Golf Balls and Boy Balls
Jim Carter

Part 10

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From Chapter 9:

After our shower, as soon as Adam climbed into bed he dove for my crotch and started loving my cock like he was starving for cock. He is usually very tender and loving with his mouth. Tonight he seems to be more wild and rough than he usually sucks my cock. He straddled my head with his knees to encourage me to love his balls with my mouth. He was attacking my cock so strongly that I was getting close way too quickly. He suddenly quick sucking me and swung around and kissed me passionately. That didn’t lessen my nearness to orgasm with his hot cock beside mine continuing to push me toward my eruption. To try and prolong our love making, I pushed him off me and on to his back. I was careful to keep my cock away from him and I started to worship his beautiful cock with my mouth.

What I didn’t realize was that he was just as close as I was. We are usually so well attuned that we know exactly when each other is about to cum. I don’t know how he managed to maneuver around to get my cock in his mouth. I knew I couldn’t hold off any longer and I let myself tumble over the edge and just as I fired my second shot into Adam’s sweet mouth, I felt his first volley into mine. I love the taste of Adam’s sweet cum. When we finally quit cuming, I couldn’t help myself, I just held his perfectly shaped cock head in front of my face and I gave it and its blinking eye tender kisses.

We were both laughing as we settled into the bed and I pulled the sheet over us. “That was awesome, I can’t remember ever trying to get us off so quickly. Reminds me of trying to suck in the back of the gym at boarding school. We had to hurry there. I guess it was the teenager in me.” He teased.

We kissed. “Are you trying to tell me something kiddo?” I asked as if I didn’t know the answer.


Now Chapter 10:

We kissed.  “Are you trying to tell me something kiddo?”  I asked as if I didn’t know the answer.


Actually I just want to love and cuddle with my main man, but now that you mention it, the more I think about it, the more I think Kyle is mentally mature for his age.  I don’t think all fourteen year olds are mature enough to enter into a relationship with someone Tanner’s age, but Kyle is.  I think Tanner still has some reservations, not whether or not they love each other, but I think he is afraid he is taking advantage of Kyle.  Does that sound like someone we know named JIM.  He kissed me.


“I know you’re right, but knowing I’m the dad and supposed to have my son’s best interest at heart makes me lean a lot farther to the side of against than I would in any other situation.”


“So what ARE you going to do when they come to you and tell you they are in love and want to be intimate?”


“First of all, we are in this together and I want us to talk this out and have a united stance on this.”  I kissed him.  “Since you have made it clear what you think, I will support that.  I do think we should insist they maintain separate living quarters until Kyle is of legal age.”  I chuckled.  “I suppose that we should have them both move into those two bedrooms down the hall from Corey that has a bathroom in between.  They should be able to appear separate that way and still sleep together.”


Adam laughed.  “I knew love would win over law when it came down to doing what is right with the ones you love.”


“One thing I want to make sure we don’t do is to make this easy on them.  They have to want to do this badly enough and be certain enough to come to us ready to fight to be able to pursue this.”


“Sounds good to me.”  Adam kissed me and snuggled into my arms.  He was asleep within a couple of minutes.  It took me a little while longer, but I was content that we were doing the right thing with Kyle and Tanner.


I don’t know how he always wakes up before I do, but I get the benefit of waking to him gently sucking my dick.  His low hanging balls were resting on my nose as usual.  I tilted my head back and started licking and sucking on those perfect orbs in their wrinkled sack.  I stretched back and started licking his hot hole.  This boy has as ass that seems to beg to be licked.  Because I know it is more comfortable for both of us I hold on to him and move us to our sides before taking his perfect cock in my mouth.  I guess we are becoming predictable.  We both started working our fingers into each other’s hole at the same time.  I was soon rewarded with Adam’s sweet cum.  I love tasting him so much.  We kissed for a few minutes before pulling on our running shorts and heading out to warm up for our run.


Kyle and Corey were the only two down there stretching when we got outside.  It was strange that the others were not there yet.  “Where is everyone?”  Adam asked, with a smile.


“I don’t know.”  Corey said.  “Steve was too tired and he stayed in bed.”


