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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 7 Rob (Part 1)

TJ's stomach growled and I knew it was time for breakfast.

I grabbed a small towel and put on the seat for TJ to sit on so when he leaked it would be easy to clean up, just throw the towel in the washer.

As we headed back to the house, I asked TJ, "Who should we invite over first?"

He thought for a moment and replied, "Rob."

"Why Rob?" I asked, thinking he would choose someone closer to his own age.

"W e e l l l," he replied, "Rob is the oldest and he has a car and he is a good driver. He would be able to pick up the others who don't have an easy way to get here."

"Good thinking I replied." and could see him grinning out of the corner of my eye.

"How long will it take of Rob to get here?" I asked.

"At least 20 minutes as he is a careful driver." TJ remarked. "Can I call him and invite him over?" he enthusiastically asked.

"I don't see any reason why not," I replied, "but first you need to take a shower and clean yourself out like I showed you last night. Your bathroom is equipped just like mine. Then get dressed before you call. Let him know that he can stay as long as he wants."

"That will give me time to get breakfast started, and then you can watch it while I take a quick shower and dress." I told him.

"Ok." he replied as we pulled into the garage. I wasn't sure but I thought I detected an evil grin on his face.

I have a washer and dryer set in the garage so I told TJ to put the towel in the washer as I headed for the kitchen and TJ headed for his bathroom.

When I got to the kitchen I started the oven to pre-heat it. I got out 3 frying pans and a small pot. I was going to keep it simple this morning; I realized that cooking was going to become a chore when all of the boys were here. I had better start thinking about meal planning for the bottomless pits.

I started butter melting in one of the frying pans, emptied the left over sausage gravy into the pot, covered it and put it on a burner set it on low for it to simmer.

I usually make my own biscuit recipe; but I had found a frozen product that I liked, I think it's just as good and more convenient. I put 4 frozen biscuits on the cookie sheet and put them in the oven. I set the timer for 4 minutes less than the recommended cooking time and started it.

I got out the pre-prepared potatoes; green, red, and yellow peppers; and the onions. I drained 3 cups of potatoes, a 1/8 cup each of the peppers and onions and put all of them in a large stainless steel bowl.

I tossed them together until they were well mixed and then seasoned them twice with Garlic Powder, Lemon Pepper, Dill weed, Basil and Paprika; tossing them between each seasoning before putting on the next. I poured the potatoes, peppers and onion mixture into the frying pan with the melted butter, tossed them to get them well coated, covered the pan and turned to gas to low. I didn't want them to start browning until they were almost done.

In the second frying pan I put 5 strips of thick sliced bacon and 5 breakfast sausage links, covered it, put it on a burner set on low.

About this time TJ walked into the kitchen dressed in shorts, a tank top and sandals; he looked good enough to eat. He had a big Cheshire cat grin on his face.

I looked at him and asked, "What kind of mischief have you been up to?"

"Nothing," he quickly replied, "why?" he asked innocently.

I looked at him harshly and said, "I hope not."

"No I really haven't," was his quick rejoinder, "what do you need me to do?" he asked innocently.

I asked him, "Have you learned anything about cooking?"

"Yep," he responded, "my mom has been teaching me for the last year."

"Ok," I stated, "but I still want you to be careful!"

"I understand," he stated, "I got a couple of minor burns while cooking with my mom and know that it is dangerous."

"Alright here is what you need to do, when this timer goes off, turn off the oven," I pointed to the oven knob, "and pull the door open like this," I showed him on the second oven door; he nodded his understanding. "In 5 minutes I want you to turn over the potatoes; then the bacon and sausage and stir the sausage gravy."

"OK?" I asked.

"No problem," he replied, "I have done this with my mom and won't make any mistakes."

I left and hurried to my room to shower and dress.

I took me about 10 minutes to get ready and as I headed back to the kitchen I was expecting a disaster and an injured TJ.

As I waked through the door I was pleasantly surprised the oven was off, the door cracked like I wanted and I could see that everything else had been done just like I asked.

I looked at TJ smiled and told him, "I'm impressed."

He had cleaned up the prep area; set the table with milk, juice and coffee. The plates were on the counter next to the stove.

I turned the heat to high under the last frying pan and put in some butter to melt and started cracking eggs into the bowl. I heard the butter start to sizzle and turned the heat down to low. The really nice thing about gas stoves are that when you adjust the heat the change is immediate.

After I had 6 eggs cracked into the bowl I whisked them to start them blending and added cup of cream and 1/8 cup of sour cream. Then I whisked them until everything was blended. I poured the eggs into the frying pan and turned the heat up to medium.

As I reached for the lid on the frying pan with the potatoes, TJ grabbed my arm and when I looked at him he was holding out a pot holder. I smiled and said, "Ok, I'll use it."

I lifted the lid off and let it drain back into the pan and set the lid on the counter. Again using the potholder I grabbed hold of the frying pan handle and turned the potatoes which were starting to brown.

I took all of the lids off and placed them on the counter. I handed TJ a second potholder and told him to put them in the sink to cool.

