Getting Sexed

Chapter 1 - Loosing my V-Card

DIsclaimer and Warning:

This chapter depicts sexual acts between a stepfather and his young son. If it is illegal for you to read such material, or if this material offends you. Please leave now.

This story is a work of fiction. The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only.

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Getting Sexed

Chapter 1 - Loosing my V-Card

People loose their virginity in many ways, a lover, friend, a family member, and even to animals. This part story is about my virginity and loosing it. Even though loosing it was only the beginning of my sexual life and getting sexed.

My name is Adam, although I am a man now my story begins in my youth.

When I was eight my mother married a man, I considered him to be a jock. He ate, drank, and lived for sports. He didn't really pay much attention to me only spanked my butt or tell me to have my mom cut my hair. The only real conversations we had were about the game that was on the TV, but that never interested me; all I wanted was toys and cartoons.

Rhett was the type of man that loved to handle his rod. I still remember watching him lay on the couch watching football; rubbing and scratching his cock to a semi. At times I would get a glimpse, at part of his growing member under the cloth. It wasn't like he was showing off or trying to show me his cock; he was just comfortable and watching the game.

But things changed about a year after the marriage, my mother was killed in car accident. Leaving Rhett with a longhaired nine year old boy to care for. He wasn't heartless or cold to me, but he knew nothing about being a parent. He would try to comfort me, when I missed my mom and hold me close. But with most men if there is a game on, please do not disturb.

So life became normal and slowly Rhett changed things up at home. Within five months the house rule was nudism. He wanted to be naked all day so I joined in the naked lifestyle. Then porn magazines and video would be found on the tables or chairs. I'd find him at the computer stimulating his cock in vigor till he came. Well,Remember what I said about him watching TV and rubbing his crotch? Well, this still happened but now he was naked and nothing was left for my mind to discover. My sexual education was fast and learned, I would find no secrets with Rhett his life was an open book to me. I saw everything he did and he became a bachelor and I was his companion.

Soon I noticed the porn changing to include men and other sinful actions of lust. And Rhett was horny all day and my little cock was bruised, from the attention I gave it in my haste to be a man.

Then one night things changed for me and my stepdad. Im still not sure of the time but I will never forget what happened. I was awaked sometime in the night, but not sure of the time. "Adam wake up! Its you and me in the house, and I cant get sex with you here so your gonna have fun with me," Rhett exclaimed!

He picked me up and carried my groggy self to his bed and laid me down. Rousing me awake more with some strokes to my cock, he already horny and ready for sex. I was so unaware of what was about to happen, but it was strange and exciting. My body was aroused and loved his hand touching me and pleasing my body. Then he kissed me; not the peck he gave to my forehead as usual, but my first real kiss, with passion and fire. That first kiss was so awkward but made my mind race with excitement and joy.

I still remember feeling so enraptured with his tongue and lips I hardly noticed his finger playing with my anus. I didn't really notice the sensation till he stuck a finger in. It made me gasp and bite down on his lip. I was in pain and feeling him protrude my ass deeply reaching in till he found my prostate. Messaging it a bit to relieve my pain I started to feel the ecstasy again.

Soon that was over and Rhett was chomping at the bit for my ass. He just flipped me over to my belly and pleaded with me, "Forgive me buddy, but your ass is to beautiful to wait any more!"

"This will hurt a bit, but I promise I'll make you feel good, and you will love this eventually." With that being said vaseline was wiped in my ass and on my stepdads cock. With one push his cock was in. Pushing fast and hard against my clenched ass and anal ring. But I could do nothing to his thrust I was popped.

At that time I didn't know how big he was; only that he had a man's cock deep in my ass. My pain was real and he was not a small cocked man. He was eight inches of manhood buried to the hilt; sitting deep in my boy ass. Opening every inch and then some, forcing me to feel his love.

I remember I started to cry a bit and the pain. "Adam just relax; I love you and this wont hurt if you just relax," Rhett whispered in my ear. Over and over again he told me to relax and that he loved me. Took me a bit but I relaxed a bit, so he could slowly fuck my ass. With only a few thrusts Rhett's load was let loose in my cavity. He shot so much it was pouring out of my virgin youthful ass; leaking down my hairless balls to the sheets on the bed. What seemed like 5 mins he just kept shooting more and more cum into me. Filling me up and staining the bed in a pool of his love juice.

To this day I have never seen so much cum in my life. Rhett must have cum like 5 or 6 times one after the other into my ass.

When all was done he pulled his limp tool out of my stretched hole and pulled me close to him. Kissing me and showing me he loved me. "Adam, thank you," he said smiling. "Now I get to make you feel good, okay," he nodded.

With his hand he rubbed my cock to a hardened state and caressed it with each touch. Kissing and hugging my body and making me feel so alive. My small body wrapped around his torso grabbing at what I could.

He stopped kissing me and pulled away and inched his way down. I thought I had done something wrong and started to apologize. With no words he just put his finger to his mouth urging me to be quiet. Smiling at me he lowered his mouth onto my hard little pecker. That was it never felt the wet tongue on my sensitive boyhood. I was reeling and moaning soon I was to have my first real dry orgasm. I was flopping and moaning all over the bed. My stepdad had to hold me down with one hand so he could finish sucking me.

My body was on fire and all at once I thought I would explode. I could hardly breath my body tensing and shaking. Soon it was over and all I could do is smile and gain my breath back.

"Did you like that Adam," Rhett asked.

Panting and still shaking, I nodded my head yes.

"We will do this every night bud, and soon the ass part wont hurt, but you will always get that feeling again. I promise!"

He just pulled me in sweaty and relaxed we cuddled that night till we slept.

This was the beginning of my sexual life. I was no longer a virgin and that orgasm was intense and made me want more.

Over the next couple of weeks each night Rhett would work my ass open with his fingers and then fuck me. Each time the pain was less and less. I learned to relax and feel the cock pushing against my prostate. I began to feel the pleasure the ecstasy of his rod inside me. I would moan and gasp in my enjoyment.

There was one lesson left to learn I had experienced a blow-job, but had never given one yet.

"Some call this a Blow-job," instructed Rhett. "But it is really called fellatio, and it's a hell of a lot of fun." With a pause and a smile he began to speak again, " Adam you like it when I suck on your penis now if you okay do you mind learning to suck me?"

With all the joy and love I had felt I wanted to please Rhett more and more each time. With eagerness I nodded yes and started to bite down on his soft cock.

"Hold on buddy, no teeth," he exclaimed. "Open your mouth wider and let your lips do the sucking, like you do with a straw. Then take as much as you can into your moth and wet it like a popsicle."

I eagerly tried and do as he said; a few ouches and I had learned to suck without my teeth. He just let me go at his cock at times I would take it out and stroke the shaft.

"Now lick my penis and play with the full length of it." Rhett instructed.

Following his instructions to the letter, Rhett let out a moan of pleasure.


"I'm gonna cum, so eat me up," Rhett moaned

I hadn't even a moment to think about the load that entered my mouth. In came the spewing seed of life feeling up my mouth and drizzling down my gagging throat. I gasped for air and swallowed what I could. And looked and Rhett thinking he would be mad at me. But instead he smiled and told me I had done good.

From there more sexual positions and antics were added to my knowledge. Sucking my stepfathers balls, getting fingered, rimming, were all now apart of our beautiful bodies at sexual play.

Now Rhett was ready to introduce me...

More to come in the Next Chapter


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