“I bet they are not awake yet.  Frankie was always the first one up and I remember Corbin saying once that if it were not for Frankie they would be late.  I don’t know how he woke them though, since they were in the other apartment.”  Kyle said.


Just then Corbin and Dillon came around the corner and Tanner came down his stairs.  They were all laughing.  “We miss Frankie already.  Frankie used to knock on the wall between our bedrooms to wake us up for our morning run.  Tanner is not as dependable it seems.”  Corbin teased.  He pushed Tanner jokingly.


“Hey man, don’t blame me.  I just woke up when I heard you falling out of bed.  I guess we will have to set an alarm.”  He laughed.  “Hey guys, can I ask you a question?”  Tanner was looking at us.


“Do you mind if I help Coach Roberts coach Kyle and Corey’s team?  We talked Friday when we were mowing and raking the baseball field.  I told him I would have to make sure it was okay with you guys first.  Corey and Kyle both said they liked the idea even if I was tougher on them than the other boys.  I told them I might be trying to make sure I wasn’t showing them any favoritism.”


Adam looked at me and I nodded.  “Why would we object?  You know we think of you as a brother.”  Adam laughed.  “I’m surprised that you thought you should clear it with us, but we would love it if you were helping coach the boys.”  Adam turned around and said.  “Has coach Roberts got everything set up for you for next weekend’s tournament?  He needs to get everything set up for the World Series too.”


“He said he would have it all set up.  Coach Garrison was there too and he said he would make sure I was taken care of for his team’s World Series too if I would help him during that week.”


“Who is Coach Garrison?”  I asked.


“He is the coach for the sixteen year olds.  He is planning on taking Kyle, Corey, Daniel, and Hunter as extra pitchers for his World Series.  Oh, I guess he hasn’t had a chance to talk to you.  They came by yesterday while you guys were in Arkansas.  I’m sure they will talk to you tonight, but I told them I was sure you would be okay with it since the boys already said they wanted to go.”


“Oops sorry dads, we were supposed to talk to you about it, but we forgot.  Thanks Tanner for not busting us, but we just plain forgot.”


“I’m glad you guys were supposed to talk to us and forgot, I was starting to think the coaches were getting a little out of hand.”


“I hope you don’t get too mad at us, but they talked to us over a week ago.  It was the night you two had to go eat dried chicken in your monkey suits as you called them.  I hope you don’t think you can’t trust us, although it kind of looks like you can’t.”  Kyle looked like he lost his best friend.


I hugged him.  “Don’t get down on yourself.  We all manage to screw up at times.  It all worked out without anyone getting hurt or upset, so all is good.”  We finally started our run.  Once we were finished and headed to the gym to start our workout, Kyle said he was going to get the stuff the coach had given them to give to us.  He was back in less than a minute with the documents.


“I put this on my desk, but I forgot about it.  I know it looks like a lot of stuff to overlook every day.  I’m really sorry.”


I laughed.  “It does seem a lot to overlook, but don’t beat yourself up over it.”


When we finished our work out and had our shower, we looked over the documents.  Of course, they had releases for each of the boys.  They included information about the dates and rooms.  They mentioned that our room would be free since we were helping them out.  I got on the phone with Dave and gave him the information.  I told him what hotel the team was staying at and asked him to coordinate with the security team about getting enough rooms for them.  From the way our World Series tournament hotel was booked solid, I was afraid that we would be in trouble in Kansas City.


We went to the golf course for Corey and Steve’s lesson.  When the lesson was about over Hank said he and Paul would play in a group with Corey and Steve, to work with them on the course.  That left Adam and I to play with Kyle and Tanner, isn’t that interesting.  Corbin and Dillon had gone to one of their friend’s house that invited them for the day.


Kyle said.  “Okay, what are we going to bet and who is going to be partners?  We have to split up Jim and Adam to have any kind of chance.”


“Why don’t the oldest and the youngest play Adam and I.”  Tanner offered.  “We will need some strokes though.”


“Okay, what do you two tweeners want to play for?”  Kyle teased.  “Jim and I don’t think you have a chance, but let’s see if you have anything in your sack.”


“Well, we know the kid has a big mouth on him.  Let’s see if you can put your money where your mouth is.”  Adam teased.  “You give us a shot a side and we will play you, you little turkey.”


