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The Gay Scouts

Cast of Characters

David Smith

Nickname - Smitty. Likes young men as sex partners and has been a closeted boy lover since he turned 20 (more than 20 years ago).

He was lucky and won a small (relatively) Power Ball jackpot (only 26 million dollars) and after all the deductions collected about 16 million dollars. He invested his winnings and is living off of the income.

He purchased 100 acres of land and had a custom 12,000 sq ft home built with outbuildings and stables for the horses. The land includes a small lake which he has stocked.

Smitty loves horses and owns 4 Clydesdales (Sally, Jim, Clyde and Freda) and 4 saddle horses, 3 Buckskins (Cloud, Blaze and Buckshot) and an Appaloosa (Appy) (Rain).

He has all of the tack necessary to ride the saddle horses and the harnesses and wagon for a 4-up hitch (a 4 horse hitch) that he drives in local parades and at Rodeos.

One of the Clydesdales has been trained to ride with a saddle and he enters ridding events at Rodeos to provide some entertainment.

The Appy is a pure bred stallion and is basically a light rust red color with a black blanket with a stunning rain drop splatter pattern that is almost symmetrical with the smaller splatter drops surrounding the larger drops.

The buckskins are a uniform tan with black stockings and the black feral stripe from the mane to the tail. All are gentle for ridding; however, one has been trained for cutting and another for roping.

His home, barn, out buildings and the property line are protected by a sophisticated security system.

The video part of the system can monitor every room in the house, barn, other out buildings and the property line.

It is close to impossible to get onto the property or enter any of the buildings without setting off an alarm of some type.

The house is essentially a ranch style with a full basement.

Almost everything in the house is computer controlled and monitored. This includes windows, doors, shades, blinds, drapes etc. through the security system computer.

The security system has its own mainframe computer and UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) that provides the access to the World Wide Web through a dedicated T1 line for the workstations and/or laptops located in each room, the barn and all out buildings. The system has 10 terra bytes of data storage for music, movies and programs, etc.

In the house there are 8 bed rooms, each the size of a normal Master Bedroom, and a Master Bedroom Suite.

The Master Bedroom Suite is 1,000 square feet (sf) and the other 8 bedrooms are 400 sf each not counting the 4 large (200 sf) bath rooms which are shared by pairs of the bedrooms.

The Master Bedroom Suite is furnished with two 100 inch TV monitors one in the sitting area and the other is positioned to be viewed from the custom 1.5 King size bed with custom made head board and foot board.

The house has a formal dining room that can seat 40. The kitchen has an eat-in area that can seat 18. The kitchen is fully equipped with commercial style appliances; the 8 burner gas stove has two full size ovens. Next to the stove is a thermostatically controlled grill. The largest available Subzero refrigerator and a Subzero freezer are near the kitchen work areas, as well as a walk in pantry for dry goods and storage. The built in cabinets provide storage for all of the dishes and silverware and the requisite pots, pans and prep equipment.

In the back yard there is a large picnic area and a “L” shaped Olympic sized swimming pool. There are 8 swimming lanes that are 50 meters long and the diving area could be used for Olympic diving events. There is enough space around the pool to seat several hundred spectators.

The Media room can easily seat 30 in the tiered setting; in the love seats and large recliners. It includes a super large 150 inch flat screen TV that is 3D capable, a sophisticated surround sound system for realism when viewing movies.

The Hi-Tech audio/video system is interfaced to the computer system and can select from the comprehensive library of music and videos that can present the same or different songs or videos in every room, the barn and the back yard as well as the individual computers/work stations that are in every room.

The Game room has a full sized Billiards table, a full sized Pool Table, an area for English Pub style darts and a number of Pin Ball machines, electronic and other types of games.

A section of the basement is secured and guests are not normally allowed in the Dungeon as David is a BDSM Master and this is where he trains and secures slaves.

