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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 9 – Mike and CC

I had given Rob $1,000 to pay for the things that I had ordered and sent him on his way.

While Rob was picking up the Twins, Hank and my order at Butcher Franks, which would take him about an hour to an hour and a half; TJ had contacted Mike and CC.

Mike lived on the other side of a Nature area that abutted the rear of my property and CC just a few houses away from Mike.

The Nature area has a dirt bike trail that passes the access road to my property and I have a gate there that requires an access code or activation from the house. I suspect that my land was once intended to be part of the Nature area but the funds to make the purchase were not available.

Mike has a dirt bike and he and CC could ride the dirt bike from Mike's house to mine in 10 to 12 minutes as it was less than 2 miles. So I had set up an access code to the rear gate for Mike and TJ had given it to him.

I headed for the kitchen to get some other things out so that they would be thawed and ready to cook when we finally were ready to eat lunch.

TJ arrived and helped me complete the prep for lunch. I had the back door open for fresh air. Just as we were finished with the prep the security system announced that Mike had entered his access code that would open the back gate. About 10 seconds later I could hear the roar of the dirt bike approaching from the back of my property. From the sound I suspected that Mike had the throttle wide open. I sent TJ off to his bedroom and headed for the front door.

I needed to speak with Mike about being careful when driving on my property. He has competed in races and was competitively ranked in the top 10 of his age group. While I understood the thrill of speed, I still didn't want him to have an accident.

I could see where the back road exited the trees and the roar of the engine was getting louder. As I watched I saw the bike speed out of the trees and he must have been doing at least 50 MPH. When he was about half way to the house he eased off on the throttle and came into the parking area at about 20 MPH. He down shifted, braked and sedately rolled in to the area I have set aside for motorcycles.

They both were wearing helmets so that at least was a good sign. CC hopped off of the bike and saw me standing by the front door as he reached for the saddle bags. From his body posture I could tell that he was apprising Mike of my presence.

Mike got the bike up on its rest and stepped off pulling off his helmet, and telling CC to do the same. He slid the helmets over the handle bars and pocketed his keys and started walking toward the front door.

From the way he walked, looking down and glancing up to see how I was reacting; I could tell that he was apprehensive as to how I would greet him.

As they got closer he finally looked me in the eyes and I smiled and said, "Hi Mike, hi CC; it's good to see your both."

"Mike," I started, "I know that I didn't discuss this with you before hand, so I am not upset with you about your driving, and I know that you are an experienced Dirt Bike competitor. But form now on any time you are on my land the speed limit is 30 miles per hour or less!"

Mike grinned and replied, "No problem Smitty I understand."

CC who had also been looking apprehensive, on hearing this relaxed and smiled. I looked at him and told him, "And I expect you to remind him of it if you are riding with him."

"Can do." he replied.

"Ok let's go inside and I will show you to your rooms."

As we were walking toward the bedrooms, Mike stuttered, "Ahh, umm Smitty can CC and I share a room as we stay at each others a lot and share our bedrooms?"

From the sounds of this there may be a budding relationship blooming.

"No problem," I answered as we got to the bedrooms, "that one's TJ's and that one's Rob's and they share a bathroom as do the others so pick the one you want and get unpacked."

All of my bedrooms have a masculine décor, and while I tried to make them unique in furniture and color, there really wasn't much to decide about. Mike and CC took the next in line and went in to unpack, which should only take a minute or two as the saddle bags didn't hold much.

I glanced in TJ's room and he wasn't there but his clothes were on the bed, so I suspected that he was in my bedroom waiting for us.

I walked in behind Mike and CC and said, "Before we do anything I want to talk with both of you, I need to know just how experienced you are with male to male sex." I told them.

Mike and CC looked at each other and Mike responded, "Well a little more than a few months ago when we were researching information and looking for a Scout Master . . ." he hesitated and looked at CC and nodded for him to continue.

"Guys," I interrupted, "it really doesn't matter how experienced you are, I just need to know so that anything we do doesn't come as a complete surprise, one of the reasons we are doing this is for you to learn and experience sex in a way that you will not only learn the techniques, but enjoy them."

