Golf Balls and Boy Balls
Jim Carter

Part 11

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From Chapter 10:

Adam handed me a jump rope. "Okay give me two minutes of warm up. Better pace yourselves, I'm going make you all pay for Jim's slacking off." That caused everyone to tease me about being a slacker. After two minutes of warm up jumping he said. "Follow me. Now switch to alternate foot." We all followed his lead. I had a feeling he was going to really put us through our paces since Hunter was clapping and cheering at our efforts. Cameron looked over at Hunter and said. "You can grab a rope and get in on the fun too if you want."


"No, that's alright, but it sure looks good the way you are in sync. I'm impressed."


"Don't worry dude, I'll start losing a few in just a minute. I won't be able to talk though. I have to admit I can't keep doing this and talking at the same time." Cameron growled. "Tempo up." He shouted before increasing the pace. We usually lost someone on the first pace up, but everyone stayed on pace. Alternate foot is hard enough at your own pace, but add in the difficulty of trying to stay in sync at someone else's pace is murderous. After a minute Cameron shouted again. "Pace up." His pace was about as fast as I can do alternate foot without having real problems. Soon Dillon and Tanner were out followed shortly by Corbin and Corey. Hank and Kyle went next then Paul fell out. With just Adam and I left. Cameron shouted. "Any step you want but quick time." All three of us were breathing hard and sweating like crazy. "Okay you two win." He said as he dropped his rope. Adam and I continued for a few seconds and then dropped our ropes.


We dropped to the floor and rolled on the mat. "None of us has beaten you before. What happened Cam?" Adam asked between breaths.


Now Chapter 11:


 "It's my fault. I was trying to show off for the kid over there and got myself tied up in the rope." I saw Hunter busting up laughing. "Jim, Adam and Hank get behind and hold those three heavy bags. Corbin, Tanner and Dillon go first so that you can take their place after you do your punches. First I want twenty hard punches left hand. Kyle, I know you're not hitting yet but get your gloves on please." He went over to Tanner and said. "Come on Tanner your hitting like a girl. I want that bag moving. Harder boy you can do it again." Corbin was next. "Come on sister, you can do better than that." He went over to Dillon. "I see you finally got the message."

Once everyone was finished, Cameron said. "Now right handed and if you don't hit hard this time you will be doing this twice." All the boys were rocking the bag. When they all finished Cameron said. "Now guys the left foot to the top of the bag. Be careful you know how badly that hurts if you kick the chains with the top of the foot." When that was finished, he said. "Now give me twenty quick kicks with each foot." When that was finished, he said. "Next." The next group were put through their paces. He had Tanner, Corbin and Dillon switch places with us, so that we could be put through our paces on the bags. We did several more hard and then quick kick exercises on the heavy bag before Cameron said. "Guys, I'm going to have cut this a little short, I have something I need to do this morning. I want you to spend at least ten minutes on the speed bags and then you can call it a day." He grabbed his bag and headed toward the showers.

Adam, Kyle, Corey and I are always the last to use the speed bag for some reason. I saw Carlton and Hunter looking over the old pictures in the little trophy area. The four of us joined them. We heard Carlton telling Hunter. "Look real closely right there." He pointed to an old picture. "That is your mom and I in the background. We left you with grandma and we went to this ski tournament with Aunt Helen and Uncle Charlie." When he saw us, he said. "This is unreal. I never put it together until I saw this picture of you holding up that trophy. It was the only ski tournament we ever went to, so I was really surprised when I saw us in the background of that picture. How old were you there? I do remember it was all the buzz around town. The parents were complaining that you were too good for their little boys to compete against and so you competed in the adult division and won. I knew your name sounded familiar, but didn't realize it from your skiing. You were on ever sports cast for several days. Joy and I were so amazed at a young kid could do that. The guys you competed against were awesome and then you just blew our minds at how someone so young could be so good. Just how old were you?"

"That was the year I turned twelve. This was the first tournament of the year, so I was still eleven when this picture was taken. My mom was so angry that they were complaining that I won all the junior tournaments that she wanted my dad to throw the Ski Monkeys off our property. That is one of the few times I remember my parents disagreeing. My dad told her that he didn't offer the lake access and launching area with any conditions and wouldn't do that to the club. I remember telling my mom that I didn't care about winning, I just wanted to ski. I remember that was the first time she accused my dad and I of teaming up against her."

