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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 8 Rob (Part 2)

TJ looked up at me and asked, "Smitty, I want to ask you a question, are you a BDSM Master?"

"Yes I am," I responded; "but I think from what you just saw you were pretty sure of that. I have been into BDSM since I was 20 and a Master since I was 22."

"You started that young?" he asked.

"Yep, and I am sure that you have a lot of questions and I will answer them Monday or Tuesday when the other boys aren't here. Also you are not to tell the other boys about Rob or me, it will all come out eventually. I think that all of you parents know about it also, I don't want you to lie to them if they ask a direct question, but until I am sure of what Rob wants, I don't want any rumors started that may hurt him, OK?"

"No problem, I won't say a word to anyone about this until you tell me that it is ok!" TJ affirmed.

"Now, as I said, I am going to cause Rob some pain, but I won't injure him, the pain may be sufficient to make him scream, but it won't do any real damage." I explained.

"Part of controlling a submissive is to make him believe that I will injure him if he doesn't obey, pain and sometimes extreme pain is needed as the way of asserting control over him."

"Also my personality toward him will change, I will be harsh and dominate him, I will treat him gruffly and I may do it even to you; are you OK with this?" I asked.

TJ thought for a moment and replied, "I'm glad you told me, that way I won't be surprised. I understand and will do everything you ask me to."

"Even if I tell you to cause Rob pain?" I asked.

"Yea, I think that I can handle it." TJ answered.

"OK, now here is how it is going to go." and I explained the scenario to TJ, also that I may change the plan based on how Rob reacts to different things so it was just a general guide.

I quietly opened the door and TJ and I quietly stepped inside. I closed the door about half way and then slammed it. We could see Rob startle by the way he jumped.

In a harsh voice I called out, "Kneel slave."

Rob was startled by the harshness of my command, and with only a couple seconds hesitation he kneeled.

Since TJ was barefoot and naked you couldn't hear him walking on the carpet especially as I was walking with very heavy emphasis so that Rob would hear my steps.

TJ stopped about 6 feet in front of Rob and waited as I continued waking around Rob.

I stopped behind him and removed the gag.

I slapped the back of his head hard enough to bend his head forward. Rob kept his head down.

I walked around him three times and stopped at his left side and just stood there quietly.

I knew that Rob could sense me standing there as I had been drawing his attention to me so that he would forget that there was someone else in the room.

I stood there quietly building up the tension for Rob; I could see that he was starting to sweat a little.

I reached out with my right hand and grabbed a hand full of his hair and jerked his head up, at the same time with my left hand pushing down on his jaw so that his mouth was wide open. I kept a painful grip on his hair.

I held his head still for about two minutes looked at TJ and growled, "Fuck his face."

I could see Rob startle as he had forgotten there was someone else there.

As TJ walked forward Rob barely had time to realize what was happening.

As the head of TJ's cock entered Rob's mouth I thrust Rob's head forward so that his nose crashed into TJ's pubic bone and harshly told Rob, "SUCK."

As instructed TJ grabbed Rob's ears and started fucking his mouth.

TJ did not want to hurt Rob was making love to his mouth with gentle thrusts.

I growled at TJ, "HARDER." and he immediately started thrusting faster and stronger mashing Rob's noise against his pubic bone.

I stepped away and undressed; when I turned back I gruffly said, "Thrust all the way in and keep it there."

TJ complied and while TJ has a nice sized cock, his six inches wasn't long enough or thick enough to prevent Rob from breathing even with his nose mashed.

I slowly walked back toward Rob and TJ. I made the walk last a whole minute.

When I was standing alongside TJ I growled "Get outta my way." TJ immediately let go of Rob's ears and pulled his cock out of Rob's mouth.

I quickly grabbed Rob's ears and thrust my cock into his mouth and into his throat causing him to gag. I pulled back a little until he stopped gagging and held him there.

I yelled "USE YOUR TONGUE YOU ASS HOLE." and I could feel his tongue moving around my hard on.

I tipped his head up slightly so that I wouldn't crush his noise and started face fucking him harshly. I kept it up for about a minute and pulled out and still holding his ears growled, "Stand up dick breath."

Rob was panting as he struggled to stand; I kept hold of him so that he wouldn't lose his balance. Once he was upright and had gained his equilibrium I let go.

He stood there swaying a little, but made no struggle nor did he say anything.

