanket onto his back and jacked him up and down until he was very hard. Mark bent over planted a very wet kiss on the vermillion head and swung his hips around and sat down hard. He felt the hard staff run up into his body, deeper until he sat on the dark blond pubes. With his forefinger he motioned the other Patron to him and grabbed the hard cock. "Yummy!" Mark smiled and ran his tongue around and around the head. The German moaned and watched as his hard flesh disappeared into Mark's mouth, then down his throat until his red lips were covered by the light brown pubic hair. The Patron closed his eyes and went into a dreamy world reachable only through ecstasy.

From their orientation, Mark and Galen learned that each Pleasure boy was always pre-lubed and ready for action at any time. Now they knew what that meant. When his patron's switched positions, Galen was reamed hard and deep, while he licked and sucked to pleasure the other. As the cock pushed into his body, Galen clamped down and ground down hard. Meanwhile his tongue waxed the others ball sac. Both Patrons were building and building to a creamy eruption.

Mark took the cock from his mouth, the other man had hold of his hips and pushed up as Mark pushed back. He examined the cock in his hand, raised it up and began to lick the underside like a sucker. He felt the man shiver and shake as Mark shivered and licked the ball sac. Grinning to himself he sucked in one and gave it a bath in his warm saliva, the he washed the other. The Patron was doing all he could to keep from cumming but Mark had other things on his preteen mind and ran the rough of his tongue until he came to the upside down "v" below the cap. The man grabbed his head for stability.

On all fours Galen felt the hard pounding he was getting, his hips were held hard and his throat was like a warm wet sleeve to the other, and both were almost there. The one behind kept repeating "ficken, ficken, ficken." He tensed up and he fired off like a sub machine gun. Bam, bam, bam the sperm filled the boys insides up and the overflow leaked out between the ring and the hard fleshy stalk. The other held Galen's cheeks and filled the boi's mouth up with his gooey sperm, Galen swallowed as fast as he could, the corner's of his lips had creamy trickles rolling down his cleft chin.

The man Mark was riding came first so hard that his blast moved mark up. he kept his blasting up for four hot shots into the depths of Marks slim body. Mark loved the tickle he got form the way the German came. The other seemed to get light headed and Mark's pink cheeks puffed out as semen filled his mouth. He swallowed fast only to have his pink cheeks puff out again and again. When the German finished and Mark licked him clean the man yelled "wunderbare!"

Galen and Mark returned to the beautiful blue water and swam as the sperm leaked out and floated away on the tide. They then headed back to the compound. They were hungry. They passed Mrs. Griggs or, as they were introduced to her, Ma Griggs, and Daniel, the new Director. She was giving him a tour, and he was obviously having a hard time listening to her as all the naked boys walked by or were found being fucked by the Patrons. As she talked Daniel thought, "Joe will go nuts here all this boi-pussy, especially since it's ready and willing to please!"

Mark and Galen walked through the hall and ran into Luc and Marc from the party. "I thought you two went to Brazil?" Mark said. Luc and Marc looked wide eyed over their freckles and pug noses, "Mark, Galen it is you! We got changed to Argos since the triplets left for Orlando. We here that a boi named Tyler will fill spot three. Sup? You checking the duty roster? We are in hall 2 at two another 'King of the Round Table' game, how about you guys?" They looked at the roster. Mark said, "Well Galen, we have to be in the same hall, but at five for the 'Musical Boi's' game." The four went to the dining room for brunch and to catch up on gossip.

Eddie Driscoll boarded the B.T.W. 747 along with Andy to check his new assignment and the figure out how he was going to invest all the money he had just made in the acquisition of his share of Driscoll/Jefferies. Not to mention that the new job would be a big challenge. He had to check out Palmyra island, New Zealand and how the Australian gig was progressing. He had been slipped a DVD of Daniel's youngest son's escapade with a Chocolate lab. He was told not to watch it until they were over the Pacific. In the states any boi under ten was frowned upon, but the rest of the world really didn't care about age.

