Getting Seed

Chapter 5 - The Trade

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This chapter depicts seual acts between a stepfather and his teenage son. Also includes se between men and teenagers. If it is illegal for you to read such material, or if this material offends you. Please leave now.

This story is a work of fiction. The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only.

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Getting Seed

Chapter 5 - The Trade

Every other day I would shower with Rhett and help him shave his ass. Loved spreading his cheeks and shaving the anus. But the time I was twelve I could shave him easy and make him purr with my fingers around his man cunt. I could finger fuck him all I wanted, and he liked it.

Life remained the same till I was twelve, people coming to visit us every summer. Having orgies and fun for all that where in the house. Cammed till the wee hours of morning with men and women who loved perverted boys like me. Rhett got a lot of offers to trade me with their kid and in echange he would get there for a week. But he never took up the offer.

Then my Dad met Joseph a burly man with a ten inch cock that only fucked choice boy ass. Joseph had a young son too and wanted to trade for a week with each other. Not sure why, but this time Rhett was game. So he talked it over with me and I was okay, it was just a week and I would have a ten inch dick in me.

I didn't really know Joseph so I was nervous. But the day arrived and I got on the plan to fly to Joseph while his son flew to Rhett. The plain ride was fun, I flirted with one of the male flight attendant but he never invited me to join the mile high club (even though he was etremely aroused by me).

Once I eisted the gate I saw Joseph and he greeted me with a big hug; Rubbing his bulging crotch against me.

"Glad you're here, my cocks already missing my boy," Joseph whispered into my ear.

We gathered my luggage and headed to his car. All the while Joseph is groping his semi hard member in his jeans. I could not help myself but start to drool. With my lusty eyes my own cock was now hard and poking my shorts into a tent. I didn't try to hide my ecitement from him, I wanted him to know I was ready.

Once inside the car Joseph we drove off away from the airport. Once we were on the highway in one masterful movement the pants were unzipped and his veiny monster raised out of the tight cage. It was impressive, ten inches of manhood glistening in he sunlight. The purple head poking out from its foreskin. Pulsing veins cased the sides showing its girth.

He didn't need to give me instructions, I was already leaning over devouring his meat. Sliding my tongue between the cock head and foreskin. Rolling and wetting the tool with my greedy mouth. With a few gags, I engulfed his ridged penis into my throat and sucked the precum from its slit.

I savored his cock for what seemed like hours, while Joseph drove on the highway to his home. Severing and swearing to God Almighty, he enjoyed my lips upon his manhood. Before we ever made it home, Joseph had pulled off the highway and found a wooded area to hide our devilish activities. There he got naked and urged me into the back seat.

Naked I sat on the back seat waiting for the ten inch cock to merge into my ass. Climbing in from the side door, Joseph rolled me onto my stomach and pulled my hind legs out of the car. There my bare ass was eposed to the world and his lust eyes.

Joseph scruffy face planted itself in my butt cheeks; spreading them and licking my pucker with joy. Kissing and licking the anus in my reeling pleasure. When my sphincter relaed, the tongue forced its way into my cavity. This only added to my ecstasy; made precum ooze copiously from my rod. Tongue fucking my ass for what seemed for every my mind raced sent me to the edge of cumming.

This was not all Joseph had in store for me. He continued to tongue and we my ass, pushing his saliva in more with his fingers at ease. Then pumping and fondling my cock and balls with his other hand. My body was in totally seual enjoyment. I could not speak, but moan and bite my lip trying to hold back my aching balls from shooting.

Joseph could tell by my moans when I was close to erupting my seed onto the car seat. In time with my greatest need, he would hold back and let my need to cum subside, letting him play more. I was putty in his hands.

My ass was so wet from all his loving kisses, that I could feel the slobber dripping down my legs and nut sack. Then with a push his 10 inches slid into my ass with ease. I gasped as his cock passed my normal tolerance, and squirmed as I adjusted to his size.

Slowly he fucked me with his weight on my back. Fucking my ass with pleasure as he moaned into my ear.

"Adam, you ass is better than my boys. Fuck your ass is prime real estate," Joseph hissed into my ear.

