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The Gay Scouts

Chapter 22 – Thursday Evening – Questions, Answers and Some Preparation

TJ and Rob were off divesting Rob of his slave paraphernalia. The rest of the boys had grabbed a soda and were seated around the table.

I forestalled any questions by announcing, “I will provide some information and you will have to wait until TJ and Rob return to ask any questions. Some of you may have suspected Rob’s inclinations.”

“Rob returned last Sunday after dropping you off and requested that I introduce him into slavery. He spent Sunday night, all day Monday and ½ of Tuesday being treated as a slave before he went home.”

“Wednesday TJ and I were invited to Rob’s for dinner and unbeknownst to me TJ was assisting Rob, as were his parents, to get ready to request me to enslave him. After dinner TJ and Rob disappeared and I assumed they went to his room to play video games while his parents, their other guests and I chatted in the living room.”

“About 15 or 20 minutes later Rob entered the living room as you just saw him. He knelt in front of me, put his head on the floor and waited for me to acknowledge him; even when I looked directly at them everyone else simply looked at Rob.”

“After I acknowledged him, I instructed him to explain what is going on; he then requested to become my slave, 24, 7, 365. After some discussion with Rob and his parents, I accepted him as my slave. We signed the necessary documents and I now own Rob as my slave. A slave that I can do anything with, I can abuse him any way I want, physically, mentally or sexually. I totally control his life in all things and he has no choice but to obey or be punished. Rob now lives here with me.”

“Now I know I am repeating, but I want to emphasize this, ‘I and only I am Rob’s Master.’ No one else has the right to order Rob to do anything; this includes other Masters unless I place Rob under their supervision. None of you have any rights to give Rob any orders or try to force him to do anything at any time; he is a member of the Pathfinders and has the same rights as any of you do while participating in any Pathfinder activity.”

“Now I don’t expect you to treat Rob any differently than you have before. I do expect you to respect his right to privacy. This means that you are not to tell anyone else about Rob’s enslavement. You can ask Rob anything you want, but he has the right to refuse to answer and if he does you are not to pester him, do you all understand?”

They all replied with a chorus of “Yes Sir’s,” and “We Understand.”

Mike asked, “Do you have a dungeon?” I smiled, “Yes I do.”

I got a chorus of, “Can we see it?” to which I replied, “Not this weekend as there is a lot to do for the swim meet, but I will give you all a tour next weekend.”

About that time TJ and Rob came out the door and all of the boys got up and went and gave Rob a group hug.

They all sat down again at the table and I explained to Rob and TJ what I had told the other boys.

They were all hesitant to ask any questions and Rob put them at ease, “I know that you all have questions that you want to ask and it is ok for you to ask anything you want, even if you think it will embarrass me. I have no secrets from all of you and if you don’t want to ask something here in the group you can as me in private.”

Hank piped up with the first question, “Is that why you don’t have any hair like me?”

Rob looked at me and I nodded and he responded, “David has a rule that any time he has a slave, they must be clean shaven, not only his face, but the rest of his body as well and this was the first thing he did to me after he brought me home.”

I forestalled any other questions by asking, “Rob what were my instructions about your participation in Pathfinder activities?” He responded, “That I was not to act as a slave.” I replied, “You just acted like a slave so explain to them what will happen.”

Rob thought for a moment and explained, “When Hank asked me his question; I looked at David as a slave would to ask his permission to explain to you, which he granted with a nod. I now have to write an essay about it and designate what punishment I am to receive for disobeying him.”

I heard cries of “That’s not fair!” and “No way!” and they were glaring at me.

After they quieted down I asked, “Rob do you think that it is unfair?” He responded, “No I don’t.”

I asked, “Why not?” He replied, “When I asked to become your slave, I agreed that it would be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. I agreed that I would obey you in all things and if I failed that I would be punished. There were no exceptions to this rule.”

