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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 10 The Twins and Hank

Rob, the Twins and Hank arrived about a half an hour later.

I had checked on the boys who were all cuddled on my bed napping.

I had just gotten back to the kitchen when the security system notified me that Rob had entered his access code for the front gate.

I got to the front door just as Rob was pulling into his parking space. The Twins and Hank bounced out of the car and ran to give me a group hug. I told them, "We have to get everything into the house and put away and then we can talk."

As I grabbed two cases of soda I told Rob to grab the other two and follow me. While waiting I had gotten a large Igloo cooler out of storage; put in near the ice machine and put a layer of ice on the bottom. I told Rob to go and make sure that everything was brought in from his car and that after everything was put away in the frig he could join the boys napping in my room.

When we got back to the kitchen Hank had just placed a large bag of meat on the counter and was about to head out to get more when I stopped him and told him, "Hank, I have a special project for you. All of the sodas are out by the ice machine and I need you to pull all of the cans out of the plastic rings, put them in the cooler and cover them with ice, can you handle that for me?" to which he responded, "Sure, I can take care of that Smitty." as he trotted out the back door.

I took the bags of things that needed refrigeration and emptied them on the counter near the frig, so I could sort them and put the things that weren't going to be needed immediately toward the back of the shelves. While I was doing this Rob and the Twins were bringing in the rest of the stuff.

One of the Twins (Jakob) asked where Hank was and I told him that he was out back icing the soda, "Ok, they chorused." I asked them to bring Hank's stuff in with theirs, "No problem." Jason answered.

As big as a SubZero is, everything I had ordered filled it to capacity. Just as I finished Rob and Jakob brought in the last bags and Jason was carrying two overnight bags. Hank came in the back door with all of the plastic rings on his arms and saw that his bag was there and said, "Thanks Jason." who responded "Welcome." It seems that kids instinctively can tell twins apart.

Hank held up his arms and asked "Where can I put these?" I showed him the recycle bin and he striped the rings off of his arms into it.

I quickly checked the bags to make sure none of them contained something that I needed to put in the frig and told the boys to follow me. Rob had already left to join the boys in my room.

We headed for the bedrooms and I pointed to two doors and said, `The Twins in this one and Hank in that one, Hank after you unpack come through the connecting bathroom to the Twins room so we can all talk."

The Twins had quickly put their things in a dresser drawer and hopped up on the bed. About that time a naked Hank walked through the bathroom door with a stiff cock and shit eating grin on his face. Obviously, Hank was a very precocious, uninhibited boy.

I hadn't expected this and was a little surprised and stared at Hank for about 10 seconds and when I turned back to the bed there were a pair of naked twins on the bed equally as hard.

"Well I guess that none of you are bashful." and motioned Hank to join the Twins on the bed. He hopped up and sat between them.

"OK a few ground rules, first when you are here clothing is optional as you have already guessed. It's not optional if I say so, usually only if we are having guests. Second; `No,' means, `No.' You can have sex with anyone here as long as they agree to it; if they stop you or say, `No' then it means, `No' and you have to stop. No one is allowed to force anyone to do something that they don't want to do. Do you understand?"

All three were nodding their heads and responded, "Yep, sure, ok."

"When you're here and talking with me we can discuss anything and it will be confidential and I won't discuss it with anyone else without your permission. I have been told that Jakob and Jason have been enjoying each other orally for some time now is that true?" I got a chorused reply of, "Yep." I asked, "Have you done anything else?" and received a dual, "Nope."

"So do you just suck each other individually or do you 69?" They replied, "We do both," Jakob said, "but when we can, we prefer to 69," Jason continued and they chorused, "we really enjoy both, but really love it when we both cum at the same time." This twin thing of completing each other's thoughts and simultaneous saying the same thing was going to take some getting used to.

"Ok, show me how you 69." I told them. Hank moved from between them and off the bed to stand alongside me. The Twins quickly maneuvered with Jakob laying on his back and Jason kneeling by his head facing his feet, then he collapsed on top of him; both of them engulfing each other's stiff pricks and started vigorously enjoying each other's poles.

Hank pulled on my arm and quietly said, "Smitty can I talk to you?" I nodded my head yes and he pulled me over by the bathroom door.