As his moans got deeper and more passionate so did his fucking. More and more his massive tool opened my ass. Eagerly and intently he fucked my tight ass with perfection. Makes me gasp and moan with each forceful fuck. The force of his thrust was enough to shake the car on the road side. Faster and faster he pelted my ass with his cock, now it was sending me through the roof, I let out a big scream.

"Hey, whats going on there," questioned an unknown man.

The voice made Joseph pull out of my young ass and cover up quicker than I had ever seen anyone dress. There standing besides him was the man with the voice we heard; a Forest Ranger. There he stood eyeing my sweaty lover and me and my naked body. Rubbing his chin and smiling at Joseph, he winked and was about to walk away. Joseph stopped him and invited him to enter my ass and fuck me senseless. My eyes got wide and my heart pounded in fear. I didn't know this man, but yet it also ecited me immensely.

The ranger didn't need another invite, with Josephs words he stripped down to unveil his body to me. He was tall and covered in blonde furry man hairs. Each muscle and surface of his skin was a forest of hair. His cock stood tall and ready to enter my ass.

Reaching into the car and lifting me out he placed me on the truck of the car. Spreading my legs apart, painfully making me do the splits. There with gusto he shoved all his cock into my ass. I yelled in pain as he filled me to the brink of crying.

"Take my cock you slut," the ranger ordered.

Fucked me harder and harder; not letting my ass adjust to his size. Fucked in and out each time he made me wail in pain. Each time calling me names like bitch, slut, and whore. I didn't like the words or the treatment of me, but my cock didn't seem to mine my emotional state, it remained hard and oozed its clear slime.

I begged him to stop trying to pry myself from his arms, but the rangers grips were to tight. My pleas only made him fuck me harder. Each time I tried to move the tighter his grip became. His cock impaled me with such force I even blacked out for a moment. I was brought back to reality but the swift slaps of his hand on my face.

"Don't you fucking sleep you whore, my cock still needs some love!"

The relentless act on my ass continued as Joseph watched the ranger rape my ass. After a while my whimpers and yells turned to joy. I had adjusted to his size and brutal thrust and enjoyed the sensation of pleasure and pain. We moaned in unison has he raped and plowed my ass to perfection. I was hard and oozing precum all over his belly, his lips on mine muffling my moans with his tongue. Our bodies sweated and heaved in a monuments seual play. My legs split at his waist my body pressed against the car and him.

Then in a grand crescendo of orgasms, the ranger shot releasing gallons of seamen into my young tight ass. I do mean gallons, he shot like 3 loads all in succession into my wantonness boycunt.

Catching my breath I lay on the trunk of the car. Joseph soon used the rangers lube and slide is cock into my soar canal. I remember yelling in pain has his ten inches pleasured my rump. Filling ever inch of me; I was in pure ecstasy as my anal cavity was filled.

The ranger was not finished and wanted more of my body, while keeping me on Joseph cock I was lifted to a new position. My legs over Josephs shoulders, and my torso sandwiched between the two men. My front pressed tightly against the man that I came to see, the other at my back playing with my body at will.

Joseph continued to fuck me, while the Ranger eplored my body with his hands and cock. I got my first hickey from that ranger sucking on my neck, it was so deep purple in color it stayed for a week.

When Joseph had shot his load into my ass, quickly I was changed to the Rangers cock, for his load to shoot into me.

Fully filled and seually ehausted we laid on the car catching our breaths.

"FUCK, I needed that fuck, 3 months and not a pussy in site out here," thanked the ranger.

I learned that his name was Steve, and that he didn't live far from Joseph. They agreed to meet and share me again before my flight home. That week was sensational, seually fucked each day till my stomach was full of cum. I loved the ten inches, but I also missed my Rhett and wanted his cock.

It was nice to have the trip to eplore and feel others cocks in me. But truly only one man had my soul and body. When I returned home I let Rhett know my love. I still got traded around, after all I was horny and wanted to see the men of the world.

But my meeting with Steve was not over, it was not chance his brutal cock plowed my ass that week.

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