Golf Balls and Boy Balls
Jim Carter

Part 12

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I am sorry that I took so long to get this chapter out.  I won't make excuses for my lateness, but will try to do better in the furture.

From Chapter 11:

All the gay people and foster parents that are gay friendly that the DHS people had that might be willing to take my grandson were unacceptable to me. When I was assigned Corey's adoption case you two seemed too perfect to me. I hired a private investigator and I talked to all the people in the file. You can imagine how surprised I was when Hunt was assigned after I made my copies. Anyway between Jack Adams and Mark Jones, I knew you two would be perfect and make my grandson's life happy and safe. My doctor gave me some more bad news this afternoon. He says that my last tests show that I will soon be in more pain than I will be able to stand. I don't have any time to be delicate, so I'm just going to ask straight out. Will you take my grandson and raise him as your son?" He gasped like he was having a little trouble breathing. "I know only Jim's name can be on the adoption, but I am asking both of you to take him. From what Mark said you love everyone around you like family and would be a great dad." The judge stroked our egos.


Chapter 12:

I could read the same surprise on Adam's face that hit me like a ton of bricks. I was almost unable to process this new request. I just hope that the surprise and shock on my face didn't insult the judge or make him think that we didn't want to take his grandson into our family. "A lot of things flashed through my head when you came by, but I can honestly this wasn't one of those thoughts. As Mark knows I could never fail to help a kid that needs me, but Adam and I want to talk to Grayson first."


"Great, thanks a lot. I could see the surprise on your face and apologize for having to be somewhat urgent due to my health not allowing me to be more subtle and not hit you with this all at once."


"Let's go to the game room and talk to him there. Maybe it won't be as intrusive or threatening there." Not that I thought it really possible.

We all sat in an area where we could watch the boys playing. It was Hunter playing Kyle on something. Corey and Grayson were cheering them on. Adam and I went over to the side and Grayson happened to look our way. I smiled and he smiled back. I motioned him over. He put his controller down and ran over to us. "Hi guys, you guys have awesome bodies." He blushed. Just as his grandfather had, he managed to totally surprise me with the last thing I would expect him to say.


"Thanks, we do work at it a little." Adam smiled. "You have a nice body too, but you need some sun."


Grayson giggled. "I do don't I? When I took my shirt off and was standing with the guys, I thought the white was going to blind me." I was surprised at his ability to laugh at his own expense knowing he couldn't be comfortable starting this conversation.   His smile faded. "You called me over to talk about gramps didn't you?"


"We know you have been handed a pretty raw deal. I'm guessing the hardest part is your gramps talking about not being around much longer." I saw him start to tear up. Adam and I both hugged him.


"He wants to find me a new home before he gets too weak and the drugs get control of his mind. I feel like such a burden on him when he needs all his strength. I hate being such a burden." I hugged him a little tighter.


"I've talked with your gramps and that is the last thing he would think about you. He is very proud of you and would never think of you as a burden. He thinks Adam and I would make good parents for you. Would you think about living with us? I know we can't take the pain away, but I can promise we will be there to help you through it."


"Are you serious? You will let me live with you?" He gave a big sigh followed by a huge smile. "I thought I would have to live with some old queens. The ones I have met before that he thought would be good for me to live with were really old."


"We were hoping you would want us adopt you, not just live here."


"Heck yes, if you will do that." He was almost bouncing in his chair with a smile that seemed be all across his face.


"We need to talk with Todd, Kyle and Corey, but I'm sure what they will say. In this family we try not to dictate just because we are the adults. One of the most important things my dad taught me before he died was that kids opinions and insight matter. He never said `because I said so' in response to me asking why." I smiled. "I want you boys to know you can talk to us about anything. We might not always agree, but I promise to listen to what you have to say. Will you promise me the same?"


"Yes, I promise I will listen to you both." He was noticeable excited and smiling as big as I have seen him smile


"Go talk to your gramps and then we will discuss what to do next."


"Okay, thanks so much." He hugged us both.


We went to where the boys were playing and they paused their game. "Boys, can we talk to you for a minute?"


"No dad, we don't want to talk about this. It should be a done deal. We know Grayson's gramps is very ill and he thinks he is going to meet some old friends of you guys that might take care of him. We know that you are going to be those old guys." Kyle couldn't help but giggle. "Yes we want him as our brother." He and Corey high-fived and then went into some sort of other hand shake gyrations evident they were congratulating each other at guessing our reason for wanting to talk to them


"I'll give you old guys you little shit." Adam teased as he started to tickle Kyle.


"Help me dad, this old fart is trying to kill me."


"Sounds to me you got your alligator and tadpole body parts in trouble again." I teased back.


"Okay, I give." Kyle finally relented. They followed me back to where everyone was sitting. Kyle and Corey hugged Grayson and Kyle said. "Welcome to the family, bro."


"I'm not sure I can say brother yet until Thursday, but great to have you with us." Corey said. "My adoption hearing is Thursday."


"Gratz, Grayson, all these guys are awesome." Hunter offered. He got a concerned look from his father. "Well, they are. I couldn't help myself dad."


"I know they are son, but I don't think they needed our input on this matter." He grinned.


Hunter just shrugged. "Sorry, too late." He giggled.


The judge was smiling now. "Carlton will you represent Grayson for his adoption, Thursday? I have Judge May scheduled to preside over his adoption right after Corey's. I am going into the hospice on Friday, so I need to get this done quickly."


"Of course, I will." Carlton said.


"What time is your driving lesson tomorrow Hunter?" I asked. I wanted to get Grayson started with his driving lessons as soon as possible.


"Eleven O'clock." Hunter said.


"Grayson, even if you already have your learner's permit, I would like for you to take driver's ed. from our security guys. They are very good." I paused. "Is that okay with you judge?"


"Yes, it is great to know he is being taught correctly." We called the security guys and had them bring a release for the judge to sign. Since I was soon to be his guardian they had me sign as well.


"Grayson have you been pitching very much since you had to quit the Black Sox?" Carlton asked looking at his phone.


"Some, Blake Evans lives next door to us and we have been practicing some. He wanted to try to be a backup catcher, but then Kyle came along and he said he couldn't carry Kyle's equipment bag. He thinks you are the best player in the world." Grayson said looking at Kyle.


"The reason I asked, Coach Roberts sent us all a message a few minutes ago. Daniel's family is moving to London and they are moving a month before they thought they were. We are one short and I know you're an awesome left hand pitcher. We need you and I'm sure the sixteen's need you too. You still have your uniforms don't you?"


