by darin hancock

The first story I posted, "Glass House Sexcapades", involved a 12 year old named Billy. This relationship is still going strong today! A brief update on me. I am retired from the military where I spent my time investing in real estate, saved my money, and built my dream home. A glass house. I have a secret room off of the master bedroom where I keep my valuables. After the home was built, I added a his and hers wash room. Though not planned, the washroom was connected to my secret room, allowing me full access to all who entered. I am also the only one in my area that has a custom home with a swimming pool. All of the families live in run down mobile homes with many, if not all, on poverty level. Therefore, my swimming pool was everyone's place to hang out during summer. This brings everything up to date and now on with the story.

It was Saturday morning and it was already hot outside. The sun would actually burn your eyes, as well as your skin. There was already about 15 kids, varying in ages from 3 to 18. Counting myself, there was only 4 adults. I was inside my home preparing refreshments when I saw a young boy, I thought to be around 12, walking up the sidewalk leading to the pool. He was carrying a towel under his left arm. He had no shirt on, just a baggy pair of yellow swimming trunks and sandals. The first thing I noticed was that he had solid white hair, not blond; pure white that slightly curled upward around his shoulders. I quickly ran to the area next to the sidewalk to get a better and much closer view. I can see out, but no-one can see in. His eyes were solid blue and eyelashes and eyebrows were solid white. He was certainly not muscular, but his ribs were plain as day. He had to be about 5' tall and weighed only 80 pounds. I could see little white tufts of hair on the lower part of his legs. His face was narrow and his lips were thin. This kid was down right gorgeous from the word "GO"! I tried to check out his crotch area, but his shorts were just too baggy and as he walked by me I tried to see the shape of his butt. Nothing, the shorts were baggy everywhere. The beauty of this kid burnt a whole in my mind and my cock was as hard as a steel pole. I had met all the kids in the area, but this one is new and I had to get to know him better, or at least, his name.

The day progressed as usual with kids coming and going. I kept a close eye on this white haired beauty waiting for the chance to introduce myself. It was late in the afternoon and most everyone had gone home, but this kid remained. Now, there was 1 adult, excluding myself, and 4 kids. After about an hour or so, the only people left was me and this kid. I finally got a golden opportunity to meet him. He was laying on the steps of the shallow end as I swam towards him. As I stood up, I looked directly at his crotch area. I was still unable to see anything resembling a bulge. This is when I learned that his name is Sam and he just turned 14 years old. He told me that he came to live with his grandmother because his mother did not want him around anymore because he got into trouble. He did not say what kind of trouble and I did not question him. His voice was very soft and heart pounding gentle. His teeth was nearly perfect and they were just like his hair; pure white. As we talked, I carefully studied his body which was visible to me with total accuracy. During our conversation, he placed his hands behind his head and I could see just a few strands of white hair under his arms. Now, I was completely curious if he had any pubic hair yet, and if so, were they white as well. We both were tired of the water and decided to get out with Sam being the first to stand up. My eyes became glued on his butt due to his swimming shorts clung to the formation of his butt. I could clearly make out that his butt was very small and looked very tight. My one hand could possibly cover both of his cheeks. Sam sat down in one of the chairs and I could tell that he wore those baggy shorts all the time because I could see the tan line right up to his thigh. As we talked, I tried in vain to see as far up those baggy shorts as possible, but only the underside of his thigh was visible. After being totally enthralled with Sam, I realized he must be hungry. I asked him if he was hungry and he quickly responded that he was.

Sam asked me if he could look around my home and I said yes while I was fixing us something to eat. I was still wearing my swim trunks and so was Sam as we sat down to eat. We talked about a lot of things; such as girlfriends, sports, etc... I found out that he never had a girlfriend and he only liked to watch sports. He also told me that his grandmother was out of town and she would not be home until tomorrow afternoon. I eagerly offered to him that he could spend the night with me if he wanted to. He was all smiles while saying yes. He asked me what it was like living in a big house by myself. I responded by saying it is great because I can do pretty much anything I wanted to without offending anyone. Sam looked somewhat puzzled by my response, so I said "Like walk around the house naked if I want." He just smiled and said, "Oh, I see".

