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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 18 – Monday Afternoon – Rob’s Introduction to Punishment

I led Rob, with TJ following down the stairs into the game room to a security door and entered my code. When the door opened dim lights came on. This was a changing room. I led them to a black drape and pushed a button and the drape slid open, we stepped into a small alcove. I pushed another button and the drape behind us closed blocking all of the light as soon as that drape was closed you could hear a drape in front of us opening. Ten seconds later a bright spot lit, shinning on a platform with a short length of chain laying on it.

I handed TJ 4 locks and told him that I wanted him to lock the short length of chain to the insides of Rob’s ankles and the other two to the chains for the outsides of his ankles. I grabbed two more locks and while TJ was working on Rob’s ankles I locked two chains to the outsides of Rob’s wrists.

When TJ was done I pushed a button and the ankle chains tightened, then the wrist chains. Rob was immobilized he had only the movement of his head and he could wiggle his hips and would be unable to prevent anything that we did to him.

I pushed another button and the platform rotated to the left and the spotlight dimmed, when the platform was in position a section of my Play Room / Dungeon was lit and a description of the equipment and the activities that took place there was presented. The whole presentation would take 20 minutes.

I led TJ to the dressing area. I found a pair of leather shorts that would fit him and told him to undress and put them on. I stripped and dressed in full leather.

When we got back to the dungeon the presentation was finishing up and when we stepped on the platform I could see that Rob was sweating. When the platform was back in its starting position and the spotlight brighten again, I stepped around and in front of Rob, tapping my chaps with the ridding crop in my right hand and stated, “slave you just saw the things in this torture chamber and heard descriptions of how they can be used. Do you want to be released from slavery?” With no hesitation Rob responded, “No Sir, I do not.”

I said, “You can stop this at any time, just ask to be released from slavery, do you understand?” Again without hesitation Rob, replied, “Yes Sir, I understand.”

I started slowly and lightly tapping his balls with the tip of the ridding crop and increased the speed and force of the taps until Rob finally yelled. I repeated this alternating between his nipples until he again yelled.

I handed TJ two strong, adjustable tit clamps, which I had adjusted so that there was 1/8 of an inch gap between the jaws, with a ½ pound weights attached and directed him to put them on Rob’s nipples.

I attached a parachute to Rob’s ball’s and handed TJ two 2 lb weights with a 6 inch chain and instructed TJ to attach them to the parachute and let them drop. Rob gave a small grunt when the 1st one dropped and a louder one when TJ dropped the second.

I got a flogger and started flogging Rob’s back, butt and legs. Whenever Rob flinched he was also experiencing the leverage of the weights on his nipples and balls. After about 5 minutes of lightly flogging Rob, I stopped and his back, butt and thighs were a nice rosy pink.

I released the tension on the chains and handed TJ a key to remove the chains from the outside of Rob’s ankles, while I released the ones from his wrists. I removed the tit clamps, weights and parachute.

I led rob over to the rack and had him get up and lay on the bed. He had a bit of a struggle as his hands were still locked to his collar.

My rack is 12 feet long with a capstan at each end in the medieval style. The pawls are large and when the capstan is turned they catch with a very loud “CLACK” that adds to the apprehension of the person being stretched.

I had TJ attach and lock the chains to Rob’s ankle cuffs while I unlocked and repositioned Rob’s wrists. I spun the capstan quickly accompanied by the loud CLACK, CLACK, CLACK of the pawl until the slack was out of the arm chains and had TJ do the same for the leg chains.

I instructed TJ that every time he heard a clack on my capstan he was to tighten one clack on his. I waited at least 10 seconds after TJ’s clack to add another one on mine. I watched Rob carefully as he wiggled to change his position as the tension increased. When his muscles were taunt I stopped and checked the tension, Rob was under a strain, but not in any danger of dislocations.

I took TJ and got a blindfold and two pinwheels, I demonstrated on my arm and on TJ’s what we were going to do and how it felt. I handed TJ my pinwheel and we went back to the rack and I blindfolded Rob. TJ handed me my pinwheel and I went to the other side of the rack. We started with Rob's wrists and ran the pinwheel down his arms, through his arm pits, down his sides and hips and legs, then up the soles of his feet. Next we started at his ankles up the insides of his legs, around his groin, up over his bellybutton up his chest, across his nipples, over his shoulders to his wrists. After waiting 15 seconds each time we repeated this twice.