"Yes, sir, I have them."


"Good, because I sent Coach Roberts and message and told him you were available, and he is excited." Carlton said.


"Is it okay if I play again gramps?" Grayson asked excited.


"Of course, it is, but you need to ask Jim and Adam. I am giving them the guardianship papers tomorrow." He looked at us and we just nodded. "Fantastic, let's go outside and play some catch. I need to practice." He said to the boys. "Oh crap, I don't have my glove."


"You can pitch without one lefty. I'll throw it back easy enough that you won't hurt your wittle hands." Kyle teased.


"Are you sure you can get it all the way back to the mound?" Grayson teased back. The boys ran out to play some catch. Good to see that Grayson has already fitting in giving Kyle as crap as Kyle can give out.


The judge and I both signed the release for Grayson's driving lesson. Once Grayson warmed up, it was evident that he was a great pitcher. He has a very hard fastball, a good curve, a slider, and a good change up. After about an hour the security guys brought Grayson his new phone and showed him how to use it. He ran up to the judge. "Look gramps, my schedule is already full. I even have messages from Coach Roberts and Coach Garrison."


"What is your new number so that I can call my boy?" The judge said.


"It's the same as my old one." He looked confused. "Who are all these people?"


I looked at this phone. "Well, Toby is soon to be one of your brothers. He is living on campus at U of H. Tanner is one of the guys that lives and works here and is like one of our brothers. He is also your assistant coach. Corbin and Dillon are assistant gardeners and also like our brothers. Here come some more, Hank is the golf pro at TPC Woodlands and another we think of as brothers. Paul is his partner and like one of our brothers. They all got an email telling them that a new member of the family was in their contact group is what triggered all the text messages. Looks like one of the kids added you to the kids group." I looked at Kyle. "You guys have a kids group?"


"You don't think we tell you everything do you?" He giggled.


Grayson's phone rang. "Hello." He paused. "The only thing I know about is shell fish, but I don't think I'm always allergic, because I ate it before and didn't have a reaction. The doctor said I should not risk it." He giggled. "Thanks Maggs." He looked at Adam. "Maggs said we must be twins because you are allergic to shell fish too. I wish my body looked like yours."


"All it takes is a little work every day. The boys exercise with us every day, and it soon becomes second nature. Right boys?"


"Yep, but it doesn't seem like a little work when you first start. It might have to Kyle, but it took me two or three days before I wasn't dead tired after our workouts." Corey added.


"Don't worry; we don't work out much during tournaments. We just run mostly." Kyle said.


"You will be surprised at how fast our team is now. Even John is fast enough to steal now. Can you believe that?" Hunter giggled.


"You have to be kidding me. We used to tease John that he could turn any triple into a single. He's a great guy, just slow. I bet he is tickled now if he has really gotten out of the slug department."


"He has, you will be so surprised. Our whole team has improved a ton. When we saw how fast Kyle was it got us all working on it." Corey said.


"Grayson, we need to get home. I need my pills and the packers will be at the house at seven in the morning." The judge said.


"What time should we be there to move Grayson's things?" I asked.


"We'll have them pack his stuff first. Any time after eight should be fine."


"Hey Gray, I forgot to tell you. Take your computer to the security guys and they will copy your files to your new computer. They won't let you connect yours. When you turn it on it sends alarms to them and they come looking for you." Corey laughed. "I know from experience. Besides the Mac's are awesome."


Once they had left, I asked Carlton. "Are you going to buy Jack's practice?"


"I think you guys made me an offer, I can't refuse." He laughed. I was thrilled. Having someone we already consider a friend take over Jack's practice saved us from having to tell Jack that we were not just going to let him sell it and retain us as clients and since we are his only clients we would be in control of the sell.


"Our security team left these for you." I handed him a phone and laptop. "This gives you access to our network and private lives. If you stop by the security office, they will copy your contacts from your phone to the new one. I'm sure you will have to carry both until your responsibilities to the bench are up, but we wanted to make sure you had access to us anytime you need it. They said they would show you all the features of your phone when they copied the contacts. There is nothing about our schedule that is not shown on our calendar." I laughed. "Welcome to the family."


"No wonder Jack was so eager to get this sale done." He laughed. I'm not so sure he was joking though.


After all our guests had left and we had a quick swim, it soon became time for our run. "Dad, before our run can Tanner and I talk with you and Adam?" Of course, we knew immediately what was coming.


"Of course you can son. Is here okay or do we need to go inside?"


"Here is fine." Corey must have known what was up and he headed inside. The four of us sat around a table. "I'm sure this isn't a big surprise to you guys. I love him dad. When we are apart, I think about him constantly. I love being around him, laughing with him, and just spending time together. I can't help it, I want to kiss him and love him all over. He loves me too, but he is hung up on our age difference. Actually, it isn't the difference as much as it is my age. I think he is really afraid of what people might think of him if they know he is partners with a fourteen year old." Kyle looked over to Tanner letting him know that he needed to speak up.


"He is right. I love him with every fiber of my body and it is driving me nuts not being able to be intimate with him. I know that fourteen seems young and if I wasn't already in love with him, I wouldn't even think about him as an intimate partner. I wish I could just turn it off for a couple of years, but it is getting impossible to keep turning him down to be intimate. I would never do anything without your blessing." All three of them were looking at me. I couldn't help but scowl at Adam taking the easy way out and siding with the boys. He couldn't help his chuckle.


"I'd be lying if I said this little meeting is a surprise to us. Although he trying to look like he is innocent and aloof, Adam and I have talked about this at length. You're right it is not the age difference as much as it is Kyle being fourteen. My first impression and thoughts were no way; fourteen is just too young to be with a man. Adam quickly pointed out my hypocrisy.   He was only fifteen when we got together. He was almost sixteen though and we did emancipate him to lessen the impact. Having said that, Kyle is much more mature than most fourteen year olds. If we allow you two to be a couple, we will want to establish some rules to hide your relationship. This relationship will put us all in jeopardy not just Tanner. I'm sure Grayson and Corey wouldn't become my sons if either judge knew we let our fourteen year old be in a relationship with an adult. Do you think you can live with restrictions and rules to be together?"


"The easy answer is yes, but until we know the rules and restrictions, it is impossible to answer truthfully. I think any chance for us to be together is better than we have now. I love Kyle and will give anything a shot."


