Golf Balls and Boy Balls
Jim Carter

Part 1


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Copyright 2009 Jim Carter


This is the first Monday after I graduated from the University of Oklahoma. I headed to the club in an effort to help me get out of the funk I had been in all weekend. My graduation should have been a happy time for me, but instead it triggered one of the lowest times of my twenty-two years. It wasn't the graduation so much that was the trigger, but rather my thinking how proud my parents would have been to see me walk across the stage with my diploma. My parents, and younger brother were all killed in a car accident on their way to visit me in Norman two years ago.

My depression almost caused me to turn around and head back to my car, but the bucket of balls I had in my hand shifted and something caused me to realize that I wanted to hit some balls to channel my feelings. There was a lone figure on the practice tee. I couldn't help but notice that he was a very handsome teen and looked to be sixteen or seventeen. Some would call his hair dirty blonde, but it was really very light brown. His very thin waist was highlighted by his more powerful upper body. It was all I could do to take my eyes off him. I caught myself mesmerized my his good looks so I started to hit balls to shift my thoughts.

I played golf in college and am a scratch golfer. He was hitting the ball just as far as I am and he looks effortless doing it. I noticed that he was watching me. Our eyes met and he gave me a magical smile. I smiled back and he walked over to me. I could get lost in those deep dimples that seemed to light up his face when he smiled. "I don't mean to stare, but you have a beautiful swing."

"Thanks, not nearly as sweet as your swing."

He laughed. "I am working at it. My name is Adam by the way."

"I'm Jim. Nice meeting you Adam."

"I was hoping to be able to squeeze into some group today and play. Do you have room in your group?"

"I don't have a group or a tee time today. I just came to get in a little practice, but maybe we could talk Hank into letting us play as a twosome. Let's grab some lunch, then see if we can get on the course."

"Sounds good to me."

I went to talk to Hank. “Hank, I ran into this kid on the practice tee and we talked about trying to play this afternoon.”

“It won’t be a problem Jim, actually noon would be perfect it is open and I have a student that I need to work with actually playing the course. If you don’t mind joining us that is.”

“Sounds good to me, but I guess I need to ask my young friend.”

“Your young friend is Adam West. You knew his dad Butch.”

“Yes, I knew Butch pretty well, he and my dad did a lot of business together. I am surprised I haven’t see Adam before.”

“That’s probably because they had him shipped off back east in a boarding school. His mother, well, I should say this but she didn’t have time for a kid. She doesn’t want most of the people she runs around with to know she is old enough to have a fifteen year old son.”

“She is missing a lot. At least from what I have seen, her son is very bright and would be a son anyone should be proud of.”

“I agree with you. Adam is a great kid. Around here, those of us that work around here know the brats and Adam is well thought of.”

“Good to know that my first impression of him is spot on.”

“Unless you tell me differently I will assume that you two are joining us. I will put you in Adam’s golf cart. His makes your golf cart seem like a compact car.”

“I can’t wait to see it. I thought mine was a little extravagant. I would never have bought something like that if it wasn’t my dad’s.”

“His was his dad’s too, so I’m sure he feels the same way you do.”

Adam and I both had a chicken sandwich for lunch and we talked for about an hour. I learned he was almost sixteen and already has a new Escalade (that he will be able to drive in less than a month) and would be a senior in the fall. He told me he had been in a boarding school, but will start here in the fall.

I have lived my whole life in Houston. Well, I actually live in The Woodlands which is just north of Houston. I am living in the house I grew up in. It has a lot of memories and I have considered selling this monstrously big house and buying something a little smaller and closer to my tastes.

Adam’s dad died of a heart attack almost a year ago. His dad was considerably older than his mom and she was his third wife. He lives in the same neighborhood as I do and doesn't see his mom very often. The way he put it she is living life to the fullest and a fifteen year old kid doesn't help her jet setting image. He just laughed and said. "I'm not complaining. I love the freedom and wouldn't have it any other way."

"Doesn't it get lonely at times and how do you get to places like this place."

"We have housekeepers and a driver. Most of the time they don't give me much hassle. Every once in awhile my driver doesn't want to do something and makes me call my mother and have her tell him to take me somewhere. Sometimes she doesn't want to upset him and tells me to find another ride. Most of the time its not much trouble."

"I assume your school is out for the summer. Why aren't you hanging with your buds?" I could tell from his expression that what I thought was a harmless question to get to know him better was causing him some discomfort. "I'm sorry, bud. I didn't mean to be as nosey and it sounds after thinking about it."

"It's okay. I might as well get it out in the open. I have felt more comfortable talking with you than I have with anyone in a long time. I hope that we can do this again, so I am going to tell you something that might cause you to not want to hang with me. I went to school back East so I don’t have a lot of friends here. I don't hang with my friends much because most of them were friends with Jake and I both. Basically, my friends were really his friends. They knew he was cheating on me and no one told me. We broke up a couple of months ago and I am just now feeling good about myself again. I hope that me being gay won't cause you to hate me."

I could tell this was very difficult for him to tell me. "Adam, it doesn't matter to me that you’re gay. Hell, how could it, I'm gay too."

"Really? That is so cool. I knew there was something that was drawing me to you, I just didn't know what it was. I couldn't help but notice that you seemed to like me too."

"I like you just fine Adam, but our age difference makes it impossible for us to be anything but friends."

"I'll argue with you about that later. Let's go play some golf. I plan on kicking your ass old man."

"You do, do you?"

"Yep, I do. Did you play golf in college?"

"Yes I played. What is your handicap big mouth?" We were both grinning and it was a friendly banter.

"I'm a seven handicapper on the books, but for the last month I have done nothing but practice. I am pretty sure I can play better than that handicap. Especially if we play for something important, like pants."

"I don't think I can wear your pants."

"Who said anything about wearing them. I just want to get into them." He grinned.

"You know we can't do that. I'll tell you what. I'm scratch, so I will give you three a side and we will play for dinner although it can‘t be tonight, I have to go to a benefit thing. I hope you can afford it.” I teased.

"I have more money than I can possibly spend every month. My mom might not be around much, but she pays me well not to complain. But I don't think that will be a problem. I plan on kicking your sexy butt and I plan on making you buy me the best steak in town. Can we say tomorrow night win lose or draw?"

When we went to check in to play, Hank said he and his student would play us head up if we didn't mind. Of course, we didn't mind, but once we were out of ear shot Adam said. "I was hoping to have you all to myself and I would work on making you like me."

"It's too late for that. I already like you."

"You know what I mean. The more I'm around you, the more I want to get closer to you. I feel like I have known you for a long time. I just can't explain how much I like being around you."

"I know the feeling. I was in a real bummer mood this morning and you have me laughing and having a great time. I think we are going be great friends."

We had a great time playing golf and beat Hank and his student easily. Our bet turned out even. Adam said. "Dinner is on me, because you beat me heads up. I won't take no for an answer, so don't even try to argue with me. If you haven't guessed, I want to eat dinner with you. Can we play again tomorrow?"

That sounds great, can we say ten again tomorrow? A little practice and then we will play again..“

“Great I will look forward to it.“ When we got to the parking lot and he saw my Escalade he just laughed that we had the same ride.

I dropped Adam off at his house and when home to get cleaned up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my mind off Adam. I had to jack off a couple of times before I took my shower. I put on my tuxedo and headed for the dreaded dried chicken of this fund raiser.

