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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 15 – Sunday More Decisions

I awoke with a pleasurable glow and discovered it was TJ’s mouth on my boner that was causing my feelings of euphoria. I reached out and started caressing his butt and he immediately released my hard-on and lay on his back pulling his knees up by his ears and pleadingly said, “Please David I need you in me.” His words were accompanied by a most pitiful look and puppy dog eyes beseeching me to make love to him.

I rolled over and kissed him as I moved into position. I teased his anus by rubbing the shaft of my penis up and down his butt crack and poking into his scrotum with the head of my cock, while he moaned into our embraced mouths. After a couple of minutes of this he broke our kiss and entreated me, “Please, Please put it in me.” looking at me with lust filled eyes.

I captured his legs and pressed his knees to the bed, which had raised his hips off the bed and while he could move he really had no leverage and I was in control of how fast or slow we would mate. I moved my glans into position at his rear entrance and gently pushed on his sphincter which elicited moans and entreaties of “Please, Pppllleeeaaasssseee.” from TJ.

I held a steady pressure and the head of my cock passed through his anal aperture to lodge in his rectum, where I held it to TJ’s wiggles and attempts to force more of me into him, accompanied with loud groans and moans long drawn out Yeeessss’s at the top of his voice. If the others weren’t awake before they would be now.

I slowly sank my shaft into TJ until my balls were bouncing on his coccyx, then I withdrew an inch or two and quickly thrust back in, my hips loudly slapping his glutes. His moans and groans were practically one steady sound with his head thrashing from side to side as I lengthen my stroke and increased in speed.

TJ’s hard-on was twitching and his anal muscles were starting to twitch as he approached his bliss. Suddenly his cock ejected a stream of cum that landed on his nose and mouth as his anus clamped on my hard rod pushing me over the top and I buried my cock as deeply as I could and unloaded my love nectar into TJ’s rectum. TJ fired 6 streams of cum onto his face and chest and I fired 5 into my lover. As we calmed down I leaned forward to kiss TJ and licked his offering from his face and with my cum coated tongue fed him his own essence as we kissed.

After a couple of minutes his anal spasms stopped and my rod started to deflate and we lay there for a few more minutes hugging each other in our afterglow of sexual satisfaction.

I climbed out of bed and pulled TJ by the hand and we went to shower and get ready for another day.

After showering we headed toward the kitchen, we could hear the sounds of sexual congress taking place. As we passed Rob’s bedroom we could hear his shower going and knew that he would be joining us shortly.

The other bedrooms had been empty.

Mike’s and CC’s door was open and we could see Mike pounding CC and watched as he achieved his orgasm it was obvious from the cum dripping out of his ass and down his thighs that he was returning CC’s favor of giving him a hard pounding.

Across the hall we saw Jim, Anthony and Aaron engaged in a lustful “Ménage de trios,” all busily sucking on each other with obvious enjoyment.

Next we saw the Twins and Hank, Hank was feeding one of the Twins while his brother was pounding his ass, as we watched they traded ends.

TJ and I continued to the kitchen and I turned on the ovens and TJ got the quiches out of the frig and put them in the oven. About this time Rob presented himself and inquired what he could do to assist.

I directed him to gather up the rest of the horn dogs and go take care of the horses while TJ and I prepared breakfast.

I had the oven set on low (250 degrees) so the quiches would warm slowly and not overcook them.

I had decided on biscuits and gravy, Hash Brown Potato Casserole, scrambled eggs with tomato, ham and cheese, and of course the Cinnamon Rolls. The Casserole would take the longest to prepare and cook so I would handle that one as I was making a double portion. The recipe I use I got off of

Ruth had been teaching TJ to cook and he wanted to prepare something, so I gave him the biscuits and gravy. I told him to bake 24 biscuits and brown two pounds of sausage for the gravy. I told him to get out a large baking sheet, a large frying pan, a 3 quart pot and lid, 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup, 1 pint of cream and 1 pint of sour cream and the milk. I also told him that I would be using the same oven to bake the casserole as he would be using to bake the biscuits and that I needed the temperature to be 350 degrees and it had to bake for 45 to 50 minutes so to plan the baking of the biscuits accordingly.

While TJ was getting what he needed I got started on the casserole.

I had TJ stationed at the grill, which we wouldn’t be using for cooking this morning as his counter top work station and he would use the burners closest to the grill.

TJ had everything organized at his station and asked, “OK, I can leave the biscuits till last as all I have to do is put them on the cookie sheet, so what do I do first?”

I instructed, “Put the frying pan on the burner and turn it to high heat to get the pan warming, then unwrap both packages of sausage and put them in the pan and turn the heat down to medium or medium low, then start breaking up the sausage to get it browning.” He replied “OK.” and went to work.

