Golf Balls and Boy Balls
Jim Carter

Part 3

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Copyright 2009 Jim Carter

Adam and I just looked at each other and fell into a deep and passionate kiss. I couldn’t’ wait to get his beautiful cock in my mouth. I licked his balls and hot hole. I went back to loving his wonderful cock. I was soon rewarded with the first blast of his sweet cum. He just kept firing his hot juice into my hungry mouth. I knew he had to be very sensitive, I moved up and started kissing Adam, but I just had to keep playing with his pubic hair. I love the way that his hairs always seem so silky soft. I could spend all day just touching this boy.

He soon recovered and pushed me back and attacked my body with his loving mouth. I was in orbit his mouth is so talented. My balls, hole and then finally my cock were the object of his attentions. I couldn’t hold off any longer and started filling his mouth with my seed. He gives me such strong orgasms. I almost pass out every time he makes love to me.

We were just going to eat and then play tennis, but we wanted another shower. I think we are both addicted to washing our partner’s body. We dried and got dressed. “Hey Adam, call and see if Hank and Paul want to ride with us? I’ll carry our bag down.” I grabbed our bag and headed down to the truck. I called the security guys to let them know we were leaving.

Adam caught up to me at the elevator. “They want to ride with us. They said they would be right down.” I put our stuff in the back and left it open for their stuff. Adam started the air so that it would start cooling off. Hank and Paul soon joined us and we headed to the club. We ate light, so that we wouldn’t make ourselves sick on the court. We had a great time with our friends. They were becoming great friends.

Even during warm up, our laughter and funny banter slowed. I think we were starting to take this match way too serious. The back and forth started to be pointed and instead of warming up we were hitting the ball like we were trying to win the match. I stopped and went to the net. “Hey guys.” They all gathered around. “Look, we are trying way too hard during our warm up. I for one don’t want this to be win at all costs. You guys are becoming our best friends, I don’t want to play if we can’t enjoy ourselves and not take this so serious. I guess it is easy for me to say since I am the weakest player, but I give up if we can’t still be friends after this game is over.”

“Oh shit, I didn’t realize we were taking it that serious, but we were. You’re totally right Jim, we decided we wanted to finally beat you guys at something and we just couldn’t wait to do it.”

“Okay, no bets. It appears that we don’t need the added pressure. I will buy the ice cream after we are finished. Just don’t laugh at my ineptitude.”

Everyone laughed. “Jim, tennis might not be your best sport, but I dare anyone to call you inept at anything. We get the picture though. Although I am not longer hell bent on beating you two. We do plan to put a spanking on you.”

“The spanking we can handle, just don’t make it a do or die situation.”

We all hugged and started the match. I lost a serve game every set. I did win my serve game a few times. I was definitely the weakest link that allowed them to win all three sets. At least it wasn’t just a blow out. Adam hugged me when it was over. “You are getting to be an awesome player.”

“You don’t have to sugar coat it. I was definitely the weakest link. I had fun though. I will do better, I promise.”

“I know you will, but that is what I’m trying to say. You have nothing to be ashamed of; you have come a very long way since Saturday.”

Paul was the first to come over. “Shit Jim, you had us believing you were going to be a push over. Were you lying when you said you hadn’t played since you were ten until Saturday?”

“No, that was totally the truth.”

Hank walked up. “Well, it just proves what a natural athlete you really are. Paul and I have played a lot together, we are the number one ranked team at the club. That was your first doubles match together and we just barely beat you. We better enjoy our number one ranking while we can. With you guys, we should have a great chance to take the city club championship. We haven’t been deep enough to threaten most of the clubs. I’m betting that our number one rank will be lost before the middle of next month, but that’s cool. At least you’re our best friends.”

“You can keep the rating; we will do our best to be your back up.”

“No, if you beat us out, you will have earned it. We don’t plan on rolling over and let you beat us. Hank and I haven’t had much competition, now we have something to work for. Adam and I have to move up this season. We had it pretty easy in juniors. Now we have to compete with you guys. I have a feeling the four of us will be our club’s singles players too.”

We showered and headed out to get some ice cream. We were in good spirits and were laughing and kidding each other. These guys truly are becoming our best friends. We stayed out until it was time for bed. The matches didn’t start until 8:00AM tomorrow, but we decided to get up at the time we had been, so that we had more time to run and didn’t have to rush our shower and breakfast.

Adam and I snuggled and kissed until we fell asleep. The next thing I know the alarm is ringing in our ears. We took our piss and dressed in our running gear. We ran quite a bit farther than we normally do. About half way back we saw Hank and Paul. They turned around and ran with us. Four friends enjoying their morning run. When we got back to the hotel we agreed to meet Hank and Paul for breakfast. As we were getting undressed for out shower Adam said. “You know this doesn’t give us much time for our morning love session.”

“I bet Hank and Paul already did their thing this morning.”

“Let’s shower fast and we can sixty-nine before meeting them.” We did just that. I gathered up our dirty clothes and took them with us to the laundry.

Hank and Paul were in really good spirits. Adam teased. “You too must have skipped the shower and had some fun before coming down for breakfast.”

“Naw, we did that before we ran. Couldn’t you tell my ass was full of cum.” Paul fired back.

“T-M-I, we don’t need to hear that.”

“Come off it Adam, it’s not like you can fool us with your pretend prudness.”

“Prudness? That isn’t even a word.” We all cracked up laughing.

We got ready to leave for our match. “We don’t play until this afternoon, so I guess we will watch a movie this morning.”

“I hope you don’t walk funny after that movie.” We all laughed knowing that I was probably correct.

When we got to the truck, Adam said. “You should drive this morning to get a feel for the way it drives now. It’s enough different it’s noticeable. Not only do you feel the extra weight, but I think they gave it some extra power too.” I just nodded and got in the driver’s seat.

I did notice the difference. It wasn’t drastic or harder to drive, just a noticeable difference. “Yeah, I can feel the difference. It sounds different too. I guess that is the armor, but there is almost no outside noise getting to us at all.” All of a sudden the On Star rang. “Hello”

“Hey guys this isn’t On Star, this is Mark. We forgot to tell you yesterday about the Bluetooth. Both of your phones will go through the vehicle when you’re inside. Also you can make calls with voice recognition. The only thing I would suggest is that you be careful when you both get a call at once or you are on one call and get another. It tries to keep the conversations separate, but isn’t successful most of the time. We are working on that, but no solution at the moment.”

“Thanks Mark.” Adam hung up as I pulled into a parking space. We won our match fairly easily six and five. Hank and Paul won too. Friday and Saturday were much the same. Sunday was the championship and there were five different flights that would be playing. We were the championship flight and were the last to tee off. Our tee time was at 1:30 PM. We didn’t play much in the afternoon, but of course, in the back of our mind we were worried that we wouldn’t play as well in the afternoon.

Hank and Paul were in the first flight championship and were teeing off just ahead of us. Hank could see we were nervous. “Hey you two, loosen up. You know you have this in the bag, just don’t worry so much. I have never seen you two so jittery.”

“I know, this late tee time, gives us too much time to think.” I gripped Adam’s shoulder. “Adam can carry us, he has been all week.”

“Like hell I have. You haven’t made not one bad shot the whole week. I would say that is the workhorse of the group.” He hugged me, not a lover’s hug, just a manly hug. “Now you two go show us how it’s done.”

Paul and Hank both put their tee shot in great position. Their opponents were far from good shape. One was in the right rough and the other in a sand trap a lot farther back. The approach for our buddies looked great from our advantage and the other team both had to lay up.

We played good, but so did our opponents. At the turn we were still even. Hank and Paul were two up we found out. Since the tenth tee was a little backed up, we took a break and both Adam and I washed our faces and took a pee break. “These guys are really tough. That Simon guy plays almost as good as you do, and that Peter dude is right there too.”

“They are playing well, but all we can do is play our game. Win or lose, we will be the good sports we always are. It’s just a game. Come on give me a laugh.” I tickled him. He did giggle and before we could get into a tickle fight Ben said they were ready for us on the tee. He handed us a bottle of water each and off we went. The thirteenth hole was a very long par five. Adam hit a great tee shot far enough down to get to the green in two.

“I got this hole Jim, go for it like we did in the scramble.” He was meaning he wanted me to cut the dogleg a very difficult and risky shot.

“We might lose the match right here if I do.”

“We might win it too. Who cares, if you make the shot, those two will have to be more risky. Chances are they can’t tell for sure even if you end in the rough and it will put a ton of pressure on them.” I did as Adam suggested and we could tell it was a perfect shot and more than likely I had at most a pitch to the green for an eagle.

“Wow, that was one risky move.”

“Not with my partner safe in the fairway able to go for it in two. This is not the first time I will have a pitch for a double eagle on this hole.”

