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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 11 – The rest of Saturday Morning

Jim, Anthony and Aaron

While Rob was off getting the last three boys, I returned to the kitchen to continue the preparation for lunch.

I glanced at the clock and was surprised to see that it was only 10 o’clock, considering everything that had happened so far today it was still early. Well it would be at least 30 or 35 minutes before Rob was back with the boys so I had time to plan a few things for lunch.

Besides the pork chops I was planning on three cheese, cheeseburgers, and brats; plus a pasta and potato salad. I got the hamburger and brats out of the fridge to let them come up to room temperature as they will cook faster.

I put water on to cook the pasta and potatoes. I got 3 different types of pasta out of my pantry and the rest of my potatoes from the fridge which was also about 3 pounds.

I put half of the potato chips aside for snacks; cut the tops off the remaining chip bags, while I would normally put them in bowls I figured that the boys would be just as happy grabbing them from the bags.

When the water started to boil I dumped the 3 boxes of pasta in one pot; drained and put the potatoes in the other and gave them each a stir, and dumped about 12 cloves of garlic in with the potatoes. When they returned to a boil I added salt to each.

While the pasta and potatoes were cooking I got out the prep bowls I use for holding ingredients when I prepare recipes. I peeled and minced an onion for each salad; shredded a large carrot for each; julienned half of a green pepper for each; sliced a celery stalk for each and diced mushrooms for each.

The last thing that I would add was some cubed extra sharp cheddar cheese which I left in the fridge.

About the time I was done the pasta and potatoes were finished cooking and I took the pots to the sink to drain. Since I used pasta cookers for both I could just slowly lift the pasta basket liner out of the pot and let the water drain, after they had drained, I set the pasta baskets on the drain board. I dumped the hot water and started the pots filling with cold water and replaced the pasta baskets so the pasta and potatoes would stop cooking.

Once both the pasta and potatoes were covered I turned off the cold water and let them set for about 15 – 20 seconds and removed the pasta baskets and drained them. I had two large stainless steel bowls out and dumped the pasta in one and the potatoes in the other; sprinkled them with EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and tossed them as this would help to keep them from sticking.

I hand washed the pots and lids and cleaned the cutting board and counter tops; as I finished this I looked at the clock and saw the Rob should be back at any time.

Five minutes later my security system let me know that he had arrived.

I was standing in the front door when he parked and the three boys tumbled out of the car and rushed to greet me with another group hug. I told Rob to join the others out by the swimming pool and he headed for the back door while starting to undress.

I took Jim, Anthony and Aaron and showed them their bedrooms and told them after they had unpacked to join us in Aaron’s room.

We were in Aaron’s room less than a minute when two naked boys with their hardon’s pointing the way entered the room. When I turned back Aaron had just finished striping.

Anthony looked at me and questionly inquired, “Aren’t you going to undress too?” Obviously they had discussed this on the way here and wanted to jump right in. I undressed while the three of them sat on the bed intently watching me.

I gave them my standard lecture about no means no and they acknowledged that they wouldn’t force anyone to do anything that they didn’t want to.

I asked Jim about his experience and he informed me that other than jerking off every chance he got, the only time he had seen naked men or boys was when showering at the gym.

Anthony told me essentially the same thing.

Aaron however was a different story which he had no problem detailing in front of the other boys.

Aaron’s Story

Aaron’s older brother, Vincent, was attending college and living in a Frat house. His parents were going away for a three day weekend and they had asked Vincent to stay with Aaron while they were gone. Vincent was there waiting for Aaron when he got home from school on Friday.

Aaron and his brother were close even thought their age difference of 6 + years would seem to keep them apart. After greeting his brother he headed for his room to change. After changing to shorts (commando) and t-shirt he was heading back to the family room to watch some TV with Vincent when the doorbell rang.

Since he was close to the front door he yelled, “I’ll get it.” When he opened the door there was a good looking young woman standing there, who introduced herself as Janice, Vincent’s girlfriend. Not knowing for sure who she was, he half turned and yelled, “Vincent, it’s for you.” Then he just stood there ogling her, as she smiled at him.