The eggs were almost ready so I turned everything off; got the biscuits out of the oven, sliced them put a slab of butter between the slices and plated them. I spooned about 2/3 of the potatoes to TJ's plate and the rest to mine; the same with the scrambled eggs, 3 strips of bacon and sausage links to TJ's and 2 each to mine. I spooned about 2/3 of the sausage gravy over TJ's biscuits and potatoes and the rest over mine.

I handed TJ his plate and said, "Let's eat."

We'd finished eating and were cleaning up when the security system announced that there was someone at the front gate seeking access.

We walked over to the computer console in the breakfast area and I could see a shirtless Rob leaning out the driver's window. TJ was grinning from ear-to-ear. I opened the gates and said over the speaker, "Come on up Rob and we'll meet you at the front door."

As we started for the front door, I paused and looked sharply at TJ and asked, "What are you up to young man?"

He quickly replied, "Nothing Smitty, nothing at all!" with a big shit eating grin on his face.

When we got to the front door Rob still hadn't arrived and I was a little surprised, even for a cautious driver he should have been in sight.

"There he comes," TJ exclaimed pointing down the drive, still grinning and bouncing up and down. I looked sharply at him again, but he didn't notice, he seemed more excited about Rob arriving then I expected him to be and it again made me wonder what he was up to.

Rob pulled into the parking area with the driver's door facing the front door. When Rob opened the door and stepped out he was completely naked, with a real nice sized hard-on.

As Rob tuned back to get his things out of the car, I turned TJ to face me and when he saw the scowl on my face he quickly sobered up and bowed his head.

"Look at me." I commanded.

He looked up and I asked, "Is this your doing?"

"Yes Sir." he replied, well at least he was being honest about it.

"We will talk later," I stated, "I want you to go and apologize to Rob, then take his things to his room next to yours and wait while I talk with Rob."

He trotted out to meet Rob who had just started walking toward the front door. TJ stopped in front of him and looking him in the eyes spoke loudly enough so that I would hear. "Rob, I apologize for tricking you and I am truly sorry, let me know what I can do to make it up to you and I will do whatever you ask." then contritely bowed his head.

Rob reached out and lifted TJ's chin until he was again looking him in the eyes and also spoke so that I would hear him. "It's ok TJ, I don't mind and I was actually hoping that it wouldn't be long after I got here that I would be naked anyway, so apology accepted."

TJ stood taller like a load had been lifted from his shoulders and told Rob, "I have to take your things to your room while you and Smitty talk." and reached for Rob's backpack.

Rob looked up at me and I nodded; he let TJ take his backpack. TJ started to trot back to the house and when he got to the door I put my hand out to stop him, I smiled at him and said, "I'm proud of you, but we still will have our talk."

"Ok." he replied and headed for the bedrooms.

As Rob started up the steps; I stepped back and said, "Come on in Rob." He walked past me and then stepped to the side with his back to the wall, while I closed the door.

As I turned and observed him I was surprised that he hadn't just continued on in. It only took two steps to be in front of him and I said "Rob I want to apologize . . ." but before I could continue Rob interrupted me, "Excuse me Sir," and waited looking me in the eyes.

"Go ahead." I told him.

This was getting stranger and stranger and not what I had expected from someone his age.

"Don't be too hard on TJ, Sir, he was just having some fun and I wasn't hurt by him trying to tick me. I pulled over and took my shirt off just before turning in the entrance and after I got past the gate I stopped and took everything else off and packed it, before finishing the drive. He doesn't know that I didn't fall for it, but he had his fun thinking that I did. Thank You Sir." and he lower his eyes waiting for my response.

Well that explained why it took him so long to drive from the gate to the house, but his actions were still puzzling me. Then it clicked he was trying to act like a slave and was doing a pretty good job of it too.

I waited about 30 seconds turned and walked away and he didn't move. "Follow me." I announced and he followed. When I got to the great room I stopped and so did he. I turned and he was looking down. I waited about a minute and he didn't move or fidget. I said, "Rob look at me." he immediately raised his eyes to mine.

I asked, "Rob, do you know what the 1st position or present is?"

"Yes Sir." he replied.

"Present." I commanded.

He immediately spread his legs a little more than shoulder wide, interlocked his fingers behind his neck with his elbows pulled slightly back and looked straight ahead.

I stepped slightly to the side and he kept looking straight ahead. I walked around him twice and he didn't move. I stood in front of him and reached out and took his nipples between my thumbs and first fingers rolling them back and forth.

He sighed.

I became more aggressive with his nipples and pinched them as hard as I could. He winced with a little grunt.

I released his nipples and ran the backs of my finger down his chest, over his abs, past his cock and balls and to the inside of his thighs. Then up to his balls, which were pulled up tight. I circled them with my thumb and first finger and started stretching them away from his body. I was pulling hard enough that his hips moved forward.

I released his balls and walked behind him; I ran my hands from his wrists down his arms to his shoulders, then under his arms and pinched his nipples hard.

Again, just a little grunt.

