Golf Balls and Boy Balls
Jim Carter

Part 4

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I was afraid that Corbin and Dillon would be bored being around all these people they didn’t know, but everyone wanted to talk to the cute young men. Everyone wanted to give them advice about learning to ski. We decided it was time to head back to the house and get ready for dinner. With three showers all going at once and all of them with two horny boys meant that the hot water turned chilly quickly. We got clean and our hair washed and then took our fun to the bed. I’m sure the others did the same, or the cold shower would have put a damper on their fun pretty quickly. We decided to sixty-nine to speed our loving, we didn’t want to be the last two dressed and ready to go. No doubt the last two will be getting a razing.

Corbin and Dillon were the last two ready and we did start the teasing. Dillon put a stop to the teasing when he said. “Hey don’t blame us if you guys are premature ejaculators.” He hugged Corbin.

Corbin held up the keys. “Are we going in the blue Escalade or the white one?”

“We didn’t drive the white one. We drove the beast. You should see that thing.” Adam threw the keys to the cuda to Corbin and Corbin threw him the Escalade keys. “Jim and I will take the Escalade and you guys check out the beast.” We locked the doors and went out through the garage. When they saw the cuda they were all over it. Opening the hood and looking in, Hank said. “Damn this think has some awesome performance equipment. I have never seen so much chrome. The looks of a cuda but the guts of a brand new car with all the updated performance gear. I want to drive on the way back.” They worked it out so that they all got to drive.

Dinner was wonderful. We were chatting about everything imaginable. When we got back to the house, we watched a movie on the gay and lesbian channel called ‘Latter Days’. Paul said that Aaron guy is almost as cute as Adam and looks a lot like him and check out the Christian dude. He looks a lot like Jim.

“It true they really do look a lot like our buds, especially if Jim had long hair they would.”

“You’re not Mormon are you Adam? I know you are not hesitant about sex and you chased Jim instead of him chasing you.” Dillon said.

I could tell he was trying to set up some joke, but Adam defused it with. “Not me. I come a lot closer worshiping to the church of moron than the church of Mormon.

“With their views and treatment of gays, I think they are the church of moron. Why are so many so called Christians so hateful to us?”

“Come on guys let’s change the subject. Religion and politics are always depressing topics to me. I hate talking about them both.” Several of us were yawning. “Guys, we have the guys that are running our companies coming by somewhere around 10:00 AM. You guys can take either boat out, or both of them if you want. They both need gas, so take them to the marina they won’t take your money so don’t even try to pay for the gas. Their billing is automatic. If you are going skiing you might want to ask Petey if he wants to go, if he is not already out with someone. That kid loves it.” I turned back around. “Oh, I forgot to tell you if you decide to go fishing make sure your fishing license is up to date. They check it often on this lake.”

Adam and I were just cuddled talking quietly. “Jim, there is something that I have been thinking about lately.”

“What is that? Did it give you a headache?” I teased.

He thumped me on the chest. “I’m serious. My dad took your family’s death very hard. He was depressed for awhile afterward. He didn’t even go to work for awhile. Max and them called for me to come home from school, it was so bad.” He sighed. “What I’m going to ask might seem strange, but I have been thinking about it a lot. “Some of the things he did and said during that time, caused me to wonder if maybe he was having an affair with your mom, but the more I think about it now, I think it might have been your dad.”

“You mean you think our dads were gay and having an affair?”

“Well, gay or bi or something. A few times I heard him crying at night when I went to check on him. I heard him call your dad’s name a few times. I mean, Harmon is not a common name.”

“No, it isn’t. I do know he and my mom had a few arguments about his travel. It was usually when he went to Florida. I kind of thought he might have a woman there. I didn’t think anything about it at the time, but now that you asked. I know mom asked something about Butch a couple of times.” I got up on my elbow. “What caused you to think about this now?”

“You know that old man I was talking to at the ski place this afternoon, Mr. Peterson?”

“Yeah, he was a really good friend of my dad’s.”

