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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 20 – Rob Surprises David

Wednesday morning; when, TJ and I wake up, we head for the barn to take care of the horses, just wearing a pair of boots and nothing else. We take care of our duties and head back with the cart to the feed and tack room. I put the cart in its place and turn around there stands TJ at full mast slowly stroking himself, with a shit eating grin on his face.

As I have said before I can resist everything except temptation and kneel down and replace TJ’s hand with my more than willing mouth. I just hold TJ’s rampant member loosely in my mouth with my nose touching his pubic area. I hold him in place with my left hand on his right ass cheek and with my right slowly tickle his balls. He spreads his legs wider and I caress his perineum. I start swabbing his cock with my tongue and slowly withdraw his member from my mouth until just the head remains. I compress my lips just behind the flair and with the tip of my tongue circle the head and push into his cum slit, while stroking his perineum and testes.

I slowly descend his steel like phallus until my noise is again touching his pubic area, creating a strong suction the whole way, while I continue to swab his pole with my tongue. TJ is breathing rapidly and it won’t take much more for him to reach his climax.

A few quick bobs up and down and TJ explodes into my mouth where I can savor his bountiful offering and enjoy the satisfaction of once again bringing him to fulfillment and the blissful release of his essence.

When his breathing slows down I release his cock and engage him in a deep and loving kiss returning some of his essence for him to taste as he probes deeply with his tongue into my oral cavity.

When we finish kissing TJ takes my hand and leads me over to the covered bales of hay, jumps up, lays on his back and pulls his knees to his ears, offering himself for me to take.

I orally administer to his neither region gently biting his ass cheeks. With my tongue I slowly lick from his tail bone to his testicles and engulf them with my mouth compressing my lips and pulling them away from his body while swabbing them with my tongue. I next attack his rosebud gently nipping it with my teeth, coating it with salavia, my tongue digging in as deeply as possble to excite and inflame him.

When I stand up he is panting and begging me to enter him. I position the tip of my cock and tease his anal ring by genntly pushing and releasing pressure on his secret opening. Finally he releases his legs and wraps them around me and grabs me around the neck and with his arms and legs pulls me to him, forcing my cock deep into his anus, TJ sighs and gives me a deep and forceful kiss.

I start to slowly fuck him and then the passion overcomes me and I start to rapidally thrust and pull speeding up until I can’t go any faster all the while our lips are sealed and out tongues dualing.

After several minutes of this rapid fire sex, I tire and slow down to a gentle fuck, slowing inserting myself into TJ and geltly pulling out and we both relax, our lips caressing each other, really enjoying our passion and we melt into each other.

After about 10 minutes we speed up, but not to the frenzied level of earlier, but to the highten narvina of climax as I infuse my essence into TJ, he spreads his between us.

After about 5 minutes of relaxful caressing we untangle ourselves and head for the showers and clean up in the barn rather than waiting until we get to the house.

We keep breakfast simple and then head for my office to work on the swim meet.

We started reviewing the emails and created folders to organize them by subject, George’s Legal Aides had handled all of the routine ones notifying the other swim teams about the change of venue and providing all of the information they would need to get here and get registered for the meet.

Coach had contacted the Officials for the meet and provided them with all of the information.

When I had my pool built I had it designed so that timing pads could be added and connected to a computer system.

While TJ was organizing the emails I contacted my pool company and ordered the timing pads and they said that they could install them tomorrow.

About noon I get a call from Grace, Rob’s Mother, inviting TJ and me to dinner at 6 o’clock that evening. I try to beg off claiming that I have too much to do to get ready for the swim meet, but she insists and I finally agree. When I tell TJ he is excited and asks if he can choose which car we take as he hasn’t ridden in any of them other than my truck. I agree and he heads for the garage to look them over.

We spend the rest of the afternoon working on issues and making lists of the things that we will need to do so there will be a successful meet on Saturday.

About 4:30 TJ and I head for the shower to clean up and there was only a minimal amount of sex play and by 5:30 we were dressed and ready to head for Rob’s house.