We saw them talking and discussing what they were going to do. They guy that had been teeing second hit his tee shot first. He was trying to play safe and he did, but he was so far back he wouldn’t be able to reach it in two. That put pressure on his partner and he hit it into the left rough. For sure he didn’t have a shot at the green if even a shot down the fairway.

“My partner the strategist.” Then I leaned over and whispered. “Sexy as hell too.”

Sure enough they were both in trouble and were still a long way away after their second shots. Adam put his second shot on the green, fifty feet or so away, but still he was putting for eagle. Simon put his third shot on the green but at least eighty feet away and a very downhill putt. Peter’s shot went in the trap. My ball was in the short rough about ninety yards from the pin. I hit a wedge that looked like it was going in, but snuggled up to the hole and we had a tap in for eagle.

It was a great feeling to step up to the long par three fourteenth one up. Adam hit his tee shot within twenty feet. Mine was a little farther out, but on the same line. They both made good tee shots within forty feet of the pin. They were farther out and missed their birdies, but had easy pars. Adam and I lined up my put. “Hey Jim why don’t I putt first so that you can get a good read.”

“You can get a good read on my putt and yours is closer. Don’t worry, just have fun.” I didn’t make the putt but was a tap in for par. You saw how mine broke. With a little more speed it won’t break nearly as much.”

“Yep, you can make me look the idiot if I go past. You are trying to get back at me, I know.” He was laughing and goofing around, I had every confidence the putt would go in. Sure enough it went in the center of the cup. We halved the fifteenth and sixteenth holes. The seventeenth is a short par four. The traps around the green prevent it from being driven, Adam and I both took three irons to be far enough back to have full shots into the green. Simon and Peter both tried to hit it close and both were short of the traps but would have to chip out of the rough. They couldn’t hit a full shot, but were considerably closer than we were. Adam was first to hit. “If I land just past the hole with spin won’t it come back to the pin? Doesn’t that pin look like it is in that valley almost?”

“That is the way I intend to play it.” He hit his shot perfectly. About thirty feet past the cup and it came back down the hill to within five fee. We saw Paul and Hank around the green watching. Paul held up his arms to show us how close it was. My shot looked good too and Paul indicated it was even closer. As we walked closer. Simon asked us to mark our balls before he shot. We did and his ball landed about thirty feet behind the hole, but didn’t bite and come back toward the pin. He ended up forty feet or so away. Peter and Simon discussed what Peter should do with his shot. He was on a different line. He came up about twenty feet short. They pretty much gave up. Even if they made one of their putts, ours were basically give-me. Even a tie and we win. They did putt their balls but neither sunk the putt, so they gave us ours and we won the championship.

We decided to accept the clubs we won this time. Our thinking was that maybe we could interest Corbin and Dillon in playing golf. This would be a good way to get them some great equipment without us having to make them feel like we were spending money on them. If they didn’t want to play golf we can always find someone that can use a set of custom golf clubs.

Hank and Paul won their flight too. They too took the clubs this time. They had decided that they knew a couple of people that would really appreciate the clubs. Turns out the Hank was going to give his to Petey. Petey had just started to take lessons and Hank was impressed with his desire and natural ability. When he found out that Petey would be one of the group when it came to skiing, he thought it a perfect way to give something to his student.

Paul was going to give his to a friend of his that couldn’t afford them, but was a pretty good golfer already. We finally talked Paul into keeping them himself. He had grown quite a bit and would need new clubs soon anyway. I think he was glad we talked him into keeping them. They followed us home and honked when we turned to go into our neighborhood. We decided to go home and shower before going to Adam’s for dinner.

We did call to let them know we were back in town and would be over in an hour or so. We heard Dillon or Corbin, we weren’t sure which. Say something about not sure that was enough time or were we quick on the trigger. We just laughed and hung up.

We took our usual sensual shower and were all over each other when we hit the bed before dressing. We sucked each other and were well satisfied before heading over to Adam’s house.

When we got there everyone hugged us, including Dillon and Corbin. They started thanking us again and we stopped them. Telling them we didn’t want to hear it anymore. We told them we didn’t want to start our friendship with them thinking they owed us a thank you let alone anything else. Corbin and Dillon both picked up on the friendship statement looked at each other and Corbin said. “You mean you guys want to be friends with us?”

“Well, that remains to be seen, but I think there is a good chance that we become friends. That is unless you two keep wanting to thank us for just being friendly.”

“Just being friendly. Let me see, you are offering us the chance of a lifetime to work and go to school, even giving us a place to live. I say that deserves many a thank you. I don’t think there are many friends that would do that for someone they have never met before. You two are very special to us.”

“We may not have known you, but we have met Tobin and we think a lot of him. We are gay and it made us feel good that we could do something for Tobin and his extended family. Our thinking was it would be impossible to have another gay couple around and not be friends. We’re sorry if it appeared we were taking liberties considering you as our friends.”

“Oh no, it’s not that we don’t want to be friends, to be honest we have thought the same thing, but most rich people don’t want to socialize with the hired help.”

We laughed, but they didn’t. “I guess that makes sense, but well, we are not rich old people, we are sixteen and twenty-two and we think of Max, Maggs, Barb, Tobin and you guys as family not employees. If that makes you uncomfortable, we will back off.”

“No, please don’t. We are excited to be considered your friends. We couldn’t wait to meet you guys. I think in the back of our minds we were hoping that we could become friends, but we kept telling each other that was impossible.”

About then Max came in with several document packages. “I need to tell you before you get settled. Your emancipation hearing is scheduled for 10:00 AM tomorrow. From what they told me, it was a done deal, just the formality of the hearing tomorrow. Your closing on the new house is set for 3:30 PM tomorrow afternoon. I think the builders are set to start to work on Tuesday.”

The documents basically verified what max had said. They also showed where money was being transferred and we had bank cards that we had to sign and activate for our new joint accounts. It appears that we have an appointment with the bankers at 1:00 PM tomorrow.

We sat down to a fantastic dinner and were all just chatting about different things. I thought this was a good time to see if the boys liked to play golf. “Do you guys play golf?”

“We have played a few times, but we are not very good at it.”

“It’s a great game and your success has sort of given us the bug. In fact we went out today and hit some balls at the driving range. We thought we might ask you guys for some pointers, but then we fell into that thinking that you guys wouldn’t want to help us.”

“We won four sets of clubs each this week. We gave them to charity except the last set that we won today. We decided to keep them to see if you two would be interested in playing. We want to give them to you, but we don’t want you to think we are trying to buy your friendship.’

“No shit, you are going to give us golf clubs?”

“Clubs, bag, head covers, balls all sorts of stuff is included. We will get Hanks to work with you guys to see what exactly you need. He will send it in with all the specifications to fit your game. We have a pretty big day tomorrow, but we will call Hank to set you guys up.”

“Is this at that fancy country club?”

“Yes, it is. Is that a problem?”

“Oh, no, I was just wondering what that place looked like. It looks expensive from the road.”

“Well, you might as well get used to the place. I think a country club membership comes with your employment.” Adam added. We laughed they didn’t again.

“Come on guys. Let’s not let money destroy what looks like the start of a good friendship. Please don’t let our enthusiasm interfere with us becoming friends. If you can’t tell, we like you guys. Money is something we have never had to worry about and we do take it for granted. We want you with us at the club and you need to be able to enjoy the club without us being there too. We don’t mean to be snobbish about this.”

“You aren’t. It is just so hard to believe all the great things happening for us. You guys are so different from what we expected.”

“You guys too. From the very deep voice we thought Dillon had to be very tall. From hearing you on the phone, I thought he would have very dark hair and Corbin very blond hair. We laughed and guessed that you both would have very blue eyes. We missed that boat a country mile.”

“Yep hair color just opposite and green and brown eyes. We had an advantage, we saw your pictures before we met you, or even talked to you on the phone. Since we saw you before hearing you, your voices matched up perfectly.”

We chatted awhile longer, said our goodbyes and left. Max assured us he would be there in the morning. The first thing we did was set the alarm, we didn’t want any chance to be late. The speed that this was happening was almost unbelievable. Knowing that the judge and most of the people there would guess that Adam and I were sleeping together. Adam was happy and excited. I managed to put my fears in the backseat and joined in his excitement. After all we were getting to close on our house tomorrow too. Max didn’t say how long they thought the renovations would take, but I guess we are in no hurry.

We went into the media room and started watching a movie. We were sprawled out in the side-by-side recliner snuggled together. We fell asleep watching the movie. Adam woke up a few hours later and woke me. We emptied our bladders and stumbled into the bed without fully waking from our impromptu sleep. The alarm went off the next morning and we had to laugh at our falling asleep in the chairs. “Did we ever turn off the thing.”

