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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 12 – Saturday Lunch and the Afternoon (Part 1)

As Aaron, Anthony, Jim and I all walked out the back door; we were greeted by the sights and sounds of sexual copulation and pleasure. The boys were in various groupings of sexual congress, all 7 engaged in some manner of sex with each other.

As we approached the groups on the lawn, Aaron, Anthony and Jim sprouted hard-ons eager to join in. TJ spotted them approaching and called out, “Hey guys, glad to see you could make it.”

This got everyone’s attention and they stopped what they were doing; disentangled themselves and rushed to greet them, for a group hug. They all started chattering at once and while I couldn’t make sense out of what they were saying, as it is true of kids everywhere they weren’t confused.

I motioned for Rob to come and talk with me and told him that I needed assistance to get lunch ready and that he should take a shower and join me in the kitchen. Rob headed for my outdoor showers and I headed for the kitchen.

As I got to the kitchen door the chatter stopped and it had suddenly gotten quiet, so I turned around to see what was going on. The 3 new arrivals were kneeling on the grass and were being fed front and rear by the other 6, to the sounds of moans and groans and ‘Yeeaaaahhhhsss’.

Leaving the boys to their occupations, I went into the kitchen and turned on the hot water, grabbed the pot with the bratwurst and started filling it. I turned on the grill to get it to temperature and turned up the oven to finish the smoked chops, put the pot with the bratwurst on the stove with high heat to get the water boiling. Next I unpacked the 10 lbs. of ground beef and put them in the mixing bowl of my Kitchen Aid mixer about this time Rob walked in and asked, “What do you want me to do to help, Sir.” Obviously he wanted to be directed in his slave persona.

I handed him an apron and commanded, “Put this on.” While he was doing this I directed, “Put the picnic tables together on the patio and get the crockery and silverware out as well as napkins and cups for the soda and report back when that is done,” Rob responded, “Yes Sir.” and proceeded to complete the assigned tasks.

While Rob was working I put 6 eggs on to hard boil and got out a pound of mushrooms and dumped them in the food processor, I peeled and coarsely chopped a large onion and coarsely chopped a green pepper then dumped them in the food processor. I pulsed the processor until they were all mixed and finely chopped; I dumped them in the mixing bowl with the ground beef, and turned it on too low to mix everything. I added a table spoon each of garlic powder, dill weed, black pepper, salt, thyme and paprika; then cracked 4 eggs into the bowl and left it mixing.

I like to make my own hamburgers that are 1/3 pound and I have the form and press for this as well as the scale to weight them. As I was getting them out Rob returned.

He reported that he had completed the tasks I assigned him and he had also put out the buns and the chips I had opened on the picnic table. I was pleased the he had used some initiative, but wasn’t going to let him know it. I was going to let him sweat a little, wondering if I was pleased or pissed. I ordered Rob to wash his hands as he would be making the hamburgers.

I got out some cookie sheets for the burgers and turned off the mixer, poured some EVOO into a small stainless steel bowl as Rob returned. I instructed him in how to brush the cookie sheet with EVOO and the hamburger making tools. I demonstrated how to make the first one and watched Rob make the second one to be sure that he understood my instructions.

While Rob was working on the hamburgers, I got out my food mandolin and sliced 6 tomatoes, 6 large onions, then 10 large dill pickles length wise and assembled them on a garnish platter with some lettuce leaves. I also sliced a pound of mushrooms. I reserved 2 of the onions and the mushrooms.

I put two frying pans on the stove and started butter melting in each and added the onions in one pan and the mushrooms in the other when the butter had melted and tossed them to get them all evenly coated. I put a cover on each and turned the heat down too low to let them sweat.

Next I assembled the salads I added the onion, carrot, green pepper, celery and mushrooms for each. The eggs were done and I took the pot to the sink and drained the eggs and ran cold water into the pot to cool the eggs for peeling. As I went to the refrigerator to get the cheeses for the salads and burgers I checked on Rob and he had completed about ¾ of the burgers.

The eggs were cool enough to peel and I had learned a neat trick that works most of the time. I sharply rap both ends of the egg against the side of the sink, and then roll the egg between the palms of my hands and start pealing wherever the biggest crack is, this usually results in the shell peeling in large sections. This works best with fresh eggs.

