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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 17 – Monday Morning – Rob’s Humiliation

When I woke up, I can see TJ sprawled out on his side of the bed with his morning woody. I hear some gentle snores coming from the foot of the bed so it appears that Rob managed to get some sleep. Although I am sure that it took him awhile to get to sleep.

I get out of bed and go turn on a cold shower, quietly sneak back and gently pick up TJ and return to the bath room. I step in the shower so that the cold water hits him directly in the groin.

He lets out a loud shriek struggling to get away from the shock. I let his legs down so he can stand and hold him so the cold water floods his face and the rest of his body. I wrap my arms around him so that he can’t get away no matter how much he struggles.

“Are you awake?” I ask. I can see that he is no longer sporting wood.

“YES I AM AWAKE!” he yelled, “TURN THAT FREEKEN’ COLD WATER OFF!” and pauses, “Please.”

I turn on the hot water and the shower warns up immediately and I release TJ.

He turns around, “That is a mean and nasty way to wake someone up.” He tells me as he punches me in the stomach as hard as he can.

I grab him and lock him under my left arm against my side and pop him hard once on each ass cheek and as he stands up rubbing his butt, I tell him, “Violence, begets violence. If you want to be a Master you have to learn to control your urges, regardless of the provocation. It was ok to be angry with me for the trick I pulled, but it was inappropriate for you to punch me.”

TJ stood there angrily glaring at me, then his expression morphed to one of sorrow and he hugged me sobbing into my chest, “I’m sorry David, I didn’t mean it.”

I hold him rubbing his back and kissing the top of his head. After about a minute I lift his chin kiss his nose and tell him, “Let’s get washed as we have a slave and horses that need attention. We spent an enjoyable 10 minutes washing each other.

As we are drying each other I explain what is in store for Rob this morning. I tell TJ about humiliation and how to create this feeling for the slave. One way is for you to be dressed while the slave is naked. I also tell him about the plans for Fido and Fifi.

As we exit the bathroom I can see that Rob is awake and just ignore him. TJ heads for his room to get dressed and Rob can see the imprints of my fingers on TJ’s butt and is probably wondering what is in store for him today.

TJ is faster than me and when he returns I hand him the keys and tell him to unshackle Rob. I instruct Rob, “slave stand up.”

TJ removed Rob’s shackles and put them away while I finish dressing.

I instruct Rob, “slave, put your hands on the bed and spread your legs.” Rob goes to the bed and does as directed.

I walk up behind him and place my hands on his hips, “I want you to move your hips backward towards me.” I direct him and I get him so that his arms are stretched out and his hips slightly behind his feet.

I turn sideways and move my right foot between his feet. I work my right hand into a firm grip on the handle of the butt plug so that the shaft is between my middle and ring fingers and I have a firm grip on the “T”, I settle my wrist against my right hip.

“Slave you are going to pull this butt plug out of your ass hole. The faster that you do it the less pain there will be. Once the widest part is out the rest will be squeezed out by you rectum. When I say 'GO' pull it out.”


Rob is sweating and straining and yelling in pain but keeps a steady pull and the widest part of the butt plug is out, the rest comes out easily. I watch his anus and there is no sign of blood on his anus or on the butt plug. His anus is closing slowly and should be back to normal in about 30 seconds.

I wait a full minute and command, “slave stand up, turn around and present.” Rob complies.

There are no signs of pain in his posture or expression.

“Now it is time for you to take care of the 3 S’s, shit, shower, and shave. You will have 15 minutes to do all of it including cleaning this.” I held out the butt plug and command Rob to take it.

“TJ will be waiting for you with instructions, he will start the instructions with ‘Master David has instructed me to have you do the following:’ from then on you will follow his orders just as if they were spoken by me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” Rob stated.

“After you take your dump, inspect your stool to see if there is any blood in it. You will tell TJ ‘blood’ or ‘no blood’ when he asks you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.” Rob answered.

“slaves only wash with cold water so you are not allow to use any hot water.”

I picked up my stopwatch and said, “Your time starts now, GO!” and Rob ran from the room.

I handed TJ the stopwatch and instructed, “When he comes through the door stop the watch, he should be able to do all that in 10 minutes, but I gave him extra time as it is his first time.”

I went to my closet and returned with a box which I opened on the bed. I laid out all of the dog paraphernalia and instructed TJ in how to use it on Rob.

I told him that when he was satisfied that everything was on correctly, the last thing that he was to put on Rob was the collar and lock it. From then on he was Fido a dog and was to be treated like a dog. He could not talk and only bark or whine. I handed TJ an instruction card to read while he was waiting and headed for the kitchen.

TJ finished reading the instruction card and a few seconds later Rob came running into the bedroom, TJ picked up the stop watch and clicked the stop button. Eleven minutes and 12 seconds, Rob was quicker than the limit I had set.

