Getting Sexed

Chapter 8 - Waiting

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Getting Sexed

Chapter 8 - Waiting

Once in Detroit Sam dropped me off at a truck stop to wait for Mike. He would be around in an hour. I had talked to Mike on the radio and knew what to look for when he pulled in.

Now I had the dilemma of figuring out what to do for an hour in the middle of the day at a rest stop. I didn't have time to decided before and handsome man walked by me, grabbed his crotch and winked at me and he walked to the bathroom.

Knowing my urge for sex, I followed quickly and parked my self next to his urinal and began to display my cock for him. Following suite he pulled out his manhood and started to get an erection while posing and touching it for me. I had seen a lot of cocks in my life to this point, but his was monstrous. I was unsure of its length and girth, guessing I had to be at least 11 or 12 inches in length and 8 inches around. It was a cock toe worshipped.

I had not worried about his cock until he invited me to the back stall for a fuck. Now I worried at his size in my ass. At the same time I wanted to feel and taste and have the man satisfied with my prowess.

The back stall was not neat and clean but the perfect place to fuck in the heat of the moment. Having never done a bathroom fuck before I awaited his instructions. Not a word was send he only pulled my loose shorts down and turned my butt to his access.

Looking back I could see him licking his fingers, and then gaze them to my ass. Spitting and lubing my ass with his fingers I was wet enough to his liking. With saliva dripping down my legs and onto my ball sack, I felt his cock head press against my sphincter. I gasped in anticipation of his organ entering my body.

He leaned in and whispered into my ear, "Be quiet while I fuck you boy, don't wanna draw attention to us." With that being said he slid his hand over my mouth and pushed his girth into me.

I moaned and almost screamed, but he was prepared and muzzled my sounds. Within minutes his cock was in me to the hilt. His big balls slapped against my hairless skin, making me moan again.

Slowly he fucked my ass in perfect rhythm. Pushing my ass to it's aroused limit. I wanted him badly and made him know it. I was surprised but the size of the cock was easy to handle and make me feel so, so good.

The huge roundness of his cock opened my ass and pressed against my prostate with a new vigor. I was enrapture with his cock and wanted it to continue. His huge size penetrated my ass like a sword and then with no warning his seed shot deep into my steamy anus. He moaned and thanked me as his huge load filled my innards. I could fill it shooting again and again till he pulled out.

I clenched my butt to keep his hot seed in me. And with a kiss the man left me in the stall alone.

I didn't stay long only long enough to clean my self up and run out of the restroom to see my hung man leaving in his car.

Now I was perplexed again on what to do with my time till Mike would arrive. Once again in my sitting on a bench a man took notice of me and winked at me as he went into the restroom.

Then another and another took notice of me. Others did pass me and not care, and some did. Some were even brave and grabbed their crotch, till finally one caught my eye. He was handsome very much a surfer look, longer hair like mine and a body that was muscled and ready to be felt. As I scoped out his body I followed the treasure train into his shorts and noticed the zipper open exposing the goods inside to my eyes.

I could not see all of his cock at first, but as he walked more and more peeked and then slipped out. There before my eyes swayed his cock growing and moving in my sight. I quickly followed to the restroom to watch and offer my services to the man.

He didn't go to the restroom like the other man had, but around to the back of the building. Once back in a secluded area he stopped and looked back to see me following. I stopped dead in my tracks unsure of what to say, all I could do was smile and take a step back.

"Hey, little buddy don't go," he called. "You're the reason I came out with my cock out, hope you liked it?"

I nodded and started to approach him again.

"You wanna see all of me?"

Not even waiting for me to start my nod yes, he had his pants open and then letting them fall to his ankles. There before my eyes stood his hard cock and balls for my enjoyment. He grabbed his cock and gave it a few strokes while eyeing me.

"Now that you've seen me, can I see you?"

I zipped my jacked and let it fall to the ground, then unknotted my shorts and let the fall to the ground so he could see.

"Fuck handsome, you're still hairless!" he exclaimed! "Can you cum yet my buddy?"

I nodded yes.

"Damn, your hotter than I thought you would be... I'm... I'm Jason. You're?"

"I'm Adam," I replied.

"Cool, nice to meet ya Adam, you wanna fuck? Im fucking boned for you dude!"

I really didn't need the invite but eagerly agreed and followed him farther into seclusion. Once there he sat on the ground and had me do the same. I sat across from him as he stroked is cock in front of me. This of course aroused me and I began to jack my dick.

"Can I suck your cock... I promise it will rock your world, " said Jason.

I leaned back and lifted my butt of the ground and crab walked my self over to his lap. Once there he lifted my ass in hand and shoved my horny cock and balls into his mouth. All my boy parts were lathered with his lustful tongue. With each of my moans his cock would bounce up and graze my lower back.

I was not an easy position to hold, my back arched to the ground my head resting on the ground. Moaning and enjoying the sucking, my head twitched in the dirt. This only spurred Jason on more, Slowly his thumb began to find my ass and slide it in rubbing my warm sperm filled canal. This sent me over the edge and my boy sperm spazmmed out of my cock. Causing Jason to let loose on his seed from him. The cock bobbed up and shot the load onto my lower back and ass cheeks. I moaned and reeled more in the heat of the moment, as he continued to suck my balls and dick at the same time.

He let me go and I laid there panting and gasping for air, but so was he has his cock slowly relaxed under the weight of my body.

"Dude...," Jason exclaimed, while gasping for air. "Your boy cock is so intense and you moan like a bitch! You gotta let me do more man... Please?"

Once again without even waiting for me to accept the offer, he was on top of me making out with me, kissing me and holding me. Our bodies rolled in the dirt and filled the air with our lust.

His cock was soon hard rubbing my thighs with its hard wet shaft. The spread my legs over his shoulders and pushed his cock deep into my ass.

"Fuck!... Little man take my Fucking cock!"

Fucking in and out with force and energy. All I could do was moan and enjoy the sexual assault on my body.

"FUCK!! FUCK!!" he would say, pushing his cock deeper into my eager hole.

Then lifting me up of the ground and pining me against a tree and him, He fucked me standing with my legs still over his shoulders. I was limber but feeling the strain of the position. But Jason was far from done with my ass.

For what seemed like forever, he pounded my ass in every position imaginable. Till we were in the good old missionary position again and him enjoying my ass to its fullest; he came.

My ass was dripping semen from its tight orifice. I was contact happy and well sexed. He pulled his limp cock from my hole and looked at his watch.

"Fuck!" Jason exclaimed. "I am to meet a bud here and Im late. Sorry little man, I gotsa go!"

Leaving me there to clean up I dressed and then ventured to the parking lot to scope for my chariot ride to California. To my surprise I saw the truck and Mike talking to Jason my fabulous fucker.

I walked towards Mike and introduced my self, he confirmed that he was indeed Mike and ready to take me onto California.

"Mike, this is the dude were taking with us," questioned Jason?

"Hell ya, you know him?"

"We just fucked!"

"Well, then I know we are going to have lots of fun on our travel."

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