"You were a pretty tall kid for only eleven. You sure didn't have any clumsiness like some early growers do."

"I don't remember how tall I was back then, but I was the tallest in my class and I was two years younger than the other kids. I topped out at this height when I was seventeen."

"How tall are you dad?" Kyle asked.

"I'm six five. Adam is going to be taller than me. He was just a little shorter than me last year and I'm sure he is as tall or taller now."

"Stand back to back." Kyle said and pulled a stool up to us. "Hand me that yard stick." He told Corey. He put it on our heads. "Good thing you guys both have short hair. It looks exactly level to me."

"It is level." Carlton stated.

"Hey guys the speed bags are open. We will see you guys on Wednesday. Any last minute instructions for us in Austin?" Corbin asked.

"No, you know what we are looking for. If this guy isn't interested in coming down here, see if he has any recommendations. Make sure he understands that we are very serious about developing the best equestrian school, facility and team that we can possibly put together. I'm not sure this guy is the best for the job, but Mark wanted us to give him a chance to be part of the team. Mark didn't say, but I assumed that he was a part of the youth foundation at some point." Adam swatted him on the butt and added. "Don't get into too much trouble on sixth street."

When we were all about finished with our speed bag work, I noticed Kyle and Corey trying to show Hunter how to work the speed bag. I noticed Carlton was taking it all in and looked interested. "Want to give it a try?" I asked him.

"You guys make it look easy, but I know it isn't."

"It is a lot easier than most people think. It is more getting comfortable with just timing and not thinking." I stepped aside and said. "Here just barely touch the bag and let if bounce off your hands. See how it comes right back to where it came from. Now, just keep bouncing it gently. Is that starting to look a little like what we were doing with the bag?"

"Yeah, but a whole lot slower."

"If you start hitting it a little harder, the bag does a lot more of the work for you. It will automatically come back and hit your glove. You will notice quickly that you can't keep that pace up with only one hand. That is where the beauty and timing of the speed bag come into play. Actually all you are doing is just basically getting your hands in the way the bag does all the work. The way Cameron taught us was to close our eyes and not think about hitting the bag but to keep rolling your fists and let the bag do the work." They finally got to where they were doing a decent job. They still looked clumsy but were getting some work out of the bag.

"I can see, I'm getting a little better, but my forearms are really hurting." He said as he stopped. "I'm sweating like a pig too."

"We should have some clothes in the dressing room that you can wear."

"I appreciate the thought, but you flat belly boys are way too thin to have shorts and shirts I can wear."

"Look in Hank's locker; I'm sure he will have several outfits in there. If not we have some shirts that we wore while we were all playing a poker tournament as part of Adam's birthday celebration."

"Can we just do that, I am not comfortable going through Hank's locker?"

"Sure, but you need to know that we wore matching outfits during that tournament and the shirts have a logo that we made up. We didn't tell people what the initials meant, but it was a sort of rebellion on our part. The initials T-D-B mean `Three Dollar Bill'. I assume you can gather we were telling everyone that we were gay without telling anyone at all."

"I may be foolish, but I think my manhood can withstand a few chuckles or whatever Hank and Paul might tease me about."

"Well, Kyle knows the story too and you know he will tell your son to tease you. It is not in his nature to give you that big a break. If he knows it will bother you, he will find a way to get your son to tease you. You might be better off just teasing the two gay boys before they get started. Tell them not to get any ideas about your body, it's just a shirt."

"I'll do that and maybe nip the teasing in the bud." I opened a drawer and found some boxer briefs still in the package and threw them to Carlton. "Thanks, those are just the right size." He saw the showers and grinned big. "Cool, I take it these showers are the same as what Hunter was raving about so much after spending the night."

"You`ll love it dad. Just try all the pre-set settings before you decide on the one you want. There is a cool jet in the back to wash your butt too. Once you get your butt where you want it. Just lean into the bar and it will get stronger to wash it good. You feel really clean after that."

Carlton was still in the shower when the rest of us were almost fully dressed. When he came out of the shower he said. "That was awesome, how much does it cost to have that shower installed?"

