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Part 7: Games and more games, anyone for a cockcicle?"

Rogerio Bocheccceli had just signed his name on the one million euro draft and awaited Daniel Jefferson to arrive and sign the contract to provide thirty B.T.W. Pleasure bois for his party. He was throwing his own fiftieth birthday party. Daniel was aboard the B.T.W. Lear from ARGOS. Rogerio sat back the overstuffed chair and sipped an iced sangria, he loved the Spanish wine and all the fruit the accompanied it.

Rogerio was a billionaire. He had made his money in the food stuffs business and now spent like it was water. He could picture the thirty naked bois catering to his guests every whim. He had ordered grape leaf rounds to place on the boi's heads, it gave a Roman Orgy effect, even if it was an orgy of men and bois.

Gilberto, Rogerio's manservant knocked. "Enter", Rogerio said. "Sir, the jet has landed, are you going to meet it or should I escort Mr. Jefferson here?" Rogerio sipped the Sangria, savored the flavor. "I will go, Gilberto, I will go." He rose and walked down the stairs and to his own private landing strip.

Daniel stepped off the B.T.W. jet and walked up to Rogerio and the two shook hands. "Refreshments will be served and then we will get down to business." The two walked leisurely into the palatial home overlooking the Mediterranean. "Beautiful view you have, sir." Daniel said. Rogerio smiled, "Grazie." He ushered Daniel into his library, which also served as his office. "Have a seat Mr. Jefferson."

Daniel took a seat and produced a DVD disc that showed all the boi's available and their specialties. Rogerio greedily grabbed the DVD and loaded it in his computer. His eyes widened and Daniel like the facial expressions. Rogerio with a smile asked, "How many little bois under 10 do you have in your stable? I need at least five, and maybe if you could supply ten. Daniel made a note, for a million Euros he's draft them if he had to.

A light bulb went off in Daniel's mind. There were those bois of Timmy's class. He just had to get them to ARGOS. "I know I can get all you want. I might have to fly them from the States. We have some in Orlando and Hawaii. I have one on hand, we surly will include Timmy for you." Rogerio smiled with approval.

Daniel asked to use a phone and immediately called Eddie Driscoll in Hawaii. He needed at least four and hopefully nine ten and under Pleasure bois. "Hello Eddie, am I glad you're there." Eddie chuckled, "Why the panic in your voice?' Daniel explained his predicament. "OK, calm down Dan, let me make a few calls and I should be able to get you the bois you need. Now give me a phone number where I can reach you, please." Daniel gave him the number, and said he'd be waiting for his call.

On ARGOS it was hot. The cockcicles were being gobbled up by Patrons and bois alike. They were cast in the shape of an erect penis and balls set on a paper bottom. The flavors ran the gamut in icy flavors and then there were fudge, chocolate dipped with nuts and a frozen chocolate dipped banana, and of course chopped nuts. Timmy was a multitude of colors and Joe told him to shower. "Timmy the ants are going to feast on you, besides you are sticky."

Most boi's and Patrons were in the water just to keep cool. Galen, Tyler, and Mark were neck deep in the water and didn't want to move. Every once in awhile a head would sink under the Aegean. Inside it was air-conditioned and Joe stayed in his office an ice bag on the back of his neck, wondering when this damn heat wave would break. Joe contacted Daniel about the heat. Noone was doing anything, and he wanted to know what he should do?

"Joe, if the weather doesn't break in the next 24 hours, have everything moved inside." Joe told Daniel he would do that. The next morning the Sahara heat wave broke and winds moving east from the Atlantic terminated the heat wave and the 2 p.m. King of the Round Table game sold out. The 5 p.m. Musical Bois, likewise. Joe looked skyward and said 'thank you'. On the beaches the fucking and suckling resumed.

There was more good news. B.T.W., through the Hotel Boi, was able to produce fifteen under ten year old boi's. Daniel contacted Mr. Rogerio, who was ecstatic. He agreed to go it with fifteen under 10 and fifteen 10 and over. The party was set and Daniel deposited the 1 million Euro note. His trip to Los Angeles for little Timmy's party was a success fifteen times over. he would have all the bois at the Mansion in five days, he walked around his office singing.

Daniel decided that he would take to launch to Athens to pick up the first five to arrive. He was there waiting when the B.T.W. 747 landed. The set of twins, Alex and Axle, and the triplets, Roy, Robbie, and Randy were led off by Marcel. Daniel waved and Marcel acknowledged it.

"Daniel, here are the first batch for you, the day after tomorrow René will have the rest in tow." Daniel asked how they got roped into this job. "My friend we were there and got a fax from Brussels who asked us, how can you turn them down. They are tired so they will sleep." Daniel took charge as Marcel headed into the terminal to catch a plane to Paris.