The boys were all silent, I said, “Rob understands what it means to be a slave, total submission and total obedience, with no exceptions. If I let Rob off I would not be treating him fairly and I would not be a proper Master. I have to be consistent, what is wrong or disobedient one time is always wrong or disobedient every time, if it is punished once it is always punished. Rob made a mistake, but it is still a mistake. If I don’t punish him for his mistake then he will think that I will not punish him if he makes another mistake. Rob didn’t realize that he made a mistake until I called him on it, but it was still an action that I had specifically told him not to do, so he disobeyed me.”

Rob spoke up, “David I request that you punish me with all of the Pathfinders as witnesses.”

I asked, “What do you think that your punishment should be?’ to which he replied 5 strokes of the cane.

Shouts of no, No, NO; from the boys and Rob yelled “10 strokes,” which brought more shouts of no. Rob yelled “15 strokes,” to more NO’s, Rob shouted “20 Strokes,” which was followed by silence.

I let them all stew for a minute, they were waiting for me to respond.

I announced, “I as Rob’s Master have to right to determine the severity of Rob’s punishment. Rob has requested 20 strokes of the cane. I would have accepted the original 5 strokes as appropriate, but the rest of you egged him on so that now he is requesting 20. He has requested that you all be allowed to witness his punishment and I agree; you all will be required to do so.”

I looked at Rob, “slave, go to the dungeon select a cane and drape yourself over the punishment horse.” Rob replied, “Yes Master.” Stood up and left.

The boys were all hanging their heads, I waited a minute and instructed, “Rob’s punishment will be more severe because of your interference and his request. You will all be required to participate in Rob’s punishment because of your interference. I will instruct you what you will do when we get to the dungeon. Now all of you follow me.”

Nine silent boys trailed behind me.

When we got to the dungeon I lined them up and got a set of ankle restraints and wrist restraints.

“Hank, Jim put this restraint on his right ankle and secure it to the horse.”

“Jakob, Jason put this restraint on his left ankle and secure it to the horse.”

“Anthony, Aaron put this restraint on his right wrist and secure it to the horse.”

“CC, Mike put this restraint on his left wrist and secure it to the horse.”

“TJ inspect all restraints and make sure that they are all tight and properly secured.”

When TJ was done I told them, “I have decided that Rob will receive a total of 15 strokes. Each of you will be required to administer 1 stroke of the cane, except TJ he will have to do 2; I will administer the other 5. Follow me.”

I led them over to a padded pole; I had retrieved the cane from Rob’s teeth. I instructed, “Each of you will take two swings at this pole, so that you will know how hard you are swinging. When it is your turn to punish Rob you must swing hard; if I feel that you didn’t swing hard enough I will add 2 strokes to my punishment count.”

The all took turns hitting the pole and I led them back to Rob.

They all looked unhappy, “I will give you all an option, when it is your turn to punish Rob you may elect to receive 1 stroke of the cane from me and I will reduce Rob’s count by 1. We will go from the oldest to the youngest.”

“Mike,” I announced. He stepped forward and said, “I will take one stroke for Rob.” I had him drape himself over Rob and delivered a medium stroke.

As I announced each boys name they all requested to take one stroke for Rob; TJ requested 2 but I refused and said that he had to administer 1 to Rob.

I adjusted my stroke for each boy but they all knew that they had received a stroke of the cane.

I had TJ administer his stroke and Rob announced, “One, thank you Sir, May I please have another.” TJ handed me the cane.

My first stroke was the hardest and I tempered the rest. To my first stroke Rob announced, “One, Thank you Master, may I please have another.” He continued the count until all 5 had been administered.”

I instructed the boys, “Remove the restrain you put on and TJ will show you where to put them.”

I commanded, “slave stand.” Rob stood up, I commanded, “Present” and Rob went into the present position; I then commanded, “Release Pathfinder Rob.” Rob relaxed he came over and hugged me and simply said, “Thank you.”

He hugged each boy individually and thanked them for taking a stroke for him. I led them back outside and said, “You all know that you can talk with me privately if you need to; but right now why don’t you all take a swim.”

TJ stayed back while the other boys all ran and jumped into the pool. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

TJ said, “I think I know why you did what you did to Rob earlier today, but I would still like you to explain it to me.”

