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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 5 – Time for New Experiences

On the way over I stopped at the refrigerator, opened the door and looked at TJ and asked, “See anything you like?”

“I’d like a beer, but you won’t let me have one.” he declared.

“Yes I will, but only one and on the condition that you drink it slowly.”

I handed him a bottle of beer I have specially imported from Germany that has twice the alcoholic content of American beers. I wanted him to drink it slowly so he would relax a little but not get too buzzed. I also grabbed one for myself and a couple of chilled mugs. I opened TJ’s and my beers and motioned toward one of the small sofas.

I showed TJ how to pour the beer slowly so as to not create a big head of foam. Leaned back and took a swallow of the beer. TJ mimicking me took a more cautious sip.

“WOW this tastes good,” he exclaimed, “much better than the beers my Dad gets.”

“Remember,” I admonished as TJ was about to take a gulp, “drink it slowly and you will enjoy it more.”

“The reason we need to talk,” I explained, “is for me to learn how much you have actually experienced about sex and how much is just from reading and surfing the Internet.”

“W e e l l l l,” TJ said slowly, “I jerk off every day, sometimes 3 or 4 times, and last year at camp me and 3 of my friends would sneak off and have a circle jerk and help each other out. Everything else I found out by searching the Net.”

“Sex is often referred to as making love,” I explained, “it’s not just the physical act of copulation between two people, it is also a very sensual and erotic and emotional feeling that goes beyond the physical acts of oral and anal intercourse.” I explained.

“Some people will spend hours with each other caressing and touching and kissing and never reach a climax but will have an extremely pleasurable and satisfying experience. I realize that for you that is not what you are looking for right now, but I want to start you on the path to not only enjoy the culminating climax but the pleasure and excitement of traveling through heightened sensations before the ultimate bliss of the release.”

“Wow,” TJ softly exclaimed, “now I know for sure that I want to learn and experience it with you, you make it sound beautiful and very exciting.”

“Ok, now we will watch some short videos and you will see some of the things we just talked about.” I started the first clip, showing two guys just barely touching their lips together, and then rubbing them on each other’s face and back to their lips. This time pressing them together more firmly, and then pulling back and tracing their lips with the tips of their tongues, then gently using the tip of their tongues to separate each other’s lips. The tips of their tongues dueling with each other and then their mouths opening more till they could stick their tongues deeply in each other mouths and sealing their lips together and aggressively engaging each other’s tongues. Then reducing the intensity until their lips just touched.

TJ proved that he is a quick understudy, we started kissing and after spending about 5 minutes kissing, he figured out by himself that the next step might be nipple play.

While kissing me he unbuttoned my shirt and started rubbing my nipples with his fingertips, then rolling and gently squeezing them.

He had my shirt wide open and traced his lips down to my left nipple and gently kissed and licked it while rolling the right nipple between his fingers. He sucked on the nipple and gently nibbled on it with his teeth, then switched from the left to the right and duplicated his effort.

I’m sure that he knew what was next, but I gently moved his head back up so our lips were again engaged and proceeded to work his nipples. I first ran my fingers over them through his shirt and they were standing out from his areolae like Miniature Mountains and as hard as posts.

I kept his lips engaged while unbuttoning his shirt and then ran the backs of my fingernails over his nipples eliciting a sharp indrawn breath, and an exclamation of lust in an exhaled groan. His hands were around my neck and he pulled our lips tighter together and more aggressively thrust his tongue into my mouth.

I pushed him back into the couch and started to roll his nipple between my thumb and first finger, first gently, and then I added a gentle pull stretching it away for his chest. He was breathing sharply in short quick almost gasps.

Now, I became more aggressive in kissing him to distract him from his nipple which I continued roll and stretch. He was trying to become dominate, but I wouldn’t let him and he was emitting little mew like sounds, as these increased in tempo, I squeezed hard and pulled hard on his nipple and he arched his back and groaned into my mouth. I quickly moved my mouth to his breast in a large “O” and encompassed his breast and nipple and sucked hard, flipping my tongue back and forth across his nipple then gently griping his nipple between my teeth and pulling is away from his chest.

His back was bent almost like and bow and inarticulate sounds and groans were emanating from deep inside him as I slowly released his nipple and caressed it with my tongue. He slowly relaxed and once again his back was again in contact with the couch.

As he eased back from his ecstasy I gently engaged him in more oral osculation and built it up for his other nipple in the same manner with basically the same results. This time I saw a wet spot spreading on the front of his pants where he had the enhanced pleasure of a resounding climax, although at the moment I didn’t think that he realized that he had cum.