He can also restrain slaves in the Master Bedroom suite as the bed headboard and foot board have all of the necessary accouterments to restrain and manipulate a slave, as well as other hidden facilities in the Master Bed Room.

At least once a year David hosts a “by invitation only” BDSM party for other Masters and their slaves.

While not obvious the beds in the 8 bed rooms are also designed to accommodate restraints for the visiting Masters to use.

The Community

This is a small rural town, with a total population in the town and surrounding community that fluctuates from about 27,000 to about 28,000. While it is only about 60 miles or so from a Major Metropolitan area with a population of 1,000,000 or more it is very much a closed community.

There is a small shopping mall of about 30 stores and 2 major supermarkets near a major highway about 10 miles outside of the town.

The school system covers the spectrum from kindergarten through high school all housed in a single modern campus. The academic standards are high for all grades K through 12 and a high percentage of the high school graduates get scholarships to the schools of their choice.

The sports program in both the school and in the community is quite extensive for such a small community; all major sports, football, baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming and diving are available and some sports with as few as a half a dozen or so adherents are also encouraged by the community and facilities are available to them.

The area surrounding the town is rural and mostly farms, ranches and limited access housing. Even in the town the homes are often separated by at least 30, 40, 50 or more feet.

The police department consists or the Chief and 10 deputies to insure 24 X 7 X 365 coverage and at least a dozen more individuals who are police volunteers with police training and are deputized. They assist at special events where there are a lot of outsiders present.

The Fire Department has two engines, a water truck and 2 ambulances, the Fire Chief and the 10 firefighters are trained paramedics and provide 24 X 7 X 365 coverage. There are about 18 trained volunteers who can be called upon as needed.

The Police Department, jail (seldom used) and the Fire Department are housed in the same building as well as the 24 X 7 X 365; 911 emergency dispatcher.

The Town Hall is about 50 feet away with offices for the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and City Council members and the support staff, also a court room and a Judge who is on call as needed.

All of these people live in the community.


Thomas Alva Henderson, Sr.

Nickname - Tom.

Father of TJ,

Husband to Ruth

Ethnic background – Irish

Tom and his wife own and run the town’s hardware and feed store. They also own and operate a small cattle and horse ranch. They are considering obtaining an adjacent property to raise Bison commercially as well as Elk and Deer.

Tom is the one who was chosen to work on me to start the scouting program and convince me to participate in all aspects of it.

They are proud of their Irish ancestry and have researched its history, identified their tartan and have had kilts and period clothing made for the family; which they proudly wear on Saint Patrick’s Day and on any other special and not so special occasions when they feel the urge.

He and his wife are also part of the community wide, alternate life style that I was not aware of.


Ruth Liza Henderson, Sr.

Nickname - none

Mother of TJ

Wife to Tom

Ethnic background – Irish

She and her husband own and run the town’s hardware and feed store and their ranch. She is supportive of what Tom and TJ are trying to convince me of and is encouraging both Tom and TJ to aggressively pursue this program and me.

Ruth and her husband are also part of the community wide, alternate life style that I was not aware of.


Thomas Alva Henderson, Jr.

Nickname – TJ.

He is 13 years old at the start of this story.

Ruth and Tom’s son.

Ethnic background - Irish

He has dark red hair and just a hint of freckles. Due to his swimming and martial arts training he has a slim build and is developing a definition.

He has been around cattle and horses since an early age and helps to take care of the saddle horses at home. He has grown attached to my Clydesdales, especially my lead mare Sally.

He is an old west history buff and has a keen interest in firearms and hunting.

He has started puberty and has been ejaculating for 2 months at the start of this story, although he still hasn’t grown any pubic hair.

He outed himself to his friends, school mates and parents 6 months ago, but to date has only experimented with mutual masturbation. He is excited about the program not only for the scouting activities, but for the opportunity to experiment sexually.

He is musically inclined and plays both the acoustic and electric guitar. He has been in the school choir for 3 years.