"I don't have a clue, do you know Adam?"

"No, but I will call the contractor that we used, he can tell you." Adam searched through his contact list and dialed the number. "Hi, this is Adam West, we had you installed a lot of extreme showers in our home and our boat. One of our friends is thinking about something for his home, do you mind talking to him about the cost and etcetera?" He sighed. "I don't know; let me give the phone to him. His name is Carlton Matthews." Adam handed the phone to Carlton.

We were dressed so we let them talk and went into the Swing-Tec area. A couple of minutes later he came up and handed Adam his phone. "He is coming tomorrow morning to see what he can do and give me an estimate."

"Cool dad, is he going to do my shower too?"

"Yes, if we do one, we will do them all. I wouldn't do that to you as much as you loved that shower."

"Thanks dad." He hugged his father.

As we were getting started, I noticed that Carlton's clubs were at least fifteen years old and Hunter's looked to be cheap, so I thought they both needed clubs before we spent a lot of time trying to work on their swings. "Carlton, these clubs won't do. Technology has changed so much that the balls today won't even go as far as these clubs were once able to hit a ball. Hang on a second let me talk to Hank." I dialed Hank and put him on speaker.

"Hey Jim, long time no see. What's up bud?"

"We are going to work with Carlton and Hunter on the Swing-Tec, but their clubs are technology challenged. We figure Kyle's clubs will work for Hunter, but should we use mine or Adam's clubs for Carlton?"

"Actually both of your clubs are too long for him. What is he about five nine or ten?"

"I'm five nine." Carlton said.

"Then you should let him use Dalton's clubs, he isn't playing today. His clubs are cavity-back and they have very little toe up or down. They are pretty much the normal degree of loft for each club. Corbin like you guys has the club speed and accuracy for the muscle-back clubs. I have clubs he can use here, but I know you want clubs that he can get his distances with the Swing-Tec."

"That sounds good Hank, I will call Dalton and check, but I'm sure he won't mind. You can put his clubs on the cart with Tanner. I'll call you back if he doesn't want to loan Carlton his clubs."

"Will do buddy."

"Oh Hank, do we have any club certificates left? I know we have used four or five lately."

"You still have six left. I know, because I just used four for Corey and Steve two sets each."

"Plan on fitting Hunter and Carlton today and we will use a couple more."

"You don't have to do that Jim, we will pay for them." Carlton said.

Hank spoke up. "You might as well let them do this Carlton. They win so many sets of clubs they don't know what to do with them. They tried to donate them to Fist Tee for awhile, but First Tee couldn't legally sell them and just asked Jim and Adam to donate the cash instead. Jim and Adam started donating cash to First Tee and then just used the certificates for friends and family. They would have won more this year, but they have been going to baseball tournaments instead of golf tournaments." He laughed. "Oh, by the way, I will fit you after your round. I have the Thompson twins this morning and I need a little time to unwind before I can do a good job of fitting you." He laughed. "Those two are good boys, just mischievous as hell."

"Hey Hank, Dillon said it was okay to use his clubs anytime. I knew it wouldn't be a problem, but wanted to ask him anyway." Adam said.

"Good, I'll have everything ready except for Kyle's extra set and Steve's clubs. Maggs has already called and told the kitchen what to put in your coolers. She told me to make sure there weren't any sodas or sugar drinks slipped into those coolers. You know me, I just said yes ma'am and told her I would make sure. So consider yourselves warned." Hank laughed. "Your carts will be waiting in the practice area when you get here."

"Thanks Hank, we'll see you in a bit." I told him.

I took Dillon's practice set out of his locker and started getting the equipment ready. "Carlton, since you are using clubs you are not accustomed to yet, I suggest we just try to get your distances as close as we can. I don't claim to be an instructor or anything, but what we have done to improve the boys most with the Swing-Tec is getting them confident with their distances. The only club I ever swing hard with is the driver. All the other clubs I swing smooth and strive for a consistent distance."

After almost an hour, without being able to get Carlton to make a consistent swing, I noticed that Kyle was having the same problem with Hunter. I went over to Kyle and asked. "Do you have any ideas, how we can get through to our students? They both seem to sing hard or half speed."