“My dad’s too. He told me today that seeing you and I together was like seeing Butch and Harmon thirty or forty years ago. His exact words were. ‘Two peas in a pod. You could never see one without the other.’ That got me to thinking and the clincher that got me on this train of thought was something my mother said one of the few times we were all together right before my dad’s heart attack, was, ‘Go find another Harmon and leave me alone.’ At the time, it didn’t make much sense and I had forgotten it totally until just now. Doesn’t it almost fit together?”

“You know when I came out to my parents, I was like eleven or twelve. My mother did blame my dad. My dad reassured me often that it was not something I should be ashamed of and that I should always be careful. One thing he said several times was. ‘When you find the man for you, love him with all your heart, don’t let society and what people think and say destroy that love.’ Right now that sounds like he was saying that happened to him, but I didn’t put that together at the time.”

“My dad was the same with me, he was always supportive and always told me to never let what other people thought guide me. I think our dad’s were boyfriends. At least when they were kids they were.”

“I bet John and Joe will know if they were still lovers. Let’s not say too much, but let’s see if we can’t find out how much they know.”

“Sounds good to me. Hold me, I’m so sleepy now.” We cuddled and I think both of were asleep quickly. I know I was.

We got up late, but all six of us went running. We only ran about six miles, but we had all built up a good sweat. We saw that it was already 9:30 AM, so the others said they would just rinse off and then get dressed for skiing. Adam and I showered after we washed each other’s hair we were both rock hard. I got on my knees and started loving Adam’s dick with my probing finger helped him fill my hungry mouth with his marvelous seed. Damn I love the way he tastes. It took him a couple of minutes before he got on his knees and had me in heaven with his loving mouth on my cock. It didn’t take long before I was filling his mouth with my seed. We were almost dressed when the phone rang telling us that John and Joe were on their way to the house.

We were happy to see that Joe and John were dressed much like we were, with shorts and casual shirts. They were wearing athletic shoes and we were wearing sandals. We sat around the table in the living room with bottles of water since we didn’t think to make coffee or have anything else to drink.

After the pleasantries, John started the conversation. “We know our request for a meeting was a little bit of a shock to you guys and I’m sure all kinds of things popped into your heads. Let us assure you that we think you will both come away from this meeting happy.” He paused and Joe picked up the conversation.

“Both of you wanted to sell the majority of your stake in your respective companies. You had no desire to run the companies yourselves. We were both prepared to try to make that happen, but we couldn’t do it without having the companies buy the vast majority of the stock and that would have weakened both companies. We have an alternate proposal that if you embrace the proposal will prevent the drawbacks and make everyone happy.”

John picked up the conversation again. “One thing you boys might not know is that your fathers were making plans to merge the two companies. They were almost ready to announce the merger when your father was killed.” He looked at me. “Butch wouldn’t proceed after that. He said it wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Joe and I were heavily involved in the merger considerations and so when you boys wanted to offer us the companies, we thought it would be a good time to offer you the opportunity to do what your fathers wished and merge the two companies. The two companies are very much complementary businesses. The two companies have a net worth that is almost exactly equal. We propose that we merge the two companies. Your fathers had picked the name The Carter West Group. If we proceed with the merger you boys would end up holding about sixty percent of the new company, so the two of you would own the company, but it wouldn’t be separate companies. It would be the same company. I know we have thrown a lot at you this morning, but we would like for you to discuss it and think about this proposal.

We looked at each other and just nodded. Adam spoke first. “I think Jim and I both think that satisfies our desire to not have to worry about the day to day activities of the company. We have plenty of money, so that isn’t something we are concerned about. I think you can proceed with the merger. How long will it take before this happens if you go ahead with the merger?”

“We don’t think it will take all that long. Your fathers had already decided how to merge the two companies. We have verified that both companies have virtually the same net worth. You both own sixty percent of your respective companies, so you would own thirty percent each of the new company. The financials are such that West International stock will be a one for one swap and Carter Enterprises stock with receive one point eight-nine-six shares of the new company. The end result will be that Jim will end up owning two hundred eight some odd shares more of the company. With both of you holding over fourteen million shares that is insignificant.”

“I will give any shares I have more than Adam to charity. Adam and I will be equal in every way.”