The raps on the ends compresses the eggs expanding the shell and separating the inner membrane from the white, the rolling while pressing normally finishes releasing the membrane and sometimes the entire shell can be removed still attached to the membrane. As I peeled each egg I put in back in the cold water to cool. After running the shells down the garbage disposal I removed the eggs and put them on a paper towel to finish draining and used another paper towel to pat them dry.

I have this neat device that I use to chop up the eggs for the salad; it combines two functions an egg slicer and an egg sectioner; the sectioner slices the egg into 8 wedges that stay together and then can be sliced creating chopped eggs without the mess and unevenness that you get by chopping them with a knife. I added 3 chopped eggs to each salad.

I added about 2 cups of cheese to each salad and mixed them, blending the ingredients together. I returned the cubed cheese to the frig and got out the Myaonase, Ranch and French dressings and added a half of cup of may and a cup of each salad dressing to each salad and mixed them. I decided that the salads were too dry and added another aquarter cup of each dressing to the salads.

As I was putting plastic wrap on the salad bowls Rob finished the burgers, the added ingredients had resulted in 34 1/3 lb. burgers, and with everything else this was probably more that the boys would eat, but snacks later on would more than likely consume any leftovers. I told Rob to take the salads and garnish outside and pointed to the drawer where the serving utensils were to get spoons and tongs and other serving equipment he thought were useful.

I brushed the grill with butter and started putting the burgers on, when Rob came back I told him where to find a colander and to drain the brats and bring them back. I watched to see how he would go about this; but it was apparent he had done something similar to this before, as he got the colander first and put it in the sink and then a couple of pot holders, turned the brats off and carefully carried the pot to the sink and poured it into the colander away from himself.

I had about ½ the burgers on the grill when he returned with the brats, I stepped aside and told him to dump them on the grill and I would arrange them for cooking. He placed the edge of the colander on the grill and quickly turned it upsidedown and the brats were on the grill keeping the colander in place so the brats didn’t skid all over the grill and the initial sizzle and splatter of the water turning to steam was contained in the colander, he took the colander over to the sink. I quickly arranged the brats and started putting the rest of the burgers on the grill.

I had Rob get out enough hot pads for everything and put them on the serving table and take the roasting pan of chops and sauerkraut out leaving the oven on. I put the three cookie sheets and a frying pan in to get hot so the food would be kept warm.

When Rob returned he told me that the guys had smelled food and were heading for the showers to clean up for lunch. I had him set up 30 sets of the three cheeses for the burgers while I tossed the onions and mushrooms adding more butter to each and turning the heat up to medium. I was leaving 4 plain hamburgers as someone may not want cheese on theirs.

I had been rolling the brats and they were getting a nice brown to them. The burgers were ready to turn and as I turned them Rob was putting the cheeses on each. Again initiative from Rob so this time I commented, “A good slave anticipates things that need to be done; you are doing a good job.” To which he replied, “Thank you Sir.”

The brats and cheeseburgers were done and I put the brats in the frying pan and covered it and Rob took it out. When he returned he quipped, “The pack of hungry lions are circling for the kill.” and I chuckled at his sense of humor. I had one of the trays of burgers ready and he took that out and then the second and I told him I would bring the last. I turned the grill down to warm so it would be easier to clean.

When I got outside boys were all bunched at the table sniffing and salivating. I announced, “There are sodas in the cooler and ice in the ice machine if you want it; the buns and chips are on the tables if you want them. Grab a plate and you can form two lines.” as I removed the foil from the roaster and the smell wafted over them; they hurried to get plates.

As the boys went to get their plates, I could hear, “Smells good; I’m starved; looks good.” comments. I served each boy a pork chop and some sauerkraut and they helped themselves to everything else. Rob had uncovered everything while the boys got their plates and went to get his. When Rob got in line at the end of course, he had two plates with him one for himself and one for me again good thinking for a slave wantabe. I served him and took my plate and thanked him for bringing it for me and he responded, “Your welcome Sir.” which got the attention of the boys still serving themselves, but prompted no comments. Did they know or just suspect and was Rob deliberately giving himself away? Well I would worry about that later.