TJ had chosen my oldest car a 1978 restored Firebird Trans Am, they definitely would hear us coming. I choose a roundabout route to Rob’s so I could show TJ the power of the 455 cubic inch engine.

When we arrived at Rob’s and parked, Rob was at the door to greet us and escort us to the den, where his Dad is with two other guests, he introduces me to his other guests, Nancy Struthers and Josh Greenleaf legal assistances from his Law firm. Rob hands me my drink and he and TJ head to the kitchen to help Grace.

Dinner is very good as Grace is very good cook, Rob and TJ assist with the clearing of the table and we retire to the family room for after dinner drinks and coffee. Rob and TJ have disappeared and I presume to Rob’s room to play some games. Well I was right about them going to Rob’s room but it wasn’t games they were playing.

I was seated with my back to the entrance to the family room and observed George give a nod toward the entry way, when I turned to look there was no one there. We continued to drink coffee and chat; I heard the clink of chains and looked toward the room entrance. Entering the room is a naked Rob festooned with chains, chastity, nipple clamps with weights, and a ball weight, his hands are manacled close together as are his ankles, and the chain between the ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs is so short, that Rob has to bend over while shuffling into the room. No one in the room says anything as I look at him with a shocked expression. Everyone is watching Rob. Following Rob is TJ with a long wooden highly polished box.

When Rob is in front of me, he kneels and places his head on the floor between my feet. I look at George and Grace quizzically but they show no expression nor do they make any comment, when I look at Nancy and Josh I see the same stoic expression and silence.

Finally, I look at TJ, he is also expressionless with his eyes focused on Rob and does not respond to my raised eyebrow.

Obviously, everyone is waiting for me to respond to Rob’s presence. When I look down at Rob I can see him shaking. Being a BDSM Master I have seen this kind of thing before, I placed my foot on the back of Rob’s head and press his face into the floor for about 10 seconds and then remove it and command, “Sit up.” Rob rises to a kneeling position. “Obviously everyone including TJ knows what this is about, so Rob why don’t you explain.”

Rob turns his head and looks at TJ who places the box in Rob’s hands and opens it so I can see what is inside. The box contains a metal collar like the cuffs on Rob’s wrists and ankles and a deep Maroon leather collar. When I look up at Rob’s face, I can see tears running down his cheeks and Rob entrees, “Sir, I humbly request that you take me as your worthless slave from this day forward. I swear that I will obey all your commands and accept any punishment you proscribe, twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year until you banish me.”

I look at Grace and George and ask, “You both are in favor of this?”

George responds, “Yes we both are and I have had the necessary papers drawn up for you, Rob and us to sign, Nancy is the Notary for my office and Josh will be the witness. We are the Master and Mistress of both of them in addition to them being employees in my Law Firm.”

I looked back at Rob who was shaking nervously, “Rob, are you sure that you fully understand what you are asking? You are giving up all of your rights as an individual, I can cancel your schooling and keep you locked in a dungeon and never let you out. I can punish you until you pass out and then punish you some more when you come to. You will be mine to use and abuse any way I want and you will have no say in it. I can use you sexually at any time in any place and you must obey. I can loan you to another Master who will be able to do the same. Is this what you want?”

Rob had waited respectfully until I finished, with tears running down his face he said, “Sir, I have discussed this fully with my Mother and Father and they explained all that to me also. I understand the commitment I am making and the consequences of that commitment. I humbly request that you accept me as your slave.” I stared at him for a full minute as he sat there trembling waiting for my response. No one else moved nor made a sound. I could see that he was frightened that I wouldn’t accept him.

He knelt there unflinching waiting for me to respond, with tears on his cheeks. I finally announced my decision, “I accept you as my slave effective immediately.”

He bowed forward and kisses my feet and said, “Thank you Master.”

I could hear 5 sighs of relief.

I said, “Sit up slave we have a collar to apply and some papers to sign.”