Adam grinned. “Why don’t we both contribute all our shares over fourteen million to a foundation that could handle all our contributions? Then we can keep it funded as needed. We both get so many requests from charities it will actually be a blessing to us.”

We held hands and looked at each other. “So that seems to be settled. I do have one concern. Isn’t one of you giving up a CEO position in this new merger arrangement?”

“Yes, but John is planning to retire in about three years. He will be our CEO until retirement, then, basically you boys will choose another to run the company. I am obviously hoping that I do well enough in the president’s position that I am strongly considered for that position at that time. That was pretty much what your fathers were planning to do.”

“One other thing we thought we needed to work with you boys on is a management team for you. You boys are currently handled separately by firms that the two companies have hired. You have legal representation now, but you also need a financial management team. They should also manage this new charity trust that you discussed. We think this firm should be ideal for your combined assets. You can keep the two separate teams for your individual assets.”

“Okay, can you go ahead and make it happen?”

“Sure we can take care of that.”

“Now that this business is over, Adam and I have been talking and we would like some straight answers from you two.” I looked at Adam and continued. “We seem to think there might be more than just a merger between our fathers. Tell us what you know about or father’s friendship.”

John and Joe looked shocked but nodded to each other. “Your fathers have been lifelong friends. They did a lot of traveling together. Both your mothers knew they were more than just friends. This cabin and the house in Florida that Adam now owns were the two places they could be together the most at. It wasn’t common knowledge; I think your mothers and the two of us were the only people that knew for sure. I think your fathers would be proud that their sons are able to live the life they could only dream about.”

“Thanks, I think Jim and I had come to the conclusion they were more than just friends. I never want to be away from my Jim and sometimes I have to catch myself from getting depressed knowing that in a couple of months I will have to go to school and won’t see Jim for a lot of the day. I don’t know if I can do it or not.”

“You will be fine. Just remember he will be waiting for you at the end of the day. You boys will adjust; you know that as well as I do.” He got up. “If you don’t have any more questions for us, we need to get going; we have a lot to do in a short period of time. This needs to happen with as little intrusion from the outside as possible. We thank we have that taken care of, but you never know.”

“Thanks for coming to talk to us about this and we look forward to see what happens with The Carter West Group.”

“Oh, just so you know. Your use of the corporate aircraft will be grandfathered in. Any ex-CEO of either company will have full use of corporate aircraft and facilities.”

“I almost forgot. Where is the house you said I own in Florida?”

“It is in Key West, it comes complete with a nice yacht that may be owned my Jim, for some reason this is a bit confusing. Both are in codicils of the wills and are not directly listed as assets in the will but are attached to another firm.”

“Cool, we will have to go check it out soon.”

“When you are ready we will get everything ready for you.”

As they were leaving, we heard the boat approaching. We went around back and everyone came running up to us. “I fucked up. I am in deep shit.” Paul was managing to get out between sobs.

“What happened?”

“We’re sorry, it was our fault.” Dillon said. “We didn’t realize that Paul’s brother was around and he saw Corbin and I kissing.” He bowed his head. “We’re so sorry.”

“He started screaming at Paul for hanging around with the faggots and Paul told him he was gay too and to leave his friends alone. The he hit Paul with his fist and Hank stepped in and beat the shit out of the guy.”

Paul’s phone rang. He looked at the caller ID. “It’s my dad.” He opened the phone. “Hi dad.” The look of shock was apparent. A tear rolled down his cheek followed by several others. “You can’t mean that dad.” He was bawling now. “You used my trust fund for that. It’s mine.” He hung up. “He told me I was no longer his son. He is trying to take my car, but he used my trust fund money to pay for it. He can’t do that can he?”

“I don’t know. Where is your car?”

“It is in the garage at Adam’s house.”

“That’s good, it is safe there.” Adam pulled out his phone and dialed. “Max, make sure no one gets to Paul’s car. Is it still in the garage?” He smiled. “We will explain later.” He hung up. “Your car is safe.”

“He thinks Adam is my boyfriend and he is pissed at you. He told me I was way over my head running around with those rich faggots.” He bowed his head. “I was relieved that he didn’t put Hank as the one in my pants.”