When I got to the table I called for the boy’s attention and stated, “I am sure that you will all want seconds, the only thing I ask is that you don’t take more than you can eat. Probably some of you will go back for thirds and even fourths, it’s OK but just take what you are going to eat as the leftovers can be used for snacks later,” and I received replies of, “OK, sure, no problem, we understand.” etc. from all of them.

While I don’t participate much in conversation when I am eating, the boys were all chatter boxes it seemed, talking and cross talking about just about everything especially what had happened this morning and their feelings, which were universally enjoyable. They teased TJ about being the first and having all that extra time with me, and he dished it right back noting how much of a slut they all were, due to what had been happening around the pool this morning.

I thought that this would be a good time to inject some courtesy rules and etiquette, and I got their attention, “I know that I have covered this earlier, but I want you all to understand that there are a few rules. When you are here and there is no one else here there is no dress code so nudity is OK, the language rules are relaxed and teasing is OK as long as the person being teased doesn’t take offense. When we are out in public or have guests here, all normal courtesy rules are in force and any violations will have consequences.” All were nodding in understanding.

“I explained the ‘No Means No’ rule before and to be sure you understand it, I want to emphasis it again, while here you can have sex with anyone who is willing; but if they say ‘No’ you must respect that and refrain from trying to engage them in sex.”

I could see that I had their attention and from their expressions they were taking it seriously. I quipped “Now from what has happened so far this morning and my observations I don’t think that, that will is a problem for this group, as you all appear to be horn dogs.” Which brought a chuckle from them all.

“But the rule still applies, someone may just not be in the mood and again you have to respect that.” more nods and quiet I understands.

“I can’t control what you do when you are not here as part of this group; but I hope you will use the same rules with anyone else you choose to have sex with outside this group. It is important for two reasons, the first is legal as forcing someone to have sex with you can get you in trouble with the law and second it can affect your health with Sexually Transmitted Diseases, STD’s, or even AIDS.” This really got their attention.

“I get tested every three months even though I am careful. I will make arrangements with Doctor Zimmerman for all of you to be tested every three months also. I am afraid that I have to insist on this as a membership requirement for this group. I will inform you parents of this as they are all on the committee. If for any reason they don’t agree to this you will not be able to be part of the group.”

I could see looks of concern on their faces, and before anyone could say anything I continued, “Now I don’t think that any of you need to have any concerns about this, as all of your parents are on the committee and allowed you to come over and spend the weekend here.” This brought looks of relief from all of them.

“We will talk about this more this afternoon and we have a lot of organizational things we all have to do. Now I have some house rules. Everybody has to help clean up after meals and any messes that are made.”

I paused and continued, “You are all Dirty Little Boys in more ways than the dirt and grime you create.” This brought snickers from them.

“One other thing right now, bedroom rules; you have all been assigned a bedroom and it is yours for the duration of your stay. If the door to your room or the door to the bathroom is open that means you are inviting anyone who wants to, to join you in your room, if you want privacy then just close both doors and everyone will respect this.” They all nodded in agreement.

“Finish up lunch as we have a lot of things to do this afternoon.” Rob and TJ had finished and I motioned for them to come with me as I picked up my plate and utensils and headed for the kitchen, both did the same and followed me. I went to the sink and got the compose bucket out and scraped my plate into it and directed TJ and Rob to do the same. “TJ, I want you to supervise the loading of the dishwasher, as each boy brings his plate in, have him scape it into the compost bucket, paper napkins are ok but everything else can go into the recycle bins outside, then rinse the plate before putting it in the dishwasher.” TJ answered, “I’ll take care of it Smitty.”

I took Rob over to the grill and got out the rubber apron, insulated rubber gloves and the scraper. I handed the apron to Rob and he put it on and then the gloves and I instructed him, “Start at the back and scrape to the front, once all the scrapings are in the grease container dump it in the compost bucket and give it to TJ to rinse and put in the dish washer. Put the container with the hose attached to it in its place and make sure the hose is in the bucket. Take the smaller bucket and fill it with water and dip the brush in it and scrub the grill starting at the back. When that is done scrape the grill again and brush it again, after a final scraping turn the grill off and bring everything over to the sink. Any questions?” He responded, “No, I understand everything Sir and I shouldn’t have any problems.” and he proceeded to start scraping.