"Me too, but what are the rules."


"First you will have to move out of the apartment." Both boys' eyes became big as saucers and Kyle began to speak. I held up my hand to stop him. You will need to move into the house into that bedroom on the end of that hall. Kyle will need to move to the bedroom on the other side of the shared bathroom. You will maintain two separate bedrooms. No clothes or anything else in the others bedroom. With the doors from the bathroom into both bedrooms, you can sleep together but maintain totally separate bedrooms. Since Tanner will be with us on ball trips, you will need to keep your hands off each other and of course, no intimate contact until we get back home. Do you think those are reasonable and will you abide by them?"


"Definitely and very reasonable. Thanks guys you might have saved my life, but definitely my sanity." Tanner said.


"Can we move tonight?" Kyle asked.


Adam and I looked at each other and laughed. "Have at it, but don't make too much noise or stay up too late. Remember we need to get Grayson moved about eight-thirty in the morning so he will be available when the driver's ed. class starts."


When he saw the four of us hug, I guess Corey knew the results, because he came out and joined in the hug. "Come on lets go run, I'm bored."


"I think I'm going to skip the run tonight, I have to move out of the apartment." Tanner said with a sad face.


"What?" He looked at me like I was the devil himself." He then noticed Kyle and Tanner laughing like crazy.


"Oh I forgot to finish that sentence. Out of the apartment into the main house."


Corey hit him on the arm. "Way to be a giant ass-hole Tanner." Adam and I began to put on our running shoes. "I'll help once we finish our run."


After our run Adam and I took a quick shower and went to help the boys move. Corey hugged me and was rubbing his sweat on me. I laughed. "Get off me boy you stink."


"That's the same thing they said, I guess they don't want my help." The little shit was grinning like he had eaten the canary.


"You are growing up. You don't have that cute little boy smell anymore. Now you have to shower after you sweat or you stink. Now go take a shower and come back to help us big boy." I swatted him on his butt.


Corey was back in about ten minutes. He came up to me and said. "All clean." He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled himself up a little so that he could kiss me. "I don't think I have thanked you lately for adopting me. It is easy to take what you mean to me for granted. To see Grayson so happy to realize you were going to be his dad instead of some old queen made me realize how much I love you and Adam and how much you adopting me means to me."


"I wonder why Grayson thought he was here to meet some old queens."


"Evidently his granddad introduced him to a couple of different gay couples and they were all over fifty. He said one of them even looked at him like he was the last cookie at a weight watchers meeting. Of course, he said when he saw you and Adam without shirts; he was looking at you like that same cookie." Corey giggled. "I just want to say I love you dad and thanks for adopting me." He kissed me again.


"I love you too Cor. You would make any dad proud." We got them moved in before midnight. I put a hand on Kyle and Tanner's shoulder. Now that you can be together, you have plenty of time to be intimate. Please don't stay up too late tonight; we have a full day tomorrow."


We took another shower and headed to bed. Adam said. "You know that you telling them to not stay up too late means they won't be able to get enough of each other tonight. Just like I'm not going to be able to get enough of you tonight." The look in his eyes was pure lust.


"Sounds good, but we need to make sure they don't overdo it tonight." I picked up my phone and dialed Kyle.


Just as I thought he wasn't going to answer he answered. "What dad?"


"I just wanted to say have fun, but do keep it short tonight because of all we have to do tomorrow. We don't want Grayson thinking we are a lazy bunch. Goodnight son." I hung up before he could say anything.


Adam quickly had me on my back and was kissing me passionately. I was instantly rock hard. I could feel his hardness as well. He quickly kissed down my body and soon had my dick in his hot wet mouth. Our love making is usually tender working up to hot and passionate, but tonight Adam appeared to be a man on a mission. I tried to twist around so that I could get him in my mouth, but he refused to let that happen. He started to lube my cock. I hadn't even seen him take the lube out of the drawer. He must have lubed his tight hole while I was on the phone, because the next thing I know he's straddling me and aims my cock at his hot hole. He stopped to get used to the fullness with only the head inside. We only have anal sex three or four times a month, so neither of us can easily take the other without pauses to become comfortable with the fullness. With only the head inside his blast furnace hot body the sensation was even stronger.   He eased down another few inches and again paused to get accustomed to my cock filling his hole.


I started loving his hard cock with my hands. He pushed my hands away, letting me know he was too stimulated already. I guess we are creatures of habit; we seem to always try to hold off our orgasm until our partner can finish us off with his mouth when we're bottom. He stopped with his balls just tickling my pubic hairs. He was moving just enough to tickle my pubic hairs and I had to squirm a little to keep from going nuts. When he finally settled with my cock fully stuffing his hole, it didn't take him long to start his rocking motion. He put his arms around my neck and pulled back. It was clear that he wanted on his back so that I could easily pump into his hot body and we could also kiss during our love making. As we got into our rhythm we were both starting to sweat and moan. We usually turn our AC down a little when we know we are having anal sex, but I think this was a lot more impulse than planned. It was only three or four minutes before I was approaching the point of no return. I tried to slow down to make our love making last, but Adam was urgent for me to cum. He squeezed his muscles around my cock and started bucking beneath me.


As I fired my first volley into his hot tunnel, he pulled me into a very passionate kiss. Once I finished, Adam didn't give me a chance to even catch my breath. He was pulling my head down to his cock. He was so far gone that his first shot hit my mouth before I could get it on his cock. Adam has the best tasting cum and I love having him in my mouth. Adam's cock is perfect in every way. It is beautiful to look at perfect proportions a beautiful head and a perfect size. I could make love to this lovely piece of Adam all day long. Soon his cock became too sensitive and we had a very loving kiss.


"I have to go empty my ass full of Jim." Adam teased as he got up and went to the bathroom. I must have been worn out; I was out like a light before he made it back to bed.


The next thing I know I am getting my favorite wakeup call. Adam is giving me wonderful head and his lovely genitals are hanging in my face. Of course, I instantly take one of his beautiful balls into my mouth and lovingly suckle it. Then it's time to switch to the other beautiful orb. I have to have his fantastic cock. I love licking up and down that beautiful shaft until I just have to have him in my mouth. We started working a finger into our partner and soon we tasted the nectar of our loins. I don't know how he manages to always wake up before me, but I sure love the way he wakes me.


We got dressed and went down to stretch and get ready for our run. Corey, Tanner, and Kyle met up with us at the same time. A minute or so later Corbin and Dillon came down to join us. "What time did you guys get in last night?" Adam asked.


