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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 21 – Thursday – Getting Things Organized for the Swim Meet

Wednesday had been a busy and somewhat trying day. After accepting Rob as my slave and initiating his training and humiliation and of course the sex, TJ and I went to bed early; just snuggled and went to sleep. I woke up a half an hour earlier than usual and while I wanted to make love with TJ there was just too much that had to be accomplished to get ready for the swim meet, now I had the additional responsibility for training my new slave Rob.

I slipped out of bed and took care of my morning 3 S's (shit, shower and shave) and left TJ to sleep longer. I took Fifi's outfit from my closet and placed it on slave Rob's bed and went down to the dungeon to release salve Rob.

I set the lights to come up slowly and stepped into the dungeon, when there was enough light to see things, I could see that slave Rob was slumped down and was asleep in his cage. I picked up a short metal rod and walked over to the cage and raked the rod along the wires on the side. This startled slave Rob, who let out a yelp, it made for a rude awakening for his first day as a slave. He immediately got back up into position and waited for instructions. I released his left wrist from the carbineer and instructed him to release the others, while I unlocked the cage.

I ordered him out of the cage and had him stand and stretch to loosen up any tight and cramped muscles. While he was doing this I had him recite the instructions I gave him yesterday. He repeated my instructions exactly as I had given them. When he finished stretching I handed him the keys and instructed him to remove his shackles and collar and to follow his instructions and come to the kitchen for breakfast.

As I came up the stairs TJ was coming down the hall wearing just a pair of boots and a smile. I hugged him and thanked him for remembering the horses. I told him to let them out before feeding as I wanted to leave them in the pasture until after the swim meet as there wouldn't be a lot of time to feed them and there was plenty of grass for them to eat. While TJ headed off to take care of the horses, I headed for the kitchen.

I started a pot of coffee, got out an 18 inch frying pan and started a half of a stick of butter melting, I put 6 cups of frozen shredded potatoes in a bowl. Put some minced garlic in the butter along with two cups of diced onions. While they were sautéing I diced up three cups of ham and three cups of sliced mushrooms and added them to the pan; stirred them; set the heat to medium; then added the potatoes and covered it.

I cracked 8 eggs in the potato bowl and blended them with some cream. I stirred the potatoes a couple of times while I made six slices of Texas toast and buttered them.

When the potatoes started browning I added the egg mixture, turned the heat down to low and covered it. About that time Fifi walked in and asked, "How may I be of assistance Master?"

I instructed her to get her special chair from the pantry and to set the table.

Just as Fifi finished setting the table TJ ambled into the kitchen freshly showed and announced, "I'm hungry, what's for breakfast!"

I laughed, and told TJ to go sit down and started plating breakfast; I handed two plates to Fifi, and told her to serve TJ and to sit down at her place. I deliberately forgot the toast.

As I sat down I activated the vibrator in the 8 inch dildo and watched Fifi squirm. I said, "Oh Fifi I forgot the toast there are two slices for each of us, would you please serve us?" To which Fifi responded, "Certainly Master," as she stood up. I left the vibrator turned on.

She returned with the toast served me, then TJ and herself last and she carefully sat down on the vibrating dildo. We all finished breakfast in relative silence.

I instructed Fifi to clean up the kitchen and meet me in my office. TJ and I went to our rooms to get dressed as we had a lot to do today.

I told TJ he could listen, but not to interrupt while I was instructing salve Rob.

When we arrived in my office Fifi was already standing at ease in front of my desk. I directed TJ to a chair to the right of my desk. I quietly said present and Fifi complied. I then instructed release and Fifi relaxed and stood in front of my desk. I instructed her to move a chair in front of my desk and to sit down.

Once Fifi was in place I started, "Once a week we will have a conference. In this conference you can speak your mind about anything, ask any questions you want and no matter what you say there will be no punishment for anything that you say during this meeting, do you understand?"

Fifi respond, "I am not sure that I do, Master."