Daniel gathered his five charges and drove them to the pier. He put them on the launch. They sat on the benches and looked sleepy eyed at the water. Daniel surprised them as they closed in on ARGOS. "Ok bois, take off all your clothes. Pleasure bois never wear clothes." They all began to strip, with the exception of Randy. "Why?" He asked. Daniel gave him a stern look and Randy stripped before the rest finished.

Timmy was standing on the dock and waving to the five. They began to wave back seeing a friend. The launch tied up. Timmy and the first five were laughing and embracing. "Wow! Kids my own age, so kewl." Robbie, Roy, and Randy asked him, "Do we get to swim here?" Timmy grinned, "Yes. If we can get to the water before a Patron get's you!" All six blue eyes got big thinking that a Patron just might be a monster of sorts. "What are Patrons?" Robbie meekly asked. Timmy looked at them, "They are things with big cock that fuck you!" Then he laughed.

Just then a Patron walked by. "Can I have one of these?" He asked. Daniel shook his head, "Just got here, haven't processed them, you'll just have to do with what we already have on hand." Trying to make a joke out of it. The Patron smiled and headed to the beach. "Who was that?" Roy asked. "He was a Patron, Roy." Daniel said. Randy gave Timmy a shot in the arm. "Well they still fuck you, that's what we're here for." Timmy replied rubbing his shoulder.

Daniel took the bois in to the building and brought them into the office. "Joe, we're here." Daniel said and Joe walked into Daniel's office. "The first five. I already have the necklaces and anklets on your desk, Dan." Daniel thanked him and they placed the jewelry on each boi. "Why do we where these, Mr. Jefferson?" Axel asked. "It's for identification, and your room number, you look at the rosters and you find your number and you know what to do and where to go."

In unison Axel and his twin Alex said, "Kewl!" The new naked five were let to the dining room and the cook asked, "What would you beauties like?" Almost in unison the five and Timmy yelled, "Pizza!" Joe, who had taken charge of the band just shook his head. "Who knows any kid who won't ask for pizza." The old cook smiled, "What do you want? I will make you all your own, just line up."

Fed, the five showered. Joe watched them to make sure they showered and all the soap got out of their hair. Timmy for some reason was showering just like the others. They were taken to their rooms. Each boi had his own. "OK, first rule, keep it neat. Two, only one boi to a room, got it?" They nodded and Joe knew they were just nodding to get him to stop with the rules. "Now, #3, no rough housing in your room. You will have Patron's to take care of and they want sex, that means sucking and fucking, but if anyone tries to hurt you in any way, scream and kick him in the balls and run to me, Daniel, a Staff person, or one of the older bois. Boris, the fifteen year old Russian boi is someone even I won't fuck with, and he frowns on anyone hurting the smaller ones." Robbie nudged Roy saying, "First thing, make friends with Boris." Roy nodded.

Daniel met the jet the next day to pick up the rest of the bois. He had brought Boris with him. There were too many bois for one person to handle and he didn't want to lose any. He counted as each came off the B.T.W. 747. The two fraternal twins, Lenny and Dylan, were first followed by Ralph, Omar, Tenchi, Ivan, Alexi, Vlady, and last, Pauli. He quickly rounded them up and he and Boris drove quickly to the launch and placed them on it. Boris gave them all a stern stare and they got no trouble.

As they got close to the island Boris said in accented English, "Strip." In a flash each and every new boi was as naked as the day they were born. Boris smiled and nodded. Timmy and the others were waiting for the new Pleasure bois. They waved and jumped up and down, Joe just shook his receding head of hair. The line traipsed into the building where they got their orientation, necklaces, and anklets.

They were fed , showered, and given the room that corresponded with their individual numbers. They were told that in two days they would go to Italy for the party. To bois this young, Italy was just around the corner. It was decided that the ten, including Timmy, would not be given out on ARGOS. Daniel wanted then fresh for the party. If the Patrons found out there were fresh Pleasure bois they would devour their boi holes hard and deep.

Two days later Daniel gathered up all thirty, put them on two launches, and headed for Athens. All of the bois were dressed in the B.T.W. Colors; dark blue shorts, powder blue tee's, and blue running shoes with powder blue crew socks. René and Marcel met them at the dock, they had been detailed to help Daniel bring off this venture.

"Daniel my friend, so nice to see you again!" René said smiling and shook Daniel's hand. He handed Daniel and letter from Brussels telling him that after the orgy, he was to give ten of those ten and under to René and Marcel for a video venture entitled; "10 labs, 10 bois, what and orgy!" Daniel immediately looked at Timmy smiling. "Timmy, want to go to Paris with René and Marcel after this is over?"

