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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 2 The Next Day

As I headed home with my mind all a jumble, I realized that I was driving on autopilot and had missed my turn and had to double back to my road, paying a lot closer attention to my driving.

Having arrived home and checking to see that everything was Ok, I headed for bed expecting a night of tossing and turning and was surprised when I woke up at my normal time after a good night's rest.

I got dressed and went out to take care of the morning responsibilities to my horses. This allowed me to postpone thinking about the bomb shell that had dropped in my lap last night.

Horses require that you pay attention to what you are doing or you can get hurt, and even though the Clydesdales are very gentle they are also very big and can hurt you unintentionally.

I turned the Buckskins and Appy out to pasture and just opened the top half of the outside stall doors to air the place out. Clydesdales being very smart sensed something was different today and you could almost see an expression in their actions and postures that they were excited and looking forward to the surprise.

I finished up and headed for the house to take care of the morning 3 S's (shit, shower and shave) since I have a full beard the shave part is only 2 or 3 times a week.

Cleaned up and dressed I headed for the kitchen and started preparing breakfast.

At about 10 minutes to eight the buzzer on the front gate sounded, I have a really good security system that I can control with a remote or computer consoles that are all over the house and the outbuildings.

I checked the security camera and could see Tom and TJ waiting in Tom's pickup at my front gate. I turned on the microphone and speaker and said, "Good morning, breakfast is almost ready, come on up." pushing the key combination that opens the front gate to let them in.

TJ leaned across his father and yelled out the window, "I'm hungry." to which both Tom and I chuckled, typical teenager.

I checked to see that nothing was going to burn and headed for the front door, as I opened it they were just pulling up. The pickup had hardly stopped when TJ bounced out and rushed up my front porch and gives me as tight of a hug as a 13 year old can manage, "Good morning Smitty, is breakfast ready?" again, typical teenage priorities.

I looked at him seriously and ask, "What no Mr. Smith today?"

He smiled and replied, "Nope I learned my lesson yesterday, besides I know you would tickle me until I peed in my pants and my father would just stand there and let you, more than likely he would help."

"Ok, off to the kitchen then." giving him a smack on the butt.

He responded by turning his head sticking his tongue out at me and running toward the kitchen.

While all that was going on, Tom had parked his truck and ambled up to the entry way; we said good morning shook hands and followed TJ.

When we arrived in the kitchen TJ was standing in front of the stove sniffing at the covered pots and pans trying to figure out what they had in them.

I have an eat-in kitchen as well as a formal dining room so we wouldn't be far from the stove.

"Ok," I said, "there is a name card at your place so you will know where to sit."

TJ went to the table and saw that the card at that side had his father's name on it, and the one on the end of the table was the one he had corrected last night. He looked over at me and smiled, then went around to the other side and stared at the place card.

It said, 'TJ Garbage Disposal' he looked at me and said, "That's mean." but sat down anyway.

Then he noticed that his napkin ring had something different in it and pulled it out and let it unroll. It was a baby's bib and had a large "TJ" sewn on it.

He blushed, but defiantly tied it around his neck, picked up the knife in his right hand and his fork in his left, placed his hands on either side of his plate with the silverware pointing up and started chanting "I want food, I want food."

I responded, "Ok, OK!, I'll bring the starters, there's coffee in the black carafe, chilled Orange/Tangerine juice in the green one and milk in the white one."

I placed a half of a sectioned grapefruit at each place and sat down, Tom and TJ had poured Coffee, juice and milk for each of us while I was doing this.

It only took a couple of minutes for us to finish off the grapefruit and we took the plates to the sink dumped the grapefruit rinds in the compost bucket and stacked the plates in the sink.

"Ok grab your plates and come over to the stove, TJ please bring mine."

TJ was back at the stove almost as quickly as I was getting there. He handed me our plates and watched to see what we were having.

I put the plates on the counter and opened the oven and took out a cookie sheet of biscuits, I snagged two, sliced them put a pat of butter between the haves and put them on the plate. I Took the lid off a pot and stirred it and spooned a generous portion of sausage gravy over them, then lifted the lid from the frying pan, speared a quarter of a ham slice and a couple of links of sausage to the plate. Uncovered another frying pan and spooned fried potatoes to the plate and then to the last fry pan and spooned scrambled eggs onto TJ's plate.

Before I could turn to give him his plate, TJ politely asked, "May I please have some sausage gravy on my potatoes too?"

"Sure." I replied and put a spoon of the sausage gravy on his potatoes.

I turned, handed him is plate and admonished him, "There is no hurry, there is enough here for seconds and thirds, so eat slow!"

TJ headed for the table to dig in as I fixed Tom's and my plates with slightly smaller portions.

Tom and I were about half finished with our plates when TJ finished inhaling his and he sat quietly waiting. I looked over at him and asked him, "Are you ready for seconds?"

"Yes please, but I can wait until you finish yours." was his polite reply.

"That's OK, bring you plate and we'll see what we can do to fill your hollow leg." and headed for the stove, with TJ right behind me.

