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Part 6: Swimming among the Greek Gods!

The five Pleasure Bois boarded the yacht for their five days as bunk mates of Mr. Ropodopolis and his guests. The four other men sat around as Mr. Ropodopolis introduced the Pleasure boys. The four guests were; Artie Grimshaw of X-games fame, Wang Fung Li the Singapore Plastics Broker, Lord Westin Montgomery, and Marcus "Bruiser" Jones, a Canadian football Legend. Ropodopolis grinned, "Friends! Take your pick, except Timmy, he's mine!”

Ropodopolis led the 7 year old up to the wheel house and had his driver turn the yacht toward deep water. Ropodopolis then stripped naked and sat down. He motioned Timmy to his knees between his own. Timmy grinned like the imp he was, knowing he was going to get the snack he really craved, and held the flaccid penis in both hands as he let his red tongue roam over the bulbous purple crown. The boi wanked the tube to fleshy hardness and began to nurse on the cock while Ropodopolis watched a seagull dive into the water for a close fish. He thought that the seagull was the second luckiest creature within miles.

Li grabbed Mark, Jones took Galen, Lord Montgomery selected Tyler, and Grimshaw took Robin into his arms and stuck his tongue into the ten year old's mouth, their tongues entwined. Kissing was a major turn on for Robin, and his three inches of boi cock hit Grimshaw in the belly. "Good, good boi! So responsive! I hope you fuck as well!" Robin whispered in Grimshaws ear, "That is my specialty, sir!"

Ropodopolis sat Timmy to the side and fished out the bottle of cherry lube and applied the slick stuff liberally to his rampant penis. As he was lubing up his prong, he thought, 'Cherry is such an appropriate flavor for so young a boi!' He picked up the 7 year old and planted him squarely on the greased spike. Timmy's tight ring at first refused to relent, but Timmy wiggled and slid around until his anal ring gave way. Slowly he slid down on it until his butt was nestled on the black pubic hair. Ropodopolis held the boi's ass cheeks and bounced the lad up and down, "You, my boi, are so tight!” Timmy smiled and using his inner muscles he clamped down on the tube and tried to milk the Greek man dry!

As the man fucked Timmy, the others came up and joined the Shipping Magnate. Timmy looked at Tyler and stuck his tongue at his brother, he got the 'big guy' this time, Tyler flipped Timmy the bird. "You wish!" Timmy replied with a giggle. Ropodopolis looked over at Jones saying, "This is the tightest boi-ass I've ever fucked, and he's a milker to boot!" Jones smiled, but returned to Galen who had Jones' big piece of black meat buried down his slim throat.

Mark was on his hands and knees on a chase lounge pad which had been placed on the deck, behind him was the skinny Chinese man with a surprisingly big cock for an Asian. The yellow cock was buried to the hilt in Marks warm channel. The man draped over his back and sucking on Marks shoulder. The skinny hips drove his cock back and forth, Mark kept pushing back to meet each thrust.

Timmy was spun around and now lay back against the Greeks chest, the cock still buried deep. As he bounced he got the see the ocean and birds. He looked up at the Greek as he was being skewered, "When can we go swimming?" The man was concentrating on his climax building up, said, "Soon, very soon, maybe I can fuck you in the water!" Timmy clamped down hard with his inner muscles, and, in a way only a 7-year-old can say it, "You better!” This caused the strapping Greek to laugh.

Galen's mouth licked the underside of the thick licorice stick. He licked down to ball sac covered with short kinky hairs. Jones played with Galen's blond locks trying to concentrate on something else, like running a hundred and ten yards with a pig skin tucked in the crook of his arm, so he wouldn't cum to quickly, Galen's tongue tip slid to the man's nether region and sucked the ticklish area.

Tyler sat on the Englishman's big red capped cock facing the middle-aged man. His mouth sucking on one nipple and then the other while he ground down on the hard male member. Lord Montgomery relaxed as Tyler practiced milking the cock with his inner muscles, suck and relax, suck and relax. "My good lad, you fuck and suck with that wonderful boi apparatus you have back there, my good lord!" Tyler continued his sucking, alternating between each of the brown quarters attached the Lord's chest.

Ropodopolis was brought to the peak by Timmy who was having the time of his life playing Pleasure Boi like the big kids! As he bounced, he held his own two inches and jacked like mad. He wanted the feeling he got on the game table and when Kato probed his small insides. His intensity was broken when Ropodopolis grabbed his waist and exploded inside of Timmy's grinding body.