TJ looked at Rob and stated, “Master David has instructed me to have you do the following: 1st did you have a bowel movement?” Rob answered, “Yes Sir, no blood Sir.”

“You are going to be puppy trained and you are to put all of this on.” TJ said pointing to the items on the bed, “I will help you as needed. The last item I will put on is this collar,” holding it up, “once it is on you will be a dog and can only act as a dog. You cannot talk only bark, one bark for yes and two barks for no. If you don’t understand the instructions or the question you can whine and it will be repeated, do you understand?” “Yes Sir.” Rob responded.

“Ok, put the knee pads and elbow pads on first.” TJ instructed.

Rob proceeded to put on the equipment.

TJ locked the four paw coverings in place so that they couldn’t be removed. The only things left were the tail and the collar. “When I put this collar on and lock it what are you supposed to do?” TJ inquired of Rob.

“I am to act like a dog; I cannot talk only bark or whine, Sir.” Rob responded.

“OK, kneel down on all fours.” TJ instructed, and put the collar on and locked it in place and attached a leash. He picked up the butt plug with the tail attached and lubed it really well and pushed it into Rob’s anus.

Once he had it firmly fitted in place he instructed, “Wag your tail Fido.”

Rob swung his hips from side to side and the end of the long flexible tail smacked him on his hips.

I had given TJ my digital camera and he took about a half of dozen pictures of Fido.

TJ picked up the leash and said, “Come Fido.” TJ led Rob to the Kitchen.

When they arrived in the Kitchen I said, “Thank you TJ for bringing Fido, I will take over and instruct Fido in his deportment. I would like you to cook the eggs if you would, the scrambled eggs are in that bowl and the frying pan with the melted butter is being kept warm on that burner.”

“No problem.” TJ responded and proceeded to the stove.

“Fido crawling is a slow mode of locomotion and there are times that you will need to move faster. You do this by getting you hind paws on the ground, and with practice you will actually be able to run with all 4 paws on the ground. Do you understand?” “Woof.” Fido responded.

“Two of the basic commands you have to learn are ‘Sit’ and ‘Lay Down’.”

“To sit you need to bring your butt to the ground between your rear paws and your front paws between your knees. Fido Sit.” Rob complied. TJ had brought the camera with him and I took several pictures of Fido sitting.

“To lay down you move your front paws forward bending your elbows so that your chest is on the ground. Fido Lay Down.” Rob obeyed. I took several more pictures.

“In this position you can hold your head up or lay your chin on your front paws. Do you understand?” “Woof.” Fido answered. “At all times when you are sitting or laying down you will keep your eyes on your Master.” I instructed.

About that time TJ announced that the eggs were ready. I went to the stove and Fido had to scrunch around in order to keep his eyes on me. I portioned out two plates and asked TJ to take them to the table and go ahead and start eating, telling him, “I have to feed Fido.”

I had put a mat on the floor with a big silver bowl full of water with “Fido” on it. I cut everything up fine and mixed it all together put it in a 2nd silver bowl also with “Fido” on it. After I put this bowl on the mat I called out, “Fido, come here.” Rob got up and came over to the bowls, I patted him on the head and said, “There’s your breakfast boy, go ahead and eat.” I turned and walked over to my place at the table; TJ was sitting there with his jaw hanging open. I commented, “Food not any good.” He closed his mouth and started eating.

I glanced over at Fido and Rob had a strange look on his face. Then he realized that if he wanted to eat he had no choice as to how he had to do it, and lowered his face into the bowl. The bowls were big enough so that he didn’t have too much of a problem eating and drinking.

When TJ and I had finished eating he cleared the table and started loading the dishwasher while I got the pots and pans from the stove. Fido had also finished eating and was sitting attentively behind his dishes. I grabbed a cloth and moistened it and went over to Fido. I patted him on his head and said “Good boy.” Then I wiped his face. I took his food bowl, rinsed it and added it to the dishwasher.

I turned to TJ and said, “Let’s take Fido for a walk to the barn so we can take care of the horses.”

TJ retrieved Fido’s leash and handed to me, and I attached it to his collar. I looked at Fido and said, “We are going to have to move faster so that this doesn’t take all day.” Rob understood and got up on all 4 paws. I led him out and when we got to the path to the barn I started a slow jog, which made it awkward for Fido, but he did his best to keep up the pace. All the while TJ was taking pictures.

When we got to the barn I stopped at the entrance and commanded, “Lay Down.” with the same arm signal that is used to train real dogs. Once Fido was in place I commanded, “Stay.” More pictures.

I went to help TJ get the feeding ready. When we came out of the feed and tack room Fido was still laying there watching the feed room door. The whole time we were feeding, Fido was carefully watching me.