When Vincent got to the door he invited her in and introduced Aaron to her and all three headed for the family room. Aaron thought ‘Here goes my time with Vincent.’ when they got to the family room, Vincent and Janice sat in the love seat and Aaron sat in a chair trying to be polite, but moping a little.

Giving her a hug and a kiss, Vincent said, “I thought that you had to work tonight?” She replied, “They got a new student chef at the restaurant and wanted him to be on a shift where they could keep a closer eye on him and changed me to the Breakfast shift and I have to be to work by four in the morning so I can only stay a few hours and have to get home to get some sleep. The Chef de Cuisine told me that he didn’t think that I needed watching and that he trusted me to work with the Sous Chef. He also said that it would be a good experience for me, and that I will be working brekfast on both Saturday and Sunday, so here I am to help with what we discussed.”

Vincent gave her a quick peck and turned to Aaron, “Bro, I can tell by the look on your face that you are confused, Mom and Dad told me about the Gay Boy Scout Troop, you and the others are trying to get started. I like both guys and gals and Janice likes both gals and guys, we are both bisexual and I don’t have any problem with your liking guys. You are still my brother and I love you and will support you in whatever you want to do sexually. Janice and I have discussed this and we agreed to help you learn about sex with both gals and guys this weekend, so that you will be able to choose which you like better. Now it is up to you if you want to or not, no pressure, but we are both here and willing to teach you all we can about sex period. So just tell us what you want to do!”

Aaron thought for about ten seconds assimilating what he had just been told that he could have sex with both this good looking gal and his brother and while he didn’t realize it his shorts had hiked up and his stiff cock was protruding from the leg.

He grinded at them both and exclaimed, “When do we start?” To which they both laughed at his enthusiasm. They both stood each took a hand and led him to the king sized bed in his folks bedroom.

He was a little nervous at first when they got to bedroom, but quickly forgot all about it when Janice kissed him and pressed her tongue into his mouth; his brother undressed and pulled Aaron’s shorts down while Janice pulled his t-shirt off. His brother then engaged him in a bout of oral osculation while Janice was undressing, and then lay on the bed. Aaron was enjoying kissing both, but felt closer to and enjoyed it more with his brother.

With Aaron on one side and Vincent on the other they both licked Janice’s areola and nipples, kissing, licking and sucking while gently squeezing her breasts. Vincent then led him down to her navel and they took turns licking and sticking the tips of her tongue into her belly button.

Aaron could clearly see her vagina as her pubic bush was neatly trimmed and shaved clean from her vagina. Aaron watched closely as Vincent licked and thrust his tongue deeply into her vulva capturing her entire pussy in his mouth and sucking on it. While this was happening Janice lifted Aaron up and engulfed his stiff pole swabbing it with her tongue and sucking on it, which brought him to a shattering climax.

When it was Aarons turn to eat her pussy, with his cock still embedded in Janice’s willing mouth, he leaned over and noticed the odor, but it was not unpleasant and the flesh was soft and playable, when he stuck his tongue in it he could taste her essence and did not find it offensive. His brother lifted her legs and proceeded to lick, kiss and eat her ass; Vincent focused on her anal aperture working his tongue in as deeply as he could, he then traded places with Aaron, who reluctantly withdrew his rampant cock from Janice’s mouth and it was his turn to rim her nether regions while his brother inserted his cock in her mouth and started to enjoy her pussy.

A few minutes later he had Aaron sit on her face facing him and she immediately started to lick and rim him while his brother positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed in. He started pushing in and pulling out and lowered his mouth to Aaron’s raging hardon and skillfully blew him while he fucked Janice.

Vincent pulled out and had Aaron replace him and push his throbbing member into her cunt and started him fucking her and had him sucking on her nipples while Vincent got behind him and started to expertly rim Aaron’s ass. In less than five minutes Aaron experienced two intense dry cums.

Vincent moved Aaron back to Janice’s face while he inserted his still rampant phallus deep into her pussy and commenced to bone her while chowing down on Aaron’s cock, Vincent thrust deeply and unloaded an immense load of cock cream into Janice’s pussy with a loud groan of pleasure.