“I think so, but I will go check.” He came back quickly. “Yep, it was off. I thought I did, but couldn’t be sure. We went out on our run and when we entered the park, we saw Dillon and Corbin. We soon caught up to them and Adam shouted. “Hey D and C, how’s it hanging?”

“Bouncing left and right at the moment. How about you two?”

“Nervous but excited. I had no idea this would happen so quickly. It will be weird being an adult. The main thing that I needed it for was so that we could buy that house together, but the best thing is that it protects us from a life of crime. We were not about to give up sex, so now we will be legal.”

“Jim was the only one committing the crime anyway.”

“Not in my book. Besides he tried to resist my charms. He finally gave in and we haven’t been apart since. I may only be fifteen, but I know what I want. I need Jim, not just want him. He is my life now.”

“I have to agree that you look like you belong together. You sure don’t look like a kid. Corbin and I were together before he turned eighteen too. I guess love doesn’t seem to pay much attention to age.”

I looked at my watch. “We better head back or we will have to shower separately.” We all laughed.

“We saw that shower; I can’t believe that you are going to put one in for us. We spent 10 minutes checking it out and still didn’t get to everything.”

“The good news is you can program your favorites and then it is a lot simpler.”

“We didn’t see that.”

“You have to activate that from the outside. Once it is activated the whole display changes. We should have told you.”

“Can we come over and see it sometime this week?”

“Sure, I think tomorrow is better that Wednesday. We have a mysterious meeting with our companies CEO’s Wednesday. Today is crazy busy and once we get the keys this afternoon, I’m sure we will be busy at the new house.”

“Yeah, papa wants us there early to make sure all is ready for you guys.”

“Do you guys know if the security guys have been there already to see what changes they want to make?”

“Yeah, but they said they would be back as soon as the papers were signed.”

“We’ll see you guys later. Wish me luck.”

“Good luck Adam.” They said in unison.

Back at home we showered and couldn’t take our hands off each other. I got on my knees and sucked my sweet Adam right there in the shower. God I love the taste of his sweet cum. He pulled me up for a kiss before he replaced me on his knees. It didn’t take long before I fed him my cum. Adam knows how to love me so completely.

We were running a little late. Mark rang the doorbell and said. “Your ride awaits.” There was a long white limo waiting to take us to the courthouse. He opened the door for us and once inside he closed the door off we went. He talked to us about what we could expect and what he expected of us, but to be honest neither of us were listening very well, we were both nervous. Mark recognized and laughed. “I should have realized that this wasn’t the time to have your attentions. Sorry guys. I think it is already pretty much been covered. You are doing great with keeping us informed. The new house has a wonderful state-of-the-art security system already and we can add the features we want to add easily. We will be adding a few things to your computers, one will be an interface into your security system, the other will be like the app on your phone to keep us informed for security.

It was a very good diversion with Mark in the car and evidently they drove around until just before we were due in court. Mark let us into the courtroom and we sat down with Adam’s lawyer at one of the tables. When the bailiff said ‘all rise’ Adam and I both were nervous wrecks.

The judge flipped through some papers and then asked. “Is the petitioner present?”

The attorney stood and motioned for Adam to rise. “Yes your honor, I’m Jack Adams representing the petitioner Adam Joseph West.”

“Mister West, do you understand the full ramifications of what you are asking this court?”

“Yes, your honor.”

“Do you realize that you will be charged as an adult for any crime that you may commit? That you will have all the privileges and responsibilities of an adult, with the exception other than those with age restrictions such as drinking and voting? That should you engage in any sexual act with a minor you could be charged with statutory rape unless such minor was also an emancipated adult?”

Since he finally paused. Adam said. “Yes, your honor, I do.”

“Is the petitioner’s mother here?”

“She was planning to be here your honor, but her flight has been delayed.” The attorney stated. Adam and I were both shocked.

About that time a beautiful blonde, that I recognized from her picture, entered through the doors. “I am very sorry, your honor. My plane was delayed landing. I am Shelby West, Adam’s mother.” She stood by me since Adam was on the other side of the attorney.

“Do you willingly give up your parental rights to the petitioner? Understanding fully that he will no longer be your responsibility and will be able to control and administer his own affairs without regard to your desires and wishes?”

“Yes, your honor, I do.”

“Is mister James Eldon Carter present?”

I stood. “Yes your honor, I am Jim Carter.”

“As part of this petition you have been asked to advise Mister West and to help administer his financial trust. Will you keep his best interests at heart and if you are unable to do so, petition this court to provide a suitable replacement until Mister West reaches the age of twenty-five which is the age specified in the trust?”

“Yes, your honor, I do.”

“Is there anyone present that opposes this petition?” When nothing was said. The judge banged his gavel. With this decree, I grant Adam Joseph West his petition of emancipation.” He signed some papers and handed them to the clerk. Who handed some to Mr. Adams.

“All rise.” We all stood and the judge left the courtroom. “Court is adjourned.”

We all had a group hug. “Way to go mom, you always know how to make an entrance.”

“I couldn’t help it. The idiots from customs actually searched my luggage. We don’t usually have that problem. One of the major benefits of flying non-commercial.” She hugged me again. “I’m so glad to finally meet you. So strong and solid. Adam you have a real hunk here.”

“I know that. I love him so much.”

“My man is the real hunk and he makes me feel like all is right with the world.”

“Oh yeah, you two have it bad. I sent my driver to the house, so I will be riding home with you two. I understand, I have a couple of hunks living with me now too.”

“Yes, you do. They are nice too. Don’t go filling their hands with any of your stories.”

“Oh man, I’m going to miss out on those stories of little Adam.”

“I was just kidding. To be honest, I have always been an absentee mother. I don’t have any of those stories. I wish I did, but then a lot of things would be different wouldn’t they. Come on boys take me home, I need a nap before seeing your new house. I don’t need to be at the closing, so I will have Max to bring me over when you get back. Oh, but I do think you have a meeting with Charles Oaks, give him my best and apologies for not coming with you.”

“Oh yeah, the banker.”

Mr. Adams handed Adam a couple of copies of his emancipation decree. One was reduced and laminated to fit into his wallet. I will be sending over a few more certified copies, but you will need one for the banker and one for your closing this afternoon. You should have plenty by the time you get back to the new house. Since most everyone will be there, I thought it would be the best place to send it.”

“Thank you so much Mr. Adams. I really appreciate all your help and hard work to make this go so smoothly.”

“You’re welcome. I was ask by Joe Jolly and John Turley to handle this for you both. They said you two were planning on starting a business venture or two and that you would most likely be looking for representation that would have your interests forefront, more so than the respective corporation lawyers. I just want you to know that my associates and I would like very much to represent you. I know this is sudden and you haven’t even considered such a step, but I wanted let you know that we are available. I think they said they have a meeting with you Wednesday and would be discussing this as well as some other things with you.”

“Hey that makes sense.” Adam and I looked at each other.

“Yeah, it does. What do you think? Should we let him represent us at least until Wednesday when we talk to Joe and John?”

“That sounds like a smart thing to do, if you don’t mind taking us on a temporary basis.”

“Not at all, I will be honored to represent you even temporarily.”

“Can you meet with our banker at 1:00 PM with us?”

“Just a minute let me make sure I don’t have to be in court. I can cancel anything but some judges get bent out of shape. If I can’t make it I will have Tom Banks go with you, either way we will have you represented.” His call got through. “Alice I need to make a meeting at 1:00 PM is there anything preventing me from taking care of our new clients?” A short pause. “Can Tom or Cal take that?” Another short pause. “Great, thanks Alice.”

Shelby walked closer. “Mark has me another ride home. Take your new attorney to lunch before your meeting. I will see you both this afternoon.” She didn’t wait for an answer, just turned and was out the door.

Our lunch was pleasant and we felt at ease and comfortable with Jack as he asked us to call him. Now that we were all on first name basis it was much more friendly sounding conversation. As we were leaving the restaurant to head to the bank Jack said. “One of you give me a dollar.” Adam handed him a dollar. “Now, that you have retained me, I can officially act on your behalf at the bank.”

On the way to the bank, Adam said. “I know it won’t happen, but I hope I never have to wear a suit again.”

“But you look so handsome and sexy too.” Then I realized that Jack was there. “Oops, sorry Jack I didn’t mean to be so blunt.”

“Yes you did, I know you two are in love and I hope that you never have to feel restricted around me or any of my associates. One of my partners Tom, is gay and very respected by everyone that knows him. We won’t judge you by your age or sexuality.”