After we had returned everything, I picked up the leash and said, “Come Fido.” He got up on all 4 paws and followed. While we were walking I commented to TJ on how male dogs liked to sniff places where he or other male dogs had urinated and marked their territory with their scent. I said, “I bet that Fido will sniff that tree,” pointing to the tree I was talking about, “and mark it with his scent.”

When we got close to the tree, Fido started pulling on the leash and I let him go to the tree. Meanwhile TJ was again taking pictures.

When he got to the tree, he started sniffing around the base and after about 10 seconds positioned himself and lifted his leg and started urinating. TJ was capturing all of this with the camera.

When we got back to the house I led Fido to my bedroom and asked TJ help Fido get out of his equipment and repack it in its box. The first thing to come off was the collar and then I asked Rob what size shoes he wore. He answered, “Eleven and a half, Sir.”

While Rob and TJ were getting Fido’s equipment stored away, I went into my walk-in closet and retrieved two boxes; I expected that this would prove to be really humiliating for Rob.

I put the boxes on the bed and waited while Rob and TJ finished packing Fido in his box. I told them to just leave it on the bed and I would put it away.

I opened the new box, reached in and tossed what I had picked up to Rob, who instinctively caught it. Both boys were looking at it with quizzical looks on their faces; TJ finally broke the spell and asked, “What is it?” I replied “A garter belt for our new maid Fifi.”

Both blushed, but Rob was absolutely crimson. “Put in on.” I commanded. Still blushing Rob responded, “I don’t know how Sir.” So I showed him. I said, “TJ get the camera so we can record this.” Rob’s blush deepened.

I had him stand at present while TJ took pictures, front, sides, and back.

Next were white mesh stockings. I showed Rob how to gather them up, fit them over his feet with the heel correctly positioned, stand up and pull them up his legs and attach them to the garter belt. All the while TJ is snapping pictures.

Next was the corset, with an up lift feature. Once it was in position I showed TJ how to lace up the back.

The blouse was designed only to button at the waist, and spreading open leaving the boobs exposed.

Then the skirt, which was short enough to leave the bottoms of his butt exposed.

I fitted him with a blonde wig, rouged his cheeks, and applied lipstick.

The shoes I had selected were red with a three inch heel.

When he stood up as a final touch I rouged his nipples and added special gentle tit clamps with tiny bells that tinkled when he walked. Fifi was ready; I had her practice walking around my room and speaking in a high pitched voice saying, “I am Fifi your French Maid, how may I be of service.”

After I was satisfied that Fifi could walk steadily I said, “Fifi follow me.” I led her to the hall closet and got out the laundry cart and had her inspect the closet to see what was in there that she might also need. I instructed her that her first task was to change the linens on all of the beds. TJ will help you with my bed as it requires two to do it properly.

You may ask TJ to assist you with your other tasks by negotiating with him offering him whatever you want as a future reward, but remember you are making a commitment to do whatever you are offering. I will be in the security room working if you need me.

I turned and walked away.

I didn’t hear any of the conversations between Rob and TJ while they worked and would have been really shocked if I had.

About an hour later I heard a knock on the security room door and I pushed the button to open the door.

Fifi and TJ entered and Fifi told me, “All of the beds have been changed, and the cart with the dirty sheets is in the hall, what am I to do with them, Sir.” I saved my work and said, “Follow me and bring the cart.”

I led them to the laundry room. I showed Fifi how to operate the washer and dryer. As she started loading the washer I turned to TJ and said, “Remember I told you that you will have chores while you are staying here?” TJ nodded his head and responded, “Yes, I remember.”

“OK, your chore today is to clean the bathroom between yours and Rob’s rooms. Everything that you need is in the cabinet and should be easy to find.”

I turned to Fifi and said, “You will clean all of the other 3 bathrooms and my bathroom. They all have what you need in the cabinet. Again TJ may help you if you can convince him, the same rules apply. I will be in the security room working.” As I headed for the security room I could hear them talking, but not the actual words.

A little over an hour later there was a knock on the door and I opened it. Fifi told me, “All of the bathrooms have been cleaned and sheets put in the dryer; what do you want me to do now, Sir.”

“Now I will have you dust the living room and the family room. TJ; I need you to stay here as I have some things that I want you to look at and let me know if it is ok.” While TJ waited, I took Fifi and showed her where the cleaning supplies were and instructed her how I wanted it done. I knew that this should take her at least an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half.

When I got back to the security room I went over the website I had created and asked TJ to comment. He liked most of it and had a few comments about some things, which I changed. About 40 minutes later I explained to TJ what was next for Fifi. We both got undressed and headed out to find Fifi our hard-ons leading the way.

