Getting Sexed

Chapter 4 - Visitors

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This chapter depicts sexual acts between a stepfather and his young son. Also includes sex between a father and his sons, and sex among children and teenagers. If it is illegal for you to read such material, or if this material offends you. Please leave now.

This story is a work of fiction. The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only.

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Getting Sexed

Chapter 4 - Visitors

Summer was here and school was over till next season. I was happy to be with my Dad; naked in the yard, or having fun in the house. Life was blissful and full of sex. By now my room lay dusty and unused. My clothes had all moved into my lovers room, and the bed was well used; stained with the cum I could not consume from Rhett.

Swimming was fun without a suit, being naked in the pool was exhilarating, and easy. Didn't have to change or anything, just dive in and towel off. No dripping clothes preventing me from entering the house. I was enjoy my summer with my Dad. Now we did do more than sex, we went to football games, talked and shit, but this story is not really about the "normal" things in life.

Some time in June, Rhett told me that soon we would have a visitor come visit us. It was a family I was acquainted with from my camming sessions on the computer. It was a father and his 4 sons coming to our town to get into the sun and have some fun.

The father was about forty years old and had the body of a god. He was muscular like my Dad. Muscles and lean body everywhere. Also like Rhett he was shaved from he neck down. He's smooth tan skin with a cock that soared in its length, as it jutted from his body. Rhett was still an inch bigger; but seven inches was still impressive to my small boy inches. Toby was divorced and shared custody of his sons, with his wife. But every summer was theirs to enjoy, and boy did they enjoy each other.

Toby's oldest sons were twins named Tyson and Tyler. There were identical and over the computer I could never tell teem apart. They were seventeen and had a big brown bush of pubes. Long enough that they would joke that they could braid it. There cocks were hard and pushed to the sky showing their six inches of steel. Like their father they were muscular, they all worked out and so there bodies were lean and taut. They were taller than their dad standing about 6 feet tall. I was only four feet and six inches tall, so they towered over my small frame.

The next in line was Tom he was twelve and was not as tall has his older brothers. He stood about five feet and three inches tall. He was hairless like me, but he could shoot cum from his 5 inch dick.

Last of his boys was Trance, he was eight and learned like me and enjoyed the fun. Even though we only talked online, we were best friends. He was about my height only a few inches taller but his dick was way bigger than mine. I was only ant three inches, and he was almost five like his brother. Toby said that he will have a snake when he gets to be a man.

I was excited that my brown haired friends were coming for a visit. Its all I cold talk about. I never really met another like us till they arrived.

Our house was small and only had two bedrooms, since mine was not in use a king sized bed was put in. No assignments were made on sleeping arrangements, the dads decided to let passion be our bed guides. If we slept on the sofa or a bed all was good with them.

Having them here was fun it was an orgy of sex the moment they walked in the door. Bodies collided and sweat and moans were all that was made as sex was made everywhere in the house.

But what I really want to share are my favorite times fucking with this group. Th first was on the first day of the visit. I had fucked with all but Trance. I had never fucked with someone my age. Our dads pulled us into the bedroom and asked point blank why we didn't fuck with each other in the orgy we had.

I didn't know what to say, all I could do is look at the ground. I had not even thought about it, and this made me feel very embarrassed. Trance didn't say anything either. He just smiled at Toby and batted his eyes.

"Jump on the bed boys," ordered Toby.

We jumped on the bed and crawled to the center and kneeled down.

"Rhett, tell them what do, and I will take us some pictures," said Toby, has he got the camera from the night stand.

"Adam, go kiss Trance," was Rhett's first request.

That kiss was awkward, I had never started a kiss before. Dad had always started the making out sessions. I was unsure what to do, he was my size and I had always hugged and kissed a bigger man.

"Adam, relax just kiss him like it was me," suggested Rhett. We may have started rough, but we had both experienced kissing before so we slowly found our groove and kissed our way into a heated hard-on.

Trance ended up pulling me down on him, as he laid down. We feverishly tried to show our dads we knew how to kiss and be men. Tumbling and rolling on the bed we spurred each other on. I heard a few words of encouragement from Rhett, and only the clicking of the camera from Toby. Each of them hard and stroking there dicks to our arousal.

"Fuck Adam, you got Trance hard, help out his cock my little man," chuckled Rhett.

With my Dads command I turned my focus to Trance's cock and sucked it into my mouth. Five inches was easy to take into my mouth and wetting his hard boy-cock. Trance tossed and moaned in joy as I sucked his cock. Once it was good and wet, Rhett ordered Trance to fuck me (since he had the bigger cock).

I lied on my back and spread my legs waiting for my first boy fucking. Rhett fingered some lube up my ass and then let Trance have his way with me. Trance nervously lifted my butt looking to his dad for direction. This too was his first boy fuck. His dad guided his cock into my ass and helped him find his rhythm for thrusting the cock in and out. Now Trance was happy he smiled and pushed my legs apart forcing me to do the splits.

Fucking me with intent to rip my ass open Trance plowed me to the brink of ecstasy. I enjoyed my time with him, but a hot man cock was far better and bigger than what a boy could offer me. Soon we were kissing again and Trance's cock slid out of my ample ass.

We started to make out more and rubbing each others cocks. The dads were moaning and jacking off to completion. Toby found it hard to take pictures and watch his son and I make love.

Soon I could hear Toby reaching his climax, "Fuck, FUCK, FUCK!" He screamed as his semen spewed out onto the bed and us young lovers. This only made Rhett spill his jizz into the air raining down onto us.