I explained, "At these meetings you do not have to call me Master, you can even call me a son-of-a-bitch if you want to. The purpose of these meetings is unfettered communications, an opportunity for you to vent, to question what is happening to you. Also you can ask for a conference at any time and it will be granted within 24 hours. While you are my slave, I feel that it is important for you to understand, not to just blindly obey, my orders. You may not have thought about this, but the contract we signed does not have any real legal standing as all forms of slavery have been abolished. When we hold a conference you are free to talk about anything you want, ask any questions you want and complain about anything you want, we will discuss it and I will explain to the best of my ability."

Fifi thought for a moment and asked, "I would like to know what you plan to do about my education."

"I believe that education is important, and I agree with what you have chosen. I will set standards for your performance at school, if you do not meet or exceed those standards, there will be consequences. Does that answer your concerns?"

"Yes, Master it does."

"Do you have other questions?"

"Yes, what about the Pathfinders?"

"I understand that you want them to know that you are my slave. I agree that it would be best to get it out in the open and establish a set of rules. I will explain the rules to them tonight as I am going to send them an email inviting them over at 5:30 for dinner tonight. We will need a lot of help tomorrow to get ready for the swim meet on Saturday. I want them to work out their hornyness tonight as we will have little time for sex until after the swim meet."

"Now in conjunction with this I have some additional rules for you. While participating in any Pathfinder activity you are forbidden to act as a slave, unless I specifically tell you to. You are not to address me as `Master'; you are to use my name. You are not to be submissive to any member of the Pathfinders, you will have the same rights as they do when it comes to sex, you can refuse anyone, including me. This is a requirement of your slavery to me. If you act as a slave and I find out about it you will be required to write an essay explaining each act and the punishment you are to receive for each act. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master I do."

"Now is there anything else you feel we need to discuss, that can't wait until Monday?"

"No, Master."

"Okay, go to your room, get your wallet, cell phone and keys then go to my closet and select a purse to match your outfit and meet us in the garage."

I selected my convertible and it already had the top down and I asked TJ to sit in the back. I opened the garage door and stepped outside to make a quick call.

When I went back in Fifi was standing by the car waiting for instructions, I told her to sit in the front passenger seat.

I took the longer route to slave Rob's house so that I could drive through downtown and as we got to the main (and busiest) intersection red and blue lights started flashing behind us and we heard a loud whoop of the siren, I pulled over and over the loud speaker (at full volume) we received instructions, "You are all to get out of the car, driver put your hands on the left front fender, front passenger on the hood in front of the car and the rear passenger on the right front fender." Of course we complied.

The chief and one of his sergeants got out of their car, the chief gave me a quick pat down and the sergeant gave TJ a through one including a grope that made TJ jump. Both now descended on Fifi.

"What do we have here?" The sergeant announced rhetorically, in a loud voice.

"A cute little thing that is for sure," commented the chief in an equally loud voice.

About now a crowd had started to gather of curious onlookers, which was exactly what I wanted.

I knew that slave Rob had taken two years of French in his junior and senior years in high school so we would see how well he could wing it.

I announced in a loud voice, "Excuse me officers, this is my new French maid Fifi and you will have to excuse her accent as she is still learning to speak English."

"Quel est votre nom?" ("What is your name?") The sergeant inquired.

"Mon nom est Fifi Burgess." ("My name is Fifi Burgess") Fifi replied in a quiet voice.

"Vous devrez parler plus fort afin que nous puissions vous entendre." (You will have to speak louder so that we can hear you.)

Fifi repeated it in a normal voice.

"Dites-le fort!" ("Say it louder.")

Fifi was blushing and yelled in reply, "Mon nom est Fifi Burgess." ("My name is Fifi Burgess")

"Well we better pat her down and check for hidden weapons," commented the Chief, "you take that side and I'll do this."

They started at her wrists and up her arms; then they each tweaked a nipple and ran they hands down to her stomach. Next they started at her ankles and up her legs. Now the skirt really didn't hide anything with her bent over and her hands on the hood, but to add insult to injury when they reached her butt, they pushed the skirt up over her butt onto her back which totally exposed everything, back and front. And from the fondling Fifi was fully hard.

The sergeant commented, "Just like the French no panties. Do you think we should charge her with indecent exposure, Chief?"

The Chief replied, "No I would say that was decent, pointing to Fifi's 8 inch hard cock."