I hated driving into Houston for these types of boring events, but my dad had been the chairman of this event for almost twenty years, so I felt obligated to accept a position on the board. I couldn’t help but think it would be so much better to be having dinner with Adam.

Just before time for us to be seated for dinner my eyes landed on a vision. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There in his Tux was Adam having to fight his way through the people wanting to tell him how sorry they were for his loss. He spotted me and managed to get to me. “Hey Jim, I bet you are surprised to see me again this soon.”

“Yes, and what a pleasant surprise it is too. How did it happen?”

“Well, there aren’t too many benefit functions that happen on a Monday night. I found the invitation that was sent to us and dragged my butler down here to eat thousand dollar chicken.” About that time a distinguished looking gentleman walked up to us. “Jim, this is Max. Max this is the man I was telling you about.”

“Nice to meet you sir. From the way Master Adam talked about you, I expected you to be at least eight feet tall.” He kept a straight face, but I could see a little bit of a smile forming. Adam was laughing and trying hard to stifle his laughter.

“Max, I can’t remember you ever calling me Master Adam before. You are not going to fool anyone with your fake formality.”

I laughed. “Nice to meet you Max. Adam and I had a very good time on the golf course today. I didn’t expect to see him here however.”

“About that, I figure you owe me big time for having to wear this monkey suit that I only wear when his mother is around and driving all the way into Houston.”

“I will have to think of a way to repay you for your trouble.”

“I was just kidding. I had to come see this guy that had him dancing around the house. None of us have ever seen him that giddy. If you really want to repay me, you can offer to bring him home, so that I can leave now.”

“Well, I have to stick around until the end, but if Adam is willing, I will bring him home, but it will probably be after eleven when we get in.”

“That’s fine. Now YOU owe me Adam. I got you here and a ride home with your Jim. I will be thinking of a good repayment plan for you big boy.” I could tell he was teasing, his smile was almost as big as Adam’s.

The event finally wound down and we headed home. “Jim, I’m sorry I just barged in on you this evening, but I couldn’t think about anything but you and I went looking for those invitations. I assumed we would have them, my parents are on all the fund raiser hit list. Well, to be totally honest, I am on the list. Since my dad died, I am officially the CEO of his company and get invitations to all these functions.” He laughed. “Now it doesn’t seem like the big pain in the ass I thought it was.”

“I would never have asked you to endure that with me, but since you came of your own free will, it made my evening fun instead of boring.”

On the way home we talked about a lot of things but nothing really. Just getting to know each other chit chat. He broached the subject of me sleeping with him and when I said that I couldn’t do that, he tried to get me to let him sleep with me. I finally convinced him that I wasn’t going to give in to him, at least for tonight.

Before he opened the door to get out he kissed me when I tried to stop him he grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. “You do this to me. I have never been harder in my life. I can’t promise that I won’t try to seduce you again tomorrow.” He quickly got out of the car and headed in the house.

To say I got little sleep that night is very much an understatement. I was hard almost all night and my thoughts were of that very handsome boy that has entered my life. I jacked off three times and was still as horny as before I started.

I picked up Adam fifteen minutes before ten. He came out to the car just as tired as I was. “Doesn’t look like you got much sleep.”

“I didn’t, but from the look of your eyes, you look like you are ready to fall asleep at the wheel.”

“I will be fine when this coffee kicks in. Do you drink coffee? I bought two and here is all the cream and sugar.”

“Thanks, I love coffee as long as I have plenty of cream and sugar.” He doctored up his cream and sugar with a little coffee. Of course, I teased him about it but it didn’t slow him down in the least. By the time we got to the club we were both chatting and teasing like we had full nights sleep.

We didn’t hit a lot of balls, I think we were both too tired, but we were both laughing and having a good time just the same.

Hank wanted a rematch and had a different partner. We still managed to beat them. We were playing well together. I think we were inspiring each other to hit good shots. We were playing four ball format and we shot six under for the round. Hank and David had to buy lunch and we made sure everyone knew who was buying. Of course, everyone in the dinning room had to tease Hank about letting the two kids take advantage of him.

Adam and I still had our bet and I won just barely. He loved it and said he had to let me win, because he was afraid I couldn’t afford the steak house.

I took Adam home so that he could shower and get changed. "We could shower together you know."

"I don't have any clean clothes here. I will pick you up at six thirty. Our reservations are at seven."

"Okay, one thing before you go." He grabbed me behind the head and planted one hell of a kiss on me. I quit resisting and our tongues got to know one another. He squeezed my hard cock and then came up for air. "Me too." He put my hand on his hard cock. "I hope you think about me when you jack off. I know I will be thinking about you."

"I wish I could say I won't be fantasizing about making love to an underage boy, but I know I will. Beside that doesn't feel like an underage cock. I am going now, but I will be back at six thirty."

"Come early and we can at least kiss some more." He said as I pulled away.

When I got home, I immediately got naked and my hand went to my cock. I tried my best to not think about being naked with Adam, but his beautiful face and body was permanently imprinted on my brain. I did resist from trying to imagine his cock and balls. I wanted to see them for the first time with no preconceived notion of how beautiful they must truly be. Yes, I did realize that I have given up all hope of resisting his charms. I just hope that he doesn't break my heart.

I didn't dare get to his house before six thirty. I knew if I did and we started kissing we would never make dinner. I called him and told him I was turning into his drive. He sure looked fantastic in his suit and tie. I got out of the truck and threw him the keys. "You might as well practice driving so you can ace that test." He just grinned and threw his backpack in the back. "What's in the backpack?"

"Some clothes. I plan on having breakfast with you in the morning."

"Oh you do, do you."

"Yes I do. I think fate brought us together and your fears are slowly dwindling. I think we have something great together. I think you know it too."

"I have to admit that you have dominated my thoughts from the moment we met."

Adam did a fantastic job driving and it was evident that he was ready for his license. Our food was amazing and we both laughed all evening. Adam was driving on the way home. "Okay you will have to tell me where you live."

"You mean you didn't look it up on the internet?"

"I did, but I didn't want you to think I was a stalker. Just give me directions or I will just use the GPS." He laughed.

"Did you clear it with whom you have to check with?"

"I left a note and said I would be home off and on for the rest of the week, but would be staying at a friends and they could call me on my cell. Of course Max knows where I am but he said last night I found a keeper. He really likes you."

I just pointed left and pushed the button to open the gate. "Follow the drive around back." I pushed the button the open the garage door.

When he saw the 70 Cuda his mouth flew open. "Holy shit, that is one awesome looking car."

"That was the graduation present I gave myself. You want to take to for a spin."

"Hell yes!" He came down from his high. "I would love to drive that thing tomorrow, but tonight I want to play with some muscle not a muscle car." He grabbed me and pulled me into an awesome kiss. We kissed and undressed each other all the way to the bedroom. We were both down to our briefs. “Shit I forgot my bag.” He ran back to the garage and came back with his bag and all our discarded clothes.

“What is so important in that bag that it couldn’t wait?”

“Well, I didn’t know if you had lube and condoms. I also wanted to make sure I had a toothbrush so my mouth wouldn’t gross you out. I think having my kit with me is kinda like a security blanket.”

The view of Adam in his yellow briefs was such a turn on. I was drooling over being able to take those sexy briefs off the boy. “Damn, I think my new favorite color is yellow. You look good enough to eat.”