CC sighed and told me, "Mike and I have been friends for about 3 years now and we have seen each other naked a lot of times in Gym and when we stay over at each other's. In the last month or two we have experimented a little with mutual masturbation, touching each other's bodies and kissing."

"So there hasn't been any oral or anal gratification yet?" I asked.

"No," they coursed, "but we are looking forward to learning about it." Mike completed.

Mike and CC looked at each other and then CC added, "While we haven't experimented with sucking each other yet; when we jerk each other off and cum on each other we each clean our bodies off and lick our fingers clean so we have tasted each other's cum and like the taste."

"OK, I just wanted you to know that there is no rush or pressure for you to try anything, go at your own pace; no one is allowed to force you to do anything that you don't feel comfortable with doing."

"I understand," responded Mike, "me too," CC chipped in."

"Before you will know if you like something or not you have to try it at least once, just like sampling a new food, until you taste it you won't know if you will like it or not."

"Yea I learned that some foods I thought were yucky really tasted good and now I enjoy them," CC said; "Me too," Mike added.

"Rob is off getting some groceries and picking up the Twins and Hank and won't be back for about an hour or more. TJ is waiting for us in my bedroom, and since his clothes are on his bed I bet he is naked and hard. Judging from the bulges in the front of your pants I can tell that you are excited and rarin' to go too. So get undressed and meet us in my bedroom."

I turned to leave and I could hear their clothes being removed and they would probably be naked in less than 10 seconds.

As I entered my bedroom there was TJ in all of his glory idly playing with himself; as I walked in he looked up and saw me and about 3 seconds later he grinned as less then 5 steps behind me were a naked Mike and CC fully erect.

TJ sat up and exclaimed, "Hi guys," to which Mike and CC chorused, "Hi TJ," as they headed for the bed.

TJ didn't even pause; he just reached out and grabbed both of their cocks and said, "Nice." while Mike and CC inhaled sharply with the pleasure of someone new fondling them.

I undressed walked up behind them and grabbed their butts; ran my middle fingers up their cracks and pressed on their rose buds; which elicited moans of pleasure.

While massaging their anuses, I nibbled on CC's ear and moved my lips toward his; he eagerly turned his head toward mine and our lips touched. His lips parted and admitted my tongue and I explored his oral cavity to his delight.

My middle finger had worked its way into their anal apertures up to the first joint and their butts were wiggling wanting more.

As I turned toward Mike to kiss him, TJ was pounding away as fast as he could and I told him, "Slow down TJ; it's not a race, make it last and make them enjoy it."

TJ stopped and change his tactics; he relaxed his grip and started teasing the heads of their cocks with his thumbs.

As I turned to Mike he was ready and waiting to be kissed, he showed that he enjoyed it, and that he liked to kiss back.

As I broke the kiss I smiled and told them, "Now we are going to show you the pleasure of Oral gratification; both as the recipient and also as the giver. TJ you will need to get off the bed and stand along side of me. I want the two of you to lie on the bed close together with your heads over the side."

TJ got off the bed and Mike and CC positioned themselves as I directed and their inside hands resting on each other's stomachs.

While they were positioning themselves I leaned over and whispered in TJ's ear, "I want this to be slow and I want you to watch what I do and duplicate it, OK?" TJ nodded in agreement.

I looked at Mike and CC and told them, "You can hold each others cocks, but no jerking off."

They quickly wrapped their hands around each others cocks and grinned; I am sure they suspected what was coming next. I was standing at Mike's head and TJ at CC's. As I leaded forward I spoke telling them "Just relax, don't try to anticipate what is going to happen just go with the flow for the most pleasure."

I reached down and placed my hands on Mike's breasts which moved my cock further away from his mouth. I gently rubbed my thumbs across his nipples. TJ was watching my every move and duplicating it on CC.

Both of their nipples were standing up like tiny mountains; then I gently pinched them between my thumb and first finger and lightly tugged on them. I released his left nipple; then leaned forward and flicked his left nipple with the tip of my tongue. Again TJ was duplicating my every move.

I encircled his nipple with my lips and sucked on it.