Once at the bank, Jack had them to change the contracts to be specific what they could and couldn’t charge. He also successfully renegotiated a much better interest rate on our money. He tied it to their prime lending rate with a minimum specified should their prime fall below the minimum. The banker wasn’t pleased, but we were. After all we had put one hundred million each into our joint account. The bank wanted to provide a management service, but Jack specified that we would be using an independent management service and auditing firm. We were impressed that he took charge of the meeting and we felt confident that we were well represented.

We asked if he wanted to go to the closing with us, but he assured us that he had already reviewed and signed off on all the closing documents. He told us if his signature or Tom’s wasn’t already on the document, to not sign it and call him immediately. He also put all his numbers including his cell phone that he said wasn’t turned off except in the courtroom, into our phones.

The closing went smoothly and we were given a ton of keys and the master alarm code. We were met at the gate by Max, who handed us a bag with clothes to change into. We walked into the house and Corbin and Dillon whistled at us. “You two dress up nice.” Dillon quipped.

“Careful, we might decide the gardener uniforms are suit and tie.” Adam laughed.

“I would call your bluff, but I think I know better than bull shit a bull shitter.”

“What language out of such a pretty mouth.” Shelby teased as she came into the room.

“Sorry, Ms. West.”

“I told you its Shelby.” She turned her attention to us. “Boys this house if fabulous. It is even nicer than I remember. You know the furnishings and art are worth more than the house?”

“We were told they were if they were originals, but we haven’t heard back on that yet.”

“You have heard back, but I forgot to tell you. The insurance agent has already verified the appraisals. You are insured for fifty-seven million on house and furnishings. there is a long list of individual things that are listed with their value and how much they are insured for.”

We went into the first room we found and started changing clothes. Once we were down to our briefs, we kissed. Of course, we had to sixty-nine right there on the floor. Thankfully no one came in on us. We dressed and went back out to the others. They all turned when we came out. Corbin said. “I won, pay up.” They all laughed and handed him twenty dollars each. Even Shelby.

“Okay, we give what was the bet?”

“Well, I won, I said you guys would finish in twenty-three minutes. It took you twenty-two. Next closest was twenty-five. Shelby was the farthest away, she had ten minutes. She must think you boys are quick shooters.” Everyone laughed.

“That’s it make fun of the love birds.” We kissed passionately to get to them and it worked. They all groaned.

The builders came in about then. I spotted the guy that was giving all the instructions. “Hi, I’m Jim and this is Adam.” I handed him the mess of keys. “Can we get rid of this mess and get it down to one key works everywhere?”

“Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Jim Montgomery. That is already in the plans. We won’t be in here for awhile. We have asked Tobin to move into the house until we are finished with his apartment, but he said he would have to check with you.”

“Corbin and Dillon do you mind helping Tobin move into the master suite in here. You guys can move in here too if you want.”

“Heck no, Maggs and Barb have us spoiled. Unless you want us to move, we would rather stay where we are.” They laughed.

“I thought that would be the case. They have a way of spoiling their boys.” We all laughed. They ran to help Tobin.

“Mr. Montgomery, we haven’t been told, when will everything be finished.”

“Call me Jim please and may I call you by your first names.”

“Of course, we prefer to be called Jim and Adam.”

“We are scheduled to be finished in six weeks. As I understand it you haven’t even reviewed the changes yet, so that might change depending on the changes. I think Art should be here any minute to go over the changes with you.” He gave us each a card with some ID information on it. “We have set up accounts that will allow you to follow the progress and even see any snags that come up. This is a fully integrated working construction plan. Everything from the architects’ drawings and specifications to the final check list is available to you. Also on the front page is a updated completion schedule for the total project.” He opened his laptop. To show us the system. “As you can see, before the process can begin you have to review and approve the plans. I think Max has a laptop you can sign in on to do so. There is Art now.”

Art hugged me. “Good to see you again Jim.” He hugged Adam. “You must the famous Adam that has stolen Jim’s heart. He wasn’t kidding when he said you were gorgeous.” Adam blushed. “Do you have any questions before we start?” We both shook our heads no. “Most people want to know how much it’s going to cost first. I know that you boys aren’t worried about the cost, but here is the detailed estimate currently.” He scrolled down several pages of estimates to the bottom. The final sum was. $3,684,395.00.

“Does that include updating the two apartments for the boys and Tobin?”

“Yes it does and Max wanted to make sure both were given a considerable upgrade in space as well as amenities. There are actually two separate apartments over the garage. We are making the changes to both. Now this figure doesn’t include a change that I think you should make, but haven’t ask for. Most of those things I just included, but I thought this change should be a decision you make. As you know the bathroom upgrades aren’t cheap and also making them flow with the bedroom can also be a bit of a challenge. What I suggest is that you boys take that whole west wing for your area. He opened picture of the existing area. First will be the master suite. This is what it will look like.” He switched to the bathroom. “This is what I see for the bath.” Both Adam and I smiled. The frosted shower glass had our likenesses without any sexual details. “I see you have noticed that you both are proximately featured in the glass. I left it ‘G’ rated, but that can be changed if you wish.”

We looked at each other and shook our heads. “No, thanks, this is beautiful as it is.”

“What I think you should do is this.” The hall now only had four doors. “The door at the end of the hall is for additional linens or whatever the housekeepers want handy. The master bedroom and bath have been expanded even more, with a sitting area and media center.” The rendering was beautiful. “The two bedrooms across the hall are a Jim bedroom and bath and an Adam bedroom and bath. Not that you two should ever have a spat that required it. I thought it would be nice for each of you to have a retreat just in case you needed some time alone. The areas will be the same as the original master area I showed you. Jim’s bath will have a Jim image and Adam’s will have an Adam image.”

“Well, I want an Adam image on my shower.” I said.

“And I want a Jim on mine. Maybe that will remind us that where we belong if we ever have one of those spats.”

“So does that mean you want to go with the changes?”

“Hell yes.”

“Do you want to know what it will cost?”

“Not really, but give it to us.”

“First tell me which bathroom will have the Jim image and which will have the Adam image.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Neither one of us would say.

Shelby had heard enough. “Shit boys. Don’t be so difficult.” She tore a piece of paper form Art’s notebook and wrote one on one piece and two on the other. “That is one and this is two.” She shook them up and held them over her head. “Jim you are the oldest chose first and don’t give me any lip.” We laughed and I chose. “One it is.” Now get on with it boys, I’m bored. I think I will have Max take me home. I think Maggs is expecting you for dinner.” And she was gone.

He updated the plan. Now look at the bedrooms. Adam took the mouse and opened the door to my bedroom and we were in the bedroom. In the bath we could see his image on the shower glass. “This is so cool.” He went in his bedroom to make sure my image was etched into his glass.

Art took back over now the new total is. He went back to the estimate page. Once he made it to the bottom we saw it was: $3,702,900.00. “That is one of the reasons I wanted you to make the decision. Considerable electrical and plumbing work is necessary to make that happen. I think it’s worth it, but it isn’t my money.”

“To be honest, I don’t think Adam and I will ever need those rooms, but I like idea they are there. I know all couples argue, but I can’t imagine either of us not listening to the other. We might disagree on something, but I can’t ever see it coming between us. I can imagine one of us being ill and it be advisable to sleep separately. I love the new design.”

“Me too, what other changes will be made that you want to show us.”

“Let me show you the apartment changes. As you can see from this picture, there is plenty of room to expand the garage apartment without major structure changes. The master bedroom and bath have been upgraded to close to what you two have. The other major change is the living room area. We thought it should be a little more upscale and we added a fireplace. That does require a structure change all the way down to the foundation, but it gives the place a lot more appeal and will provide a very romantic setting should the tenants desire. It can have wood burned in it, but it will be set up to be fully gas with realistic logs and ambiance.”

“Now we come to the real expenses. The gardeners apartment was not built to the standards the rest of the place was built. We tried several scenarios before coming to the conclusion it would be best to tear it down and start over. Not only would it be up to code, but it would actually compliment the house instead of being a building stuck on the grounds. This is our proposed new gardener’s apartment. It will be a home that Tobin will be happy to entertain his lady in. From some of the things I heard there might be a wedding in the future.”

“That looks awesome, Jim said you were the best as far as he was concerned. I share his opinion now. Did Tobin and his lady like the changes.”

“Well no, to be honest wouldn’t even hear of those kind of changes. They were worried what everything cost. I tried to explain to them you wouldn’t hear of me not doing my best work, but they kept wanting something simple. I guess you can say we agreed to disagree.”

“Hang on a second, I heard the boys go upstairs a minute ago, I’ll go see if I can find Tobin.” Adam took off in a run.

Adam came back a minute later with Tobin in tow. “Hello Mr. Art.”

“Art, please Tobin. Now the reason that Adam went to get you is we need your help.”

“Sure thing anything I can do. I’ll be happy to help.”

“Tell us what you want to change about the changes I showed you.”