It was around 8pm and we had just finished eating supper and decided to watch television in the great room. I had already jacked off earlier and showered just thinking of Sam. I asked him if he wanted to take a shower and he said, "I have nothing to wear and my shorts smell of chlorine." I said no problem, you can shower and I will wash your shorts and you can wear one of my bath robes until they are clean. He agreed and I showed him to my bathroom. Sam quickly realized there was no door, just a winding French hallway leading to the bathroom facilities. I assured him of his privacy and to call me when he was in the shower so I could wash his trunks. I showed him how to work the shower heads and left him to his privacy. A short time had passed when he called me for his trunks. As I entered the shower area, I could clearly see his backside to me with his arms folded in front of him. The shower is open and there are no doors, just one big cubicle. I studied him very closely noticing that his butt was very small and very solid. His tan stopped around the waist and picked up around the thighs. His legs were close together and I could tell he was somewhat embarrassed by his nudity. I grabbed the shorts and put them in the washing machine.

I strategically placed myself on the sofa, inevitably causing Sam to sit in the chair across from the sofa. The robe I picked out for him to wear was very short and always flies open. I was flipping through the channels when he entered the room. He was breath stopping gorgeous. The robe came up just above his knee caps. As planned, Sam sat in the chair and now he was facing me. I was wearing a robe as well and like Sam, nothing underneath. I tossed the remote to Sam so I could focus all my attention on him, pretending to be watching the television. His legs were close together, but I figured, in time, he would relax and I would get to see his hidden treasure.

Sam picked out a horror movie, and although it was a great movie, I was more interested in the sight that I dreamt of. An hour or so had passed, when the moment I had been waiting for finally arrived. Sam completely forgot about the robe and opened his legs wide enough for me to see his very small, peanut sized, hairless balls. I could see his circumcised cock resting on his balls. It looked to have been no more than an inch long and was kind of thick around. I was unable to see any pubic hair, but I was definitely happy for the beauty I was staring directly at.

While I was looking at his cock and balls, Sam raised both of his legs and placed his feet on the chair holding his knees with his hands. I just about shot a load right then and there. I could see his butt hole, or what should have been a hole. It was pretty pink and almost invisible to the eyes. It was that tiny! I could not see the beginnings of the first strand of pubic hair any where. My cock was hard and I was doing all I could do to keep my sanity.

The movie finally ended and he asked me if his trunks were ready. I told him I was sorry and forgot to put them in the dryer. He forgave me and started flipping through the channels. He was still sitting in the same position when he flipped the channel to one of the porn sites. His dick immediately started growing. It must have been about 4 inches long and the thickness of a man's thumb. His ball sac was tight giving it the appearance of one rather small, but mouth watering, testicle. This is when I realized that on the television, was a man standing near the bed totally naked, soft of course, while the woman had the sheets up to her neck area. As the camera moved, it showed a perfect shot of the man's muscular butt. Could it be that Sam is gay after all, curious, or bisexual?

I wanted to speed things up before his trunks finished drying while he was still in the robe. I nervously took my chance and asked Sam if a girl had ever given him a blow job. He quickly said no. I tossed out the next question by saying, "What about a guy"? He hesitated and his facial expression revealed that of someone who just got busted telling a lie. He said, "My mother don't want me anymore because she caught me with my friend doing things". I asked what kind of things? He was acting more nervous than ever, but he replied, "We were jacking each other off when my mom walked in on us". I smiled and told him that what he and his friend did was natural and that does not mean he is gay, just checking out what his friend was packing, that's all. He almost looked teary eyed and said there is more. Sam said, "I told my mom that I am gay and she freaked out". I asked him about his sexual experience and all it entailed was the one time with his friend.

I blurted out that anyone would be lucky to be able to hold you in their arms, because you are definitely gorgeous. He blushed and said thank you. He said that he did not have a body like most guys his age and he was embarrassed by it. I quickly responded by telling him he had a great body and that the hardest part of having sex with him is just where to start. He asked me what did I mean, so I blurted out, "Look, everything about you is gorgeous. What I meant by saying where to start is that you would be treated like a buffet. It does not matter where you start, because everything is so damn delicious!" This is when Sam reversed the situation on me. He asked me if I had ever given a guy a blow job before? He had an evil little grin on his face when he asked. I hesitantly said yes. He asked me if I had ever swallowed sperm before. Thinking of Billy, I hungrily replied yeah. He had a smile from ear to ear and threw out one more question. "Have you ever stuck your dick in a guy's butt before?" Once again, thinking of Billy, I said yeah. He said, "I bet that must of hurt the guy." I said at first it was uncomfortable, but now he loves me to ram it deep inside him.