Timmy jumped up, "Another doggie video Daddy?" Daniel smiled, "Yes sport, just what you wanted. Now I want you to pick the 9 others to go with you." Timmy beamed, he was given some responsibility and he felt really important. He looked them over astutely. "I'll take Ralph, Alex, and Axel." Then thought more about the others, "I'll also take Randy, Roy, and Robbie." That made 7. This was going to be hard the 7 year old thought. "OK Dad, Tenchi, Omar and, and, and Pauli, that's ten Dad, ok?" Daniel grinned and Rene and Marcel chuckled, Timmy was sweating.

René and Marcel also greeted the over 10's, Tyler (Timmy's older brother), Galen, Mark, Luc, and his twin Marc. Wilhelm, Franz, Sven (his alabaster skin made him almost white-white), Vladimir, Tran, Garth, Shamus (the Irish alto), Antonio, Georgie, and Edward. Off to the side René and Marcel were picking out the ones they wanted to use in the video's after they made their 10 and under epic.

Daniel took the 10 and unders in the first Lear. They landed on Rogerio's airstrip and he deplaned with his fifteen. The second Lear landed with the over 10's. Rogerio looked them all over, wringing his hands. "Lovely, just lovely, I am giving myself a party and I am so excited. Now take them all in and my staff has all the instructions, please hurry!"

The boi's were bathed and prepped. The butler looked over the thirty bois. He first pointed to the triplets, "Grapes" and they were taken by a staff member. He walked up and down. He had already been given instructions for Timmy and pointed at him, "Cake" and a Pastry chef took him by the hand. He tapped Ralph, Alex, and Axel on the head, "Cheese platters" and another staff member took the three. He looked at all the bois and pointed at Tyler, Galen, Mark and Garth, "Wine bearers" and they were led off.

He now had his hand on his chin, the he smiled and tapped Lenny & Dylan on the shoulders, "Bread and rolls" a staff member took them away. He grabbed the biggest of the boi's Wilhelm, Marc, Luc and Franz, "Fans" and clapped his hands, two big blacks took them away. He quickly pointed at the three Eastern-Europeans Ivan, Vlady and Alexi "Towels and finger bowls." He turned quickly and pointed at Omar, Tenchi, and Pauli, "Fruits." Smiling his pointed at Sven, Georgie and Garth, "Sausages and Lunch meats."

"Now for the cocksuckers," he had Vladimir, Tran, Shamus, Edward and Antonio, that gave him five very different looking Bois. "You five will be roving cocksuckers, any party goers who wants you to pleasure them, you do it, understand. The five nodded and smiled. All servers and Pleasurers were naked with the exception of grape leaves woven into their hair.

The twenty nine guests arrived and were given togas to wear. They looked over the bois. "Rogerio you said there would be one for each of us." A guest asked. Rogerio grinned, "See the pillows? They have an envelope on each. The pillow you take has the name of your boi for the night. The guests smiled and chuckled. Rogerio had thought of everything. While the bois were on the Lears they viewed a video by a Pleasure boi named Tristan who gave them quick instructions on how to pleasure their man that night. It was entitled "Tristan Time!"

Music was being played as the first trays were brought in. The first were grapes, white, red and black. On each tray lay a boi. Robby covered across his nipples and crotch, the succulent places hidden. Roy with the reds, and Randy covered with blacks. Bunches were plucked to give the men lovely views. Next a platter carrying Omar and figs, Tenchi and sliced oranges and Tangerines, and finally Pauli covered with ripe strawberries.

Tyler, Galen, and Mark walked among the men with carafes of Fume Blanc, Rose, and Chianti, filling each glass as they were emptied. Tyler almost dropped his when a party goer began to wank him, rolling a calloused thumb over his penis head. "Please, Sir. Let me put the wine down, I don't want to spill any." The man released him and Tyler breathed a sigh of relief.

The five selected to suck cock were at work fulfilling their assigned tasks admirably, as more trays entered the party. First were Lenny and Dylan. Sour dough rolls covered Lenny and an assortment of sliced Pumpernickel, Rye, Whole Wheat, and white Breads. The next were Ralph with sliced Swiss and Provolone, Axel with mild, medium and sharp yellow cheeses, and finally Alex with Munster, Monterey Jack, and Havarti slices that surrounded and covered certain parts of their bodies.

Next followed Sven surrounded with Pimento loaf and Hot Salami, Georgie covered in assorted sausages, and Garth covered in mild Italian Salami and triangles of other assorted meats. Vlady, Ivan, and Alexi followed holding towels and finger bowls with warm water to cleans fingers. Each goer was lying on pillows and was told not to open their envelops until after the cake.