As I turned around the rest of the boys were finishing scraping their plates and putting them in the dishwasher and were waiting for directions. When I reached the boys I said, “OK, if we all pitch in we can get this done quickly and get on with the meeting to get organized.”

I pointed to Mike and CC and told them, “Mike, CC I want you to take over the washing duties, put as much of the smaller stuff in the dishwashers as you can and the rest will have to be washed by hand.”

Next I pointed to TJ and Anthony and stated, “TJ, Anthony I want you to put all the leftover food in storage containers so they can be put in the refrigerator and bring in the serving dishes to be washed.”

I turned to Jakob, Jason and Hank and instructed, “Jakob, Jason, Hank I want you to get the bucket and wiping cloths from under the outside sink, use warm water and a little liquid soap to wash everything we used outside then rinse the soap out of the cloths and use cold water to get the soap off and pickup anything else and put it in the right bins.”

Next was Aaron, “Aaron your job is to clean all the inside counter tops just like I told the Twins and Hank for the outside, there are cloths in this drawer.”

Lastly it was Jim’s turn, “If what I have heard about you is true I have a special job for you, follow me.” and I led him over to my computer workstation. I sat down and started to login and Jim looked away so he wouldn’t see my password.

I said, “I understand that you are working on some Microsoft Certifications, how is that going?” he responded, “I have completed all the basic certifications and passed the tests and I am working on the intermediate ones.”

I nodded my head and replied, “Good, I am logged in with the master account and it has full authority, what I want you to do is create a secure 500 Gigabyte partition on one of the network drives and create 11 login accounts the first one will be for me with full administrative rights, the username is to be ‘sasquatch’ and the other ten will be named user1 through user10 with normal user rights that can access all of the programs, create and delete their files and access the web pages that will be created. etcerra. They will also be able to access the system remotely through the internet once I have a web page up and running. Any questions?” Aaron summarized, “Create a 500 gig network partition, 11 accounts, yours with full admin rights and 10 user accounts with normal accesses, no problem, I understand security and I won’t go snooping in areas I’m not supposed to.” and he got to work.

I headed to my office to get some supplies and opened up my word processor and created a Biographic Summary with all of the information I wanted to know about the boys in their own words, and printed out 15 copies of it, 4 extras just in case someone misplaced theirs.

When I got back to the kitchen Rob was finishing up on the grill and Mike and CC were finishing the last pots. The counters were clean and I could see the rest of the boys seated at the picnic tables quietly talking. I didn’t see the food and checked the refrigerator and TJ had found space for everything.

Jim waved me over and showed me what he had done. I logged out of my master account and logged in to my new account and set my password. On my system the password rules were a minimum of 1 capital letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character and the password must be a minimum of 10 characters. After I logged out, I told Aaron to create his account and went to get the other 9 boys.

I explained to them about the accounts and that they would be able to access them from any computer connected to the Internet in a few days and that I would send them all an email letting them know when it was up and running. I explained the password rules and had each set up his account.

When all the accounts were set up I went outside and joined the boys at the picnic table. As I sat down they all got quiet. So I started, “During lunch I presented some rules and told you that we could discuss them after lunch. Sooo; it’s after lunch any questions?” All of their hands shot up. I looked around and said, “Rob,” and the hands went down. Rob explained “We’ve been talking while we were waiting and were wondering what you meant by consequences.” I could see the heads nodding.

“Ok,” I started, “first let me explain a few things, to be a proper organization we need to have a charter and bylaws. The charter states who we are and what we stand for. The bylaws state the rules of the organization. The bylaws can include a section on discipline and spell out the offences and the consequences and who enforces them. Consequences can be anything from a reprimand or a suspension all the way to expulsion. Does that answer your question? About half the hands shot up.

This time I picked Hank and he asked, “Who writes this charter and the bylaws?” I said, “You, me and the committee which is currently made up of your parents.” This time Hanks hand was up faster than anyone else so I said, “Hank.” He asked, “Who gets to vote on them?” It seemed that he was thinking that there were more members on the committee and that they could outvote them, “That’s easy the members all of you guys.”