“I love those baby blue sexy threads of yours. Two guys wearing briefs these days is very rare. I guess we were both afraid of getting hard around each other.”

“Very true, but I always wear briefs. I sat on my nuts once in boxers and that was the end of my boxer days.”

“You won’t believe this, but I had the very same thing happen to me and I went back to briefs. It happened to me when my nuts first started hanging. But I think briefs are so much more sexy than boxers it just makes sense to wear briefs.”

We were locked into a passionate kiss. I fell back on the bed and brought Adam down with me. Our cocks beside each other with our briefs between us. Adam stated working my briefs down and I did the same to him. Once we had them to our feet he returned to laying on top of me. I felt him kicking his briefs the rest of the way off and did the same.

We were lying with our legs off the bed. I broke our passionate kiss and breathed. “I hate to break this for even a second, but let’s move onto the bed.”

Adam rolled to his side and got up. I scooted up on the bed. Adam got on the bed and on top of me. “Now were did we leave off.” After several minutes, I rolled Adam over and got on top of him. I started kissing his eyes, nose, ears and lips. I moved down to nuzzle his neck and soon he was moaning with ever lick and kiss. I moved to his nipples and gave them both a real workout with my tongue. I raised his arms and attacked his left arm pit. His moans got even louder. I would have spent longer, but his deodorant didn’t taste all that good. I can’t wait to actually get to taste him. I gave the right pit a quick kiss and moved down his chest crawling with my tongue to his belly button. I finally got to his little outie bellybutton. He had only a few very fine hairs leading from his bellybutton to his pubic hair.

His hard cock almost reached all the way to his bellybutton and I had to be careful to avoid it. I wasn’t ready to worship that beautiful piece of boy flesh just yet. It was all I could do to resist though. I did stop to take in the beauty of his cock. He had a perfectly proportion purple cap on that wonderful cock. It looked to be about seven inches long and perfectly thick for this size.

I plastered his fine pubic hair to his pubic area with my wet tongue. It felt wonderful tickling those fine hairs with my tongue. I licked and nuzzled the indentions on each side of his pubic area. I started down his left leg. “Oh god Jim, please make me cum. I am about to explode.” He reached for his cock.

I moved his hand away. “You have to wait. I promise that you will cum, but you have to hold it until I am ready for you to cum. Hold off for me.”

Out of breath he moaned. “No fair playing the do it for me card, but I’ll try. Please hurry, I don’t think I can hold it much longer.” I decided to let him settle down a bit and just kept my hands still and my kisses slowly down his let. When I got to his big feet, I kissed each toe. I was amazed at how big his feet were they had to be thirteen or fourteens. I sucked each toe and his moans returned to let me know he was again about to blow. I moved to the other foot and started up his right leg. Again I was careful not to actually touch his genitals just yet. I started to roll him over. “Oh no, I can’t hold it much longer.” He went ahead and rolled onto his stomach.

I kissed his lips slightly. “Yes you can, just trust me” He let out a soulful moan. I kissed his shoulders and worked my way down his back. I made it down to his lower back and say a very light dusting of fine hairs just before his butt. I have never seen a more perfect butt and it was all I could manage, but I skipped those beautiful cheeks. I started down one leg and worked on his feet quickly. I know we were both on a tight spring and worked up to his beautiful but quickly. He moaned knowing he would soon get some relief as I kissed both cheeks and started bathing them both with my horny tongue. I started at the top of his crack. I could feel the end of his tail bone with my tongue and it turned me on immensely. His musky smell was such a turn on. I spread his cheeks and began to love his tight rosebud with my tongue. I worked until I had my tongue in his hole and he was bucking on the bed. I was afraid he couldn’t last much longer. I gave his balls a quick licking from behind and started turning him over.

“I’m dying to cum, please let me cum.”

“Hold it just a little longer.” I took each of his balls into my mouth and enjoyed them as long as I dared, afraid he would cum before I got to even taste his beautiful cock. I licked up his cock and then pulled it away from his body and licked around the base. His cock was pulsing and its hole was winking at me. He was producing the sweetest precum I could imagine. He was bucking on the bed and I knew his ability to wait any longer was gone. I took that beautiful cock into my mouth and it felt like it fit my mouth perfectly. It felt like it belonged there. Within three strokes of my mouth he began unloading his huge load of cum into my hungry mouth. I think I had to swallow four times before the blast stopped and I could enjoy the sweet taste of my boy’s cum. I kept my mouth on his cock and it must have gotten too sensitive and he moved my head off his cock and pulled me up. I could tell he wanted to kiss.

We shared a very passionate kiss and he touched my cock and I fired my load in his hand. He spun around and managed to get my cock in his mouth just as I finished. “Damn Jim, that was so much better than anything I have ever experienced. I couldn’t even fantsize something that intense.”

“It was fantastic for me too. You are so beautiful and your body is absolutely perfect in every way.”

“I think you are the beautiful one, I know we are both worn out, but I can’t wait until I get to give you a total body tongue bath.” He came back up and we started kissing again. I tried to pull him on top of me and he quickly got on top. “I love lying like this with our cock side by side. I thought I was the only one that ever wanted to do it. Every time I tried to do it with someone they just wanted to get to the sex. To me this is such a turn on.”

My hands went to his butt cheeks and I squeezed them gently. “I love it too and I agree there are not many that really appreciate how sexy it can be. There is actually a word for it if we continue to orgasm it is called ‘frottage‘ or ‘frication’.”

“Weird names, but I love doing it.”

“Me too, the guy that taught me the terms didn’t like it much and he was a professor of math.”

“So did you mess around with all your professors?”

“No, he was the only one and we didn’t have sex but a couple of times. I don’t think we liked each other very much.” I laughed.

“I had sex with one of my teachers at school when I was just eleven or twelve. I was just starting to cum and didn’t have any hair. Once I got a few hairs, he lost interest in me. I was glad, I decided I didn’t like him that much except during sex, but at an all boys boarding school sex was easy to come by. Even the straight boys liked to mess around a little. Some of us messed around a lot.” He laughed.

The lack of sleep was catching up with both of us. As much as I would have liked to just fall off to sleep with Adam lying on top of me, I knew we had better move. Besides I needed to take a wicked piss. “I hate to get up, but I have to race like a piss horse.” He laughed.

“I have never heard it like that before. I don’t think I will ever say piss like a race horse ever again. I need to take a piss too. I guess we might as well get ready for bed, I am about to fall asleep on top of you.” We brushed our teeth and relieved our bladders. “Damn Jim, this is one awesome bathroom. I thought the bedroom was monstrous, but this bathroom is bigger than most bedrooms.”

I laughed. “When I made up my mind to live here after graduation, I had this done. It used to be two bedrooms and two bathrooms. I really like having the urinal most of all.”

“I noticed that it didn’t hurt near as much trying to piss through a hard dick as with a toilet. I can’t wait until we try out that shower in the morning.” He grabbed my hand, kissed me and led me back to the bed. It didn’t take long for us to get comfortable and fall asleep.

I must have slept like the preverbal log. I slowly started waking up and began to realize that I was getting an awesome blow job. “Oh Adam, that feels so awesome. I can’t hold it any longer, I’m going to cum.” I must have cum buckets. It was the longest orgasm that I can ever remember having. “Oh baby, that was fantastic, but I’m too sensitive right now.” I move his head up and turned him over. I dove for his genitals and began to love on his low hanging balls. Those beautiful orbs felt packed with his wonderful cum.