"Does Mr. Matthews have a complete stop at the top of his swing too?"

"Yes, he does, but that isn't that uncommon."

"No, but I had to break Steve of that habit before he was able to make a consistent swing. It's worth a shot."

"Okay, you heard, we need to change your swings to get you to where you can strike the ball a consistent distance. Do you want to do that or you can just continue to practice with the Swing-Tec."

"I think we are smart enough to let you help us the best way you know how, so we are yours to mold as you think best." Carlton said and Hunter nodded his approval.

We tried again to show them the difference between swinging as hard as possible and swinging smooth, but still putting a good swing on the ball. They mastered starting the downswing without stopping fairly easily and both had huge grins and were soon making smooth consistent swings. We wrote all the distances they were hitting their each club and had them keep a little swing book in their pockets. "We will use the range finder once we get to the driving range to get the distances in the heat and humidity."

Maggs came over the intercom. "Lunch is ready. Wash up boys and come eat." She didn't wait for us to answer.

Carlton laughed. "She definitely runs this household, just like your mom runs ours." Carlton told his son.

"She sure does, but she is so nice. Everyone loves her. When we spent the night she showed everyone where the glasses and juices were and where to find the snacks she had in the fridge for us. She made sure we all knew to ask for anything at all that we wanted. She told us she didn't let her boys have soda, but if any of us wanted it she had some for us. She is super nice and funny too."

As we were sitting down to eat, Steve came in and took the extra place that I hadn't noticed until he came in. "Maggs told me to sit down and eat before she spanked my cute little butt." He laughed. "I think she meant it too."

"She did, I told her you were coming and to send your cute little butt in here when you got here." Corey laughed.

"Corey!" I said louder than I intended.

"I know dad, but it just slipped out. I know our guests are straight, but I don't think they are offended."

Hunter laughed. "Why would we be offended? We are used to Corey's obsession with boy tush." He laughed loudly.

"It isn't you guys that I'm worried about. I wish it wasn't something that we have to worry about at all, but the vast majority of people are not ready to see gay people showing P-D-A." Adam added.

Carlton said. "I know you are worried about the boys getting too comfortable with their affection in front of people that might hold it against them. I think it is safe to say the ball team and all the parents are safe and accepting."

"I might be a little paranoid. When I was sixteen and a freshman in college, a couple of guys thought they were among friends and were showing affection, kind of blatantly. They were hounded and teased by the jocks and the red-necks. They transferred after that semester. Until that happened, I thought college was pretty accepting of everyone."

"You were in college at sixteen? Dang you must be really smart. I'm impressed." Carlton said.

"School came easy for me, but I don't know how Adam was able to survive in boarding school. Being away from home and on my own at sixteen was really hard for me."

"Boarding school is different. You are not on your own that much. They have house mothers and floor prefects to add structure and see that you get to class and such. I'm sure that in college you were totally on your own and had to make all your decisions. I'm sure that was hard on a kid that young." Adam observed.

"Dad, I'm impressed." Kyle said.

"If I had to do it over, I would do something very different. The worst part, was eligibility for golf would have been used up by the time I was twenty if I hadn't sat out for a couple of years. Because we didn't actually use a scholarship, it wasn't called red-shirt, so I could just set out a couple of years. So by the time I was twenty-one, I had graduated and had my MBA. When my family was killed by the drunk driver, I just stayed and got another masters degree because I couldn't face going home to an empty house. That summer I met Adam and now we have a happy household."

We had just finished our lunch the boys were loading up the dirty dishes when Maggs came in. "Ms. Maggs, Kyle said you are the reason he doesn't have any pimples and Corey's are going away. Can you tell me what I need to do to get rid of my zits?" Hunter asked.

"It's not magic. I make sure the boys wash their face with good soap morning and night and then watch what they eat and drink. Soda is terrible for a growing body, so no soda. I don't let them eat fried food, especially french fries. I make sure the boys only drink water and some of the sports drinks or juice. One thing you will notice when you play golf today, I call the kitchen there and have the carts outfitted with fruit and energy bars and only water and juice to drink. I made sure you and your dad got the same. If you have any questions just call me and I will help if I can." She gave him her number. "My email is on there too. Send me an email and I will send you all the things I like and don't like my boys to eat."