“I couldn’t think of any possible changes. It is just too beautiful and expensive. We don’t need anything like that. We are simple folk.”

“There is nothing simple about you. You have made this a show place, you have helped raise a wonderful grandson. You are one of the nicest men I have ever met. You are part of our extended family. Unless you have something specific you want to change, we are going with Art’s planned changes.”

“You are making an old man cry. I’m staying in this fancy place for now and you seem determined to make me live in that new fancy place. All I can say is thank you.” We hugged Tobin and he cried himself out. “Don’t you dare tell the boys I bawled like a baby.”

“Too late papa, we saw you, but we are crying too.” That was Dillon not Corbin. The boys hugged the man. “Our new friends are very special. They may be rich, but they love people and want to share what they have. I never have seen anything like it either. Besides that they are good looking too.”

We logged on and signed off on everything. The security changes were partially covered. There were several things that were carved out of the estimate and listed as under separate contract with Guardian Security.

“Boys come help me dig up these plants if they start tomorrow, we need to get the plants around my house up or they will be killed.” Adam and I went out there with them and grabbed shovels. “Adam, I didn’t mean that for you and Jim.”

“What’s the matter? You think we can’t help.”

“No sir, I didn’t mean that. I just.”

Adam cut him off. “We have told you to can that sir crap. What are we going to have to do with you? What do you think Jim? Is spanking out of the question?”

We all laughed. “Okay, okay, I will try, but you need to cut me some slack. I was taught a long time ago to respect my betters.”

“Tobin, we are not your betters. Please tell me that you haven’t been filling your grandson’s head with that garbage. I might not be the most religious person in the world, but I think most every Christian faith believes that everyone was created equal. Money doesn’t make someone better. Respecting one’s employer is noble and probably a good thing, but so is respecting one’s elders and respecting one’s employees. Let’s agree to be respectful to everyone and all will be good. Last but not least, from everything I see around me, there might be someone that is a better gardener than you, but I would have to see it to believe it. Therefore you have no better in this group.” I hugged Tobin and the others joined in.

“You’re making this old man cry again.” He wiped his eyes. “So what are you young bucks waiting for? The sun to go down? Get to work.” We all laughed and had a ball removing the plants around the house.

“Hey you guys play tennis?” Dillon asked.

“I just started back, but Adam is pretty good.”

“Want to try out your new tennis court?”

“Sure, the timing is just about right. We’ll go home and shower before dinner. I assume you guys will be there too.”

“Yep, Maggs threatened us when we tried to tell her it should be just the family. It took awhile, but I believe that we are part of this extended family. I’ve had to re-think my whole opinion of rich people. You guys are becoming very special to me. Corbin and I agree that we can’t hold on to our old values. You have proved to us that we have been very wrong and have been guilty of being bigots. Being gay, you would think I would know better, but it is hard to see that grouping all wealthy people and judging them is the same as any other group of people. You guys are important to us.”

“You too, if we ever make you feel uncomfortable about anything, please tell us. We can assure you we would never do that intentionally.”

“We know that now.” Corbin took off running. “Come on Dillon, I want some suck face before dinner and we have to shower too.”

We laughed and headed home. We showered and grabbed our tennis equipment and headed out. We noticed that the blue escalade was in the garage with two sets of keys on the hood. Adam drove it and on the way over we called the security people to tell them our plans. We suggested that the Bluetooth for the phones, needed some changes. We asked them to provide the caller ID on one of the screens around the cockpit of the truck.

At dinner we all laughed and had a good time. Shelby said she wanted to go back tomorrow, she was the hostess for a benefit that needed her to get back to France. I was disappointed that she didn’t want to spend more time with Adam. It must have showed on my face. “Hey Jim, don’t let it bother you. I didn’t think she would even be here. I have never been close to her. You will see. When we go to visit her, we might see her once every three or four days. That’s just the way it is. I love you so much, don’t let her get in the way of our happiness, she doesn’t fit in the equation at all.”

“I just thought she would want to spend most of her time here with you. I don’t understand that at all.”

He laughed. “I think I understand how you feel, but that wouldn’t be my mother. We are used to each other and comfortable being ships passing in the night. We have each other, she loves you too you know. We love each other that is our present and future. We are the only family we need. Well, our extended family is cool. Please don’t expect my mother to want to send a lot of time with us. That is just not going to happen.”

“If you are okay with it, I will be too. You are my life and I won’t let someone else keep us from anything.”

We got to the new house before Dillon and Corbin. We didn’t have a clicker for the gate, so we had to wait for them. They opened the gate and were waiting behind us. Before we could get parked, Mark gave us an opener to get in the gate. “You got away before we could give this to you. Here is the one for the other truck, don’t forget to put it in it.”

“Mark, what are you still doing here? You don’t work twenty-four hours a day do you?”

“No, but some days things just take longer to get finished. We are working with the manufactures of the security system and hardware to make this the best system possible. You will be surprised when it’s finished. One of those changes is your phones will be able to open this gate or any of the others.”

“There are others?”

“Yes the one that you know about leading to the rest of your property. There is also one that leads to the garage area from Front street. It is not easily seen that it is an entrance or exit.”

“Cool, thanks Mark. We are going to christen the tennis court.”

“Those two are pretty good. Nice on the eyes too. They were playing the other day without shirts. I couldn’t help but stare. And before you ask, yes, I’m gay.”

We went into the changing room and got dressed. Of course we were all checking each other out. We all were virtually hairless except for our pubic and underarm areas. We were all smiling, I think we were all enjoying the view. I know I was. It was Corbin that broke the silence. “It sure is a shame to have to kick such pretty butts. You boys look good enough to eat.”

“You haven’t kicked our butts yet, but I will agree it will be a pleasure to have to kick your butts too.”

“Dillon and I are monogamous, but we might make an exception with you two sexy boys.”

“I can’t speak for Jim, but I don’t think I want to share my Jim. You guys are beautiful and sexy as hell, I think we are all starting to chub up, but I couldn’t stand to share.”

“I agree, I am too selfish to share Adam.”

“We understand. We argued back and forth about saying anything. We didn’t really want to share either, but most people our age are not that way. We finally decided that we were being ‘old fashioned’ and would be willing to try it with you guys because you have shown us so much love. I’m really glad that you think like we do.”

We all hugged and went out to warm up. It was so hot and muggy we all took off our shirts. Mark came by and made an up and down motion with his fist imitating and exaggerated jack off motion to imply we were fueling his jack off fantasies. About then though a very cute young guy pinched him on the butt and they kissed. I guess it was his way to show us his partner. It was evident they were together.

It was a tough match, they finally won two sets to one, but we had a lot of tie break games and both teams were worn out. “You guys are not going to hold to that story that Jim hasn’t played since he was ten are you?”

“It’s true; you should have seen him a week ago Saturday. You would believe it then, but he isn’t a push over anymore. He can hold his own with anyone now. I agree with you though we need to quit telling people the story, they will think we are lying.” Adam laughed. “Take me home Jim, I want a shower and one your foot massages.” We kissed and Dillon and Corbin followed suit.

“What is so special about your foot massages?”

“Nothing really, we just massage one foot while the other plays between our legs. Granted we have to hurry the second foot and we always have to sixty-nine we can’t stand to wait. Before you say anything, yes we are both cum hounds, and never plan to change.”

“I guess it takes one to know one. We are the same way. It is so cool that we have you guys as our friends.”

“Just wait until you meet Hank and Paul, We will be the merry band of happy queers. Paul is Adam’s age so you will have help keep their secret. You will be spending extra time with Hank, he is twenty-eight and the golf pro at the club. That reminds me I forgot to call like I promised I would.” I picked up my phone and dialed Hank. “Hank, you know the two guys Adam and I were going to give the clubs we won to.” I nodded. Everyone laughed and I realized what I was doing. “Yes they are even more cute and sexy than their voices. They are a lot of fun; you and Paul will love them as much as we do. Yes, they know about Paul’s age. “I listened for awhile. “Yes we need to get them on the books. Adam and I can’t be there tomorrow, but maybe Dillon and Corbin can. Here talk to them.” I handed the phone to Dillon and then said. “Here is the speaker feature. Talk to Hank.”

I took Adam outside to let them talk. Adam looked at me funny. “Why are we giving them privacy or something?”

“I just thought they might want some privacy, I don’t know why.” I laughed. “Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I don’t want them to think we are sticking our noses into their business.”

“You might be right. We have been making so many decisions for them without meaning to. I see your point they need to know they have a say in everything they do. You really do try to think of everyone’s feelings. I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” We were kissing and squeezing each other’s butts when Dillon and Corbin came out and each one of them swatted one of our butts.

Dillon handed me my phone. “Damn you two can’t keep your hands off each other.”