"There are some things that you need to know about me," he started, "I am very sexually experienced. I don't know what you know about me, but I have an IQ of 146. I don't know if the other guys have any idea about these things, but I don't want them to think that I am different. I just want to be one of the guys."

"Hank I knew about your IQ and it doesn't bother me, I didn't know about your sexual experience do you want to tell me about it? Hank's quick reply was, "Yea I do as it just happened a few months ago."

Hank's Story

Hank and his parents had gone to a Nudist Colony on the Gulf coast during spring break, while he had seen his parents naked and others occasionally this was the first time he was somewhere where all of the people were naked all of the time and found it fascinating how different everybody looked without clothes on.

There were fat people; skinny people with their bones sticking out, and everywhere in-between but what he found most interesting was the differences in the boy's and men's cocks. He found that his dick got stiff as a pole when he looked at them especially the other boys who were also stiff.

Nobody paid the boys with their stiff cocks sticking out any attention, so he figured that it was ok, but wondered what it would look like if the men and older boys were stiff too.

He saw two boys holding hands and walking toward the woods and decided to follow them. Since they were all barefoot and of course naked they didn't make any sounds as they walked and he was careful not to get too close.

After about 10 minutes the boys walked behind a large tree and he couldn't see them anymore and stopped. About 15 seconds later he heard a soft moan and an examination "Oh yea Justin it feels so good when you suck my cock like that."

Amazed by what he heard he started sneaking closer to the tree, and heard, "Let me suck yours now." and some rustling of leaves. After a couple of minutes of sneaking he reached the tree and heard, "Jason, can I put it in your butt like we do at home?" a moment latter he heard, "Yea I like that." and again the leaves rustled.

Inching around the tree he saw a gap in the bushes and could see both boys. The younger boy was facing the gap on all fours with the eyes closed, softly moaning as the older boy knelt behind him and was rubbing his stiff cock up and down the butt crack of his younger brother. He paused with his cock in the crack and pushed forward and his cock disappeared and he grabbed the younger boy's hips.

The kneeling boy exclaimed, "Oooooh push it all the way in and fuck me." The older boy thrust his hips forward and back his hips slapping the butt of the kneeling boy, he threw his head back with his eyes closed.

Hank was so enthralled by what was happening he stepped into the gap to see better and was unconsciously stroking his own stiff member. As he moved forward he brushed against some leaves on the bush, at the sound of the leaves, the kneeling boy looked up, saw what Hank was doing, smiled and said, "Come on over here and let me suck it for you." The boy behind him looked down also smiled and announced, "Yea let Jason suck it he loves to do that too."

Hank walked toward them his stiff member pointing the way. When he stopped in front of Jason, Jason latched on to Hank's cock and started sucking, creating sensations Hank had never before experienced. In less than 3 minutes Hank had his first dry cum and almost collapsed.

When he recovered his hard member was still in Jason's mouth and Justin asked, "Would you like to try that too?" to which Hank responded with a resounding, "YES!"

Justin pulled out of Jason and told them both to kneel in front of him and said to Hank, "Watch what Jason does and then you do it."

Hank's total concentration was focused on watching Jason licking and sucking Justin's balls and cock, two minutes later he got his chance and proved that he was a quick study and was enjoying himself.

Jason stood up and moved alongside Justin and moved Hank's mouth to his cock; meanwhile Justin got down behind Hank and started eating his ass, licking nibbling and tonguing his anal aperture. Jason knelt down so the Hank was on all fours, while Justin was readying his ass for a royal fucking. After licking and fingering his hole until he had three fingers inserted and Hank had had several climaxes; he placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Hank's Glory Hole and asked, "Do you want me to do this?" With Jason's cock still in his mouth Hank nodded his head rapidly up and down.

Justin pressed against the opening and it spread itself around the head of his cock as he slowly sank into the warm depths of Hank's rear entrance. Hank gave a small yelp of pain and resumed servicing Jason while Justin slowly stroked his ridged member in and out of Hanks nether region accompanied by groans and moans from all three boys, especially Hank.

After a successful culmination by all three, especially Hank's multiple dry cums, the boys sat and chatted and introduced themselves, Hank found out that Justin was 13 and Jason 11 and that they had been doing this for a couple of years now.

Hank of course wanted to do more right then, but was convinced to wait until tomorrow and they would invite more boys and some older boys to come and have fun with them.

