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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 16 – Sunday Evening with TJ and Rob

As I headed for the front door TJ came up from the media room and asked, “What’s going on I just heard the security system announced that Rob is back.” I mtioned for him to follow me and said, “I don’t know as I wasn’t expecting Rob to come back so let’s go and meet him and find out.”

We got to the front door just as Rob was parking and he got out of his car and started walking toward us. When he was close enough that I didn’t need to shout I greeted him and asked, “What’s sup?”

When he got to us he asked, “Sir, may I talk to you?” I was a little suprised and responded, “Of course Rob is this private?” and he responded “Kind of, but TJ can be there.”

I thought for a moment and said, “OK, let’s go get something to drink and we can sit at the kitchen table and talk.” TJ was looking at Rob with a wondering expression on his face.

After we got our drinks and were sitting at the table I said, “OK Rob what is it that you want to talk about?”

“Sir,” he started out, “I would like to stay until Tuesday afternoon and learn more about being a slave and BDSM.”

“TJ,” I said, “Rob has consented for you to be part of this conversation and I want to remind you that anything discussed here is not to be divulged to anyone and you are not to discuss it with anyone other than Rob or myself.” TJ nodded his head and replied, “I understand and won’t talk about this with anyone other than you or Rob.”

I turned back to Rob and asked, “What is it that you want to know?” He responded, “Everything; I have been interested in it for over a year now and just didn’t know who to talk to about It.” He paused and then continued, “I talked to my mom yesterday about staying and she said that it was OK, just that I had to be home between 4 and 5 on Tuesday so we could go over the plans for me and my parents to go and to and register for classes at college on Wednesday morning.”

“I don’t have a problem with you staying until then. What are you specifically interested in being Dominate, that is a Master, or a submissive which is a slave? and do you just want to talk about it, or experience it?”

Rob thought for a moment, “I have a lot of questions, but I also want to experience it. I want to be a slave.”

I glanced at TJ who was sitting there quietly taking this all in.

“Well, why don’t I make us all something to eat and then we can continue this discussion after we eat.”

I threw together a quick meal and after we were done, I directed Rob to get his things from his car and take them to his room and after he had put them away to undress and stand at the foot of his bed facing the head of the bed in the first position and wait for me.

While Rob went off to follow my instructions, TJ and I quickly cleaned up from dinner and went to my office. I asked TJ, “Are you OK with this?” He told me, “I have been curious about BDSM also, and want to learn more about it. I enjoyed what we did with Rob Saturday morning and I think that I want to be a Master. I will obey any directions you give me and will not interfere or complain and if it gets too intense for me I will just leave and I will never discuss this with anyone other than you or Rob.”

I nodded and told him, “This may surprise you but most Masters were slaves before they became Masters. I was a slave for 2 years before I decided to become a Master and it gave me a better understanding about how to control and train a slave.” TJ asked, “Does that mean that I have to be a slave before I can become a Master?”

I looked him directly in the eyes and said, “No, but in my opinion to be a good Master you need to experience what it is like to be a slave.” TJ thought and asked, “Do I need to be a full time slave or can I just be one part of the time?”

I explained, “Most slaves are only part time slaves, they just want to be dominated about sex or just at home or on the weekends; however, when they are in slave mode they have to remain in character until released. Some slaves have limits of what they will do as a slave and some do not. There are slaves who serve 24, 7, 365, they are full time slaves and have set things that they are required to do and don’t do anything else without their Master’s specific permission.

TJ thought for a couple of minutes. “If I am understanding it right, a slave can be a part time salve at designated times or a full time slave all of the time. I had suspected that a part time slave is the most common. You think that in order to be a good Master he should experience being a slave to better understand how to control and train a slave. Is that correct?

“Yes that is the way I look at it.” I replied.

“OK, so what do you have planned for Rob?” TJ asked.

“Being a slave is not always exciting, in fact a lot about being a slave is very mundane and boring. Right now Rob is experiencing some of this. I am not going to talk to him for about an hour. But you since I haven’t told you not to, you can go and talk to Rob all you want.”

“Will he talk to me?” TJ inquired.

“Actually he shouldn’t as once he is commanded to the present position he is supposed to remain there until I tell him otherwise. This means if he does respond to you, he is violating an order and will be punished.”

“So you want me to trick him so that you can punish him?” TJ asked incredulously.

“No not actually, this is really a test to see how confident he is in his self-control.”

“Being punished as a slave is a part of the normal condition of being a slave. The severity of the punishment depends on, if it is just normal slave punishment as part of being a slave, or if he didn’t accomplish a task up to the expected standards, or if it's because he failed to follow instructions or deliberatly disobeyed a direct order. There are degrees of punishment, a slave expects to be punished and sometimes the punishment is not to punish him because the slave deliberately failed in order to be punished which is common with a masochist. I don’t think that Rob is a masochist, but a submissive who wants to be controlled and accepts punishment as part of this condition.”