I kept an eye on him to be sure he understood what he was doing.

He was carefully breaking up the sausage into small pieces and stirring them around in the frying pan while keeping a good grip on the handle. He asked, “Smitty would you check this as I think the sausage is almost done.” I agreed with him and told him to spread the sausage evenly in the pan and turn the heat down to low.

I explained, “Next open the soup and empty the cans into the pot, then pour ½ a pint of cream in each one and stir with an Iced Tea spoon.” He asked, “Why an Iced Tea spoon?” I explained, “The handle is longer and you will have better control in scraping the sides of the cans.”

“Oh” he responded. He added the cream and stirred to mix the soup left in the cans with the cream and poured it into the pot, I said, “Now add the sour cream and mix with a whisk.” After stirring for about a minute he stated, “It looks a little thick.” I checked and he was correct, so I told him, “Add 1/8 of a cup of milk and whisk it and keep doing that until you think it is the right thickness, don’t worry if you make it too thin as it will thicken as it cooks and if necessary we can always thicken it with some roux.”

After a couple of minutes TJ said, “I think I have it about right, would you check it for me.” I stirred it with the whisk and commented, “It is always difficult to judge the consistency of cold ingredients that still have to be cooked as the heating process may make it thicker or thinner and that will be the only way to know for sure, so let’s get it heating and see.” I instructed him to take the sausage off the heat and put the pot in its place and turn the heat up to medium and cover the pot. I said, “When the gravy starts to bubble you will have to whisk it frequently to check its consistency and judge if it needs to the thinned out or thickened.”

I told TJ to set the frying pan on the grill and handed him a bottle cayenne pepper and directed, “We need to spice it up just a little,” as I handed him a one teaspoon measuring spoon, “Measure out one teaspoon of the cayenne pepper and sprinkle it over the sausage and then stir it in.” which he did. I said “Now we need to get the excess grease out of the sausage.” and I showed him a trick.

I have a set of 4 – ½ inch square, 8 inch long stainless steel bars to set pots on for the grill. I scraped all of the sausage to one side of the pan and under that side of the frying pan I placed one of the bars, which raised up that side of the pan and the grease ran down to the side where there was no sausage. TJ thought that that was a neat idea.

The gravy had started bubbling so TJ stirred it and said, “I think that it is starting to thicken so I don’t think that we need to do anything to it.” I checked it and agreed and TJ was grinning.

I handed TJ a large spoon and instructed, “Now transfer the sausage from the frying pan into the pot. When you have all the sausage in the pot, stir the pot to mix the sausage into the gravy.” I watched to see how he was doing.

“Some of the sausage is falling down into the grease,” exclaimed TJ. “That’s Ok,” I explained, “after you have all the drained sausage in the pot just scrape what’s in the grease back up to drain again.” I told him. “Oh, ok.” TJ answered.

I saw him stirring the pot and instructed, “After its all mixed put the lid on it and turn the heat down to low. Then pour the grease from the frying pan into the compost bucket and rinse the pan with hot water.” TJ nodded his head in response.

TJ came back and started putting the biscuits on the baking sheet as I finished up with the casserole and put it in the oven as set the timer for 45 minutes. He said, “The biscuits only take 12 minutes so I should wait until the timer is down to 12 minutes before putting the biscuits in, correct?” I replied, “That’s correct but unless you are standing here watching the timer you may miss it, so how much is 45 minus 12?” TJ quickly responded “33.” I explained, “If we set another timer for 30 minutes it will give plenty of warning to put the biscuits in the oven.” as I set the timer. “The cinnamon rolls only take 15 minutes to bake and we can put them in after everyone is served breakfast.”

“Alright we have only the eggs left and I will get out what we need while you clean up the grill and then turn this nob on to 200 degrees so we can use it as a warming plate for everything.”

TJ had that taken care of it in quick time and was waiting for further instructions.

I handed TJ 2 quarter pound sticks of butter and a cheese slicer which is like a small paper cutter and told him to cut up the butter into pats and put them on a plate so that we could butter the biscuits. I started cracking eggs into the mixing bowl until I had 3 dozen in the bowl.

TJ finished cutting the butter as I returned from putting the egg shells in the compost bucket and the cartons in the recycling bin.

I turned the mixer on too low to scramble the eggs, and put a cutting board and French Chefs knife in front of TJ and thick slice of ham. I sliced off a strip of ham and cut it into cubes and told TJ, “I want you to dice the ham and the cubes should be about this size. Also you need to trim as much of the fat off as possible and put it in this scrap bowl.”

I had some fresh parsley and celery I decided to add to the eggs as well as the tomatoes, ham and cheese.