"Thank you ma'am, I will send you the email tonight."

"Please just call me Maggs like all my boys do." She kissed his forehead.

We loaded Kyle's practice clubs and Steve's clubs into our ride. Corey got behind the wheel feeling like the king of the road. "Dad, when are you going to let me drive?" Hunter asked.

"Son, I think we need to wait until someone who knows how to teach you to drive gets you past the initial stages."

"Carlton, I don't want to interfere, but our security team is going to start Steve's driving lessons tomorrow. They make you sign a release, but they have a duel drive car to teach them with."

"Please do if you don't mind." We had it set up and the release signed before we left for the club.

When we got to the club and taught Carlton and Hunter to use the Bushnell laser range finder to fine tune their club distances, they started having a blast. After a little while, Carlton said. "You guys really do enjoy and have fun with your practice. It is totally different than any practice routine I have ever been part of before. You guys have more fun practicing than most people have playing. How did you manage to figure this out?"

Adam spoke up. "Jim started practicing this way when he was a young boy. His mom would drop him off at the club thinking he was swimming and playing with his friends. He said he got bored swimming pretty quickly, so he started playing his golf practice games. Once he shared his practice games with us, we all became hooked. I think you are beginning to see that practice can be fun."

Once Carlton got the hang of working from the green back to the tee instead of just bombing it off the tee, he was so excited and brimming with confidence. He was like a kid in a candy store. He was playing well and having a ball.

We could tell the boys were having a great time from all the laughing and hollering they were making behind us. As we walked off the ninth green our head of security Mark was waiting to talk to us. "I know your phones are off, but Jack Adams needs to talk to you about Corey's hearing. I think the judge has him concerned."

"Who is the judge?" Carlton asked. "I'm just asking, because I probably know any judge you might have for a adoption hearing."

"I don't know Carlton, we will ask Jack. You must be an attorney." I laughed.

"I'm an appeals court judge at the moment. I'm not running for re-election, but until the election, I'm still a judge." Carlton laughed.

"Sorry, I didn't know what you do for a living. Let's call Jack real quick and see what is going on." I put the phone on speaker and dialed Jack. He must have been waiting because he answered the phone himself. "Hey Jack, what's up bud?"

"Judge Huggins had one of his cases postponed and wanted to know if we would be willing to have our hearing Thursday at one-thirty. I gave him a tentative answer of yes, but something else disturbs me." He sighed. "I learned that Bill Franks has been replaced as Corey's attorney. When I called him, he said he received a letter telling him he had been replaced by a court appointed attorney named Leo Hunt. I don't really know this attorney, but his father has a reputation of being right wing."

"Hi Jack, this is Carlton Matthews, I don't understand why a judge would appoint an attorney if Corey already had one. That sure doesn't sound like Joe Higgins. Let me call him and talk to him. Something sounds fishy to me."

"Hi judge Matthews, I didn't know you were playing with Jim, Adam, and the boys. I appreciate your help. I know this isn't the time or place, but I heard you were looking for a law firm to buy into. Jim and Adam already know that I am running for State's Attorney General. I need to sell my practice before Election Day. Since I see you already know my only clients, you might want to keep my firm in mind."

"I definitely will do that. Let me call Joe and see what is going on with this Leo Hunt. His father is definitely not gay friendly, and I want to talk to Joe before Jim and Adam agree to Thursday." They said their goodbyes. We sent the boys to the tenth tee and we said we would play behind them. Carlton called Judge Higgins. "Hi Alice, this is Carlton Matthews, is Joe available?"

"Just a moment Carlton, let me see."

"Hey Carlton, what can I do for you bud?"

"Joe, I have you on speaker with Jim Carter and Adam West. We were out playing a round of golf and Jack Adams contacted us about moving their adoption hearing to Thursday afternoon. The real problem appears to be that Corey's attorney was replaced by a court appointed attorney Leo Hunt."

"Alice get me the Carter/Carter adoption file, please. Hello Mr. Carter and Mr. West. Let me assure you I didn't appoint Leo Hunt to anything. That young man is just like his father and gives lawyers a bad name."

"Hello judge." Adam and I said together.