Andy steeled in and found quite a selection of video games to play on the provided Wii built into the back of the seat ahead of him. "Eddie, this is so kewl! These planes are equipped with everything! Well, almost everything." Andy quipped. They would fly all the way to Tahiti and then catch the B.T.W. Lear jet to Palmyra Island. This 747 had equipment and supplies for the Australian set up and would go there after Eddie and Andy deplaned.

Andy asked Eddie, "Do I get to go around naked like the Pleasure boi's?" Eddie grinned, "You can try your hand at it if you like." Now that they were safely out of US Airspace, he slipped the DVD into the player in the back of the seat ahead and sat down to watch the hottest thing in the European Channel 6969 set up. They had placed it in their amateur section, and the seven-year-old was making money hand over fist in residuals. He had to be outfitted with a special B.T.W. savings account since he wasn't officially a Pleasure Boi. The action started right away and he and Andy watched open mouthed as Kato bred the seven year old, who could be heard asking for more. Andy had a thought cross his mind, wondering what it felt like and considering the possibility of making his own.

The flight to Tahiti was fourteen long hours. They watched movies and played video games. The co-pilot also served as steward and served sandwiches, chips, and soda. Eddie got some ice cold Fosters. Eddie dozed and didn't feel his zipper being pulled down by a bored Andy. The boy was happy to find no underwear. Just a half hard penis staring at him. "Should I jack it or suck it?" He pondered his dilemma. Eddie had woken and mumbled to the staring boy, "Hey Andy, a blow job would really break the monotony!"

A snake like red tongue snuck out and around the purple head. A quick bead of precum appeared from the slit and Andy, holding the hard root, licked it quickly, then sucked in almost the entire length of man flesh. He suckled the cock like a newborn, which made the ball sac tighten to a hard mass of packed flesh. Andy pulled on Eddie's pants, skinning them to Eddie's ankles. Andy crawled onto the floor between the man's legs, smiled broadly and swallowed the cock in it's entirety.

Eddie looked down and his charge and smiled. Andy looked like he had a mustache, he had Eddie's entire cock in his throat, there was bulge to the right side of the boys slim neck. He also could hear a smacking as Andy bathed Eddie's penis in a mass of very warm liquid. Back and forth the boy sucked, licked, and nibbled the cock and ball sac. Eddie looked down lovingly as Andy made oral love to his hard cock. "Damn Andy, you do that very well! I'm almost there love, I'm almost there!"

Eddie tightly closed his eyes as his orgasm took him. His sperm was rolling along at light speed. He tried to keep from cumming, but all that did was serve to tighten his muscles further. His cock swelled in Andy's throat and recoiled. Hot creamy goo flew from the head of his cock and Andy's cheeks swelled, he swallowed, and they swelled again and again, and then for a fourth time. Andy finished Eddie off by licking his cock clean of the creamy residue!

The pilot made an announcement, "Please fasten your seat belts, we will be landing at Tahiti's FAAA airport, it is 99 degrees and partly cloudy. Mr. Driscoll, Mr. Gus Jennings will meet you here, he's the Palmyra facility director, look for him, he will be holding a sign with your name printed on it. Have a wonderful stay on Palmyra, wish I was going with you." There was a fading chuckle from the pilot. Eddie and Andy readied themselves. Andy could still taste sperm.

As they deplaned, the first thing they felt was the heat. It was like a blast furnace. "Fuck Eddie, we're going to be fried!" Andy said as he broke out in a sweat. "I think I will strip when we get there, you're a fool to wear anything!" Eddie laughed and pointed to a gray haired man holding a sign saying 'Driscoll' on it. "That must be Gus." Eddie said as he nudged Andy and pointed. Eddie waved and Gus told two Tahitians to get Eddie and Andy's bags. They did and loaded them on the B.T.W Lear jet.