“Let’s call Jack Adams. It sounds like we might need some legal advice.” We called Jack and told him what we knew so far. He said that Paul should leave his car where it is. He suggested we go home and he will talk with Paul’s parents. He will have a better understanding of next steps after that. He suggested that Paul stay at Adam’s until farther notice. Hank looked worried.

“Don‘t worry Hank, there is no way I will let them do anything to you. I love you, but until this is past us, we shouldn’t be seen together.”

Hank looked relieved. They took their time showering. Hank and Paul were considerably longer than the rest of us. That was understandable. Adam called Max again and told him to set a bedroom up for Paul he would be staying there for awhile.

On the way home, Adam and I were quiet most of the way. Almost to the house he said. “Since I am emancipated, I can’t let Paul use me as a shield. I can let them assume, but that is as far as it can go. I think Paul understands that, but we need to make sure he knows.”

I could tell something was bothering Adam. “Do you want me to talk to him?”

“Great, I was going to, but it always sounded harsh when I thought about it. We need to make sure Hank doesn‘t go with him back to my house either, knowing his dad, they are probably watching my house.”

When we got home, we told Hank we would take him home and Dillon and Corbin would take Paul back to Adam’s house. When I talked to him about Adam not being able to pretend to be his boyfriend, he already knew that. He said he was going to deny having a boyfriend, which was essentially true since Hank was no longer a boy. We got a call from Jack. He said Paul’s father was not going to cooperate and was being a real jackass. He said he needed to get with Paul and get a dollar as a retainer so that he could represent him. He warned us that it was likely that Paul’s father was likely to do about anything; he didn’t seem to have anything good to say about Adam and actually threatened him.

We called the security team and warned them that Adam had been threatened. When we got to Adam’s house, Jack was already there. We started in together. When a car pulled in fast and screeched to a halt. Paul’s father jumped out of the car shouting at Adam. Mark intercepted him quickly and busted his nose and dented his hood in the process. Once he had him in handcuffs, he called the police.

The whole time, he was cussing Adam calling him a fucking faggot. Adam had enough and said to Mark. “Gag that asshole. Look Mr. Samson, I am not involved with your son, except as a friend. I have a boyfriend and we don’t mess around. I promise you this, I will do everything I can to help Paul get out of the hostile environment he is living in, but as far as I know, and he told me he doesn’t have a boyfriend. Now you can go with the police and try to explain why you were trespassing and threatening me.” Adam went in the house where Corbin and Dillon were restraining Paul. He wanted to go after his father. They finally were able to convince him it was in his best interest to let others take care of this for him.

I stayed outside until they hauled Mr. Samson off and thanked Mark for his quick response. I walked in with Jack and before he said anything else he had Paul give him a dollar as a retainer, so that he could represent him. He explained to Paul that anything he told him now fell under attorney client privilege and so he was protected. Adam and I talked and decided that we would invoke our founding member privileges and have the Samson membership to the club revoked. I made the call and told them Paul was still a member, but would be a new membership soon. I told them that none of the Frank Samson family should be allowed on the premises.

It was determined that Jack should proceed to have Paul emancipated. Since we had some time on our hands Adam and I went to the DMV. We took one of the certified copies of his emancipation. He took his test and passed with flying colors. He is now a licensed driver.

Over the next couple of weeks, the police came to talk to Adam and I both. They talked to us in separate rooms. It appeared that Paul’s dad had talked them into investigating both Adam and I for having sex with Paul. I was livid that the cops would investigate us just on that man’s say so. I was quickly on the phone to Jack; he said to not say another word until he was there. When Jack got through putting the police in their place, he started in on the chief and Adam and I both got an apology. Paul and Hank were doing a good job of staying apart.

A month after the incident at the lake, Paul’s hearing was ready to be decided. Jack said this was not nearly as likely to happen as Adam’s was. He cautioned Paul not to go to the club until the day before his hearing. He was to go with Adam and I and Hank was to give him a job and then he should leave. Only spending long enough to complete an application and be hired. We had long since identified the people Frank Samson had intimidated to watch for Paul.