Robert Burton Burgess

Nickname – Rob

He is 17 almost 18 at the start of this story

Ethnic background - English

Rob’s father (George) is an Attorney with a successful practice in town. Rob’s mother is one of the school guidance counselors and works with many of the community youth programs.

He has believed that he was Gay since he was 8, but has never had any sexual experiences, what he hasn’t learned about himself is that he is a submissive. He almost always gives in to doing the things others want to do even those who are 8 of more years younger than him.

He is conscientious and organized and likes a structured life, he can be spontaneous, but it is more of a conscious action rather than a reflex.

He tends to think things out before acting which sometimes makes him seem slow as he seldom expresses an opinion during a discussion. Once you get him started; however, he has a sharp analytical mind and a quick wit that is in contradiction to his normal everyday personality. While his personality seems to make him indecisive, he can and does make all necessary decisions even when it appears that he is deferring to someone else.

He will learn a lot about himself in this story.

He plays the clarinet and saxophone in the high school marching band.


Michael Arthur Washington III

Nickname – Mike

He is 16 at the start of this story

Ethnic background – African American by ancestry but his surname is English

His father is the Chief of Police and is liked and respected by everyone in the community. His mother is a registered nurse and works in the clinic.

On his mother’s side he has a remote relationship to Kunter Kinte of Roots and has researched his African ancestry and has found the rhythm of the African Djembe (Drum) soothing and has been learning the songs of Africa for 5 years and has performed them at school and before groups interested in African history.

He started a weight lifting program at 12 years old and has really developed his body, through weights, wrestling and other sports.

His weight lifting partner for the last two years has been CC as they live only two houses away from each other.

He outed himself a couple of years ago, but has had no sexual experiences with another male until the last two months when he and CC started experimenting with mutual masturbation.

The classic “Myth” about black males is true in his case as he already has a 5 inch flaccid and a 9 and a half inch erect penis.


Conrad Cordova

Nickname – CC (see see or perhaps more appropriately si, si)

He is 14 at the start of this story

Ethnic background – Spanish

His father is the Fire Chief and is active in all types of youth activities and programs as are all the members of the fire department. His mother is the local Real Estate agent who assisted me with the purchase of my land.

Classic Hispanic looks, Habla español¿ he will if necessary, but prefers English and speaks without an accent.

He has straight black hair that he usually wears in a pony tail that hangs half way down his back.

He is a gymnast, he has been taking lessons for 3 years, and his definition is developing. He has a special bag that he coils his hair into before practices and meets. He has thought about braiding his hair into a queue for the floor exercises.

He has been Mikes weight lifting partner since he was 12 and is using weight lifting to keep his body toned.

His mannerisms are slightly effeminate; perhaps there is an opportunity here.

He loves all types of music but has no interest in playing a musical instrument. His interests lie in the more physical expression of music in dance. He has been taking dance lessons for 3 years. He has recently been looking into the Spanish Flamenco Dance. Which role Female? Male? Both? Neither? Hummm

He is also well developed with 4 inches flaccid and 8 inches erect.


Aaron Alistair Addington

Nickname – Triple A

He is 12 at the start of this story

Ethnic background – from the stand point of his last name English. Both his parents were born in Jamaica. They met and got married in South Africa and moved back to Jamaica, where Aaron was born. While obviously of mixed race both he and his parents are light skinned and he is blond. They lived in Jamaica until he was seven and they moved to the states.

He found out at 8 that what was between his legs could be used for more fun things than just urinating. He has experimented with both girls and boys, but prefers boys, and is approaching puberty with gusto and panache.

His family has ties to Trinidad and Tobago, his Great, Great Grandparents moved to Jamaica from there. He has developed an interest in the music from Trinidad especially the Steel Drums.

The Twins

Jakob and Jason Toranaga

Nickname – Individually are often called Shogun. When they are together or talked about collectively they are simply known as the twins.

