Golf Balls and Boy Balls
Jim Carter

Part 2

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Copyright 2009 Jim Carter

He hit the remote to turn off the TV. We snuggled up and were soon both asleep. When the alarm went off the next morning we were in the same position we fell asleep in. Adam turned off the alarm and we both made a dash for the bathroom. Our morning wood made it difficult to bend it enough to relieve ourselves. “We might as well get in the shower and piss in there. We are going to break our toys trying to get relief.”

“Let’s make sure our new house has urinals like your house has. That sure makes morning pissing easier.”

“I agree.” We got into the shower and kissed, our hard cocks pointing at our chins. We both started pissing and our kisses got more passionate as we pissed on each other. As we finally finished, I gave him a squeeze on the butt and he did the same to me. “Damn that was hot. I could get used to that with you.”

“Me too, it was awesome. Looks like we won’t have time to run again this morning.”

“If we are not too tired from two rounds of golf today, we can run this evening to make up for it. Just depends what time we get home.”

We got to the club in time to loosen up a bit and get a feel of the putting green. One thing I was sure of from the practice green was the greens will have a lot of character and be a challenge to read. I’m sure those that play this course often will have an advantage. Adam confirmed that the greens had character, but said they putt pretty much like you think they should. He said the hardest part was getting the correct speed.

I was surprised to see a couple of people that I knew from our club on the practice green. It turned out that our first game today was with them. That made for a lot more comfortable round for all four of us. We had to turn in our individual scores as well as our best ball score. In our first round I shot a sixty-nine and Adam shot a seventy-one with his four handicap (noticed that Hank had adjusted Adam’s handicap) that gave him a sixty-seven and us a eight under sixty-four for our best ball.

We ate a light lunch and rested for about an hour before out afternoon round. The greens were harder and much faster during the afternoon round. We didn’t play nearly as well in the afternoon. I shot a seventy-one but had a couple of bogeys that we both played the hole poorly. Adam shot a seventy-six which gave him an even par round. The problem was we didn’t play nearly as well together and we had a sixty-nine best ball score. The pro chuckled when we turned in our score card. “I thought the course might be a little tougher for you two this afternoon. This course plays so different in the morning and afternoon. You guys will be prepared now that you have seen it. Hank said you guys will be the team to beat. We are glad to have you in the tournament.”

“Thanks, this is a beautiful course. I love the course layout. I did notice that the greens were very different this afternoon. It was not so much the putting, but the approaches had us fooled a few times. We look forward to playing next week. Hope we don’t go one and done.”

“I don’t think you will from the way you guys scored, I agree with Hank you will be the team to beat.”

“Thanks coach, I played here last year, but it still confused me this afternoon. I didn’t hit the ball nearly as long back then, so it is like a new course for me now. I do love this place though.”

“Yeah, I remember you from last year. Several people said that you were one to watch in the future. I can see you have grown a lot. As it stands right now you two will likely be the number one seed, so you two will have a target on your backs. Just play your game and you should be fine.”

He patted us both on the back and we started out the door. “Do you think it would be okay for Adam and I to shower before we start back to Houston?”

“Sure here are a couple of towels.” He handed us the towels. “They are not hidden but they might be all used this late in the afternoon. The towel boy should be putting more out shortly if they are none there.”

We got our bags and headed for the shower. It was a nice shower, but busy enough that we didn’t dare get too close in the shower for fear that we would get hard. I noticed the towel boy was about Adam’s age but shorter. He sure spent a lot of time checking Adam out. Not that I blamed him. We both dressed in blue shirts with kaki shorts and sandals for the trip home. Adam’s big feet are sexy as hell and those sandals just highlighted how sexy they were. I’m pretty sure I will be hard all the way home. “Do you want to drive home or are you tired of driving for awhile?”

“I’ll drive, I have a ton of confidence in my driving now. Hell, truth be known, I have a ton of confidence period. You have me on top of the world.” He leaned in close to make sure it was private. “You are my world. I’m never going to let you out of my sight.”

“I can’t imagine that either, but eventually we will have to be apart some. I don’t think they will let me go to class with you when you go back to school.”

“Well, you could home school me.”

I laughed. “I think we better stay with traditional schooling, especially since the law might want to question our motives otherwise.” As we were loading or stuff in the truck, I shielded him from view and put my hand down his shorts and played with his cute butt. “I just had to have one more feel of that sweet butt.”

He put his hand inside my shorts and played with my dick. “I agree, but now we are both going to start this drive with hard dicks.” We broke apart and headed for home. We chatted all the way home not really talking about anything in particular until Adam said. “We will get home in plenty of time to run. I was just thinking that if we buy the Jackson place we will have almost a mile circuit if we make a running track around the inside of the fence. Wouldn’t that be cool?”

“I think that will be very cool. I also think the privacy that place offers is pretty fantastic too. I guess maybe that is just the pervert in me wanting to ogle your beautiful naked body beside that big pool.”

“I was thinking the same thing about your sexy butt. That indoor pool is nice too. The last time I was there, I was only seven or eight, but I was amazed at how big that indoor pool was.”

“That house has been empty for three or four years, no telling what shape any of that is in, but we can make it just like we want it.”

“I agree. I was thinking that we should buy something smaller, we don’t need a big mansion, but then if we ever have to entertain we will.”

“I have been thinking, I don’t think I will ever go to work at Carter Enterprises. I should find a way to gracefully bow out and let those that want to run the company buy it one way or another. I already have more money than I could spend in ten lifetimes, I damn sure don’t need to work at something I don’t have a passion for.”

“Hey, me too. I think I should sell off West International. Mom won’t care, she has her settlement already and I’m sure she will support me selling too. Of course, I could give it away and still have more money than I could ever spend. She told me already that as my guardian she would vote the way I wanted her to on anything regarding my trust.” He was beaming. “Hey do you like horses?”

“I am not very much of a horseman, but I like them just fine. My main interests in horses is at the race track.” I laughed.

“Perfect, Let’s go into horse racing. We have so much money we can hire great trainers and buy a show place of a horse ranch. We could be involved as much or as little as we wanted if we made sure we hired good people. What do you think?”

“You know, the more I think about it, the better it sounds to me. Of course, we would want to have our farm close to Louisville. After all, the Kentucky Derby is THE derby, so we would want to be there.”

“Not that I really want to go to college, but I can go to college there and commute to school.”

“By that time you might change your mind. Most teens can’t wait to go off to college.”

“Most teens going off to college don’t have a clue what they are going to do with their life. I may not know exactly what we will be doing, but I know for sure it will be with you. I have everything I will ever need in life with you. Finishing high school and then college is something I think I should do, but the only think I am committed to is you. I plan on spending the rest of my life by your side.” I had a tear run down my cheek. “You better tell me that is a tear of joy, not sadness.” He was a little tense.

“Yes, you have made me very happy. I want you do to anything and everything that you want in life. I am just so happy that you want me to be a part of it. I love you sweet Adam.”

“I love you too. I love you more than I thought possible. I’m glad we are pulling into the garage, I need a kiss.” We kissed tenderly and after a couple of minutes, Adam said. “Now let’s put on some shorts and shoes and I want to watch your dick flop in your shorts.”

We took of in just running shorts and shoes. That was a mistake, we both got hard and was showing way too much as we were running. We were only about five blocks away when I said. “We have to go home and put on jocks or we are going to be arrested for indecent exposure.”

“Yep, maybe they will let us share a cell. Did you see that kid play with his dick as we passed?”

“Yes, I think we better not go back that way.” We both laughed.

“Look behind us.”

I looked back and the kid was following us. “Shit, let’s hurry and get back home.” We were both laughing too hard to run very fast, but at least we were not nearly as hard as before. We made it back home with the kid following us all the way. “Maybe we should forget about running today.”

“Yep, that kid was about thirteen and very much excited about seeing us jogging with our dicks flapping. We’ll set the alarm for early and run before we meet the realtor. We will wear jocks from now on.” We looked outside and the kid was still there. Adam went outside to talk to him. The kid left waving as he was leaving, so I guess all was well. “His name is Adam too, he said he had never seen two guys dicks flopping like that. I told him it was a mistake we should have worn jocks he laughed and said he was glad he got to see the show before we locked them down. The last thing he said was he likes dicks.”

“Wow, never thought of that. I could have been out trolling with my dick flopping instead of sleeping alone the last few years.” We both laughed.

“Now your dick only flops for me.”

“Now you own my dick and the rest of me. You can do anything but cut it off and put it in your pocket.” He was running his hand up the legs of my shorts and playing with my dick.

“Speaking of that.” He held my dick so that it wouldn’t get caught in the fabric and pulled my shorts off. He was immediately on his knees sucking my hard cock.

“Oh God, that’s incredible. I need you in my mouth too.” We got into a sixty-nine position and we were working on each other like crazy. We both were rewarded with a rush of cum. We came down from our orgasmic high and swing around to kiss there on the carpet.

We cuddled a bit and Adam fell asleep. I got up and went into the bathroom and was filling the enema bag when Adam came in. “I woke up alone. I didn’t like that.” He saw what I was doing. “Cool we are going to clean ourselves out. That means hot anal sex tonight.” I chuckled.

“I’m sorry I was a party pooper yesterday, but anal sex is not enjoyable for me unless I am clean inside. I know it sounds strange, but I have a real aversion to having sex and seeing a shitty dick afterwards.”

“I understand. I have only had anal sex a couple of times and now that you mention it, I didn’t like the dirty part either. Besides, if we do it everyday, it will just be another part of our play together. I will enjoy you lubing me up and putting the thing in, my nanny wasn’t much fun when I was seven.”

“Are you sure you want to do this. It might smell pretty bad. I have always done this in private.”

“We are going to be together always through thick and shit. I mean thin. Your shit will be like my own. I know it stinks, but I have to do it. When we are doing it together it will become natural just like our own bad smelly poop.”

“Are you sure you’re only fifteen? You reason too well to only be fifteen.”

“Almost sixteen, but Max always said I was fifteen going on thirty. He always said he didn’t know if it was me or that school, but I never acted like a kid.”

I let Adam put the nozzle in and release the soapy water into me. “I like to hold it as long as I can for the maximum cleaning.” I looked over at the bag. “Clip it off and then remove the nozzle.”

“Ooh that has been up your ass. Do I have to?” He teased. He kissed my cock as he removed the nozzle. I sat on the pot.

“Now you can fill it with lukewarm water for the rinse phase.” When I let the soapy water out, it wasn’t as bad as I feared.

“Phew damn you stink Jim.” He was laughing, so I knew he wasn’t truly revolted. I flushed. “How long before we do the rinse?”

“We do it now. It is back to back wash and rinse.” I raised my legs so that he could get to my hole. He put my dick in his mouth as he played with my hole before slipping the nozzle in. It was in and he released the water before I even realized it.

“Hey I can feel it bloating you with my forehead.” When the bag was empty he gently pulled the nozzle out. “Keep your legs up for a minute before you have to put them down, I want to see it start to come out.”

“Don’t you think that is a little gross?”

“No, it a bodily function from the man I love. I have to see it once.” He put his hand on my lower belly. “Let it go.” He let my legs go so that I could lower them. “Don’t you think it is cool that we are sharing something so intimate and private that very few people share this.”

“Yes, I do, but I have found that some of the most mundane things are special when we do them together.” He kissed me.

I flushed again. “My turn now?”

“If you are sure you want this.”

“I’m positive. It makes sense that anal sex will be much nicer with us clean on the inside. I think we should do this every day. Besides we both like to lick each other there and it will be nice to be clean inside and out.”

I put a little lube on the nozzle. He raised his legs and put his feet on my shoulders. “You have the sexiest feet. I guess it is to be expected as sexy as the rest of you is, but I have never wanted to kiss and caress anyone else’s feet ever.”

“That’s cool, I think your feet are sexy too I love seeing you in sandals. Well almost as much as seeing you in nothing. We will have fun giving each other foot massages.” I pulled the nozzle out of his hole.

“Hold it as long as you can. At least until I fill the bag with the rinse water.” I started filling the bag again. Once it was full. I hung it up and kissed his cock. “You can release it now.”