This only spurred us on to jack harder and faster, now we were rubbing our cocks raw. Waiting and pushing for our own orgasm. It came and we reeled, wiggled, and gasped in joy; as our bodies filled with lust.

You would think that with the dads cumming and the sons having their orgasms the festivities were over. Horny cum smells get you hard fast and the room was filled with hard cocks still.

Soon Trance and I were pried apart. Rhett grabbed Trance and I was with Toby. Toby quickly shoved his cock into my ass forcing every inch quickly and hard. Making me gasp and squirm in his tight embrace.

"Fuck boy, your ass is so tight, fucking beautiful. Holds my cock like a glove. You have to make your daddy so proud." Toby whispered in my ear has he forcefully fucked my tiny ass. He got faster and faster each time grunting and forcing the inches into my ass. Soon he was cumin and shooting his life giving seed into my anal canal.

"Fuck, Adam you are one hot little fucker," he said as he pulled out and spanked my round ass.

Rhett was coming close to finishing his fuck with Trance. Trance was pulled over onto his cock while Rhett laid down. Then it all ended when Rhett's massive load shot into Trance's young ass.

Two days later my next favorite fuck of the visit happened.

It was evening and I wanted to swim in the pool. I was not allowed to swim alone without supervision. Dad and Toby said no, and the only Toby and Tyler were old enough to supervise. I begged and pleaded for one of them to watch me. I promised I would be fast, but I was bored and wanted to get into the pool. Tyler caved in and said he would watch me. Tyson was reluctant but the two twins never did anything apart from each other.

I dove into the pool swimming around and splashing water. Tyler was okay but Tyson did not want to get wet. They just sat on the edge letting there legs sit in the water. I wasn't sure what they were talking about, but 10 minutes into my swim they were no longer talking but making out. There cocks slowly getting harder, as each kiss got more passionate and determined.

I all but forgot about swimming when I saw their hard cocks pressing against there bellies. I grabbed the edge of the pool; watching from the other side at each of the brothers. I was hard and rubbing my cock slowly under the water.

I was enthralled watching Tyler pull Tyson onto of him. There two cocks rubbing against their bodies. They kissed more and more heated. Tyler spread his legs allowing Tyson access to his quivering pucker. Tyson did not wait and rammed his cock into his brother. Do to no lube, Tyler screamed and gasped in agony, but yet you could tell he liked it also.

They just fucked there in my gaze. Tyler's legs pulling Tyson in close to him, making it easier for the cock to go deeper. Moans of pleasure and grunts of lust filled the backyard.

"Fuck Tyler, I love you bro!" exclaimed Tyson.

"I fucking love your cock in me bro, go harder makes me cum." urged Tyler.

For what seemed like forever they fucked on the side of the pool till in a climax of swear words and grunts, both of them shot their load. They laid there holding each other and kissing and groping each other. But then Tyson looked back and noticed me.

"Tyler, look at Adam; I think he liked our fuck," said Tyson, as he lopped off Tyler and into the pool.

"Wait for me, I need some fucking too," commented Tyler.

They both walked there way to the other side of the pool. They looked at me like a piece of meat and had only one idea; and I was going to be their dessert. I wasn't scared but I didn't want my ass to hurt like it did for Tyler.

I tried to get away but with two of them I was trapped.

"mmmmm your gonna be fun to fuck here," said Tyler.

"Wont it hurt, please don't," I begged.

"Dude relax, the water will lube you," added Tyson has he backed me into Tyler's already hard cock.

With a sudden push Tyler's cock and water flooded my anal cavity. It was an odd sensation, but very erotic. In and out the cock punched and opened my ass. Each fuck felt wonderful and new with the water and Tyson caressing my body. I was moaning and gasping with each thrust of his pelvis. My ass was his and he made sure I knew it.

"I want in too," stated Tyson.

I started to squirm and try to get away, but they would not let me go. Each of them held me close. I soon gave up and knew that it was no use.

They moved to the stair and Tyler laid down so Tyson could get a better angle of my ass. Soon I felt the fingers of Tyson stretch and explore my strained ass. Tyson continued to fuck me with vigor. Then I felt a Tyler stop fucking and he held me tight as Tyson shoved his dick into my already full ass. There in the pool my ass took both of their cocks. The pain was so great I screamed. My yells in pain didn't stop the teens, there were avidly fucking my ass for pleasure. I was hurt and wanted out, the more I struggled the more Tyson pushed in.

I wanted free but then I started to feel the ecstasy of two cocks in my ass. Soon I was heaving with them; brooding them on with my chants of love. Tyler at my backing sucking my neck and whispering words of love. Tyson on my front pulling on my nipples and kissing my lips. I was in rapture soon I was over come and my body was ridged, my body spasmed in there arms. If I could have cummed I know it would have filled the pool with mine.

Tyler and Tyson were not done with me. Each of them taking their time, using my body for their pleasure. There cocks rubbing each other stretching my sphincter. There breathing got faster, the grunts deeper and more sporadic. The end would come I knew this was the moment. I clenched with all my muscles; using my ass to suck in on there cocks; tightening my grip on the cocks. Soon they shot the voluminous load of semen into my ass. Each of them came and dragged me under the water with them.

When we arose form the pool bottom we noticed everyone was outside and had been watching us fuck. My loud scream and drawn them to us, and now they were all hard and ready to fuck.

An orgy began, and Rhett discovered his love of water fucks.

More to come in the Next Chapter


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