When we arrived in the courtroom, we had two bodyguards with us and a couple already in the room. Paul’s father and his attorney were at one table and Jack and Paul at the other. Once the court was called to session and everyone seated the judge was refreshing his mind with his notes from the bench. It was long three or four minutes of total silence. When the judge finally spoke he identified the parties.

He asked Paul why he was petitioning the court for emancipation. Paul said. “Your honor, my father found out I was gay and told me I was not welcome in his house any longer. He threatened and tried to attack my friend Adam West.”

“That’s bullshit, I didn’t attack anyone.”

“Mr. Samson you are in contempt. That will be a thousand dollar fine. Counselor, I caution you to make sure you client doesn’t have another outburst in my court or you will be fined as well.”

“Yes, your honor.”

“I see here the arrest report of Mr. Frank Samson, is that the incident you are referring to young man?”

“Yes sir.”

“I see. Let me ask you Paul, do you think you can support yourself if I grant this petition?”

“Yes sir I do. As you know I have a trust fund, but also, as of yesterday, I have a job at the country club. I was working part time for Adam and Jim as a part time gardener. They were just giving me the job so that I would have one, I wasn’t needed there. Then I thought of the country club. I love the place and it would be an ideal job.”

“What about when you go back to school?”

“Mr. Davis hired me, but insisted that during school I work less than twenty hours a week. He also insisted that I kept a B average.”

“It sounds like he has your best interest at heart.”

“I thought so too your honor.”

“He’s probably fucking his little ass.”

“That’s another thousand Mr. Samson and Mr. Johnson; you have a thousand as well. Keep it up and I will start adding jail time to the fines. I will have none of that in my courtroom.”

“It won’t happen again your honor.” Frank’s attorney said but didn’t sound convincing at all.

“Back to your trust fund, I see here that the fund was established by your maternal grandfather at his death. Is that correct?”

“Yes, your honor.”

“This audit report from the trust shows a current balance of $789,663.12. I also see there was a withdrawal of $180, 000.00 a week before you were able to put a hold on this account. Did you make this withdrawal?”

“No sir, the auditor said my parents made this withdrawal.”

“From the wording of the trust, this was set up for you when you reached adult hood, it has a clause that should your legal guardian not be able to support you, they could have a fifteen hundred dollar a month stipend. It was clear that this was not intended to be a drawing account for your parents, but they seem to have abused that from all that I can see.”

“That is none of your business. I won’t have you sticking your nose into my business.”

The judge banged his gavel. “That’s another thousand each and a night in jail each.”

“I see that six weeks ago thirty-six thousand and change was withdrawn, I have pretty much figured out all the other changes against this account. Mr. Samson, can you explain that one?” He was looking at Frank.

“We bought him a car for his birthday.”

“Was that the 2007 Mustang you are wanting returned?”

“Yes your honor.”

“You charged your son list price for a two year old car that must have been sitting there for two years because no one else wanted it.” Frank started to say something, but the judged waved his hand. “I don’t even want to hear you answer, it will just make you look worse than you do now. Paul did you bring the car and the keys like I asked?”

“Yes sir.” Paul handed the keys and parking ticket to the bailiff that came to take them.

“David, give those to Mr. Samson.” He waved a document that I assumed was the audit document. “Mr. Samson, you have stolen fifteen hundred dollars a month from your son for almost three years. You have taken money from his trust for his school tuition and several other things. He is your son and YOUR responsibilities not his grandparents. You have no right to take that money. Unfortunately they were foolish enough to allow you to be trustee, but I intend to fix that problem today. My calculations say that you have withdrawn $472,652.89 over the time period that you had access to this account. I am ordering you today to repay that along with interest and I am going to estimate that to be ten percent. We will just round it up to fifty thousand interest. I am ordering you to have a cashier’s check in the amount of $522,652.89 made payable to The Paul Frank Samson Trust on my desk by three PM today.”

“Your honor, my client can’t put that kind of money together on such short notice.”

“Very well, I will draw up the documents to freeze the assets of Mr. Frank Samson and all the assets of Samson Ford. Once we decide what to seize to pay your court settlement, you will be informed. Bailiff please take Mr. Frank Samson and Mr. Davis into custody.”