"Right around midnight, but we got a lot more accomplished than we expected. We have four staff committed and an architect and contractor coming to look over the properties this afternoon. We have two more coming tomorrow, so that we some good ideas to choose from. These three are supposed to be the best in the equestrian facility design and construction."


"That's just great. I really appreciate you two taking care of this for us. So are the staff on board now?"


"No, they all want to give notice, but they are all here for the two days to meet with the design guys. They are staying at the Wyndham. Do you guys want to be at the meetings?"


"No, we trust you guys to run with this. Kyle has an orthodontist appointment, and he is hoping he gets his braces off today. Besides we want to spend the day with Grayson getting him settled in."


"Who is Grayson?" Dillon asked.


"After Thursday, he will be our new son. Oh and Corey's adoption hearing is Thursday too."


"We'll tell you all about it later, but we need to get our run in before we go pick Grayson up and move his things."


"Wow, we were only gone for two or three days and the whole place changes on you." Corbin laughed.


As we started our run we grinned knowing that Kyle was busting to tell them his news. "We have even more to tell you." Kyle teased with a sly grin. "I have changed rooms and Tanner has moved into the house." His grin was so telling.


"Congratulations little bud."


"You too Tanner." Dillon laughed.


After our run, workout, and shower we sat down for breakfast. When we were ready to get Grayson, we decided to only take Tanner's pickup and one of the Escalades. If we needed more we can send Corbin or Dillon back to get their trucks. When we pulled up Grayson came out to meet us. "Thanks again for taking me." He hugged Adam and I both. "Do I need to bring my bedroom furniture? Gramps said probably not, but I should ask."


"Not unless you just want it."


"No, it is still the stuff Gram and Gramps bought for me when I was five. My feet hang off the end of the bed." He laughed.


"You look about Kyle's height. What are you six feet or maybe a little more?"


"Six feet, one-sixty-two last week at my sports physical."


"I didn't think about that, I bet I need to get Corey and Kyle one of those before school starts."


He laughed. "They haven't sent the letter yet, it will probably come this week. Gramps is like that. Grand used to say he was anal about that stuff. Being a gay boy the last time she said that I couldn't help but breakout in giggles. She just told me to get my mind out of the gutter."


"She sounds like a fantastic lady, I'm sure you miss her a lot."


"I do, but Gramps helped me hold onto the best of our times in my heart. Now he keeps telling me that he will be with her soon. I think he thinks that makes it easier knowing he is dying."


I hugged him. "I don't know what to say, but please know that I will try to be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on or just someone to yell at. Anything you need or want just let us know."


I knew that Judge Huggins was moving today too when I saw two Salvation Army trucks loading his furniture and things. We went to where the judge was, and I said. "Judge is looks like you are cleaning out your house today. We would love to have you stay with us."


"Thanks, I appreciate that, but it might cause someone to question the propriety since I am hearing your adoption of Corey. Judge May is putting me up until I go into the hospice on Friday. Thanks so much for the offer. That is just additional proof that I have chosen the correct boys to take care of my grandson."


"Thanks judge."


We started loading up Grayson's boxes. I grabbed a box that was full of trophies. "Those go in the trash. I kept all the medals, but I'm throwing those away." Grayson explained.


"No, let's keep them. I'll build a trophy case to hold them that matches your desk and other furniture. Corey's case looks awesome full of trophies."


"What about Kyle? From all I've heard he probably has a ton of trophies."


"No, Kyle couldn't take his to the boat when he joined the youth sea program. He has his medals draped in his case."


"Then that's what I'll do too. I really want to start over with the trophies."


"Well, if you're sure. Here you throw them away then. I don't want you to remember me dumping them." I laughed he did too.


He poked me on the shoulder. "Chicken." He took the box and moved out of the way, but I got a swat on his butt before he could get away. It was awesome to hear him laugh.


It didn't take us long to get Grayson's things loaded and we headed back to the house. "Grayson is there anything you need? Have you checked all your baseball stuff to see if you need anything there?" I asked.


"Well, Blake's dog chewed up my cup. I left my bag open and we didn't notice him until he had it pretty mutilated. I have holes in two pair of my baseball socks too, but I can sew them up."


"I think we can afford a few pairs of socks." I laughed. How about shoes? You boys grow out of them so quickly."


"They are fine. I had to buy new ones at the beginning of the year." He laughed. "Gramps said he didn't know they made shoes that big."


"How big are they? Kyle wears fourteens and I wear twelve's." Corey asked.


"I wear fourteen's too." Grayson said.


"I guess I'll have to settle for the biggest dick." Corey teased.


"You are such a dreamer." Kyle teased back. "Just because you're a year older doesn't mean your toys are bigger. We've all seen that little thing of yours. Just because Stevie thinks it's a monster doesn't count." He patted Corey on the shoulder.


All three of the boys were laughing. We pulled into the Sports store and the boys headed into three directions. Kyle came up to Grayson with the smallest cup he could find. "Here bro, I got your cup for you."


Grayson laughed. "I didn't know Blake's dog got your cup too." Not to let Kyle get ahead of him. He picked out the cheapest cup he could find.


"Hey bud, that thing looks cheap and probably won't provide much protection. It definitely doesn't have much padding around the edges." I picked out one that had much better padding and looked like it would provide a lot more protection. "Here and this jock go with it to add all kinds of protection. What size jock do you need?"


"Large man, I have nice junk." He laughed.


"I meant the waist size, but it nice to know my newest son has nice junk." I teased snickering doing my best not to laugh. I notice the sales person was hiding his face to keep from laughing.


"Oh, twenty-six I think. Look at my boxers." He turned around for me to check.


"Yep, twenty-six."   We grabbed him a couple of pairs each of black, gray, and white socks.


Kyle said. "Dad, may I buy this bat? I have plenty of money on my card. It has an awesome feel to it." He swung it hard. "Check it out guys. I have never felt anything like it before."


"It should it costs over four hundred bucks." Corey said. He was swinging one just like the one Kyle liked. "It does feel great." Corey added. "Try one Gray."


"My bat is fine." I heard a hint of disappointment in his voice.


Of course, that made me determined to buy the bats. "Come on Gray, give it a try." I said using the abbreviated name Corey had used. I figured if he didn't like the shortened name he would say something to Corey. He tried two or three before he found one the weight he liked.


"This is an awesome bat, but I will have to get that much out of my savings account."