TJ then started working on the insides of Rob’s legs while I worked on his upper body. I worked his nipples, then his bellybutton and finally his pubes. We kept this up for 15 minutes. I released the tension on the rack and we unshackled Rob; while TJ put the pinwheels away and got the paddle; I helped Rob down off of the rack and got him standing and stretching. Then, still blindfolded, I led him over to the horse.

I had TJ bind his ankles while I bent him over the horse and bound his wrists. I am sure that he thought he knew what was next but he was in for a surprise.

I have a special paddle; it is made of thin flexible wood about 4 inches wide and 20 inches long. It is made with two pieces of wood; one is 4 inches longer than the other and is attached to the handle with a 1/16 inch spacer between them. It is used so that the longer piece is away from the person to be paddled. When you swing it, wind resistance holds the longer piece back some more so when it strikes the butt the first smack is immediately followed by a second and the crack is much louder and frightening, giving the impression the you were struck much harder than you actually were.

While Rob was going to be paddled, the additional surprise was that TJ and I were going to take turns fucking him between strokes. I had TJ go first and Rob yelled at the sound of the crack. TJ handed me the paddle and immediately mounted Rob and fucked him for 30 seconds. As TJ pulled out of Rob, I smacked Rob and handed TJ the paddle and mounted Rob and fucked him for 30 seconds. As I pulled out TJ repeated the process and we continued until Rob had received 30 smacks.

We got Rob untied from the horse and I led him back to the platform where we had started, relocked the chains to his cuffs, this time with his arms stretched out and just took the slack out of the chains, Rob would be able to move a little and shift positions. I removed his blindfold and TJ and I left him standing there. When I closed the curtain the spotlight went out leaving Rob in total darkness.

TJ and I got dressed and went up to the kitchen where I activated the night vision camera and we could see the eerie green image of Rob on the monitor. I activated the sound so we could hear Rob and started the sound program I had set up. I have speakers all over the dungeon the first one was the sound of the double paddle smack over by the horse. If it wasn’t for the chains Rob probably would have jumped 4 feet in the air, he was breathing hard and fighting the chains, but calmed down quickly.

At random intervals there would be a sound, moans, groans, smacks, and yells from different parts of the dungeon giving the impression that there was someone in there with him. It is one thing to be blindfolded and be able to think you are surrounded by light, but something else entirely to have your eyes wide open and not to be able to see anything not even a dim glow. Your mind starts to play tricks on you.

I activated the program that sets off pulses or flashes of light in the dungeon which cast shadows like someone was moving around stumbling into things, I had this timed to occur with the appropriate sounds. The first bust of light brought another yell, and jump from Rob. Rob again settled down, but he still flinched at the sounds and flashes.

It was just before 3 and I thought that this would be a good opportunity to teach TJ about cooking and start teaching him about chopping. I got out my knives and started teaching TJ about the different uses for them; how to sharpen them and emphasizing the fact that it is usually the dull knife or carelessness of use that cuts the chief.

I had decided on baked stuffed boneless pork chops, baked mashed potatoes, vegetables and salad for dinner. So I got out 3 – 2 inch thick boneless chops from the freezer and put them in the sink with hot water to thaw. I got five pounds of potatoes, 1 medium onion, 4 thick (Texas Toast) slices of bread, 4 plum tomatoes, celery, carrots and fresh spinach; the vegetable would be baked French style string beans with a cream of mushroom sauce and sliced almonds casserole, also a roasting dish for the chops, a baking dish for the green beans, a pot to boil the potatoes, 3 large ramekins and a frying pan.

Every few minutes I would glance over at the night vision display to see how Rob was doing.

I explained to TJ that the stuffing for the chops could be made from boxed or packaged stuffing mixes (like Stove Top or Pepperidge Farms) that are already pre-seasoned or homemade; I was doing the homemade.

I turned my grill on to 250 degrees and brushed one side of the bread with melted butter, put the bread on the grill and brushed the other side (Electric fry pans are useful for this). I turned the oven on to 200 degrees to warm up. Got out a cookie sheet with a wire rack and checked the bread. They were not quite brown enough; I waited another minute and turned them over. Once both sides were browned I put them on the rack and put the cookie sheet in the oven.

