Date: 2nd July 2007

From: Mark <>

Subject: Gay Experiences, Chapter 2

First I would just like to thank all of you who emailed me with complements and constructive criticism over chapter 1, I honestly didn't expect it and hope you enjoy this next encounter as much.

Mine and Martin's first time together was a few days after my previous encounter, we had skipped school and had decided to go to an empty house not far from the school, we had been in there a few times for a smoke, so knew how to get in and as not many people knew about it, we felt safe enough to be able to enjoy each other.

We went into the house and decided that it would be best if we went upstairs that way if anyone did come in we would have time to hide should they come upstairs.

We went into one of the bedrooms and laid down on the carpet, I was on my back and Martin was next to me propped up on one arm, he leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth, and initially, I kissed him with a closed mouth but as I felt his tongue against my lips I opened them and our tongues met.

It was one of those slow enjoyable types not all rushed and hungry, as we kissed I could feel his hand running down my body, over the waist band of my trousers to the bulge and as he started to rub it I couldn't help but let out a moan.

We broke the kiss, and I just laid there looking into his eyes as he rubbed my dick through the cloth of my trousers and briefs, I raised my hand and found his rock hard dick and started rubbing it at this point the closed his eyes and let out a moan of enjoyment and with my free hand I started unbuttoning my shirt, when Martin opened his eyes and saw this he knew what to do and went straight down and started sucking and nibbling my nipples oh heaven, I could feel him trying to undo my fly, so as a bit of help I undid my belt and the button at the top of my trousers, this gave him free access into my trousers and at first he continued to rub my dick through my briefs.

But I wanted to see his cock, and started to undo his fly, when it was down I slipped my hand in and thought wow what a cock, his was bigger than mine in length and thickness and he was uncut, by now Martin was up on his knees and kissing me all the way down my body, I lift my bum as I felt him tugging a bit on my trousers and he pulled them down to my thigh but my cock was still confined and aching in my briefs, as he neared them he removed his hand and replaced it with his mouth, he was sucking my cock through my briefs and his hands had pushed my trousers all the way down to my ankles.

I said that I think we should both strip of which was a bit funny as apart from a pair of briefs I was almost naked anyway. He agreed but asked me to keep my briefs on as he wanted to take them off, so I just had to kick my shoes and trousers off and then remove my open shirt, Martin did the same then went back to work on my cock, he was really enjoying sucking it through my briefs, so I decided to do the same to him and we got into a 69 but after a little while I pulled his briefs down because I wanted to see that cock and taste it and when it sprung free it looked great.

I first started licking and sucking on his balls, and I knew he was enjoying it as I could feel and hear him groaning, he pushed my briefs down to my ankles and as I bent my knees to allow him to take them off I felt his tongue slide down to my bum and as I went to straighten my leg he grabbed it to keep it bent, by this time I had his cock in my mouth and he was humping his hips so I was too busy gagging on his cock to be able to say anything, but I was starting to enjoy it, so much so that I started lifting my hips up to meet his mouth, he got the hint because he lifted both legs up and put each leg under an arm so not only were my cock and balls there for him but so was my arse, and he licked and sucked everything there, I was going wild with enjoyment this was really heaven and I just couldn't take anymore, Martin just got my cock in his mouth as I shot my load and he swallowed every drop of it, but as I shot he took his cock out of my mouth and although I tried to put it back he wouldn't let me, when I had finished he licked all around my balls to make sure he hadn't missed any, he then explained that he wanted to cum after I had finished, so I said ok and he knelt beside me and I started working on his wonderful cock again oh it as just great, I was playing with his balls while sliding his cock in and out of my mouth, I could taste his pre-cum which was nice and I was looking forward to feeling him shoot into the back of my throat mmm boy was I looking forward to this when all of a sudden he pulls out of my mouth, pushed my down and he shoots his load all over my cock and balls, I could feel his cum trickling down to my arse, I said oi, I wanted that, so he said here you can have what's left which wasn't much but tasted really good, while I slurped on his cock he buried his face into my groin and started licking all his cum from me, he once again put my legs under his arms and he went to work on my cock, balls and arse all over again.