While TJ and I were doing this neither Mike nor CC were moving, but we could tell that they were enjoying our ministrations by the moans and groans that they were making.

I moved to Mike's right nipple as did TJ on CC and repeated the process. By the time we were finished, both of them were laying there with their eyes closed panting.

To help them relax we leaned forward and kissed them for about 30 seconds. As I stood back up I stepped closer and pushed my cock down; holding it so I brushed the head across Mike's lips.

On the second pass Mike's tongue snaked out and he licked the head of my cock getting a taste of my pre-cum.

I positioned the head of my cock in the center of his lips and pushed forward a little so that the head of my cock was between his lips. His tongue was going wild licking my cock. I pushed until I was about half way in and held it there. Mike wrapped his lips around my shaft and started sucking for all he was worth.

I glanced over at CC and TJ and saw the scene being repeated.

I leaned forward and licked Mikes 9 and a half incher from the head all the way through his balls to his perineum and back again. Mike and CC's groans of pleasure were loud and frequent and they were wildly sucking on TJ's and my pleasure poles.

I then engulfed the head of Mike's cock and swabbed it with my tongue; teasing the head and flicking the tip across his cum slit. I bobbed my head up and down about a half a dozen times until I had engulfed Mike's cock all the way to his balls. He was moaning around my cock and creating very pleasant sensations and from the sounds I was hearing next to me TJ and CC were also enjoying themselves.

I slowly withdrew Mike's cock from my mouth and let it smack against his abs. then with the flat of my tongue licked from the head to his balls which I engulfed in my warm moist orifice.

Sucking and licking his balls, I gently pulled them away from his groin. Mike's hands had wondered away from CC's cock and grabbed my gluts which he was squeezing and massaging.

I slowly released his balls one at a time and then worked my way from his scrotum to the head of his cock mouthing and tonguing his shaft until I had once again captured the head in my mouth, teasing it with the tip of my tongue. This caused him to thrust his hips and burry his pole in my mouth until my chin was resting in his pubes and my nose pressed into his balls.

I looked over at TJ and CC and could see that he had done the same.

I slowly started fucking Mike's mouth as he created enough suction that I thought he might pull me inside out.

Mike was moaning and groaning his pleasure, but the sounds from TJ and CC almost drowned him out.

I could see his balls pulling tight and new he was close and started thrusting into his mouth faster so that I would be there with him.

Almost as if they were linked both Mike and CC thrust up and arched their backs as they unloaded their creamy offerings into my and TJ's willing mouths.

Almost immediately TJ and I thrust fully into their mouths and spewed our seed to coat their tonsils.

We all latched on to pull and drain all of the milky liquid from each other's members.

I slowly drew my lips up Mike's still rampant shaft squeezing all the remnants of his offering into my mouth.

As I stood up, TJ was doing the same and as we stepped back which withdrew our shafts from Mike and CC.

TJ and I turned to each other, embraced and engaged in a battle of tongues to search out the tastes of Mike and CC from each other's mouths.

Mike and CC being quick understudies sat up and quickly mimicked our activity.

As the heat of out passion lessened we managed to unlock our lips and with arms still around each other faced Mike and CC.

They were so deeply engrossed in exploring each other's tonsils that they were totally unaware of us watching them; even when I cleared my throat.

I loudly commented to TJ, "Look at the Love Birds!" and he replied, "I think it's kinda nice."

Our comments having finally gotten their attention they managed to unlock their lips and looked at us with silly grins on their faces.

Both of them were still as rampant as telephone poles and looking for more.

I looked at TJ and asked, "Well it looks like they have achieved pineal gratifications; do you think that they are ready for anal gratification?"

Before TJ could respond I heard a chorus of yes's from Mike and CC.

TJ laughed and said, "Yea, it sounds like they are enjoying themselves."

Two nodding heads confirmed TJ's affirmation.

I went over to the night stand and got 2 bottles of lube and handed one to TJ.

I explained how we would go about this.

"Since you both have tasted each other's cum and said that you like the taste, I will let you pleasure each other and TJ and I will provide the anal stimulation."

