Getting Sexed

Chapter 7 - Escape

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This story is a work of fiction. The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only.

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Getting Sexed

Chapter 7 - Escape

I was tied to the bed helpless weak, and scared. I had to escape and get back to my stepfather. I knew that Rhett would never agree to this kinda of treatment of me! I had been tricked and traded to this sex fest.

Some time later a Steve entered the room, naked and hard for more of my body. All he did is smile and my naked body. Putting his cigarette out on the floor he walked over to my tied body. All I knew that if I fought my body would remained tied and escaping would not happen.

"Adam, gotta say, you made this all so easy, you and your drive for sex..." Steve said. "Fuck now you can fill my need everyday and anyway I want. My friends will use you, anyone I see fit will cum in your boy ass!"

I dared not answer.

"Good, you've learned to shut up!"

Undressing and laying the clothes on the floor he got on the bed with me. Sliding his hand down my chest to my smooth boy parts. Taking my cock in hand and bring it to an erection.

Stroking my cock till it was raw and rubbed free of all seed. Pleasure and pain was all Steve offered my aching body. But then in my agony, I thought of a plan to escape. Time passed as my body was used as Steve's sexual toy to fuck and torment in his eyes. As with time, the need to use the bathroom welled up in my body urgent me to go. I begged with him to let me use the bathroom. Only after what seemed like forever my bands were loosed and my body allowed to venture to the restroom.

The bathroom was far worse the ratty shack I had been in. It was old, dirty, and smelled of filth. Countless of all this I started to piss into the toilet and scoped the room for my escape route. as I had hoped I found a window and crawled out int the open summer air. Night was coming and my naked body would need protection. Quietly I walked around to see if anyone was in the front and found only a van. I looked in and grabbed the coat I saw and dashed to the woods to hide until night.

Soon I heard Steve enraged that I had disappeared. He searched for hours, even called outer to find me in the woods, but I could see them coming before they could spot me. Once all was safe I headed for the highway. Steve's coat hung low on me so my jewels would not be on display for the drivers to see. Once there I walked thumbing for a ride.

It wasn't long before I got a ride. I was specific from when i would emerge from the woods, only at semi trucks would I try to flag down. I didn't want to accidentally flag down my captors looking for me.

The driver took a bit to slow down, but pulled over and waited for me to catch up to his resting spot. Once there he was already out of the cab and waiting.

"Well, why are you out here all alone at this time of night," he questioned.

"Looking for a ride"

"I know that but where are your parents?"

"My dads in California, and Im trying to get home."

"...And your mom?"

"Died when I was nine"

"There has to be more, but get in and here are some shorts," the driver said has he handed me some red mesh shorts.

"How you did you know I needed shorts," I questioned

"When you raised your hands to flag me down, your coat raised and your boy goodies were there for me to see," he said with a chuckle.

I climbed into the cab and slipped the shorts on. I proceeded to tell him of my troubles and my plan to get back to California. In the conversation I discover the truckers name was Sam and that we were in West Virginia. I had a lot of miles ahead of me to travel home to my Rhett.

Sam just drove and didn't really say much just occasionally glancing over at me in the passenger seat.

"Heres some baby oil, rub it on your pecker it will help it heal," said Sam.

Maybe I should have not been surprised that he took notice of my boyhood, but apparently for what little bit he saw he knew it was raw and soar. I wasn't about to start being shy with my body so I wiped out my red member and began to lather the oil on.

Now as you know when you touch your cock weather for cleaning or enjoyment it gets hard if you touch it enough. That is exactly what happened. Well even though I may have been soar the oil made the friction disappear and the jacking of my cock became my soul task.

I had totally forgotten about Sam, I was transfixed on my cock and the pleasure i was having in the passenger seat. I was erotically charged sliding my shorts and jacket off exposing my naked self. I reeled in the sensuality of my touches, I was in rapture with my self. I started to touch my nipples and ass with my hands bring me closer to my climax. I was ready to blow and as n the edge of ecstasy.

"Hey! WAIT!" yelled Sam.

I looked over to see him stroking his dick and struggling to drive the rig.

He pulled over quickly and then told me to hop into the back, onto the queen bed. I was already naked and Sam joined me as soon as he was naked.

Sam was not a muscle man with a gym found body. But he wannest fat, just normal full of manly ways and brown hair. His cock was about 6 inches long with a nice foreskin covering. The foreskin was so great ti hun a good inch off the tip of his cock.

"You wanna cum together... you're fucking hot boy!" questioned Sam.

I was so game, I still loved sex and so wanted to thank my driver for saving me. I took his hard cock into my mouth and tugged on the skin with my teeth. Then sliding my tongue into the center and finding his cock head. Savoring his scent and taste, as he moaned in joy.

Slowly Sam began to fuck my mouth with smooth moves of his cock. Made my effort to suck his wand every so easy. It was tasty sweaty and made me wild. His moaning only got loader and gasping for air, as I thanked my savior. Then in one giant moan the cock let loose its captive seed and fed me my meal. Down my through he shot copious amount of seamen filling my belly with his man-seed.

He was exhausted and ready to sleep after letting his cock cum into my mouth. So while he slept I daydreamed and napped the time away.

Sam was heading to Detroit and could go no farther, but he scouted ahead on the radio and found another trucker to take me the rest of the way. But until then we made ever day count, I made sure Sam knew I was appreciative of his ride and made him cum like a man should.

Once in Detroit I would find me new ride to California.

More to come in the Next Chapter


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