Rob had had a rough day, he had been in the darkened dungeon for almost 40 minutes and I figured that by now he needed a rest. So I set the lights to come up slowly through the computer and TJ and I went down to the dungeon. By the time we got there the lights were up to normal illumination. Rob was shaking and in bad shape, we got him unshackled and the wrist and ankle cuffs off and supported him on the walk to his room.

By the time we got to Rob’s room he was walking on his own and was coherent and speaking normally. I told TJ to get undressed and help Rob shower and put him to bed for a nap and then come back to the kitchen as I had more to show him.

About 15 minutes later TJ showed up. I asked, “How’s Rob doing?” He responded “He’s asleep and I think he’ll be fine.” I was glad to hear this.

“Now cooking like any craft or art, it has its own terms, like dice, chop, filet, julienne, sauté, simmer to name a few. A lot of the terms come from French as they were one of the first to organize cooking schools and their cuisine became world famous, also a lot of the sauces are French sauces. Today there are opportunities to develop cooking skills for a lot of different cuisines due to the internet and cable TV, the most common is American and European (French, Italian, German, etc.) and most of the common terms are for those cuisines. Each country and culture has their own unique recipes and often cooking terms, many of them may mean the same thing, but they may not, even for the same term.”

“There are lot of prepared foods in grocery stores, frozen and box dinners that need little or no preparation and some are microwaveable, but that is not really cooking it is just heating. A real cook or chef uses fresh ingredients and prepares them from scratch. Some things that are packaged are really good and enhance a dish like dried soups, some canned soups, and others that can be used to enhance the fresh ingredients and add flavor.”

“One of the things I am making is baked mashed potatoes (essentially twice baked potato) for dinner and that will take to longest to prepare. I will need about 2 lbs of mashed potatoes and the other 3 lbs we will dice up to use for frying. We need to bring the pot over to the sink, so we can keep the peeled potatoes in water.”

”Why do we need to do that?” TJ asked. I replied, “I will show you after we get a potato pealed.”

So we started peeling. When I had one peeled I cut a piece off and put it on the counter, and explained, “Potatoes react with the oxygen in the air and discolor, it’s called oxidizing, when they are in water no air can get to them. Look at that piece of potato occasionally and you will see it start to change color.”

When we had finished peeling TJ looked at the piece on the counter and exclaimed, “Wow, it’s getting brown.” I explained, “While it is ok to eat it, everyone expects potatoes to be white and shy away from discolored ones.”

“If you look at the water in the pot you will see that it is getting a milky color, which is the starch leaching out of the potatoes into the water. When we dice them there are more surfaces and they will leech even more starch.”

I dumped the potatoes and water into a large stainless steel bowl and selected about 2 lbs for the mashed potatoes and put them on a cutting board. Then I cleaned the peels out of the sink and put them in the compost bucket.

TJ asked, “Why didn’t you just put them down the garbage disposal like my mom does?

I explained, “Two reasons, first, remember I explained about the starch, when you grind up the potato peals and they are wet they leech out the starch and when they clump up, the starch acts like glue keeping the ground up peels together. When they are going down the drain pipe to the septic tank the water may not push them all the way there. If they have time to dry out they will stick to the pipe and harden and create a blockage and the water won’t dissolve them or push them the rest of the way to the septic tank. Then something else may be added and create a bigger blockage and the water or whatever backups and you have to have a plumber come and clean out the pipes. Second, potatoes don’t decompose very well when they are in water and will rot much quicker in the compost pile because of oxidization.”

“I didn’t know that.” TJ responded.

I show TJ how to properly use a chef’s knife to cut up the bread for the stuffing and then the coarse dice or cut for the potatoes I am going to use for the mashed potatoes and get them started on the stove.

I caution TJ about his finger position when he is cutting and to go slow right now; and tell him that as he practices more and gets use to handling the knife he will pick up speed in cutting. We small dice the rest of the potatoes, rinse them and put them in a storage container with water and some lemon juice to prevent oxidization and put them in the frig.

Using a boning knife I show TJ how to cut a pocket in the pork chops so that they can be stuffed.