“I can’t hold it much longer Jim, you got me so hot sucking you.” I moved to his perfect dick and began to worship it with my mouth. I probably took less than ten strokes before he was rewarding me with his sweet cum. He smelled so wonderful this morning, I could spend the day between his legs. “Oh god, Jim, I can’t stand anymore.” He lifted my head from his cock. We began our first kiss of the morning.

“What would you like to do today?’ I kissed Adam tenderly.

“I don’t care as long as it is with you.”

“What would you do if you were still at home?”

“I had already decided that I was going to play golf everyday or something outdoors. Until I can drive I am a little limited what I can do, but mostly I have limited activities I am any good at.”

“We can play golf again today, but that seems a little repetitive. If you could do absolutely anything you wanted to do, what would it be?”

“I saw that bass boat in the garage. I have not fished much from a boat, but we used to have little fishing tournaments at the lake at school. I loved fishing and I was pretty good at it too.”

“Then fishing it is. I love to fish and I haven’t been so far this year. In fact, I have to stop and get my license renewed.”

“I guess I need one too, we didn’t have to have them at school.”

“We will go ahead and get yours, but you don’t have to have one until your sixteen. Since, I think we will be going fairly often this summer we will go ahead and get you a license now. In fact it might be good to have just in case we get stopped. You are big enough that they might think you are older.”

“Are we going to take beer with us?”

“I would rather not. My family was killed by a drunk driver, so I have done my best to stay away from alcohol.”

“My only experience with beer is drinking two bottles and throwing it all up on someone’s shoes. All my friends keep wanting to score beer and I tried to sound cool, but I should have known better.”

“Always be yourself cause Adam is pretty awesome just being Adam.” We kissed again.

“Do you have plenty of sun screen? I have a ton at home if you want to stop there.”

“We have plenty, but we can stop and get anything you need from your house.”

“I will need more clothes probably, but we can wait about getting them. Besides like being naked with you.”

We didn’t bother taking a shower since we would be in the hot sun all day. We hitched the boat to the truck. “Do you want to drive?”

“If you pull it out of the garage, I will drive, but I don’t want to take a chance of banging up that beautiful boat.”

“I’ll pull it out, but you should know by now that things don’t matter when they can be replaced. You matter to me and I would never get upset at you for any accident like that.”

He drove like a champ and was very careful not to get the trailer over the line on curves. When I told him to make sure he was careful and watched his turns he just grinned. He pulled into the parking lot of the bait shop close to the lake and made sure he had plenty of room to just pull forward out of the lot.

“Great job kido, but I will drive the short distance to the launching ramp unless you think you are ready to try and back this thing into the lake.”

“No, I think I need practice to do that. I remember our neighbor trying to back his boat into his garage and was at if for an hour.”

“It is not that hard, but it does take a little practice.”

When we got our license, the clerk tried to tell Adam he didn’t need one yet, but we convinced him that we would like to get it now. I let Adam drive the boat and work the trolling motor. He did a good job and got us to some nice looking fishing water. We had a lot of fun and we laughing all day. We didn’t catch a lot of fish but enough to make it enjoyable. We released them all so it was easy to argue who caught the biggest fish. I was getting a little tired and I guess Adam was too. “Too bad we don’t have a ski, I would kick your butt skiing for sure.”

“Don’t let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash. Do you want to go skiing?”

“Well we don’t have a ski and no jockstraps, the family jewels might be in danger.” He laughed. “So you get a reprieve.”

“Okay just for that I am going to have to give you a lesson. Crank her up and head toward the marina.”

He started the motor. “What are you up to?”

“Just drive and prepare that pretty butt to be kicked.” He just laughed and found a good cruising speed. He turned toward the marina and put his hand on the throttle to slow it down. I just tapped him on the shoulder. “Over that way a little farther.” I shouted so he could hear over the motor.” When we got close to my cabin, I shouted again. “Slow down a little now.” I reached in the little compartment below the steering wheel. I pulled out the garage door opener and pushed the button. Adam saw the double door on the boathouse open. He slowed even more.

“Wow, that is a Mastercraft. Why didn’t you tell me you had a ski boat too?”

“It just never came up. Besides you would see it when we left anyway. This is the first chance to bring the new bass boat up here. We are going to leave it here instead of taking it back to town.” Adam pulled it into the boathouse and put the back bumper over the side. I got the front bumper and we tied it up to the walk.

Adam was straining to see the ski boat. “Man that is a beautiful boat.”

“Thanks, lets go in the cabin and see what we have in the way of swimwear. It might be best to wear a wetsuit, it is still a little cool for skiing. We keep the key hanging on a hook under here. Reach in and feel where it is just in case you need to get it without me.” He pulled out the key and handed it to me. “It will unlock any door including the boathouse door. The security code is 9940. I don’t know anything to make it easy to remember just remember it.” I motioned for him to do the honors. Once inside he gave me back the key. “Do me a favor and go put it back on the hook. I will see what we have to wear.”

He took off and was quickly back. “Is that safe leaving a key around like that?”

“Well, a lot of people know where it is. We are pretty safe here. About the only exposure is from the water. This is a gated community and they are very careful about letting anyone in without knowing them.”

“It is a very nice place. I love how it feels. It is very beautiful with the high ceilings with exposed beams and all the windows and skylights.”

We went into the equipment room and started looking through the wetsuits. I grabbed the one I had last year and was sure it still fit. I held one up to Adam and said that looks like it should fit pretty well. We will wear Speedos under them to help protect the goodies.”

I opened the cabinet and we went through the Speedos. We took off our shorts and shirts to put on the Speedos, but neither of us could keep our hands off each other. I grabbed his hand and led him to one of the bedrooms. We didn’t say a word just started kissing and moving to the bed. Without saying a word we slipped quickly into a sixty-nine position. Adam had a beautiful smell about him. There was a hint of sweat, but basically just pure boy smell. We played with each others asses as we deep throated each other like we had been doing each other forever. I don’t think we even tried to hold off all that much. We kissed as we came down from our orgasm. Adam broke the kiss. “I know we have only known each other for three days, but I have never felt anything like this in my life. It feels so perfect to be in your arms. You make me so happy. I want stay in your arms forever.”

“I don’t understand it either, but if sure feels like nothing I have felt before either. I don’t know how to explain it, but I hope it never ends.”

“I won’t let it end. I know I’m just a kid, but I know we belong together. I think you know it too.”

“I do, I would never believe it three days ago, but we do belong together.”

We kissed again and put on the Speedos and pulled the wetsuit up to the waist. Adam looked over at the small wetsuit. “What are you doing with the small suit?”

“That was my little brother’s suit. I guess I should take it to someone that can use it. It sort of makes me sad to see it.”

“I’m sorry Jim, I didn’t intend to make you sad.”

“It’s okay. It has been two years. You make me so happy, we will take this wetsuit to the marina. I thank Burt’s son can wear it. Besides I need to talk to Burt. I usually let him check out the boat before taking it out and I forgot to call him this year. We will just run by there and see if he thinks it will be okay.”

Grab some of those water bottles and we will refill the ice chest. We both grabbed four or five bottles and shut the door. We swapped the ice chest from the fishing boat to the ski boat. The boat started quickly and we let it warm up a bit. Adam was driving again. We went to the marina and Burt greeted me like a long lost brother. “Burt this is Adam, anything he ever needs just put it on my account. We are thinking of taking out the boat and I forgot to call you and ask you to check it out. Do you think it will be okay to use it today?”

