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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 14 – Saturday Dinner and the Rest of the Night

When I activated the call box I saw Grace Burgess and the other mother’s there and I said, “Hello, Grace,” to which she replied, “Hello, David; we thought that we would bring over supper to feed the starving herd, so are you going to let us in or do we just dump it in the ditch?” which got a laugh from me and I said, “And be trampled by that starving herd, no way of course you can come in. I have been having some problems with the gate, the sensors are out of alignment and you will need to wait until the gate is fully open as it might close on your cars and damage them.”

Grace replied, “No problem, and oh by the way if the boys are naked tell them that they don’t have to get dressed as we have all seen them that way before.” To which I said, “Ok I’ll let them know.” and activated the gate to open slowly.

I quickly went to the closet where I keep some clothes for such emergencies and hurriedly pulled on some pants, a shirt and some sandals, and rushed to the back yard. When I appeared in the back door fully dressed, the boys inquired, “What’s up Smitty?”

I quickly explained that their mothers were here with dinner and they had said that if they were naked not to worry about getting dressed as they had all seen you that way before. To which the universal response seemed to be yea they have.

They followed me as we trooped to the front door and the vans were parking as we got there. They rushed out to greet their mothers and give them a hug, TJ kinda hung back as he knew his mother wouldn’t be there. Grace saw him and called out, “TJ, come here for a hug, your mom asked me to give you a hug for her.” He smiled and went to get his hug.

They opened the hatch backs and Grace took charge, pointing to Rob and Mike she handed them each two pot holders and said “You two take the two pans of Lasagna,” and turned to me and said, “we will need to warm them up in your oven.” and I responded, “Ok I’ll go and turn them on.” and headed for the kitchen.

I had the ovens turned on and had one of the doors open as Mike and Rob came in and I told them to put the pans in the oven and I closed the door.

As the pots were brought in I had them put on the stove top burners.

When all was said and done we had:

For Sunday breakfast:

I told Mike and CC to add another table so their mothers could join us for the meal.

I had Rob get out the pasta cooker and fill it with hot water and put it on the stove at high heat.

I got out 2 steam table pans to serve the pasta and bread from.

I set TJ to directing the other boys with emptying the dish washers and getting enough plates, salad bowls, silverware, glasses and serving utensils to meet our needs.

Two of the mothers took over supervising the outside activities and to keep the boys from getting in the way in the kitchen. Two of the mothers were at the stove checking on the sauces and two were working on the salad and two were slicing the cakes.

I showed Rob where the coffee urn was and set him to making coffee with the two drip coffee makers.

I told TJ to get the two one-gallon jugs of Sun tea that had been brewing all day and put them on the serving table and I gave him a small steam table pan and scoop for ice.

I got Ranch, French, and Cesar salad dressings out of the refrigerator to go outside. I also grabbed the Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese and sprinkled it on the garlic bread before putting it in the other oven.

The pasta water was bubbling and the 5 lbs of precooked pasta was put in and the heat turned off.

Soon the sauces were bubbling and ready to serve as was the Lasagna.

I turned the ovens off and pulled out the garlic bread and started slicing in and sliding it into one of the steam table pans, one of the mothers came over the arrange the slices.

In the other pan I had poured some EVOO and when Grace brought over the pasta strainer and dumped it in the pan I poured more EVOO on it and stirred it with tongs.

I grabbed a couple of extra-large cooking spoons and we headed out.

The boys were lined up ready to eat I scolded, “Gentlemen where are your manners, ladies first.” and the mothers all responded with “No, no, no, let them go first as they will be on seconds before we finish firsts.”

I announced, “We bow to your superior authority.” as I bowed all of the 10 naked boys did the same, which brought chuckles from their mothers.

The mothers were serving the boys and they insisted that I go through the line before they did.

The boys had left spaces for their mothers to sit next to them and as the mothers sat down they started chattering away about all that had happened, including sexual occurrences, which did not seem to faze or embarrass the mothers much to my surprise, although the boys didn’t mention about having sex with me.

All of the boys had seconds and a few, especially the older boys, had thirds. When we were finished eating Grace said, “Ok it’s time to clean up.” before she could stand up I stated, “Ladies cleanup is the boy’s job and they know what to do as they did it at lunch, Pathfinders, get to it.”

The boys got up and took theirs and their mothers plates and headed inside, about a minute later TJ came out and asked, “Smitty will you help me select the correct storage containers.” I got up and replied, “Certainly.”

I went over to the serving table and looked at what was left, 2 of the sauces were completely empty and only a half of a pan of Lasagna was left and both salads were gone and about ¾ of the bread and pasta had been eaten.

I told TJ to grab the Lasagna and I grabbed the two salad bowls and the pasta and we headed inside. I got Mike's attention and sent him to get the two pots of sauce. I told Aaron to wipe the serving table and CC to get the coffee mugs, spoons, sugar and cream out to the serving table and the cake plates and cakes. I had Mike carry the coffee urn.