Next is the celery; I show him where there is a joint like a knuckle on the stalk that divides into smaller stalks with leaves and have him cut through the stalk at that point. We now have the big stalk and a bunch of little ones with leaves. Next I have him take the stalk with the ‘U facing up and about 1 inch from the bottom cut about ¼ to ½ inch through the stalk, then break the back of the stalk and pull in close to the stalk toward the top, which removes most the strings. Then with the “U’ up start at the top and with the point of the chef’s knife cut down the center cutting the stalk into two pieces. I take one and again demonstrate how to hold it and the rolling technique to cut the celery. I also caution him to go slow as he is just starting and hasn’t had as much practice as I have. That he will gain speed automatically as he gets use to using this method and not to rush it.

Next I show him how to peel and dice an onion. I explain that when you cut a onion they produce an enzyme (liquid) and through a chemical process it is converted to a gas; when that gas get in your eyes it stings, irritating them and causing tears. If you cut the ends off the onion, then cut it in half through the rings and peel it under running water most of the enzyme is washed away and reduces the chance of your eyes tearing. I take half the onion and show him how to dice it and he does the other half. I explain that when you are finished handling onions you should wash your hands to get the enzyme off them because if you rub your eyes you will be putting the irritant in them.

On to the carrots, I caution TJ that when cutting hard vegetables like carrots it is extra important that the knife be sharp as a dull knife may slip and cut you. First cut the top off and section it into pieces about 2 inches long. Then cut it in half lengthwise, I show him how to julienne (cut into thin match stick like strips) the carrot and then to fine dice it.

The plum tomatoes were next; I cut them in half and then in fourth length wise and clean out the seeds and if necessary cut off the tip with any part of the stem in them. Then cut them into thin strips length wise (essentially julienned) and fine dice them.

Last was the spinach, I had rinsed and drained the leaves and showed TJ how to cut off the stem or pinch them off with his thumb nail. Stack up 6 on top of each other, roll them up length wise, cut the roll in half length-wise and chiffonade (means shred) them which is like a julienne.

First we prepared the stuffing. I seasoned the bread with Dill Weed, Thyme, Garlic Powder, Salt and Pepper. Then added some of the raw onions, carrots and celery and mixed it all together. I slowly added melted butter, stirring it into the stuffing until it is moist, it was clumping together nicely.

With the stuffing ready I showed TJ how to stuff the pork chops. I had coated the roasting dish with butter and some EVOO; I placed the chops in the dish, drizzled some EVOO on the chops and poured the rest of the melted butter over them all. Before I put them in the oven to bake I would cover them with a sauce. There was some left over stuffing, so I got out another ramekin and showed TJ how to butter it; then put the stuffing in it and put it on a cookie sheet. It would be put in the oven with the mashed potatoes 30 minutes before the chops were done.

The potatoes were finished cooking by this point and I drained them, and dumped them in the mixing bowl, added ½ stick of butter, 4 oz. of cream cheese and half a pint of sour cream; turned the mixer on low to mash them. While they were mashing I added some garlic power, dill weed, salt and pepper

I started a frying pan with some EVOO and about a ¼ stick of butter warming on medium; after the pan was up to temperature I added the onion, carrot and celery and started them sautéing.

I checked on the potatoes and they were smooth, but a little dry so I added some more sour cream. Then separated and added the spinach and one of the diced tomatoes. When they were well mixed I turned the mixer off.

The sauté was doing well and I added the rest of the diced tomatoes, and turned the heat to low. I was making the sauce for the pork chops. I seasoned it with some garlic power, dill weed, thyme and a touch of Cayenne Pepper. I let it simmer and added ½ pint of sour cream and stirred until it was smooth. Using a regular silverware service table spoon, I put a spoon or two of the sauce on each chop and covered them with foil and put them in a 350 degree oven; they will need to bake 45 minutes to an hour.

I put a bag of frozen French style green beans in a pot covered them with water and put them on high heat to thaw. I buttered the dish for the green beans.

While I was working on the green bean casserole; I had TJ buttering the ramekins and filling them with the mashed potatoes. I showed TJ how to garnish them with chopped parsley, a pat of butter, grated cheddar and Parmigiano Reggiano. When they were ready I put them on the cookie sheet.