“Don’t you think you should get up from there. You are at ground zero you know.”

“As you said it comes from your beautiful body. I will get used to it quickly.” He didn’t smell that bad. I flushed and pointed the nozzle at him. “Raise them again big boy.” Again he put his feet on my shoulders. I took his cock into my mouth as I slowly slid the nozzle in. I had to release his cock to release the clamp.

“I think we must the only two in the world that would turn an enema into a cock sucking orgy.” He laughed.

“It’s your fault. You cock is so beautiful and it just feels like it belongs in my mouth.”

“I know, yours feels the same to me. I was thinking when I fell asleep awhile ago, that if I could manage to stay between your legs forever that would be a wonderful thing.” When he released the water we got in the shower and started washing and kissing. I love the way he washes my hair and I love washing his. “You know we need to make sure the new house has a big hot water heater. We can’t seem to take anything but long loving showers.”

We got out of the shower and dried each other. We decided to go eat at Subway it was not far from the house. We were cuddling on the couch, naked of course. We watched a whole movie before our hands got serious with their exploration. “Jim, I know we cleaned ourselves out so that we could have anal sex, but would you mind if we waited until some other time? I want our first time doing that to be extra special and it just seems like we should wait to me somehow.”

“I agree with you. I’m glad you thought of that.” When the movie we were watching ended, we headed for bed. We kissed and cuddled and didn’t last very long before we were asleep. Or at least, I thought I could tell Adam was asleep just before I went into dream world. Wait that isn’t true, my dream was wrapped up in my arms. Anyway we fell asleep quickly. The alarm woke us, but we forgot to set the alarm as early as we intended. “Let’s just run and end up at the Jackson place. I don’t think they will mind if we are a little sweaty and in running gear. Even if they do, they can get over it.” Adam laughed.

“Besides they either work for us or are trying to sell us something.” We ran about six miles then headed over to the Jackson place when Adam showed me his watch said it was almost eight.

We jogged through the open gate, but still have a couple hundred yards before we got to the house. We both almost choked when we saw the kid from the day before come out to meet us. “You guys don’t look as hot today as you did yesterday.”

“What are you doing here?” Adam asked.

“My mom is trying to sell this place and she is taking me to soccer from here, so I had to come with her.”

“I’m Adam and this is Jim, nice to meet you.” Adam held out his hand.

“Hi, I’m Adam too. I told you that yesterday.” He shook both our hands.,

“Oh yeah, I forgot. Sorry Adam.”

“Are you guys going to buy this place. It’s awesome inside.”

“We are thinking about it.” We went in and found Max and everyone getting a tour of the kitchen and what they called the servants quarters. “Well, what do you think so far guys?”

“The kitchen is up to date and plenty big. It looks awesome so far, but kitchen and the servants quarters is all we have seen so far.”

“I don’t like that term, I don’t think any of you have or will be thought of as servants.”

“I agree with Jim, can we find a different term for that area.”

“We will think about it, but the term has been used forever. It’s not because we think of ourselves as servants, but we are your live-in staff. Believe me, we love our jobs and want to continue working for you boys.” Max spoke for the group.

“You realize there are more quarters for the staff too. There is the gardener’s cottage and chauffer’s quarters over the garage.”

“Nice, let’s see some more of the house. Is the indoor pool still a pool or did they get rid of that?”

“The indoor pool is still there and in fact it is still filled and being maintained every month as is the outdoor pool. The grounds are also being taken care of. In fact the gardener still lives here if you want to keep him on. He is a loyal and trusted employee, and you will meet him in just a few minutes.” We looked at the master bedroom and saw that we could easily upgrade it to the way we wanted it. The house was beautifully decorated and the double stairway was an amazing three story entryway. “This is a beautiful area. It will make an amazing area decorated for Christmas.”

“Did I mention that all the furniture comes with the house. Everything is included, all the kids want is the money, they don’t want to have to even come back here to look at the place.”

Adam and I talked quietly in the study which was an amazing area with tons of books some of which appeared to be valuable bound in leather. “Adam this place is a steal at fifteen million, but she said she thought we could get it for ten. Let’s talk to the gardener to see if he knows anything that we need to have repaired to make this place livable.”

“Yeah, I am almost feeling guilty only offering ten million for the place.”

The gardener said the place was in fine shape as far as he knew. “So will you stay on if we buy this place?”

“Yes sir, I have planted all these plants and made these grounds a show place. I couldn’t love it more if I owned the place.”

“We are thinking we would like to put a jogging trail all around the inside the fence, do you think that will ruin the beauty of these grounds?”

“I don’t have a clue how much it would cost, but I think they make a surface that would hold up to your jogging that looks like grass. It would be worthwhile to check it out. Even if we used pebbles it could be made to blend in enough that it wouldn’t look bad. If you are talking about one of those red surfaces like you see around football fields, that will take some work to make it look good, but I will do my best to make you proud of the place.”

Adam said. “I like your attitude. Do you need some help this looks like a lot of work for one man.”

“I usually hire my grandson to help me during the summer. In fact he will be here sometime today. Unless we have a bug problem or something it is designed to be as maintenance free as possible. It is already in the budget.”

“Nice, I love these grounds and have admired them for a long time. You and your grandson do wonderful work.”

“Thank you sir.”

“No sir please, I’m Jim and this is Adam.”

“Thank you, I like to show respect. If you insist, I will try to remember. My name is Tobin and my grandson is Corbin.”

“The other thing you need to understand is that we are gay and together. Do you have a problem with that?”

“My grandson is gay and I love him to death. I like you boys already. I don’t see that being a problem. Besides the guy that takes care of the pools is gay too and he and my grandson have been dating for about a year. They both live in Houston.”

“Cool. We just wanted to make sure you were not going to wig out if you see us kissing or even more.”

“Did you boys notice there is a sports area over here that is hidden.” We walked around some plants and a full tennis court and basketball court were there. “It is lighted and built to drain quickly if it rains.” The fence was painted green and both ends of the court had a practice area to hit balls into alone if you wanted. There was even a small spectator area as well as places for the player to rest between games.

“This is a beautiful area. Is it hard to maintain?”

“Not at all, very few leaves get in here and other than that it is pretty much maintenance free. That little building over there is air conditioned and has a full bar. There are ladies and gents changing rooms as well.”

“Wow, if we had a golf course, we would have a club.”

“No golf course, but when Mr. Jackson was younger he talked about putting a putting green and driving range over there. He already has a gate there if you look closely you can see it.” It was clearly big enough to drive through if needed. Adam and I had our mouths open. “The grounds go all the way to the club property. He just left it as wilderness.”

“Sue the realtor, came over and said. “Do you want to make the ten million offer?”

“Do you think they will take it? Does this sale include this wilderness property as well?”

“No, they are trying to sell that property too, but since it is just wilderness they are only asking one point five for that hundred twenty acres. They asked me to get you up to eleven and they would take it. I still think they might take ten. I’m almost positive they will take ten point five.”

“Adam and I have talked. We will take it for eleven if they will let our architect and his builder in to draw up plans before closing. We will put up a million for escrow. I assume they would want you to be the one to let our people in, so are you willing to allow that.”

“Wait let’s offer twelve to this property and the acreage together. That has to be a pretty good buy and it will give us a place to ride motorcycles and all sorts of stuff.”

“Great idea Adam. What do you think Sue?”

“They will be so happy to get the twelve, I’m sure they will be happy to agree to that and I will be happy to allow them in. That is a good price for the acreage, but it hasn’t slold because there is very little access to the property. You don’t have a problem though. When do you want to close?”

“We will be out of town all next week, so anytime after that will be fine with us.”

“How do you want to complete this paperwork as the buyer.”

“We want it in both our names partner fifty-fifty.”

“That might be difficult with Adam being under twenty-one, unless he is emancipated.”

“I haven’t thought of that, but if we can’t get him emancipated before closing list me and his trust. His mother controls his trust, we will just have to get her to sign. We will have our attorneys work on getting him emancipated. I think that is a good idea.”

Adam was on the phone with his mother. I heard him say sorry to wake you, but I need something quickly that you can easily do. Sue and I continued talking and I didn’t hear anything after that.

“Mom said she would have our attorneys draw up the emancipation papers and would sign away her rights to me as long as Jim was listed on the trust until I turn twenty-five. We are running, so you need to follow us to Jim‘s house to get the escrow check.”
“ It will take me a few more minutes to finish filling this out. I think I have all the information I need. Is there someone that can get in touch with you next week when you are out of town?”

“Max will be the one you can call.”

“I will stay and make sure she has what she needs. Will you boys come to dinner tonight?”

“Sure we will be there by six unless Jim’s meeting goes longer than we are planning on.” We took off running once we were outside. We got to our house about the same time Sue pulled up. We signed all the papers and I wrote her a check for the escrow. Even before we took our shower, I called Harry, the architect that I used to renovate this house. He assured me that he would contact Max on Monday to get in to see the new house.

Before we got into the shower, Adam started filling the enema bag. He got on the pot and put his feet on my shoulders. All thoughts of inserting that nozzle were pushed aside for the moment and I sucked his big dick. I didn’t linger long there but moved his balls out of the way and started licking his hot hole. “I’m cumming!” I moved from his hole to his cock just in time to catch the first blast of Adam cream. When he became too sensitive for my mouth on his cock, he eased my head off him. I straddled his legs and began kissing my sweet lover. After a few minutes. “Switch places. I need to taste you now.”

I sat on the pot and put my feet on his shoulders just like he did me. He sucked me a little then went for my hole. His tongue and mouth were driving me crazy with desire. From being excited sucking Adam, I knew this was going to be over long before I wanted it to be. I grabbed Adam’s head and moved him up to my dick. He knew immediately that I was about to spew. As soon as his hot mouth started sucking my cock I fired my first blast into his sucking mouth. He sat on my lap and we kissed passionately.

“I guess we are ready now.” Adam said between kisses. He got off my lap and got on his knees. I put my feet on his shoulders. He kissed my cock as he slipped the nozzle into me. He released the clamp. When the bag was empty, he removed the nozzle and put water in for the rinse cycle. I unloaded the load in me and flushed the toilet. He put my cock in his mouth as he put the water into me. “I wish I could stay between your legs, your cock is perfect.”

“Your cock is the perfect one.” We swapped places and got him cleaned out. In the shower we washed each other. “I love the way you wash my hair.”

“Me too. Of course, I love your hands on me everywhere.” We finished our shower, dressed and headed toward the office.

My meetings were just as boring as I thought they would be. After they were over I brought in Adam and introduced him. I told, Joe the guy that has been running the company, that I probably would never come to actually run the company. I offered him the first option to buying the company out right. He thought that with the company buying most of the stock he could buy the rest. He wanted a couple of months to see what he can do and I told him I wasn’t in a hurry.

“Oh Joe, I just thought of something. Adam and I are wanting to get into the horse business. We are really wanting to buy and existing operation that could use in influx of cash or someone just wanting to get out of the business. We are willing to invest a lot to get what we want. I don’t want the company to buy it or anything other than do some investigation work to see what might be available. Something around Louisville Kentucky would be ideal.”

Adam called the guy running his company and started the same process. We when home, changed clothes and grabbed our bathing suits. We decided to swim at this house so that we wouldn’t be late for dinner. For the first time we were naked in his bedroom changing into our bathing suits. For some unknown reason it was erotic as hell, being naked in the bedroom that he jerked off in for so many years. He notice my hard on and asked what caused it. I explained and we had to have a quick sixty-nine. When he bumped his computer and the screen came on, I saw he had a picture of me in mid golf swing as his background. “I took that on the practice tee that first day. Any doubt that it was love at first sight for me?”

“I didn’t know you took that picture. Hey, you play poker on very often? That is the site I play at mostly.”

“Yep, I used to play a lot. I love to play, but now I love playing with something else a lot more.” We laughed.

“I haven’t played since I met some sexy teenager, but I used to play a lot. My username is HOLDTHIS.”

“I’m pretty sure I have played you before. I’m STUDHOLDEM.”