“Okay, the losers have to say ‘All hail Kyle, the golf master.’ Of course, you will say Jim instead of Kyle when Jim is the one coming up to you.”


“Adam, we have to win this thing.  I don’t want to listen to that little shit.”  Tanner teased.


After our tee shots, Kyle was driving us to our second shots, I teased him.  “I think you might have let your alligator mouth overload your tadpole ass.”


He laughed and raised up off the seat and stuck his butt in my face.  “That isn’t a tadpole ass, that’s an awesome ass.”


I swatted him on the butt.  “You’re a legend in your own mind.”


“You know you can’t argue with my cute butt.”  He sat down quickly.


We had a great day.  We all played very well.  I think Tanner and Kyle played the best I have ever seen them play.  Kyle chipped in on eighteen for an eagle to give us a one shot victory after we gave them a shot a side.  I don’t care how much they hated losing to us they were both happy to see Kyle on cloud nine.  He didn’t even tease them much, but the smile on his face was almost bigger than his face if that were possible.


When we got in the pro shop it started.  Kyle said “Don’t you two have something to say?”


Tanner and Adam looked at each other and said together. “All hail Kyle the golf master.”


Kyle was laughing so hard but he then said.  Aaannnddd.?


Tanner and Adam said.  “All hail Jim the golf master.”


When Hank and Paul came in with Corey and Steve, Kyle looked at Adam and Tanner.  “Don’t you have something to say?”


They said together.  “All hail Jim and Kyle the golf masters.”


This was getting old in a hurry and I knew Adam and Tanner were ready to wring his little neck.


Hank said.  “I have everything I need to have Corey and Steve’s clubs made up.  They should be ready by next weekend.  I know you will be in Dallas, but they should be ready.”


When we got home Kyle made them hail us for Maggie and Max, but then let it drop.  I had a feeling he would keep them busy at practice tonight.  We took Steve home on the way to practice.  His parents came out to thank us for taking care of him this weekend.  They saw that Corey was driving and his mother said.  “Wow, Corey, you look good behind the wheel.”


“Thanks, I got my learner’s permit a couple of weeks ago, but my dads wouldn’t let me drive until the security guys said I was doing good.  You should let them teach Steve.  They are really good.”


“I would love it if that could happen, but we impose on your dads so much already, I couldn’t ask that.”  Steve’s dad added.


“It’s not imposing, and it would make us feel better if Corey ever rides with Steve if we know he had excellent drivers training.  If you want to have the security team work with Steve, just say the word and I will have them contact you.  I’m sure they will ask you to sign a release, and then set up times to work with him.”


“Please do and thanks so much.” 


I dialed the security number.  “Hey Patrick, I told Steve’s parents you guys would work with Steve getting him ready to drive on the streets.” 


“We need a release to protect us just in case something happened.”


“I told them you would probably want that and it isn’t a problem for them.  Will you call them and set everything up.  Their number is 555-9212.”


“I know their last name is Lee, but I need their first names for the release.”


“He needs your first name for the release.”  I handed Mr. Lee the phone he was closer.


“We are Kathy and Mark, we have been intending to ask Jim and Adam to call us that, but it hasn’t come up until now.”  He smiled.  “Thanks, we look forward to your call.”  He handed me the phone.  “He said they would call us and set up a time to work with Steve.  He said their firm has a training car that they have to schedule that he will be using first that they has duel steering and breaks.”


“Yeah, Corey was frustrated when it took a few days after he got his permit.”


“We need to go dad.  Coach will give us a hard time if we are late.”  Kyle said from the back.


The Lee’s waved as we drove off.  I thought to myself that Adam and I wouldn’t be able to sit together much for the next couple of years with Corey and then Kyle driving on learner permits.  They specifically told us that it had to be someone that was at least twenty-one.  At least we have the help from the security guys.  Both boys are doing very well with their driving with the security guys.  Kyle has been working with them although he can’t get his learner’s permit until next year.


When we got to the field a few of the boys and their parents were already there.  When Hunter saw Corey was driving he shouted for the other boys.  “Look Carter’s family has a death wish.  They are letting Corey drive.”