Hot ropes of jizz coated Timmy's colon and quickly filled the area up. Timmy wanked even faster trying to attain the same pleasure Ropodopolis was getting. He quickly found gravity affected the man's ejaculate as it was leaking out and around the man's buried tube of throbbing, pulsing flesh. A creamy puddle appeared on the shiny wooden deck!

As each boy was taking a hot blast of cum, Ropodopolis's staff was setting out tall frosty glasses of Long Island Ice Tea for the adults and Strawberry smoothies for the bois, each tall glass had a slit frozen strawberry inserted on the lip of the glass. It was exactly what all of them needed after this hot orgy was completed.

They anchored off Naxos Island, and the city of Apollonian. They were far-away so they could swim naked in the warm Aegean waters. Ropodolopis again, as promised, got behind Timmy and began a warm water fuck of the 7-year-old. As the man's hard penis worked in him, Timmy held on tightly, not wanting to be drowned. Ropodopolis was extremely hot, and came fast.

On the boat Ropodopolis announced they would lay anchor at a small island that was private and secluded. They could snorkel and skin dive. Almost at once Li said, "Then we can try B.T.W.'s 'Snorkel Fucking' I've heard so much about!" Jones was quick to agree. They had dinner and each with their boi of choosing went to bed. It had been quite a day and Timmy was dead to the world.

Around 2 a.m. Mark and Tyler woke up and went out on deck. They were surprised how warm it was and in running in to each other. Together they strolled around talking about their exploits with the men, and found two of the crew sitting on the front of the boat naked and smoking a joint. The two were taking drags on the marijuana, passing it back and forth. They patted the deck for the two bois to sit. Each boi sat next to one of the Turks and accepted a drag of the potent weed. Soon all were in a land of milk and honey. The Turks each placed a hand behind the boi's neck and brought their lips to the two big Turkish cocks. Mouths opened and began to suck and lick the hard Turkish flesh. Each Turk ran fingers through the bois hair as the relished the hot blow jobs they were receiving.

A very high Tyler rose and straddled the Turk's midsection. Holding the saliva coated penis and placed it at his tight ring. "Fuck me hard, please." The eleven year old begged, the joint had made him hornier than hell and he wanted to fuck, and fuck the cock hard! 'This Pleasure Boi stuff is so liberating,' he thought and as the Turk's cock found that special spot inside of him, his own dick throbbed and the head tingled, but surprisingly, he didn't cum.

The other Turk rolled an equally high, Mark, onto his back and pushed his rubbery legs up to his ears and on his knees placed the head of his cock at Mark's ass lips, then plunged in to the base of his cock. He pumped his cock into the boi. Marks legs fell off to the side, then swung around the Turk's back and his ankles locked keeping the man in place. Mark was enjoying the fuck and the colors that danced before his brown eyes.

Tyler was so high he couldn't hold his cum back any longer and like a small fire hose began to squirt sperm all over the man's chest and belly. The Turk fucked him even harder and could feel his own cum building within the confines of his body. Mumbling words Tyler couldn't understand, he pumped his flesh into Tyler, his cock swelled bigger and exploded filling Tyler up with hot creamy semen.

Mark kept his Turk locked in place. the Turk's very hairy belly entangled Mark's cock and he was feeling the feeling he had wished for. His boi-cock tingled as the belly kept up its rub. Each worked the other to the hot creamy finish. The Turk broke away and placed his hard uncut cock atop of Marks, grabbed them together, and began a rapid jacking of both. Mark looked down to see both slits open wide and began to belch out hot creamy sperm which landed on his face and in his mouth.

Tyler saw Marks cream covered face, rolled over and began to lick and kiss off the creamy spooge. The two Turks sat up on their knees and watched the two Pleasure boi's lap up all the creamy cum. It was a show they would never forget. Tyler and Mark ended it with a deep soul kiss and sucking of each others tongues, and lapping up all of the hot creamy sperm!

The Turks took the boi's by the hand and down the ladder and into the still, very warm water to clean up and cool off. They swam around awhile and then fatigue overtook them. They got back on the yacht, toweled off and snuck back down stairs, slid back under the covers with their man for the evening and went back to sleep, no-one the wiser!

Eddie Driscoll and Andy had extended their stay on Palmyra Island. Andy was really fitting in with all the pleasure Boi's. Tonight at five was another game and Andy had traded placed with Kenny in the game. They reported at 4:50, Kenny was #27 for the Musical Boi's Game.

