Getting Sexed

Chapter 9 - Traveling

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This chapter depicts sexual acts between adults and teenagers. If it is illegal for you to read such material, or if this material offends you. Please leave now.

This story is a work of fiction. The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only.

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Getting Sexed

Chapter 9 - Traveling

Having met Mike and already know Jason intimately proved very beneficial to me. I was ready to go but Mike eyeing me over found me to dirty to enter his truck.

"Jason, what the fuck id you do to this kid, don't tell me he came this dirty," chuckled Mike.

"Mike you know the best place to fuck here, do you really need to know," was Jason's reply.

Mike didn't want me dirty to inside the convenience center and rented a shower. I was to shower and then join them outside at the truck. I was somewhat miffed that I was not going to shower with one of them. But I quickly showered and changed into some clothes of James. There where big, but hell, I was not about to keep them on.

Once I was done I walked out to where the truck was parked, neither Jason and Mike were there. I walked around the truck and trailer and no one was there. But on the passenger door was a note:

I didn't know what to until I say Mike wave from a picnic area by the back of the building. I walked up and sat down next to Mike. Jason was busy eating a sandwich.

Mike offered me a half of his sandwich and I started to eat. The conversation was light, and fun with many a laughs at Jason's expense. Seemed that Jason was Mikes regular cab buddy. I began to wonder if I was going to be like a third wheel totally in the way.

Mike could sense my worry, and calmed my fears; both him and Jason were happy to have me for the ride to Cali.

When lunch was all over we headed to the truck. I crawled into the back and sat on the bed, while Mike and Jason took the bucket seats in front. The cab was nice clean and full of chrome. A big TV in the back, DVD player, and a large queen sized bed raised in the back. I just laid there as we drove off onto the high way.

As soon as we left the rest area, both Mike and Jason stripped off their clothes. I of course followed suite and bore my boyish figure to them all.

"Damn! Adam you got a hot bod, now I know why Jason fucked you so much," said Mike.

That only excited me so I stood up to take a look at his body and loved what I saw. Unlike the other truckers I had seen, Mike was built from a gym. Every inch of him from his arms, pectorals, adonis lines, and legs were shaped to the finest level. The thick coat of hair covered his forearms, chest and that blazed down to his feet. There in the middle of the bush was his uncut cock, nestled against his huge balls (testicles about the size of Jumbo eggs). I could not help but stare.

Mike continued to drive while his cock started to grow and reveal its head. The purple head glowed in the sunlight. I wanted to suck it and my mouth was hungry for the meal. But he's driving so I started to settle back down on the bed and stroke my cock to its enjoyable hardness.

"Adam, get your ass back over here!" Mike ordered. "Kneel besides me and suck my dick boy, show me how much you wanna ride home."

I kneel between the two seats and lean over to suck the cock of my hunky driver. Precum pours out onto the head, allowing me a moist feast. I devour the organ and lick with all my might. Making him man and struggle to drive the rig. Soon he came into my mouth, feeding me his man-juice.

Now Jason was eager to finish is cock into my ass. I sat on his lap taking is full length into my hungry ass. Looking at the world as we drove, my ass was opened and fucked in the seat. There with force my ass was pounded, opened, and fucked to a heated mess. Jason spewing words of lust into my ear as he fucked me harder and harder. Till he finally let the precious jizz into my ass. My ass could not close for hours, I sat n the floor letting my gaping hole rest for the fucking. Cum oozing out of my ass.

The rest of the day was full of me sucking and dirty talks of sex and who we had fucked and done. When evening came we were tired and ready to sleep. Mike pulled the rig over to the side of the road and hoped into the sleeper with me. Jason soon joined on the bed. The three bodies still horny and ready for more actions.

I was unsure how we would sleep, there was not much room to move with the three of us on the bed. Mike grabbed three DVD's from the side compartment and fanned them out.

"Jason, what shall we watch tonight," Mike said with a smile as he grabbed is meat for a stroke. "I think we should show Adam, what we men like and lust after!"

"Why not let him choose what to watch," questioned Jason?

"Well boy, looks like your gonna choose our entertainment tonight!"

I looked at the DVD and said,"Mike, whats on the DVD's all I see is a number written on each?"

"Thats the exciting part you don't know... pick!" Mike added.

I choose the disk in the middle marked with a number five. Handing the disk to Jason, he kneeled up and put the disk into the player. Then laying back down with the remote in hand.

"I don't think we have watched this one in some time, this is gonna rock man." exclaimed Jason.

"Fuck ya! My nuts are already aching and my dicks a leakin'," chimed Mike.

Pressing play the DVD began to play. The menu appeared, but still nothing telling me what was on the disk, just numbers and a play all option. Jason selected play all, and then I discovered the contents. There on the screen was a boy, probably no older than five being showed of by his dad. Ever body part was touched and showed, even is rosy pucker. Then the father started to finger and stretch the boys tight hole. For a few minutes just one finger, then two, and proceeded to get all four finger into the boy. All the while the boys begging the father to do more and moaning in pleasure.