“I had to be up there to the Dobbin’s last week and I went ahead and checked out your boat while I was at it. You have already paid the bill in fact.” He laughed.

“Great, thanks Burt. Oh, by the way.” I threw the small wetsuit to him. “Do you think Petey can wear this. I hate to see it go to waste.”

“Petey come out here a second.” He shouted to his son. The cute little eleven year old came out.

“Hey Jim, I didn’t know you were stopping by today.”

“Jim thought you might be able to wear this wetsuit. What do you think?”

He looked at it. “Heck yeah, I can wear it thanks Jim. Are you guys going skiing? Can I come and try it out?”

“Petey you can’t just invite yourself.” His dad scolded.

“They will tell me if I can’t.”

“Sure we would love to have him. Besides it is safer with someone to be the spotter to help the driver.”

He threw the wetsuit into the boat and ran into the office. They live upstairs and I could hear him thundering up the stairs. He came back quickly carrying his Speedo. “Okay I am ready. Let’s go.”

“Why didn’t you put them on before you came back out son?”

“Takes too long. I will do it out on the lake. Bye dad.”

His dad just laughed. “You know he loves going out on the boat with you. He is bashful around most people, but can’t wait to go out with you.”

We started backing out of the parking spot. “You know he is always welcome with us.”

“Hey brat! Didn’t you forget something?”

“What dad?”

“Don’t you need your ski? I think Jim’s is still a bit too big for you to muscle around.”

“Oh yea, I forgot about that. Thanks dad.” Petey ran into the shop and stormed up the stairs. Burt was laughing at his son.

“That boy gets so excited when he gets to go skiing with someone other than me.”

“What are you doing to the boy Burt? Are you too hard on him?”

Petey came running out with his ski and bounded into the boat. “Nope I love going skiing with dad, but he doesn’t ski, so I never get to drive the boat. I have to do all the skiing.” They were both laughing. We started backing out again.

“Have fun guys!” Burt shouted over the boat noise.

“We will dad.”

I took us to the alternate practice course that is not used much anymore. I didn’t know if Adam wanted to try to ski the slalom course, but if he did, I didn’t want the pressure of other people watching that was usually at the main course our ski club uses. Petey started getting out of his clothes as soon as we stopped. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw Adam’s eyes get as big as saucers when he saw the boy naked. Petey’s about five inch dick on his little hairless body seems so out of place. I can remember the first time I saw it and I was halfway expecting it.

I started explaining to Adam about the boat path, the speed and the loops on the ski rope. He was taking it all in and then asked. “So everyone skis at the same exact speed only the length of the rope judges how good you are?”

“Not exactly, I only have to go 34 miles per hour, but once you get old you have to go 36 miles per hour.” We laughed at Petey which got to him a little. “What are you laughing at its true.”

“I was laughing because fourteen is the cut off and fourteen isn’t old to me. I think Adam was snickering at the way you put emphasis the OLD part.”

“That’s it Petey, I don’t have a clue about any of this, but you made it sound like Jim was ancient.”

“He is old, why wouldn’t I think so.” Petey finally saw the opportunity to rag on me a little. Things settled down a little after our little laugh. As Adam was examining the loops, Petey explained. “The rope stats at 75’ but no one skis at that length, there is too much slack in the rope when you round the buoys, so everyone even beginners start at 15 off after that is goes 22 off, 28 off, 32 off, 38 off and 40 off is the last loop.”

“Wow that rope gets very short”

“You bet. At 32 off the buoys are farther from the boat than the rope will reach. That means the body of the skier has to make up the difference. My best is 2 buoys at 32 off, but that is where Jim usually starts.”

“The reason you do that is so you don’t strain yourself as much. You get credit for all the buoys you skipped if you make a full pass at a higher level.”

“So what is your personal best?” Adam asked me.

Petey piped up. “I have seen him make a full run at 40 off, but he has only done 4 buoys at 40 off in competition.”

“Is there anything you don’t know about Jim? You must be his biggest fan.” Adam teased Petey.

“Not much, he is my idol after all. He is the best skier in our club, but he didn‘t ski in competition last year. He holds all our club records in slalom, tricks and jumping. He does tricks so fast they have to video tape his runs to score him.”

Adam stepped up to me and put his arm around me. “Wow I didn’t know my.” He stammered. “I didn’t know Jim was such an athlete. I thought golf was his best sport.”

“Its okay, you can say boyfriend. I can tell you guys are boyfriends. You might as well go ahead and kiss him.“

We both got nervous and I finally got enough composure to ask. “What made you think we are boyfriends Petey.”

“Well, it was pretty easy. You both are always touching, besides I knew Jim was gay for a long time. I know he and my uncle used to be boyfriends. When I saw Adam’s check out my dick when I dressed it was pretty easy to figure out he is gay too. I won’t tell anyone, but I think you guys look good together.”

“Petey, I was boyfriends with your uncle, but that was a long time ago. How did you know that.”

“I was just a little fart, but I loved it when you came over. You would always play with me and never made me go away. Then you would leave with Uncle Don and I would get mad at him for taking you away. My mom tried to explain that you were like boyfriend and girlfriend but both of you were boys. I asked if you were going to get married like my sister and her boyfriend and they tried to explain what being gay meant. It took me a couple of years to understand. I was really disappointed when you and Uncle Don broke up cause you didn’t come around except when you were at the lake and came to the marina.”

“Wow Petey you were very young to understand all that.”

“I didn’t understand, but I kept thinking about it and it finally sort of started to make sense.”

“I hope you don’t get mad at me for being Jim’s boyfriend.”

“I won’t. I think I like girls anyway. My friends say girls are gross, but there a couple that sort of make my dick hard every time they talk to me.”

“Yep, it sounds like you like girls.”

“When I first started jacking off, I used to think about both boys and girls. Now, it is almost always girls. You two might cause me to think about you when I get home. You are both hot even if you are boys.”

I ruffled his hair. “Get in the water and lets ski. The sun is starting to get hot.”

“Yeah, yeah, blame it on the sun.” Petey teased as he jumped in the water. I handed him his ski and the rope handle.

As I started the engine and started to take up the slack. Adam asked. “Did you see the dick on that kid? I wouldn’t think that is possible on such a little kid if I hadn’t seen it myself.”

“Yeah, it must run in the family. His uncle was so big I couldn’t get much more than the head in my mouth. I was like seventeen and he was a couple of years older. I liked the guy but his dick was just too big to be fun.”

Petey was ready and we got the boat up to speed and entered the course. He easily made it around all six buoys and to say Adam was impressed was very much an understatement. He praised Petey as I took in a couple of loops. I shouted. “Thirty-two Petey we are going thirty-six too, so work hard.” He nodded and we made the next pass. He missed the last buoy just barely. As we pulled around for the next run, I stopped the boat. “I assume you want another pass to nail this turkey.”

“Damn straight.” He shouted back.

“Language boy, your dad would be after me if I let you talk like a sailor.”

“You won’t tell but he wouldn’t be that upset anyway. Let’s kick this thing. I want to do the complete run at thirty-two off.”

On the next pass he made it a complete run and was beaming when we picked him up, “Radical, lets go over to the main course and see if anyone is there I want to tell everyone.”