I took the maroon collar from the box and placed it around Rob’s neck and stated, “By placing this collar around your neck I have accepted you as my slave, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and by allowing me to place this collar around your neck you have accepted me as your Master 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year until such time as I choose to dismiss your from my service, you are mine to use any way I see fit, physically, mentally or sexually. You must obey all of my commands without question and those of anyone I place over you. Do you accept these conditions without reservation?”

Without hesitation, Rob responded, “Yes Master I do.” I closed the collar and locked it in place.

I asked, “slave have you read and understand the documents you are about to sign?”

“Yes Master, my Father and Mother reviewed them with me earlier this afternoon.”

George had drawn up the Contract of Consensual Slavery and the necessary powers of attorney for us to sign. There were the powers of attorney granting me the parential rights over my slave, authorization for exercising medical treatment, the transfer of the education account for his schooling and any physical possessions that he had including his car.

Rob had a difficult time signing the documents as his movement was very restricted, but he accomplished it without complaint.

After all of the documents were signed I commanded, “slave I need a footstool get in place.” Rob immediately crawled in front of me and scrunched down on his elbows and knees so I could use him as a footstool. I ran my foot up his crack and could feel that he had inserted a dildo into his anus and l placed my feet on his back and continued my conversation with George and Grace.

George told me that in the future Josh and/or Nancy would deliver any documents that I needed and that I could keep them overnight if I wished and use them as I saw fit.

He turned to Josh and Nancy and told them, “slaves if Master David wants to keep you, you will call and let us know and you will obey him the same as you do your Master and Mistress, do you understand.

Both responded “Yes Master, Yes Mistress.”

I said, “I will have the restraints returned to you tomorrow when I send this worthless slave back to collect his things.”

Grace responded, “That’s not necessary as they are our gift to Rob and you, for you to use for his training and discipline.”

All the while TJ is sitting there silently watching and taking this all in.

After about another half an hour, I state that is time to go home and stand up, Rob doesn’t move. I tell him to stand up and say goodbye to his parents, he shuffles over to them and they both hug him, but make no comments, I can see a tear in Grace’s eye, but don’t comment on it.

I toss the keys to TJ and instruct, “TJ take this worthless slave and put him in the trunk, while I say goodbye to our hosts.”

TJ thanks them for dinner and says good night and turns to Rob and says, “slave, follow me.”

I thank them for a pleasant dinner and say good night to George and Grace; I ignore Nancy and Josh as I now know them as slaves.

When I get to the car I can see that TJ had planned ahead and had a blanket over the lip of the trunk so that Rob wouldn’t be injured by the sharp edges and was helping Rob settle himself in the trunk in a fetal position, he then flips the blanket in on top of him and reaches up to close the trunk lid.

TJ hands me the keys and we both get in. After starting the car, I turn on the radio and adjust the speakers so that the back ones are playing and set the volume so that Rob cannot hear what TJ and I are saying and head home.

TJ is looking nervous and finally gets up enough courage to ask, “David, are you mad at me for what happened tonight?”

I pull over to the side of the road so that I can look at TJ and tell him, “No TJ I am not mad at you, I was just surprised and you did a very good job of keeping it a secret.” TJ leaned toward me and we hugged.

I stated, “Obviously you were in on this and I suspect that you helped to plan it too. How were you able to make plans with Rob for this?”

“I first learned of his plans while I was with him when he was Fifi and talked with him and his parents on my cell phone to formalize the plans.” TJ responded.

“Rob really wanted this and he was afraid that he didn’t do well enough when he was serving as a slave the last two days and that you wouldn’t accept him as your slave.”

I told TJ, “Rob did so much better than most experienced slaves, some with 5 or more years of experience being a slave, that there is no comparison. Yes what I did to him affected him emotionally, but he handled it without complaint and did everything that I directed him to do. So when you get the chance you can tell him.”

“This changes things, and I am going to have to work out some rules for the Pathfinders and Rob’s participation in the group activities. I think that the best thing is that for all practical purposes, Rob will be released from acting like a slave when he is participating in any Pathfinder activity and none of the boy’s will have any rights to treat him like a slave and order him to do things.”