“Wow, next thing you know they will be letting Kyle drive.  I hope you have good insurance.”  Taylor shouted over his laughter.


“Very funny, you clowns need to take your act on the road.” I guess that was all Kyle could think to say. 


I noticed that the new grandstands were getting close to completion.  They looked very good.  So all the boys were there and coach addressed the parents.  “Parents, I want to introduce Tanner Jones to you.”  He gestured to Tanner.  “I spoke to him Friday and he agreed to be my assistant coach.  Also, most of you know that for the World Series we borrow pitchers from our fourteen year old team.  This year the sixteen year old team is taking Kyle, Corey, Daniel and Hunter with them to Kansas City and they will be starting the weekend after our tournament this coming weekend.  That’s all I have, thanks parents.”


“Mr. Carter and Mr. West, will you be taking the RV and can all the boys ride with you?”


“Not if you keep calling us mister.  We are Jim and Adam.”  Adam spoke up.  “I know your parents want you to be respectful, but we really want all of you adults and kids alike to call us Jim and Adam.  As for letting all the boys ride in the RV, it is fine with us if it is okay with your parents.”


About that time Andy and it looks like everyone from A & J Performance walked up to where we were.  “How was the rest of the car show?”  Kyle asked.


Andy shouted.  “We got best in show and three other awards.”  He held up a huge trophy.  “It was so cool.”


Sam spoke up.  “One of those three other awards was most interesting exhibit and that was due to Andy’s excellent presentations and crowd interaction.”  He hugged Andy.


“Oh, you might not recognize the RV come Friday.  Andy is going to learn automobile painting on the brown beast.”


“I promise that if you don’t like it, we will keep painting until we find something you like.”  Andy said.  “Kyle, don’t forget to send me the pictures.”


“You haven’t checked your email.  I already have.” Kyle told him.  “Oh, before we start practice I think Tanner and Adam have something they need to say.”


Adam and Tanner both gave Kyle a look but said together.  “All hail Jim and Kyle the golf masters.”  They even bowed and waved their arms as if praising a master.  Everyone was laughing. 


Hunter’s dad, Carlton said to Adam.  “I take it you lost to Jim and Kyle at golf today.  Where did you guys play?”


“We played the TPC course at Woodlands.  That is our favorite course of all the Woodlands courses.  I assume you can guess who made the teams and decided what the bet would be.”  He laughed.


“I assume Jim is the best player of you guys is why Kyle picked him.”


“Yeah, Jim could easily play on the PGA tour.  He shot ten under by himself today.”


“Holy crap.  I’d be lucky to shoot twenty over on that course and I used to be a scratch golfer when I was in college.  That course just eats my lunch.”  Carlton said.


“Adam and Tanner gave us all we wanted.  Kyle chipped in an eagle on eighteen for us to win by one stroke.”


“Do you guys ever play the new course where they play the Houston Open now?”


“Yes the tournament course is a real challenge and that eighteenth hole is beautiful, but a hard hole to finish on.”


“But you like the TPC course better?”


“As well as I know the TPC course, it is still a very good test of golf and you have to really think on most of the holes.  The Redstone tournament course is tough, but it is still a bang it and hope course.  There isn’t a whole lot of risk reward with that course.  It is very though because of how easily you can make a big score.  To be honest, one of the reasons I don’t like that course any better than I do, is the club pro and the members don’t like me much.”


“Why don’t they like you?  I don’t understand, you seem like a super nice guy to me.”


Adam laughed.  “Because he has won every tournament they have let him in.  That and Kyle won the junior tournament they had a couple of weeks ago.  The club pro doesn’t make any bones about it, Jim is not on his friends list.”


“I was going to suggest we go play some time, but I guess I’m not in your league.”


“We would love to go out and play with you.  Just let us know when and we’ll have a ball.”  Adam said.


“Are you guys busy tomorrow?  I have the day off and was going to try to find a group tomorrow.”


Adam and I looked at our schedule at the same time and laughed.  We didn’t have anything to conflict with.  “Tomorrow looks good for us.  Do you have someone you want to play with?”


“I thought I would bring Hunter with me.”


“I will see if Tanner can join us and we will let the boys play together.  They will enjoy that, I’m sure.”