I was so horny for Sam I quickly ended the game of a million questions. I said, "Sam, to be totally honest with you, I have jacked off 3 times today just thinking about you." He was all smiles and said, "Really". I said yes. He asked me what I was thinking about with him? I said that I was dreaming that I was sucking your cock and eating your butt hole. His cock was hard the whole time and mine was too during all the questions. He kind of giggled and stated, "My butt hole?" I said yeah, your sweet little hole. I nervously and anxiously asked the ultimate question, "Sam, would you let me suck your cock?" He hesitated for a few seconds and replied, "I guess so." I asked him if he wanted to go to the bedroom and he nodded his head in agreement.

As we walked into the bedroom with Sam leading the way, I stopped him just before he was about to get on the bed. We were now facing one another, me looking down into his beautiful blue eyes. I said to him that if he felt uncomfortable or did not want to do anything, to let me know and I would stop immediately. He simply said OK. We were still standing as my hands untied the robe. After it was untied, I gently swept the robe from his shoulders causing the robe to fall on the floor. His cock was about 4 inches long and jutted out from his body, slightly upwards. There was a small patch of solid white hair on both sides of the base of his cock. There was a single drop of precum forming a tear drop at a very small slit at the enraged mushroom shaped head of his beautiful cock. I gently picked him up and laid him on the bed. I smelled his hair and kissed him everywhere on his head. I licked and kissed his wonderful little button nose and found his sweet lips. I inhaled his youthful breath as our lips touched. My hands started roaming his sides and his stomach. Our lips collided and our tongues explored each others inner mouth regions. Man, this kid was a natural at kissing! I started nibbling his neck, while my right hand found his hard little pole. I was slowly and gently stroking it up and down with my right hand while placing my tongue in his left ear. Sam was moaning and his body was twitching. He was humping his body to the movement of my hand. I could fee his precum running down my hand and along his shaft. I nibbled, sucked and kissed each nipple while caressing his extremely hard and tight sac with my hand. His breathing was becoming more rapid and I needed to have his cock in my mouth. I laid in between his legs and licked his precum off his shaft. I became intoxicated at the sweet taste that rested on my tongue. Once his shaft was completely free from his precum, I hungrily placed his cock in my mouth. My nose rested against his lovely, soft white pubic hairs and my tongue began to lash out angrily. I eagerly started sucking this beauty and he was moaning the entire time. I sensed that he was getting real close, so I started licking and sucking on his balls. I could easily get both of them in my mouth and let my tongue give them a proper bath. While working on his balls, my eyes were focused on his cock. Precum was flowing like a river from his cock. I wanted to do so much more, but I needed Sam to shoot his honey down my throat. My mouth engulfed his cock, savoring his sweet precum. Both of his hands were clinching the bed spread as his head was tossing from side to side. Sam yelled out, "Oh, oooooohhhhh, I, I, IIIIIIIIII ammmmmmm Cuminggggggg!" His cum did not shoot out like Billy's did, but just fell out onto my awaiting tongue. It was very hot, and just like I had imagined, sweet as honey. My mouth quickly filled up, but Sam was still spilling his sweet nectar onto my tongue. I started slowly swallowing a little bit at a time to accommodate his over flow. Sam may not be able to shoot a load, but he certainly has a load to deliver. After his cock was completely drained I continued sucking like a hungry lion after a fresh kill. Within a couple of minutes, Sam surprised me by yelling out, "Shhhhhhiiitttttttttt!" Once again, I was rewarded by getting another mouth full of his precious gift of life. Once again, it just sort of spewed out onto my tongue in very thick globs. This time his sperm was a little stronger tasting, but I wouldn't have missed a drop for all the money in the world. He was finally spent and totally exhausted as his limp cock slipped out of my mouth. His eyes were tightly closed and he was panting heavily. I asked him if he was alright, and he nodded his head yes. Sam was unable to speak and his eyes were glazed over as he rolled onto his right side. His little butt was jutting out so I rubbed it with my right hand. I let a finger rest on the outer portion of his tiny hole and observed Sam to see if he is Ok with this or not. His eyes were still shut and his breathing was coming back to normal. I got off the bed and gently rolled him onto his stomach. There was no resistance whatsoever. I asked Sam to raise his legs and keep his head on the bed. (doggie style position). I had to take a few seconds and just look at his tiny, little butt and the extremely small, but gorgeous hole. My animal instincts finally took over and I went straight to work by licking his little hole. My hands were on each of his tiny cheeks spreading them as far as they could go. Sam was moaning and his head was flopping all over the place. After some time, my tongue finally forced