TJ thought for a minute and told me, “Rob told me that he wants the others to know that he is your slave and wants to be your slave 24, 7, 365. If you release him and take his collar off, even for the Pathfinders won’t he feel that he is failing you as a slave?” he asked.

“Hhmmm,” I commented, “You have a point, especially in Rob’s case. Here’s what I will do; I will make his participation in the Pathfinders as a non-slave a requirement of his slavery. If he acts like a slave while participating in a Pathfinder activity I will punish him after the activity is over and make him choose his punishment, by writing an essay about what his did wrong and what specific punishment he should receive for each offense. While he will be participating with the appearance of a non-slave he will actually be participating as a slave. I think that, that will be sufficient to allay any concerns of him being released from slavery.”

“Part of the requirement is that he cannot address me as Master and must use my name; and I will use his name without prefixing ‘slave’ to it. This will be important for him to learn as there will be times when we will be in public, where a ‘Master / slave’ relationship would be inappropriate and could cause us problems. If I make all of this a condition of his slavery, I think that it should keep him happy.”

TJ was quiet for a minute or two and then said, “You are really good at this, I agree, you found the right solution for slave Rob.”

The rest of the drive home passed in comparative silence.

As we passed through my gate I informed TJ that we would be leaving my slave in the trunk for a while, while we got some things ready for him. We headed for my dungeon where I had TJ change into leather shorts and I dressed in full leather. I handed TJ a stopwatch and a paddle; and gave him his instructions then he went to get slave Rob, while I decided exactly what we would do to him.

When TJ got to the garage he turned on the lights and got the key from the key caddy and opened the trunk on the Firebird, pulled the blanket out and put in over the lip of the trunk. He then stated, “Master David has instructed me to tell you that are to obey me and from the time I say ‘go’ you have 15 second to be standing on the floor, for each second over 15 seconds I am to smack each of your ass cheeks once. Do you understand?”

slave Rob responded, “Yes, Sir; I do.”

TJ stepped out of the way and said “Go!”

slave Rob struggled into position with his feet out of the trunk and the backs of his knees on the blanket on the lip of the trunk. He twisted his upper body so his head was out of the trunk basically sitting in the trunk. He grabbed the lip of the trunk with his hands between his knees and clamped his lower legs and ankles on the bumper and thrust with his upper body as hard as he could, he almost made it to a sitting position of the lip of the trunk, but fell back and landed on his butt with a thump. His second attempt also failed, he got to a sitting position on the lip of the trunk on his third attempt and thrust forward. He hadn’t pushed his feet forward far enough and he over balanced and landed on his hands and knees. He immediately positioned his feet and stood up as far as his chains allowed.

TJ clicked the stop button and showed the stopwatch to slave Rob, it read 21 seconds.

“Turn around and place your hands on the bumper. Slave Rob obeyed and TJ instructed, “You are to count each cheek separately any mistake on either one and we will start all over on both.”

TJ swung the paddle and connected with his right cheek with a loud ‘Crraaacckk’. Rob announced, “One, right cheek, Thank You Sir, may I please have another.” TJ alternated randomly until he had administered 6 smacks to each cheek. Rob kept accurate count.

Since Rob hadn’t made any other sound except to announce the count, TJ decided to continue but this time he would hit both cheeks.

When he swung, slave Rob calmly announced, “Seven, both cheeks, Thank You Sir, may I please have another. Eight and nine got the same results. Ten was where he finally got a small grunt from Rob before he announced the count and asked for another. Eleven got a small yelp and twelve an even louder one.

TJ instructed “slave, stand up.” slave Rob complied and TJ announced “follow me.” As he reached up and closed the trunk lid. TJ put the keys back on the key caddy and stepped up the two steps into the house and turned to watch.

Rob’s ankle chains were too short to allow him to step up and he had to hop up the two steps. TJ then instructed “Close the door.” And waited for slave Rob to comply then started walking quickly toward my bedroom. slave Rob shuffled as quickly as he could to try to keep up.

