This is a work of fiction and does contain sexually explicit descriptions.

"The German Boy"

I was 22, and identified myself as straight. I even had a girlfriend back in the US. I had been traveling abroad in Europe for 3 weeks, staying in various youth hostels, and occasionally staying with friends of friends of friends, or very distant relatives whom I had never met before.

That's where Jorgen comes in. He had just turned 14, but was short for his age, and very slim. He was Swiss-German, and had the bright blond hair to prove it. I had met Jorgen several summers before when he stayed with my girlfriend's family for the season, and then again the following year. He was a very athletic, enthusiastic kid. He would horse around with me and my girlfriend in her backyard. He and I would play soccer against each other, and it often turned into his little body jumping on my back, trying to take me down. Every inch of his body was muscle it seemed.

In the year since I had seen him he had matured a little bit, maybe an inch or two taller. He still had a beautiful little German face, pale skin, and rosy lips. I would be staying with him and his family for 4 days and nights before heading to France. He seemed very excited that his older American friend had come to visit his family. In all honesty, I wasn't really visiting as much as staying with them to save some money. Although once I arrived it was very nice to be in his company.

I knew that his father was out of the picture, but never asked where he was or why. He and his mother lived in a tiny house in a small village near the Rhines. His mother explained to me that he would be sleeping on the couch as to give me his bed.

I had a wonderful time the first few days, helping his mother cook, and splitting wood outside in the cold, snowy country. While she was at work during the day Jorgen and I would kill time by watching his favorite American movies (his English was flawless), and go outside on walks. He showed me around his town, his favorite places to go (like any kid growing up in the country, he had his little secret hang-out spots, under bridges and an abandoned wood shed deep in the woods). He told me stories of his first girlfriend, although they had just broken up. He said he even kissed her, blushing as he told me.

My last morning there I heard his mother leave to go to work. I got up and brushed my teeth and went to make a pot of coffee. I looked at the clock and saw that it was only 7, so I went back to Jorgen's bedroom. He, I assumed, was still sleeping in the living room. I stayed in bed and tried going back to sleep.

I heard the door open, and saw Jorgen come into his room. He was shirtless, wearing only his boxer briefs. He was picture perfect, with messy bed head, and his pale, smooth, young chest. He looked very sleepy, and just smiled as he got into bed with me. It didn't strike me as strange, but rather as an innocent gesture.

He wriggled his back to me, so that I was spooning him. I was surprised when I got an instant erection. He pressed even closer to me. I just put my arm around him and closed my eyes. Just moments later he started pawing around my penis, rubbing it. He giggled a bit. Without even thinking I instantly started rubbing his smooth, toned, half-naked body. I rubbed his side, up and down, and eventually worked my way over to his penis. It was rock hard. He let out a muffled moan, sort of high-pitched, as his voice was just barely beginning to change.

His penis was probably 5 inches, and the tip was just slightly moist with precum. I slid his underwear off and caressed him more. I ran my fingers around his scrotum, up the crevis of crotch. I reach down under his balls and gently touched his little hairless bum. He sighed and spread his legs. His heart was racing, but not as much as mine. I had never done such things before.

I worked my way down and planted my mouth on his penis and started licking the tip, then down to the base. It was a weird sensation putting this hard, thin piece of flesh in my mouth. I could fit him in completely. I bobbed my mouth up and down over his shaft for a few minutes, occasionally licking him from the tip to his balls.

Eventually I bent his legs as he lay on his back, and spread them apart as to give me access to his bum. I could smell him even as I just opened his legs a bit. As I inched my mouth towards his anus I could smell him even more. For some reason, his scent wasn't gross, as I would normally associate the smell of anything from that part of the anatomy. He was definitely dirty, or just hadn't showered since his last poop, but there was something sweet, like honey, about it. And anyway, what 14 year old boy spends much time cleaning themselves?

I tickled his hole with my tongue, and I tasted a similar taste as when I've gone down on girls, that sort of thing-flesh ripeness. He was very tight, and even the tip of my tongue had a hard time penetrating him. My penis was throbbing and swollen more than I had ever felt. It must have reached a peak of 7 inches, and next to this young boy's uncut 4 or 5 inches it seemed huge. Of course it is much more thick. I was dripping with precum, as is normal for me.

I kept licking his hole, up and down, and he moaned and giggled. Soon I worked the tip of my finger in. I had to remove it and rubbed some of my precum on the tip, then inserted it much more smoothly. After the first digit was in I stopped and wiggled it around a bit. Then I went in further and he let out a little grunt. Soon I had the whole index finger in started moving it in and out, slowly.

I let me finger stay deep inside him, not moving, for almost a minute. Then I took it out and rubbed it all around his hole. I then wet my middle finger in my mouth and slowly tried putting them both in his bum. He gasped as they broke past his tight sphincter. I had to push hard to get them all the way in. Once I got them in I could feel the tip of my fingers were pushing shit back into him. The thought of that made me even hornier. His hole seemed to become very well lubed with my precum and spit.