As he relaxed I gently stroked his nipple and stomach, helping him recover. He opened his eyes and smiled at me and exclaimed, “I never thought that kissing and sucking on my nipples could be so exciting and enjoyable.”

As he relaxed he got a kinda quizzical look on his face and started to lean forward, I gently pushed him back and nuzzled his neck and softly told him ,“Yes you did cum and it just enhanced your pleasure, don’t worry about it as we will have them off of you shortly.”

He leaned over and kissed me and said, “Ok, I am in your hands.”

I leaned across him and brought his beer to his lips and let him take a good sized draught. Replacing it on the table I picked up the remote and pressed the fast forward smiling at him and stating, “We have already covered this so let’s move on to the next chapter.”

I let the video fast forward to just before the first male was undressed and clicked it to play. As the video showed him being undressed I was duplicating it on TJ. I ran my hand across his chest eliciting a sharply indrawn breath, down over his stomach and undid his belt buckle, then unbuttoned the top button and slowly pulled his zipper down, spreading the front of his pants open. I traced my fingernails over his balls and rampant cock to the wet spot at the tip and gently squeezed the head.

I hooked my fingers inside the waist band of his briefs, then slowly moved my hands to his hips, turned my fingers over so my palms were resting on his hips and slid my hands down over his cheeks, hooking my thumbs over the outside of his briefs.

As my hands slid down his butt he lifted up off the sofa and I pulled them down below his butt and reversed my movement back toward his front until my fingertips met under his balls, gently lifted them and ran my fingers up his shaft, unhooked the waist band from his cock head and pulled his briefs and pants down over his thighs and completely off.

I now had a totally naked TJ to view with his glistening cock still as hard as a ten penny nail; all the while this was happening he was absorbing the action on the TV.

I moved him so that he was almost laying on the sofa, I hooked my fingers behind his knees and lifted them, his legs bending at the knees until his knees were almost to his chest. I slid down so that I had access to his nether region.

I moved my tongue down to his rosebud and stabbed at it, which elicited another scroan (cross between a scream and a groan) and he pulled his legs up higher and spread them wider apart to give me better access to his anus. I teased, licked, sucked and nibbled on his bulls-eye while he made some of the strangest sounds I have ever heard and was wiggling his butt all around.

I drew my tongue from his anus to the base of his scrotum and flicked each of his testes, then drew them into my warm moist orifice and massaged them with my tongue, pulling gently with my lips to draw them away from his perineum. I created a strong suction and gently bit down stretching his scrotum as much as possible.

I released his balls and continued to suck on and stretch his sack.

I released his scrotum and licked with the flat of my tongue up from his perineum between his nuts and up the shaft of his twitching cock.

When I reached the head I engulfed it in my mouth and probed his cum slit with the tip of my tongue as his whole body stiffened.

I encircled the head of his bonner with my lips and swirled my tongue around it first clockwise and then counter clock 3 times and slowly swallowed the entire length until my nose was pressing against his public area.

I pressed my tongue against the underside of his cock and created a strong suction moving up to the head of his cock which was hardening even more and starting to twitch and spasm. When I reached the head I swirled my tongue around it and slid back down until I again bumped my nose.

I repeated this process about 7 or 8 more times and was rewarded with his youthful nectar. There were four strong bursts of a goodly volume and four weaker ones of lesser quantity and a number of twitches that just dribbled. He had actually produced a rather large amount of cum for someone who had only been ejaculating for a couple of months.

I looked up his torso and his eyes were closed and cherubic smile spread across his face, his lips slightly parted and breathing deeply.

I slid back down one more time and tightly compressed my lips as I came up to draw any remaining boy honey that was in his shaft. I let my lips slide over and off the head of his cock which was still in a rampant state and showed no signs of diminishing.

I looked up as he opened his eyes and they glowed with their green fire as he grinned.

I had managed to remove all of my clothes while ministering to my red haired cherub and as I moved up his body my erection bumped into his perineum as he reached up to bring my face to his, he knew what was coming next and was eager to experience his first taste of cum especially his own.

As our lips touched he wiggled his butt so that the head of my cock touched is bulls-eye. His tongue slid out and the tip caressed my lips and start probing for entry.

I sealed our lips and slowly opened my lips and mouth to his probing tongue.

The first rush of his essence reached his taste buds and he paused to savor it, then plunging his tongue deeply into my mouth searching for more of his nectar.