“Other than you physically over powering him, I don’t think that you will get him to respond to you, but you can try. You can smack his ass with your hand to try to get him to respond, but that’s all of the punishment you can use. If you want you can fondle him and even suck him which will probably get him excited and erect, but if you choose to do that I don’t want him to cum, OK?”

TJ was in deep thought, “WOW, this is more complicated than I thought it was! Now I understand why you think to be a good Master you should first be a slave. Yes I agree with what you have told me I can do and won’t do anything else.”

“I don’t want you to spend more than a half an hour with him as I want him to spend at least an half an hour alone with his thoughts.”

TJ responded, “I understand.” Then headed for Rob’s room.

I went back to my office to work on some things for the Pathfinders. About 30 minutes later TJ came in shaking his head. I asked him “What’s wrong?”

He explained, “I tried everything and he just stood there ignoring me.” I responded, “Well I don’t think that he actually ignored you he just didn’t acknowledge you.”

“What’s the difference?” TJ asked.

“If Rob was ignoring you then he would think that you were unimportant or insignificant or beneath him and I don’t think that Rob feels that way about you. He was just being a good slave and not responding to your stimulation.”

“Oohhh.” TJ responded, thinking about it.

“A well trained slave who is commanded to the present position understands that he is not to move, look only straight ahead, he is not to speak unless addressed by his Master or his designated representative. So unless you physically injured him, he wouldn’t respond to you.”

“So that’s why he just stood there when I spanked him, even though I told him to count, I had to stop because my hand was hurting. When I tried to snuggle up to him and tease his nipples and fondle him, his nipples got hard but not his cock. Even when I sucked him it took a couple of minutes for him to get hard and when he was close, he didn’t cum even though he was shaking. That’s when I left and came here.”

“I will have to admit he is doing much better that I expected; most new slaves don’t have his control until they have been slaves for at least 6 months. We need to get some things ready for the rest of the night, so let’s go out to the garage and I will show you where I keep the dog beds.”

“Dog beds?” TJ inquired.

“Rob needs some place to sleep doesn’t he? So I figure that he can sleep at the foot of our bed.”

“Oh.” From TJ, seems like I have been hearing that a lot from him tonight.

After putting the dog bed at the foot of our bed, we went to my cabinet and I got out a set of hand cuffs and a set of ankle cuffs with a short chain and a large black butt plug. I told TJ to display them on the dog bed. After he arranged them he commented, “Robs not going to have a very confortable night is he?"

I responded, “No he’s not.”

Next I got out a chastity device and explained to TJ how it worked. Then we headed for Rob’s room.

We quietly entered his room and I stood behind him and quietly instructed “slave take a half a step back.” There was a little start from Rob, but he quickly complied.

I moved in front of him and sat on the foot of the bed and quickly fitted him with the chastity device and locked it in place. I motioned for TJ to come and sit beside me.

I looked up at Rob and said “slave release.” Rob visibly relaxed and dropped his hands to his sides and then looked down and started feeling the chastity device.

I explained, “Rob, TJ this is lesson time, whenever I tell you it is lesson time you can relax and speak your mind without fear of consequences.”

“When you are a slave it is your job, your duty to be obedient and conform to all of your Master’s requirements. Regardless of how insignificant they may seem to you, you must obey his direction. Your Master controls you and all of your actions in as much or as little detail as he chooses.”

“Moreover not only does he control your actions he controls your body, this includes if and when you may use the bathroom. He controls you sexually; he will use you for his sexual gratification without regard to your sexual needs or wants. Your sexual gratification does not count and he will allow it only when he feels you have earned it. Hence the chastity device, you can urinate with it on, but you will not be able to achieve a full erection while wearing it. Your Master will control if, when, where, how and with who you have sex. Do either of you have any questions?”

TJ had a faraway look in his eyes and shook his head no. Rob said, “None about the lesson, but I need to use the bathroom, may I.”

I inquired, “Do you need to urinate, defecate or both?”

Rob replied, “Urinate, Sir.”

“Ok, but you will have to sit on the toilet and pee like a girl as you will not be able to aim with that on.” To which Rob blushed. “Also you will have to do it while TJ and I watch.” This brought an even deeper blush as I motioned for him to precede us.

Rob was learning that humiliation was also part of being a slave.

Rob put the toilet seat down and sat and positioned everything so that it was in the bowl.

After about 5 seconds of no activity I said, “What’s the matter slave; you said that you had to go so go!”

Rob got even redder and replied, “I’m sorry Sir, but I am not use to having to do it this way with someone watching me.”