Andy sat on the seat #27, he waved over at Tristan on #5 and Wing on #16. Gus ushered in the thirty paying Patrons. Eddie was in the game room as an observer, he had his hand calculator 30 X 5 grand, the money made was beyond him. Then there was the video's at $49.95 a piece, and they couldn't be kept in stock. Tristan had five of the top fifty videos. Yes, Apollo was a gold mine.

Gus explained the rules of the game that was based on the childs game of Musical Chairs. Each boi sat on their chair and sucked the cock of the Patron before them, if they came there was a thousand U.S. dollar fine, Half being placed in the savings account of the pleasure Boi!

When the music was played the Patron's marched around and around, a number fell into a box and that Pleasure boi picked up his chair and sat on the side of the room against the wall. The music stopped and there was a mad scramble to find an open wet mouth. The Patron not fast enough got the Pleasure Boi sitting by the wall for the night. They would go to the Patron's open aired hut, where the Pleasure Boi would make the man very happy, not caring his cum had cost him a cool grand. The sucking started again. If any of the Patrons came, the boi would raise his hand and Gus would approach him, the Pleasure Boi would open his mouth to show the sperm floating over his wet red tongue, Gus would yell out his number and then say 'swallow' and the music would start again!

Gus then announced, “Gentlemen find a warm, wet mouth quickly and let's begin!” A tall man with a fat purple headed cock landed on Andy's red tongue and he began to suck the cock in earnest. Trying to remember what Tristan told him, he scraped the rough top of his tongue over the head and down the underside. The Patron was quickly pumping and panting, he took hold of Andy's head and moaned "Holy fuck! I'm cumming!" Andy's mouth was quickly full of hot creamy ejaculate. He raised his hand and Gus approached and Andy opened wide, the creamy goo floating over his red tongue. "Swallow #27”, Andy swallowed the complete load.

Andy looked toward Tristan, he also had a hand up and Gus was running to look in his mouth. Gus finished with Tristan and two other good cock suckers and then the Sousa March started and the Patrons slowly went around. The #5 appeared in the box and a redheaded boi picked up his stool and positioned himself against the wall to await his patron for the night.

The music stopped and the Patron's scrambled for a boi. A short Indian gentleman stood out as he hadn't found a boi. He gladly took the red-haired boi's hand and they headed to the man's vacation hut. The sucking and licking had begun once again and quickly four hands were in the air. Tristan again, Reggie, Wing and Ferris had mouths full of sperm. Gus looked, called out numbers and then the music began once again.

In the box appeared the #27 and Andy grabbed his stool and proceeded to the wall. The music stopped and the scramble started all over. A medium sized American was left out and took Andy's hand, "I haven't seen you before." He commented. Andy smiled "I'm new, sir." The two headed to the hut. Andy sat on the freshly made bed and the Patron sat next to him.

"You have sexy lips." Andy introduced himself and the man again said, "Andy, you have sexy lips and I would love to see them wrapped around my cock while I watch you suck me." Andy quickly obliged the man's wish. Holding the hard flesh he licked and nibbled, his tongue licking clean each creamy precum bead the appeared at the slit.

Andy had watched the boi's pleasure the patrons and followed suit. Holding the cock up he ran the rough part of his tongue up and down the underside, digging into the frenulum right below the bulbous cap. Then back to the crown and pushing his tongue tip into the piss slit and wiggling it around. Andy smiled up, the man had his eyes closed and was lost in the act.

Andy licked and nibbled to the ball sac and sloshed one in his mouth then the other. The patron scooted out more and Andy split the butt cheeks wide and licked up and down the crevice, he heard a moan of pleasure and his tongue dug in and wiggled, Patron almost had a climax then.

From the patrons shiver Andy sensed the patron was coming to the brink and stood up, held the fleshy spike to his lubed entrance and sat down feeling the cock slide into his warm depths. Up and down the neophyte Pleasure boi made the man crazy. The Patron was doing everything to keep from ending the hard passionate fuck they were both enjoying, but Andy clamped his inner muscles tighter.

"Dear boi, oooohhhh dear boi! I can't hold back any longer!" Andy grinned and tightened further. He milked the man's penis, the cummy flow erupted like the rushing of lava out the caldera of a volcano. Andy felt the sharp blasts hit his insides and he was wanking himself. His spigot was turned on and he to shot forth and coated the man's neck and chest with hot creamy boi-honey.