After a minute or two of recovery Vincent withdrew from Janice and went down on Janice’s pussy pulling Aaron with him. Vincent commenced to eat Janice’s pussy, licking and slurping his own cum from her twat then pushing Aaron’s face into her cum soaked opening and had him start licking. Aaron was amazed at the amount of ejaculate his brother had spewed into her pussy; it was soaking his lips and tongue.

He found that he enjoyed the essence of his brother’s sperm and his taste buds exploded with the flavor and the pleasure of a taste sensation that he found fulfillingly enjoyable. He pushed his lips and lower face as deeply into her vulva as he could and let his tongue snake as far into her cervix as possible so that he could gather as much of his brother delicious elixir as possible. His actions caused Janice to moan with pleasure.

When he had gathered all of his brother’s cum that he could, he lay back on the bed panting with a pleasurable, blissful exhaustion. His brother was watching him with an amazed expression of wonder at what had prompted Aaron’s actions.

Janice’s time being short pulled Vincent with her into the shower where they spent 15 minutes pleasurably getting her clean. Aaron was awakened by a kiss on the forehead, a smile from Janice and, “I hope that you enjoyed yourself and I would be glad to do it again.” Aaron just smiled up at her as she left.

His brother was just standing there with a towel wrapped around his waist looking at him and finally stated, “You need to get a shower and then we can go out to eat.” He held out his hand and Aaron let himself be pulled out of bed and into the shower with his brother, who washed and dried him and helped him get dressed.

While they were at dinner Aaron didn’t talk much it he seemed to Vincent that he was lost in contemplation of the afternoon’s events.

When they got back home Vincent took Aaron into the family room and got him a coke and sat next to him with his arm around his shoulders and quietly asked, “Aaron are you all right?”

Aaron looked up at him and smiled, “Yea, I had a lot of fun this afternoon, but I want you to make love to me.” Love and wonder in his eyes Vincent responded, “It would be my pleasure to give you pleasure.”

Vincent picked him up and carried him to his bedroom laying him in his bed, and started softly and slowly disrobing Aaron and himself while gently caressing Aaron’s body. He engaged Aaron’s lips in a series of deep and sensual kisses while gently touching him in ways that brought him to new heights of his senses he didn’t even know existed.

Vincent slowly worked his way across Aaron’s nipples and navel, until his hot breath was caressing Aaron’s manhood which twitched and spasmed with desire. Vincent slowly engulfed this proud member savoring it and raising Aaron’s erotic senses yet again to new heights. He slowly brought Aaron toward climax and then lowered it, to again raise it again to a new height, repeating it until Aaron finally exploded with an earth shattering climax that seemed to go on forever. To Vincent’s surprise Aaron experienced his first wet climax which had further intensified his pleasure.

While the first offering was small Vincent held it in his mouth while Aaron returned from the astral plane and then shared it with him.

“Please, Vincent, make me complete and enter me.” Vincent nodded his head and stared by kissing him. As he worked his way down to Aaron’s waist and to his side, he rolled Aaron over and started kissing and licking again at his neck and shoulders, slowly working his way down Aaron’s spine to his coccyx.

Spreading his butt cheeks he slowly exhaled a warm moist breath on Aaron’s rectal opening causing it to pulse. Starting at his perineum he slowly licked his way up across his anus to his tail bone to wiggles and squeals of pleasure.

Vincent gently nibbled and licked Aaron’s cheeks and inner thighs. When next he reached Aaron’s nether region, he licked from his scrotum to his anus, slowly circling it with the tip of his tongue, then pointing his tongue and probing the dark passage that offered so much pleasure, watching it pulse and throb in excitement. He continued to probe it with his tongue to the sounds of moans and groans of excitement and anticipated pleasure.

