Gay Experiences Chapter 1

by Mark <>

I thought that as I have enjoyed reading other peoples experiences, others may enjoy reading my experiences even though it all started a good number of years ago.

This is a true account of what happened to me all those years ago, and it is true what they say, you never forget your first time.

It had started when I was 12, my friend Martin and I had skipped school, it was a warm afternoon and we were kicking a ball around a field having a laugh, I was hot so had taken my jumper and shirt off, Martin had done the same and we had used them as goal posts. When we had finished we went and sat in the shade to cool down a bit, we were just 2 boys having a laugh and a joke about all sorts of things. I decided to lay down on the grass using my jumper as a pillow, we were chatting and somehow the subject got round to sex, martin asked if I had ever seen any of my sisters naked, I said I had, we started talking about it and I said that I didn't want to talk about it anymore cos it makes my dick go hard just thinking about it, he said he could see that and when I looked down there was a tent in the front of my trousers, I could feel myself blushing but Martin said don't worry about it and with that he put his hand on my bulge and kissed me on the lips, I didn't know what to do, I could feel that he was rubbing my dick through my trousers, then I could feel his tongue against my lips, it just seemed natural to open my mouth and there we were laying in the grass snogging, I felt him undo my fly and his hand went inside to play with my cock and balls, I had never looked at another bloke before but I was enjoying this. It was getting late so we decided to stop what we were doing and wait until the weekend as it was only 2 days away and we could spend all day "playing".

On Saturday morning I was up washed and dressed in no time at all, my mum did ask what was going on, but I just told her that me and Martin had arranged to have a game of football with some of the guys from school, but even so, there were still a few things I had to do before I was allowed out, like help around the house, and go to the shops for few things, I finally got to Martins house which was 3 miles from mine at 11 o'clock, I was so excited and had a semi as I walked to his front door, when I knocked his mum answered the door only to tell me that he had been grounded for a week, no one was allowed in and he wasn't allowed out!!

What was I to do now, I went to the local park to have a think, could I put a plan in place that would get him out?

I was thinking that maybe my mum could phone his mum and say we had a football match to go to or some thing like that, when I got to the park, I needed a pee, so went into the gents.

It was a bit dim in there and as my eyes adjusted to the light, I noticed a guy standing at the urinal, it was one of those where you pee up against a wall and it runs in a gully not the individual urinals.

Anyway I am still debating about martin and notice that this guy keeps looking at me, when I look down in the gully there is nothing running down it from him, so he is not peeing, just standing there and keeps looking over his shoulder to me, he can see my dick because I am not the shy type and point it to the corner when using a public loo, it wasn't very big but I wasn't ashamed of it, so I decide that if he wants to see it, then who am I to stop him, and move my fingers to the base so he can get a good view. I am running my fingers back and forth over my dick as if "milking" the last drops of pee out of it, but its also started to get hard and lift, when the guy saw this he turned so I could see his cock, all I could say was "wow" it was really big and by now mine was pointing to the sky, "lets go into the cubicle" he said, and without a word in I went, once in there he locked the door and lifted me up to stand on the toilet which made me a bit taller than him.

He took my t-shirt off and hung it on the back of the door and started running his hands over my body, kissing my neck and my ears while his hands pinched my nipples, then his hands went round to my arse cheeks as he planted his lips onto mine, I felt his tongue push against my lips and opened my mouth to let it in.

I only had on a pair of football shorts and briefs under them and as he kissed me he pushed them down to my ankles, he stopped kissing me he took of his shirt and trousers and helped me step out of the shorts and now apart from a pair of trainers and socks, I was totally naked, he couldn't get enough of me, his hands and mouth searched every inch of my body, I loved it as he licked my arse and buried his tongue in my virgin hole, by the time he got to my dick I was begging him to suck and when he did my god I thought I was in heaven, my body started to shake and finally my orgasm erupted, it was my first time of a wet cum and I just collapsed into his arms, he once again put his lips to mine, I opened my mouth and got my first taste of spunk, he had kept my cum in his mouth and now we were sharing it, at first I thought it was a bit yuk, but after a while I thought it tasted nice and my tongue was in his mouth searching for every drop.

Now it was my turn, he still had his briefs on and there was a damp patch on the front of them, I worked my way down his body till my face was level with his dick, I was nervous, and he must have realised this as he said "take your time, and don't do anything you don't want to do"

I slowly eased his briefs down and his dick sprung free, I pushed his briefs down to his knees, I ran my hands back up his legs to his balls, they felt great, all big and hairy, my hands then went to his dick, it was like a piece of rock and as I brought my hands up it, my mouth went down onto it, at first I licked it running my tongue around the head the taste of his juices were nice and I heard him moan, I opened my mouth and took the head into it, but it was big and I was worried I wouldn't be able to take it, but again he said "take your time"

I closed my mouth as best I could around him and started to play with the head with my tongue, my hands were still playing with his balls as I slowly started to slide his dick further in to my mouth, I was getting used to this and began to take it deeper, I left me left hand playing with his balls and moved the right one between his legs to play with his arse as he had done to me, this got him moaning and I could feel his hands on the back of my head and his hips start to move in time with my mouth, I was really getting used to this and his dick was going further and further in, I could feel it going to the back of my throat, his balls were getting really tight and suddenly he stiffened, grunted and I felt the first shot of cum, I gagged on it and as the next load came I choked and it ran down my chin and down my chest, but I got it under control, swallowed some and kept some in my mouth, I wanted to return what he had done and kiss him with some in my mouth.

When he had finished shooting his load, I stood up onto the toilet and kissed him, he instantly opened his mouth and we shared his cum, he then licked it of my chin, and chest, and all the way down to my dick again, after he had cleaned me up we got dressed, he checked outside to be sure no one was there and after a thank you and kiss we left and I never saw him again.

But that wasn't my only encounter with an adult, but that's for another time. So look out for "my second gay encounter" coming soon.