"I would never make you pay for a bat. I just want all three of you to get a hit tonight. You know your practice tonight is a scrimmage game with the sixteen year old team. Coach even hired umpires for the game. We are playing on the new field and using the scoreboard for the first time. All of us parents have to learn how to use the scoreboard tonight."


"You guys might as well teach us how to work it too. You know players end up running the scoreboard." Corey laughed.


"You kids probably can figure it out a lot faster than we can. Coach's email said it was really simple point and click on a laptop. He said all three fields' scoreboards can be run from one scorer and laptop or each can have its own laptop.


As we got to the checkout, Kyle teased. "Are you sure you got the left handed bat?"


"Nope, I'm a switch hitter. I got a switch hitter model." He laughed. It is so good to see that Grayson is quick thinking and can hold his own with our jokester.


When we got home the guys had unpacked everything Grayson had in his boxes. "You might want to move some of your stuff, but we put everything someplace. The security guys said your new laptop would have your files copied by now, so you might want to go get your new laptop." Tanner said.


We picked up Grayson's laptop. "I've never used a MAC before."


"I hadn't either until I got mine. They are great and they can run anything Windows can only better." Corey said.


Soon it was time for Steve, Grayson, and Hunter's driving lesson. The security guys told Steve's mom she could pick him up at two. Joy asked. "Do you guys mind if Hunter stays with you guys this afternoon, I hate to ask, but I really need to take my mother to the doctor this afternoon. Carlton will pick him up at practice if you don't mind doing this."


"Anytime Joy, Hunter is always welcome. I hope your mom is okay. You and Carlton should know by now that we are always happy to have Hunter around,"


"Me too, thanks again. Sorry to run, but I'm cutting it close." She left.


"Can I go with you guys? I want to ask the doctor when I can get my braces off too." Corey asked.


"I don't know if he will see you, but you can come with us. Are you guys ready?"


"Yes, they both said at once."


The doctor took Kyle's braces off and they cleaned his teeth. When Corey asked him about his braces the doctor said. "Corey your teeth are coming along nicely, but you have another six months to a year before we can think about removing them." The disappointment was easily evident on his face.


"Sorry son, but the time will go by quickly. Doctor, I am also adopting Grayson Harrison on Thursday. He is changing his name to Grayson James Carter if you want to update your records. Can you give me an idea of when he will be ready to have his braces removed?"


The doctor laughed. "I'm surprised he didn't want to come and see if he could have his braces removed too. That poor kid has had hell with his braces. Hang on a second." He came back with another chart. "Joe just brought him in a week ago. He is about the same progression as Corey. Would you like me to put them on the same visit schedule?


"Yes, that will be fantastic."


He handed Kyle a couple of cases that I assumed were mouth guards. "I want you to wear these during any sports. Are you wearing your mouth guard like you are supposed to?" He ask turning to Corey. Corey squirmed and looked to the ground. "Okay, do you still have them?"


"Yes sir, but we hate wearing them. Normal kids don't have them."


"By normal do you mean kids that their parents haven't spent thousands of dollars to give them nice straight teeth? Then you are correct. With all the bad hops and foul balls, you should want to help protect your mouth and teeth. It is amazing how little most of you kids care about the investments your parents make into your health. Wait just a second; I have something to show you." He left the exam room and was back in a couple of minutes. "I don't want to make you sick, just look at these pictures. Those gruesome pictures could have been prevented by wearing a mouth guard. That last picture was taken two days after the boy had his braces removed. His perfect teeth cut his lips that badly before they were knocked out.   Now promise me you will protect your dads' investment by wearing your mouth guards. I wish all sports required mouth pieces."


"I promise." They both said at once.


When we got back home, Corbin and Dillon were just leaving. Tanner was naked and swimming laps. The four of us got naked and joined him.


I was putting sunscreen on Adam when Hunter and Grayson came from their driving lesson. "How was the lesson?" Adam asked.


"Fantastic." Grayson said.


"Awesome." Hunter added.


The two boys were quickly naked. I was hard from rubbing Adam's back and had to hold it between my legs so it wasn't obvious to the boys. Grayson came over and sat on the foot of the lounge chair with his back to me. "Me next please."


I marveled again at just how white he was except for his arms, legs, and face. I rubbed a good amount of sunscreen on his shoulders and back. "We need to buy some stronger sunscreen, so be careful today. Okay?"


"Okay." He stood up and bent over. The little shit actually spread his cheeks, showing me his tight hole. From between his legs he said. "I sure don't want a burnt ass." I put sunscreen on the back of his legs, but neglected his butt. "Hey don't forget my butt." I also put some sunscreen on his ball sack.


He was hard as a rock and a very nice erection indeed. "Now go over there and get See no Evil, Hear no Evil, and Speak no Evil to take care of your front. Tell them if they don't lose those evil grins that I will put a big hand print on their butt cheeks."


He went over to them and repeated my words, his erection leading the entire way. I felt my cock trying to escape from between my legs. I grabbed Adam and threw both of us into the pool in one swift move. Once we came up and got our breath I whispered to Adam. "Sorry, I didn't want the boys to see that I was hard. I've been hard since putting sunscreen on you, but they would have teased me about Grayson."


"I know, I was thinking of doing the same thing you did, but I was lying down. You know we're outnumbered now."


We played in and around the pool for a little over an hour. The boys decided to set up the pitching machine and take a little batting practice. "Dad, these bats are awesome. I even hit one on the barrel and it looked good as much as it can in these nets."


"They swing so good. I'm going to have to bug my dad to buy me one." Hunter said.


"Hey Hunter get a real light one and we can use it when they have a really fast pitcher. We might need it at the sixteen's tournament." Corey said.


"Hunter, your dad is representing Corey and Grayson in their adoption hearing Thursday. We'll call it a signing bonus. Get the weight bat you want. We'll buy a light one for the team to use if it will help the team." Adam said.


"Thanks, but you don't have to do that. My dad is so excited about becoming your attorney he says it's all he can do to keep from wetting his pants. He didn't like it when I told him I wanted to see that." He giggled.


"We'll stop on the way to practice."


They decided to practice their pitching some. I heard Kyle tell Grayson. "If you want an additional pitch without much work, use what we call the knuckle curve. Ask Corey and Hunter, it makes your curve drop a lot more. All you have to do when you throw that one instead of just keeping your pointer finger on the seam, you put you knuckle on it like this. Make sure us catchers know you are going to throw it or we might have trouble catching or blocking it. The catchers are talking about grabbing our balls for the sign, but Hunter does that too often out of habit for it to be a sign." Hunter poked Kyle on the arm.