I drained the green beans and mixed a can of cream of mushroom soup, some chopped mushrooms a little milk and slivered almonds in the pot and transferred it to the baking dish.

A half an hour before the chops were done I put the potatoes, stuffing and green beans in the oven.

I made a simple green salad, put it on the table with the Ranch, Italian, and French dressings.

I was about to send TJ to get Rob when he walked into the kitchen and gave me a hug and said a simple, “Thank you.” I sent Rob and TJ to the table while getting everything out of the oven for the meal. I plated the chops, and the ramekins with the mashed potatoes and everything else was on the table and we could each serve ourselves.

After we finished eating and cleaning up I took Rob and TJ to my office so we could sit and talk about the day. I wanted both Rob and TJ to express their feelings about what had happened, how they felt about it and if it was something that they felt that they could deal with.

After about a half of an hour of discussion the phone rang and it was TJ’s Swim Team coach and he wanted to talk to TJ. I asked if he wanted to talk to him privately or could I put him on the speaker. He said that the speaker was fine and I pushed the speaker button and announced, “Go ahead coach, TJ and Rob are here with me.”

TJ said “Hi coach what do you need?” He replied “I called to tell you that the meet on Saturday has to be canceled.”

TJ interrupted, “WHAT! WHY?” The coach continued, there is a leak in the diving area of the pool and they will have to drain the pool in order to repair it and that takes two to three days and a week or more to repair it and another week to refill it and get the water to safety levels.”

A very dejected TJ asked, “There’s no other pool we can use?” Coach replied, “I already checked and they all have scheduled activities so I am afraid not.” An even more dejected TJ said softly, “OK, do you want me to call the rest of the team and let them know?”

Before coach could answer I interrupted, “Coach, I have an idea.” He replied, “Go ahead.”

“You have never been out to my property and wouldn’t know but I have an Olympic size swimming pool with a diving area, it is 8 lanes wide and it meets all of the standards and requirements except I don’t have dressing rooms.”

I looked at TJ who was smiling and beaming.

Coach replied, “We wouldn’t be able to pay very much rent, but it sounds like it would work, but there are usually 70 to 80 competitors and 20 coaches and about 2 to 300 spectators that would mess up you lawn.”

“I don’t want any money I will be donating the use of my pool and I will arrange for changing tents and porta potties, I have a large field that is fallow that can be used for parking. The only thing is enough people to help run it. Have you heard about the Pathfinders?” He answered, “I heard that you were going to form some group with some boys that was like scouting, other than that no.”

“Hold off calling anyone else and I will arrange for a conference call in an hour for the Pathfinder committee and you can tell them what happened and I will tell them about my plan to hold the meet here. I will need your number so I can have you on the call, is it ok if TJ gives it to me?”

“Sure.” he replied. I said, “Ok you will be contacted by my conference service in a little while with the details.” And we said our goodbyes.

I called my conference service and they gave me the call in number and pin and said they would have everyone notified to be on the call in 30 minutes.

I dialed in about 5 minutes early and there were already a couple of people on the call who wanted to know what was going on and I asked them to wait until everyone was on the call and everyone was there before time so I started.

I asked coach to explain about the leaky pool and canceling the meet, I then explained my plan to hold the meet here, but that we needed a bunch of volunteers to help out.

Tomas Vespucci (the Mayor) interrupted me and asked, “David is it ok for us to add more people to this conference call?”

I replied “Sure just give them the phone number and the pin, why?”

“I think that there are a lot more who will volunteer their time to support this and I would like to have them in on the call.” He proceeded to give directions to various people, who they should call and within 5 minutes about another 20 people were on the call and I asked coach to explain what was happening again and I again explain the plan to hold the meet at my pool.

George took over the meeting and got everyone assigned tasks and told them to call his offices and his legal assistances would coordinate everything and insure that everyone was updated by email at least twice a day.

By the time the call was over it was 9 o’clock and time to head for bed, when we got to my room I told TJ to show Rob where his restraints were and to assist him into them. I instructed Rob to stand and the foot of my bed while TJ and I made love, 45 minutes later I told Rob to lay down and go to sleep. TJ and I cuddled and were soon in the land of nod.


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