We found Fifi in the family room. I moved a foot stool to an open space and commanded Fifi to bend over, put her hands on the footstool and spread her legs. TJ went to her head and I went to her rear and flipped her skirt up on her back and entered her anus, TJ was feeding her mouth, after about 5 minutes we switched ends and then again after another 5. We switched one more time and couldn’t last any longer, TJ flooded her ass and I filled her mouth. After a few minutes we soften and withdrew. Fifi was softly sobbing and TJ was looking concerned.

We went to my bathroom and took a quick shower and went back to the security room and I assured TJ that Rob was alright. I reassured him that Rob could end his slavery any time he wanted, all he had to do was ask to be released. I said, “As young as he is, I believe that Rob really believes that he wants to be slave, so I have to be hard on Rob now so that he will understand what he is committing himself to. If I am easy on him he will think it is a game and if he commits to a Master who is strict it will all come as a shock to him and he may rebel.” We got dressed and I gave TJ the instructions for Fifi and got back to work.

When TJ got back to the family Fifi was still in position and softly sobbing. He said, “Master David has instructed me to have you do the following: he wants you to get back to work.” Fifi stood up, the skirt falling back down over her ass and got back to work. TJ stayed and talked with her.

I looked at the clock and it was a quarter to twelve so I decided it was time to get lunch ready. As I walked past the living room TJ was seated watching Fifi, I presumed he had been talking with her and keeping her company.

While waiting for Fido this morning I had started a Beef Barley soup.

Finely cut (2 -3 lbs) of Chuck or Round, 1 finely chopped large onion, 4 cloves of crushed garlic, 3 large thin (about 1/8 inch) sliced carrots, 3 stalks of celery thinly sliced, 2 cups of barley, 4 cups of beef stock, 8 cups of water, 3 bay leaves, 1 lb of mushrooms, season to taste (Salt, Pepper, Dill Weed, Celery Seed, Basil, Thyme, and Paprika).

I started the onion, celery, carrots and garlic, browning in butter in a large stew pot. After I cut up the meat, I added it to the pot to brown and seasoned it. After it was browned I added the bay leaves, 4 cups of beef stock and 8 cups of water, brought it to a boil and turned the heat down too low to keep it at a simmer and covered it. A crock pot will work just as well.

I had added the barley to the soup just after assigning Fifi her cleaning duties for the living and family rooms.

I removed the lid from the soup, turned the temperature up to medium high and got the mushrooms out of the frig and dumped them in the food processor. I pulsed it until I had a course chop. Then added them to the soup, lowered the heat back to simmer and covered it with the lid tilted so that steam could escape.

I got the six center slices from a 1 ½ pound of Sheepherders Bread, fresh spinach, Prosciutto, Cheddar and Swiss cheeses, and butter. I lay out the six slices of bread, rinsed and drained the spinach, spread it out on a paper towel and patted it dry with another.

On one slice of the bread I put two layers of spinach leaves with the stems removed, two layers of Prosciutto and a layer each of Swiss and Cheddar and covered it with the other slice. I liberally brushed the top with melted butter.

I have a large Panini press that had been warming; I put the buttered side down and again liberally brushed the sandwiches with melted butter and closed the press.

I had set the table but with a few things missing and a special chair for Fifi.

I went to the living room and announced, “TJ, lunch will be ready in a few minutes, please go and wash your hands.” I turned as if to leave and then as an afterthought turned back and said, “You too Fifi.”

When I got back to the kitchen I turned off the stove and ladled soup into three bowls and placed them on small platters. Turned off the Panini press and cut the sandwiches diagonally and placed them on the plates so the corner of half of the sandwich was propped upon on the other half and garnished it with two dill pickle spears. About that time TJ and Fifi walked into the kitchen.

I handed TJ his plate and told him to sit on this side of the table, picked up mine and instructed Fifi to get hers and sit on the other side of the table. I put my plate down and sat down as Fifi was walking around behind me, when she saw her chair she paused with a shocked look on her face.

She recovered after a few seconds, put her plate down and pulled out her chair, carefully positioned herself and sat slowly down with a grunt. As her butt touched the chair I pushed a button on the remote control at my place and she let out a yelp. I had activated the vibrator in the 8 inch dildo that she was sitting on.

TJ started to get up and I asked him what was wrong and he said that he didn’t have a spoon for the soup. I looked down and my place and said, “It looks like I forgot spoons for all of us, Fifi will be glad to get them for us won’t you Fifi.”

She replied, “Of course, Sir.” and slowly stood up. When she returned with our spoons, she again slowly sat down. I pushed the button on the remote again and the vibrator started again. This time I had set it so that it vibrated for 10 seconds, then stopped for 30 to 120 seconds.

When we had finished lunch and cleaned up I led the way back to my bed room, where I had Fifi remove her outfit and repack it. I then I got wrist and ankle cuffs and had Rob put them on. Lastly I placed and locked a collar on Rob’s neck that had three rings on it and locked his wrist cuffs to the side rings and attached a leash to the front ring and started leading them out of the room.


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