"Hey I can't help it if I have low hangers. I have to move them so I won't set on them."


"I'll put our low hangers up against yours any day. We learned that briefs are a lot safer to those of us with low hangers." Corey teased.


"Don't kids tease you about tighty whities?" Grayson asked.


"Not the smart ones, but who said anything about white. I only wear white ones with very white shorts which is almost never." Kyle said.


"Can I borrow some briefs?" Hunter asked.


"Me too?" Grayson added.


"Just a second Corey said." He took off to the gym. He came back with a couple of pairs of boxer briefs. "These boxer briefs work too and they are new."


Both Hunter and Grayson dropped their shorts and boxers right there and put on the boxer briefs. Grayson grabbed his tackle and said. "Nice, these feel good and I like the support."


"Me too." Hunter said.


I saw Kyle catching with his chest protector but nothing else. "Hey bud, shouldn't you have your gear on if Grayson is working on a new pitch?"


"I can't, Andy is painting my helmets and shin guards. I have my mouth guard though." He held it up as did Grayson and Corey. "We tried to warn Grayson about the mouth pieces, but he wears his anyway. He must be the good son." He laughed. "We won't be much longer and we are not batting or anything."


"I'll catch if you need me too." Hunter said.


"I don't think we need to work much more. Gray seems to have this under control."


"Yeah, it works great. It is amazing how much more spin is on the ball with just that little adjustment."


Maggs had soup and sandwiches ready for us to eat before we left for the ballpark. Before we left she hugged Kyle. "I love that new smile, buddy boy." She looked at Grayson and Corey. "Now we have to get those shredders off my other two babies." She teased. She looked at Hunter. "You too handsome." He hugged her at being included.


We stopped and bought the bats. We stopped at A&J Performance it was a weird site. Our RV immediately caught our attention. It has been completely painted, well, except for the areas on each side and the back that had been painted a cream color. Andy was on a ladder drawing on the side of the RV. The paint was very metallic looking. At first it looked purple, by the time I got parked and walked toward Andy. "Want to see what I'm going to paint on the murals?"


"Of course, hey that thing is bright isn't it?"


"Once we got it out of the oven, it has mellowed a bit. When it was wet, it really looked bright. Sam said from what he was told it should be totally cured by tomorrow." He took me over to where he had his renderings of the murals he is going to paint on the side and back of the RV.


"Wow, Andy these are awesome. You are very talented."


"Thanks, I better get Kyle and Corey's stuff." I could tell he was bashful talking about his talent.


I was impressed with what he had done with the batting helmets and catching gear. He had painted the batting helmets white. In front he had B-L-A-C-K the player's number and S-O-X. On the left side was crossed bats with a black sock pained above the bats. On the right side was a large baseball with a black sock on it. The back of the helmet has the player's name. Kyle's catcher's mask almost looked like a hockey goalie mask had the state of Texas on one side and the Texas flag on the other a black sock on the front. The back piece had his name and number. His shin guards has BLACK on one and SOX on the other. Each knee had a black sock painted on it.


Before the scrimmage game, Coach Roberts gathered the parents and players together. "I was thinking of asking the four fourteen year olds that we are taking to the World Series to come with us to the tournament this weekend. Does anyone have any objections to this?" He looked around and didn't see anyone wanting to speak. "Okay, I will extend the invitations then. Coach Garrison asked if he could suggest who we will pitch in this scrimmage so that he could get a feel for the boys he is taking to Kansas City. Grayson the first two, Corey two, Hunter one, and Kyle two, he said he would switch it up for Thursday's scrimmage. He wants us to be home team so that we pitch seven innings even if they are way ahead. I have news for them. We plan to be the ones way ahead, but we will let them dream." He laughed. I'm sure your boys have told you they voted Kyle the new team captain replacing Daniel. Kyle you catch the first four innings and then Grayson do you feel comfortable catching the last three?"


"Yes sir."


"Wait Kyle you catch Grayson and then you can go to short when Corey pitches. Grayson, I know it has been awhile since you have had to catch that much. Just let me know and Hunter can catch Kyle."


"I hope Tom appreciates that we are loaning him four great pitchers and three fantastic catchers. Boys, I don't want to put a damper on your spirits or anything, but he doesn't usually use his fifteen year olds play very often. He is making a mistake this year if he doesn't use you boys. I think all four of you are better than any one he can put up against you. He didn't seem to like my suggestion when I told him that very thing. Don't let it get you down if he doesn't play you much. Tonight I want you to lead off Kyle. Boys I want you all to be very aggressive on the bases. Just look at this beautiful field, or should I say fields. That is one fantastic scoreboard; I understand the other two will be installed this week sometime. Above all else have fun." He put his hand on Kyle's shoulder. "Take your team out to warm up and then we will take infield."


Kyle took them for three laps around the field to get their hearts pumping and then started in on stretches. He called out the stretch and he counted the odd counts while the rest of the team called out the even counts. Then they would clap three times before starting the next stretch. They sounded so loud you might have thought them a football team rather than just a baseball team.


The team waited in the dugout for Kyle to get his gear on. Those of us that know were aware they do this so that they can get into their choreographed infield practice. Tanner convinced them that if they make sharp crisp error-free infield would get into their opponents' heads just like that movie `The Final Season' suggested. We could see right into the home team's dugout and their infield was having the affect that was intended. They were all standing around looking with their mouths wide open.


The sixteen year old team looked sloppy and unimpressive in their infield practice. I looked at the scoreboard and knew immediately that we were keeping score. For the visiting team they had `BLACK SOX' for the home team they had `OLD FOLKS'. As people started to notice the scoreboard there were chuckles and cheers and a few boo's as well.


Kyle was out in the on deck circle and swinging a bat. He was watching this pitcher very closely. He is a hard throwing right hander. I noticed when he throws his fastball he comes way over to the first base side. I think I noticed Kyle smile and turn and went back into the dugout. Don't know exactly what he is saying, but I bet he is taking about this guy leaving the third base side vulnerable. The third base man looks like he is playing back. The catcher is chunky and appears slow. My guess is Kyle will bunt to the right side to get on base easily. He loves to bunt to put pressure on a team.