“Yep, I remember playing you more than once. I remember thinking bet stud is the last thing that would describe him.” I laughed. “Man was I wrong you really are a stud.”

“Let’s go swim before they think we are up here having sex. We will have to play poker tonight. I can’t wait to see what kind of note I have for you.”

His swimming ability was heads above mine. I love to swim, but I just swim. He was on a swim team, so not only was he much faster but also looked much better doing it. He didn’t rub it in that he was so much better swimmer, simply slowed to a comfortable pace for me and we swam laps. After about an hour, Max came out and said. “Boys, dinner is almost ready. You should get your shower quickly. In fact, it would probably be a good idea if you showered together.” He turned and left. We looked at each other and couldn’t help but burst up laughing at his subtle way of telling us he wanted us to know he was comfortable with us as a couple. At least that was what I thought it meant.

Once we were in his bedroom, we undressed each other and kissed passionately. Our shower was full of kissing. I’m sure our shower took two or three times as long as it would have taken if we had taken separate showers, but we managed to finish without making wild passionate love to each other.

At dinner everyone ate together. They just wanted to tell us how much they appreciated being a part of the decision process for the house. I think this was there way of showing us that we were considered family instead of just their employer. Under normal circumstances they would never have all sat down to eat with us. Max was excited to take the architect whenever he needed in the house and said that Sue had already called to show him the security features on Monday.

Mine and Adam’s phone got a text message at the same time. It was Sue telling us the sellers had accepted our offer and the process started. Max got a text a few minutes later. “That was Sue, she said the inspector would be doing the inspection on Wednesday at ten if I wanted to be there with them.” He was texting back as he spoke. “I told her I would be there. Seems this is moving very quickly.” Just then there was someone at the gate. It was a currier from the attorney. He waited for Adam to sign his emancipation papers so that he could take them to be filed. I had a few to sign as well. I realized that my attorneys would have a fit that I signed something without letting them read it, let alone not reading them myself. Oh well, it is too late to beat myself up over it.”

“Wow, it seems she can’t wait to get me out of her hair.” I could feel the sadness in his voice.

I put my arms around him. “I doubt that is the reason, I’m pretty sure your calling her first thing asking for it made her think she should act quickly. Have you looked at the papers to see if she included a note or anything?”

“I assure you Adam, your mother loves you very much. She might not have been around much, but she does love you. Your dad probably put it best. He said once that she had plenty of caring, just short on the nurturing.”

“Thanks Max, I know she loves me in her way.” He looked through the papers. “Jim do you realize that you just signed to be the head trustee of my trust? Oh, you signed that you would agree to be my chief advisor until I turned twenty-one and would ask the court to replace you if you couldn’t advise me with my best interest in mind.”

“I just thought to myself my attorneys would shit nickels if they knew I something without their approval, let alone not even reading them.” That lessened the mood and we all laughed.

“I take it she called them then had to send an email, for their supporting documents. I should have been copied, because they said that would be considered their authorization to proceed. Let’s go see what it says.” We ran up the stairs and he opened his email. “Shit a hundred new emails. I must have had a different male on my mind.” He groped me.

“Hey bud, we won’t get to the email again if you keep that up.” He opened the email the greeting said my wonderful baby boy. I decided it best to let him read it alone. “I will wait for you over here, you should read this in private.”

“No, I need you holding me.” He sat in my lap. “I’ll read it aloud. My wonderful baby boy, To say I was shocked when you said you wanted to be emancipated so that you and Jim could buy a house together, is a bit of an understatement. However, after thinking it through it made perfect sense. It protects Jim, as well as, allows you to buy the house together. I know that I have never been around when you needed me. I am a terrible mother, I know that. Please know that I love you very much. I was always too selfish to be the kind of mother I should have been. I wish I could tell you that I will do better in the future, but we both know that wouldn’t last. Although I have not been the mother I should have, I can do what is best for you. I am very proud of the young man you have become. You are far smarter than I will ever be and much more mature than your almost sixteen years. You deserve to be happy and I can do this for you. I also realized that it wouldn’t really impact our relationship much at all. If I can do this and add to your happiness, this is the least I can do. Please don’t interpret my quick action on this to mean I want to get rid of you, I don’t want that at all. I am just trying to do what is best for you. By the way, when I talked to Jim I can honestly say he does have a very sexy voice. From the pictures the detectives sent he is very handsome as well. Before you both blow up at me. I just had to know for sure that you were in good hands. I can’t wait until you boys come to visit this summer. I love you son. Signed Mother. Oh, there is a PS. PS, Give Jim a big kiss for me.” He turned around and kissed me.

He went through his email and answered what he wanted . I kept him on my lap and couldn’t help bout rub his crotch every now and then. “You will have to help me answer my email when we get home.”

“I plan doing it the exact same way, with my hands all over your crotch. It was a wonderful way to make email fun.” He turned around and kissed me. “Want to sleep in my bed tonight?” He got up. “It’s a little small but we don’t take up much room once we settle down to sleep anyway.”

“Don’t you think Max and them will hear us?”

“If they are coming to the new house, they have to get used to it sooner or later.”

“Our bedroom will be a lot farther away there.”

“Yep but with the two pools and them being private they will see us naked constantly and I’m sure we will be all over each other at the pools too. Face it they will see us as well as hear us.”

“Damn, I didn’t think of that. You sound like you are used to them seeing you naked.”

“As far as I know they haven’t seen me naked since they quit giving me baths. I have never had a live-in lover before.” He laughed.

I checked my email and answered what I needed to. True to his word, he played with me off and on the whole time I was at the computer. We decided to play some poker, but since his laptop was at my house, we played together on his account. When I saw the sit and goes he entered I was sure we had played together before. We played three at a time. It appeared his favorite was the 45 player $114 holdem sit and goes. I was more sure than ever that we had to have played before.

I recognized several that I had played before. Since I didn’t have my notes as we were on his account, I was only sure of a couple that I knew how they played. His notes looked a lot like mine. Very few of them were nice things. They mostly said something like idiot goes all in way too early with just ace rags and stuff like that. From our three entries, we won one a second and a fifth. If he normally plays like he did tonight we play a lot alike.

We went down and got something to drink before turning in for the night. We both got a glass of water and was drinking it when Maggie came in and said. “You boys want a snack?”

“No thanks Maggs, we just needed a drink before going to bed.”

“I sure have missed you around here. I don’t mean to leave you out Jim, but Adam has always been special to me. It killed me every time he left to that school. Now that he isn’t going there anymore, he has found the love of his life.” I could tell she was trying hard not to cry. I hugged her.

“I know what you mean. I would die if something happened and I didn’t have my Adam fix. We will try to spend a lot more time here and Max assured us you would want to come to the new house. I know it won’t be the same, but we’ll try to make sure you get to see Adam a little more than we have. I hope it doesn’t upset you that we will be sleeping together.”

She laughed. “Oh, no, I love it that Adam is loved so dearly. I always knew one day my little boy that I watch grow up and changed his diapers would find someone to share his life with. He has chosen well. I know you love him and he loves you. I can’t deny that I am quickly leaning to love you too. Max and the rest of us laughed and discussed the first time we catch you boys naked and loving each other at the pools or somewhere. We all decided that it would be something we expect to happen. We want you boys to feel comfortable around us naked or otherwise. We want you to feel like you can cuddle kiss or anything else around us. We are all very happy for you both.”

“Thanks Maggs, I hope I can call you Maggs like Adam does. It means a lot to us that we don’t do anything to make you uncomfortable, but it will be fantastic that we don’t have to be sensitive about what we wear and do.”

“I will be honored to be Maggs to you. I know that Barb will want you to call her Barb too. I will try to remember to tell her to tell you.”

“Thanks again. I hesitate to tell you but we are anxious to get upstairs and break-in Adam’s old bed. If we stay here often will might want a little bigger bed.”

“Max said earlier he should have thought to do that, so he will be doing it anyway.”

We managed to find a new toothbrush that we shared to brush our teeth. We had forgotten that we had moved all of Adam’s personal items to the other house. I grabbed a bath towel on the way out and put it on the bed. “I think tonight is right. I want you inside me Adam.”

“I want you inside me too.” He kissed me passionately. Then moved down loving my body with his hands and mouth. He gently sucked my cock for a bit then worked on my balls. When he put his hand on the back of my knee and lifted I knew he wanted me to lift my legs. He put them over his shoulders and started licking my hole. His tongue was driving me crazy. I could feel his tongue working inside my hole.

“Fuck me now Adam. I need you in me now.” I knew he was lubing his cock when I felt his shoulders turn, then I felt his fingers lubing my hole. “Take it slow, I have not had anything up there for a very long time.” He kissed me passionately as he started pushing his cock into my hole. Once the head was in I was ready. I used my anal muscles to squeeze his throbbing cock. I used my heels on his butt to pull him the rest of the way in. He started slow strokes, kissing me the whole time. He was hitting my prostrate with every stroke. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. “Faster, stud, faster. I’m almost there fill me with your hot cum.” I couldn’t hold it any longer and I erupted between us. I was almost finished when he started filling my ass with his hot seed. We he stopped pumping into me we kissed. I felt his cock soften and he soon left me feeling the emptiness of losing his cock in my hole. “That was wonderful.”

“It was amazing when you started to cum, your ass gripped my cock like it was in a vice. Now it’s my turn to feel your beautiful cock in me.”

“I’m not sure I can get it hard just yet, from that wonderful cum you just gave me.” Adam started sucking my cock and soon had me rock hard.

“Looks like your ready to me.” He grinned. We traded places and once on his back just lifted his legs offering that sweet hole to me. I loved licking his beautiful ass. When I felt him relax enough I worked my tongue in that hot hole. “God Jim, do it now. I need you in me.” I continued to lick him as I lubed my dick. When I substituted my tongue with my lubricated fingers, I knew he was ready. I gently pushed until the head popped inside him. I held still just kissing him waiting for him to get used to the fullness. “Fuck me Jim.” Not more than three minutes later he was spewing his sweet juices between us. The vice that his whole body became soon had my cock filling his sweet ass with my juices. My arms could no longer hold me up from him and we collapsed into a loving kiss. “I love you so much. That was amazing.” As my softening cock slipped out of him he groaned. “I miss him in there.” We got up and went to the bathroom. We both had to get a load of cum out of us. Then we showered to get cleaned up. When we finished and headed for bed. We saw the towel we used soaked with cum.

“Well, that leaves little doubt what we just did.”

“We will put all the towels together and maybe Barb won’t notice, but they might as well get used to us. I guess will help them figure out that I am not a little boy anymore.”

We fell asleep quickly. We must have slept soundly, because the next thing I remember is a knocking at the door. It was Max. “Adam, sorry to wake you, but don’t you have a tennis lesson this morning?

“Shit, yes I do.”

“Young man, do you have a tennis lesson or need to shit? You know what I say about your language.”

“Bad language is for a weak mind. I know, but sometimes it feels good to show emphasis with bad language.” He was grinning, I could tell this wasn’t the first time he and Max has this exchange.

“In that case get your lazy ass up and come to breakfast. Maggs has it ready now.” I heard him chuckle outside the door and then I heard him leave. We brushed our teeth, got dressed and went down to eat. It was a very healthy breakfast of fruit and hot cereal.
Adam held my hand. “Do you play tennis?”

“I used to play when I was like ten or eleven. My dad made me drop some sports about that time. I was into everything. Baseball, skiing, football, basketball, soccer, golf and I even asked if I could join the swim team. I think that was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak.” I squeezed his hand. “Tennis was one of the sports I had to drop.”

“I was hoping you were as good at tennis as everything else you play. I know for sure that Hank and Paul will want to play us while we are in Austin.”

“Sorry bud, I used to enjoy it but haven’t picked up a racket since then.”

“Well, if you want to pick it up again, it will be something else that we can do to keep ourselves in shape. Besides with that awesome set up at the new house it will be fantastic to go out and play.”
“ Sounds good. We will see about signing me up for some lessons while we are at your lesson this morning.”

“I’m sure you have seen Ted, the tennis coach. He is a hunk.”