I had Mike lay on his back with his arms stretched over his head. I positioned CC straddling Mike's arms facing his feet. I told Mike to raise his legs and CC to hold on to his calves. I stuffed a couple of pillows under Mike's lower back for support.

I explained to them that when CC leaned forward he was to slide his arms so that the backs of Mike's knees would be in his armpits and Mike to do the same for CC's knees. At the same time they would orally accept each other's phalluses into their willing warm mouths and be able to provide each other pleasure. Then TJ and I would provide them with anal stimulation and sensations that would leave them limp.

CC leaned forward to engulf Mike's rampant pole and lavish it with pleasant sensations, which brought his within reach of Mike's salivating oral cavity. As they moaned with the pleasure of each other cocks throbbing in their mouths, they began ravaging each other in an attempt to draw their essences in a warm milky offering to stimulate their palates.

In the 69 position I had placed them the cheeks of their asses were fully spread and their anuses fully exposed to the light of day.

TJ understanding what we were about and dived in and I followed suit using the flat of my tongue from Mike's tail bone across his rosebud to his perineum.

I went back to Mike's anus and gently circled it with the tip of my tongue first in one detection and then the other, occasionally flicking the tip of my tongue across his rosebud.

From the sounds both were making around each other's cocks I was sure that TJ was doing something quite similar.

Next I stabbed the tip of my tongue in the center of his secret place and could see it pulsing with enjoyment and alternated by sealing my lips around it and sucking while licking it.

After a couple of minutes of this I reached for the lube as I straightened up. I put a dollop of lube on the tip of my pointer finger and gently massaged it in and around his anus. I repeated this until my finger sunk in this pulsing membrane to the first joint.

Slowly twisting my finger I added more lube around my intruding appendage and sunk in to the second joint, still twisting back and forth.

Finally I had my finger all the way in to my knuckle which was brushing the outer walls and pressing against his anus.

While twisting and pushing and pulling it in and out I brushed his prostate, exciting his already ridged member to the hardness of carbon steel.

I withdrew until just the tip of my finger was just barely inserted, placed my middle finger alongside it adding more lube and corkscrewed them both into his depths eliciting more moans and groans. I continued this until I had three fingers inserted to the knuckles.

I then placed the head of my cock against my palm and thoroughly lubed its length. As my fingers withdrew I gently pushed my cock toward his depths so that when my fingers came out the head of my cock was firmly encased by his anal aperture.

Then I slowly inserted the length of my invading member into his depths, feeling the pulsing walls of his anus engulfing my turgid shaft for its entire length; my pubes brushed his balls and my bloated testacies rested on his coccyx.

I slowly withdrew an inch or so and re-plumbed the depths of his secret passage increasing the depth and speed of each thrust, alternating the withdrawal and penetration with TJ, until the sounds of our hips smacking Mike and CC's gluts was almost one continuous rhythmic sound.

The heads of our members brushing and punishing their prostates until they finally exploded filling each other's oral entrances with a bountiful offering of male essence of copious amounts as rapidly as they could each inject it.

As the walls of their anuses and their anal aperture spasmed around our tumescence tools we buried them as deeply as possible and flooded their bowels with our offerings.

The four of us remained joined in the ecstatic bliss for several minutes before we returned to the earthly plane.

As TJ and I withdrew our deflating members from the depths of their warm moist wombs and our couplings; we sat back while Mike and CC continued to suck any remaining semen from each other.

After a couple of minutes CC rolled off Mike onto his back releasing their semi-erect cocks from each other's oral orifices and they lay there with blissful, contented and sated expressions on their faces.

It was several minutes before any of us could make any move or sound.

CC and Mike sat up and thanked us for introducing them to such indescribable sensations which they wanted to experience as often as possible.

After a short discussion they agreed that their next penetration should be by each other and they couldn't decide who should do whom first; there was no question about when, it was now.

A single contest of rock, paper, scissors determined that CC would be the first to attempt to bring nirvana to Mike by anal love.

I told TJ to stay with them and supply any advice they needed but not to participate. Also when they were both done to show them how to clean themselves out.

I took a quick shower and dressed and went to the kitchen and wait the arrival of Rob, the Twins and Hank.


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