"Play ball!" The home plate umpire shouted. Kyle stepped up to the plate and took the first pitch way high. The second pitch was almost in the dirt. The third pitch almost hit Kyle. It was pretty clear they weren't going to give Kyle anything to hit. He walked Kyle on four pitches. Kyle didn't just trot down to first. He ran full tilt down to first and ran to second while the catcher was fiddling with his mask. His throw to second wasn't even close.


The first pitch to Corey was outside and Kyle stole third. Kyle was putting a lot of pressure on the pitcher. He threw over to third three times. I'm sure Corey and Kyle had signaled each other somehow, because Corey bunted to third and Kyle was almost home before the ball left the bat. The catcher was trying to get to the ball, but Kyle bowled him over sliding into home. They didn't react well and so Corey went to second. They finally got us out of the first inning. We scored four runs in our half of the first inning.


In their half of the inning, Grayson struck out the first batter. The second batter turned into a curve ball and the umpire sent him to first. Coach Roberts jumped in to argue to keep Kyle from arguing. Grayson's next pitch was a strike and Kyle quickly threw behind the runner and picked him off first. The next pitch was popped up and Tyler caught the fly in foul territory. We beat them soundly. We scored at least one run every inning except the second. Corey and Hunter each gave up a solo homerun. In Kyle's innings he struck out the side both innings. Under normal conditions we would have won the game in the fifth inning, because we were ahead more than ten runs. We won sixteen to two. I couldn't help but wonder if they were going to show up Thursday for the next scrimmage.


Both teams the fifteen year old and the sixteen year olds both wanted their batting helmets and catcher's gear painted like Kyle's. The coaches offered to pay Andy twenty dollars for each helmet and forty for the catchers gear. He said he would have done it for nothing, but thanked the coaches for the money. He had the boys use masking tape to put their name and number inside the gear. He said he would paint them white tonight and let the gear dry overnight and then paint them tomorrow. They will be ready Thursday.


We got in the truck and as we were leaving the parking lot, Kyle said. "Dad, we need to go by Sports Authority before they close. Grayson said he runs in his sneakers. We need to replace those ratty things too. He has no support for his feet. Like you always say an athlete's feet is his most important piece of equipment in most sports."


"It's true son. Corey please take us to Sports Authority. Grayson needs a lot of things I noticed; let us know if we forget something. He definitely needs some Under Armor and good socks. I think we should have some time to go to the men's store tomorrow." I took out my phone. "Maggs, we need to stop by Sports Authority to get Grayson some running shoes, so we will be a little later than we planned." I couldn't help but laugh. "What ever works." I looked back at the boys. "She said she wasn't falling for me trying to use Grayson as an excuse for being late. She laughed though so she wasn't really mad. She said she would have some grilled cheese sandwiches and a little fruit waiting for us."


It didn't take us very long to get what we needed at the sports store. As soon as we got inside the door, Maggs commanded. "Get those hands washed and eat. Then you can run until your heart's content." She poured vegetable juice into large glasses. "I want all that fruit and this juice gone too." Grayson looked almost panicked. "Don't worry, I don't eat my boys. So far they have always respected my bark so I haven't had to bite them." We all laughed, even Grayson after a bit.


Once we started our run, I tried to keep an eye on Grayson. About half way through with our run, I noticed Grayson's breathing was labored. "Adam, I'm going to drop back to slow Grayson down a bit. He is breathing too hard and doesn't want to slow down." I had to push the boys ahead as I slowed down; they seemed to want to slow down too. When I was beside Grayson, I said. "Hey bud, lets slow down a bit. I keep forgetting that even someone as fit and athletic as you are have to work up to our pace and distance."


Grayson stopped and put his hands on his thighs working hard to catch his breath. "I thought I was in good shape." He gasped between breaths. "Come on let's go, I don't want them to lap us." He took off running.


"You have nothing to prove son." I said when I caught up to him.


"Maybe not, but I'm not going to let them have the satisfaction of lapping me."


"You may not be my son by blood, but you sure are as hard headed and competitive as I am."


He laughed. "From what I can tell, we are all competitive and hate to lose at anything." He seemed to get a second wind. "Come on let's see if we can catch up with them." We were really close when they slowed to start their cool down.


"Hey, Gray, I'll come show you the fine points of how to use the shower. You'll love it, I guarantee it." Corey said as he wrapped his arm around Grayson.


When we hit the shower, Adam was a man possessed. Normally Adam and I are pretty amorous in the shower, but tonight he was more insistent than usual. As soon as we were somewhat clean, I quickly dried us off and rushed Adam to our bed. Tonight our love making was more urgent than any other time that I can remember. I don't remember us saying a thing. Next thing I remember it's Wednesday morning and Adam's knees are hugging my ears he is expertly sucking my cock. I love having my head between his legs. The excitement of being between his legs always heightens my senses even if they are in overdrive. The smell, taste and texture of his body put me into a heightened state of arousal. I loved being awakened by Adam's special alarm clock, but what I don't like so well is I wake up almost ready to cum and don't get to enjoy our sexual interlude long enough.


He must have been excited too, because it was soon time for both of us to fill our lover's mouth with our hot love juice. He turned around and we started kissing tenderly. "I love when you wake me up that way. What amazes me is that you manage to do it every morning."


"I love you so much. One of these days, I'll tell you how I do it, but right now we better get downstairs or the boys will harass us about our morning sex." He kissed me and hopped out of bed and we went to relieve our bladders."


After our run, we started our workout. We introduced Cameron to Grayson and he gave Grayson a workout routine after he evaluated him. Once we finished, I said. "Boys, dress fairly nice after your shower, we have an appointment to talk to Grayson's priest."


"Are shorts and a golf shirt okay?" Grayson asked. "Or is this more formal than what I think it is?"


"That should be fine. We are going to let Hank measure you for golf clubs after we visit the men's store."


Once we got to Saint Patrick's Episcopal Church and found the parish office. Father Frank was waiting for us. "Good morning Grayson, this must be your new family." He started shaking hands with us as we introduced ourselves. "Joe speaks very highly of you Mr. Carter. It is very much a pleasure to meet you."


"Please call me Jim. Did Judge Huggins mention that Adam and I are partners in every sense of the word? We are also looking for a new church home that can accept us as we are."