His legs were wide spread and pulled up and my cock pressing against his entry and his wiggling had the head partway into his virgin anus.

I reached back and captured his legs and brought his ankles up to rest on my shoulders, resulting is raising his butt into a more accommodating position. From just this movement the head of my cock had penetrated deeper into his body.

I reached between our bodies to find his nipples and as I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger TJ broke our kiss and huskily said, “Please I want your in me, I want you to breed me and make me yours.” and immediately resumed our deep probing kiss.

I rolled his nipples harder and then squeezed them as hard as I could, he moaned into my mouth and arched his back, then thrusting with my hips I had fully penetrated him and he was a virgin no more.

I let my cock slowly slide into his warm dark secret place and after about 10 seconds my pubic hair was brushing his balls and my balls were resting on his coccyx. I stayed there unmoving for about 30 seconds and then while fully immersed in his body started to slowly rock back and forth, then side to side and finally in a circular motion.

TJ’s body was responding to all of my movements and he was still fully enjoying our oral osculation’s.

I started small and slow outward and inward thrusts and TJ was undulating in time to my thrusts, I increased the speed and length of my movements and started brushing his prostrated which cause him to gasp and leak copious amounts of pre-cum. His body was enjoying the thrills and sensations of his first full sexual experience.

His eyes were closed and he was rolling his head side to side making all types of groans and moans of total pleasure.

I repositioned myself more vertically so that I could have access to his cock to bring him to another shattering climax.

My new position had changed the way my cock was rubbing his prostrate as I thrust in and out and before I even touched it, his cock was exploding with another shattering climax spilling copious amount of seaman from his face to his navel.

The contractions of his anal ring sent me over the top and I flooded his rectum with my own offering.

Once our breathing returned somewhat to normal TJ exclaimed “Now that you have breed me I am yours forever.” and after a short pause he softly stated, “David, I Love You.”

His legs slid down from my shoulder and wrapped themselves around my hips holding me in place. I leaned forward and licked his essence from his nose and kissed his lips and nuzzled the side of his neck and whispered in his ear, “TJ, I Love You.”

He relaxed and let out a deep sigh and softly said, “YES!”

I held him for about 10 minutes nuzzling his neck while I softened inside him, then pushed up to observed his still hard throbbing cock. I smiled and told him, “Now it is my turn to enjoy you making love to me as I rolled over on my back. TJ grinned and said, “It will be my pleasure.” as he shifted into position between my legs.

I lifted my legs and he immediately attacked my perineum with his tongue, lips and teeth. He worked his way back to my glory hole and proceeded to lavish his total attention on my entrance probing with the tip of his tongue, licking and nibbling my cheeks.

After about 5 minutes of this he pushed up and grinned moving forward, his hard tool jutting out in front of him, I pulled my legs back further and he pushed his cock down and placed the head against my sphincter. As he pushed forward I squeezed and relaxed my anal muscles and he slid in until his pubic area was pressing into my perineum, his eyes were closed and he was smiling to beat the band.

I reached up and pulled him down until he was laying on my chest and wrapped my legs around him pulling him close, he relaxed into me and started moving his hips, trying to duplicate the things that I had done to him.

In about 30 seconds he put his hands on my chest and pushed up and began to rapidly thrust in and out, what he lacked in finesse he made up for with enthusiasm. Even with my legs wrapped around him, his hips were pistoning as fast as he could with his eyes tightly closed his head thrown back and breathing almost as rapidly as his hips were moving.

After about 5 minutes of this rabbit fucking I could see his body tensing and his panting increasing. Suddenly he thrust forward and thrust his pubic bone against my perineum, arching his back and emitting a long drawn out scroan. I could feel his emissions flooding my bowels, which surprised me as this was his fourth ejaculation in about an hour.

As the tension in his body started to ease he fell forward and I caught him and lay him on my chest and I could still feel his cock twitching in my bowels as I held him close.

After about 5 minutes his breathing slowed and he raised his head to look and me, I smiled and said, “Now that you have breed me I am yours forever.” and after a short pause softly stated, “TJ, I Love You”. He grinned and told me, “David, I Love You”.

We lay there grinning at each other for about another 5 minutes and I could feel him softening inside me.

Looking at him I said, “After all of this I think that we need to clean up, and get some sleep as we have horses to take care of in the morning.”

“Do we hafta,” he teased, “I could stay like this all night”

“Yea, I think we better.” I replied and popped him one on the butt.

“Ow.” he responded as he flinched and disengaged himself from me.

We untangled ourselves and headed for the bathroom.


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