Vincent traced Aaron’s anal ring with the tip of his finger, exciting it to greater heights. Adding some lube to his finger he inserted it to the first joint, twisting and probing, repeating this several times. Adding more lube he pushed his finger to the second joint to cries of excitement and desire. After repeating this several times with twisting’s and swirling’s he entered all the way to his knuckle. Aaron was moaning, panting, and gasping “yes, yees, yeeesss” over and over again. Vincent repeated this until he had three fingers buried to the knuckles.

Vincent lubricated his tumescent member and as he withdrew his fingers he pushed the head of his shaft into Aaron’s anal aperture. He stopped at Aaron’s sharp intake of breath and rigid body. He was surprised when Aaron thrust back fully burying himself on Vincent's full 8 inches with a cry of anguish followed by a moan of pleasure.

When Aaron started to move his hips back and forth; Vincent took over slowly thrusting in and out and was caressing Aaron’s prostrate almost continuously. Vincent slowly increased the speed and depth of his thrusts to the cries of urgency from Aaron of, “Faster, more, deeper, Ooohhhh, Yeeaahh.”

He felt Aaron’s sphincter spasm and clamp down on his invading 8 inches so hard that he felt his cock was going to be pinched off. Aaron’s climatic bliss was so intense that it took Vincent over the top to his own nirvana of orgasm, filling Aaron’s love tunnel with spurt after spurt of Vincent’s juices.

After they recovered and lay talking Aaron told Vincent that while it had been fun, he wasn’t really interested in girls, but wanted to experience as much and as many different types of male sex as possible over the weekend and that’s what they did.

As he finished his story, Aaron smiled, grabbed both boys by the arms and pulled them off the bed to the floor in front of Smitty and said, “This is how you do it.” gorging himself on my rampant tool. Aaron’s weekend experience stood him in good stead and he proceeded to give me a most pleasurable blow job.

With both Anthony and Jim on either side closely watching Aaron’s demonstration of oral engulfment he not only demonstrated his innate ability, but an outstanding education. Pulling Anthony’s cheek and mouth against his he deftly transferred my drooling cock from his mouth to Anthony’s and got him started sucking on my cock.

He then turned to Jim and engaged him in a bout of oral osculation which left no doubt that he enjoyed kissing. Jim was a quick study and returned the favor with enthusiasm. A couple of minutes later he brought Jim’s cheek and mouth alongside Anthony’s and another successful transfer of my tool was accomplished to Jim’s willing and salivating mouth, followed by another demonstration of oral osculation, this time between Aaron and Anthony.

A few minutes later Aaron pulled a reluctant Jim off my cock and had him lay alongside Anthony on the bed and he lay on the end of the row.

Knowing what was needed I started in on Anthony’s stiff cock, licking from his perineum, through his testicles up the shaft of his cock and engulfing the head of his twitching member swallowing it whole. It took only about 30 seconds licking and sucking on my part before Anthony arched his back, loudly moaning, for him to experience the most shattering climax in his life.

As Anthony recovered I, switched my attention to Jim who met me with an upheld cock and a thrust of his young hips encouraging me to take his 9 year old cock and balls into my willing mouth. In about the same time as it took for Anthony, Jim achieved his sexual bliss and lay there panting with overloaded senses.

When I turned to Aaron he lay there with a smile of anticipation, wondering what he would experience that was new and wonderful. Knowing that he was sexually experienced I changed my approach, starting at his knees, I slowly and gently ran my hands from Aaron’s knees, with my thumbs gently pressing the insides of his thighs until they met underneath his globes, gently pressing so that his cock was slightly raised off his stomach. Lowering my open mouth until almost touching Aaron’s spheres, I slowly breathed out bathing Aaron’s rigid member in warm moisture, from his maturing orbs slowly up his shaft to the glistening head.

I slowly extended my tongue until the tip touched in the center of his cum slit. I slowly pushed the tip of my tongue into the slit, and then slowly twirled my tongue around the head paying particular attention to the frenulum. I continued this slow teasing of Aaron’s cock head which resulted in him panting in excitement and desire. Suddenly I surrounded the head with tight lips and quickly bobbed up and down creating as much suction as possible after three or four quick bobs I was rewarded with Aaron’s sweet nectar, as he sharply thrust his hips embedding his dick as deep into my mouth as he possibly could and crying out in the agony of exquisite pleasure, his twitching cock trying to expel more and more of his essence than his yet immature body could produce and collapsed into organismic bliss.