"Sorry Mr. Driscoll, but we have to go right away. The jet's ready. I'll show you to it." Eddie shook Gus's hand and said, "Please, just call me Eddie, and this is my boy, Andy." Gus nodded at Andy as they walked to the Lear. "Hot enough for you sir?" Gus asked. "It's Eddie, and yes, I'm soaked." Gus chuckled, "It was 105 degrees farenheit (that's a little over 40, celcius) when I left Palmyra this morning. Wait until you dive into the ocean, it's maybe 85 or so." Eddie cleared his throat, "I believe that will be my first activity." Gus smiled, "We also have two waterfalls that empty into two small lakes on Palmyra, they are cool and only in the 70's."

Quickly they were again airborne in the Lear. "It's a forty minute trip to Paradise as I call it. As long as I've been here the place has been full of 'Patron's', as they are called. The boi's go naked all the time and we actually have 60 instead of the normal 50. Yachts come in and out weekly and rent 5 at a time to accompany them on their outings. The snorkeling and skin diving is something to behold. The Patron's also come for the fishing which is something out of this world, you have to try it. By the way, your charge won't have to go naked since he's not officially a Pleasure Boi." Before anything could be said, Andy spoke up, "While I'm here, I am not wearing a stitch, it's naked time for me!" The men laughed. "You know then Andy, the Patron's will want some of that hot boi-pussy your sporting!"

Eddie grinned, "He's free to pass some out if he wishes." Gus nodded, "We have 75 Patron's here right now, so if he's fair game, then he's fair game!" He looked at Eddie who nodded his approval. Gus said, "If that's going to be the case, then I'll bunk him in with the other Pleasure boi's. He'll enjoy being with boi's of his own age anyway. I'll pair him up with Tristan, he's my nephew by marriage and actually my assistant. I couldn't run this place if I didn't have him around."

Eddie made a note, "Get Gus an trusted assistant, 60 boi's and 75 Patrons is more than one man can handle properly. Tristan's job is to make the Patron's happy not double as a worker. Have to talk to Tristan, sounds like a go getter!" Eddie closed his eyes, he felt tired, the past few weeks were like a whirlwind. This was a lot of territory to cover, but he loved a challenge.

Gus picked up the boi-call and called for Tristan. Eddie said, "You don't have to do that, Andy can stay with me." Walking out of the sun came Tristan Morning, Gus's nephew by marriage. Eddie and Andy stood stunned. A boi some 5" 4" tall, golden brown tanned skin, golden ringlets falling around his ears and shoulders. It was his steel blue eyes that really hit Eddie and Andy. As he got close his red puffy lips opened to show very white teeth. Andy's put his hands over his rising crotch, Eddie was lucky he was wearing clothing to hide his.

"You wanted me?" Tristan said in what seemed like a voice out of a dream. Eddie thought he had just seen Apollo of Greek Gods fame. "Eddie, don't worry! I'll bunk with Tristan, you'll be busy working anyway." Andy said quickly. Eddie was jealous that he hadn't spoke quicker. Then up came two more Pleasure boys, another blond and an Asian. "Let me introduce Kenny from New Zealand, and this is Wing, from Hawaii.

Kenny spoke up quickly in his thick accent, "Pleased to meet ya mate. Me Da send me here each summer to give his kennel a break." Eddie looked at Gus with a quizzical look on his face. "His father has a kennel of Labs and Rotties. They make our vids here for the "Dog and his Boi" series. Kenny here is addicted to dog cock. Eddie smiled and thought, 'Where in the hell does B.T.W. find all of these boi's! New Zealand too!' Wing didn't say anything, just smiled and kept licking his lips.

Tristan grabbed Andy by the hand, "Come on! Lets prep and head for the beach, you will not believe how warm our waters are! If we make it past the patrons we can swim for awhile." Andy was gone with the three boi's leaving Eddie and Gus to go into the big building. Inside Eddie let out a sigh of relief. "Air conditioning! A godsend, Gus." Gus smiled and led him into his office, on the way he pointed out all the facilities. "You see out back are our open air huts, the Patron's stay there, they seem to love the outdoors feeling of their stay here. Here are the boi's rooms, showers and dining area. The building next to us is the casino, and that building to the right are the game rooms. At five o'clock today there will be a "Musical Boi's game. Patron's pay extra for it and a chance to get an all expense trip to the facility of their choice. Thirty times 5 grand is a nice take for B.T.W. wouldn't you say?"