“First of all let’s let Adam see if he can enjoy a little slalom skiing without any others watching him. He is going to bust his ass a few times and we don’t want to embarrass him with other people. Second, you should let me or Adam tell the others. You don’t want to sound like a braggart.

“Yep, you’re right. I sure don’t want to sound like Paul Samson.”

Adam laughed. “I knw a Paul Samson and he fits that description to the tee. His only problem is he can’t beat anyone in golf so he has to brag about individual shots. Plays a pretty mean game of tennis though.”

“It is the same Paul Samson. His brother isn’t much better and his brother was winning all the club competitions last year. I am sure they won’t welcome me back with open arms.”

“Nope, probably just a one finger salute.” Petey said giggling like crazy.

Being the athlete he is Adam finally made a complete run at 15 off after five or six tries. He was happy but tired. We secured our equipment and headed over to the other site. Adam was surprised at the number of people there. I couple he knew. When I told everyone about Petey making a complete pass at 32 off at 36 mph. Everyone was congratulating Petey except Paul who told him that wasn’t that big a deal. I stepped up, and said. “You couldn’t do that at Pete’s age. Hell, you can’t do it consistently now, so congratulate the kid and quit being a turd.”

“My brother is going to wax your ass this year mister high and mighty.”

“Cool, I look forward to the competition. I haven’t even decided for sure that I am going to ski again this season, but I probably will.”

“He will, I will talk him into it. I have never tried this before today, but by the end of the summer I plan on kicking your butt in this sport as easily as I do in golf.” Adam said. I can tell he doesn’t like Paul at all.

“Speaking of golf, coach said you haven’t signed up yet for our team.”

“Well, I don’t think I will play on the team this summer. I plan to talk Jim into playing the tournament circuit with me this year.”

“Someone said you would be going to school at Saint Sebastian this year. Did that fancy school back east kick you out?”

“It is a boarding school. As far as fancy goes Saint Sebastian is probably the fancier of the two.”

“Well, you can hang with me. Since my brother is a senior, they won’t pick on my group as much as the regular sophomores.

“Well, I won’t be a sophomore. I will be a senior.”

“How in the hell did you swing that? I know you are my age.”

“I skipped the fifth and eighth grades, I had taken all they require to graduate, so here I am back here to finish my senior year.” It hadn’t sunk in before that Adam was a senior at only fifteen.

Paul just walked off mumbling. About five minutes later Adam’s phone rang. “Hi coach. I assume Paul told you I decided to skip the team this year.” He was smiling so I assume it wasn’t a bad situation. “Yep, I haven’t talked to Jim about it, but since we met, we have really enjoyed playing together.” He was quiet for a second. “Give us a minute so we can find a half way quiet place to talk.” He motioned me over. “Hank wants to talk to us on speaker.” We got into a friend of mine’s car so we could hear. “Go ahead coach Jim and I are on speaker now.”

“Guys I think it is an awesome idea if you play most of the tournaments this summer. Jim are you willing to do this with Adam, he mentioned that he hasn’t ask you yet. The reason I am asking is I need to get your entry in for Rosswood today if you want to play that one and I’m pretty sure you will love the course if you haven’t played it Jim. I know Adam has with the team. It is a flighted match play tournament and always a load of fun. I was just looking and if you will play with me and a partner on Monday we will probably win the scramble they have on Monday.”

“That sounds good to me Hank, is that next Monday?”

“Yes the scramble is Monday and Tuesday starts the match play. It is all week with the final pair playing on Sunday.”

“I would love to if Adam wants to and can get permission.”

“Permission isn’t a problem, but I will make sure that is taken care of. I would love to play if you can get us in this late.”

“I’m pretty sure I can get you in, but we need at least a fourteen handicapper to meet the handicap requirements as our fourth. I was going to take Paul as my partner for the tournament and he will be perfect for the scramble. I know that you and Paul are not the best of friends, will that be okay with you Adam.”

“Paul seems to have a problem with me more so than me with him. I don’t have a problem if he doesn’t.”

“Let me make sure we get this entry in and then we will talk more. I will just charge everything to your club account.”

“Charge it to mine, Jim has been paying for everything.”

“Will do I will call you back in about ten minutes.”

We got out of the hot car. It was in the shade but still hot without the breeze to help with the heat. We saw Paul talking on the phone and as he hung up Adam’s phone rang. We got back in the car and put the phone on speaker again. “It’s all set guys, but since you are in the championship flight, you need to play two rounds at Rosswood before the tournament. Bill over there said he could get you off at eight am and then shouldn’t be a problem getting you off in the afternoon for the second round. Friday and the weekend are booked solid, so I told him you would be there. If you can’t, I need to call him back.

“We will be there tomorrow. I think we will drive up tonight so that we don’t have to get up in the wee hours of the morning to be that by eight. I am pretty sure Adam will go with that too.”

“Hell yeah, sounds like a plan to me.”

“Okay guys have fun tomorrow and I will probably see you this weekend at our club, but if not Monday. I told them we would check in Sunday night to get our schedule. Oh, by the way, in the championship flight they have thirty-two teams exactly and they have cut them off, but that means all teams that win Tuesday morning will have to play again Tuesday afternoon to make the championship game hit Sunday. Paul and I are in the first flight and we only have twenty teams, so not as many have to play double on Tuesday. If you guys don’t have any questions I have to go, the pro shop is full people at the moment.”

“We will see you later and thanks for your hard work getting us in Hank.” We said our goodbyes and got out of the car again. Paul was waiting for us. Paul wanted to say something but he wasn’t saying anything just stood there with his head hung. “Hey Paul, Hank says we will be playing a scramble together Monday.”

“Yeah, Hank said I have to tell you guys something.”

“You sure don’t look like you want to tell us, is there something we can do to make it less painful?”

“No, I guess the best thing to do is just say it. I have been pretty shitty to both of you guys, and I want to apologize.”

“Do you really want to apologize or is coach just making you? Cause, if it is just coach making you, you shouldn’t bother.”

“He is the one that is making me do it, but its, not that I don’t want to apologize. Apologizing is easy, but he said I need to level with you both about why I have been such a dick. I have had a crush on you both since as long as I can remember. I figured out I was gay when I was about ten or eleven and my brother gave me so much crap about it, I started being shitty to anyone gay especially those that I had a secret crush on. Hank and I started being a couple at the end of last year. He is slowly helping to be a better person. I hope that I haven’t screwed up so much that we can’t be friends. I like you both, but I don’t fantsize about your bodies like I used to anymore.” He stuck out his hand. “Can we be friends?”

Adam pushed his hand away and he had a stricken look on his face, but it changed to a big smile when Adam gave him a hug instead. “You sure you don’t still lust after Jim? He has a fantastic body, but it is mine.”

“I was pretty sure that was the case when Hank said we would be spending time with you guys. He wouldn’t have said I could tell you about us if you hadn’t been in the love too.”

I hugged Paul. “I look forward to being friends. Hank is a good man and I hope you guys are happy together.”

“I feel so much better about myself and everything around me since Hank and I finally gave in to our desires. I don’t know how to explain it, but to be honest, when we are apart I seem to be missing a part of myself. I love him so much.”

“I think we both understand what you are saying. We feel a lot the same, but to be honest, we were love a first sight. I never believed that love a first sight was possible, but I have changed that opinion. I love this boy more than anything in the world.”