I went over to the night stand and turned on some music so that Rob wouldn't hear us talking.

I motioned for TJ to follow me and opened the storage cabinet with my paddles and canes.

When TJ saw everything I had in there he eyes got big, but he didn't say anything.

I selected a thick paddle with holes drilled in it, in one of the holes I had placed a whistler that sounded like the swish of a cane.

I moved aside so that I could demonstrate the back hand swing that I wanted TJ to use and the sound of the swish from the whistler could be heard above the music. Rob obviously heard it as he flinched.

I had TJ practice the swing a few times and after the 2nd time Rob didn't flinched.

I selected a long ridding crop with a large flexible leather tip for myself.

I instructed TJ on how we would proceed once I had Rob in position.

I handed TJ the ridding crop and we went back and I stood in front of Rob. I could see that he could sense me standing there, wondering what was next.

I waited about a minute and tapped the inside of his right ankle with my foot and he moved it out about 6 inches. I repeated this until his feet were about 30 inches apart, then I moved around behind him.

I had taken a piece of soft rope from the cabinet and made a fixed loop in it and then ran the end closest to the loop around his wrists then through the loop and secured it with a couple of half hitches.

Next I ran the long end over his left shoulder across his throat and back down over his right shoulder and through the loop.

I grabbed his wrist and raised them about 8 inches up his back, took up the slack in the rope and secured it with a couple more half hitches.

He could still raise his arms 4 to 6 inches to take the pressure off the rope around his throat, but if he flinched too much or relaxed his arms he would be chocking himself.

I walked back in front of him and stood there waiting. I waited while the tension built up, he was wondering what was next and when.

When I thought the tension had peaked enough, I reached up and cupped my right hand behind his neck and at the same time punched him hard enough in the stomach so that he leaned forward and gasped.

I held him in place while he caught his breath.

When I released him he stayed in position.

I walked around him 4 times gently touching him with my finger tips or the backs of my nails. I flicked the tit clamps and started the ball weight swinging.

As I started the 4th circle I could see that he was starting to shiver in anticipation.

As I passed TJ he handed me my ridding crop and after I passed carefully measured his distance so that the paddle would strike correctly.

When I reached Rob's left side I stopped and turned to face TJ.

Using the flexible tip of the ridding crop I started at Rob's neck gently caressing his spine as I slowly moved the tip down his back as he shivered. Then over his wrists and continued down his ass crack until it slid off his balls.

I started at the back of his right knee slowly moving up the back of his right thigh over his right cheek across the tops of his cheeks and down the left one and the left thigh to the back of his left knee where it slid off.

I stared at his balls and went slowly up his crack around his left cheek, across the bottoms and around his right cheek; as I started down his crack I could see goose bumps on his ass and thighs; I looked over at TJ and he moved the paddle to the ready position; as the tip slide off his balls I nodded.

Rob had been so focused on the caressing the tip of the ridding crop that he didn't realize what the swish of the whistler meant until too late.

The crack of the paddle against his ass brought it into focus but he had been so mesmerized by the ridding crop that it was a second or two before he reacted to the pain the paddle had created in his ass.

He let out a loud yell of pain and stood up, trying to pull his hands down to rub his butt; but only succeeded in chocking himself.

He quickly realized what he was doing and pulled his wrists up so he could breathe. I allowed him to stand there regaining his breath and then placed the tip of the ridding crop on the back of his head and pushed.

Rob got the message and leaned forward until I removed the crop.

The shock of his first real pain as a submissive was over and he could better cope with subsequent punishment now that he has finally experienced it.

I looked over at TJ and could see that he was both stunned and astonished at what had happened. He noticed me watching him took a deep breath and shook himself, then he nodded to me, TJ it seemed could also cope.

I motioned him to follow me and we moved far enough away so that Rob couldn't hear us. When we stopped TJ spoke first; "I'm OK, I was just so amazed at how you changed and took control of Rob and his reaction when I hit him. I didn't think that I had hit him that hard."

"Actually you didn't, but the suspense of waiting for it made the impact seem to Rob as if you had swung in as hard as you could with both hands."

"I'm glad that you are OK and I hope that you are not too upset with me." I stated.

"No, I am not upset at all, more amazed than anything at how you can do it." TJ exclaimed.

"Rob had no idea what to expect and what I did and you helped with was to raise his anticipation to such a high level that when it finally happened it overloaded his senses.