“Oh yeah, I didn’t realize your lesson was at the club. I should have, just didn’t think.”

When we got to the club, he talked to Ted and gave his lesson up for me to use. Ted quickly had me where I wasn’t just a total spaz on the court. He said he would have three rackets for me. He said they would be strung and ready by three this afternoon. The he told me to get some real tennis shoes. By the end of the hour I could hit a serve, just not very hard. He told me until I got better to just get it in. He said he usually kept his Saturday afternoons free, because the members wanted the courts. He looked and booked us a court from one to four. “I will have to ask a couple of people to give up their spots, but they are both people that won’t mind.” He made the calls and all was set.

Adam had five or six sets of shorts and at least ten shirts, with shoes, socks, jocks, and wrist bands. “We will work on matching better later, but this is enough to get you started.”

“Get me started? That seems like a ton of stuff.”

“Shut up, you can afford it. Besides you need to show Ted your appreciation for getting us the time this afternoon and calling in some favors.”

“Oh yeah, I didn’t think of that.” We decided to go grab a light lunch at the club and putt a bit before our one o’clock appointment. At about a quarter to one I changed into one of the outfits Adam had made me buy and put on the new shoes. He was dressing too. I saw he matched my outfit exactly. He grabbed his tennis bag and I couldn’t believe how bulky it was. When we found Ted he handed me one of those big and bulky bags. Your rackets and a few tubes of balls are in there already. I also put a couple of towels in there for you. I noticed the tag had my name with the club address and phone number on it.

He worked on giving me muscle memory exercises to work on. He also taught me about some planning what to expect in certain situations. He worked more on my serve and by the end of the three hours. I could serve a little better. By the end of our time, I was able to move and get in position a lot better than when I started. I couldn’t return Adam’s first serve very often was I was getting better a judging where it was going and trying to get into position. He came over and shook my hand. “You have worked your butt off this afternoon. I am proud of the progress you have made. I normally tell students that they should play yet, but I Adam said he was sure Hank would want to play while you guys are in Austin. Just try not to pick up too many bad habits and we will start to work as soon as we can after you get back. Hank and Paul will probably beat you, but don’t let that discourage you. You are just learning and have made tremendous progress today. I look forward to working with you. Listen to Adam, he will keep you guys in the game.”
“ Thanks, I will and I really appreciate your time today all that you have done to make it happen. I think I will enjoy playing this game if you can get me out of the embarrassment stage quickly.”

“You were never in that stage. You are a natural athlete, that puts you ahead of a lot of people that have been playing for years. Unless you plan to play professionally, you want to have fun playing, never forget that.”

We were both very tired and decided to get Subway again and take it home to eat. “That was fun Adam, I hope I don’t let you down too much being stuck with me.” He laughed.

“I will love playing with you no matter what. If you couldn’t swing a racket at all, it would be more fun with you than playing with the best players in the world. Well, maybe playing the Roddick would be fun too, but only the tennis part.” We both laughed.

“I don’t know how those guys do those long matches all the time. My feet are killing me.”

“They have people to massage them. We are going to massage each others feet tonight. It will be sexy as hell, but it will help them too. I have been wanting to learn how to give a great massage, maybe can learn to do that together too. Then we can have our hands all over each other and help our bodies too.”

“We both just love to touch.”

“Yes, and we can’t seem to hide the fact we are in love. Ted noticed. He told me we looked great together and belonged together. The he said something that surprised me. He said that he had never even thought of sex with another guy, but he thought we both looked sexy.”

Once we got home and ate our sandwiches. We took a shower and as happens more than it doesn’t we had to taste each other before we left the shower. We decided to play poker, but before we started we both wanted our foot massage. We were on the floor each massaging one foot while the other foot was playing in our partner’s crotch. “Oh my god, Adam, your feet are so sexy. I can’t tell what feels the best your massaging my foot or playing with your foot and the other one playing with my dick. This is erotic as hell.”

“It sure is. Let’s switch feet so that both feet get some massage. I’m going to have to cum soon. You are bringing to boiling point too fast.” We swapped feet and tried to slow down a bit, but we both knew we had reached our limit and we moved to take each other in our mouths. Soon we were enjoying the sweet essence of the other. “Jim, our love making keeps getting better and better. I love you so much.”

“I love you more.” We spent a long time kissing and cuddling. “Do you still want to play poker?”
“ Sure, I can’t wait to see if you call me an idiot or say I play badly.”

“I might. I don’t take many notes that aren’t negative in nature. If you have put a bad beat on me, I probably thought it was a bad play that you got lucky on. I think that is pretty much the nature of my note taking on poker.”

“Me too. I think most poker players do that. Just listen to some of the mouths on TV, I’m not as bad as some of those brats, but then again I don’t capture all my tirades in notes.”

We both laughed. Can you imagine being as foolish at that Hellmouth dude. That is what I call him Hell mouth because he thinks anyone that calls him is an idiot. You can tell he would have hell online in the small stakes games we play.”

“Yep, he thinks if you don’t play exactly like him you’re an idiot and if you do play exactly like him you’re an idiot. Can’t help but be an idiot under those circumstances.”

“Can we both play at the same time? I tried that once at home on two accounts and it wouldn’t let me enter the same tournament.”

“That is one of the ways they try to keep people from cheating by playing together, but with one on the Ethernet connection and one wireless, the IP addresses are different so it will let us play. I think there are more than a few people that work together in sit and goes. It is easy enough to use the phone to talk about what each other has.”

“Tonight lets play watching each other so that we don’t put each other out needlessly. If we get heads-up we will just both go in every hand that way we can laugh and have a good time without a long drawn out game.”

“Sounds good to me. Let’s enter this eighteen and the forty-five man one right now.” We entered them both and we were soon playing the eighteen tourney. We happened to be at the same table. “Here is my note on you.”

He came over and read it. “Wonder if he is really a stud. Plays well, but will bluff a little too much when he thinks everyone is tightening up getting close to the money.” He looked at me. “That’s exactly true. I think you must think I am a stud now since you can’t keep your hands off me.”

I got up and went to his computer. “Let me see what you have for me. It says this guy will take your money if you try to bluff too much. He loves to play low ball and will play every hand if he can get in cheap to see a flop. Loves to bait in over aggressive players. He played me like a fiddle one hand.” I grinned. “Wow you take a lot better notes than I do.”

“You must have really made an impression on me.” The first hand started and we played. Adam got pocket aces on the first hand and was on the button. One idiot raise five times the big blind and then someone after him re-raised another four hundred. Adam just called and the first guy raised all-in and the second one called as did Adam. Adam flopped aces full and started this one with a bang. With two out on the first hand someone was added to our table that my note said he was way to aggressive. Adam’s said the same. I put him out on the second hand and we were both doing well with chips. The forty-five man tournament started and Adam and I were not at the same table. We discussed the people at our table the other had notes on and so we were pretty busy playing and talking about people. When the eighteen player tournament got to the final table Adam was chip leader and I was close behind. We had some easy picking with people wanting to make it to the money. It is way to early to try to get in the top four places by folding everything except killer hands and Adam and I picked up the vast majority of the blinds and antes.

When it got down to just three of us, we had this guy between us. He ended up trying to bluff when both Adam and I had a hand we could play. Mine was a pair of jacks and Adam had ace queen. We didn’t want to triple him up, so I played the hand. And put him out. That made me the chip leader. Like we said we both went all-in every hand and Adam won that tourney. On the forty-five man tourney we were down to the final table but Adam was about in the middle chip count wise and I was on a pretty short stack. I had ace rags and decided to go all-in. Three people called me and I was sure I was dead meat. Adam did too. Then on the river one of them went all-in and the other two folded, I won the hand with a pair of nines and the two that folded were cussing the idiot that went all-in. That put me in pretty good shape. “Hey Jim did you see spearhead’s comment?”

“No, what did he say.”

“He said way to go idiot you just put a lot of chips in the hand of the best player on the board. Sounds like he is a Jim fan.”

“Or a hater. I know him, I have played him several times. He is a good solid player, but most of the time is plays a little too tight so he doesn’t get paid off as much as he should with good hands.” It never fails once we got down to seven players and we were all in the money people started to loosen up a lot. Almost every hand had an all-in before the flop. Adam was getting short stacked and when he got an ace he went all-in with two callers. He flopped two pair and they held up so he tripled up. Spearhead made almost the same comment about Adam being dangerous with that many chips. “I guess he knows us both.” We laughed.

Again we managed to make it to heads-up and again we went all-in every hand. This one went back and forth five or six times before Adam won again. His grin was all over his face those dimples were as deep as craters. “Well, I guess I spanked your butt today.”

“That you did, but now I am going to spank yours.” We started wrestling around and ended on the floor. We had each swatted each other’s butt a time or two.

We kissed and when we broke our kiss. I held him at arms length. “You sure were the holdem stud today.”

“That’s STUDHOLDEM to you.’

“Yep, I sure enjoy holding this stud.”

We went to bed and kissed and cuddled for awhile before we slipped into dream land. I guess Adam woke before I did. He woke me as he was getting out of bed. I realized I had to pee in the worst way. “We both had to race like piss horses.” We both laughed. “Since we are thinking about getting into the race horse business we will have to be careful and not buy any piss horses.” That cracked us up again. We standing at the urinal and reliving ourselves when we started kissing. Once we were finished, we just turned together and pressed our bodies together as we kissed. We were both getting very worked up as we ground our bodies together. “Let’s go to the bed and cum with one on top of the other.” His speech was ragged with desire.

We made it to the bed and I climbed on it. He climbed on top of me and we continued our loving with our cocks beside one another. I held his head back to break our kiss. “This is wonderful. I could stay like this constantly.”

“Me too, I am so close.” He came back to my lips for more kisses. My hands went to his beautiful globes and I massaged them in time with our grinding. I felt the end of his tail bone and moaned. I went back to his butt and spread his cheeks. I was about to finger his hole when I felt his first volley of cum pulse between us. That was all it took to set my volley to joining his between us. We were in the throws of a powerful orgasm that seem to last hours, but of course, it was only a matter of seconds. “Jim, you continue to make every orgasm more powerful and wonderful than the last. I love you so much.”

“I love you too my beautiful lover, my soul mate. I am the happiest man in the world.”

“No, we are the happiest men, I don’t think it is possible for you to be more happy than me, so we have to be happy together. Together forever. Soul mate is the correct term, we are meant to be together.” We had trouble separating with all the cum between us. We couldn’t help but laugh. “See our cum is trying to glue us together.”

We showered and started getting dressed for the day. We planed to leave for Austin by around noon so that we could work on our short game at Rosswood. Adam’s phone beeped. “I missed a call.” He opened and listened. “Something weird, well not weird, just fishy about this call; listen.”

“Adam, this is Paul James from headquarters. I heard about your request to check on racing farms for sale. I know of one, but it is something that has to be acted on immediately. They are about to go under and we can get if we act now before the foreclosure procedures. Again you need to act now if you want to get this property. I have sent you an email with all the details. Please call me at (555) 555-1721 so that I can get this deal done.”

“I agree something is fishy about that call. First of all, one of the first things my dad ever told me about business was to beware of anything that just can’t wait. It is a true sign you probably should wait, even if they work for you. Second, it just seem a little too convenient that this guy quote knows quote of a farm. Do you know this Paul James guy?”

“No, never hear of him.”

“Let’s look at the email and then we will get someone to check it out.”

The email showed a farm that was supposedly worth 450 million that we could get for 200 million. Adam forwarded the email to John Turley who is the guy he started the process with. His note to John said he didn’t think this was something that he would act on quickly, but would appreciate his checking it out. I forwarded it to Joe and asked him to check it out too. I then called Joe and told him it was in his email. He said our first instincts were correct and we shouldn’t do anything further. He said if you didn’t know this Paul guy, it was a good chance he was trying to work some scam.”

We were almost finished packing when Adam’s phone rang again. He looked at the caller ID. “It’s him.”

“Stall him, don’t let him think we are on to him just yet.”