Andy stood up and the flow exited his body and ran down the inside of his legs coating with streaks of man cream. Andy took the man by the hand and led him to the edge of the warm blue waters and they waded in waist deep. Andy dove in and swam up to the man and ran his tongue over the deflating purple crest, the man jumped and fell back into the surf.

Saturday night, Eddie lay on his bed. They would leave for Sidney in two days. He actually hated to leave, but business was business and, in a way, he missed Allen and Billy. There was a slight knock on his door. "Come in." He told whoever was there. Into his room pranced Tristan holding a small hand towel in one hand and a bottle of oil in the other. Before Eddie could say anything, Tristan gave him a pouty smile. "I heard you're leaving soon, so I figured it's Tristan Time!" Eddie just nodded and Tristan approached, "Please turn over, Sir."

Eddie, in awe of the golden beauty, quickly turned over and Tristan straddled his back. Then rubbed his hairless boi-balls on Eddie's back very slowly. Tristan placed a few drops of scented oil into his palm, rubbed his hands together, and began to work Eddie's shoulders. The boi had surprising strength and kneaded the tight muscles. Over the back, his hands slowly kneaded until his reached Eddie's butt. Eddie was trying to keep his mind clear, "Tristan what is that fragrance?" In a sweet but throaty sound Tristan answered, "Frankincense" and split Eddie ass cheeks wide, a slight breeze made Eddie shiver.

Tristan blew just slightly into the man's opened asshole, "Good God, Tristan, where did you learned this?" Tristan gave out a small laugh, "I've read books from the Indian and Asian cultures on how to please your man. Are you pleased?" Eddie moaned, "Oooohhhh Dear Lord, I am very pleased, don't even think of stopping!"

Tristan said nothing, but ran his wet, warm tongue up and down over the man's anus, then savagely dug his tongue in an inch and wiggled it. Eddie jumped, this had never happened to him before. He made a mental note, 'SEND TRISTAN OUT TO EDUCATE THE OTHER PLEASURE BOIS!' then he momentarily thought he should pack the boi up and take him with him, he would be a fool to share, then he thought again, business is business, and he couldn't do that to Andy. Besides the Patron's came first, he chuckled at the double entendre.

Tristan had already moved to Eddie's legs and then to his toes. Tristan sucked and licked each. Up and down the insides of each the taking each into his mouth and sucking on each, Eddie wasn't sure he would last until Tristan made it to his cock, but he heard "Please Eddie, turnover it's time for me to get access to your goodies." Eddie thought, 'You mean there's more?'

Ever so slowly, Tristan's red wet tongue inched up to Eddie's ball sac and Tristan bathed each in his warm wet mouth. Leaving each glossy with saliva he slipped past the throbbing penis and began to lick and suck each brown rubbery nipple. "Good God, Tristan, I don't think I'm going to last!” Tristan looked up with his piercing blue eyes, "You'd better, or you'll miss the best part!"

The wet red tongue snaked back down and he circled it around and around the throbbing cock until he had rounded it to the tingling tip. Tristan again looked up, winked at Eddie and swallowed the entire length, his red lips tangled in Eddie's dark pubes. "Oooohhhh!" Eddie moaned and watched and the pursed red lips inched their way back up.

Tristan knelt up, "Good, very good, you're still with me, most had shot off already." Grabbing Eddie tightly he placed it at his very tight anus and slowly let it enter him. That was all Eddie could take, his cock hit bottom and erupted, this was the most sperm he had ever shot of in his life. Tristan smiled as he drained the new boss dry.

The final cherry on the Sundae was, Tristan slid up and off and again swallowed the still spewing penis and sucked and licked Eddie clean. Eddie laid there, his head swimming. Tristan stood at the door, blew Eddie a kiss from his cum coated lips and said, "I hope you liked Tristan Time!" Then closed the door behind him. Eddie blinked and thought said softly, "Maybe this is all a dream, and Apollo did pleasure him, wow!"

The yacht dropped anchor close to Patmos, it had an uninhabited island not far and Ropodopolis like it because he could be undisturbed there. They rested and had sex with the bois, again, ate and drank. They turned in early. All were awoken at six for breakfast and a blow job. Ropodopolis had his crew bring out the scuba gear. He even had an extra small get-up his little nephew used and it fit Timmy perfectly.

The ten entered the waters, the boi's staying close to the adults. Mark was overcome with the splendor in front and around him. Ropodopolis had told him only the South Pacific had a more abundant animal life to behold. Timmy was the first to try to go it alone and Jones, the best of the swimmers, had to pull the tike back in line. After two hours the group got back on deck for brunch.