“And your point is?” Adam retorted.

“Don’t let him fool you we are the same way. Oh, by the way, we are going to the club tomorrow for Hank to evaluate us and work with us a bit. He said if we wanted to play after that, he and Paul would play around with us and he had some clubs we could use. We told him ours were just mismatched stuff and we both played out of the same bag. He laughed at us and said he would loan us some clubs until ours came in so that we could practice and he did expect us to practice. He sure seems like a likeable guy.”

“He is and Paul is too. I think the six of us will become great friends.” The boys smiled warmly.

“Oh, I just thought come by the house. We will let you drive one of our trucks so that you won’t be stopped at the gate. I will write a letter real quick so that we can get your membership done tomorrow too.”

“Hank said he wasn’t sure how long membership would take.”

“Our two families gave the land and built the original club. We are the founding members, so we get our way. Not that we have ever had to play the founding members card, but with the letter Jim gives you they won’t blink before handing your membership card. Just remember your number and sign for everything with that number. It will go directly to your account which will be added to the existing ones the company pays for. You should never see a bill and if you do just let us know. “

“I can’t believe you are doing all this for us. Especially after we just kicked your butts on the tennis courts.” That was his way of letting us know that our friendship was special to them.

“Rub it in while you can. We will be ready for a rematch when you guys are ready. Oh tell Hank and Paul that you play tennis. I’m sure they will tell you how bad they whacked us last week.”

“Take your tennis stuff just in case you can get on tomorrow. Even with school out, Tuesdays are pretty slow I think.”

They followed us home and chose the blue truck to drive tomorrow. We had to show them the special button so that they didn’t push it by mistake and freak out. A member of our security team came up to us and said he needed to take the guns if we were going to loan the truck. Unless they had concealed carry permits it is against the law for them to have them in the truck. We told him to get the information from the boys and do the paperwork for them to get the permits. We would take them with us when we qualify on the pistol range. As an afterthought I asked the boys if they wanted to go through that process. They thanked me for asking and then agreed. I felt bad for not asking them first but they put me at ease quickly.

I gave the boys the letter for the club. “Don’t let them say anything about approval. This letter should be all the approval they should need. Call Adam or my cell if they don’t take your picture and hand you a card.”

“Okay, if you say so. Will Hank be close by so that he can be there for moral support?”

Adam dialed Hank’s cell. “Hank, Dillon and Corbin want to know if you will be around to offer moral support when they pick up their membership. Jim gave them a letter with all the billing stuff and mention as a founding member, our friends should be given the membership on the spot, but we would feel better if you were with them.” He listened for a moment. “Thanks Hank, I will tell them. Have fun tomorrow. Oh, before I forget to tell you, they beat Jim and I on the tennis court tonight, so you might have your hands full if you have time for tennis. Show them around and make them feel at home. Thanks again Hank.” Adam turned and said. “Hank said to call him when you get there and he will go with you to the secretary. In case you haven’t guessed, the secretary thinks he is a lot more important than he is. He has a pretty cushy job, but for some reason is on a power trip some of the time. He is on a short rope and will lose his job if he isn’t careful. I just don’t want any of his shit giving you guys the wrong impression of the club.”

We took our usual loving shower and yes that included sucking each other with the shower satto soft rain shower. After we got out and dried off we decided to play poker. With us playing poker naked we couldn’t keep our hands and mouths off each other. We wasted our money tonight; neither of us could really pay any attention to the game. After about an hour, we both had lost twice. We lost at poker but won at sucking.

I woke up the next morning and looked at the beautiful man in my arms. In such a short time, we have become so special to each other. He is so beautiful sleeping so soundly, how did I get so lucky? I slipped out of bed without waking Adam. I brushed my teeth and made coffee. I decided to check on the construction website and saw a lot of interesting stuff I didn’t see yesterday. Adam came in naked and draped himself over me. “What’s up?”

“I didn’t pay a lot of attention about what they were going to do to our house, do you know that our running track will have a cushion and drainage layer and will be covered in artificial turf. I would have thought Art would point that out since it cost over a million. It looks great. Look at this artist rendering of the track.”

“Yeah, that looks really cool and from the description it should be better for our joints to run on when we get old and brittle.” We both laughed. “Hey look here. They expect to have the Tobin’s house completely demolished and removed by Thursday.”

“Hey look they have already knocked out some walls in the garage apartment this morning.” We kissed and closed the website. “Coffee is ready. Do you have anything you want to do today?”

“No, but I was looking forward to a day with just the two of us. From the way you talked to the boys, I got that vibe from you last night.”

“Yeah, I did my best to save today for just us. You still haven’t gotten to drive the cuda. What do you think of taking the cuda up to the cabin and then doing a little fishing? We could take plenty of food and drinks and maybe have a picnic. I don’t care what we do, that was just a suggestion.”

“That sounds so cool. We could fish for awhile, and then if you don’t mind, maybe you could give me another private skiing lesson while it’s just us. Then we could rest a bit and go back out fishing. Or we could just snuggle all afternoon or make love all afternoon.” We had our breakfast and then called the security folks. We told them what we planned and they said they would be ready for us. When Adam fired up the cuda he said. “Damn this is a beast.”

“This isn’t a stock cuda. Turn off the engine.” He did and I raised the hood. Almost everything under the hood was chrome. “The car looks like a cuda, but see all that high performance gear.”

“So it looks like a classic car with all new car parts.”

“Exactly, even the interior.”

“Yeah, I noticed all the leather and those new looking gauges.”

“Come on lets hit the lake. Ready to put this thing through its paces?”

“Definitely. Damn he sounds like a beast.” Adam had just pulled out of the garage when my phone rang. Adam shut the beast down so that I could hear. It was Joe Jolly, so I put it on speaker.

“Hello Joe, how are you today?”

“I’m great. I have John Turley with me and we have you on speaker. I assume you have Adam on speaker with you.”

“Good morning Adam and Jim.” Said John.

“Good morning gentlemen.” We said together.

“I assume you boys are having a fine morning.”

“Yes, we were just headed up to the lake house to spend a little time.”

“Great, that will be the perfect to hold our little meeting tomorrow. Is 10:00 AM tomorrow okay with you boys?”

Adam and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. “Sure that sounds fine. Do you know the way to the cabin?”

“Yes, John and I have both been there several times. We will ride up together, please tell the guards we are coming so that they won‘t hold us and make you come get us.” They both laughed. “We will see you tomorrow, have fun.”

“Goodbye.” Everyone said at once.

“I guess we need to go in and get some clothes so we can spend the night.” Adam got out of the car. “I’ll pack our bags if you call Mark and the guys and tell them our change in plans.” He turned back around. “I assume we want to bring the bag.”

“No, let’s just stop and buy one and we will have it there. Just in case we start spending more time there.”

“Cool, we can buy lube too.”

“Hello guys, this is Jim. We have had a little change in plans.”

“We were just about to panic and come check on you. Half in and half out of the garage isn’t something we expected. When we saw Adam get out and go in the house, we became more comfortable.”

“Okay, do me a favor. Where the fuck are you, I can’t see you anywhere.” He tapped the glass beside me. I jumped like I was shot. “Holy shit you scared me to death.” I rolled down the window and hung up the phone.

“Sorry about that. He handed me his binoloclers. See that big tree. Look up about twenty feet in the branch of the tree. That isn’t really a nest. That is the camera we watch the garage area with.”

“Cool, where are the others?”

“Not many you can see from here. There is one in that tree to the right there, but I doubt you can see it. I doubt if I could find it easily and I know where to look.” He pointed up. I got out of the car. “There is one just above the gutter.” Even knowing it was there, it was hard to tell it was a camera. “There are three on the satellite on the roof.” He thought for a minute. “That’s it I think for the cameras that have us on camera at the moment.”

“Tell me there are no cameras in the house.” He laughed. “I can’t do that. I can tell you that we don’t have a view of the bed. It is our job to protect you at all times. That means that your privacy isn’t as important as your life.”

“I think that will have to change. I don’t want your cameras in our houses.”

“Just a second. Yes Adam, I am part of your security. You can come out now. Adam called to make sure I was security before he came back out.” Adam joined us.

“They have cameras inside the houses. How do you feel about that?”

“No fucking way. We have to have some privacy.”

“We will be spending the day and tomorrow at the lake house. Have Mark call my phone. If I don’t hear from him within fifteen minutes we will be hiring a new security team.” I got in and rolled up my window. “Let’s get on the road. I hate being an ass but I didn’t have a clue we had cameras inside. It is the principle of the thing.”

“I’m with you brother.” We were still on the grounds when my phone rang. Adam stopped the car and I put the phone on speaker.

“We want every fucking camera out of our houses today.”