The Chief announced, "Ok, get back in your car and get on with your business."

TJ was glaring at me as he got back in the car, when Fifi stood the skirt dropped back over her butt, but now the front was tented as she walked back to get in the front seat. I got in and we drove away, I could feel TJ seething in the back.

"Fifi, you may ask TJ to assist you with getting your things by negotiating with him and offering him whatever you want as a future reward, but remember you are making a commitment to do whatever you are offering."

Fifi turned around and looked at TJ and asked, "TJ would you please assist me with getting my things?"

TJ, immediately responded, "Yes," in a gruff voice and added, "We'll negotiate after we get to your room and see how much there is to do," stalling Fifi from negotiating in front of me.

We rode in silence the rest of the way.

When we arrived at Fifi's house, I asked her how long did she think it would take, she replied, "I think that it will take 2 or 2 and a half hours for me to get everything back to my room, Master."

"Ok, you have 3 hours maximum, for each minute over you will receive one stroke of the cane."

"I understand, Master," she responded, as she got out of the car. TJ said, "Fifi, I will catch up to you in a minute," and Fifi walked toward the front door.

I looked at TJ and said, "Out with it, I know that you are upset with me."

TJ glared at me and said "That was a mean and nasty trick that you played on Rob, and I don't understand why you did it."

I responded, "Remember, the cold shower and what happened and what I told you. I would like you to think about that and when you and Fifi get back I will talk with you and try to help you understand, but it would take too long right now and would use up a lot of Fifi's time to collect her things and bring them home. Can you accept that for right now?"

TJ, thought for a moment and answered (slightly mollified), "Yea, that's reasonable, I can live with it, but I will hold you to it," and jogged to catch up with Fifi.

I headed to the hardware store to pick up some steel fence posts and some light rope and some flags to hang on the rope, designating the parking lanes. After I unloaded them in the field that is to be used for parking I left the gates open as the pool people would need access, I garaged my car and headed for the office to work on the swim meet.

I sent the email inviting the Pathfinders over for dinner and to stay until Sunday, within a half an hour I had responses from everyone except Jim. A couple of minutes later my phone rang.

As I have all of the Pathfinders, their parents and other important phone numbers coded in my phone system, the Caller Id indicated that the call was from Jim's cell phone. I answered, "Grüß Gott, Jim, Wie gehts es Ihnen heute ("Greet God, Jim, how are you today?")

Mir geht es gut und du ("I am fine and you?")

Heute bin ich sowohl gute als auch schlechte und haben eine Menge zu tun für das Schwimmen treffen. ("Today I'm both good and bad and have a lot to get done for the swim meet.")

Jim switched to English and continued, "That's what I am calling about; I have been working on a program for keeping track of the meet results and the lane timers. I would like to come over now to work on the interface while the timing pads are being installed so if there are any issues I can work them out with the installers."

"Oh, by the way Anthony and Aaron are here and working with me can they come too?"

"Yes you all can come over, but I can't pick you up as the pool company will be here in 10 or 15 minutes."

"That's ok, my mom said that she would drive us over, we should be there is about 15 minutes."

"Ok, just use your code to come in." and I said goodbye.

I immediately called Fifi, she answered, "Yes Master."

I said, "Fifi, I know that you have caller Id and recognized my phone number, but someone else could be using it so in the future just answer `Hello' until you are sure it is me."

She responded, "Yes Master I will be more careful in the future."

"Okay, there has been a change of plans, put me on the speaker so that TJ can hear me too."

I heard TJ say, "Hi Smitty, what's up?"

I explained about Jim, Anthony and Aaron coming over early and that I wanted Rob to pack up Fifi and put on some of his regular clothes and park in the shed with the tractor and leave everything in the car. If asked what they had been doing just tell them that you were running some errands for me. If asked about being shaved, to just say that you lost a bet; as I don't want to tell them about Rob being a slave until after dinner.

TJ said, "Can do" and slave Rob replied, "Yes Master."

I commanded, "slave Rob, remember the instructions I gave you this morning, when you get back here you will be officially participating in a Pathfinder event."

He replied, "I remember and understand, Master."

I said, "Guest rules will be in force as the installers from the pool company will be here." I got a couple of, "Oks."