“Me too.” Our conversation was cut short by Petey coming over to ask us when we were leaving his dad needed him for something at the dock. We said our goodbyes and took off to the dock. At the dock Petey was talking ninety miles a minute about his making 32 off. We said our goodbyes and went back to the cabin to park the boat.”

“Let’s leave the bass boat here. We can come get it if we want to go to another lake.”

“So do we walk to the truck from here. It isn’t that far by water, but my thinking was it is a few miles by land.”

“It is about ten miles the way the roads twist, but we won’t have to walk. Grab a helmet.” I showed him the dirt bike parked there. We will buy another so we can ride, but right now we will just go get the trailer and bring it back here. You can drive the truck or the bike which ever you want.”

“I love dirt bikes, I will bring the bike back. I have one almost exactly like this one. So get on behind me lover man and show me where to go.” He was at home on the bike and didn’t need any instruction at all. We got to the loading ramp and before I was in the truck good, Adam had taken off for the cabin. I could only laugh when I got to the gate for our community to see Adam off the bike and talking to the security guards.

I pulled up and stopped. William the older of the two guards winked at me, to let me know they were just giving Adam a hard time. “Did you guys catch someone trying to sneak in?”

“Well, he claims to be with you.”

“Oh he does, does he? Adam gave me a look that said he wasn’t in the mood to be the butt of my jokes at the moment. “Well then I guess we should get him an ID so that he doesn’t have a problem the next time. We plan to be spending a lot of time up here.”

“We already started the process. We figured you would be back through. We were just teasing him a little. I think he knew we weren’t that serious in hassling him. We had to wait for you signature though so we thought we would have a little fun with him.” I signed the form and they took his picture and gave him an ID for his car and one for his wallet. “You might want to hold down the wheelies around the guard shack, we are supposed to enforce a speed limit of fifteen at the guard shack, but we don’t want to get complaints from the little old ladies that some damn fool on a motorcycle was screaming up and down the streets.”

“William, I was fourteen when that happened. Do you have to tell Adam about all my bad habits.” That put Adam in a lot better mood.

“Besides I wasn’t going much faster than that, it was just on one wheel.” He joked.

“So was Jim when Ms. Jamison had us chasing him down. He decided to be cute and run. He know we couldn’t catch him cross country, but he forgot that we know all the people and their vehicles and we were waiting for him when he got home. His dad said Ms. Jamison was just jealous that her wheelchair wouldn’t do a wheelie and we all had a good laugh over it. Of course, we told Ms. Jamison that we read Jim the riot act and his father was on top of the punishment. Your dad was a good man Jim, I really miss your family. I know it was very hard for you.”

“Yes it was, but I don’t dwell on it all the time anymore. Adam has had a lot to do with helping me cope and realize that I didn’t die with them and I have a life to live still. Today when I saw Jamie’s wetsuit all I could remember was how much my little brother loved me. The sadness passed quickly and I realized that it would be perfect for Petey and took it to him.”

We headed to the cabin and Adam couldn’t help but wheelie all the way just to show the guys that he was still the wild man. We put the bike in the garage and parked the trailer beside it. I threw the keys to Adam for him to drive home. About half way home his phone rang. I picked it up from the seat and answered. “Adam’s phone, he can’t answer at the moment, may I take a message?”

“Is this the famous Jim I keep hearing about?” It was a female that didn’t sound like any of the house staff that I had met.

“Well this is Jim, I am not famous though.” I motioned to Adam a service station. “Adam pull in there so you can take this call.” I was pretty sure it was his mother by now.

“I am Shelly West, Adam’s mother. I am glad I got to talk with you.”

“Adam is pulling off the highway now he can talk in just a second.” She laughed.

Adam put the truck in park and took the phone. “Hello mother, this is a surprise to hear from you today.” He was quiet for longer than was comfortable not knowing what his mother was saying. “Max is right, I am very much in love and to answer your question before you ask, yes he loves me too.” Another long silence, but a laugh broke the ice. “Yes he makes me very happy in and out of bed. I wasn’t prepared for the impact he has on me. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. Mother, it is not easy to tell you, but I have never felt this way about anyone. I know I loved you and dad, but not like I feel for Jim. Thanks mom, I don’t know. I will have to ask Jim, but we probably will. We don’t seem to be able to do anything apart, so it is a good chance.” He handed me the phone. “She wants to talk to you again.”

“Hello Ms. West.”

“Please call me Shelly.”

“If you wish. Hello Shelly.” We both chuckled.

“I won’t ask you if you love my son, I know from the way he talks about you and Max seems to love you, so I know you do. I just asked Adam if the two of you would come over to France for a couple of weeks sometime this summer. You know what he said, but I wanted to let you know that I wanted you to come to. Not just to meet you, but to get to know you. I have never heard Adam say he loved any boy or man. Even when he was with Jake for so long he never said he was in love with him. Max told me you were worried about breaking the law. I assure you that if Adam loves you, I can keep that little secret. My son is so much smarter than I ever thought about being, but he is also very grounded and has more common sense than people twice his age. He has always amazed me with his confidence and determination. Although I appear to be the scatter brained blonde flirting around the world having fun, I do love my son in my own way. I hope you will want to come to France with Adam to see his old lady.”

I laughed to ease into having to speak. “If Adam wants me to come with him, we will find a good time and come to visit. I have seen some of your pictures and believe me ‘Old Lady’ doesn’t fit.”

“That’s it butter up the mother-in-law. Thanks Jim. Let me speak to Adam again.”

I handed Adam the phone. He laughed. “Yep, that’s my Jim. He knows how to work a room. Yes I heard him buttering you up, but he doesn’t just throw out compliments. He has told me I must have gotten my good looks from my mother. Okay, mom, we will work it around the golf tournaments we are entering. We are playing all week next week in our first one as a team.” He was quiet for a moment. “Thanks mom, we will let you know how we did. Bye and have fun at the party tonight.” He hung up.

“Wow, I was wondering how I was going to introduce you to my mom, I guess Ms. Nettleton beat me to the punch. I bet she was pissed when my mom didn’t get all wound up about me dating an older man. I’m sure Max had something to do with her liking you even before she called.”

“It was strange talking to her out of the blue. I could tell that she wasn’t upset with us from the start. I guess we need to really find a good way to thank Max.”

“Yep, he has always been there for me.” He started the truck and head back down the highway. “Why don’t you call and see if you can get us reservations someplace tonight. I know we can find someplace, but it will be better if we have them in advance.”

“Good thinking.” I looked at my watch. “I guess being CEO of a major corporation should give me some perks even if I am never there. I dialed my secretary. Hoping that he hasn’t gone home yet. “David, I was afraid you had already left for the day, but since you are there will you do me a favor?”

“Sure boss, I was just getting a few of the things together for your Friday meeting.”

“I almost forgot I promised to meet with Joe and Toby on Friday. I hope it doesn’t last too long, I need to practice for a golf tournament next week. In fact that is what I am calling about. Think you can find me a place to stay tonight somewhere close to Rosswood in Austin?”

“Will do boss and will text you with the confirmation number.”

We hung up and within five minutes he sent me the hotel and confirmation number. “He is very efficient isn’t he?” Adam commented.

“Yes, I let him help out anywhere he wants. I am not there much, so he likes to stay busy. He was my dad’s assistant and is very respected within the company.”

“When are you going to start working full time?”

“I don’t know that I will. I just can’t get excited about that sort of thing. I know I need to do something, but I just don’t want to be bored to death.”