"Thanks Alice." We could hear his open the folder. "I haven't looked at this file before, I was told it was a done deal and the state supported this adoption fully. Carlton you will never guess who had the nerve to appoint Leo Hunt to this case."

"Was it his uncle Charles?" Carlton asked.

"Yes, it was. He has no jurisdiction. I am going to bring them both up to the ethics committee. Carlton, I hate to put you on the spot, but will you represent the boy?"

"I would be happy to your honor. I have known Corey since he and Hunter were five or six years old. I haven't know Jim and Adam for that long, but they have rapidly become great friends."

"Great, I have updated the file and will see you both Thursday. Alice just gave me a note that said both Jack and Leo had agreed to our Thursday hearing. Don't say anything to him if he tries to contact you. If he as at one of the attorney tables Thursday, just wait until I send him away before any of you come forward."

"Will do judge, thanks so much for your help." Carlton said. We caught up to a little bit of a jam on eleven and while we were waiting Carlton asked. "Do you know how much Jack Adams is trying to sell his practice for?"

I shook my head, but Adam said. "I heard him say that we paid him over twenty million last year when he had us sign something about the equestrian school. I think he has eight attorneys and a few secretaries and interns."

"Wow, I was going to ask if you would allow me to be your attorney, but I can't swing that kind of buy out."

Adam and I started to protest at the same time. I motioned for him to go ahead. "I think you can see we both want to disagree with you. We both have been worried about who would end up buying Jack's practice. If you will buy his practice, we will make a interest free loan for the purchase price with very favorable re-payment terms. You agree with that don't you Jim?"

"Of course, it is always nice to have friends watching for our best interest." I said. "I hope you don't mind me asking, but why did you decide to not run again for judge?"

"I don't mind at all. To be honest there are several reasons, but the reason I decided I could no longer do the job was simple. I had to let a real scumbag walk because the cops ignored the law about collecting evidence. It wasn't my fault, but that didn't help me sleep any better. Being a lawyer, you can choose not to represent the scumbags, but as a judge, you don't have that luxury."

"I'm glad to hear how that affected you. That is why I have so little respect for lawyers in general. I hate to generalize about anything, but lawyers that help the biggest scumbags operate above the law are worse than the scumbags themselves."

"I hate to admit it, but some of the best attorneys represent some of the worst people."

When we finished playing Tanner sent the computer data to the printer and mailed it to Hank. He told Carlton. "Your print out should be printing and Hank has the data in his email to help him with your fitting."

"What are you talking about?"

"Sorry, I thought you knew why I wanted to know what clubs you were using. The computers in the carts have GPS and can track every shot."

I pulled the print out off the printer and brought it to Carlton. "This shows you exactly how you played today."

"Wow, this is so detailed and graphic. It even highlights my three three putts in red."

Adam laughed. "Yep, Jim keeps telling us that eliminating three putts is the easiest way to lower our score. That and any penalty shots are the two things that we have set as needing highlights."

"This print out is amazing. I didn't know it was even possible to do this."

"It's still in the development phase, but almost ready. It is still complicated to use on the green. If you noticed Jim spent a lot of time noting position. When it is complete each of us will have a little device to note our ball position. Jim did all the work for us today. If you have ever looked at the shot tracker at the PGA Tour's website, you should recognize the graphics on this print out. Jim is paying for the development of the additional features without any royalties from sales. It is a deal the developers couldn't refuse. If you noticed the pin sheets were automated and easy to read. Not all courses will be able to provide the detail putting stats. It takes being able to get a signal from at least three satellites for the detail green info. It works with two like all GPS systems, just not accurate enough to provide the detail. Just no way to get accurate enough without at least three satellites. Accuracy within ten or twelve feet, is okay for the course, but not for the green." Adam stated.

"We are paying for the development, not just me."

"Well, it was your idea and you proved to them that it could be sold cheaply enough that individuals would want it. Once they realized that it could be as small as today's GPS systems, they soon became excited. They didn't even consider the print and save features could be handled outside the unit."

Hunter came running up. "Dad, look. I shot eighty-seven." He held up his round print out.

"Way to go son, that would have beat my best score on this course before today. I think we had some awesome teachers today."

"Yes we did. I told Kyle that he saved me at least a stroke a hole. What did you shoot dad?"