I could hear a collective sigh of relief that their parents wouldn’t be telling them what to do, “We’re also going to have to create all of the ranks, badges and the requirements for them, as well as decide on uniforms if you want them and other things like the rules I presented at lunch. This is all going to take time and we won’t get much of it done this weekend. It will be an ongoing process, probably for at least a month or more. So we have a lot of hard work ahead of us.”

I let them think about this for a while and continued, “Don’t look at the committee as your enemies just because they're your parents. Parents and kids don’t always agree on what they should be allowed to do, if they ever agree. Remember they helped you start this organization and allowed you to come over here this weekend so give them the benefit of the doubt and at least listen to what they say, you all get to vote on things and they don’t have a vote as far as the things the group does.” I could see nods and hear sounds of agreement. “Let’s table this discussion for now so we don’t get bogged down as we have a lot to do,” and I heard a ragged chorus of ‘OK’s’ from them.

I put the box of pens and pencils on the table where they all could reach it, passed them each a pad and my bio summary. “Take a minute to read this and then we will talk about it.” When they were all looking at me again I continued, “The first part of it is simple your name, date of birth, etcetera; but the questions about the things you have done and want to do, things you like and dislike, the places you have been and where you want to go and don’t want to go are also very important, because I don’t just want a list, I want you to include reasons.

For example if you went on a trip to Yellowstone did you see Old Facefull.” I paused and watched the strange looks on their faces change to smiles and chuckles as they got the joke.

“I want to know not only what you liked and didn’t like but why, give a reason for each thing. Now you are only going to have an hour and a half to do this so you won’t be able to complete everything on the bio summary, this is going to be an ongoing project like a diary and they will be posted on the website and only people with user accounts will be able to see them.

”The idea behind this is to share information with the other members, so pretty much all of what you write, oh say 95% or more will be shared on the website. If you want to write something that you are not sure you want to share with the others, you can do that too and it will not be available for others to look at. I will be creating a database and input forms and you will be able to designate anything you add to be public or private.”

The twins piped up with, “Besides us and you who will have a user id that can look at this?”

“Good question,” I replied, “The website will have user accounts for anyone who becomes a member and there will be user accounts for each committee member and for parents of any new members.”

”Parents not on the committee will only be able to see those things that are public. There will be a public section for members, one for the committee and one for parents, in the public part of the website.”

”The parents not on the committee will only be able to post public information, but will be able to send a private message to anyone with a user id.”

”The members and the committee will be able to post both public and private information.” I paused to let them assimilate this.

“There will be four sections on the website, a public section where notices, announcements and schedules will be posted, a contact list of everyone will be available there and everyone with a user account can chat.”

”There will be a private section where members can chat with each other and your bios will be posted; a private section for the committee members to use and a private section for both the members and committee members to use. This way we will all be able to communicate.”

Again I paused to let them absorb this, “Now I want to make a suggestion, your name, address, phone number, email and like information will be part of the contact list and will be included in the public section, I will provide three options for the rest of your bio information, ‘Public, Member and Private.’ Private will mean that you don’t want anyone else to see what you have written; Member means that the information will be available to all of the members, and Public means that anyone with an account will be able to see the information. Now I think that it is important that as much of the information that you add to your diary should be public, but some things like talking about sex should be limited to members only or if you feel the need make it private.”

Jim raised his hand; I looked at him and said “Go ahead.” He asked, “Will you be able to look at any private stuff we write?” I responded, “As you know I am the system administrator and can look at anything on the computer. I can only give you my word that I won’t go snooping. But I will be getting system reports and they will show how much of each type of information is posted and the user id that posted it. If I see one account that has been adding a lot of private information, I will have a private conversation with him about it to see why he is writing so much private stuff, OK?” and he responded “OK.”

“Let’s put this discussion aside for now so we can get everyone started on the bios, you all know where the sodas are and I will put some snacks out. You can work here or go wherever you want to work on it in private; I will be available to talk with anyone if you have any questions.”

They all gathered up the pads and took a pen or pencil; grabbed a soda and headed off to various parts of the lawn to work on their bios. I went in and got out some cubed cheeses, some ham and crackers, the left over chips from lunch as well as 4 bags of cookies for snacks.

I got a pad and a pencil to start designing the database and the web pages while they worked. I made myself a note to create the user accounts for the committee and 3 dummy accounts that could just be copied for each type of user.


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