his tiny little hole open enough to slide in. I reached under him with my left hand and grabbed his cock. It was rock hard. I had a pretty good grip on his cock and my tongue was inside his hot ass as Sam started to rock back and forth on my hand and tongue. Sam shouted out, "Cum, cummmmiinnnggg, ooohhhhhhhh I I I I I I I I cccccuuuummmmmmiiiinnnnggggg!) I did the only thing I could think of. I put my right hand, cupped, under his cock and I could feel the heat as his cum spilled into my hand. My tongue was buried in his ass and he rocked back and forth like a wild animal. When I felt that there was no more juice dripping into my hand. I quickly took my tongue out of his ass and brought my hand filled with his love juice. It was milky white in color and very thick. I wasted no time placing my hand to my mouth, drinking his fountain of youth, savoring the delicious taste as long as I could. After his seed was totally gone, I placed my right forefinger against his hole. I was caught off guard as it went in to the knuckle. Sam yelled out and I thought I had hurt him. Instead he was yelling, "Yeah, yeah, ooohhhhh that feeeeels goooooooodd"! I had just held my finger in place, but Sam shoved backwards sending my finger all the way inside him. Man, was he ever tight. I really did not have to do anything, Sam was rocking back and forth fucking my finger. Now, his head was as far back as he could get it screaming "Thatsssssssss iiitttttttttttt, ooooohhhhhhh yeeeeaaahhhhhhhh"! As he rocked forward one more time, I placed another finger at the entrance. I could feel my second finger being squeezed at this tightness as Sam shoved both fingers deep inside of him. I knew before I had a shot at getting my cock inside that ass, I needed to get at least four fingers inside him. I twisted around to my night stand and opened the drawer, extracting the same lube I broke Billy in with. As two of my fingers was being impaled into his ass, I squeezed some lube on the remaining fingers. I was timing his motion; just as he was riding up on my fingers, I stuck the third one out waiting for him to come back down. He was humping my fingers at a very fast pace and just as he came down, the third finger was impaled. Sam was blurting out words that were not even words and definitely not understandable. I screamed out that he was going to cum, so I placed my left hand under his cock head. He had his cock firmly in his right hand pounding it for all it was worth. I soon found my hand filled once again with his sweet honey. I eagerly lapped it up while Sam rode my fingers. Just as I was about to put my fourth finger in the air to be impaled, Sam yelled out, "No more, no morrrrrreeeeeeeee"! I figured he was exhausted, but he caught way off guard and said, "Yourrrrrrr cooooocccckkkkkkk, nnnoowwwwwww, fuck meeeeeeee pleeeeaaassssseeee." Not bragging, but I do have a rather large and very thick cock and I was afraid I was going to hurt him. He continued with his begging. I removed my fingers and inserted some lube inside him and lubricated my cock. Even after my big fingers were deep buried inside his ass, his hole looked like the eye of a needle. Sam was still in the doggie style position as I got in behind him with my raging hard on. I carefully placed my cock at his entrance and tried to get my head in. Sam was even forcing his ass on my cock, but it just would not go in. Sam was whimpering, whining, and moaning all at the same time. Sam said wait a second. He flipped over onto his back and to my amazement, placed both of his feet behind his head. I put a pillow under his ass as both of his legs rested by his sides. Boy, is he ever so limber. I got on top and guided my cock back to his sweet hole and gave a pretty good shove forwards. He screamed out as the head of my cock slipped in. I asked him if he wanted me to pull it out, and he tried to say no as he was nodding his no. I slipped another inch inside him and I could feel his muscle grip my cock like a python. Sam bursted out, "Allll the waaayyyyyy, shove it alllllll innnnnn meeeeee nnnooowww!" I did just that and rammed my cock all the way in. Sam had a good grip on his cock working it up and down as I began to slam my cock deeper with each thrust. He was moaning with his mouth in the open position as if he was trying to say OH. I could feel his muscles milk my cock at every thrust. Sam was getting ready to spill another load, so I put my hand under his cock head. I was right, I saw his creamy white sperm drop into my cupped hand in globs. He may be little for his age, but he can produce tremendous amounts of wonderful sperm. Had he not finished when he did, his cum would have over flowed from my hand. Between Sam spilling a load onto my hand and my cock deep inside his bowels, I knew I was going to explode. I quickly took my hand filled with honey and slurped and licked it all up not missing anything, not even a drop. I was ramming my cock with force in and out of his hot tight ass and felt my load work its way up. I was pounding Sam's ass like there would be no tomorrow, when he placed both of his hands on my nuts, gently massaging them. That was too much. It brought me over the top as I filled his sweet insides with my cum while plowing his sweet young ass. When I was finally spent, my cock fell out of his ass, and somewhere during the kissing and caressing, we both drifted off to sleep.