Eddie quickly added it up $150,000. 'Holy crap!', he thought to himself, 'and that happened twice per week, plus all the other things just to get here.' He shook his head and said, "This is mind boggling. Gus your nephew is a beauty, I guess he's very popular." Gus smiled, "He's a gold mine, Mr. Driscoll. His videos are at the top of the B.T.W. charts. Twice this month he's been booked by yachtsmen and it's consistent." Eddie thought aloud, "I want some of him before I leave, maybe I better transfer him to Hawaii!" He chuckled, but Gus said nothing!

Andy went out to the beach with Tristan, Kenny. and Wing. Before they eased out to the water, the Patron's were on the four boys and each was lead to a towel. Andy was a bit surprised, but followed suit. Andy quickly found himself on his back and a Patron straddled his chest and placed a very hard cock at his lips. He looked over to see Tristan in the same position.

Andy let the cock slide onto his tongue and moments later, his lips were covered with black pubes. Andy threw himself into the action and grabbed the Patron's ass and pulled him forward. He heard a moan as his mouth sucked and licked the hard flesh. The man fucked the boi's mouth like he would later fuck his boi-pussy. The man had an English accent and Andy waited to hear, "God save the Queen", but he didn't. Andy pulled the cock out and held it and began to lick the underside.

Andy's eye caught Tristan's legs up and pushed his head as the patron slid his cock deep into the boi's hot, lubed, hole. The Patron's eyes were glazed over as he pounded Tristan, his tongue waxed his lips as he drove his cock to the desired end. Andy felt his legs being pushed up toward his ears and looked down between his splayed legs to see the Patron aiming his rampant penis straight into Andy's lubed entrance. "Gee sir, you really have a big one!" As it was plunged into him to the hairy root.

Each boy got probed and they made sure they gave the man the ride of his life. One by one the patron's exploded and deposited hot creamy sperm deep into the boi's recesses. As Tristan's Patron pulled out, excess cum leaked from the receding tip. Tristan sat up, grabbed the man's organ and sucked it of any and all gooey cum. "Good god son, I can't take any more! I'm too sensitive!" Tristan didn't let go, but used the rough underside of his tongue to shake the Patron to the core.

Andy mimicked Tristan and grabbed the Patron by the root and sucked him dry. The Patrons fell on their backs and the bois headed into the water. Swimming and floating on their backs. Andy got the shock of his life when a dolphin jumped out and over him as he floated on his back. Tristan , Kenny and Wing were laughing like crazy. "That's Martin, he plays around us all the time. We toss him fish and crabs, he's a hoot!" Kenny added.

The door to his office read 'Daniel Jefferson, Director Southern European Section'. Daniel smiled, he was wearing a tank top, blue shorts and flip flops, all in B.T.W. colors. Joe was in his new office trying to get his mind off the fifty or so naked bois running around the place. His door opened and Timmy Jefferson barged in without knocking, his red bottom lip folded down. "Joe when am I going to do thing the bigger bois are doing, huh?"

Joe's job on the island, other than being Daniel's assistant, was to prepare the duty rosters that the Pleasure Bois followed. He was able to maximize the earning potential for each of the bois, not to mention for the company. He had incentive too! It was agreed, that in addition to his salary, any significant increase in revenue would be shared with him in the form of bonuses.

Joe looked at the little imp and a big smile came over his face. "What do you mean Timmy? Hell you have the run of this joint!" Timmy put his thin elbows on the desk and his little chin in his open palms. "You know, I'm never allowed to participate in the games; you know, 'Musical Bois' and 'King of the Roundtable'. I have to sneak into the glory hole just to suck a big one! Well, at least a big one of someone who isn't my family."

Joe was getting very tired of Timmy's constant complaining. It seemed that they'd had this conversation every day since he took over as Dan's assistant director. Joe tussled Timmy brown hair, which due the hot sun now had streaks of gold here and there. Finally Joe relented and said, "Ok, ok Timmy, today at two o'clock you'll be on table 7 for the "King of the Roundtable" game. You get to declare the new king for the game, ok?" A real big smile formed and Timmy gave Joe's hand a big wet kiss and skipped out of his office.