"Yes he did. He also told me that you both grew up Roman Catholic and have become disillusioned with religion, but your faith in God is still very strong." He put a hand on my shoulder and the other on Adam. "We have a lot of traditions and most of our pageantry are directly from the Catholic church. Our church was formed when the King of England broke from the Catholic Church. The Pope and his views on gays are not ours. We believe that our God is a loving God and wouldn't create some of his children and then not allow them to share in his body and blood. Also unlike our Catholic brethren we believe in an open table. Because we believe it is God sharing his body and blood, it should be available to all his children, not just those that belong to the church."


Adam and I looked at each other. "We promised Judge Huggins that we would bring Grayson to church for as long as he wanted to attend. To be honest, Adam and I have been talking about trying to find a new church home. We would like to see if we might enjoy your church, but unfortunately we can't for about four weeks because we will be at baseball tournaments. Maybe you can recommend churches close to where we will be playing ball?"


"I'll be happy to. Do you have the addresses where you will be staying?"


"I'll give the information to him. You guys need to hurry to your tailor or you will be late." Pete one of our security people spoke up.

"Thanks father. We look forward to seeing you again, I'm sorry we have to run off, but we need to get new suites for the boys' hearing tomorrow."


"I enjoyed meeting you and your family. I look forward to seeing you in church."


At the men's shop, the tailor said there were so few alterations to make on the boys suits that he would have them ready this afternoon. The suits they wanted to wear tomorrow were medium gray with a tiny burgundy stripe. They decided to wear a dark burgundy shirt with a tie that featured a burgundy stripe wedged between two shades of gray. Kyle has seen Adam and I in suits like there's and he wanted us to buy shirts and ties to match theirs.


We had lunch with Hank and Paul before Hank fitted Grayson with new clubs. We ordered three sets so that he will have one for the club, a set for playing away from the club and one for the Swing-Tec.   After fitting Grayson, Hank said. "I don't know how you manage to do it, but all your boys have beautiful golf swings. Well, I don't know about Toby, since he doesn't play."


"I guess they take after Adam." I teased.


Patrick from the security team came up and said. "Guys, we need to leave if we are going to make it to Saint Sebastian in time for Coach Blain's team meetings." Two-thirty was sneaking up on us pretty quickly.


Corey climbed into the driver's seat. "You know that Mark said Grayson should be more than ready to drive us around after this evening's lesson." I teased Corey.


"I know that is why I am getting my time in." He teased back.


"Well, if Mark or whoever is giving the lesson this evening gives Grayson the nod that he is ready. I think Grayson will get to drive until we come back from Orlando. Adam or I will drive into Houston tomorrow for the hearing. I still don't know why we have to go to the Harris county courthouse instead of the Montgomery county courthouse."


"I asked Mr. Matthews and he said because it is a district court, not a county court." Corey stated.


"Okay, that makes sense. I should have thought to ask."


At least we weren't late. Several cars were pulling into the parking lot as we were getting out ourselves. Hunter and Carlton were just getting out of their car as well. Hunter and the boys took off running to where the other kids were gathering. "Hey guys, can I ask you a big favor?" Carlton asked.


"Sure, what's on your mind?"


"I have to attend some meetings this weekend about buying Jack's practice. Also next week, I need to work on clearing my calendar so that I can go to Orlando for that tournament. Joy doesn't really care for baseball and these tournaments, but will take Hunter, but she asked me to see if I could talk you into taking Hunter so that she wouldn't have to go. Her excuse was that Hunter would be much happier with you and your boys. I know it is a huge favor."


"You know Hunter is no problem. We will be happy to have him with us. Adam and I have to be in Kentucky Friday so Tanner is in charge of the RV. We are going to tell the parents tonight. By the way what does he think about his driving lessons?"


"He is so excited and your guy Mark says he is doing very well and should be able to drive with me in the car after tonight. I think it will be awhile before he drives with Joy though. She is not the most patient and she is a nervous passenger anyway." Carlton laughed. "Don't let me forget to give you temporary guardianship papers for Hunter. My secretary said she was happy I didn't put dates on this one. She has to notarize them for me. Ever since Joy told her about how good looking you guys are, she has been bugging me to have you come by the office."


The coach didn't have much to say other than they were getting a slow start for fall because the fifteen and sixteen year olds were still playing in their off season tournaments. He surprised me when he told the team that anyone that wanted a ride to the adoption hearing for Corey and Grayson should see him for a ride. He made another joke about having to learn first names. Yelling Carter would be too confusing. He called Kyle, Corey, and Grayson up to where he is standing. "Corey will be getting a new dad, but his name is already Carter so he won't need a name change. You all know Grayson Harrison. His name after tomorrow will be Grayson Carter. Last but not least is Kyle Carter. Those of you that haven't met him yet, make sure you do. He is a two handicapper and is batting seven-sixty-eight for his USSSA team this year. He has also pitched fifty-eight innings and only given up one run. Although he is only fourteen years old, he will be a sophomore and we look forward to having him at Saint Sebastian's this year." He pointed at me. "Those of you that don't know them, Jim Carter and Adam West have adopted these three young men. Please stand up guys." He started clapping and others joined in. "They have given the Black Sox a twenty lease to the three beautiful high school baseball fields. Jim is the current Black Sox chairman and has given us the same lease. Jim and Adam have also had their IT team develop a website for our use. On a final note, we will be practicing the next three weeks shorthanded. We have four players Kyle, Corey, Grayson and Hunter that will be playing with the sixteen's as well as with their team, but they shouldn't be rusty at all." He laughed. "Good luck with your tournaments guys. I know you guys will be tired, but we will have to play three games the week you get back from Orlando. Your teachers have assured me that they will make sure you can stay up with your classes online."


As the coach was winding down, I got a phone call and noticed it was Corey's mother. I motioned for Adam and Carlton to come with me and I answered the call. "Hi Mrs. Davis, how are you today? Corey is in a meeting with his high school coach. I am going to put you on speaker so that his attorney and Adam can share in this conversation."


"I just wanted to let you know that I am in town and I hope that I can see Corey tonight. Is this guy Leo Hunt that served me with this subpoena Corey's attorney?"


"This is Carlton Matthews, I'm Corey's attorney. That Leo character was acting illegally. I'm calling Judge Huggins as we speak. I'm sure he will fine that attorney and get your money back." He was dialing as he spoke.


"The boys have invited some friends over to play tennis and swim. We will expect you for dinner, but please come anytime."


"I am on my way there now; I am about a mile away. Is it okay to wait for you?"


"Sure it is." I saw Adam going to his phone, I'm sure to call the security guys. "We will have the security guys take you to Maggie."



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