I cut part way through the bottom of the celery stalk and cracked it back so I could pull most of the strings off. I cut the stalk length wise and lay them side by side and started to rapidly slice the celery. TJ had stopped and was staring. I stopped and asked, “TJ is something wrong?” It took a few seconds for him to respond, “I’ve never seen someone who could chop that fast, can you show me how?” I smiled and answered, “Yes I can, but not right now as it will take several hours to explain the technique and for you to practice, OK?” TJ nodded his head and said, “OK.”

I started cutting the 6 plum tomato in half and scraped the seeds into the scrap bowl, then slicing them into thin strips and mincing them. Last was the parsley I cut the stems off and chopped it into a coarse chop.

About that time the 30 minute timer went off and we put the biscuits in the oven. I got out the large fry pan and turned the heat on low and put 1/4 of a stick of butter in the pan. We could hear voices’ approaching the back door and the boy’s trooped in.

They all stood there looking at me waiting for instructions. “CC I want you to unload the dishwashers and everything we don’t need for breakfast you can put away, if you are not sure where it goes just put it on that counter over there.” as I pointed to the counter. “Mike, I want you to make two pots of coffee; Rob you are in charge of getting everything else ready, milk, juice, silverware, napkins, etcetera, now get busy before I throw it all to the hogs.”

Aaron piped up, “You can’t do that, you don’t have any hogs!” to which I replied, “True I don’t have any of the four legged kind, just the two legged kind like you.” This got a laugh from everyone.

Rob took charge and got everyone helping to get ready for breakfast.

I dumped the celery in the frying pan and turned the heat up to medium and set TJ to stirring it. After a minute I added the ham, then the tomatoes and finally the parsley. I turned the heat back down to low and added the egg mixture.

I exchanged the wooden spoon for a wood spatula and told TJ to be sure to scrape the bottom of the pan so the eggs don’t stick and burn.

I checked and everything and it was coming together nicely.

I called Rob over and took over the eggs from TJ. I told Rob to get out a boning knife and a potholder and TJ to get two pot holders and get the quiche out of the oven and onto the grill and instructed Rob to cut them into 8 slices. The eggs were almost done so I turned them off and moved then to a cold burner. I turned the sausage gravy off. TJ put the last quiche on the grill and Rob was starting on the 4th one.

The timer sounded and the biscuits and casserole were ready, I moved the baking sheet of biscuits to some empty burners on the stove and the casserole to the grill as Rob finished cutting the last quiche. I put the pans of cinnamon rolls in the oven and set the timer. Rob got serving spoons and pie slice lifters and I started slicing the biscuits.

I told the boy’s to come and get a biscuit and then get back in line, I slipped a pat of butter in each slice as I served it, Rob was serving the quiche and the boys were helping themselves to the casserole and eggs and TJ was proudly serving the sausage gravy.

TJ finally brought his plate for some biscuits and Rob had two, his and mine.

As we sat down I called for everyone’s attention, and said, “When you go back for seconds, remember that the grill is on to keep the food warm so be careful and don’t burn yourself.”

As I finished eating the timer went off indicating the cinnamon rolls were ready and while Rob was getting them out of the oven I got the cream cheese icing ready, I told Rob to cut them before I iced them. As I started on the first pan there was a line of boys with plates in hand waiting to be served, when I moved to the second pan Rob started serving from the first.

After Rob and I got ours and returned outside some of the boys were still going back for more food. Those that were finished were starting the cleanup process.

While the boys were cleaning I went to my office and got the pads, pens and pencils and the minutes from yesterday.

When I got back the boys were all seated at the picnic tables and the kitchen was clean and the dishwashers doing their thing.

When I sat down I started, “Important things first lunch today will be clean out the refrigerator of the leftovers, I am sure you have all heard that before from your mother’s.” I got nods all around.

“Whenever we have an official meeting it is important that we keep minutes, so the first order of business is to read those minutes and see if there are any corrections.” I read the minutes and asked if there were any corrections or additions, the boys all felt that I should add that I was the Chairman for the meeting and that I had instructed them in parliamentary procedure. I then said, “I will entertain a motion that the minutes be accepted as corrected.” One of the Twins said “I so move,” and the other, “I second the motion.” I called for discussion and there was none and then I called for the vote and the motion passed unanimously.

I then reminded them that the Twins and Hank’s parents were going to pick them up at 4 PM and we would no longer have a quorum and wouldn’t be able to make any more decisions after they left. That it would be best if we stopped no later than 3:30 PM so that they could be showered and dressed and ready when their parents arrived.

the boys all understood the procedures better and things went smother and we took a ½ hour swim break at 10:00 AM. I put lunch out a 12:15 PM and everything was cleaned up by 1:00 PM and we had another two hours of meeting time and discussions.

The boys actually got through a lot and the following decisions were made.