“Hello.” a short pause. “Yes this is Adam and yes my partner and I are thinking about getting into the racing business.” Another pause. Adam smiled. “I just woke up, I will look at it in a minute. Well, I can’t do anything today anyway. My partner is off playing in a golf tournament. I can’t do anything without talking to him.” Another pause. “Well, if that is the case, we will just have to pass nothing I can do before Monday or Tuesday at the earliest.” Adam grinned. “We are not in that big of a hurry, I won’t do something without his approval, you can just drop the whole thing.” He had to stifle a laugh. “Okay I will contact you Monday or Tuesday.” He wrinkled his brow. “No, don’t call me again. I told you Monday or Tuesday.” He closed his phone. He finally laughed. “He almost shit his pants when I said to drop it. I am sure now there is something bad wrong here.”

“Let’s not worry about it anymore. We have people on top of it. Are you going to drive or me?”

“Me of course, I am the chauffer of this family.” We made good time and were in Austin much too early to check-in at the hotel, so we went directly to the club to get in a little putting and short game practice. We have been practicing for about twenty minutes when Hank came over to us.

“Hey guys, how are you doing today?”

“Great, how about you?”

“Well, we were going great, but then Tom and Mark called and said they couldn’t make our tee time this afternoon. They won’t let us go off as a twosome. You guys probably already have a foursome. Right?”

“Nope we were just here to practice a little.”

“Want to play a round this afternoon?” We looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders.

“We’ll help you out and play with you this afternoon, but you owe us one.” We all laughed.

“Let’s go we have ten minutes.” He handed me a key. Your cart is number sixteen.” I handed the key to Adam. He just laughed.

We grabbed our bags and loaded them up. Paul and Adam were laughing and acting like old friends. Well, I guess they are old friends, it just didn’t seem friendly for awhile there. We had a great time playing and decided to eat at the club that evening. We checked in for the tournament and was given our tournament package. We got a couple of cool gifts in the bag. The bag tags and personalized towels were the nicest touch.

The first two days, everyone has to tee off at seven AM. Tomorrow the in scramble, with the shotgun start, we start on hole seven. Starting Tuesday its also a shotgun start, but since we are the top seed we get to tee off on hole one first. The team we are playing is seeded number thirty-two. We have to spot them twelve strokes. The good news is that holes fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen are holes they get strokes on. With us starting on hole one, we might get the match over before getting to some of those holes.

We decided to take in a movie after checking into the hotel. The movie was pretty good and then we got an ice cream afterward. I think Paul and Adam were actually bonding as friends. It was getting late and considering how early we have to get up for a seven AM tee off we needed to get to bed. We took a quick shower, well, quick for us. We set the alarm for five. We kissed and just knowing we needed to get to sleep was enough that we just maneuvered into a sixty-nine position and quickly started making sweet love to our partner. Once we moved our fingers into our hot holes, our orgasm was soon on its way.

We took a quick run of only about five miles when we woke. We had a quick shower and breakfast at the hotel. We didn’t see Hank and Paul until we got to the club. They both looked like they hadn’t slept at all. “Damn guys, did you guys get any sleep?”

“A little, but not much.”

Adam swatted Paul on the butt. “Are you sore, bud?”

He did manage a laugh. “No, not too much. We just couldn’t seem to stop ourselves. We don’t have nearly as many opportunities as you guys do. We have to make the best of it when we can be alone.”

“I didn’t think of that. We are very fortunate that we can be together constantly.” He hugged Paul. “We won’t keep you guys out late tonight. In fact you should go get a nap as soon as we finish our round.”

“We are not that bad off. We will be fine, as soon as we get started.”

We played awesome. The team that played with us shot nineteen under, but we came in twenty-three under. The team that played with us explained to everyone how frustrating it was to play great and watch us just eat the course alive. We did score about as well as we possibly could. We only missed one putt that we could have possibly made and didn’t. The major key was having choices. Paul and Adam were our safety nets. They got us in good position in the fairway and Hank and I could take chances on holes that would allow us to get easy shots at the hole. That is what is fantastic about this course in a scramble format, it has a lot of holes that taking big risks can give big rewards. We only had one hole that we had to play one of the safe shots. We still made eagle on that hole. The twenty-three under tied the course record that was set when the course was considerably shorter.

We each won a set of custom clubs for winning the scramble. We all already have custom clubs, so it was useless to us. For some reason I was elected to speak for all of us. “This is a wonderful prize and we all do appreciate the clubs, but we don’t need them. We have decided that what we would like to do is place them up for auction and donate the proceeds to First Tee and let them us the money to provide clubs to kids that can’t afford them. Bud can you set that up and see if we can’t raise a lot of money for the kids?”

“I’ll be glad to see if we can’t get some of these tightwads to bid on the clubs. Now guys we will have an example out in the pro shop and a place where you can bid.” He motioned to us. “Now let’s give Jim, Hank, Paul and Adam a big round of applause for winning this year’s scramble and their generosity donating the clubs to raise money for First Tee.”

Paul and Hank went back to the hotel to catch a nap or whatever comes up. Adam and I decided to play a couple of sets of tennis. We changed and hit the courts. Adam was taking it pretty easy on me I knew. He still beat me pretty easily. “You were taking it easy on me and you still waxed my butt.” He laughed.

“You were getting most of your shots back and in play. You are getting a lot better. I did take a little off my serve and I didn’t intentionally run you all over the court. Other than that I didn’t cut you any slack. You are starting to play pretty good. I’ll take you as a partner any day.” He laughed. “Wait you are my partner every day.” We headed toward the shower. As soon as we got naked, I began to worry about getting hard being close to my Adam. I think he felt pretty much the same way. We both made a beeline in the shower room and got under the cold spray. I felt a lot more comfortable once I had the cold water to help me stay under control. I started to lather up and immediately missed Adam’s hands on me. When I started washing my hair it became really tough. Getting to wash his hair and having him wash mine is definitely addictive. I did notice a couple of guys checking Adam out. It was all I could do to keep from saying something to them.

We dried and got dressed. We ate a late lunch there at the club. “I saw a couple of guys checking you out in the shower. I wanted to kick their butts, but realized I had to just bite my tongue.”

“Me, I saw a couple checking you out. I sure missed having my Jim washing my hair. It just wasn’t very good having to wash my own. I love the feel of you washing my hair. I love washing yours too though.”

“I thought the same thing. You know we don’t want to end up like were Hank and Paul this morning. I think maybe we just play a little poker and call it a night. Our late lunch might be enough, but we might share a sandwich later.”

“Sounds good. Let’s go back to the hotel and just relax.”

We hadn’t been back at the hotel but about ten minutes when my cell phone rang. “Hello.” I took a deep breath. “Just a second.” I put it on speaker. “Go ahead Joe, you are on speaker.”

“John will be calling Adam in an hour or so, but he wanted me to call and give up an update. The guy trying to sell you the property was working for West, but they are still trying to ferret out some of what went on. You gentlemen gave each of your companies the task of helping you investigate racing farms that might be for sale and you are primarily interested in Kentucky. John and I will keep an eye on this search and vetting process, but think it best to out source this. Since we don’t have the expertise of racing and farms, it only makes sense. That is what we would do if we were to go into a new business arena. We assumed you would approve of that action and have gone ahead with that process. We have a couple of prospects and will be awarding the contract shortly. You do agree that this is the best for your companies to work together?”

We looked at each other. “Sure, we would have suggested that, but didn’t think of it. We are glad that you are working together.”

“We work together on some things already. Our core businesses are supportive of each other and your dad’s always made sure they helped each other anytime they could. Well, as I said John will be calling to fill you in on the details of this Paul James fellow and what he was up to, but I wanted to put your minds at ease that it has been taken care of.”

We said our goodbyes and hung up. We decided against playing poker just yet and wait on the call from West International. We did log on and found an email that detail basically what Joe had said. About ten minutes later Adam’s phone rang it was John, and he immediately put I on speaker. “Hi John, Jim and I have you on speaker.”

“Hi guys, I’m sorry to say this is not a pleasant call, but rest assured we have taken care of the situation. The part that I am not pleased about is that Paul James was in a position of authority within our company. The property he was trying to get you to buy was really only worth about twelve million. It appears that he worked out a scam with the owners that may or may not actually be the owners. At any rate they were trying to seal a fortune from you before they were caught. The most disappointing news I have to report is that he got his position by blackmailing one of our executives. The man is a dear friend and a very trusted employee and was not in on the scam at all. His only involvement was to be compromised by having an affair and letting this con man blackmail him. Under normal circumstances we would fire him without a thought, but as I said this man is special to me and I think to you as well. Unless you ask for a name, I want to withhold that information.”

“No, if you think it best I not know the name, I think it best to keep that to yourself.”

“I think that is for the best. Now before we release Paul James, I want to know how you two feel about how to proceed. We could have him arrested and most likely he would spend a lot of time behind bars, the downside to that is that the whole story would have to be told. It wouldn’t do our company any good at all. We can’t just release him to let him do this to someone else. He has agreed to cop a plea of guilty to extortion and attempted fraud. The downside is that he only has to serve two years with five probation. The district attorney didn’t want to allow that, but we were able to convince him that our offered and his accepted plea was the best for all concerned. Can you guys live with that?”

“Sure, whatever you think best.”

“Go ahead and release him to marshals.” John said to someone in the room with him. “I am sure Joe told you that we will approach the actual search and vetting of possible racing farms as a joint venture and hire a company with the needed expertise to narrow the choices to just a few that you two can decide the final selection or selections possibly. That’s all that I have, do you guys have any questions or anything you want to say?”

“John, this is Jim, I just wanted to thank you for your quick response and for you and Joe working together for us. We should have thought to ask one of you to do that, but we were not thinking. You and Joe have done us proud and Adam is agreeing with me, we appreciate your efforts.”

“Oh, I thought of one other thing. We have initiated and approved a loan of thirty million, which was the value set by the appraiser today. We know you were going to pay cash, but for personal tax reasons you need to have the loan. It is all taken care of so, don’t worry about it. Joe and I would like to sit down with both of you when you have time. We know you are in Austin this week, but if possible we would like to talk next Wednesday sometime.”

We looked at each other with a questioning look. “Adam and I are looking at each other confused. Is this something we should look forward to or dread.” I tried to tease more information out of him.

“It is definitely something you should look forward to. I can’t tell you more at the moment, but trust me you boys will be happy at and during this meeting. I hope I didn’t offend you by calling you boys, but I do treat Adam as almost family and I know Joe does the same to you.”

“Okay thanks for at least telling us we will enjoy it. You mean we paid twelve million for a thirty million dollar house?”

“Yes, and that doesn’t even include the value of the art and furnishing. If some of that art proves to be original it could be close to twice that.”

“John, I think Adam and I are worried that we are cheating these people.”

“We thought you might. The children of the Jackson’s just want to get rid of the place. Evidently the kids have less than happy memories from their parents. They are aware they are basically giving the place away. As I understand it, they were almost ready to actually give the place away. Their financial situation is that thirty million wouldn’t even be a blip on the monthly statements. We are taking the liberty to have the furnishing appraised and should have that information available before closing.”

“Thanks again John, Jim and I will see you next week.”

“See you guys next week and kick some butt this week. Oh congratulations on winning the scramble today.”

“Thanks and how did you know?”

“You guys have a security detail and have had for a long time. It is a tribute to their professionalism that you haven’t spotted them. You guys threw them a curve when you were out on the lake. That is one of the things we need to talk with you about next week. We can’t protect you if they can’t be prepared.”

“Okay thanks again John.” we hung up. “Did you have a clue that we were being watched?”

“Nope, but now I know that Max had to be helping them watch me. He always asked questions that I thought strange about what I was doing. Not that I minded that he wanted to keep tabs on me, but thought it strange that he was like a father watching over his son. I just bet he knows.”

“Makes sense and believe me I think Max almost thinks of you as a son. I think we loves us both more than just his job requires.”

Adam dialed Max. He left it on speaker. “Hey Max, tell me about security details.”