I told him, “If you want to be a slave then you have to accept the fact that you have no privacy and you will have to perform the most private acts with someone watching you, so get with it.”

Finally Rob achieved success and when he was finished he stood up red as a beat. I instructed, “Use some toilet paper to clean yourself.” He got some toilet paper and started to turn away, I yelled, “slave I just told you that you have no privacy so face us so we can watch.” If it was possible he got even redder, but complied.

I instructed them follow me and headed for my bedroom. When we got there I pointed to a place in front of the dog bed and instructed “slave stand there.”

Rob could see what was there and knew he was about to suffer. I told TJ to hand me the hand cuffs and to put the ankle cuffs on Rob. I used the key to double lock the cuffs so that they could not tighten and restrict his circulation.

I told TJ to lube the butt plug. He lubed it really well with Rob nervously watching.

I grabbed the links between the hand cuffs and told Rob to lean over. TJ reached in and spread his cheeks. I put the tip against his rosebud and gently pushing it in a little to work some lube into his anus. I had TJ put some more lube on the tip and this time when I start pushing I kept up the pressure so the butt plug was widening his anal aperture. As more sunk in it was stretching him wider and wider and he started to squirm and I sharply told him to stand still.

He was grunting and groaning and the wide part of the butt plug was really stretching him and the pain was reaching a crescendo, Rob was now crying out “OW, OH, OW, it hurts.” As I continued to push it into him. Finally the widest part slipped passed his anal ring and lodged into place. Rob was panting and moaning. I told him to stand up and to watch TJ and me until I told him to go to bed and that he would sleep on the dog bed.

TJ and I made love for the next hour with Rob watching and being tormented by eroticism of our activities and both the butt plug and not being able to get and erection.

TJ and I started by kissing and rubbing our hands over each other, then we slowly undressed each other and kissed some more.

TJ knelt down and started licking my scrotum and then sucking my balls and bathing them in his warm moist mouth. Then he licked from my testis up the side of my shaft to the head and then on the other side and finally straight up to the head of my cock and engulfed it. Locking his lips behind the flair and circling and twisting his head while furiously licking and stabbing the tip of his tongue into my cum slit. All of this was accompanied to our sounds of pleasure and enjoyment that added to Rob’s agony and frustration.

TJ sucked me for almost 10 minutes before standing up and again engaging in a bout of oral osculation. Now it was my turn to pleasure TJ.

I started at his knees and licked up the insides of his thighs to his sack, flicking his orbs with my tongue. First the left and then the right and repeating it for almost 5 minutes, finally I inhaled his nuts into my mouth and bathed them with my tongue to his squeal’s of pleasure.

I started teasing his frenulum with the tip of my tounge and gently nibbling on it with my teeth, then swallowed his entire shaft fully into my mouth and gorgued myself, pressing my nose aganist his pubic area and using my tongue to massage his hard-on. I had raised his sensations to new heights and he rewarded my efforts with his sweet offering.

After I had fully drained him and stood up hugging him closely as he turned his face up toward mine I lowered my head and he opened his mouth and I allowed his essense to drain between my lips and into his oral cavity and then sealed our lips with a sensious and feverent kiss.

Next I lay TJ on the bed and he quickly pulled his legs up and I started on his neither region, licking, nibbling, and teasing his rosebud with my mouth and tongue. After rimming him for 3 or 4 minutes I stood up and as I leaned over and kissed him I could see a very excited and frustrated Rob copiously leaking pre-cum even though he couldn’t achieve an erection. I started rubbing the head of my cock up and down TJ’s neither region and teasing his anus.

I positioned the head of my organ as his anal aperture and slowly entered him to his intense groan of pleasure. We made love for 15 minutes before I finally exploded in him with a shattering climax.

After a couple of minutes I recovered and pulled out of TJ and kneeled on the bed. TJ got down behind me and treated me to one of the best rim jobs that I had ever experienced. He finally moved up and slowed pushed his rampant cock into to my depths. He started out slowly and after 2 minutes couldn’t hold back and started thrusting in and out as fast as he could. He reached his nirvana of sexual ecstasy and blasted his essence into my depths and collapsed on my back. We lay there for a few minutes and he recovered enough to roll off of me.

As I sat up I looked at Rob and could see that he was really frustrated and stimulated by what he had just watched. I looked at him and told him, “Rob, you can end this any time you want, but until you request to be released this will continue. Do you understand?” Rob answered right away, “Yes Sir I understand.”

To be certain I asked, “Rob do you want to be released from slavery?” He replied, “No Sir I don’t.”

“Very well then lay down on your bed,” as I pointed to the dog bed, “and go to sleep.” He responded, “Yes Sir.” and suited actions to words.

I turned out the lights and TJ and I snuggled and drifted off to sleep.


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