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The Gay Scouts


Why an introduction, Copyright and Warnings?

Three reasons!


So that each chapter of this story is not cluttered up with a separate, lengthy and repetitious detailed statement of the information that is contained in this document. Each Chapter will be started with the principal story title, the chapter title, my nom de plume, a copyright notice, and a link to this document, as shown above. Also a separate “Cast of Characters” document will be maintained and updated as needed to add characters, and/or enhance the information of the previously introduced character. The Cast of Characters will give you some idea about how I am thinking of developing the story or perhaps not.



To state that the chapters of this story are copyrighted, at the beginning of each chapter I will include the statement e.g. "Copyright (year) by Sasquatch" Just to remind everyone that the story is my property, that you have no rights to publish it any form or distribute it to others in any form either orally, in hard copy or electronically, including and not limited to posting of this story on other web sites.


To remind you of the warnings which are contained on the Nifty Archive site! Nifty is the principal publishing site for this story; also to include some of my own, regarding you accessing the chapters of this story contained on this or any other site.

Cast of Characters

A Cast of Characters and other documents, which I determine the need for, will be added, maintained and updated as needed.

The Cast of Characters will from time to time add characters, and/or enhance the information of the previously introduced characters this will give you some idea about how I am thinking of developing the story or perhaps not.

This document and any others that I deem needed, will be maintained in a sub-directory (GS-data) of the primary story directory so that any revisions, corrections, updates or modifications to the documents contained in the sub-directory do not result in these documents being relocated in the chapter list due to a new upload date.

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The following warning is copied from the home page of the Nifty Archive:

WARNING: This directory hierarchy contains sexually explicit, erotic stories involving alternative sexualities. Do not list the file names or read their contents if they will offend you. If accessing this site causes you to break local laws (village, town, city, county, province, state, or country, etc.), please leave now.

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You have been warned.

My additional warning:


If you are under 18 years of age, offended by stories which depict sex between boys, girls, boys and men, girls and women, boys and women, girls and men or boys and girls, etc. or live in a jurisdiction where you are considered to be under the legal age of consent or reading/possessing such materials is illegal where you live, exit now.

This story is a work of fiction; no resemblance to anyone living or dead is intended. This story may contain scenes depicting incestual sex, cross generational sex, unusual sexual activities such as BDSM and variations of that theme or any other types of sexual conduct or practices that has or could occur, which has been conceived by or could be conceived by the mind of the human race.

Since this is fiction the characters engage in unprotected sex - I hope that anyone reading this story will not take that to mean that they should do the same.

If you find this story offensive then don't read the story.

You have been warned again.

Constructive comments and criticism are welcome. Flames will be ignored.

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