“I don’t think Hunter is in Corey and Kyle’s league.”


“I’m sure Corey will want to invite his boyfriend and he is just learning, so I think they will find a way to have fun.  If I know Kyle, he will be asking Hunter to come over so that he can help his game with the Swing-Tec.  He is pretty good teacher.  He knows more about the Swing-Tec than most of their factory reps that we have met.  He is really good on it.”


“I hate to ask, but can he help me some time?”


“I’m sure he would be happy to work with you.  Do you have his number?”


“I’m sure Hunter does.  Do you think he would work with me a little tomorrow before we play.


“I’m sure he will but ask him after practice.  We have two and I will be happy to help you if Kyle is working with Hunter.  We of course, don’t know for sure the boys will want to play tomorrow, but I bet they will.” 


“Fantastic.”  Carlton said.


“Where would you like to play?”


“I love the TPC course, I just don’t know how to play it.  If you will help me get around it, I would like to play there.”


I sent Hank a message and he replied that we had two tee times starting at one-thirty tomorrow afternoon.  “Okay we have a couple to tee-times at one-thirty.  I need at least an hour to warm up, so if you and Hunter will come over by ten-thirty we can work with the Swing-Tec before heading to the club for a light lunch.”


“A young man at your age needs an hour to warm up?”


Adam laughed and answered.  “He usually makes us be at the course a couple of hours before tee-time.  When he wants to make sure he plays his best, he works on putting, then warm up his full shots, and then bunker and chip shots, he then goes back to the putting green.  I have to admit that he spends half that time working with me and the boys to get us to feel confident about playing.”


“To be honest, I don’t usually have time but maybe a couple of putts before I start my round.”  Carlton said.


“I’ll be honest with you. If I couldn’t get the confidence of my short game right before a round, I think I would play horribly.  At least, I did the few times that I couldn’t get a feel of the greens before a round.  Just chalk it up to Jim’s paranoia.”  I chuckled.  “My group is used to it, so they know we will be getting there early.”


Adam nodded.  “That might be the most important lesson he has taught us.  It has made a big difference in my game.  I was a five or six before Jim got me tuned in, now I am scratch and very seldom lose to anyone but Jim and I have beat him three times now.  Luckily, I get to play with him as a partner.”


Practice went well, but afterward, I was called to the side by Coach Roberts.  “Jim, we need to ask a favor of you.”


“Sure, if I can, I’ll be glad to help you.”


“This is Lou Adams.”  I shook hands with one of the men that had just walked up.

“This is Coach Morgan Justice, he coaches thirteens,  Coach Jason Wells, he has fourteens, Coach Tom Garrison sixteens, and Mark Sims eighteens.”  I shook hands with each one of them as they were introduced.


“I feel like I might be out numbered here.”


“You are, and we had to assure Adam and those gentlemen over there that you would be totally safe.  If it makes you feel better, Adam thought we had a great idea when we talked.”


“So, Adam is in on this too?”  He walked over.


“I knew you wouldn’t mind.”


“Lou is the chairman of Black Sox baseball association.  He has accepted a different job in Las Vegas.  We hope you will finish out the year for him and then we will elect a new chairman before fall ball.”


“What do I need to do?”


“Everything is done except distributing the pins for the World Series and the final financial report.  Actually that is already done except for any final expenses.  Adam said he was sure you would want Jake your accountant to handle that for you.”


“So what do I need to do to finish up distributing the pins?  The easiest way that comes to mind is to distribute the pins to the coaches and let them get them to the players.”


“Yes, that works for the players pins to trade.  The eighteen and under team doesn’t want to trade pins, thinking they are too old for this.  They do however want to have the pins to give to the teams they play at the World Series.”  He held one of the played pins.  It was a pin with the state of Texas and the words: ‘I played The Woodlands Black Sox’ and ‘2010’ at the bottom.  “This is the first year we have done the played pins and we didn’t want to waste too many, so we only ordered three thousand pins.”


“Wouldn’t it be better to leave the year off the pin and any leftover can be used next year?”


“Yes it would and we figured that out after the fact.  We will do that next year, but this year, we will have to try to get the left over pins from the teams that play on earlier dates to the teams that play later.”


