Getting Sexed

Chapter 3 - Friends - part 2

DIsclaimer and Warning:

This chapter depicts sexual acts between a stepfather and his young son. Also includes sex between parents and their children both male and female in heterosexual and homosexual love acts. If it is illegal for you to read such material, or if this material offends you. Please leave now.

This story is a work of fiction. The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only.

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Getting Sexed

Chapter 3 - Friends - part 2

Nick and his son sit on the sofa spreading there legs and showing off there hard-ons for my eager eyes. The front door opens and in walks his wife and daughter.

"Guys, this is my wife Heather and our daughter Brianna," stated Nick.

Heather and Brianna waved as they undressed and sat on the sofa with the rest of the family.

"Brianna is twelve and starting to get breast like her mom, and her vagina is fun to play with... Adam do you want to have a look at here cunt," Nick asked.

I nodded yes, for I have never seen a naked women and the vagina was totally new to me.

"Let me do it Nick, I know the pussy way better than you," smiled Heather. She zoomed the camera into the girls hairless cunt.

Using here fingers she spread the lips apart revealing the wet red skin under. She showed me the clitoris, and vaginal hole. Playing with the clitoris Brianna moaned and begged her mother to play with her more. The pussy got wetter and wetter has the mother played with her precious lips. Now her hands moved so that she cupped the pelvic area and two fingers slid into the wet orifice. With a gasp and spasm of joy Brianna was aroused.

Heather masturbated Brianna to a frenzy as she squealed and begged for more. Soon she was in ecstasy as I was on my Dads pole. Reeling and spasming her body in a grand orgasm.

But Brianna was not ready to call that the end. Calling Brian over, she had him eat her pussy to perfection. Brian licking and tonguing every inch of her wet vagina. I could tell Brian liked it; he moaned and stroked his cock while his face fucked his sister.

These actions enlisted the rest of them into a sexual family orgy.

Bryce was invited into his mothers pussy. Bryce fucked her with vigor and fire. Trying to make his teen cock penetrate her deeper than his father could. Nick was not to be left out and started to fuck Bryce as he fucked his mother.

Fueled by the orgy before our eyes, Rhett began to make out with me and shove his figures into my cum filled ass. Moaning and kissing our bodies mixed together. My breathing became deep and exhausting; my body charged ready for his attention.

"Buddy I wanna watch this, but can you suck my cock," Rhett asked.

I eased myself off his lap and kneeled on the ground lapping his cock into my mouth. Sucking his eight inches was easy; I know where to suck and lick. I was easy to send my lover into a heated rapturous orgasm. This time was different the more I tried the more Rhett held back his cum.

All the time I am working his cock, Rhett is urging Nicks family and shouting profanities at me and them. Although I could not see them I could here the moans of the family billowing out from our speakers. This only added to my excitement.

Rhett pushed out from the desk releasing my cock from my mouth. Laying me down on the desk so my head was off the edge. Lying on my back Rhett placed his cock back into my mouth.

Slowly he fucked my mouth holding me down with his left hand. Faster and deeper he started to go as he watched the family orgy play out on the computer. I started to gag and had trouble breathing. Suddenly he thrust all his cock into my mouth and down my small throat. Choking and gaging a started to hurl.

Rhett pulled out fast and let me regain myself and began to fuck again.

"Adam you gonna get my cock deep in your mouth. This is a deep throat fuck and eventually you wont gag on my dick," Rhett spurred as he fucked my face. Faster and deeper he fucked opening my throat. Gagging and struggling to breath, my mouth was made into his fuck tool. Now this is not to say I didn't enjoy myself. Seeing my man happy was exhilarating and I wanted to take and taste all of his cock.

Then with a final push he fucked all the length into my mouth and let loose his sperm. No chance to taste the seed as it was already in my throat. I gaged and choked as he held his cock in my mouth. I blacked out and don't remember anything till I awoke in Rhett's embrace.

"Buddy, you're okay!" He said will glee. His face was wet with tears and eyes red from crying. "I'm so sorry, so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you. Fuck Im a looser."

I smiled and hugged him close. I don't remember what I said exactly... I let him know I was okay and enjoyed the cock in me. For days after my throat was soar from the brutal fucking it had received. In return I got all the ice cream and soda I wanted; I even got to miss a coupled days of school. I couldn't totally take his cock without gagging till I was about eleven; but that is getting ahead of myself.

Every weekend I was introduced to more men and their families. I saw sons sucking their fathers mushroom cock heads till they shot into the mouth. I saw dads fucking there daughters, sons on each other, and each of them on their own.

When Rhett had to work I was online jacking off to someone showing off my body to its prefect dry orgasm. I enjoyed the time online seeing and playing. Fucking on camera made Rhett all the more happy and strong in his fucking of me. I was excited when we got online to see others like us.

My life was full of sex, Rhett and I would fuck from dawn till dusk some days. Others cuddled on the sofa watching a game on TV. Yup, sports were beginning to interest me. I didn't call Rhett by his name, he was Dad; he was my idle and I wanted to be like him in every way.

Our lives were wonderful and yet the new additions in life had only begun.

More to come in the Next Chapter


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