“I figured you would find out soon enough. I keep the security details updated when I know what is going on, but now that you have Jim, I don’t know much. They have been scrambling and have decided that they need to get your cooperation. With you guys out on the lake they were panicking the other day. Your father’s used the same security firm, so that helped a little. You might as well know that you have had security details all your lives. It has become impossible to protect you without your knowledge any longer.”

“Thanks Max, John just told us and we figured you had to be involved. Thanks for be honest with us.”

“I will always try to be. I love you boys and want to do anything I can to keep you safe.”

We hung up the phone and were about to leave and grab a sandwich when the hotel phone rang. I answered it. It was Hank, he explained that Adam had told Paul about us using an enema bag to keep ourselves clean and making anal sex a lot more fun for us. He explained that they were both stopped up evidently from packing it in. I couldn’t help but laugh. They were both feeling poorly and were wondering if they could buy our bag from us. I told them we would bring it to them and pick up a new one while we were out tonight. When we got to there room they were both naked. I whispered to Adam. “They are trying to get to us they wouldn’t both be naked if they weren’t.”

“Yep, you grab Paul’s dick and I will grab Hank’s. When they bone up we will just leave them standing there hard.”

When I grabbed Paul he tried to kiss me, I evaded him. He was immediately hard. Adam and I left them standing there boned up. On the way out Adam said. “Have fun boys.”

We did stop and get a new bag but never did get the sandwich. We did get a milkshake and walked around the outside mall. When we got back to the hotel our message light was flashing. It was Hank and Paul. They apologized for trying to tease us with their nudity and congratulated us on turning it back on them. They also thanked us for the enema bag. They are both feeling much better.

We set our alarm for 5:00 again. We snuggled up together and fell asleep before we even went to the bathroom and brushed our teeth. We woke up about three hours later and did our business, brushed our teeth and finally got back to bed.

When the alarm woke us the next morning we kissed passionately but broke it before getting to amorous. We put on our running gear and ran a quick five or six miles before hurrying back to shower and eat breakfast before we had to get to the club.

When we got to the club the guys we were playing insisted on playing two hundred per skin. For some reason I thought this odd. Almost everyone wants to gamble but skins is not the kind of game most would choose. We agreed to the bet, but then Adam and I want to talk to Ben the tournament director. I explained to him that something just seemed weird about the way it was presented and their attitude. “We had complaints about them last year. Nothing was proved, but their honesty was questioned. If you request it a tournament official will accompany your group today.”

“Yes please do.”

We won the first two holes, then we halved four holes in a row. We birded seven and they pared it, but said they had a birdie too. With their handicap would mean they won the hold and five skins. The officials that were with us corrected the score and so it was another half. On eight we eagled the hole and they pared it. We went three up and now we have won all eight skins. These guys were angry that the tournament officials were following us around. We won the next three holes in a row. We were six up with six to play so the best they knew they couldn’t win at best they could tie. More importantly to them they had already lost twenty-four hundred dollars. On the thirteenth hole, they didn’t finish the hole just took off. That meant we won the match, but didn’t get paid our gambling bet. When all was said and done, Ben just showed it as seven and five and we won our first match. He said he would make sure those two didn’t play another tournament in this state. He also called their home club and told the club pro that they had skipped out owing thirty-six hundred each to Adam and I. We could care less about the money, but Ben said they needed to be stopped from cheating anyone else.

The first flight was about to start. Ben said we had about four hours before our next match. We caught up to Hank and Paul and followed them for a couple of holes. They were two up after four holes when we left to get some rest. We took a shower, changed clothes and went to the dinning room and had a light lunch. We still had a couple of hours before we were supposed to play. We checked with Ben to be sure of the time we needed to be back and went back to the hotel.

It might not have been the most relaxing thing to do but it was best for us. We got naked and started kissing. We sucked each other to powerful orgasm and then had another shower. This time we could wash each other’s hair and lovingly caress our partner’s body. We made it back to the club with plenty of time to spare. Hank and Paul won their match three and two. We congratulated them and they said they would catch up with us out on the course, they were going to the hotel to grab a shower. We couldn’t help but chuckling. We explained why we had to chuckle.

We started on hole ten for the afternoon. We birded the hole, but so did one of them and he was getting a stroke, so we started off one down. It wasn’t until fifteen that we got the match back to even. Hank and Paul met us on the eighteenth tee and we had managed a one up lead. They had silly grins on their faces but were supportive by being there watching the match. Of course, they couldn’t say much for fear it would be considered outside help. We eagled eighteen and got a two up lead. That helped our comfort zone a little. “Hang in there partner. We can only play our game. Don’t worry about the match, let’s just play our game. Both of us in every hole is the key to winning.”

“Yeah, I know, but I’m so afraid I will let you down. You have carried us most of the way.”

“You have come through more than once in all kinds of ways. We are a team and a pretty fantastic team if I say so myself. Please just have fun and don’t worry about the outcome. We talk about every shot and your being here makes this so much fun.”

“Thanks, I think I needed the pep talk. I was becoming a nervous wreck.”

“I think it was for my benefit as much as yours. I was feeling the stress too and decided that we needed to quit thinking so much and just have fun and play.”

We stopped at the pro shop to get a drink and snack crackers to settle our stomachs. On hole one Adam made a par but got a stroke so it was a birdie for us. Best they could manage was a bogy and both had a stroke but it was still just a par. We were three up and the pressure seemed to be off. Both teams birdied two, but they both had a stroke so it was an eagle for them, we were back to two up. Adam got us to three up again on three. We halved four and five. That put us three up with four to play. I got lucky with my second shot and put it about seven feet from the flag. Adam and the other two were on in regulation. Our opponents missed their birdie putts, but they both got a stroke and so they had a net birdie. If we make a birdie it makes them stymie which means they would have to win the rest of the holes to keep playing. “If I make this we can put them stymie and you can take a good run at your eagle for the win. I’m thinking just about a ball outside right edge.”

I patted his butt. “Looks exactly perfect to me.” It was the absolute perfect speed died right into the hole. Now I was putting for the match. I had a very slick downhill putt, but at least I was putting for the win. “What do you think? Just tap it and about six inches to the left?”

“Well if you go way past it doesn’t matter so it might to better to hit it a little firmer and take some of the break out. I’m thinking only about a ball out if you are a little firmer. Of course, you will look like a rookie if you miss it. You will be thirty or forty feet down the hill.” He patted my butt as I got up from my crouch behind the ball. It was hard to hit the ball that firm, but I knew Adam was right. It went in dead center and we won the match.

We shook hands with our opponents and congratulated each other with hugs. Hank and Paul came up and hugged us as well. “Let’s get off the green that group has been waiting awhile.” I nodded back down the fairway.

“You were lucky that putt went in the hole, it would have been off the green if it hadn’t gone in.”

“I know, but I am sure glad Adam talked me into going for it. I was prepared to wussie it down there and try to play a six or eight inch break.” I hugged Adam again. “If Adam hadn’t make his crucial putt, there is a good chance we lose that hole instead of winning it.

The four of us decided to take a shower at the club and go out to eat from there. Wednesday was the skills competition, so no matches would be played. Adam and I were signed up for all of them, so was Hank and Paul. It didn’t start until 9:00 so we didn’t have to get up so early.

Hank knew of an awesome steak house and we called to see if we needed reservations. They took our name and said we should be able to get in after an hour wait. We took our time leaving the club. “I hate showering at the club, but I guess we needed to today.”

“Why do you hate it? Don’t like all the guys perving on your hot bod?” Paul laughed.

“Naw, I don’t mind that. I like seeing them perv on Jim though. What I hate is I have to wash my own hair. It feels so good when Jim does it.”

I laughed. “Yep, I would have suggested we go to the hotel to shower if I had known we had an hour wait. I love how Adam makes my head feel.”

“Which head is that?” Paul grinned. “Never mind we know which head.” We all broke up laughing.

We had a wonderful meal and everyone wanted to pay. Adam and I didn’t want them to pay, especially Paul, but knew they wouldn’t hear to it otherwise. The waiters and waitresses all wear caps at this restaurant and I borrowed our server’s cap. I put in four quarters and said the Texas quarter buys. I kept the Texas quarter in my hand. I made sure Adam was last before me so that hopefully no one else would notice there were only 3 in there. Adam winked at me when he pulled his quarter out. I made the motion of taking the last quarter. We all opened and of course I had the magic quarter. Adam teased me about being a loser. And something about seeing if moths flew out of my wallet when it opened. “Okay boys, give those quarters back. I’m going to need it all to pay for the way you pigs ate.” I gave my card to the waiter and he soon brought our ticket. I gave him a very good tip, he had been a wonderful waiter. I notice a note on the back of my receipt. It said. “I saw what you did. Class man. It was a pleasure serving you ask for Duke anytime.”
When we got to the truck Adam said. “Give me the note. I saw that our waiter gave you a note. I think he wants in your pants.”

I handed him the note. “Nope, but he did tell me to ask for him anytime.”

Adam read the note and laughed. “Yep, I didn’t see you palm the coin, but knew there wasn’t another one in the cap after my pull, so I know what you did and I agree it was a very classy thing to do. Of course, I‘m used to seeing how classy you are by now. You will have to let me do the honors next time or they will start to catch on.”

We decided to play a couple of sit and go tournaments before going to bed. We were naked sitting on the bed with me behind, and Adam between my legs with the laptop. The tournament has just started when we heard a knock at the door. We scrambled off the bed. “Bet it is Paul and Hank.” Adam headed for the door. He looked through the peep hole. “It is.” He unlocked the door and opened it. He heard the beep for his turn and jumped to get the laptop. “Need to play I have pocket aces.”

“When we left the bed I clicked call anything, just in case.” I looked puzzled it didn’t take. “Oh crap, this is the flop. We have a set.”

“Those cocks look like pocket rockets to me, not aces.” Paul quipped.

We snuggled back together and virtually ignored Hank and Paul. “So what are you guys doing here besides ogling our dicks?”

“We were just bored and wondered what you guys were up to. I would never have guessed you guys would be playing poker. Playing yes, poker no.”

“When you can play poker and play with such a nice poker at the same time, it is a lot of fun.” I said flopping Adam’s dick.

“I see your laptop over there, why aren’t you playing?” I am signed up for the next one, it hasn’t started yet. Since we are at the hotel, our IP address won’t let us play in the same tournament to prevent cheating.” About that time my computer beeped telling me my tournament started. “Now I’m playing too.” Adam and I both grabbed our shorts and slipped them on commando.

“You don’t have to cover up for our benefit. In fact we were enjoying the view.”

“I see that big boy. Your viewing pleasure is showing.” I chuckled at Paul’s hardening cock was showing.

“I can’t help it, I’m a horny teenager.” Paul shot back.

“Why do you think Jim and I covered up. We didn’t want to give you a show when we boned up knowing you were watching.” Adam’s second sit and go started. “You can register for the next one now. I think I will just play two right now.”

“Okay, crap, I almost got my butt kicked. I had pocket queens and he had kings. I got lucky on the turn and hit a queen.”

“How much can you win?”

“First pays fourteen something, second pays a thousand and so forth up to seventh which pays a hundred sixty or seventy, I don’t remember off hand. Here, is the prize pool pay out.” I opened the tournament window.

“Damn, how much did it cost to play?”

“These are what’s called sit and go tournaments. They start when the number of people that its for are registered. We like to play the forty-five man tournaments. Our normal entry fee is one-fourteen, but they have some really cheap ones and some a lot more too.”

“I play with play money on that site. I tried to play with real money, but it wouldn’t take my ATM card. It said my bank blocked poker sites.”

“Yeah, mine did the same thing, but they take e-checks now and that worked. Just like writing a check.”

Paul was scrambling into his wallet. “Woot, I have a blank check. Come on Hank, let’s go to the room, I want to play.”

“Paul if your mother found out I had anything to do with you getting on that site after I’m sure she refused, she would never forgive me. If you want to play, you can play on my account.”

“No, I don’t want to play on your account. Besides, I’m getting horny. Let’s go back to the room, my ass has an itch that only your cock can scratch. Oh, and you guys are fantastic. That enema bag is wonderful.”