I nursed Aaron’s rod to fully drain it and turned to Anthony and Jim and shared Aaron’s offering with them. Aaron soon recovered and announced that only one thing remained for them to experience and that was for me to fuck them. He quickly got Anthony and Jim into a kneeling position on the bed and starting with Anthony he licked, kneaded and fingered his rear entrance, while I watched.

When he switched to Jim, I moved in and rubbed the spongy head of my member over Anthony’s anal aperture, which started him moaning in anticipation. When the glans of my cock started to apply pressure to Anthony’s rear entrance he gave a sharp thrust backwards and embedded the head of my cock in his anal entrance to a sharply indrawn breath and a cry of pain, which quickly subsided and was replaced with a groan of pleasure as he pushed back to fully embed my shaft into his secret depths.

With a moan of pleasure Anthony start moving his body back and forth rubbing my cock across his prostrate increasing the speed and depth as his pleasure as he accelerated. It only took about 2 minutes and Anthony was withering in extasy, his body stimulated and he was scorning (a cross between a scream and a groan) in the throes of orgasm. The pressure of his anus clinching and grasping my cock made it feel impossible to withdraw until his orgasm subsided.

When Anthony’s spasms relented, I withdrew from Anthony’s Glory Hole; Aaron moved aside to allow me access to Jim’s nether region. When my glans contacted Jim’s anal aperture Jim basically repeated Anthony’s actions with the same sounds and results. About 2 minutes latter Jim’s orgasmic climax was of a magnitude comparable to Anthony’s.

As I withdrew from Jim, Aaron was laying on his back with his legs pulled back with a broad smile on his face waiting for his turn. Wanting to provide him with a different experience I approached slowly, rubbing the head of my cock across his cheeks, contacting his perineum rubbing up until I was thrusting into his balls. Lightly smacking his perineum with the head of my cock and rubbing it around his entrance.

Barely thrusting the head of my cock in to expand Aaron’s anal ring and quickly removing it, each thrust increasing in depth until with one quick thrust I fully buried my cock into Aaron’s love tunnel. Aaron’s surprised look and held breath lasted a second or two, followed by a sharp deep inhale and a long, loud drawn out scorn, the shocked expression changing to a smile of pleasure.

Fully buried in Aaron, I moved my hips up and down then side to side and in a circular motion, eliciting moans and groans of pleasure from Aaron. I motioned Jim over and pointed to Aaron’s rampant penis; Jim quickly grasped that he was to suck on Aaron’s member, which he swallowed with enthusiasm and gusto. Pointing at Anthony’s stiff cock and Aaron’s panting mouth; Anthony quickly got the message and straddled Aaron’s head and offered him his tasty morsel, which Aaron accepted with enthusiasm and pleasure.

Now that everyone was in place I slowly pulled out of Aarons pleasure tube and quickly thrust back all the way in, stimulating his prostrate and pausing for a couple of seconds. Repeating this slow withdrawal and quick insertion so that each withdrawal lasted about 10 seconds and each inward thrust was completed in a second. After about 2 minutes I picked up speed until I was rabbit fucking Aaron’s ass with rapid in and out thrusts, raising him to higher and higher plateaus of enjoyment and excitement until his body spasmed with release.

Aaron’s sphincter muscles clamped down on my cock taking me over the edge to the land of sexual bliss and I injected my offering of sperm deeply into Aaron. Each spurt a release of pleasure and excitement as Aaron released his offering into Jim’s oral cavity and Anthony reached his own level of nirvana.

As they returned to normal from their climatic highs, I pulled out of Aaron’s anus, and Anthony, Jim and Aaron lay on the bed in disarray, breathing heavily with shit eating grins on their faces. All three had an experience unlike anything they had before and were bathing in the afterglow.

When they had recovered, I took them into the shower and showed them how to clean themselves out and when they had all toweled themselves dry, I led them out to the pool to greet the other boys.


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