Rob was supervising the scraping and rinsing and loading of the dishwashers and as quick as TJ or I emptied a pot or pan he took it over for scraping and rinsing. He had Hank and Jim gathering up the drink cups and told them to be sure to ask before taking any from their mothers.

I grabbed the Ice Cream from the freezer and a couple of scoops and headed out as Rob started the dish washers doing their job, a couple of the mothers were serving dessert.

As dessert was winding down Grace leaned over and quietly said, “David we would like to talk with you without the boys for a few minutes.”

I announced, “Boys please take all of the empty plates and stack them in the sink and head down to the game room and amuse yourselves while your mothers and I have a short chat, so that can I tell them what kind of brats they have.” The response was we are not and we’ll get even, but they took the plates and left as asked.

The mothers all laughed at my comments.

“Now as if you all haven’t guessed your sons are no longer virgins. Also they have been very well behaved and are working very hard to get the Pfadfinders organized. That’s the name that the boys selected, it is German for Pathfinder which will be the name most often used so we can’t be accused of using a name similar to the Boy Scouts. They have already agreed to a few other things that have to be in the by-laws. They voted to ask the committee to assist in drafting the Charter and the by-laws but they have the final vote on both.”

“I am sure that you realize this, but anything that they tell me in confidence will not be repeated to anyone without their specific permission.” I explained about the web site and that there will be user names for everyone on the committee and that they will be responsible for their own organization. I also explained about the Board of Review.

Grace said, “It sounds like things are going well, how will you be letting us know about these things?” I answered, “I will always send anything to the chairpersons or the assistance chairpersons if they are not available, as Ruth and Tom are out of town, I will send it to you and George. When I get specific guidance from the Committee Chair I will disseminate it however the committee wants. I feel that it is the committee's responsibility to decide how and when anything the boys want to do is disseminated to the Committee. I am not trying to keep anything from all of you, but you have to set up your own organization and responsibilities and let me and the boys know how you want to communicate, that is why I am setting up the web site the way I described.”

One of the mothers asked, “What you are saying is that if I asked you who my son had sex with you wouldn’t tell me?” I looked directly at her and responded, “That is correct, anything that happens between the boys sexually is private and I won’t discuss it without their permission.”

“And if I asked if you had sex with the boys?” I replied, “Private.”

“Good,” she replied, “No offense intended, I just wanted to be sure that what is happening here stays here,” I answered, “None taken and it will.” I paused and added, “I talked to the boys about this and they understand, the Pathfinder’s is not just about sex, if that was all they wanted they don’t need the Pathfinders for it. I will help create a full program with the committee’s assistance as it was my understanding that was what was wanted.”

Grace said, “Mine also and we all acknowledged that sex would be a component of the group and we all accepted it. I for one think that with such short notice you are doing a bang up job.” And it was followed by a chorus of, “I agree.” from all of the other mothers.

“Just so you know I am keeping minutes of the meetings the boy’s and I are having and I will write them up and send them to the Chairperson, as I said earlier it’s up to the committee to decide how you disseminate this and I will do whatever the committee decides.”

The Twins mother asked, “Just out of curiosity, how do you get them to do things without argument?” I laughed, “I am not trying to tell you how to be a parent, but form previous experience I found that if I set rules and let them ask questions about the rules and explain it as simply as possible and provide consequences and mean it, they will respond better than if I take the attitude I am the adult and you are the child and I set the rules and you have to obey. They are learning that they can set rules too, and that I am willing to support them in doing this.”

Grace said, “Well ladies, unless there are other questions, I think we better head home and take care of the big kids.”

I went to my intercom and switched it on to the game room and yelled, “A'vast ye swabs, get ya bare buts up here to say good night to your mum's.” I got responses like, “Aye, aye Captain Bligh.”

Their mothers had just gotten out the door as they came tumbling up the stairs to say goodbye.

Grace gave TJ another hug and the boys all stood there waving as they drove down my driveway.

I sent Rob and Mike in to unload the dishwashers and finish the cleanup and the rest I chased down to the barn to take care of the horses with TJ in charge.

I went back to the kitchen and put a pound of butter on the stove to melt and got out my popcorn poppers and got them started. I got out 11 good sized plastic bowls to use. After they finished the cleanup, I put Rob and Mike to work popping more corn and putting it in the bowls.

I activated my computer and started the database program that listed all of the movies I have recorded on my computer except the XXX porno so the boys could choose a movie to watch.

I put another case of soda out by the cooler and opened the drain to let the water out; and went back into the kitchen started salting and buttering the popcorn, about that time I could hear voices coming in the front door and comments of I smell popcorn, and 8 naked boys came rushing into the kitchen.