Neither Tom nor I wanted seconds and TJ had a half sized third and had a little difficulty finishing it.

When we were all finished I stated, "Well after we get the kitchen cleaned up we can get started. TJ you clear the table and rinse everything and put it in the dishwasher, while your Dad and I clear up the leftovers so we can get the Pots `n Pans in there too."

I have two large dishwashers so this wouldn't be any problem.

I got the containers out to put the leftovers in and as I emptied a pot or pan Tom took it to the sink and rinsed it out and TJ was loading them in the second dishwasher, he already had the first one running.

In a little over 5 minutes we had everything cleaned up and put away and both dishwashers happily doing what they do best.

"So TJ do you want to watch movies, use the game room of take care of the horses?" I asked.

"Did you leave Sally, Jim, Clyde and Freda in their stalls this morning?" TJ asked.

I nodded yes and said, "It's Sally's turn for grooming and the rest can be let out to pasture."

"Is it ok if I groom Sally, I brought carrots and apples as treats for all of them." TJ wanted to know.

I looked at Tom and he nodded his Ok, "OK," I told TJ, "after you give them the treats, you can let the others out to pasture, you know where everything is so get to it."

TJ looked at his Dad and asked, "Dad is the truck unlocked so I can get the treats?"

Tom replied "No, but here's the keys, just leave it unlocked and put the keys in the ignition." handing the keys to TJ.

"OK see you guys later." TJ said as he headed for the door.

"Don't forget to muck out the stalls after you let them out to pasture." I called as he headed for the door.

"Ok." he called back and disappeared.

"Let's head down to the security room so we can watch just in case he has problems." I said to Tom and led the way.

We arrived at the Security Center and I turned on the lights, which activated all of the computers that had been on standby, and all of the security cameras and displays.

Tom gave a low whistle and said, "This is some setup you have here."

I just nodded and smiled as I sat down at the main console.

The big 50 inch display was segmented into 10 windows with the cameras cycling every 5 seconds. I was able to monitor most of the fence line, all the access roads and the house and all of the outbuildings.

I set the big display to the portion of the horse barn TJ would be working in, and a couple of minutes later we saw him jogging into the barn.

I hadn't turned on the sound but we could see that TJ was talking to them and they were paying close attention.

He got the feeding cart out and proceeded to cut up the carrots and apples.

When he finished cutting the carrots and apples and had a pile for each horse, he put a portion in the small bucket and went to feed Clyde, when he had finished feeding Clyde, he put the bucket on the cart and went back to Clyde's stall made him backup so he could slip into the stall. Then went to the outside door, slipped the latch, gave it a hard push and quickly stepped out and to the side so that Clyde could go out to the pasture. He returned to the stall closed and latched the bottom half of the door and slid the inside gate open for cleaning. Then he went back to feeding the treats to the other Clydesdales.

I glanced at Tom and commented, "It looks like he knows what he's doing so I don't think that we have to worry, but I will leave the big display set to watch the barn, just in case."

I motioned Tom toward the table and swivel chairs I had set up so that we could watch the monitor. I had a supply of pads, pens, pencils, highlighters and a couple of laptops there for us to use.

We each took a seat and Tom turned to me and said, "It looks like you may have already made up your mind to do it."

"No," I replied, "but I wanted to be prepared for any eventuality. I'll start."

"I think that you and most folks, certainly the so called Troop Committee, already knew that I was Gay before you asked me yesterday."

Tom nodded in confirmation.

"So am I to conclude from that, that there is no one who knows about this; that is upset about this idea of yours and the rest of this Troop Committee?"

"Everyone you met last night is 100% behind you becoming the 1st Scoutmaster of our Gay Boy Scout Troop! I am pretty sure that once it becomes general knowledge there won't be many if any detractors. There might be one or two of the old school bible thumpers around that will have a conniption fit about it, but the Mayor, Police Chief, Fire Chief and I feel that we can deal with any problems and keep those people from creating a fuss. We already know who they are and know what skeletons they have hidden away and which closet they are hidden in. I am sure that they won't want that made public." proclaimed Tom.

"From the stand point of the Scouting part of this I don't see any problems as all of the BSA material is available in the public domain. As long as we don't use any of their copyrighted or trademarked emblems they can't squawk and make it stick. We can use their books and manuals as teaching tools and set our own standards for achievement. So I don't think there are any issues there." I stated.

"Ok, so where are there issues then?" Tom asked.

"Me and the boys," I replied, "I am a practicing homosexual, for want of a better term. The boys have declared themselves to be Gay, but that doesn't mean that their feelings won't change as they get older, especially the younger ones."

"I'd be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that most if not all of the boys may know how to spell sex and Gay but have no experience at all."

"That's one bet you would lose," smiled Tom, "they got together with their parents as a group and investigated the subject very thoroughly. I know because I was one of the adults helping them. As to the practical aspects of Gay sex you are probably right about most of them, but the physical joining's will happen soon if it hasn't already."

"All of them including the 8, 9, 10 and 11 year olds?" I asked.