“I have to admit it is a great way to make anal sex a lot more comfortable. Although, it appears that my ass may never feel a dick again. Our boy Paul is a true bottom.”

“We both love oral sex and we enjoy just lying together and let our grinding give us a fantastic orgasm. Not that we dislike anal sex, it is just not what we do that often. To be honest I think I could get off just kissing Jim. Might take awhile, but heck we love it.” He kissed me and it started to get passionate. Both our computers started beeping at the same time. We laughed and went back to our games.

I saw Paul grab Hank’s hand and pull. “Come on I want to fuck.” They left and we locked the door.

“Now they have me horny.”

“Me too, let’s get naked.” We took our shorts off. “I just have to taste some Adam.” I kissed my beautiful partner. Breaking when one of the computers beeped. Playing I four separate games meant we didn’t have much time at all. I played with Adam’s dick. “You are one sexy man.”

He pushed my computer out of the way a bit and took my cock into his mouth. He wouldn’t give it up although his computer was beeping. He came off my cock and went to his computer again. “Damn you taste good, but we need to finish these. We have the rest of our lives to love each other. I’m too competitive to just give up.” He laughed. “I never thought I would pick poker over dick and I wouldn’t if I didn’t know the dick is mine for ever.” We kissed again.

Adam came in second on his first tournament. All our games have the blinds climbing so high all will be over soon. My first tournament I ended up heads up with an idiot I don’t like much, so I was trying to make good decisions and he was just going all-in almost every hand. I finally got pocket nines and just called his big blind. He thought he could just take me off the hand, because I just called. He bet about three fourths of his stack. I re-raised again to all-in putting him all-in. He called and I won. He called me an asshole, I guess because I didn’t just automatically go all-in from the start and let him fold. My second game looks like it might end before Adam’s. When we got down to three. I picked up queen jack of hearts and limped in (just called the big blind). The guy next to me went all-in and so did the chip leader. I decided what the hell if I go out, I get to suck my beautiful Adam.

Turned out I made a flush and became the chip leader head up with another player I don’t have much respect for. He had enough chips that if he doubled up he would be the chip leader again, so I didn’t just want to double him up by pushing with really weak hands to get him out. Heads up any pair even deuces is a strong starting hand, but can be terrible after the flop. I had pocket sixes and bet ten times the big blind. He only called. That made me think he had a strong hand. If it wasn’t a decent hand he would have either fold or go all-in. The flop six ace king all spades. Now a possible flush is a scary flop for me, but probably not him if he actually has spades. Well, just in case he has one, I decide that we have to go all-in here if he doesn’t. He went all-in and I was sure I was still ahead in the game. If he did have a flush he would have bet something smaller or checked to let me hang myself. I called and saw what I was up against. He had ace of hearts and queen of spades. The turn is five of spades. He now has a flush and I figure its over. The river is the five of hearts and I have a full house. I win again.

Adam’s game is over about the same time. We shut our laptops and got them out of the way. Our kisses were hot and passionate. He pushed me on to my back roughly. “I have to finish what I start.” He licked my cock from the base to the head, then back down. He licked around the crown a few times and I was bucking on the bed. He took me into his mouth and swallowed me to the hilt. I felt his finger massaging my hole then slip in to flick my hot button. Before I even knew it was about to happen, I exploded in his sweet mouth. I was our of it. I don’t know how long it took to recover, but when I finally did, I pushed him down on his back and began kissing him. I worked down his body, but was too worked up to take it as slowly as I wanted to. I took his left ball into my mouth and worshiped it with my tongue. I switched to the right. He balls are so perfect, I love the feel of them in my hands or mouth. I moved up to his perfect cock. I licked from the base to the beautiful head. I lifted his cock from his pubic bush and licked down the side. His cock is so hard it’s tough to pull up from his pubic mound. I love having his beautiful cock in my hungry mouth. I keep pushing him into my throat on every down stroke. I slipped my finger into his hot hole and I’m immediately rewarded with the first blast of his sweet cum. This boy taste so good, it must be illegal. Well, I forgot about that. I could suck his cock all day and never get tired of loving him.

We fell asleep before we knew it happened. We didn’t even brush our teeth or anything, we just fell asleep. I woke up at about 3:00 AM. I had to piss like crazy. I managed to untangle myself from Adam without waking him and went to piss. Since I was sure he needed to get up and piss too, I went ahead and woke him. I did manage to think to set the alarm, but I left it to the same time as before, so I wasn’t thinking that much. We slipped back into bed and cuddled up together and were soon back asleep.

The alarm went off at 5:00 AM. We both laughed and decided we might as well start our day even if it wasn’t necessary to get up that early today. We got into our running gear and went out for our run. We got in our full run today. We came back a little tired, but feeling ready for our day.

We got naked and then cleaned each other out. Our showers are always so loving and special. “Let’s do it in the shower this morning. I want to feel you in me with the water running all over us.” I could see the lust in his eyes, so I went and got the lube. “Hurry, I want to try this.” I have never seen him so impatient. I noticed the water kept washing the lube from my cock, so I made sure I got plenty in and around his hole. When I finished lubing his hole, he was backing his butt into me. I entered him and he moaned. I was waiting for him to get used to me in him when he started riding my dick himself. I have never seen him so needing to be fucked. This wasn’t our usual loving beautiful sex, this was raw desperate sex. I grabbed his cock and soon we developed a smooth rhythm. It didn’t take long before we were both speeding toward climax. His ass clamped like a vice as he started shooting his hot cum. My cock started to fill his ass. We were both panting trying to catch our breath.

We were starting to come around from our orgasms. “Man, I have never seen you so worked up. Was it what you expected?”

He laughed. “I don’t know why I got so horny for you in me in the shower. It was great, but now that I’ve done it, I think it will be in bed from now on.”
“ And what if I want you to fuck me in the shower?” I teased.

“Sure, it’s only fair. Besides, I will always want anything you do. I love you so much I am amazed everyday at how much my life has changed. It’s like we’re one person with two bodies. I don’t know if we are a Adamjim or a Jimadam, but I can’t stand to be away from you for even a second.”

“I know, I’m the same way. There is no Jim Carter any more, only a Jim and Adam. I never want that to change. I love you so much.” We kissed tenderly. Once we were dressed, we put our dirty clothes in the laundry bag and dropped it off. We went into the hotel restaurant and saw Hank and Paul. We went to their table. They had just order or just gotten there, there was no food on the table. “Hey guys, we didn’t expect to see you up this early.”

“We forgot to reset the alarm. We just got here, have a seat. So how did you guys do on the poker tables last night?”

“Jim got two firsts and I got a first and second. Since we have been together we can’t seem to lose. I have never seen this much good luck ever.”

“Yes, I was thinking that last night. If the laws of averages ever catch up with us we will go a month without collecting. I consider myself a pretty good player and have come close to playing that many tournaments with every one of them being in the money.”

“So you won twenty-eight hundred and you won twenty-four hundred last night?”

“Well, yes except you have to deduct the two hundred each in entry fees.”

“Okay twenty-two and twenty-six. You know what this means?” We shook our heads. “It means breakfast is on you two this morning.” We laughed.

“Got it covered.”

“Hey guys, I know Adam plays, Jim do you play tennis?”

“I haven’t played since I was ten, until last Saturday. Adam enjoys it so I decided to learn the game again.”

“Yeah, I had Ted outfit him with gear and give him a lesson. In a month or two, we will be a force to be feared.” He laughed.

“We reserved a court for a couple of hours this evening, do you two feel like taking us on?”

“As long as you don’t expect too much of us. As I said I won’t be much help to Adam on this one.”

“It will be fun, we won’t rub it in too badly.” Paul laughed. “At least we have this one thing we can beat you two at. We will want to play as much as possible before you two start whipping our ass at that too.” He laughed.

“I love having Jim as my partner at everything we do. We are both so competitive that we want to be the best we can be. I told Jim, he didn’t have to take up tennis, but he said we seem to want to do everything together. If I’m going to take up skiing to be with him the least he could do was take up tennis to be with me.”

“Oh shit, now Paul is going to make me take up skiing.” Hank laughed.

“No, I won’t. Your too old to learn a new trick.” He grinned, teasing Hank in a way that he knew would cause Hank to take up the sport.

“Have your fun young man. Jim, I need skiing lessons.” He grinned.

“I could give you ski lessons, but you would have a whole lot more fun if you let Paul teach you. Besides we will probably all end up skiing together. We seem to becoming and extended family.”

“Oh, that reminds me. If you guys ever get the chance, check out the dick on that Petey kid that was with you the other day. The kid is hung like a man. He is a great kid, but I couldn’t believe how strange his dick looks on such a little kid. I think he likes showing it off, I have seen him a couple of times.”

“We saw him the other day. Jim said it runs in the family. His uncle is like that too.”

“We will see plenty of Petey this summer. I promised his dad that I would coach him this summer. His dad will probably be around a lot too. He doesn’t know much about trick skiing or jumping.”

“Jim, I know I have no right to ask after the way I was such an ass about skiing, but will you teach me too.”

I made like I was looking at his ass. “It’s a pretty nice ass.” I teased. “Sure I will work with you. I’m not sure I’m much of an instructor, but I will do my best.”

“With four of us in your class, I would say that qualifies you as an ’in demand’ instructor. It should be fun. How old is this Petey kid?”

“I think he is eleven or twelve.”

“Okay, then I guess we will have to watch out what we say in front of him. He might freak if he knows all four of us are gay.”

“He already guessed that Jim and I are boyfriends. He didn’t have any problems with it at all. He thinks he likes girls though. From what I saw of him, he is a great kid. You will probably surprise him Paul. Going from cruel to cool in one easy lesson.”

“I guess I have a lot of fences to mend. Hank has helped me so much. I look at the world and everyone in it differently than I used to. I just wish we could be together as much as you guys are. Even half as much would be better than the way it is now.”

“I know it is hard, I am very lucky that my mother is an absentee mother, now that I have found the love of my life. You can come to our house and use us to make it harder for your mom to figure out what is going on.”

“Thanks, we will appreciate that.” We finished our breakfast and were leaving the hotel when we were approached by a handsome thirty something looking man.

“Jim, Adam, just a second. Hank and Paul can you come over here for a moment.” Of course, Hank and Paul looked almost as confused as we were. He led us to an area away from anyone else. “My name is Mark, I am the head of your security team. I know you just found out yesterday that you have had security since you were just kids. Now that you know, we need you to cooperate with us. Since you two have become what appears to be Jim and Adam’s close friends, you need to be aware of this as well. We pride ourselves in being unobtrusive and we must have done a decent job since you knew nothing of our existence until yesterday and you still didn’t see us to find out.” I started to say something, but Mark stopped me. “Please let me finish, I know you have questions, but we would rather wait until next week to answer them. Next week a lot of things will be changing that will make explaining too much now a waste of time. We need you to carry different phones. May I have your phones.” He held out his hands and like sheep, Adam and I handed him our phones.

He handed them to another young man that walked by and continued. “We will continue to be hidden to you most of the time, but we would appreciate it if you kept us update where you are going or at least your plans for the day. Your new phones will have an easy way to get in touch with your detail easily. Just push 996# and you will be connected to your mobile network. You can’t imagine how panicked we were last week when you took off fishing. We always know pretty well where you are headed skiing, but fishing is always a problem for us. Your GPS helps us find you but it’s hard not to be noticed. Please just keep in touch with us. Adam your Escalade has already been armored and we are bringing it up this afternoon. We will trade and start on Jim’s.” The guy came back with our new phones. We could see they were like I-phones but not exactly. He handed me the blue one and Adam the red one. He handed us all the chargers and booklets too. “All of your information from your old phones is programmed into the new one. One of our guys will show you all the features on the way to the golf course. I will drive.”

Hank and Paul were speechless. I wasn’t much better and Adam was busy checking out the phone. “Why all of a sudden are you doing this?”

“It may seem like it is all of a sudden to you, but we have been planning this for some time. You have made our job easier in some ways and harder in others now that you are together. The reason that I acted this morning instead of waiting until next week is because those two guys you caught cheating have made threats. Right now they only threatened the tournament director, but they were caught last night trying to break into Rosswood. We don’t believe you are in any danger, but we thought it better to act now. Please, let’s head to the course.”