Last, but not least came a four tiered cake. Everyone applauded as four of the staff carried the cake. They started to sing the birthday song to the birthday boy when from the top jumped up Timmy. He wore a ribbon that dropped from his shoulder around his stiff boi-cock and up his back. It read "ANYTHING YOU WISH!" Rogerio jumped up and grabbed Timmy. "My friends open your envelopes and call out the name and that will be my present to you for the night."

Timmy lay on the bed propped up by his elbows grinning. He jumped up hopped off the bed, grabbed Rogerio by the stiff cock and pulling him said, "Let's take a shower!" Rogerio stripped with Timmy's help. Each soaped up and Timmy quickly rinsed off, he grabbed a second portable shower nozzle and rinsed off the man's purple mushroom cock and quickly licked it, his small red tongue dug into the piss slit and wiggled. Timmy felt the man shudder and say, "Holy Mother what a tongue!" Timmy giggled.

In the hall men sat or lay around on the large pillows plucking grapes, the bois still surrounded by the fruit, Every once in a while a Patron would tweak the boi's red cap atop his already hard boi-cock. Finally one opened his envelope. "Who is Tyler?" He said with a thick French accent. Tyler walked up holding his wine pitcher "That's me, Sir." The man looked him up and down, "bon bon!" He said this smiling and took the boy's butt cheek "bon bon." He exclaimed again. "Put the wine down. I must fuck you." Tyler grinned, put down the decanter and yelled, "Yippee!" He jumped into the man's arms. His red tongue flicked a brown rubber nipple then asked what 'bon bon' meant? The man's mouth released his ear, "Sweet, it means sweet." Tyler's slim fingers surrounded the man's fat penis and licked the head, "bon bon." He looked up and smiled.

Timmy pushed the man onto the bed and climbed atop of Rogerio's chest, his little cock was hard and he poked Rogerio's closed mouth. "Oooohhhh, tight." Then he giggled. He bent over he began licking straight down the center until he found the man's 'outie' belly button. His red tongue circled it. Rogerio's cock throbbed as the boi's butt cheeks slid down and folded around it. "Good Lord I want to fuck you so bad."

Timmy heard a groan as his red tongue skidded down the underside of the man's cock. The red tip made a zigzag trail to the hairy ball sac and sucked in the right and then the left. He went back and forth, they got very hard. Timmy's brown covered head looked up and grinned like the imp he was. Rogerio looked at the head as it worked down farther.

Timmy pushed the legs farther apart until the asshole was in direct line with his red tongue. Rogerio heard more giggling then felt a stab, a dig in, and then wiggling. "Mother Fucker!" He moaned, and more uncontrolled giggling. Back up he worked until his mouth covered the deep purple mushroom, his rosy cheeks full of hot cock. Rogerio propped himself on his elbows and smiled as Timmy slurped and sucked his cock, still he wanted the fleshy stalk deep into the bois bowels.

"I know you suck cock well, but let's see how you bounce on my cock." Timmy's mouth released the hard weapon. It slid out and down his chin. He crawled up and placed the throbbing weapon at his lubed entrance. He slid it back and forth as he teased Rogerio. The man gritted his teeth, his brown eyes opened wide, his cock slowly disappeared into the boi's sweet body.

Timmy's butt nestled into the crop of course black hair, he giggle again because the hair tickled. He began a rhythmic bounce up and down on the Italian's hard sausage. He clamped down hard to make the glove tighter. Rogerio moaned and groaned, his sperm was boiling in his overweight body. This was one hell of a birthday present he had given himself. He thought even more, he would book a cruise and of course a week in Rio for Carnival, the fun was on Channel 6969 and he didn't want to miss it.

He felt a hard clamp on his cock, he was trying to think of anything to keep the sperm in his cock. The boi's giggles made it almost impossible to keep concentration on anything else but the imp on his cock, "Oh fuck this was so good!" Rogerio moaned. Timmy kept it up, he clamped and made it feel like his boi-pussy was sucking his cock, how could the kid do such things to him, his cock was leaking, he was almost there and Timmy could sense it, he bounced up and down faster.

Rogerio's eyes got wide, he grabbed Timmy's slim hips and pushed up and a geyser picked the boi up and then he settled back down as Rogerio filled his small colon with his hot creamy juices. "I feel it! I feel it! Ooohhh, its so warm and gooey! I feel it leaking out of me and down the back of my legs, boy you sure cum a lot!" Then Timmy bounced up and down harder and giggled louder.