After we had finished we just lay there in each others arms enjoying the moment and having a kiss and cuddle, it was only when Martin looked at his watch did we realise that we had been there for two and a half hours, school would soon be kicking out and it was time to go home, so we got dressed and as we left the house, we saw a friend of ours Neil standing in a bush in the gardens of the house wanking, we just stopped and watched him, it was a lovely site and Martin started rubbing my cock again through my trousers, Neil didn't know we were there and the site of him shooting his load into a bush was really something, me and Martin crept back to the house and I said to martin that maybe we should invite Neil along next time we skip school, to which he agreed, we went back into the garden and found Neil and asked him what he was doing he said just waiting for school to kick out, he asked what we had been doing so we said in the house having a smoke, it was then that Martin suggested that next time we skip school why don't we all go together and we all agreed it would be fun if we did.

A couple of days later I saw Neil and he asked if I fancied skipping school that afternoon as he didn't fancy the lessons he had, I said that Martin wasn't at school because he was ill but that I would still skip school with him, we decided to leave it till lunch time before deciding where we were going to go.

At lunch time we met at the back gate and Neil suggested that we go to the old house, he had some cards on him so we wouldn't get bored, so I said ok let go.

Once in the house, Neil suggested that we sit upstairs that way if anyone came in they wouldn't know we were there and we wouldn't be disturbed, so upstairs we went.

We sat in the same bedroom that me and Martin had been in a couple of days before and Neil asked me what card games did I know, I said not many so he said he would teach me how to play poker.

Well the first few hands went ok, he showed me were I was going wrong and stuff like that and he won the first dozen or so hands, then I started winning and I seemed to have got the hang of the game, it was then that Neil suggested that we play for something, I said like what, I don't have any money, so he said items of clothes, strip poker, I said ok I am up for that and we made sure we both had the same number of items on. I soon learnt not to trust some one who has shown you a new game, it didn't take long and I didn't have a lot left on, just my briefs.

Neil had lost a couple of hands too and was down to his shirt and briefs and I lost the next hand, which meant I was now naked and yes I had a hard on which I was trying to hide as I wasn't too sure about Neil. It was then Neil asked why I was being shy with him as I wasn't that shy with Martin a few days ago, at first I told him I didn't know what he was talking about, he then explained in detail what he had seen me and Martin doing when he had come up the stairs the other day, I didn't know what to do, but decided on a bit of pay back and asked if he had enjoyed his wank in the bushes on the same day, he went bright red as I explain how Martin and me had seen him wanking in the bush, but then I also explained that was why we had invited him to skip school with us because we liked the site of his cock.

We just sat there looking at each other not really knowing what to do, after a few seconds, I moved the cards out the way and moved over to sit in front of him, I reached out and unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off him, I then laid him down onto the carpet and started kissing him from his neck down, he had lovely nipples and I enjoyed sucking and nibbling them, as I worked my way down his body, over his belly button to the waist band of his briefs I could see how turned on he was, I slipped my fingers into his briefs and started to slide them down, he lifted his bum of the floor to make it easier, then his cock sprung free it came back with such a force it hit me on the cheek and as I pushed his briefs down I took his cock in my mouth.

I could feel him starting to play with my cock and I thought oh what the hell and put each of my knees on either side of his head which meant my cock was right over his mouth, he eventually took the hint and started sucking it and by now I was playing with his balls and his cock was disappearing down my throat. I could feel I was about to cum, and didn't really know if I should tell him or not, but as the pressure was building and I was trying to make a decision he shot his load into my mouth and that was me too as I couldn't hold back any more, I pushed my cock as far as I could into his mouth and shot my load, I was drinking it at one end and feeding him at the other, it was great.

After we had slurped up all the last drops from each other we got dressed, it was then we decided to play a prank on Martin, we wouldn't let him know that me and Neil had already had sex and when we all skipped school together, we would wait and see how long it would take Martin to make a move.

But my first three some is for another time.