We of course were jacking hastily at the sight before us. Mike and Jason spewing forth profanities and the show continued to unfold.

The father spreads the boys legs and impales him; down to the hilt on his cock. The boy gasp and eases into the fuck. Pulling the boy up and down on his cock, the pot is impaled again and again. The boy is no longer begging but instead holding tight to his daddy; weeping and moaning as the man does his fatherly duty.

Our hands begin to fondle each other as we watch the scene. My hand stroking Mikes manhood like my other hand is tugging on the nipples of Jason. Each of us turned on and not wanting to stop watching the movie.

The dad is far from done he lans an assortment of joys for his cock and the boy to fulfill. As he comes close to shooting his wanton seed, he pulls the boy off his cock and begins to kiss him and passionately fondle his body. Telling and whispering into his young ear that he loves him and loves how he makes him happy. All the boy could do was wimpier and nod yes to the affection of his father.

Mike struggled not to ejaculate in my taunting grip. But under my lustful hands he came, shooting three ribbons of cum onto his belly. I licked his body clean as if he had never shot, making him hard once more to watch the performance.

The Dad began to lick his boys pucker. Tongue darting in and out of his young lover. While the boy reeled in the pleasure his father gave. Then he took all the boys small cock and balls into his mouth at once; sucking the boy to an orgasm. The young child, squirmed and arched as the magnificent moment moved all over his body. Eyes rolling back into his head, arms clinging tight to his dad; no air escaping his lips.

This only excited the father more. Once the boy was composed from his dry orgasm, he had his son take his cock orally. There the father gave him the family history, and showed his love for him with feverish force. The boy would gag making the father stop and let the boy recover. Ever time the father slowed to let the boy breath, the young lustful lover would beg for more. He was more than eager to please his fathers hard cock. He was trained to be a lover, a pleaser of his father at all costs and he did so with devotion and adoration.

Jason and I could not hold back any longer, our bodies tightened and the cocks let loose their seed. Pouring forth from the warm bowels of the testicles we became covered in our heated passion. Gasping for air in the excitement we kissed and shared our bodies with each other. Making love was easy with a two hot men on each side of me.

The video continued, with the father fucking the son ass one more time. Fucking the child with love and all his aroused self was his sons. They made love there on the couch. Fucking and loving until the man could not contain his lust; spewing forth copious amounts for semen into the boys ass. The Dad grunting and moaning love into the ears of the son while he filled his life giving seed into him.

The video played on with more scenes of dads and sons at play. I was to horny to sit and jack off again. I wanted Mikes cock deep into me. I wanted to feel his seed in me, I wanted all of him. I needed him.

Moving onto of him I rubbed my hard cock against him and eagerly kissed his lips. Mike knew what I wanted and made no hesitation at accepting my offer. Pulling me up closer his hands groped and pulled at my ass. Separating my ass cheeks he started to finger my ass. Fucking and Opening my ass with lust his finger tore into my ass to have me undone. Passionate I told him threw kisses of my lust and want for him.

Now his cock was ridged and grazing my crack as he fingered and pulled at my sphincter. My ass aching and quiver for the attention of his cock. With my lustful begs MIke graced my ass with his cock. With one long shove he was in me; fucking my ass with heat.

Jason was not about to be left out of the sexual frenzy me and Mike created. Lifting my torso off of Mike he began to fondle my nipples and kiss my neck. All the while Mike was fucking my ass with gusto. For what seemed like forever my body was please and each of them eagerly loved my body. Mike shot his load deep in my ass; so much that it leaked down his balls to his manly hairy ass.

With a fresh load in me, Jason was going to use it as lube and keep Mike inside me. Having me lay back down on Mike my ass was invaded by Jason hard cock. Now two cocks filled my ass. Mike with the friction of Jason soon hardened as each fucked my young hole. Both of them fucking in rhythm making me moan and beg for their seed. I wanted and needed their love inside me. I wanted to be theirs.

Then with a violent thrust each of them shot a monstrous load deep into my stretched ass. Causing me to spasm and spew my load on the hairy belly of Mike. We lay on top of each other breathing and gaining our composure. Each cock when limp slipped out leaving their jizz as my present.

All night we rocked the cab of the semi; watching tantalizing video after another and fucking our brains out. In the morning it was hard for me to sit and I was dripping cum for the entire day. My gaping whole took a good two days to recover and close shut again from the fucking it took. Jason and Mike both had raw and empty testicles from the evenings activities.

The journey was fun and long to California. But well worth the trip. Now once in California I had to find a ride form the stop to my home. But I knew I had the goods to lure a man to take me home.

More to come in the Next Chapter


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