After the party the bois were rounded up. René gathered the ten he had singled out for the new video. The other twenty were flown back to ARGOS for the paying Patrons to sample. René put his on the other Lear and they flew off to Paris and his vineyard. He and Marcel had it already set up, the boi's would rest and then the next day they could meet and get familiar with the ten Labrador Retrievers thet would have as their co-stars.

Timmy sat next to René. "René, I'm I going to be with Kato again, ain't I?" The Frenchman grinned at the little lad, "If you want, I have over twenty males there, you just might want another variety, no?" Timmy thought a bit, "No, I liked Kato's cock. It was so hot and it found places inside of me I never knew i had. I had a dry cum. Maybe I can have a wet one this time!" René could only shake his head, the boi asked so many questions.

The landed at Orly, the limo was there to transport them to Rene's. He and Marcel showed the ten their rooms, then to the dining room for dinner. The group played Wii and then one by one fell asleep and had to be carried to their rooms. Tomorrow would be a very busy day.

René had four cameras to catch all the action. Each boy had been bathed and prepped. Each was amply sprayed with "Bitch in Heat." They wanted all of the canines to be amply charged. Timmy walked down the kennel just to make sure he got the right lab. Kato saw him and started wining. Timmy had made his choice, "I want Kato's cock again, René."

The boi's were positioned in a circle. Alex and Axel had chosen to litter mated Romulus and Remus. All of the labs had a name from history. Timmy's buddy Ralph was paired up with El Cid. It was Roy and Napoleon, Robby and Cardinal Richelieu, Randy and Lafayette. Tenchi replaced Pauli who was scared of dogs. He was paired with De Gaul. Lenny and Dylan with Hammit and Hemmingway.

Each boi held his dog by the front foot and each knew the word that sent them into action on each young boi. René clapped his hands, "monter!" Each canine hopped up and on the respective boi. Timmy moaned, "What a hot cock." It was Ralph that really yelled out, "Oh God! Momma, it's so big!" Timmy started giggling, "Wait until the knot." He busted up when Ralph yelled out again, "What was that?" Timmy tried to say knot, but he couldn't get the word out.

Kato had Timmy by the waist, his nine hot inches pounded back and forth. Timmy couldn't move, the knot held him in place. The boi's body was absorbing the hard pounding. Timmy yelled to Kato, "Fuck me Kato, fuck me with that beautiful cock! I love it so much!" Each of the ten boi's were taking it and loving it. Alex's blond head lay on the grass, he was moaning, and pushing back with head cock driving lunge Romulus gave him. His twin was moaning, "Oooohhhh, oooohhhh, it's so big, so hot in me, he keeps shooting in me!"

One by one the boi's felt hot canine cum blast into their slim bodies. "He's cumming, he's cumming, there is so much, it running down my legs!" Tenchi screamed. "There's gobs in me, I can't believe how much he's shooting in me!" Dylan was moaning and bouncing his head on the grass. His twin looked at him, "I wonder what it tastes like, it's so hot." The cameramen were zooming in and out to capture each and every plunge into their bodies.

René stood off to the side smiling, this was going to be a winner, 10 dogs, 10 boi's what a fucking epic. Cum was running down each and every leg. Gooey white rings formed at the base of each red cock. It was all caught on film!

Back on the island Galen and Mark eased out of the building to take a morning swim. They figured that the patrons would be sleeping in. They stepped into the deep blue Aegean and dove in. The water was warm from the hot day before. They splashed and kicked at each other. This was 'their time.' They shook the water out of their mops of hair and looked up. To their surprise stood eight Patrons, very erect and very ready.

Galen and Mark shrugged, grinned at each other and slowly approached the eight men and eyed the hard cocks. "Galen, looks like a gangbang is in order." Mark commented as four took Galen to one blanket and the other four took Mark. Each under a blue B.T.W. umbrella. The boi's took a hard cock in each hand felt another slide up and into their ready boi-holes and wrapped the forth between sucking wet lips. Fucking, sucking and wanking was going full throttle.

Each Pleasure boi threw themselves into making the Patron's as happy as they could. Mark felt one try to break away the push his cock in with another. The Patron held him tightly and pushed atop of the one below and Mark felt the second cock enter is ravished boi-pussy. Mark moaned over the cock in his mouth as the two in his body pounded him unmercifully. They couldn't shake them so he went with the flow.

The tightness was the only thing that made it bearable the two came quickly and fell away. Mark was able suck off the other two, while Galen wanked off two, hands covered with creamy ooze, fuck off one and suck off the last. The two boi's were then able to enjoy a leisurely swim. The deep blue Aegean was just 'da bomb'!

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