Ropodopolis told all that they would snorkel and snorkel-fuck after they rested their food. Galen and Tyler silently mouthed "Snorkel-fuck?" At three all were back in the warm Aegean waters, this time naked. As they skimmed the surface, Jones came in behind Robin (all boi's were pre-lubed) took the boi by the hips and slid his big black cock into him.

Ropodopolis covered Galen for a change of pace, Li got to take Timmy (he had desired to fuck the 7-year-old since he'd laid eyes on him). Mark was taken by the British Lord, Tyler felt the hot cock of "Speedy" Grimshaw. The boi's were being fucked under water a first for all of them, except little Timmy. Mark loved it, usually the last to try something new, he pushed back to meet each cock thrust. As they fucked, fish swam in and out and among the hot action. As each Patron came, and detached from a boi, sperm leaked out and floated away to be devoured by the fish.

The fifth day finally arrived and the five pleasure boi's were returned to Argos. A naked and brown Timmy ran to his dad babbling a mile a minute about all he had done and seen! "Daddy, I even snorkel-fucked! It was so kewl, Daddy, can I go snorkel-fucking again? Please, PLEASE!" Dan looked at Tyler, "I guess he had a good time!" Tyler grinned, he was as brown as Timmy, "If he didn't, I sure did! I just got to do this more often!"

Ropodopolis handed Daniel another envelope with a five thousand dollar draft in it. "Sir, a tip for each boi, they were wonderful, so willing to comply with all our wishes and needs, it was a pleasure doing business with you and your organization. I will be back in two months for more, you should stock more of Timmy's age, very sweet and very willing! You could actually charge double for them."

Joe called Tyler into his office. Tyler came in, "'sup Joe?" The older man looked the boi up and down. 'Got a call from René in France, he wants to know if you're ready to shoot a "Dog and His Boi" video. He has Timmy, Galen and Mark, but says he missed you somehow." Tyler thought for a moment, if dad says I can go, I will, I'd like to do something new, Timmy can't wait to do another."

Marcel flew in from Bordeaux to pick up Tyler for his video shoot. Daniel said, that if Tyler wanted to do it, it was alright with him. Marcel and Tyler boarded the B.T.W. Lear and flew off for the five day trip. Marcel told him he would work with a big Black lab named Lancelot. Tyler said, "Gee, I hope he's gentle." Marcel looked at the boi, "Like a lamb! "He chuckled.

René met them at Orly. "Ah the sweet Tyler, and I thought you had escaped, but here you are Chéré!" They drove to the wine vineyards. Tyler could hear the barking as they drove up. "See Chéré, they knew you were cumming! He chuckled. Tyler was shown his room, then found Rene and Marcel having a glass of Burgundy.

Tyler walked to the veranda totally naked. René put fingers to his lips and gave a loud "smack." "Tyler, you are a true beauty, I am already jealous of Lancelot." He poured a glass of wine for Tyler who felt like he was one of the big boi's. He sipped the liquid, not really appreciating the taste. He preferred something sweeter, like a good sticky warm load of cum.

Tyler got a good night's sleep. When Tyler awoke, stretched and said, "It's a beautiful morning. Under the hot shower with the hot beads bouncing off his skin he whistled a tune. As he toweled off he chuckled to himself, 'Timmy was going to be real jealous when he found out he was at Rene's and not him'. He began to get a feeling whenever he'd thought of Rene. It was like he felt more like a whole person when he was with the handsome Frenchman. He wandered out to the patio where breakfast was being served, he ate lightly, it was going to be a hot morning, in more ways than one.

Three video cameras were set up to catch all the hot action between Tyler and Lancelot. René gave Tyler the instructions. "We will spray you with 'Bitch in Heat' which will attract Lancelot and get his juices going. I want you to go the end of the yard, see?" Tyler nodded. "You will take off running and Lancelot will have a very good whiff of you, he will knock you down and I want you to grab his sheath and jack it until you get six inches out." Tyler nodded again.

René looked around to get the drift of the wind. "On your knees, I want you to suck his cock and get him real hard and ready to fuck you, ok?" Tyler smiled, his saliva began to flow faster. Timmy didn't get to suck Kato, he would really be pissed now. Rene had Tyler bend over and split his ass cheeks, he sprayed him well!