“Whoa guys, first you have to pick a movie to watch, the list of movies is up on the computer.” and they all trooped over to discuss it. It was obvious real fast that they couldn’t decide on a genre let alone a movie, so I told them “I will pick the genre and you can pick the movie or I can just pick the movie.” They looked at each other for about 15 seconds and they all said, “You pick.” So I picked Porky’s. It is a good comedy about High School boys who were trying to get sex and while there was some nudity you couldn’t even call it soft porn.

I sent them out to get a soda and dump the case I had put out into the cooler and cover it with ice, then grab their popcorn and come down to the media room to watch the movie. My media room has stadium like seating with couches and loveseats that can accommodate about 30 people. I grabbed my soda and popcorn and headed on down and got the movie queued up. I just sat down when the boys came trooping in and TJ plopped down beside me. I dimmed the lights and started the movie.

While there were occasional comments especially during the shower scene about pussy, the general consensus was that they had enjoyed it, but now they were ready for some action. So I told them to take everything to the kitchen and get it washed and meet me in my bedroom.

While it was getting close to bed time, I was sure that it would be hours before they went to sleep, so I devised a game to play. As I got out a blind fold they came trooping in with hard-ons to the fore.

“Now it is obvious that you are all horny and want to have some fun, but you also need to learn that it is not just about pleasing yourself, but about pleasing your partner. By now you should have learned some of the things that you can do to get your partner off and if you haven’t realized it yet, not the same thing works for everyone. To emphasize that sex is not just about you; what we are going to do is each of you will take a turn at being blindfolded so you can’t see and kneel on the floor and put your hands behind your back and I will guide someone’s cock into your mouth for you to suck you will have 30 seconds to pleasure them and then they will grade you on a scale of 1 to 10 on how good you did.” I paused to let this sink in. “Now you have to be honest, and give them a correct score that accurately reflects how good they made you feel.”

I went over to the white board and wrote their names on the left side in age ascending order and across the top from left to right in age ascending order and drew lines so that there were boxes and put an “X” in the ones where their names intersected.

As I turned around TJ asked, “Where’s your name?” and they all joined “You’ve gotta play too.” so I added my name to the list.

“Now you can each earn extra points if you can name the person you just sucked. You won’t know until you’ve sucked everyone how many you got correct and how many points you have earned. While you will take turns by age the cocks that you suck will be in a random order. Ok Hank, you’re first.”

I blindfolded Hank and helped him kneel and he eagerly opened his mouth, I had my stopwatch and pointed to Aaron and guided his Willy in to Hank’s waiting orifice. At the end of 30 seconds I called “Time” and Aaron stepped backwards panting, Hank licked his lips and said “Aaron.” When his turn was completed he had guessed 6 out of 10 correctly and scores were all 7’s, 8’s and 9’s.

Jim and Anthony not being as experienced only scored 6’s and 7’s and only got 4 names right.

The Twins both scored consistent 8’s each, but only got 5 names correct.

Aaron got good scores of 8's and 9's but only got 4 names right.

TJ scored consistent 9’s and got 8 of the 10 names correct.

CC, Mike and Rob all scored 8’s and 9’s and each got 6 of the 10 names correct.

Now it was my turn. I went through the boys giving each the best that I could and was surprised when I remove the blindfold that I had named all of the boys correctly and I had scored perfect 10’s.

They all saw me looking at my scores and before I could say anything they were all assuring me that they had scored me honestly and that I had named everyone correctly.

“OK I believe you, but while this was fun, it also emphasizes that sex is not all about self-gratification, you can receive just as much and sometimes more pleasure by working hard to pleasure your partner, you will feel good because you know that you are making someone else feel good.” I let them think about that.

“If both partners are working hard to please the other partner, the pleasure they are getting then multiplies and they are each taking the other to a higher level of pleasure, and this is one of the most important aspects of sex.” Again I paused to let them think.

“There will be times when you just need to receive pleasure and you partner will provide it for you. There will be times when you just want to pleasure your partner and make him really feel good. Sex really isn’t a one way street, the pleasure flows and ebbs and one partner may by his nature just be more demonstrative and giving of that then the other and derives pleasure from giving pleasure, but while a lot of relationships work fine with that, there are still others that must have more equality in order to create satisfaction for both partners.”

They stood there quietly thinking, I glanced and the clock and announced, “It looks like bed time so you can all head to your rooms and while you can couple or triple up just remember that you have chores in the morning and we still have a lot of work to do to get the Pathfinders organized.”

I got a chorus of “Good Nights,” as they headed for their rooms, TJ asked “Can I sleep with you?” and I answered, “Of course lover.” TJ grinned, “I like that.”

TJ and I climbed into bed and we kissed, we quickly got into a long slow and sensuous 69, it was at least 15 minutes before we both exploded into each other and another 3 or so before we snuggled and fell asleep.


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