I hung up and the front gate announced that there was someone seeking entrance, it was the pool company and I directed then through the parking field to the gate by the pool area and told them I would meet them there.

When I got to the inner gate the pool service panel truck had just pulled up. I opened the gates and instructed the driver that they could drive to the other end of the pool to unload the timing pads for that end, just to drive slow so as not to tear up the grass, and left them to it.

As I entered the kitchen the security system announced that Jim had entered his security code, so I just headed for the front door.

Jim, Triple A and Anthony were getting their things out of the back of the van along with some computer equipment. I went out to help them and carried in a couple of boxes, Jim said that we should put everything on the patio tables.

As they grabbed their bags, I reminded them, "Remember company rules apply," to which they responded with a chorus of, "Ok Smitty," and headed inside.

I had placed a couple of tables and four chairs in the area designated for the scoring tent. I also had a couple of surge protectors and extension cords there. While waiting for the boys to return I set up the tables and chairs and plugged in the extension cords and surge protectors.

When the boys came out I stared at them with my jaw hanging open. They all had on the smallest bikini I had ever seen, it consisted of a thin elastic cord around their hips, a small (emphasis on small) jock like pouch in front and another elastic cord that went up the crack of their asses, they were essentially naked.

Aaron smiled and commented, "It's what they wear in Europe and they cover the essentials." While I couldn't dispute their statement, I mentally added `just barely.' The bikini's made them look more naked then when they were wearing nothing at all. But they had complied with the rule so I couldn't argue.

Jim had accessed the web site for the state swim team statistics and downloaded and rewritten the information from the state site to a local web site so that swimmers attending the meet can be registered quickly and all of their stats are available and the local web site shows them immediately. All stats for each event in a meet can be quickly updated and the standings for the meet can be produced as soon as the information for an event is entered into the system. It took him 3 days of hard work but he has it available to demonstrate today.

He was concerned about interfacing to the timing pads and collecting the times for each race. He went to talk with the installers and found out that they had a computer to be used with the timing pads that could be set for the type of race, i.e. the number of laps, and it could be linked to another computer and the data transferred. It kept track of each lap for each lane as well as the total time and was part of the timing system. Jim brought the timing computer over to the tables with the user's manual and started to read about the interface and how to transfer the data from the timing computer to his data base.

The timing computer already had a program for doing that, it simply created a comma delimited record for each lane containing the lap times for each lane in the heat and the total time for each lane. Jim could then easily write a program that would update the record for each competitor for each race at the swim meet and he already had a program that would allow a video monitor to display that information and print out the results for each race and each heat of a race. The timing computer also allowed him to disable the timers for any lanes that were not being used for a specific heat.

I didn't have any monitors large enough and bright enough to use for displaying the results, so I talked with the foreman of the pool company and asked if he knew if there was a company that could get one here by tomorrow. He said, "Let me make a call," when he came back from making several calls he told me that a 100 inch monitor would be delivered before noon and that it had its own display computer that could be interfaced to the timing computer.

The starting gun, which sounded like a real gun, was interfaced to the timing pads and started all of the lane timers as the same time; if it was fired again within 5 seconds it would stop the race and reset the timers.

Jim wanted to insure that everything was working before the installers left, so he sent Aaron to the far end of the pool and Anthony to the close end and had me go to the starting pistol. At a nod from Jim I fired the pistol and immediately fired it again as if there had been a false start. Jim verified that everything had reset properly. At a nod from Jim I fired again, this time Aaron and Anthony jumped in the water. When Jim blew the whistle Aaron hit the first timing pad and started swimming the width of the pool hitting each timing pad. When he got to the last lane and started back Jim blew the whistle again and Anthony did the same thing at this end of the pool.

They repeated this until the equivalent of a 400 meter race had been completed. The timing computer showed that everything worked properly. This gave Jim the data he needed to verify the interface with his program for maintaining the records.

I checked my watch and it was almost 11 o'clock. It was 2 ½ hours since I dropped Rob and TJ off and I was wondering if they would make it within the three hour time limit. Fifteen minutes later a fully dressed Rob and TJ walked out of the back door. After saying hi to everyone they went inside to change.