"Well we don't know for sure, but some of the older boys have been observed in mutual masturbation and the 11 year old twins were observed orally attached to each other's groin." Tom explained.

I was staring at him slack jawed.

"David, you better close your mouth or you may start catching flies." he said grinning at me.

I closed my mouth with an audible click, and started stuttering, "Th, tha, that, that just makes it even worse. How would I control such a situation and prevent such things from happening. They would wind up as a bunch of horn dogs, in rut and some of them may even try to coerce me into having sex with them."

"Well that is the general Idea." Tom rejoined.

Once again my mouth was agape, with a shocked look on my face.

Tom just sat there staring at me grinning.

After almost a minute of sitting there dazed I finally got out, "Tom, you know as well as I do that, that is illegal, and putting that type of temptation in front of a closeted boy lover, who has never given in to the temptation, is risking that he will give in to temptation. The resulting furor and public denouncement could lose you your son; put me in prison and possibly you too."

"That's not a likely scenario," Tom rejoined, "who's going to raise the issue, you, the boys who all want this, the parents who support their son's in this?"

"Ok, OK," I answered, "it just couldn't be kept a secret for very long, you know how boys talk about things, and when the rest of the community hears about it, there will be a posse after me with a rope to hang me."

"Again not likely," Tom responded, "you need to understand something about the adults of this community."

"OK, what?" I asked.

"The population of this town has been stable between 27,000 and 28,000 for a lot of years."

I looked at him curiously as I had wondered about that, in the three years I had been living here; there were very few homes sold and usually as a private sale.

"Go on." I said.

"There is a reason for that; it is because we want to keep out those who don't fit into our lifestyles."

"What is so different about your lifestyles, to me they seem pretty much the same as any other community of this size." I commented.

I thought for a moment, and then went on, "Now that you mention it I have noticed some things, like when I purchased the land, the contract included a stipulation not to subdivide it or build houses for resale, at the time I thought it a little strange, but it was the land I wanted and I wanted it for myself."

I paused and went on, "Everything seems to run smoother than other communities and everything here is better maintained and looked after. The store prices are better than some of the national chains and everyone is friendly, to name a few things that I haven't really paid close attention to."

"True, true," Tom stated, "but you have missed some things and it's not surprising since you are not bisexual."

Once again I was stunned. What was he talking about?

Tom waited for me to recover before going on, "80% of the adults here are bi-sexual and the other 20% are married to bisexuals or are Gay."

Another bombshell.

As I recovered from that announcement I said, "If it wasn't for the fact that I don't believe drinking would ease the shock, right about now I would be stating `I need a drink.' As I know that, it won't make what you have been telling me any easier to grasp, I will decline."

"There's more," Tom stated "every one of the bisexuals are swingers and having sex parties is a common occurrence; and about 60% of them are into more exotic scenes, like BDSM and Bestiality, although the last is only about 15 to 20 percent of the adults. Various levels of BDSM are practiced by about 60 to 70 percent of the rest."

How many shocks can a body stand, I was getting numb.

"I am assuming everything you are telling me is true, because otherwise it would be too hard to believe and handle. Based upon what you have just told me, since the community as a whole is doing things outside the norm, my having sex with the boys, while outside the norm, would be totally acceptable here?"

"Yep." he grinned.

I glanced at the security monitor and saw that TJ had finished with Sally and was letting her out to pasture. He went and got the wheel barrel and the pitch fork and started in Sally's stall mucking it out. Since I change the bedding in the stalls almost every day it only took him two trips to the manure dump to clean all of them out."

As I sat watching TJ, Tom kept quiet and let me think.

TJ was using the pressure washer to get everything clean in the stalls hosing it out to the main runway and out the back to the manure dump. He put everything away and I could see that he was a mess. He headed toward the latrine and showers and disappeared inside.

Tom asked, "Don't you have cameras in there too?"

"Yes, but I only use them on special occasions."

"Well don't you think this is a special occasion?" Tom asked.

It appeared I had his Fathers permission and since he was going to be watching too, I turned on the cameras in the shower room.

Tom commented "I haven't seen TJ naked in a while and it looks like he's been doing some growing in the equipment department."

He had about a 3 inch flaccid penis, but still no pubic hair. He started a couple of showers and aimed the heads so that the sprays met in the middle and stepped in to get wet. Then he stepped out to get to the soap dispenser, soaped up his hair and under his arms.

He turned to the dispenser got some more soap and washed his butt crack, then started rubbing his middle finger up and down his crack, pausing to push with his finger until finally it disappeared in his crack. You could see he was working it in and out of his hole. He got more soap turned his butt to the spray and proceeded to wash his groin including about a 6 inch erection.

He jerked his cock for about a minute then reluctantly let go of it and stepped under the water to rinse off, turned the showers off and went to the towel cabinet and started to dry himself off.

"Well it looks like he will be back up here in about 15 minutes so I better get lunch started" I told Tom.

"OK, just one question have you decided yet?" Tom asked.

"No," I responded, "I'm still thinking about all you have just told me and I'm not sure it's sunk in yet."

We headed toward the Kitchen to start getting lunch ready


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