They are 11 at the start of this story

Ethnic background – Japanese

They are identical twins and other than their parents most people have no idea on how to tell them apart. Physically they are so close that their differences cannot be detected by looking at them as they are ¼ of an inch different in height and 1 pound different in weight. Their parents provided me with the secret of telling them apart so that they can’t try the switcheroo trick with me. At the start of the story, they don’t know that I know the secret of how to tell one from the other.

They have been actively oral with each other for over a year, but have not been inclined to bring someone else into their sexual excursions, but are interested in expanding their horizons.

While, the name Toranaga is fictional in James Clavell’s book Shogun, the story is based upon historical occurrences in the late 1500’s and early 1600’s. Their family can trace their lineage back to the actual shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu that the book is based upon.

They have been learning traditional Japanese music; Jakob the Koto which is a zither like instrument and Jason the Nohkan (bamboo flute) between them they can make some eerie sounds.


Anthony Tomas Vespucci

Nickname – Tony

He is 10 at the start of this story

Ethnic background – Italian

His father is the Mayor and is very popular and expects to hold the office for some time. His mother is an Administrative Assistance to the local District Attorney.

The typical classic Greco Roman olive skinned cutie. Capish l'italiano – Do you understand Italian? Oh Yes! Does he!

His family moved here from New York City when he was seven. Their neighborhood was a classic Italian area. Most of the men were dock workers and he learned all of the indelicate words before he started school. To say that he can swear like a dock worker is an understatement.

Most of the time he is mild mannered and has learned to speak excellent English with only a mild accent.

At an early age he learned the rough and tumble of the streets and takes a back seat to no one. He makes strong friendships and will defend his friends to the death. When he gets angry he lapsed back into Italian and lets you know what he thinks in no uncertain terms. When he calms down he can ever translate what he said, and surprisingly only a little of it is vulgar.

The Mandolin is a well-known stringed instrument of Italy, and Tony plays the traditional songs of Italy very well. He also developed an interest in an unusual wind instrument the Ocarina or Sweet Potato and experiments with it to make weird and eerie sounds


James Alexander Hamilton

Nickname – Jim

He is 9 at the start of this story

Ethnic background – English on his Father’s side and German on his Mother’s side

Sprechen Sie Deutsches (Do you speak German?) Ja herr Smith (yes Mr. Smith)

Both his mother and father lived in Germany as children and attended German Schools. They graduated from German High School 1 year apart and met in College; both were studying languages and wanted to be translators for the UN. Both have a natural ability for languages and between them speak 10 different languages in addition to German and English.

When they graduated college and applied to the UN they were unable to obtain positions even though they were excellent translators they had no experience in instant translation. They moved here and opened a translation business; they also provided language tutoring and when the schools language teacher moved they were hired to provide the schools language program.

Jim’s parents exposed him to multiple languages since birth and he has taken to German as his second language and is fluent in it.

While he enjoys the language lesson from his parents, he is already a computer nerd (Genius) and wants to develop a new programming language that is more universal.

Drums are his passion and while he has only been learning for 6 months, he has managed to go from discordant sounds to rhythms that are pleasant, at least to a drummer’s ear.


Henry Foster Renfrew

Nickname – Hank

His is 8 at the start of this story

Ethnic background – Scottish

While he is astounding intellectually when challenged, he is just like any other boy his age physiologically; except for his appetites and willingness to experiment physically. He is willing to take on just about any physical challenge and is seemingly without fear.

His family knows their highland tartan and they all have kilts and other traditional dress of their Clan.

His father is trying to teach him to play the bagpipes, but so far he has only managed to make a lot of loud squawking noises.

The things that he has already done will be surprising and he is fully aware of what it all is. His IQ has tested in the low Genius level and while aware of his intellectual abilities, he does not flaunt it or put older boys or girls down who don’t have the knowledge and skills he already has and is learning.

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