The Bailiff started handcuffing Mr. Samson. He was desperately talking to his attorney. Mr. Davis spoke. “Your honor, if my client can have the check this afternoon can we dispense with the seizure of assets.”

“Very well; Mr. Samson will stay in lockup until the check for the trust and the check for his contempt fines are received. I will count this time as his jail time. You and Mrs. Samson should get moving, at three PM I will assess late fees to this judgment.”

Frank was taken away and Mrs. Samson and Mr. Davis left to get the money.

The judge looked at Paul. “Mr. Samson, I know this has been an ordeal for you. I am going to grant your petition. I am also going to ask that you appoint two adults to help you administer your trust. It is not that I don’t trust you, but until you are twenty-one, I think you would be better off having a couple of people to make sure you don’t buy something on a whim unless it doesn’t take a withdrawal from your trust. I have asked Mr. Carter if he would be willing to be one of those adults and he agreed. He also suggested your new boss, Mr. Jackson as the other adult. Do you have a problem with either one of them being your watchdog so to speak?”

“No sir, I am perfectly happy with that.”

“I suggest we start with two thousand a month as a starting stipend. From that amount, I think you should be able to live and pay for your school. If that proves to be less than you need, I am sure Mr. Carter and Mr. Jackson will adjust as needed.”

The judge signed all the papers necessary for Paul to be considered an adult. He assured Paul that his parents would be out of his trust and all should be taken care of this afternoon, if not his father would be in jail until it was. His attorney would be very interested as well because if the money was not at the court by three he would be in jail as well.

Everything soon settled into a more routine environment.

The boys moved into the garage apartment and were so excited about having their own place. I have to admit it was a cool place. Tobin and his lady were getting settled into their new house. It too was a place they were extremely proud of and couldn’t believe they had such a place to live. The running track around the property was marvelous. It was impossible to see unless you were right on top of it. Cushioned and designed to drain quickly, it was fantastic. We were to move in as soon as we got back from Paris. The merger was almost complete. We noticed that the plane we were flying on today had already been re-painted with the Carter West Group. Our trip to France was uneventful. Our security team flew with us. By now we had seen them all and it makes it a lot easier to spot them these days.

We slept most of the way over. Shelby avoided most of our questions, but did verify that both she and my mother knew of our dad’s love relationship. She told us they were boyhood lovers, but those times were different. They both felt they had to be married. She said that my mom told her when I came out that she would see to it that I never had to hide who I loved.

We had a ball in Europe. We even saw Shelby a few times. We had dinner with her twice, but for the most part we were on our own. If we had known we would be spend so little time with her we would have come over sooner.

We got back home and everything had been moved. We were officially in ‘our house’. Everything that anyone thought we might ever need or want was either taken to the new house or put into a storage vault that could hold it all. Both of our existing houses were going up for sale next week.

We were sitting by the pool Dillon came up. “Do you guys mind if I skim the pool now, or should I come back later?”

“Now is fine. Where is Corbin? Don’t you guys usually do this together?”

“Here he comes. He has been trying to set up his class schedule.”

“So have you guys decided what you want to take this semester?”

“Mine is pretty easy. I am just following the syllabus. I know what I want to do, so it is easy. Corbin on the other hand doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do, so he has to think about what he wants to take.”

“Cool, what have you decided you want to do?”

“We both love horses, I am going into veterinary medicine and specialize in Equine medicine.” He grabbed Corbin. “This lug doesn’t want to be a vet, but wants to do something around horses too. He is our little boy lost.” They kissed quickly and then looked at Adam and I laughing. “If I didn’t know you too better, I would think you are laughing at us. Since I know neither of you have a mean bone in your body, what is so funny?”

“Guess what we are doing starting tomorrow?”

“Horseback riding?” Corbin asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No we are going to look at racing farms, our search firm has narrowed it down to four and we are going to go look at them. We want to get into horse racing. Think you guys would like to go with us?”

“Oh hell yes. Let’s go ask papa if we can have the day off.”

“You will need the week off. These are in Kentucky and California. We will have David set up the arrangements. If Tobin has a problem, tell him I said to hire some folks to cover for you two.”

“Tobin says you guys are a bad influence on us. How are we ever going to learn if you two pay us too much and let us get by with little to no work. He is right you know.”