"We got him focused on something other than what actually occurred. He was so completely focused on the ridding crop that he didn't know how to react to the paddle at first and then his body just took over."

"Right now anything else we do to cause him pain will be anticlimactic, his anticipation is building right now, but for this session it won't get anywhere close to as high as it was."

"We still need to do a few more things before we move to the next phase. You can be gentler and it will still be effective as he will be expecting greater pain and the lesser pain will be confusing, he will wonder when it is going to happen."

"Are you ready?"

"Yes I'm ready." TJ responded.

Rob had been anticipating the same magnitude of pain and wondering how soon it would occur. But we crossed him up.

TJ placed the paddle on his butt and gently rubbed it around. When he quickly removed it I gave Rob a sharp smack with the tip of the ridding crop on each cheek.

His yell was almost as loud as before even though the actual pain was much less.

He had jerked his arms down to rub his ass, but quickly returned them to position. This time he didn't stand up.

We spent another ten minutes punishing Rob to complete his experience.

While TJ was returning the paddle and riding crop to the cabinet, I told Rob to stand up and removed the ball weight and parachute from his balls

I grabbed them and pulled and twisted them which elicited small gasps from Rob. I flicked each one with the backs of my finger nails to louder gasps.

I grabbed his cock and lead him toward the bed where TJ was in position as instructed.

I stopped just short of the bed and tightened both of the spring tit clamps to the maximum, to two sharp gasps.

I reached between his legs from behind and clasped his balls and told him to slowly move forward. When his knees touched the bed he stopped.

As Rob is 6 ft 1 inches tall his cock was too high, I pulled back on his balls and told him "Move your ass back. Now slowly spread your legs. Stop!"

As I looked around Rob I saw TJ with a smile of anticipation open his mouth wide.

I pushed Rob's balls forward and as his cock entered TJ's mouth he encircled it with his lips and grabbed Rob's ass pulling him in as far as he could, sucking and tonging furiously.

Rob let out a loud long drawn out Scron at the pleasure he was finally getting.

I grabbed the hair on the back of Rob's head and said "OPEN."

As I pushed Rob forward TJ was holding his cock up; as his cock entered Rob's mouth I said "SUCK AND USE LOTS OF TONGUE."

Now both were moaning around each other's cock.

As I stood up I could see that TJ had his fingers busily spreading Rob's ass hole. He had it opened at least halfway down the anal aperture.

I placed the head of my cock in and leaned over and grabbed Rob's tits. As I twisted and squeezed them I thrust fully into Rob's special place and lay on his back.

Rob couldn't rear up with my weight on him, but he did scream loudly around TJ's cock.

I leaned close to his ear and yelled "SUCK YOU FAGGOTY ASSED QUEER."

My voice had gotten through to him and he started sucking on TJ and as I hadn't moved in him the pain was lessening. Soon he was enjoying TJ's oral ministrations and the sensations they were providing his pleasure pole.

I started to long dick him and quickly went into rabbit fucking him.

TJ was quickly thrusting in and out of Rob's mouth and I knew he was close. I could feel Rob's ass hole starting to clench which meant he was close. I sped up my thrusts so that I would be there with them.

Suddenly TJ thrust his hips up and arched his back as much as he could; he was giving Rob his first taste of boy cream.

Rob's ass hole was rapidly clenching indicating he was unloading into TJ's willing mouth. This pushed me over the edge and I unloaded my man seed into Rob's no longer virgin ass.

I was the first to recover and rose up still embedded in Rob and started untying his hands. I told him not to try to move his arms that I would do it for him.

I could feel TJ untying Rob's balls as I had instructed.

I moved Rob's arms to his sides and kneaded his shoulders, after about 15 seconds I told him to try and move his arms over his head. He accomplished this with minimal difficulty.

"Now I want you to move your hands down so you can push up off the bed and I will help you stand." When he had his hands in position I reached under him and said, "Now."

When we were standing up TJ rolled over and was sitting on the bed cross legged. He looked up at Rob and smiled with pleasure as he said "Hi." Rob smiled back at him and said "Hi."

"Rob, I want you to remove the tit clamps and rub you nipples hard, it's going to hurt."

Rob got the tit clamps off, but with the pain of returning circulation couldn't convince himself to touch his nipples.

I reached under his arms and up behind his neck locking him in a full nelson. I said, "TJ, use your thumbs and rub his nipples hard."