“Are you sure?  It seems to me that you have more than enough pins.  How many do think you will need for each game?”   I asked.


“I am pretty sure they have a limit of sixteen players and each team is only given two coaches passes, so we could be safe in saying eighteen per team.”


“Then all we need to do is give each coach six hundred pins and they all should have at least two hundred left.”  I stated.


“Are you sure?  We don’t know how many games each team will be playing.”


“I was told the limit was one hundred twenty-eight team in each age group, and the sixteen and eighteen’s were usually less than that.”


“That is true.”


“I was told that the pool side of play to determine seeding was eight team pools, so that is seven games.  Then the top sixty-four are seeded into the double elimination championship bracket and the bottom sixty-four are seeded into the single elimination consolation bracket. That means the most games in bracket play is.”  I counted off on my fingers as I counted the games.  “Sixty-four, thirty-two, sixteen, eight, four, two, and the looser bracket winner.  With one more game if looser bracket wins the first game.  That gets us up to fifteen games.  If we round it up to twenty game times the twenty players is four hundred pins.  So yes, I’m sure the coaches will have plenty of pins if we divide them equally.”


“I must be an idiot.  I never even thought to try to count the most possible games.”  Lou said.


“You aren’t alone Lou, the rest of us on the committee were just as clueless.”  Coach Roberts said.


“If you have the pins here, we will get the boys to split them up for us.”  I asked Lou.


He went to get the pins.  I shouted.  “Do we still have ten boys still here!  We had eleven boys come over.  “We need ten of you to count out some pins for us.  Does one of you guys need to leave or anything?”


“My dad is already in the car, so if you don’t need me, I need to go.”  Billy said.


“Great, go ahead Billy.  Can the rest of you help us for about five minutes or so?”


All of them said yes. Lou handed each boy a heavy duty zip lock bag and dumped the pins on the scorning table.  “Okay boys count out three hundred each into your bag.”  Lou said.  The boys looked at me for approval.  I just nodded and hoped it didn’t hurt Lou’s feelings.  I saw several parents have to turn away to keep from laughing.


“Hey guys make sure your pins have backs on them.  I found one without one.  Set them aside and maybe we will find it a back.”  Kyle said.


“Oops I had one like that.”  Joe said as he fished through his bag for the un-backed pin.


Once the boys had counted out their pins, there was about fifty or so pins left over.  Lou said.  “Anyone that wants a pin just grab you one.”  The boys all pinned one to their cap and most all the parents did the same.  Kyle brought me a pin and Corey gave one to Adam.  We pinned them on our caps.


“Can we have one?”  I saw Andy for the first time.  He was asking for himself and his coharts.


“Of course you can and take the rest if you want to give them to anyone else in the shop.”  Coach Roberts said. 


Sam came over to shake Coach Roberts’s hand.  “Thanks Aaron, your team really impressed my boys.”


Lou handed Coach Roberts his two bags of pins without interrupting the two men talking.  “Thanks Sam, they are a great group of kids.   I think I have the twelve best players in this age group.  They aren’t just great individuals, but they are so very much a team.”


“You can’t ask for more can you coach?”  Sam stated.


“Nope, that was my only worry when Kyle joined us was that it would adversely affect the team dynamic.  He is such an awesome player that I was afraid that maybe some of the guys would resent how good he is, but they have accepted the challenge and have to the man improved their game.  Part of that improvement has to be accredited to Jim and Adam and their fitness routine.  I think it is safe to say we have improved our team speed at least thirty or forty percent.  That’s huge.”


Both Adam and I turned to leave when Coach Roberts gave us some of their fitness credit.  “Hey guys, what did you do to help this team with their fitness?  I think fitness is very important, is there something you can do to inspire my guys.”


Adam just laughed.  “Well, Jim seems like an old man to these kids and when they saw him with his shirt off and how easily he could out run them, they decided they wanted to learn how to run and train better.  We asked Cameron our trainer to work with Coach Blain from Saint Sebastian and his strength coach to decide what he was comfortable with the boys working on.  He put together a video with some exercises they could do without having expensive exercise machines.  He put together a package of cheap implements to help them do the exercises.  The practice that we gave them the packages, Cameron was there to lead them and show them the proper way to do the exercises.  He is going to do a follow up check-up Thursday night.  If you would like packages for your boys, I’ll send them to you tomorrow and then your boys can join in the follow-up Thursday.”