When they got to my bedroom; TJ led slave Rob over to the corner of the room where I have an 8 foot square hydraulic elevator that descends directly into my dungeon. TJ positioned him facing the corner and activated the elevator. Guard rails rose from the floor and then the elevator started descending, once slave Rob’s head was below the floor the doors closed and TJ headed down stairs to the dungeon.

Once the elevator doors closed there was no light in the dungeon. When the elevator stopped, Rob just stood there in the dark. TJ and I entered the dungeon and I flipped on the spot light on the platform and instructed, “salve move to the center of the spotlight.” Rob turned around and shuffled over to the platform and had to hop up on it and move to the center. He was standing on a large towel I had placed on the platform.

I handed TJ the keys and instructed, “TJ remove his fetters, but leave his manacles on.” TJ complied and when the chain linking his wrists and ankles had been removed he stood up straight. After TJ had removed the ankle chains, I instructed, “Present.” Rob immediately assumed the correct position. I instructed TJ, “Remove all weights, chastity and but plug.”

While TJ was doing this I instructed Rob, “Listen carefully slave as you are now responsible for the following, unless I instruct otherwise you will be clean shaven every day, failure to comply will result in punishment, there are no excuses. You will shower with cold water every day and clean yourself out, failure to comply will result in punishment, and there are no excuses. After you have complied with these instructions you will become Fifi and perform the duties I will instruct you in tomorrow. Do you understand slave.”

Rob immediately responded “Yes Master.”

TJ was standing behind Rob and said “Bend over so I can grab hold of the plug and you can pull it out.” Rob looked and me and simply said, “Master?” I replied “Follow his instructions for now.”

Rob leaned forward and TJ got a good grip on the butt plug and instructed, “Pull it out.” Rob pulled forward and the butt plug popped out. TJ instructed, “Turn around and take this and clean it.” I had turned on the light in the cleaning area. “Then gather up your things and take them to Master David.” Then he walked away. Rob gathered up his things and went to the cleaning area and washed the butt plug and the chastity device and dried them and wiped down the chains. He gathered them up and turned to see where TJ and I were standing and walked over to us.

He stopped in front of me and simply stood there waiting for instructions, he calmly looked and me and didn’t fidget. TJ on the other hand was having a hard time standing still. After about a minute and a half I announced, “slave this will be your cabinet to store your equipment in, it is not set up yet, we will do that after the swim meet, there will be times when you will not wear your collar, such as when you shower, shave or swim; or when I so instruct. Not wearing your collar makes you no less of a slave. A good slave does not need a symbol to indicate to himself or others that he is a slave, he knows it 24, 7, 365. Put your things in your cabinet.” Rob complied. “Go stand on the platform in the center at present.” Rob went to the platform and assumed the present position.

TJ and I went to the cleaning area, where I gather up the things we would need next. I put them on a small trolley (cart) and pushed in over to where Rob was standing at present. When we got into the circle of light slave Rob could see what was on the cart.

I announced, “All of my slaves are not allowed to have body hair; therefore, I am going to remove yours.”

I turned to TJ and instructed, “TJ use these clippers and remove the hair from this arm pits,” as I handed him a cordless clipper. “After that the hair from his chest around his nipples, around his naval and his pubes, cock and balls, be careful not to nick him.”

TJ stepped up onto the platform and started on his right arm pit. slave Rob stood perfectly still.

When TJ went to work on his left arm pit I lathered his right and shaved it clean. slave Rob did not have a lot of hair on his chest and stomach so it didn’t take TJ long before he got to salve Rob’s pubes.TJ knelt in front of slave Rob and started to trim his pubes, he said “slave spread your legs wider.”

slave Rob said, “Master?”

I responded, “Follow his instructions.” slave Rob spread his legs wider.

TJ was very careful trimming his pubic bush, shortening his hair before finally stretching his skin and trimming the final stubble at skin level. While he is doing this I can see tears rolling down slave Rob’s cheeks while I shaved his chest and stomach. But he didn’t move or complain. I sensed that he was humiliated having a 13 year old denude him. I decided to add to his humiliation.