“Maybe, but we are looking out for your and ours future this time. Your goals and ours seem to come together again. When we buy a horse farm we will need good people to look after our animals. Besides this trip will be a lot more fun with you guys along.

The trip to Kentucky gave Dillon and Corbin their first ride in a private jet. They couldn’t believe the difference. They had both flown before, but the cattle car they rode in before and this airplane were very different. This just happened to be one of Carter West’s newest planes. When we landed and were met by a very long white limo. The security team split up to the two Hummers that would accompany us. Clark the representative that was showing us the properties was nice enough, but was all business. All he wanted to talk about was the properties that they have found. Not only that, but he was pressuring us before we had even seen the first property. I mean this guy reminded me of a snake oil salesman back in the old west days. Adam and I exchanged looks.

“Excuse me Clark, but is there someone else that can show us these properties. I don’t want to be mean, but I find your high pressure sales pitch offensive and unless there is someone else to show us around, I’m afraid our business is complete and we will be heading back to Houston.”

“I’m sorry Mr. Carter. I was told that you gentlemen wanted to find a suitable horse farm and just get it done. I thought you wanted to hit the ground running. I assure you I can get you someone else or I can work at a slower pace if you wish. I apologize for my arrogance in thinking that I knew what you wanted to hear.”

Adam and I exchanged glances again and I nodded for Adam to take it from here. “Okay Clark, Jim and I will give you another chance. To be honest, we pretty much know what each of these farms offer. Because your firm did such a good job of making a spreadsheet with all the criteria and rating each of the farms, we have a good idea of what we want. We do however, want to see the farms and get a feel for what we will be buying. It would be ideal if the farms didn’t know we were coming and we could see them in their natural environment, but we know that isn’t possible. I think it will be in all our best interests if you don’t tell us what you think we want to hear. I hope that you feel free to tell us anything that we might have missed that we need to know, but other than that, it might be best to be available for introductions and answer any questions that we might have.”

We enjoyed our trip and all the farms were nice and each had something unique to offer. We finally decided to buy two different farms. One for its ‘state of the art’ training facilities. They also had some excellent breeding studs and mares. They also had some very promising colts and yearlings to accompany their existing racing stable. We were impressed with the farm manager and his vision as to how this farm should proceed. The existing owner was into taking as much out of the farm as they could. It was amazing how strong the future looked for this farm under those circumstances. We also were impressed with the manager’s ability to surround himself with good people.

The second farm we decided to buy was a lot the opposite of the first. It had reasonable facilities, but its breeding facilities were the bright spot of this farm. They had a very good stable of breeding stock and yearlings, but not much that were actually racing stock at the moment. The management was weak and very much overpaid. The most valuable pieces of this farm were its frozen sperm collection and acreage. This farm had about sixteen hundred acres. Twelve hundred of those acres were un-cleared woodlands.

Before we officially bought the farms, we talked to Brad Crain to make sure he was willing to manage both farms. We told him we would give him full control of both farms and would make sure he had the resources to work toward his vision. He assured us he would be putting together a business plan and projection as to what he wants to complete. We told him that we would fire his counterpart as our first activity as new owners. We had already hired auditors to make the ownership transition smooth. Brad understood this and offered his assistance if we needed anything.

Both Dillon and Corbin were already making us promise to hire them after they finished college. We told them that there was still a likely chance that we would live most of the year in Texas; they said they would miss us, but really wanted to work at the horse farms. I told them their jobs were safe and so was their education, we still intended to pay for their education. They were both overjoyed.

The day before Adam started back to school, we decided to go to the lake. Dillon and Corbin had promised Corbin’s mother that they would spend the day with her. We called to see if Petey wanted to ski with us and of course, he did. We told him the boat needed gas and we would pick him up at the marina.

Although he was a legal driver now, Adam still wanted to drive everywhere we went. We took the cuda again this time and he got to feel the true power of the beast a few times when he passed slower cars. The two lane highway was a ball for the power of the beast. Adam and I got dressed and ready to go to the marina without having to stop to make love. I think the reason we didn’t was we knew Petey would tease us about it if were late there. Petey was ready when we got there. We got ice and drinks at the marina as well as gas. Bert came out and teased Petey. “That boy has been chomping at the bit to ski with his precious Jim. He is convinced that you can get him through at thirty-five. He seems to always fall on the third buoy.”