“Not just the boys, but the other adults and I need it too.”


“Okay, but I have to warn you.  The guy taping the workout made us all go shirtless.  He did most of his close-ups of what the muscles would look like being worked were of Jim’s torso.  If I didn’t know my Jim, I might have been jealous.  He couldn’t hide the fact that he was fascinated with Jim’s body.”


“He took plenty of shots of your sexy body too, but we had to have some of the shots of the younger boys cut out.  They weren’t pornographic, of course, but since Kyle is only fourteen, we didn’t think some of the angles were necessary and were a little suggestive.  Let’s just say that your gay guys will enjoy watching the video even if they don’t enjoy the workout.”


“Hey, I have to fight my wife for the video.  She doesn’t make any bones about it.  All the guys in this video get her juices flowing.  She likes the workout too.  She has lost close to ten pounds already.  I have tightened up more than I thought possible in this short time.” Coach Roberts admitted.  “Oh, you might not know this, but Coach Blain said he was planning to talk with Cameron and ask him to help with his players conditioning.  He said if they couldn’t work out a deal for his services, he was going to ask to be able to use the video at the very least.”


Sam made to touch my shirt.  “May I?  I can see you are extremely fit, but I want to see these abs of yours.”


Adam lifted my shirt and said.  “You have to get the full effect.”  He used his other hand to help get the shirt over my pecks.  “The video doesn’t help with the tan.  That you have to work on your own.”


I raised Adam’s shirt.  “His body is the same.”


“Yes, you both are excellent specimens of manhood.”  Sam laughed.  “Oh, guys, I almost forgot.  I came up here to ask you something about your RV.  We want to paint all the areas except where the murals will be with a special reflective pain.  Depending on the way the light is reflected it will look to be metallic red to a metallic blue and almost anywhere in between.  We have never used this paint before, so we are not sure it will look as awesome as it sounds.  I assure you we will re-paint it if you don’t like it.  We have already ordered some awesome looking wheels to replace the stock ones.  We also had to order some new tires to show off the wheels.”  He laughed.  “Andy is so excited, but keeps reminding us that you want to leave Friday, so we need to have it ready by Thursday night.  That boy is a true artist as well as being a motor head.  Come a little early your next practice and let him show you his drawings that he wants to paint on the RV.”


“We will make it a point to be here to check it out Tuesday.  Right now we better get home before Maggs has our hides for being so late.”


Sure enough when we got home Maggie started in on Adam and I.  “You two know better than to keep these boys out this late without dinner.  They don’t need to eat a full meal this late.  You don’t either for that matter.”


“We know Maggs, we have the same problem when we have games at night.  We need to eat something light enough so that the boys don’t get sick running and playing, and then another light meal or snack when we get finished.”


“I have some tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich ready for you boys, but don’t you let me find out that you are feeding these boys French fries, soda, and chocolate when you are travelling or I will kick both your butts.  I don’t want to see pimples all over these cute faces.”


“We know the drill Maggs.”  Adam added.  “You have us all well trained.”  He laughed.


“Watch that laugh boy; you’re not too old for me to spank that cute butt.”


“Maggs you have never spanked me.  Just knowing you were disappointed in me always kept me in line.”  Adam hugged her.


“Go change for your run before I change my mind and start spanking.”  She kissed his cheek.  “You too, and get that grin off your face.”  She waved her finger at me.


We did go for our run and then to bed.  We must have been extremely tired, because we were asleep before we knew it.  It was one of the few nights that we didn’t at least sixty-nine before going to sleep.


We slept late the next morning and were awakened by Kyle knocking on our door.  “Come on guys get up.  We need to start our run or Cameron will be here before we are finished.  You guys are lazy this morning.”


“Okay, we will be right down.”  Adam said still in a sleepy fog.


As we were finishing our run Cameron showed up and my phone rang.  I looked at the caller ID.  “Good morning Carlton.  How are you this morning?”