The pool company installers were going to wait for the monitor, so I invited them to stay for lunch and headed for the kitchen to get it going. I figured that cheeseburgers and fries would be the easiest and quickest with and a pasta salad. I had just gotten started when Rob and TJ walked in and asked if they could help. They both had on bikinis just like the others except theirs were red.

I assigned TJ the task of getting the tables out back set and the condiments out; Rob was to prepare the sautéed onions and mushrooms. When the water boiled I dumped in two boxes of pasta and started on the other ingredients for the pasta salad. I figured that I would need 18 burgers, as there were 5 boys, myself, 3 installers and at least 2 more with the monitor.

I waited until a quarter to twelve before starting the burgers and fries. I had two batches of fries the first I lightly salted, the second I lightly sprinkled with cyanine pepper and tossed them to evenly coat the fries. The cheese was starting to melt on the burgers as my security system announced someone was at the front gate. It was the pool company with the monitor.

The boys finished the plating of the food and brought it out just as the van came through the back gate. I insisted that they join us for lunch.

After lunch I put Rob in charge of the cleanup and the installers set up the 100 inch monitor and tested it; then instructed Jim in its operation and the interface with the timing computer.

In a half an hour Jim had it displaying data about the heat he tested with and with statistics from the Swim Team database he copied from the state web site, everything was working as planned. The installers from the pool company left with my thanks.

The boys had finished the cleanup and I send Rob to get the post pounder from the tool shed, left Anthony to assist Jim and we headed for the field that will be the parking lot. I gave TJ and Aaron a 100 foot measuring tape and we got started laying out the parking spaces. I helped locate the first two post locations and left TJ and Aaron to measure and mark the locations of the rest. I helped Rob with the first post and it went into the soil easily as this field has been plowed and cultivated for hay for the last three years. I left them to finish up the layout of the parking lanes.

I got out two extension cords and a couple of power strips and located an outlet near the gate and ran them to where the registration tables will be on each side of the gate. The gate swings back to a position flat against the fence, and the fence is 8 feet high so I can string the one extension cord from gate-post-to-gate-post so that it won't be on the ground for people to trip over.

I start running the rope from post to post as Jim and Anthony showed up and Jim advised me that he is satisfied that everything thing is working as it should; so I set them to tying the flags on the rope.

It is almost 3:30 when we finish laying out the rows for the parking lot, and headed back to the pool. The boys all took a quick shower at my outdoor showers to get the dust and grass off of their bodies. Although the bikinis didn't leave much to the imagination the boys removed them and are now completely naked and I start thinking about dinner.

I go inside to start working on dinner, the phone rings. It's Grace; who advises me that the mothers are providing the food for dinner and that I don't have to cook. So I have two hours of free time.

When I go back outside and let the boys know that we have two hours of free time, they all attack and undress me. They get me on the ground and Jim is nursing on my cock; Rob is holding my legs up and feeding me his hard-on; Aaron is treating me to a royal rimming; TJ and Anthony are savaging my nipples.

About every two minutes they rotate positions until all of them has had access to every part of my body, the second time around is different in that instead of rimming me that take turns fucking me, what a turn on to be serviced like that.

The third time is different as they have evil minds; TJ decides to sit on my cock and I fill him, Aaron kneels at my head and feeds me his cock; leans forward and swallows TJ's rampant member; Rob enters me from the rear, Anthony snuggles up behind Aaron and enters him; Jim steps in-between Anthony and TJ, he feeds TJ his stiff rod, while Anthony orally services his ass.

After about 10 to 15 minutes Aaron feeds me his seed, as TJ feeds him his release. Anthony achieves his bliss from Aaron's anal contractions as I flood TJ stimulated by his clenching anus. This of course sets off Rob as I clamp down on his thrusting cock, Jim had been having frequent orgasims since the 10 minute mark. We slowly untangle and collapse in a heap of sexual gratification. After about 5 or so minutes of recovery I head over to the outdoor showers to clean myself out and get ready for the arrival of the other boys.