The rest of the week was a sexfest for Hank; all of the boys Justin and Jason invited were more than willing participants and reciprocated. Hank experienced all of the thrills and pleasures of Rimming, being rimmed, Sucking Cock, being Fucked in the Ass, having his Cock Sucked and Fucking other Asses for the remainder of the week.

Hanks erotic story had excited my cock to full erection stretching the front of my shorts; Hank seeing this quickly pulled down the shorts and engulfed my's turgent pole to the short and curllies. Hank lavished all of the experience that he had acquired during that week and was pleasuring and stimulating my pleasure pole for about 3 minutes, getting it well coated with spit for its next adventure.

The Twins having been basically oblivious to this as they were immersed in their own pleasures only became aware of Hank and me when Hank climbed up on the bed on all fours, wiggling his ass as I approached and slid to my full length into the willing love tunnel of Hanks ass hole.

Hank accompanied this penetration with a loud lustful groan of, "Ooooh yeaaaa." as I started drilling him.

The sounds of Hank's pleasure attracted others and I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. There standing in the doorway were four hard cocks with boys attached.

Hank was moaning, "Oooh give me more cock." over and over. I directed, "CC why don't you accommodate him and feed him." to which he quickly responded and stuffed Hank's willing mouth.

"Rob, TJ rim the Twins so that they are ready for their Grand Entrance." to which they were just as quick to respond by licking, sucking and fingering the Twins anal apertures.

Mike being the only one left started walking toward the bed as I motioned him over, "I want you to take over for me here." as I slowly withdrew from Hank's glory hole, Mike quickly took my place and slowly pushed into the velvety depths until all nine and a half inches were fully buried in Hank's love tunnel. Hank was in extasy, moaning and groaning in lustful pleasure to be accommodating two well hung studs.

I had TJ move out of the way and I positioned myself behind Jason, placing my knob at the ring of muscle protecting the entrance and started pushing. My cock slowly pushed the anal ring open; slowly sliding into the unplumbed depths of Jason's rectum to the squeals of pain and pleasure, he was experiencing his Grand Entrance.

After spending a couple of minutes enjoying the warn moist pulsations of Jason's bowels, I withdrew and allowed TJ to joyously replace me.

As I moved around to get behind Jakob, Rob withdrew his face and moved out of the way. Jakob's anus was pulsing in anticipation as I pressed the head of my penis against the ring and slid into his depths easily. I plumbed Jacob's depths, to squeals of excitement and pleasure for a few minutes, withdrew and let Rob replace me; I stood by the bed and watched 7 boys in the throes of sexual excitement and pleasure enjoying themselves.

I went to my room and showered and while dressing he could hear the, "OOoooh's, Aaaahh's, Oooh yeas, I'm Cuming." resounding from the bedroom indicative of pleasurable acts of sexual gratification being culminated.

As I walked into the bedroom the essence of sex permeated the air. Rob and TJ were recovering faster than the others, "TJ when everyone has recovered show them how to clean themselves out and after everyone has showered you all can go relax and take a swim. Rob after you shower, dress and I need you to pick up Jim, Anthony and Aaron." Both responded with, "Oks."

The remaining three boys lived within a couple of blocks of each other so picking them up would be relatively easy. I went down to my den and called Jim's number first and his mother answered and told me that he and Antony had gone over to Aaron's house and were impatiently waiting for my call.

When I called Aaron's it was answered with and excited "SMITTY?" they must have been sitting by the phone in eager anticipation. I disguised my voice and asked, "Is this the Addington residence?" I next heard a very dejected voice saying, "Just a minute and I will get my Mom," followed by a loud yell of, "MOM." Fortunately for my hearing he had held the phone away from his mouth. Just before Aaron handed the phone to his mother I could hear, "Mon please don't be on the phone long," to which she responded, "I'll be as quick as possible." She said, "Hello" into the phone, and I identified myself and heard her laughing, I told her that Rob would be picking up the boys in 15 to 20 minutes. She told me, "That's good as I will be glad to get these impatient imps out of here. I'm gonna keep them guessing for a few more minutes though." We said our good byes.

Rob was the first down and I told him where the boys were and he went to pick them up.

A few minutes later a troop of 6 naked boys came through the kitchen and headed for the pool; as TJ passed I called him over and told him that he was the lifeguard and not the let things get out of hand.


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