“Hello to you too.”

“We are not in the mood for pleasantries. We understand it will be easier to protect us if you watch us twenty-four hours a day, but we need some privacy. We don’t want any cameras in the houses. Any of the houses and that goes double for the new house.”

“I assure you, we have the utmost professionals and they will never reveal anything they have seen.”

“What the fuck is it that you don’t understand about get the cameras out of our houses? Jim doesn’t stutter or slur his words. We want them out today or we will be hiring a new security firm that understands English.”

“Very well, we will do as you wish, but it will take longer than today to remove them. We will disable them all today, but they are built in, so it will take a lot longer to remove them. I’m sorry, but that is the best we can do.”

“I guess that makes sense. Thank you for honoring our request.”

We hung up and continued to the lake. After we finished ranting, we laughed at ourselves and our bad language. “We don’t do bad language very well. It sounded so funny coming from that pretty mouth of yours.”

“I thought the same thing. And to think I love that mouth.” We laughed at how we were ragging on each other. Adam grabbed his crotch. “I have something for that sweet mouth.”

“Pull over and we will see if my mouth will make that feel so very good.”

“We are almost there or I would. I’m getting more horny by the second.” We pulled up to the guardhouse. Adam showed his ID. Sorry we haven’t brought this car up here yet.”

The guard smiled. “You aren’t planning to do wheelies in this all the way to the house are you?” He teased Adam.

“Well, I would, but these tires cost a fortune.” He teased back. He pulled out a sticker and attached it to our windshield. “Thank you sir. Oh by the way we will be having guests up tomorrow, can we give you their names now or should we call back in the morning?”

“Let me get my book.” I noticed it was a computer tablet not a book as such. “What are their names?”

“Joe Jolly and John Turley,”

“What will they be driving?”

“I don’t know, they might be in a limo, but we don’t know. If that is important, we can call and find out.”

“No, it is just a question. We actually know them both, so it won’t be a problem now that we know to expect them.”

“Thanks.” We drove to the house and carried our bags inside. We were soon naked and rolling around the bed touching each other everywhere we could. We were too excited to wait any longer. We moved into a sixty-nine position and began to suck and knead each others balls. Our fingers enter each other at the same time and we were soon swallowing as hard as we could to keep up with the hot cum erupting from our cocks. We kissed and cuddled for awhile then got up and dressed for fishing.

“I noticed we are developing a farmer’s tan when we were playing tennis the other night. Let’s use a lot of sunscreen, but take our shirts off. What do you think?”

“I thought the same thing last night. You mean I will have to rub sunscreen on you? Damn, isn’t that kinda queer?” He couldn’t even hold a straight face long enough to get it out. We took off our shirts and greased up. We caught a lot of fish, they seemed to be hitting everything. We finally got tired and came in to have our picnic at the cabin. We were eating and joking around when Adam’s phone rang. “It’s Paul. Hello.” He paused for a second. “Let me put you on speaker.”

“Hi Jim, just a second and I will put you guys on speaker too.”

We heard several people say hi. “That sounds like mister and misses damn and the whole damn family.”

“No, but it is me, Hank, Corbin, and Dillon. You remember you said I could use you as an alibi for my folks. I’m hoping that still goes.”

“Sure it does bud.”

“We were hoping that we could all hang out this afternoon and then I could spend the night with you guys. Well me and Hank actually. So that if they called it wouldn’t be a lie.”

Adam and I looked at each other and nodded. “We are at the cabin at the lake and are going to spend the night here. We have a meeting with a couple of guys tomorrow morning here.”

“You aren’t going to sell that place are you? That place is awesome.”

“No, it is just a business meeting. You guys can come up here and we can all ski and fish or whatever. We have tennis courts at the club too. That is if you want to come to the lake.”

“Can we come too? I hate inviting myself, but it just popped out.”

“Sure Dillon we have plenty of room here. Drive the Escalade up, it has a sticker, but you will need to stop at the guardhouse to check in. We will give them your names.”

“What should we bring?”

“Wetsuits if you have them and Speedos or jockstraps. The way we ski things can get hurt if not protected. You probably don’t need a wetsuit. I just usually wear one when I ski.”

“Jim is extreme; when you see him skiing you will know what we mean. I’m going by the house and get my stuff too. Is it alright if I bring my ski?”

“Sure bring anything you want.”

“Thanks, I’m not sure I know how to get there on the road, I can only remember going there from the lake.”

“I put the cabin in the blue Escalade’s GPS when I thought Adam might be driving the trailer by himself and me riding the bike, but it didn’t work out that way, but it is in there so just ride with Dillon and Corbin.”

“We will. Do we need to bring any food or anything?”

“Maybe some cereal and milk for breakfast, we were planning to go to the club for dinner tonight. Their prime rib is to die for.”

“Call us if you have any trouble finding us or whatever.” Adam hung up. I went to get the number of the guardhouse. I found it and said. I guess this is another number we need to keep in our phone. Adam called and told the guards to expect the boys and gave their names. He said they would be in the blue Escalade so shouldn’t need a pass.

Adam kissed me. “So much for our day alone.”

“Yes, but it is great to have to gay couples to hang with, don’t you think?”

“Yes, it’s great, but so is this.” He was rubbing my cock. We took a shower and made each other very happy. We decided to stay naked until the gang got here and then to get into our Speedos and wetsuits. The guardhouse called before we were expecting the guys and so we hurried into out suits.

We let the guys in. “Holy shit, you call this a cabin? This just another mansion on the lake. Well maybe not quite that big, but it is big.”

“We have always called it the cabin, what can I say. Put your stuff in the bedrooms. Ours is the first one, pick the ones you want.” Dillon, Hank, and Corbin came out in just their swim suits. They were all the baggy kind at that. “I hope you have jocks on at least?” The two boys pulled down their suits to show the jocks, not to be out done, Hank did as well. “You know I think we can probably fit you all with wetsuits. You might decide after this first time you don’t want to wear them, but I suggest that you do the first time.”

“Whatever you guys tell us we will do. I did manage to get them fitted with wetsuits and then we went to get them Speedos.”

“I agree with Jim, the Speedos will protect the goodies, and I don’t want to waste my night with you nursing sore balls.” Paul was cupping Hank’s package.

“What he wants he gets.” We all laughed at Hank going back into the bedroom with Paul right behind.

The boy took theirs and went to change as well. I couldn’t resist teasing Paul. “Damn Paul, it’s only been two days since you guys spent a whole week together.” Adam and I snickered.

“You just try going two days without sleeping with Adam. Until I got used to sleeping in his arms, I didn’t know how hard it is to try and sleep without those arms.”

We knew he was right. “Sorry, we do understand.”

We loaded into the boat; we made sure we took plenty of water. With all the skis and six people, the boat was full. This time Adam got to do the honors of explaining about the loops on the rope and how the course works. “Paul, you should show them how it’s done.”

“Yeah, I need to go first to have any chance to impress them.”

“Come here Paul.” He came to me. I pulled him into a hug. Then I went over the side taking Paul with me. Everyone came to the side of the boat. Paul will be ready in just a minute give us a second. Adam got the message and pulled the boat away. “Paul, you have found a place in my heart. You are a beautiful man, have a sexy body, and can be fun to be around, but I don’t like the side of you that comes out at times. I don’t think you really think that little of yourself, but sometimes I am not sure.”

He was hugging me and I could feel him crying. I rubbed his back. “I can’t help it. You are so much better than I am, it bothers me.”

“Paul, there will always be someone better. The part of what you said that really needs to be addressed is you wanting to impress people. If that is what you really want to do, you have the wrong objectives to be a great skier and I know you can be a great skier. If you can channel that need to impress to a desire to do your best you will be a great skier and ski up to your potential. It might not always win, but if you do your best, at least the best you can do on this particular day. You can be proud of your effort. Everyone in that boat and that includes me, loves you. This is what impresses us.” I tapped his chest. “You have a great heart when we get to see it.” We love you Paul. Just be our Paul and let us love our Paul.” He hugged me tighter and kissed me, not passionately, but nice enough that I knew it was sincere.

“Thanks Jim, I know you’re right. Why can’t I just do that? Why is it just skiing that I feel that way? The funny part is, I know I don’t have to impress anyone here. I’m going to work on just being as good as I can and enjoy myself. If I get too down on myself, just slap me.”

“You know I would never do that. We will work on this some more, but for now, just have fun bud.”

“Okay I will.”

“Bring the boat back!” I said loud enough they could hear. I swam to meet the boat and climbed aboard. I sent Paul’s ski to him and then threw him the rope. “Okay Paul, starting at 32 off.”

“You sure?”