"I broke eighty, just barely, but I did make it. It was the most fun round of golf I have had in years, maybe even forever."

"Oh, I forgot. Hank said he is ready for you to come be fitted for clubs." Carlton started to walk off. "Wait dad, can I go home with Kyle and Corey? We want to play some tennis and then swim a bit."

"I do need to talk to Corey a bit about his adoption, if Jim and Adam say it is okay, you can go and I will come pick you up later."

"We will be happy to have him. I have a better idea though. Let Hunter come home with us and then you and Joy have dinner with us tonight and then you can talk with Corey. Is anyone allergic to anything or vegetarians?"

"No, we are fine eating anything. I will have to check with Joy, but since she has a full day today, I'm pretty sure she wasn't planning anything tonight. Count on us unless I let you know differently." I saw him pull out his cell and call Joy.

"How about you Steve? Are we taking you home or you staying with us tonight?"

"My dad is picking me up on his way home. He said he should be there between five and five-thirty. That should give me and Corey time to kick Kyle and Hunter's butts on the tennis courts."

"I think you just let your alligator mouth overload your tadpole ass." Hunter and Kyle high fived each other. "Come on Hunter let's kick some tadpole butt." They laughed.

The boys were getting close to finishing their game when Adam challenged me to a match. It was still really hot, but at least the court was in the shade. The boys all had their shirts off and we soon had to join them. We were sweating so much our shirts had to have weighted ten pounds within in half an hour. It was still hot and we were sweating like pigs, but we didn't have the heavy shirts to worry about. I am getting really tired and I'm sure Adam is as well. Neither of us could seem to win by two points. We had promised each other several months ago that we would always try our hardest to win when we were playing each other in any sport. "Adam, I'm worn out, can we just call it a draw?"

He started to the net and I knew he was ready to quit too. We kissed at the net. Our kiss soon turned more passionate than we usually kiss outside the bedroom. We heard cheering and wolf whistles. The boys had stopped playing and were doing most of the cheering, but Joy and Carlton and the man with them were cheering too. Joy had her fingers in her mouth and was whistling louder than I thought possible. "We didn't draw, I think form the cheering we must have won." Adam teased.

We went over to apologize to our guests. "I'm sorry, we forgot we had guests. It is our way of calling a draw."

"It was our pleasure. Milk has done those bodies good." Joy laughed. "Carlton is in for a good night tonight. I knew you guys were really good in doubles, but you guys look like pros out there." Joy laughed again and Carlton nodded.

I noticed the older gentleman beside Carlton. I stuck out my hand. "Hello, I'm Jim Carter. I don't believe I have had the pleasure to meet you before."

"Joe Huggins. It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Carter."

"Jim please." Adam stuck out his hand to shake with him. "Adam West and it is Adam, Mr. West passed away a couple of years ago."

"It is my pleasure to meet you both."

I soon realized that this was the judge to preside over Corey's adoption Thursday. "Is there a problem with the adoption?" I was becoming very worried. When it sunk in with Adam, I saw the worry appear on his face.

He smiled. "Absolutely not, I already had to tell Carlton and Joy the same thing. I do need to talk with you both. It is probably best to include Carlton in this discussion too."

He just said there wasn't a problem with the adoption, but I was sure feeling something was terribly wrong in my gut. Maggie came out with a some towels. "Dry yourselves and go take a shower. Dinner will be ready by the time you get cleaned up." We started to dry off and headed into the house. We heard Maggie shout at the boys. "Get your cute little butts in the shower, dinner is almost ready." We looked back and for the first time saw a boy we didn't know. He was white as a sheet except for his fore arms and legs. It was obvious he didn't go without his shirt at all in the sun. "You too, young man, Kyle can give you some clothes. Now go shower.'

I saw him look at the judge and the judge nodded. "Yes ma'am." He trotted off toward the boys.

"I'm sorry; we didn't mean to intrude on your dinner. It won't take me too long to talk to Adam and Jim."

"Nonsense; now you three can wash your hands. There is a rest room right here." As usual Maggie just took charge and everyone just follow her instructions.

We were showered and walking into the dining room when we heard the boys thundering down the stairs. "Hey dad, this is Grayson. He is a friend of Corey and Hunter's. He goes to our school and plays baseball too. He had to quit the Blacksox when his Gramps got sicker."