I ran my hands down his sides to the outsides of his thighs, then inside his thighs and up to his perineum. I ran the fingers of my left hand up his crack and lightly pressed on his anus, which elicited a soft moan.

As I slid my right hand into his crack I inserted my middle finger to the first joint into his anus and wiggled it around and he was lightly panting. I hooked my finger securely in his anus and lifted up which brought him up on his toes. I kept him there for at least 30 seconds before releasing my finger and he settled back down on his heels.

He was clean in his nether region so I would give him a more stringent test. I walked out in front of him and placed my middle finger that had just been in his anus on his lips. He didn't flinch or show any signs of distaste. I said, "Open." and slid my finger into his mouth onto his tongue. I said, "Suck." and he did, still looking straight ahead. I slid my finger out of his mouth and wiped it on his face and he still maintained a correct present position.

I stepped back and asked, "Do you know the second position or Rest?"

"Yes Sir." he answered.

"Rest." I commanded and he moved his hands from behind his head to behind his back.

When I walked behind him, his wrists were properly crossed and not touching his back.

I went to the side board where I keep a few things handy and got a blindfold.

I went back behind Rob; lifted the blindfold over his head, covered his eyes and secured it in place.

I went back and retrieved a penis gag and returned to Rob, still behind him, and commanded, "Open."

Rob opened his mouth and I slid the gag in and commanded, "Close."

Rob obeyed and I secured the gag in place.

I retrieved some soft rope, created a clove hitch and snugged it over his wrists and secured it with several other loops and knots.

I went back and got a pair of tweezers (spring) type nipple clamps and a boot lace.

I put the clamps on each nipple with about 2/3 of the pressure they could produce and as I put each one in place there was just a small indrawn breath in response.

I used the six foot boot lace and made a slip knot and looped it around one of his balls and snugged it tight. The made a loop around the other and pulled it tight so that his balls were separated. Then I wound it tightly around his scrotum stretching his balls away from his body.

After tying his balls I added a parachute and attached a 5 pound weight that I let drop the last 6 inches to stretch his balls more

Finally I had a small thin dog collar chain that I looped over the head of his cock and positioned in just behind the flair of the glans. I slid the ring on my finger and stepped back and pulled on the chain. Rob walked forward until there was slack in the chain; then stopped.

All during this he had not complained or protested my actions. It appeared that he was a natural slave.

I turned around and pulled on the chain and started walking toward the bedrooms, Rob following my guidance through the chain on his cock. He trusted me completely, that I wouldn't unintentionally let him walk into something.

Boy, TJ was in for a surprise.

As I led Rob toward my bedroom by his cock I was thinking about what this would mean and how it would affect the other boys.

I figured that TJ may have known about Rob's predilections or at least suspected it, which was the reason he tried to trick Rob.

TJ wasn't in his room when we passed it.

As we approached the doors to my room I could see a naked TJ laying on my bed, idly playing with his stiff as a board cock.

Because of the length of the chain and that I had stretched my arm back; Rob was almost three feet behind me.

As I stepped through the doors, TJ noticed the movement and looked in my direction, but didn't see Rob yet.

A couple of more steps and Rob was in the doorway and TJ sat up his mouth agape, staring at Rob.

He closed his mouth looked at me and started to say something; I shook my head no and he subsided and watched Rob.

I stopped in a clear space and let the chain drop; Rob immediately stopped and just stood there.

I motioned for TJ to follow me and headed for the sitting area.

My bedroom has a deck; I went to the door opened it and motioned TJ out on the deck and followed him closing the door.

We could clearly see Rob standing there.

"TJ," I asked, "did you know this about Rob or just suspect it?"

"I wasn't sure," TJ responded, "but when we were all studying about Gay lifestyles, Rob was very interested in the BDSM stuff, so I thought that he might be."

"Which is why you tricked him?" I asked.

"Yes." TJ said and bowed his head.

I lifted his chin up 'till he was looking me in the eyes and said, "I'm not mad at you, but I want your promise that you will not try to tick anyone else into doing something that you know or think you know about them into revealing it to others."

"Yes, I promise." he responded.

"I want you to understand why this is important, not everyone is comfortable with others knowing things like this about them. It is important to allow them to choose the time, place and how they will reveal things about themselves to others. This time no harm was done, but it could severely traumatize someone if you reveal something about them or trick them into revealing something about themselves that they may not want others to know."

"I understand and won't do it again, I promise! I didn't realize that I could hurt someone that way." TJ stated.

"Ok," I answered, "that's our talk. Now let's move on to a new subject."

"I have tested Rob, and it appears that he is a submissive, probably more accurately a slave. I need to work with Rob some more and some of the things that I will do, you may not find very nice. You can leave and do something else, but if you choose to stay, you must agree not to say anything unless I ask you something and you must do exactly what I tell you to. Which do you want to do?"

TJ thought for about 15 to 20 seconds and told me, "I want to stay and agree to do what you tell me. I am curious about BDSM myself, but don't know if it is something that I want to do as a slave or not."

"Ok, you also need to understand that I am going to cause Rob some pain and if it gets too intense for you, you can leave at any time."

TJ nodded his agreement.


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