I took my fingers out and rubbed the moisture all over the head of my penis, spreading more precum all over. The head of my dick was bigger than I had even seen before. I brought his thighs back toward his tight stomach, giving me full-on access to his bum. His hole had closed back up, but had moisture all around it.

I rubbed the tip of my dick up and down his anus for a couple minutes, and slipped my fingers back in. He tightened up and held his breath. I then, with the tip of one finger still holding him open, began pushing my penis in. It just pressed and flattened up against his tight opening at first, but then broke in a little bit. He cried out in pain, so I stopped. I asked "Is this Okay?" And he, with a look of clenched-teeth pain nodded. A little high pitched "Yes" was muttered.

I inserted the head again, this time getting all the way in. He gasped. I whispered "Just relax. Take a deep breath." He did. I moved the head back and forth, in and out a little to loosen him up. I was afraid of going all the way in, as I didn't want to hurt him at all. I could feel my dick letting out more and more precum inside of him, lubing the way. I pushed in even more, about 3 inches in. He was so tight, it was hard not to cum. In the back of my mind I was thinking about how I should be using a condom, but I certainly never would have thought this would be happening. Plus, I had never had unprotected sex before, and he certainly was a virgin.

I could feel his tightness all around my penis, and even holding it still inside of him was getting me close to cumming. I pulled out slowly, as to hold back for a bit. As I pulled my dick out I could see that there were little traces of the boy's poop on my dick. I said "Do you need to go to the bathroom" and he shook his head no. I wiped myself off on his scrotum, leaving brown streaks on his peach fuzz. I rubbed the head of my penis on his closed up hole again, re-lubing it on the precum and juices that had trailed out. I pushed his legs back to him even more, and glided right back into him. This time I went even deeper inside, and started moving faster and faster. He was grunting and squealing a little. I could feel my penis pushing more of his poop, and wondered if that felt good.

I reached down around his bum and spread his cheeks as tight as I could and plunged all the way in. All 7 inches. He cried out a little, but seemed to be engulfed in absolute pleasure. I could feel that my penis had passed through his tight chute and into what I imagined to be his bowels. It fell roomy and cavernous. I moved with small in and out motions so that the head of my penis, specifically the ridge, was rubbing against a sphincter deeper inside of him. This gave both of us an immense sensation of pure bliss. He was breathing heavily. Before I knew it, and without hands-on prompting, he began spewing his cum. He ejaculated two small squirts of thick, white cum right onto his sternum. I began pulling all the way out and then plunging all the way in, very slowly. I couldn't believe he could fit all of me inside of him.

I felt I was getting closer and closer, and my penis was getting bigger and bigger. I took a few last in and outs, and then felt the tightening of my toes, and my legs, which were almost paralyzed, and like a strike of lightening I felt my penis spewing cum deep inside of him. I shot about 9 streams inside. The orgasm kept going and going for about 20 seconds. He was moaning loudly. I stayed inside him and collapsed for a few minutes. I could feel my cum trickling past my shaft and out of his hole. I was dreading looking at the mess we made.

I got up off of him, still inside, and slowly watched as I removed my penis. The second the head came out there was a cartoonish suction sound, like a Pop, and what seems like a soda can of cum came running out of his butt hole, now deep red around the edges, and dilated. With it came some of his poop, as I had feared. It all mixed together and ran down his crack and onto his sheets. I wondered if butt sex was always this messy, and if so why did so many people do it? It smelled very strongly, and not as sweet as before I went inside of him. I wiped my penis off again, this time on his inner thigh, cleaning it of his poo and my runny cum. He sat up bent over and took my still-hard, dirty penis in his mouth. He licked the tip vigorously and massaged my balls. I had to ask him to stop, as they were throbbing and quite sensitive after my orgasm.

He was rock hard again, and started stroking himself. I sucked on his penis for a bit, and then positioned myself over him, and slowly guided his thin little dick into my butt, raw. It sent shivers up my spine, and I tightened up and let out a little grunt. He giggled, seeming satisfied that it wasn't easy for me either. I was able to take him all in, no problem, and just hoped I was a little more vacant, so to speak, up my bum than he had been. I sat down on him all the way and rocked back and forth quickly. He started panting and breathing heavily and irregularly. I was reminded of how easy it was when I was his age to have orgasm after orgasm, only in my experience it had been through jerking off in my room alone.

I could tell he was cumming, cause he stopped breathing entirely, and I could feel his little dick convulsing inside of me. Once he stopped, I stopped moving and slowly lifted off of him. I was pleased to see his penis was clean. I could feel a tiny drip of his thick cum trickling down to my balls.

We lay next to each other. I was nervous and almost in shock. I didn't know I was capable of that, nor did I think I would want to do that. Nor had I ever had any desire to be with another guy, let alone this teenager. He was smiling and giddy.

After about five minutes of silence, I said "You made a bit of a mess. Your sheets are ruined." He replied "We can just go out back and burn them in the barrel."

So that's what we did. He went to the bathroom, I assume to finish the shit I had jump started for him. I poured myself a cup of coffee, still shaky. And we brought the soiled sheets out to the burn barrel in the snow, and set them on fire. When they were all burnt up he tried pissing on the fire to put it out. It didn't work.