“I feel the same way. I am officially the CEO of my dad’s company too, but I will never be excited about it. Maybe we should start a company doing something that we can both get excited about.”

“I love that idea. I have great people running my dad’s company. I just realized that I am on the board of your company. You know, I bet you have a seat on my dad’s company too. They did , well I guess our companies still do a lot of business together.”

“We have to quit calling our business as our dad’s. I don’t mean running them, but they are ours now.”

“That is true. I don’t think I will ever want to get involved with the daily running of Carter Enterprises. I hope one day I will find something to focus on, but right now I don’t know what I want to do.”

“Me either, but I am still in school. I don’t have to decide. You on the other hand will have to be a slacker.” He giggled to let me know he was teasing.

“Damn, I guess I will have to cancel on the golf tournament and go to work. I can’t have my boyfriend associated with a slacker.” I teased back.

“Your boyfriend loves his slacker.” He reached over and grabbed my dick. “Besides the important parts are never slack for long.”

“Watch the road big boy. I don’t want my boyfriend hurt in an accident.” I squeezed his thigh. “You know, I was just thinking. We have my house and your house. I think we should find our house. I love the thought of our house.”

“I was thinking the same thing last night. You know what jumped into my mind was the old Jackson mansion. That place is ideal for its beauty and privacy. I even thought I would buy it and give it to us.”

“I love that place too. I think it would be best if we bought it together to make it truly ours. What do you say, lets drive by there and see who has it listed.”

We drove to the Jackson place and called the realtor that was listed. She said it started out at fifteen million but they have it down to twelve now. I asked if we could get it for ten and she said probably if it was a firm offer. We set up a meeting to see the place Friday morning. Friday was turning into a very busy day. Adam said it wouldn’t be that bad, we would be together all day. Even if he wasn’t in my meeting with the two leaders of the company he would be close.

When we got to Adam’s house Max helped him put together a couple of big luggage pieces full of clothes and shoes. “You know you boys can do laundry every once in awhile.” He teased.

“I don’t plan on taking all this to the tournament, but we need to take enough. Even if we have our laundry done once or twice we will go though a lot of clothes. Both for golf and the club functions. Only one requires a coat and tie, but still we need more than just shorts and shirts.”

“You guys need to spend some time here too you know. We are getting very bored without anyone here but the help.” I could tell that Max was serious.

“You know Max, Adam and I were just talking about getting a place of ours. Not either of our family place. Maybe you would like to go with us Friday morning to look at the old Jackson place to see if we want to live there and what would need to be done to make it like we wanted it.”

“I sure would. I think we need to take Maggie too. She would know what the kitchen needs. We would all want to come take care of you boys. We have discussed it and if you were going to stay at Jim’s we were going to suggest we become the staff. This place will be fine with the same arrangement you have now at your house. Part time help will keep the place up fine. Besides, we want to be with you boys.”

We both hugged Max. “Make sure Maggie is ready for Friday. Hell, let’s just bring everyone. You guys can meet us there. Our appointment to see the place is eight AM.”

“We will be there. You boys have fun in Austin tomorrow.”

“Wait, come in and have some dinner. I had a feeling you would be by today, so I made dinner.” Maggie came in and insisted. “Besides, you have worked so hard to keep your complexion from all that grease and refined sugar. I would hate to see you covered in pimples now.”

Adam laughed. “Thanks Maggie. I don’t want to deal with zits either. I am taking my medicine every day. Hey that reminds me, I need to get a refill.”

“I’ll take care of it tomorrow.”

After a wonderful dinner, we went back to my place and got my things together. Then it dawned on me, that our clubs were at the club. I dialed Hank. He laughed and said. “I forgot to tell you I left them with the guard at the club. I know you would think of it eventually. I found two pair of shoes for you, but Adam only had one pair in his locker.”

“We will buy him another pair between rounds. Thanks Hank, glad you were on the ball, we are headed to the club now. We will see you this weekend.”

When we stopped at the guard house for our clubs he laughed at us. “Hank wasn’t sure if you guys would remember until after closing. He said he left a message on one of your phones.”

I looked and my phone was dead. “Damn, I forgot to charge my phone. It was probably mine. Thanks again.” We got back in the truck and I put my phone on the charger. “If you don’t feel like driving just let me know and I will drive.”

“I need the practice. I have been driving so much lately it is like I already have it. Two weeks and I’m legal.”

“Well to drive anyway.” I teased.

“As long as you don’t mind breaking the law for another couple of years, I’m happy. Damn, I can’t believe we have known each other for such a short time. It seems like we have been together forever. It’s like I had no life before you came into it.”

“That’s so true. I feel the same way. You didn’t just change my life, you became my life.”

Just outside Austin, Adam pulled off at a rest stop. “I have to take a wicked leak.”

“Me too. I’ll hold yours if you hold mine.”

“In that case, we will be at the stop a little longer.” Of course, we never got the chance. The rest stop was very busy.

We checked in and had a quick shower. Our quick shower took a different turn. We couldn’t keep our hands or mouths off each other. By the time we had both cum, we were both showing signs of being in the water too long. It was getting late we turned on the news and cuddled up to watch the news. We didn’t watch much of the news, it was on but we weren’t paying much attention. I couldn’t keep my hands off Adam’s beautiful butt. His hard cheeks in my hands were driving me crazy with desire. I couldn’t resist any longer. I rolled him over on his stomach. I started kissing at the base of his spine and worked my way down to those beautiful tight buns. I loved kissing those wonderful globes of Adam flesh, but I couldn’t hold off any longer and started licking up and down his crack. I spread those beautiful cheeks and started working on his tight hole. I worked my tongue around and felt his anal ring relax a bit. I started working my tongue in that hot hole. Adam was bucking on the bed. “Fuck me Jim, I need you in me.”

I wanted him like crazy, but I couldn’t let myself enter him yet. “Can we wait another day or so? I want it as much as you do, but I don’t enjoy be entered without cleaning myself out and I didn’t bring the bag.”

“We can wait if you let me cum. I need to cum. Please hurry and make me cum.” He turned over, his beautiful cock pulsing leaving no doubt that he was ready to cum. It didn’t take but a second before I had that wonderful cock in my mouth. It dawned on me quickly how perfect his cock felt in my mouth. How I love sucking this beautiful cock. His cock started erupting just as I got my finger in his hot hole. As his eruption started to slow, I flicked his hot button and was rewarded with another strong pulse from his cock. Hard to believe he has just cum a few minutes earlier with the wonderful ball honey that I was rewarded with.

I kissed my sweet man, but he broke the kiss after a few seconds and move me over on my back. He started sucking my balls. I was so close I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was unloading another load of cum. Adam could tell I was close and took my cock into his mouth. I was in heaven with this beautiful boy worshiping my cock. His finger entered me and I started unloading into his sucking mouth. He hammered my prostrate and I convulsed with renewed spasms from his actions.

We cuddled up together, kissing tenderly. “I love you so much. I can’t believe that you roared into my life. Please never leave me.”

“I love you too and you will never get rid of me. I think we both felt something special the moment we met. I just so afraid that you wouldn’t want anything to do with a dumb kid. I’m happier than I have ever been in my life.”

“Me too, you make me so happy and there is no way you are a dumb kid. You are very intelligent you proved that by skipping two grades and you definitely don’t look like a kid. You have such a beautiful body, but it is not a little boys body. I love you big boy.”

were hard all through our shower.


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