Joe reclined and pushed away from his desk dragging the Belgian boy, Robin, with him. The boi's mouth still attached to his throbbing cock and sucking away for dear life. Robin seemed to take to his duties with full abandon. Right now he held Joe's penis up and was licking the underside like a 'Sugar Daddy' caramel sucker. Joe locked his hands behind his head as his cock slid into the recesses of Robin's tight throat, the head of his cock bulging against the side of Robin's slim neck. 'Life is good', he thought to himself as sperm boiled in his balls.

At 2 p.m. the six boi's and Timmy paraded into the game room. The thirty six would be kings sitting and eying the slim beauty of the 7 naked boi's. The surprise and unbridled lust of each when they saw Timmy was palpable. Each hopped upon assigned his table, Joe had to help Timmy onto #7. Each table spun and the boi laid his head on a pillow and placed his legs in the stirrups, his butt on the edge so his boi-pussy was in direct line for penetration. Joe had to get another pillow for Timmy at #7 since he wasn't as big as the rest.

Galen was on #1, Tyler (Timmy's older brother) on #2, Marc (half of the twins) on#3, Abdul the Moroccan on #4, Hans, a 10 year old German #5, and finally Pascal half French and Half Vietnamese on #6. 7 year old Timmy (his wish granted) rounded out the field of hot bois for the Patron's enjoyment. Joe explained the rules to the group, "Each gather around your assigned tables, you will get 10 fuck strokes into the boi then pass him on to the next contestant, and so on, if you cum in, on or around the boi you're out! Understand, no second chances, the last Patron standing is the winner will then be declared a Prince! The six Princes will go to table 7 and, after 30 minute rest, will start again with our 7 year old wonder Timmy. The last who hasn't cum will be declared the king and will win an all expense future trip the B.T.W. pleasure facility of his choice. This includes the Popsicle Navy!"

Each table now had 6 Patrons around them. Timmy lay on his tummy watching, his head propped in his hands, elbows up, this was exciting! Joe said "READY, SET, FUCK!" And each #1 Patron entered his waiting Pleasure boi. This was Tyler's first time, and for some reason he was as hard as his fucking Patron's. 1, 2, 3 fucked him the allotted 10 strokes and #4 was holding the biggest Black cock Tyler had ever seen! He gulped as the big black penis hit bottom. Tyler ejaculated in a creamy white geyser, up into the air and the back on his slim body, pooling in his 'innie' belly button.

Round 1 went smooth enough, no Patron fell out. Joe announced Round #2. "Ready, set, fuck!" This round lost nine Patrons. Galen lost Patron numbers 2 & 5, Tyler #1, Marc numbers 1,2, and 3, Abdul clamped down and #6 erupted in him, Hans lost #4, and Pascal his French/Asian cuteness cost #5 who popped before he could get back in!

Round 2 was another ball-buster not only did Galen get numbers 1 and 3, he himself came with #6, #4 was declared the Prince of Table 1. Tyler's table #2 pushed deep into the boi and fucked him to 9 strokes and coated his colon, #3 only pushed in and at the count of 3 he had cum and gone. The African proudly fucked Tyler 10 stroked and backed away still full of cum. #5 made the count of 10, but #6 came on Tyler's belly his cum mixing with Tyler's. Marc's Patron's all made it thru round 2. Abdul took out all but # 1 and he was declared the Prince of Table #4. Han's lost #1, 3 and 6 and Pascal only lost #4.

Round 3 was the coup-de-gras. Tyler eliminated the remaining Patrons except the big dicked African who was declared his Prince! Marc eliminated #4 and #5, #6 just barely made it out, sweating like a stuck pig, but he was the Prince of Table #3. Han's was able to get off #5, but #2 and #6 made it out still cum full. Pascal got 1, 2 and 6 to pop their corks and his #3 was declared Prince.