Tyler slowly walked to the other end of the yard, A handler held Lancelot who's nose was sniffing the air, he already had a good smell of Tyler. Tyler turned and waited to get the signal to start his run. René, Marcel and Franz were at the cameras. Rene waved and yelled "Action!" Tyler started to run and Lancelot was off in a dash and quickly hit Tyler in the small of the back.

Tyler landed on his hands and knees, Lancelot began to lick the boys ass crack profusely. Tyler got the giggles, it tickled, his nether spot was taking the brunt of the licking. It was hard, but Tyler turned and took the sheath in his grasp, the red canine cock was already sticking out three inches. Tyler licked his lips and suckled the three inches. Lancelot froze.

More and more red canine penis grew in Tyler's wet, warm mouth, Lancelot was humping Tyler's face. Tyler's hazel eyes got big, the canine cock was nine inches and all the way down Tyler's throat. Lancelot was satisfied fucking Tyler's face. Tyler felt the knot grow and pushed himself away and took off running. He didn't get too far though. Lancelot hit him in the back again and before he could move, Lancelot mounted Tyler, his forepaws clamped around his slim waist.

Tyler froze and Lancelot knifed forward, the red point hit his boi-hole on the first jab. Tyler's hazel eyes got even wider than before. The nine inches found home and plunged into Tyler to the knot. Tyler shook the mop of brown hair to get his bearings. He just came back to earth when the knot was driven into him and he and Lancelot were locked for the duration of their hot fuck. It wasn't unlike the feeling of having his butt plug hit home, he kind of enjoyed it.

It took Tyler some time to get use to Lancelot's length and girth, but ironically, the discomfort was welcomed, unquestionably it was the biggest cock he had ever had inside of his youthful body. Lancelot was now the one in charge and he meant to let Tyler know it. He drove his big red pointed meat into Tyler as far as it could go all the while depositing more and more lubricant into Tyler's boi-pussy. Tyler would be thankful. He was getting the fucking of his life and his boi-cock was responding!

Lancelot was the consummate stud. He grasped the boy and fucked him silly. Electric charges seemed to hit every inch of his boi-hole, his boi-cock throbbed, the corona tingled and precum coated the red head and made it shine in the morning sun. Tyler now realized why Timmy loved it, the cock seemed to be everywhere inside of him.

The camera caught each and every thrust, the end seemed to stretch Tyler wider and wider, canine lubricant stained the inside of Tyler's thin legs. The sound caught Tyler moaning, "Ooohhh Lancelot! Fuck me!” he even commanded the dog in French, “ME BASIER!” Damn, Timmy knew what he was talking about, this is dynamite!" He exclaimed. René zoomed in to expose the hard boi-cock, he was right on time a creamy stream shot from the red head, hit Tyler in the chest with the first blast.

René stayed under Tyler, a long string of his semen hung from a brown nipple and joined the creamy puddle forming below Tyler's body. Lancelot continued to ravage Tyler boi-pussy, the preteen kept moaning and mumbling, "This is so good, so fucking good, I could let him fuck me forever!"

Lancelot growled, he fucked Tyler harder and his red tongue hung six inches from the side of his mouth, drool pooled in the middle of Tyler's tanned back. Lancelot stiffened up and Tyler yelled, "Holy crap he's cumming! And there is gallons of it!" A white ring formed around the base of Lancelot's cock, the leaking began in earnest. Two creamy white rivers of doggie semen streamed down the inside of Tyler's legs, it joined the pool of lubricant.

Lancelot lay on Tyler's back, the canine was exhausted, but the two were locked in place. After a few minutes Lancelot had to be restrained and had readjusted himself and was facing the opposite direction. Tyler's head lay on his arms, he still moaned. "Great, a real great fucking what I just got. This was a good cum, man-o-man was it so fucking good!"

Two days later Tyler made another with "El Cid" a chocolate lab. He was bigger and lasted much longer than the younger Lancelot. Tyler came once again and on the Lear back to Argos Tyler couldn't wipe the grin from his face. Timmy would really be pissed now, not only one lab, but two labs, but he was sore, the labs really could dish out a hard and satisfying fuck!

Tyler landed in Athens and Joe was there to pick him up. Tyler nudged Joe "Can't wait to see Timmy, I want to rub this in." Joe puffed on a cigar, "Tyler you're gonna have to wait for four more days." Joe had a broad smile on his face. Tyler looked at him "Why?" Joe looked at Tyler "Another yacht docked and he was the first boi picked, he's somewhere in the Aegean satisfying another billionaire.” Tyler grumbled and only said "Aww, Fuck it!"

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