GOD'S WILL -- part 3

Turns out Clint and Mustafa got something else in common other than being roommates. Mustafa didn't have no skin down there neither. I guess they caught me staring at them back in the room that night, because Clint said "What? Ain't ya never seen a cut one before?"

I had to admit that his was the first and Mustafa's was the second, although I really hadn't seen all that many wieners in my life, even if the ones I'd seen was pretty close up. Clint laughed at that.

Seems Mustafa had his cut because it's something Moslems do because it says so in the Bible. I'd never read that part back then, but I found out later it really is there, and sometimes I still think about getting mine cut too. You know, if it says so in the Bible, there's gotta be a good reason.

Clint said his was cut because he was born up in New York City, and the Jew doctor just did it to every boy he delivered. His daddy was real mad about that, and wanted to sue the Jew doctor but he didn't have enough money to hire a Jew lawyer. He always thought it was that Jew doctor turned Clint into a faggit.

There was that word again, the one I heard first from the pickup truck man. I told them I didn't know what it meant.

"What it means," said Mustafa, "is a boy like you who likes to suck dick."

I was confused for a few seconds, wondering who "Dick" was, but then I got it. There must be a million words for a guy's wiener, and I kept learning new ones all the time at Fat Alice's place.

A little later, Mustafa had to get dressed in a turban and floppy silk pants and pointy shoes to see one of Fat Alice's customers, an older lady who, as I learned, liked to pretend she was being forced to do stuff by dark skinned guys. She also liked Cole, Fat Alice's nigra slave. His name was something else when she bought him, but she thought it was funny to change his name to Cole Black.

When Mustafa left, Clint asked me if I wanted to play some more. I wanted him to like me, so I said okay, and got back on my hands and knees.

"No," he said, "not like that. I'm gonna do you."

Then he lay me down on his bed -- I was still naked from before -- and he started kissing my chest, first with just his lips, then running his tongue across me too. He got to one of my nipples, and when he tongued it it got so stiff it kind of hurt a little, so I told him not so hard, and he went more gentle. Meanwhile, his hands were all over me, stroking my arms and legs and squeezing my butt. Just when he went down the sides of my ribs it tickled too much and I had to pull away.

He rolled me back on my back, though, and put his fingers in my hair, which was still mostly blonde back then and had grown kind of long. He brought his face down maybe an inch away from mine and just looked at me for a count of ten. Then he said, "Jimmy, we're gonna be real good friends," and he kissed me right on the mouth.

Well, I was pretty surprised. Nobody ever kissed me on the mouth before and, truth be told, I don't think anybody had kissed me since Mama died. It felt so good, and I wanted to kiss him back, so I did. He pulled me against him tighter, kissed me even harder, and kind of stuck his tongue in my mouth. First I pulled my tongue way back, not wanting to swap spit, but then I thought that probably was wrong. I let my tongue meet up with his and swirl around and, you know, it was real nice.

I'm just glad he never smoked cigarettes, because I liked kissing him a lot, and cigarette mouth smells nasty.

After a while, he started kissing down my chest again, and down my belly. He stopped at my belly button and licked that a while, but I didn't think much of that. Then he moved down and was kissing my wiener, and licking my nutsack, and then he took me in his mouth.

I was so stiff he hardly had to push the skin back, and what he did to my pecker (yeah, that's another word for you know what), well it was nothing short of amazing. He moved his lips up and down on me, and circled the tip of his tongue around the point, and before I knew it I was feeling -- well, it's hard to describe. I started thrashing around like the people Papa used to lay hands on at revivals, and it was just so powerful and so sublime, I knew it could only be one thing.

It had to be God.


Next morning I got introduced to all the ladies. There was five of them besides Fat Alice, so if you counted Cole Black, there was ten of us all together in the house. It was a big house, but the big bedrooms were special decorated and just for business. The rooms the ladies and us boys had for our own were the old servant's quarters, except Fat Alice had a nice room up at the top of the house, and Cole had to sleep out in the shed.

All the ladies kind of made a fuss over me, which was embarrassing because I was still naked, so I asked if I please could have my clothes.