I handed TJ the can of shaving cream and a fresh razor and instructed, “Shave him.”

TJ squirted some lather on slave Rob’s pubic area and rubbed it in, coating everything including his balls and cock. Slave Rob was quite hard now from TJ’s handling of his cock and balls.

After TJ cleaned his hands of the lather, I instructed, “Now you have to be careful and make sure that the skin in taunt.” TJ was right handed and I directed, “Use your left hand to stretch the skin and you start from the outside and work toward his cock. Rinse the razor off after each stroke.”

When his pubic area was done I instructed, “Now grab is cock and bend it to his right, your left, and shave that side, use multiple strokes. Now bend it the other way and do the same. Bend it down; now up.” TJ very gingerly shaved slave Rob’s cock.

“Now his balls.” I directed TJ, “Circle them with your thumb and first finger and stretch them out and up and shave under them. Stretch them down and shave the top. Now shave his orbs. TJ carefully followed instructions.

When he was done I commanded, “slave turn around 180 degrees. Now bend over 90 degrees, reach back and spread your cheeks.” I observed only a few hairs so I instructed TJ, “We don’t have to use the clippers we can just shave those few.”

TJ lathered slave Rob’s crack and carefully shaved it clean.

There were no hairs on slave Rob’s premium, but I shaved it anyway. I stretched his inner thighs and saved there also to insure that no hair remained.

When I was done, I took and a dozed pictures of slave Rob’s exposed anus and instructed, “slave stand up and turn around. Present!’ I took about 2 dozen picture of his front including several close ups of the denuded areas.

I commanded, “slave turn around and place your hands on the floor and spread your legs.” I removed my cod piece and thrust into slave Rob in one single movement. He let out a single yelp. I could see from the tent in TJ’s shorts that he needed relief also so I told him, “TJ you can fuck his face hard.” TJ was out of his shorts, in front of slave Rob in about 5 seconds thrusting hard and fast into salve Rob’s mouth. It took me ten minutes to cum and in the same time TJ came twice.

When I pulled out I was still semi hard and walked around to the front of slave Rob. TJ stepped away and I grabbed slave Rob’s hair, pulled his head up and announced, “Clean my cock you scum slut.” I thrust my cock into his mouth for a minute while he sucked me clean. I pulled out still holding his hair and slapped his face with my cock a half a dozen times. I stepped back and put my cod piece back in place and TJ took this as his cue to put his shorts back on.

“It’s bed time and it’s time to put this scum slut slave away for the night.” I announced.

I commanded, “slave stand up and follow me.” I led slave Rob over to a large wire animal cage. I commanded, “slave back into that cage.” slave Rob kneeled and slowly backed in to the cage. When he was all the way in he just fit. I closed and locked the front of the cage and attached a large carbineer to the shackle on his left wrist and then his left ankle. TJ did the same on the right.

This cage has a special ball stock on it. I reached between the wires and grabbed slave Rob’s balls and pulled them out of the cage. I positioned the ball stock and locked around his balls. I set the release timer for 30 minutes, which would release his balls from the stock. I also have a fucking machine attached to the cage; his hole was centered between the wires because of the ball stock. I had a 9 inch dildo attached and moved the head forward until it was touching his hole.

I set it for 8 inch penetration, random speed and rotation and the timer for 30 minutes and started it. slave Rob was hard and moaning when I motioned to TJ to follow me.

When we got to the changing area TJ was quickly out of his leather shorts and wiping them clean on the inside and put them away, as my attire was more extensive it was taking me longer and TJ came over to help.

He hesitated and asked, “Unh, David can I ask some questions?”

I responded “You can always ask questions in private.”

“Are you going to leave him like that all night?” he asked

“No” I replied, “but he probably thinks I am, and as there is no light he will not be able to tell how much time has passed when his balls are released and the fucking machine withdraws, I have timers on both that are set the for 30 minutes.”

“OH, good,” TJ replied, “I wouldn’t want to see him injured.”

With that we gathered up our clothes and headed for bed.


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