“I’m fantastic except for my son is driving me nuts wanting to go to your house already.  I’ve tried to reason with him, but he insisted that you guys had already had your run and wouldn’t mind if we came early to work with the Swing-Tec machine.  I have to admit that he convinced me enough to call instead to sending him to his room and waiting until the time we talked about last night.”


“It’s okay Carlton, come on.  Our trainer just got here, and we will be into our workout, but we will do the Swing-Tec as soon as it is over.  I will call the guards and have them bring you guys to the gym.  That is where the Swing-Tec is anyway.”


“Okay, we’ll see you in a few.  You have just made Hunter’s morning.  Thanks Jim.”  I called security and told them to bring Carlton and Hunter to the gym when they arrived.  They got there just before our regular workout was finished.  I went over to Carlton and before I could say anything.  “Holy shit Jim.  I can see now what all the wives were all talking about when they saw you guys without a shirt.  That is a body to get excited about.  I had no idea a guy could have all those rippled muscles without being bulky and huge.  I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”  He laughed at me blushing.


“I’m sorry, but we sweat too much to wear a shirt.  It will get especially bad when we go into the kickboxing part of the workout.  I forgot today was a kickboxing day or I would have told you it would be a little longer.”


“It isn’t a problem if you don’t want Hunter and I ogling you guys bodies just let us know and we will go away for a bit.”  He looked over at all the people here.  “Who are all these people, I have seen a few of them?”


“That’s Hank, he is the golf pro at TPC.  Of course, we will see him later today.  The guy next to him is Paul, he was estranged from his parents when they found out he was gay.  He is Hank’s assistant and is a junior at Saint Sebastian.  His parents were using his trust fund from his grandparents and when he was emancipated, the judge made them give back his money.”  I threw that information about the emancipation in to make sure he didn’t get concerned if he saw Hank and Paul together which I knew he would.


“Of course, you know Tanner.  You might not know that he is a great woodworker and was hired to help me in the shop.  He also fills in as one of the gardener’s helpers.  The next guy is Corbin and next to him is Dillon.    They are assistant gardeners and take care of the pools.  The trainer is Cameron and is sadistic at times, but is excellent at his job.”


“You let your employees train with you?  You and Adam must be easy to work for.”


“I hope we are easy to work for, but these guys might technically work for us, but we think of them more like family.  We think of them more like brothers than employees.”


Wow, that is really nice.”


“Jim are you trying to get out of jump rope.  We are waiting on you.  I think I heard one of the boys say something about the old man needs a break.”  Cameron teased.   “Oh wait that wasn’t the boys it was me.  Get your butt over here.”


“Be back in a bit.”  I told Carlton and Hunter.


Adam handed me a jump rope.  “Okay give me two minutes of warm up. Better pace yourselves, I’m going make you all pay for Jim’s slacking off.”  That caused everyone to tease me about being a slacker.  After two minutes of warm up jumping he said.  “Follow me.  Now switch to alternate foot.”  We all followed his lead.  I had a feeling he was going to really put us through our paces since Hunter was clapping and cheering at our efforts.  Cameron looked over at Hunter and said.  “You can grab a rope and get in on the fun too if you want.”


“No, that’s alright, but it sure looks good the way you are in sync.  I’m impressed.”


“Don’t worry dude, I’ll start losing a few in just a minute.  I won’t be able to talk though.  I have to admit I can’t keep doing this and talking at the same time.”  Cameron growled.  “Tempo up.”  He shouted before increasing the pace.  We usually lost someone on the first pace up, but everyone stayed on pace.  Alternate foot is hard enough at your own pace, but add in the difficulty of trying to stay in sync at someone else’s pace is murderous.  After a minute Cameron shouted again.  “Pace up.”  His pace was about as fast as I can do alternate foot without having real problems.  Soon Dillon and Tanner were out followed shortly by Corbin and Corey.  Hank and Kyle went next then Paul fell out.  With just Adam and I left.  Cameron shouted.  “Any step you want but quick time.”  All three of us were breathing hard and sweating like crazy.  “Okay you two win.”  He said as he dropped his rope.  Adam and I continued for a few seconds and then dropped our ropes.


We dropped to the floor and rolled on the mat.  “None of us has beaten you before.  What happened Cam?”  Adam asked between breaths.



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