TJ complied to Rob's yells and struggles, I had him pinned against the side of the bed and had the leverage of the nelson to keep him in place.

Rob stopped yelling and struggling and I told TJ to stop.

"TJ I need you to take Rob and shower in my bathroom and show him how to clean himself out. Rob when I pull out I need you to clench as tight as you can so you won't leak. No fooling around in the shower and I will join you in a few minutes."

I grabbed a towel from the supply I keep in the night stand to wipe myself off. Then grabbed my phone and called Butcher Frank's.

It so happened that Frank himself answered the phone. I asked if he could get a meat and grocery order together for me to be picked up in about an hour as I was going to be feeding ten hungry boys.

He told me he would have it ready and asked what I wanted. I told him what meat I wanted including lunch meats and cheeses. Next were the groceries, a hundred assorted sodas, 20 bags of assorted chips, 10 gallons of milk, 5 of orange juice, a couple of sheet cakes and any other snacks he could think of. I told him to load me up with things boys would like, and lots of fresh fruits and frozen vegetables.

I told him that Rob, Hank and the Twins would be there in about 1 hour. He said it would be ready and waiting.

I went and joined the boys in the shower. About 10 minutes later when we were all dried off I told the boys to go get dressed and I would meet them at the security room.

Even though I can dress quickly I am careful about my appearance, when I got to the security room they were waiting for me dressed in t-shirts, shorts and sandals, I was pretty sure one of the reasons that they were so quick is that they both were going commando.

I typed in my code and provided my thumb print and the door opened. The boys were impressed with my setup.

"Rob, for right now I don't want you talking to the other boys about what happened today. I think that you are a submissive, but we need to discuss it more and I want you to think about it, and if it is really something you really want to participate in. I have already asked TJ not to talk about it. You have to be really sure that you want others to know about your preferences and that they will be ok with it.

"I understand Smitty," Rob replied, "I think that some of the other boys have guessed like TJ did, but I'll wait until we've talked before making any decision about letting the others know."

"Rob, do you know where Hank and the Twins live?" I asked.

"Yea, we have all been to each other's houses for meetings so I know where everybody lives." he explained.

"Ok, what I want you to do is pick them up and then go to Butcher Franks to pick up and order I called in."

I got a thousand dollars out of the safe and handed it to Rob, "Here is some money to pay for it."

He looked a little scared and I asked him, "Is there something wrong?"

He answered, "I've never handled this much money before."

I asked, "Are you trustworthy?"

"Yes I am." he replied.

"Then there is no problem. But just in case; if anyone tries to rob you just give them the money. I can replace the money but I can't replace you or any of the other boys."

"Thanks for you trust." he said as he hugged me.

"As soon as you leave I will call them and let them know that you are coming to pick them up."

"OK, I'm on my way." Rob said as he headed for the door.

I called Hank's number and his mother answered. I identified myself and she asked if I wanted her to bring Hank over. I told her that I had arranged for Rob to pick up Hank and the Twins and that I still need to call them to let them know.

She told me "I'll take care of that for you, how soon will Rob be here?"

I told her, "About 20 to 25 minutes and on the way back they are going to pick up and order at Butcher Franks that I phoned in."

We said our goodbyes and I turned to the Security System. I opened up the access application and typed all of the boy's names.

I turned to TJ and asked "TJ do you know all of the boy's birthdays?"

"No I don't, but my dad said he was going to send you an email with all of the information you need."

I opened my email application and low and behold there was an email from Tom with all of the information on the boys, their parents, including dates of birth, phone numbers and email addresses.

I told TJ that I was setting up an access code for the front gates for everyone that would allow them access through the gates and it is in the form of their birthday in the yymmdd format.

"TJ it looks like Mike and CC live in the homes on the other side of the Nature Area behind my property. As I recall Mike has a dirt bike and races it. I'm gonna add Mike for access to the back gate."

TJ looked at me quizzically. "I need to get something started for lunch, what I want you to do is call them and invite them to come over as soon as they can. They can come in through the back gate."

While TJ was calling I got out 20 smoked pork chops and 6 jars of sauerkraut. I emptied 3 jars in the bottom of a roasting pan and placed the chops on top and then emptied the other 3 jars on top of the chops. I covered the pan with foil and put it in a 250 degree oven to slowly heat.


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