Round 4 was only Hans and #2 and #6. #2 pushed his into the boi's cum fill boi-hole and erupted and his sperm joined the rest. #6 wiped his brow and entered Hans and all counted from one to then and when he successully pulled out, balls still full, he was the last Prince. There was a round of applause, a thirty minute rest was given the Princes. The six cum filled boi's were allowed to leave, shower, then rest. They had been fucked to the max!

Timmy got ready. His small nub of a cock was as hard as it could get, he was excited! The thirty minutes gone, Joe called the Princes to the table, explained that the same rules applied and the winner would be the new "King of the Roundtable", at least until the next time the game was played, at least until Thursday!

"READY, SET, FUCK" Joe announced and each readied. #1 pushed into Timmy's extreme tightness and came at once. Timmy got the giggles. #2 swallowed hard and pushed into Timmy and the count started, he made it. Timmy quit giggling when the Black prince presented his black log to the 7 year old, he gulped and meekly said, "You think it will fit, Your Highness?" The African grinned, "I will make it fit!" Timmy swallowed hard and, as the big black penis was slid into him, Timmy could have sworn it was in the back of his throat, and after 10 strokes of that monster, the African didn't cum!

#4 and #5 only made 3 and 6 stroked respectively and again #6 barely made the count of ten. They got a five minute rest, more for Timmy's benefit than anything else, and in no time Joe was saying, "READY, SET , FUCK!" Even though Timmy was full of cum, #2 made his ten, The African approached smiling broadly and skewered Timmy and made his hard ten strokes, the head of Timmy's small boi cock tingled. #6 approached and coated Timmy's belly with gobs and gobs of hot semen. A five minute rest was called and Joe cleaned Timmy with a warm wet cloth and dried him.

Round 3 was announced with "READY, SET, FUCK!" and the African pushed his big black cock deep into Timmy and fucked his ten hard stroked finding the boi-secret place and Timmy had a dri-cum. His boi-cock was now super sensitive. The African must have sensed it and took the tip of Timmy's penis and rolled his thumb over the red nub, the boi bounced up and down, the man let out with a big deep a laugh and moved the boi to #6 who pushed in and at the count of four ejaculated in copious amounts of his creamy white goo!

The African (#3) clapped hard. Timmy staggered to his feet and what seemed like a gallon of creamy white sperm vacated his tiny body coating his thin legs a glossy color. Timmy made the announcement. "ALL HAIL THE NEW KING OF THE ROUNDTABLE!" Then went to his knees in front of the big African, took his big black cock in his tiny white hands and began to lick and suck the coal black bulbous head. His red lips were stretched to the max, but the very hot little boi stuffed as much as he could.

Timmy's eyes were watering, but he continued to bathe the coal black cock in warm wet saliva. His actions were quickly rewarded when the African began to breathe deep and rock back and forth. Timmy's cheeks swelled as the cock exploded. Timmy tried to swallow, but the corners of his mouth had creamy white trickles of sperm ran down which coated his chest and covered the right dime sized brown nipple.

Timmy rose licking his lips and scooping cum from his chin, again he announced, "ALL HAIL THE NEW AND GLORIOUS KING OF THE B.T.W. ROUNDTABLE, congratulations King Wobo Tobbombo!" Timmy backed away bowing all the time. The African couldn't believe that Timmy pronounced his name perfectly, he was satisfied and impressed. He lifted the small boy off his feet and planted a deep kiss onto the boi's receptive mouth.

A very big Yacht docked and the oil magnate, R.W. Ropodopolis, entered the complex. He and Daniel shook hands and then the Patron requested the services of 5 of the Pleasure bois. Daniel brought up the bois on the computer screen. Mr. Ropodopolis scrolled slowly, he first pointed out Mark, then Galen, then Robin, then Tyler, and finally, Timmy. Daniel had to look twice, 'How in the hell did he get into the data bank?' Daniel thought. "Yes, those are my choices." He then quickly wrote out the fifty thousand dollar draft for his choices. Daniel gulped at the size of the draft, and said to himself 'Well, Timmy, you wanted to be a Pleasure boi full time, here's your chance!'

Part 6: Swimming among the Greek Gods!

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