I shook his hand. "Nice to meet you Grayson, I'm Jim and this is Adam. We are Kyle's dads and soon to be Corey's dad too." I don't know why I said that, but it just tumbled out. This kid looks almost exactly like that Justin Bieber kid only his hair is short and he has black hair. His eyes are the bluest eyes I have ever seen. The kid is almost pretty enough to be a girl.

"Nice to meet you sir. My gramps told me about that." Adam shook his hand too. Maggs came in and hugged him.

"Nice to meet you Grayson. I'm Maggs and the old guy over there bringing in the food is Max. The boys own the place, but Max and I run it. Just keep that in mind and we will get along fine." She gave one of her laughs that sounded like it should come from someone twice her size.

We had a wonderful meal of chicken parmesan, spaghetti, some broccoli salad and steamed squish. I noticed that Hunter and Grayson didn't eat their vegetables. Maggs came in and said. "Boys, you will eat those vegetables or tell me why not. One of those excuses better not be because you don't like the taste, since you haven't tasted them yet. My boys don't dare leave vegetables on their plates. You are at my table, so you are `MY BOYS'." She said making the quote signs with her fingers.

Both boys took very small forkfuls of vegetables and tasted them. The both soon smiled and ate some more. "This broccoli stuff is really good." Grayson said.

"Yeah, the squish is good too." Hunter added. The boys finished pretty quickly and Maggs brought in a fruit salad for desert.

"Maggie, your food was fabulous and unless I miss my guess very healthy. No wonder your boys have such healthy bodies." Joy stated.

"I will take credit for them eating healthy, but they do the real work. They workout everyday and run both morning and night. That doesn't even take into account all the exercise they get just playing. My boys work at those hard bodies." Maggs said with pride in her voice.

The boys gathered the dishes and took them to the kitchen. Corey said. "Let's go play some WII until we have waited long enough to swim."

"I'll leave you men to your discussion. I'll go watch the boys play their games."

"Actually Joy, I would appreciate your participation and input, if you don't mind." The Judge said.

"I know you said there wasn't a problem with the adoption, but frankly judge, I am getting more worried by the minute." I said. I led everyone to Adam's and my office. I directed everyone to the conference table.

Carlton saw the desks and went immediately to them. "Wow, these are beautiful. The workmanship is amazing." He was running his hands over the finish.

"Jim made those desks and this conference table too."

"Wow, I agree with Carlton you do beautiful work."

"You know Tanner; he did a lot of the work too, but thank you for your compliments. I will be sure to let him know you complimented our work."

Once we sat down, Judge Higgins began. "I know this seems strange, but I intruded on your evening for a reason. Grayson's parents were killed in a skiing accident when he was two. His father has a brother, but he didn't want kids and refused to take him in. My wife and I were happy to take him. He is a great kid. My wife died last year and it was very hard on him watching her get to where she couldn't take care of herself. Thankfully she went fairly quickly after she was bed ridden. I found out about a month ago that I'm riddled with cancer and there isn't anything the doctors can do except try and make my last days bearable with drugs. The doctors tell me I should be getting my affairs in order. I have told Grayson all this and he has finally accepted that his gramps isn't going to be able to be with him much longer. I have been doing my best to locate someone that I can trust to leave him with. When his uncle found out he is gay a couple of years ago he offered to beat the fag out of him.

All the gay people and foster parents that are gay friendly that the DHS people had that might be willing to take my grandson were unacceptable to me. When I was assigned Corey's adoption case you two seemed too perfect to me. I hired a private investigator and I talked to all the people in the file. You can imagine how surprised I was when Hunt was assigned after I made my copies. Anyway between Jack Adams and Mark Jones, I knew you two would be perfect and make my grandson's life happy and safe. My doctor gave me some more bad news this afternoon. He says that my last tests show that I will soon be in more pain than I will be able to stand. I don't have any time to be delicate, so I'm just going to ask straight out. Will you take my grandson and raise him as your son?" He gasped like he was having a little trouble breathing. "I know only Jim's name can be on the adoption, but I am asking both of you to take him. From what Mark said you love everyone around you like family and would be a great dad."

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