“I think that you understand; a Master has a responsibility to set standards for his slaves. Even when they are obedient they have to be reminded who is the Master and who is the slave. There are many tools to use besides physical punishment; embarrassment and humiliation are also useful. A slave learns from his mistakes by being punished, but just as importantly by being required to do something that they really don’t want to do. You have to teach the slave that they no longer can make most decisions on their own; their Master has total control over their lives and can change anything at any time. Obedience is not a sometime thing it is an all-time thing. And before you ask yes I did contact the Chief and set it up to humiliate Rob this morning. I have to keep testing Rob’s resolution so that he doesn’t slip on something important and check on his attitude because not everyone can adapt to being a slave.”

TJ said, “You made me administer a stroke as a lesson that if I want to be a Master I have to also do things that I don’t think are fair.” I nodded my head. TJ hugged me and then ran and jumped into the pool.

I went to the pool house and wheeled out the first of the 7 lane dividers that will have to be stretched tomorrow for the swim meet Saturday. When I came out with the second drum the boys were already towing the first lane divider toward the other end of the pool. Rob, Mike and CC were heading for the pool house to get the rest. I showed them where the starting platforms were stored and how to attach the lane divider and headed for the other end of the pool.

TJ and Aaron were towing the lane divider and arrived just after I got there. I showed them how to attached the divider and adjust it so that the tension was correct. TJ and Aaron headed back to get another one. Rob had installed all of the starting platforms at that end of the pool and he, Mike and CC were each carrying two of them for this end. The pool company had tested the water today and adjusted the chemical settings and would be back tomorrow to check it again.

I commended the boys on their imitative for getting the starting platforms and lane dividers in place as that was one less thing that would have to be done tomorrow, and suggested that we watch a movie. They all wanted to watch a horror movie and selected Underworld.

After the movie we all headed for bed, of course I expected there would be little sleep tonight. After locking up and setting the security system I headed for my room and as I passed Rob’s room I saw all of the boys in there talking with Rob. I stuck my head in and reminded them that they had to get up early tomorrow and to get to bed soon and went to my room, I assumed that they had questions for Rob and didn’t want me there is case Rob made another mistake and be punished.

After about 15 minutes the voices got louder as the boys headed for their rooms. I saw TJ come in and head for out bed. I lifted the covers as he crawled into bed and snuggled against my side with his head on resting on my shoulder.

We lay there just holding each other for about 5 minutes and TJ skooched up and started kissing me. At first he just pressed our lips lightly together and rubbed them back and forth. Then he extended the tip of his tongue and traced the outline of mine. Finally he traced between my lips slowly extending his tongue, pressing his lips to mine and pushing deeply into my mouth and dueling with my tongue.

He withdrew and started kissing down my neck to my nipples, treating each one to a sucking, licking and nipping and then he traced his lips down my chest and stomach to my belly button, digging his tongue in as deeply as he can, while resting his hand on my tumescence cock and rubbing his thumb across the head and the cum slit. My precum is flowing freely. Hooking his thumb under my cock he raises it slightly and moves his mouth to it and slowly encircles the head with his lips and laves it with his tongue satiating himself on my precum.

He slowly descends his lips down my shaft until his they are crushing my pubs and his nose is buried in my balls. The head of my cock is buried in his esophagus as he deep throats my phallus and hums, setting off tingles all through my cock and balls. He repeats this several more times and I need to reciprocate.

I reach out grab his leg and pull him around and lift him over my head and engulf his rampant tool in my more than willing orifice, and treat him to the same exciting sensations the he had been giving me.

We slowly nurse on each other’s cock for at least 10 minutes and I can feel his starting to expand and twitch. He treats me to five strong spurts of his youthful essence and a half a dozen smaller spurts. This pushes me over the edge and I provide him with my offering of four spurts and 4 smaller ones. Both of our cocks become sensitive but we continue to pleasure each other for at least another 5 minutes until they soften.

TJ turns around and snuggles against me and we kiss, exchanging our essences with our tongues until we fall asleep.


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