I turned to Hank and Paul. “Sorry guys, we didn’t even know we had security until last night.”

“It’s not a problem. It does make sense. You guys control two major corporations.” Hank turned to Mark. “If we are doing something wrong just let us know. We love these guys, but their safety comes first.”

“You guys are fine. In fact we feel that with you guys around they are less likely to be a target if someone ever did decide to act against them. Their fathers were always concerned that they might be kidnapped. They didn’t want to take any chances.” We got into our vehicles. It didn’t take long to show the major features of the phones. We now had internet access and several special apps that let us update the security team on our plans. When we got to the golf course, we parked next to Adam’s Escalade. He took the keys to my Escalade off the key ring, and waved the rest of the keys. “Are these yours or Adam’s?”

“Adam’s. Do you need mine?”

“Yes, you will have a little different key pad and key after the upgrade. We will leave both sets of keys to Adam’s Escalade with the club pro. We will transfer everything from the blue Escalade to the white Escalade. Enjoy your game today.”

“In an effort to keep you informed. We don’t know exactly what all we will be doing today, but this evening Hank has a tennis court reserved and we are planning on playing. I don’t know other than the skills challenges what we will be doing today.”

“Thank you for helping. We do have that as a tickler for a possibility. I hope we didn’t freak your friends out too much.”

“I don’t think it freaked them any more than it did us. This does make sense to me now. I remember last year at school, I kept seeing people around that made me wonder what was up with them.”

“Your security team was very frustrated last year. That Jake asshole came close a couple of times to having a little accident. No one liked him and we were about to hurt you by helping you catch him in his acts when you found out on your own. We hated that you were hurting, but we couldn’t do anything about it. We are here to make sure you aren’t hurt, but a broken heart is not something we can prevent. We are good, but not that good.”

“I’m so glad it happened. If it hadn’t I would never have met Jim. I will go through all kinds of pain to be with him.”

“Your details knew that first day that something special was happening. We will be contacting you next week to answer any and all questions. The blue Escalade is scheduled to be complete by Monday.”

As we walked into the club house, we could see several people transferring our stuff from one truck to the other, but Mark had disappeared. We walked up to Paul and Hank and I was about to apologize to them when Paul said. “That was cool. Can we see your new phones.”

I was closest to Paul and Adam to Hank, so I handed mine to Paul and Adam handed his to Hank. The phone said. “You are not authorized to use this phone press this button if you wish to report an emergency.” A nine-one-one button appeared on the screen. I took my phone back and pressed 996#.

“Hi, this is Jim, how do we authorize our friends to use our phones?” He told me. “Thanks.” I disconnected from the security dude. I showed Adam how to open the app and we authorized both Hank and Paul on both our phones. I handed my phone back to Paul and he started looking at all the stuff on the phone. Hank wasn’t quit as taken with the phone as Paul was.

“Look at this. He showed me the GPS app. You guys can track each other’s phones.”

We started the skills tournament. It wasn’t broken into flights, but most of the teams entered were in the championship flight. A few like Hank and Paul from the first flight, but I doubt any further down would enter. There is no way to handicap the skills. Driving accuracy was the first skill. Each partner was given three shots. The center of the target was in the exact middle of the fairway two hundred ninety yards away. Each team was given one score for the closest ball to the target. Our closest ball was twelve feet nine inches from the target. Hank and Paul were closer, they were eight feet six inches from the target, but the winner ended up in the center of the target. His shot was far from the best though. It hit a sprinkler head and bounced twenty yards farther to the right than where it hit. It was ironic that the closest drive was one of the worst shots hit.

We won the chipping skill when Adam’s chip went in the cup. Another team chipped in as well and so we had a chip off. The chipping area was moved twenty yards back, the first chips were from eighty-five yards, so this one was one-hundred-five yards. Adam and I won with eleven inches. We were not sure which one of us hit the shot that won, we both had close shots.

Sand shots was next. Hank and Paul won that skill by Paul sinking his first shot from the sand.

Approach shots were next. These shots were from one-hundred-eighty yards out. The pin was in an area that depending on how the ball lands and what kind of spin was on it could go in almost any direction. The closest Adam and I got was eighteen feet. The team that won it was inside six feet.

The last skill was putting. We drew position twenty-two. Which meant we would get to watch twenty-one teams putt before us. Hank and Paul drew four so they didn’t get much of a read before having to put. They did get a score of two inches. The eight team sunk the putt on their second putt. They were allowed to putt all their balls so that if there is a playoff they will have gotten all their putts. Two other teams sunk the putt before our turn. Adam and I both sunk two putts. One other team joined us in the playoff.

We drew for position again and we drew second. The starting point was moved to a different location on the same green and was now at eighty feet. The closest the first team got was four feet eight inches. Adam wanted to go first. His first put was one foot three inches. His second putt was six inches. His third putt clipped the hole, but ended four inches away. My first putt went past the cup and was a little too hard to take the same break Adam’s did. My second putt looked in the hole but didn’t drop. They just called it lip. My last putt went in and we were leading the putting. The last team managed to hole a putt too, so now it was down to the two of us. We got unlucky and drew the one. We had to give the other team a read on our putting. We were backed up to ninety feet and yet again another position on the green. Adam sank his first putt and we declined the rest of our putts so they would have to putt with just that first putt. They came close but didn’t sink a putt and so Adam won the putting contest for us. Again we donated our prizes to go to charity. By now a lot of items were donated to be auctioned for charity. It seems to be catching on.

We ate at the club dinning room. We called the security detail and told them we would be going back to the hotel. We stopped at the pro shop and picked up the keys to the white Escalade. When we got it we were surprised to see the subtle changes the armor made to the truck. Adam gave me one of the key sets. “Look at the difference in the keypad. One is definitely a panic button, what does this one do?” I pressed it. Two compartments opened and two pistols were reveled along with four extra clips of ammunition. “I guess we will have to be careful where we leave these keys.”

Our phones rang. We answered and the security detail was making sure we were just checking out the keypad. They told us they wanted us to renew our firearms safety certification next week. We closed the compartments and headed to the hotel.

Our message waiting light was flashing, but we decided to take our shower before getting it. We took our shower and were cuddled up kissing before we decided to get the message. It was Max and he wanted us to call him on speaker phone so we could both hear. We looked at each other with a worried glance. Adam grabbed his phone and dialed Max. After the pleasantries, Max said. “The inspector has completed his inspection and said he would send a complete report to the closing agent, but that the only things he found were very minor and nothing to worry about.”

“Thanks Max, from the way you sounded we thought there was something wrong.”

“Well, I have something else to talk to you boys about too. I was talking to Tobin and can you believe he has no medical insurance?” He didn’t wait for us to respond. “I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think they pay him very much either.”

Adam and I looked at each other. “We should fix this. I don’t know what you do for your staff, but we should make it a point to make sure they have very good salaries and benefits.”

“I’m pretty sure we do that, but to be honest, I’m ashamed to say I don’t have a clue. I’m sorry Max, can you make sure that is all taken care of?”

“Oh, guys, we are paid very well and have all the benefits that any employee of West International has, including retirement and 401k. We are just fine, I’m concerned for Tobin and Corbin though. I’m also worried about Dillon, he’s the pool guy and Corbin’s boyfriend. I overheard the boys talking today. Seems that Dillon’s parents found out he is gay and have thrown him out. He just turned eighteen and was going to start college this fall. Seems he has a partial scholarship, but not enough he can make it on what the pool folks are paying him.”

“I know we will have to re-work everything once we swap over to you guys working for us instead of West International, but we want to offer the best salary and benefits around. Adam and I should discuss this before we make a decision, but if you don’t mind Max, can we talk and call you back?”

“Wait Jim, let’s just do it now. I think we will agree on everything. We both want loyal employees that will continue to treat us like family. I say you just talk about what you are thinking and we can just hammer it out now.”

“Okay, but reel me in if I get out of hand. And Max, I‘m counting on you to tell me if we need to do more or I left something out.”

“Will do.” Both Adam and Max said together.

“First of all Make sure Tobin is on salary from us starting last Friday when we agreed to buy the house. I suggest that we find out what we should be paying him and then add twenty percent. What he has done on those grounds should be highly rewarded. Also make sure he gets into the benefit plans immediately. Max, why don’t you talk to Tobin about Dillon, I think we should hire him and make him part of the family. Same with Corbin, see if we can get them on our salary as full time employees so they will be eligible for the education plan. Also the chauffer apartment is empty, see if Tobin has a problem letting Dillon live there. He might not want to do that because, my guess it will soon become Dillon and Corbin’s apartment. Make sure he is on board before you say anything to either of the boys. Now we can’t let them live there just yet, because we haven’t closed on the property. If it is okay with Adam, maybe Dillon can stay in Adam’s room for awhile. Adam is nodding his head, so Adam is on board with that.”

“So is Tobin, I’ve already talked to him. Just a second.” A short pause. “Here someone wants to talk to you.”

“Hello Mr. Carter and Mr. West, I’m Dillon. Thanks so much.”

“Wait just a damn second. We will have none of the Mister crap. For one I don’t even know what your last name is and it will just be easier if you call us Adam and Jim. I’m Adam by the way. Now, you are very welcome and we are happy to do anything we can for Tobin. He works magic with those grounds. We’re not sure three people are enough, but we will make adjustments as needed. I take it you have already moved into my room?”

“Yes, Max knew exactly what you buys would do. He already assured Max that he would be getting a healthy raise and all the benefits. When he found out that Tobin was paying for Corbin’s college education, he said he was sure you two would want to make him a full time employee so that his tuition and books would be paid. He had already heard me and Corbin talking and knew I was homeless. Of course, Corbin said I could stay with him and his grandfather, but that place is small and with Corbin and I both on the floor, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and that wouldn’t be cool. We couldn’t do that to Tobin. He is wonderful about us as it is.”

“Max, make sure the architect gives some room to Tobin and also a sweet shower. Even if we have to totally rebuild the apartment we want him to have a great place to live. Same with the other apartment. He might have to stay there for a little longer, but if he is as cute as he must be for you to be eavesdropping on his conversation, Maggs and Barb will be spoiling him rotten.”

“I didn’t eavesdrop on their conversation, I merely overheard them.”

“Okay, okay, we will go with that for now. Is there anything else we can do for you Dillon.”

“I want to thank you too. This is Corbin by the way. Max and everyone said it would be okay if we both moved here until the place is ready. Oh, papa said he was fine with it as well.”

“Very nice to sort of meet you. I speak for Adam when I say we look forward to meeting you when we return. Maybe we can even hang out some together. Is there anything you or Dillon need or want that we can help you with.”

No, not really, but one thing, I can think of that you might be able to do for Tobin. He has a lady friend and he would like her to move in with him. He was going to ask you about it when he got a chance to talk to you. Knowing him, he will feel guilty with all the things you are doing for him to ask for something else.”

“Of course, he can have his lady friend move in. Max make sure he knows this quickly and the architect should consult Tobin’s lady friend about additional changes other than what I suggested. Please tell him to make them a nice home, not just a place to live.”

“Oh, and guys, make sure you get anything you wanted added to the plans for the other apartment too. Max, you might want to show them Jim’s bathroom, so they can get a feel for the changes we are talking about.”

“I will do that. Oh that reminds me, I fired your part-time maid yesterday Jim. She was smoking and drinking while she should have been cleaning. I have been meaning to do that anyway. We will take care of your place until we all move then we can discuss what to do about the other houses.”

“Anything you say Max. Thanks for taking care of me.”

‘You should hear these two gushing over how cool you two are. They sure don’t know yet.” He laughed. “I’m just teasing. I think you boys are pretty cool too. I’ll take the boys over to Jim’s right now. I have to pick up Maggs and Barb anyway. They should have that house ship shape by now. They were pretty pissed at how that service was ripping you off.”

“Adam is my life and you guys must be our guardian angels.”

“We have to go now before you get me all choked up.”


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