After dressing I set the boys to getting things set up on the outdoor tables for dinner. About 10 after 5 the gate announces the arrival of the other boys, two vans drive up with the other 5 boys and they bounce out of the minivans already naked. Mike and CC grab the overnight bags for all of them head for the bedrooms, the remaining three and the 5 already here help unload the food and bring it in.

I receive instructions and information about the food from Grace and she informs me that the committee will be here at 8:30 tomorrow morning to help with the set up. The mom's take off and I head for the kitchen; the boys are already serving themselves and heading for the outside tables.

Rob and TJ are the last as they had been coordinating everything. I quickly tell them that when they are finished eating to head for the dungeon without the other boys seeing them and give them an entrance code, which I quickly program through the computer in the kitchen. I tell them to get Rob outfitted exactly as he was when he arrived yesterday and that I would be down to brief them after I get the cleanup started.

As all boys, they eat voraciously. Since TJ and Rob were the last to get food they are the last to go back for seconds, after a few minutes when they don't return, I start hearing comments wondering where they are. I quickly explain that they are getting something ready for a presentation as soon and dinner is finished and the cleanup completed.

I get a lot of "What is it?" type of inquiries but tell them that they will have to wait until everything is cleaned up. I instruct them that they are to wait out here until I return and place Mike and CC in charge of the cleanup.

I head for my bedroom and close and lock my doors; I then take the elevator down to the dungeon. Rob is almost ready; I add a penis gag and a blindfold I leave it up so that Rob can see and we get on the elevator to my bedroom. I instruct TJ he is to lower the blind fold just before entering the kitchen and head for the back of the house.

I can see all of the boys seated around the table and motion for Rob and TJ to come forward. I quickly walk outside and around the table so that I am facing the doors and instruct all the boys to stand up and to form a line facing me with the shortest on my left and the tallest on my right. "Now I want you to put your arms around the shoulders of the boy to your right and left." I instruct, "I want you to close your eyes and just stand there until I tell you what to do, no peeking or you will ruin the surprise, it is very important that you don't move or open your eyes."

The boys are all nervous with anticipation but follow my instructions. I can see Rob and TJ are almost to the door, TJ puts out a restraining hand letting Rob know that he is almost to the door, and he carefully inches his feet forward until he feels the door runners with his toes and carefully steps over them onto the patio and takes a couple of more steps before TJ stops him.

I tell the boys, "Ok, open your eyes and turn around." The sight that greets them is a blindfolded, gagged, chained Rob with weights hanging from his nipples, suspended from his balls and in chastity. There are plain gasps, "What the's," and similar comments some quite vulgar.

I nod to TJ and he removes the blindfold and the penis gag. When Rob looks at me I nod and he announces, "I am slave Rob and have given myself to Master David, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, I am his to do with whatever he wants, physically or sexually until he dismisses me from his service."

I walk around the stunned boys and stand alongside of Rob and announce, "I have accepted this miserable worthless slave into my service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days as year, he is mine to do with as I please, to abuse him physically, mentally and sexually, he has no choice but to obey me or be punished, until I dismiss him from my service."

There is a buzz from the boys, mostly "What the fuck," I hold up my hand and state, "Please be quiet and I will explain, after I am finished you will all have a chance to ask questions." The boys all quiet down and stare at me and Rob.

"There are some new rules."

"First and most important is that Rob is my slave, no one else's. That means that only I can command him to do things. It means that Hank, Jim, Anthony, Jakob, Jason, Aaron, TJ, CC or Mike cannot force him to do anything. You have no rights to command him."

"Second the fact that he is a slave is privileged information; that slave Rob has willingly shared with you. You are to respect this and not inform anyone else about Rob's status as a slave."

"Third, slave Rob is a member of the Pathfinders; he has the same rights and privileges as all of you, including the right to refuse sex with anyone when he is participating in any Pathfinder program or activity."

"Fourth, when he is participating in any Pathfinder activity he is not to act as a slave in any manner, shape or form and this is a condition of his servitude to me."

I turned to TJ and said, "TJ take slave Rob inside and assist him in removing his accruements so he can return as Pathfinder Rob."

TJ instructed, "slave Rob follow me." They left the patio and headed for my room.

I announced, "Boys sit down at the tables after you get yourselves something to drink and we will talk."


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