Uniforms took the longest to decide on and the consensus was that they didn’t want a uniform like the Boy Scouts, since most of them wore Western clothes anyway, they want it to be Western. They felt that they should have a formal uniform and an informal uniform, the formal uniform should be black wranglers a red shirt, black boots and a black cowboy hat.

They wanted a bandana with a logo and thought yellow would be the best on the red shirt, but weren’t sure and decided that two of the Pathfinders and two of the Committee should look into the logo and make suggestions before any decision was made. They picked Mike and Anthony and left it up to the committee to choose their representatives.

For the casual uniform they felt that summer shorts and t-shirts were appropriate with a baseball cap or straw cowboy hat and they could wear the bandana with it to look more like a group. For the winter they thought that long blue jeans and a green long sleeved shirt and bandana were appropriate. For working they thought that long blue jeans and a long sleeved shirt were appropriate. They assigned CC and Hank to the bandana committee and let the Committee appoint two members. After a little discussion they decided that the logo and bandana Committee should be combined and all four of the boys should be on it and the committee could assign who they thought, up to 4 Committee members.

They voted to ask the Committee to work with me to propose the Ranks, Badges and Emblems and the requirements for the ranks. They did make some recommendations for the ranks:

They tabled decisions about the color of the shorts and swim suits (speedos and board shorts style) until other decisions were made.

They decided that the Committee should decide on the titles for the adult leaders.

Activities they wanted to be requirements included, but not limited to:

They spent a lot of time discussing the term for our organization or group, they wanted to use the term Patrol or Troop as in Cavalry Troop. I showed them that Webster’s Online Dictionary defined both terms as part of the BSA and GSA; they reluctantly agreed that it would be best to avoid those terms; I looked up a lot of terms for them, assembly, council, chapter, group, organization, etc. with no consensus as to an acceptable term. The last term I tried was club the dictionary definition is “a group of persons formally joined together for some common interest.” this seemed to satisfy them as meaningful and could not conflict with any BSA term. So they voted and the organization name was officially changed to the “The Pfadfinder (Pathfinders) Club.” This resulted in the Committee being called the "The Pfadfinder (Pathfinders) Club Committee."

It was now a quarter to 3 and I suggested that we stop for today and that everyone go take as swim until 3:30 and then shower and get dressed so we would be ready when The Twins and Hanks parents arrived at 4 PM. I started gathering up everything and Rob offered to help, but I told he to go and enjoy himself with the other boys.

I glanced at the swimming pool and even though all of the boys were in the pool they were all lustily engaged in sex. After I returned everything to the office I went and showered and got dressed. I went to my office to start typing up the minutes and set the alarm for 3:25, but it turned out that I didn’t need to, as one minute before the alarm was due to go off I saw the boys trooping by my office door heading for the bedrooms to shower and get dressed.

At 3:45 PM I saved everything I had been working on and headed toward the front door as I had already opened the gate for the Renfrew’s and Toranaga’s to drive in. The boys were coming down the hall as I left my office. While we were waiting they all hugged me and thanked me for helping them get the Pathfinders started and for all the fun and food they had this weekend.

A couple of minutes before 4 we heard a vehicle coming up my driveway and the boys all started saying goodbye to each other. A minivan stopped and both families got out and the boy’s parents thanked me for putting up with them for the weekend. They loaded up and headed for the nudist camp that Hank and his parents had visited earlier this year. I had a good idea what Hank and The Twins would be doing the rest of this week.

Rob told the 5 boys that he had picked up to get in his car and he would drive them home, they all gave me a hug goodbye and Mike and CC did the same before heading for his dirt bike as the noise from the dirt bike receded toward the back of my property TJ and I headed inside.

When I got to the security monitor I could see that the back gate was closing and the front gate was already closed as Rob had stopped to enter his code to close the gate.

TJ asked “What’s on the agenda for the rest of the day?” suggestively raising his eyebrows. Smiling I responded, “That will have to wait for later, as I need a couple of hours to finish up the minutes and my report to the Club Committee, so why don’t you go and watch a movie while I work on that?”

TJ inquired, “Can I help?” and I told him, “I am still getting organized and need to work it all out, so there is really nothing for you to do right now, in the future the Pathfinders will be responsible for the minutes.” TJ nodded his head in understanding and headed off to watch a movie and I went to my office to work on things.

For the next two hours I wrote up the minutes and got my notes organized and completed my report to the Club Committee, which I included my discussion with the mothers yesterday, including the questions asked by one of the mothers, but not identifying her, and my response to her. I confirmed that all of the boys were no longer virgins and that they were happy when they left. I decided that I would send everything to all of the Club Committee members unless I received instructions otherwise and had just sent the email when my security system announced that Rob had just entered his code at the front gate.


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