"Them dirty things?" said Fat Alice. "I flung 'em away. You go with Miss Lena and she'll find you something pretty to wear."

So I went with Miss Lena to this big closet full of clothes, but pretty much all of them looked like ladies' clothes, and not even anything a lady might wear on the street. Well, I was tired of going around the house naked, so I let her dress me in a gauzy blue nightgown kind of thing. There was no undies my size, but the nightie came down to my knees and you couldn't really see through it if I didn't stand in front of a lamp or a window.

Miss Lena was different from the other ladies. She told me she started out to teach kindergarten, and was doing pretty good until she met the wrong man. He got her in trouble with the school so she lost her job, then cheated her out of all her money and left her with a bunch of bills she couldn't pay. Like I said before, that happens in Missouri and you wind up a slave.

"Don't fall in love," she told me. "It's nothing but trouble."

She still had some of her schoolbooks, though, and she said she'd read to me if I liked. I told her I'd learned to read the Bible, and she said if I wanted to try reading some different books she'd lend me a couple. That's how I learned my history.

According to one book, it all started when United States of America got itself that Moslem, god hating, socialist (whatever that is), nigra president, then went downhill from there. He came over from Africa and caused nothing but trouble for good Christian folks down south in the Christian states. There was other presidents later, even some good ones, but the Christians and the Yankees just kept fighting each other until finally the Christians said, "We'd better just make our own country," and the Yankees said, "Well, who needs you? Just go."

Then the west coast states decided they could do better on their own too because, according to them, the rest of the country had something called "bad karma," which as best I could understand is kind of like brain cooties, and a bunch of the states in the middle -- what we call the Big Empty -- said they could do just fine with no government at all. Now it's all feuding warlords in those plains and deserts, but people say those Mormons are getting themselves an empire started, and we real Christians just may have to war on them one of these days.


I started work that night. It was one of Clint's regulars wanted me first, and I hoped Clint would not be mad at me. I heard Fat Alice tell him I was a virgin and would cost double if he wanted me up the behind, but I'd suck him for the usual price. He said he'd pay double.

Clint wasn't mad at me. He whispered, "When you suck him, just use your tongue on him the way I did on you, and he'll cum right away. Then he won't be able to get it up again to fuck you."

I wasn't sure what he was talking about. Like, how could he come if he was already here? And why would he want to swear at me? Daddy only said "fuck" when he was real mad.

Well, I learned some more new words that night.

I wasn't going to do what Clint said because he looked like a nice man and I really liked the feel of a man's wiener in my butt. Turns out it didn't matter, because he started squirting near as soon as I put his wiener in my mouth, and no matter how hard we tried, we couldn't get him stiff again.

So we just lay there in bed for the rest of his hour, while he told me about what a bitch his wife was, and how his daughters were getting to be just like her.

Back out in the parlor, I started explaining to Fat Alice why she should give Henry half his money back, and Henry turned all red, and Rose and Catherine, who were there waiting for their gentlemen, started laughing, and Henry just ran out. And Fat Alice looked down at me with a real angry face.

"You little idiot! He's a damned good customer, and he'd damned well better be back or I'll beat your ass! I'll beat it good!"

Clint was with another gentleman when that happened, but I told him about it later. He told me not to worry, because no matter how embarrassed I'd made him, Henry just couldn't stay away.

I had another guy that night, and he paid double too because I was a virgin. I was trying to figure that one out, because back then I thought only ladies could be virgins. You know, like Jesus' mother.

He never told me his name. He just tossed me on the bed, pushed my knees up by my ears, and did it. He did it and did it and did it, and even if his sweat was dripping on my face and he was breathing his awful breath on me, he never once looked at me. Not once. It was like I wasn't even there.

I prayed for God's deliverance, and after a while it was like I really wasn't there. I started thinking, and dreaming, and by the time the guy emptied himself into me for the third time, I knew what I had to do.

The next Sunday morning, I would preach a sermon. I would gather up Fat Alice and the ladies and Clint and Cole and even heathen Mustafa, and I would tell them all about the Lord.


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