“You can handle it. Just focus one buoy at a time. Remember as the rope gets shorter you cut earlier and only the ski goes around the buoy.” Paul made it through the course easily. “Good job bud. Now thirty-five is just the same. Just be careful, too much muscle and you will pull the ski out from under you. I like to trail my off hand in the water. It helps me know I have a good lean, not too deep or too shallow.”

“What does that mean?” Adam asked.

“Well, with this short a rope, it won’t reach the buoy. That means his body has to make up the difference. He has to lean and then pull his ski around the buoy. The angle of the lean determines everything. How deep the ski dips, whether you are on line to make the transition to the other side. It is pretty much a choreographed dance, either it is a beautiful thing to watch or a bad run. Especially when you get to forty off, there is no adjustment. You usually know when you go through the gate if it will be a good run.” I paused. “Oh I forgot to answer your question. The arm that is extended holding the rope handle is the main hand. The trailing hand is the off-hand. I like to feel the water with it. If it is just touching my fingers, that is the perfect lean for me. If it doesn’t touch, I’m too high and will probably miss the next buoy. It if is too much in the water there is a good chance I will pull the ski out from under me.” I shouted back at Paul. “You ready hot rod?”

He gave me thumbs up and off we go. Adam was driving and I was watching to see if I can help Paul get a clean fun. This has been his nemesis. He fell on the third buoy. We came back around and picked him up.

“That same buoy gets me every time.”

“Rest for a few minutes then we will get you through thirty-five.”

“You mean it? You know what I’m doing wrong.”

“You got behind on the first buoy and were playing catch up, You didn’t hit the opening gate smoothly and had to steer to the buoy. Now we are going to work on nothing but getting you to the first buoy until you know exactly when to cut to make it a smooth dance and then, my guess is you will make a complete run once you do that.”

He hugged me tight. “Thanks Jim, you’re the best.”

Adam made a complete pass at thirty-two. Both Dillon and Corbin took a few tries but both made a complete run at twenty-eight off. Hank had tried four times and could only get around two buoys. He was getting tired and ready to give up. I told Paul to make him relax and he could do it. Paul got into the water with Hank and took him in his arms. They did a lot of kissing, I don’t know what Paul said to him, but when he climbed back into the boat he said. “Hank is ready now.” Sure enough Hank made it through the course and threw the rope handle when he exited the gate.

“What did you say to him?”

“I told him to just relax and not worry about making it; we only needed one skier in our family anyway. All I care about is that he is with me, he doesn’t have to want to do this at all.”

When Hank got into the boat he said. “I am officially retired from the ranks of skiers. I will make all the rest of my buoys through Paul.”

Paul and Hank hugged for a long time. I finally broke them apart by saying. “Are you ready to clear thirty-five now?”

“Yes, but I would rather wait until after you show us how easy you make it look.” He hugged me. “Now they can really appreciate how difficult it is and how easy you make it look.” He put the loop to the thirty-eight foot off mark. “One pass at thirty-eight and then I want to see you make it through at forty.”

I made the run and thirty-eight, but never made three buoys at forty. I motioned them over to me and I climbed in. “I don’t have it in me today. “ I rubbed my biceps. “That requires fresh arms.” Adam rubbed my arms and shoulders. “Now skiing is the last thing on my mind.” I grabbed Adam and kissed him.

“No sex shows on the boat, well, unless we can all participate.” Dillon always the tease.

Adam and I broke our kiss. “Okay Paul, the only thing we are going to work on is your entrance into the course. At thirty-five off and shorter, you can’t make any corrections, it is just too short. No thinking, no corrections. I have tried to explain this to your brother, but he doesn’t believe me. I think you will believe me. Forty is different for me, but up to that length, I can tell you when I enter the gate if I am going to make the run. You know I fail to enter the course a lot. It is because I know I’m out of it and don’t want to fail if I know that.” I put my arms on Paul’s shoulders. “What is your trigger to enter the course?”

“What do you mean?”

“What tells you to start your cut through the gate.”

“When I think it’s time, I start my cut then head for the buoy.”

“You might be able to pull that off, but I need a trigger.” I used empty water bottles to explain what I was trying to tell him. “I find the spot I need to be behind the boat to make a length. Then as the boat approaches the course. Once I see the gate buoy closest to the first buoy align, I start my cut. Hopefully I am just inside the gate and heading directly for the buoy. I know you know already, but you have to start your cut back the other way before you get around the buoy. Prior to thirty-five, you can be sure you are around the buoy. I can’t at thirty-five, I have to just know I’m at the buoy and my ski will come around. You might have been in the water when I told Adam, that at thirty-five and above, it is just a choreographed dance. You are either dancing in sync with the music or you’re not. No chance to make any adjustments.” I motioned for him to get into the water. He did and I handed him his ski and the handle. “Now, I don’t want you to even try the first buoy if you are not perfectly aligned after entering the gate. If you are aligned, run the course, you will make it easily. If you are not aligned, just ride through and we will try it from the other end. Get closer to the boat before you start if your angle is too shallow to the first buoy, get closer to the wake if you angle is too deep to the first buoy. Any questions?” He shook his head.

His first pass, he missed the gate. He didn’t panic or seem to get disgusted. His second pass he make the gate but wasn’t in position to make the first buoy and pulled up rode through the course. He was making adjustments behind the boat and I was hoping this pass would be the key. Sure enough his cut was perfect and the first buoy was perfect. I could see the grin mixed with the grit of his teeth to pull around the buoy. He made a clean pass and threw the rope. Adam pulled around and I jumped in and swam to him. I wanted him to know I was just as excited for him as he was.

We climbed into the boat. “Jim you’re the best bud. I love ya man.” He hugged me and kissed me.

“You are the one that did it. Great job.” Everyone seemed to understand what a major accomplish it was for Paul and they all let him know how proud they were of him. “Want to go around to the ‘Ski Monkeys’ course so that we can tell them?”

“Naw, I know I can do it now, they don’t need to know.”

“That’s cool, but Adam keeps bugging me wanting to see me jump. I thought we would go over there for a bit. I think my arms have a couple of jumps in them.”

“You have to show me your tricks too. Petey was so proud of you on the trick course.”

“Maybe tomorrow after our meeting. Tricks, well some of the big tricks require a lot of arm strain.” I looked at Paul. “Paul has a good trick routine, maybe he wants to ski some tricks.”

“I’m not bad, but Jim is awesome. No one in this state can even compete with him. He causes the best trick skiers drop their jaws. He is so fast they have to use video to score him. He is so good they have to bring people in from out of state to compete with him. Only three or four, maybe five that can compete at that level.”

We pulled up to the club docks and were swarmed by Petey. He was in his element. “Hey Jim, I did it again.”

“Way to go big boy. Let me see those awesome muscles.” He showed me his muscle. “Okay, now you are going to have to work on thirty-five. Guess who did that today?”


“Yep, it was really pretty.”

“Someone said Paul has changed, he must have to be your buddy. You are still going to coach me this summer aren’t you?”

“Of course I am buddy. You and Paul will be good friends I know it.”

“Cool.” He took off running and shouting. “Hey everybody, Paul completed thirty-five today.” Everyone started clapping and congratulating Paul. He blushed and I saw him look at me and grin.

They were going to be doing some jumping and I got on the list. They said I could go as soon as I was ready. I put on my jump vest and gloves. I put on my helmet and strapped my arm to my side. Adam wrinkled his brow. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

“It helps to keep my arm from being jerked out of its socket. It’s needed.”

“Shit Jim, I don’t want to see my boyfriend hurt.”

“Me either. I don’t plan to jump much. I did want to jump for you though.” I dangled my skis off the dock and motioned for them to hit it.” I made a couple of jumps but didn’t have my heart into it. I have been hurt a few times jumping and this just wasn’t something I am willing to risk anymore. I motioned for them to take me back and I ski to the dock and stepped out of the skis.

“Damn Jim, that was awesome. You jumped farther than the boat. I couldn’t believe that you could jump past the boat like that.”

“It’s because coming from the other side and pulling hard the skier is going a lot faster than the boat. By the way, I just took my last jump. I haven’t really enjoyed jumping for awhile and I don’t want to risk not being able to play golf and tennis with my wonderful handsome partner.”

He hugged me. “Thank you. I was so worried while you were out there. It just looks dangerous.”

I took my skis, helmet, vest, and gloves and gave them to Paul’s brother, Frankie. He was speechless, that I just gave them to him. Paul hugged me and said. “You never cease to amaze me.”

“I heard Hank tell you he wouldn’t watch you jump if you were going to. I think he and Adam are both wanting to make sure we can play golf and tennis with them. They may be just concerned for our safety too. I know they love us.”

“Yep, I told Hank, I never liked jumping that much.” He hugged me again. “We are so lucky to have Hank and Adam.”

“Yes we are.”


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