“Thirty-five is going to be difficult for Petey. He will grow another five inches soon and it will be cake for him, but right now I’m amazed he can get around the first two. His reach can barely make a buoy.”

Petey had returned and heard most of what I said. “You mean I might as well not try until I grow more?”

“No bud, I’m just amazed that you can make two. I just don’t want you to be disappointed when I think you should be excited. Come over here buddy.” He came up to me and I raised my arm. “Now you try to touch my fingers.” He did and I think he could see how much size really did matter.

“Crap. I’ll never be taller than you.”

“Maybe, maybe not. I’m six-six which is considered tall. You will grow a lot in the next few years, but we have no real way of knowing how tall you will be. I gather from your dad and uncle that there is a good chance you will be over six feet tall. The important thing though, is do you enjoy skiing?” Petey nodded yes. “Then do the best you can and don’t sweat these next lengths just yet. You shouldn’t be discouraged at all. Know that your entry into the course has to be perfect to get around the first buoy let alone the first two. I’m proud of you bud.” He hugged me.

“Thanks Jim, dad tried to tell me that, but I didn’t want to hear it. I still don’t, but in my heart I knew dad was right.” He looked around me and said to his dad. “I know you heard me tell Jim that you were right but I will say it louder so that mom will know too.” He laughed. Bart swatted Petey’s butt as he was about to get in the boat. “Did you see that child abuse?” He teased.

“Not me I didn’t see a thing.”

He pulled his wetsuit and Speedo below his butt. “See it’s probably red.”

I swatted his cute little butt. “Now it is.” He moved out of the way. “I would cover that thing up before someone else took a swat at it.”

“Adam, help me, they are ganging up on me.” He covered his butt but was rubbing it trying to act like it was hurt.

“Come over here and let me see.”

“Not on your life, I see that devious look in your eyes. You will just swat it too.”

Adam started the engine and Bert pushed us away from the dock. We went to the practice area and Adam was improving with every time we went to the lake. Petey did great too. He has thirty-two off down pat.

We went over to the club area and sure enough Frankie was there. I did here him say something like faggot alert, but wasn’t sure exactly what he said. Adam and I trapped him and led him to his car. We all got in. “Frankie; I want to get something straight real quick. I know you gave your brother a very hard time and Paul is a friend of ours. We don’t want to see you give him a hard time at school. I know you won’t give me a hard time about being gay, because you know I saw you sucking Billy Mitchell’s dick a couple of years ago at the tennis center.”

“You must be kidding I never did that.” He was flustered.

“Max saw it too. If you want to see who is lying. I think between the two of us, we will convince the rest of the school.”

“I saw you sucking Aaron Fields right over there behind that big bush. It seems like you have not been very discreet about your games. It is pretty clear to us that you are a closet case trying to make other people miserable to try and cover up the fact that you are gay too. I will make sure everyone knows what I know if Adam and Paul are not your best friends as far as the rest of your school goes. I have high hopes for you Frankie. I told Paul he should tell you to sue your parents to get your trust fund back. I’m sure they stole from you too.”

He had tears in his eyes. “I wish I could. That Jack Adams guy that took Paul’s case said that he was your attorney and couldn’t take me as a client.” He sighed. “Besides I have no where to stay.”

“I think we can find you a place to live. If you need a place to stay you can stay with Adam and I. I’m sure Paul would take you in too. That would probably look better than Adam and I. Your father thinks we are out to get him anyway. One way or another we will make sure you are taken care of.”

“You know if I get my trust fund, I can even get an apartment. Maybe Billy Mitchell will move in with me.”

“Are you and Billy in love with each other?”

“No, we just like sex together.”

“Then I don’t think living together would be a good idea, but that is your decision. Just know that we will help you. If you really want the help.”

“Will you talk that Jack guy into taking my case?”

“I will have him talk to you and see what he thinks best. You might have to tell your dad you’re gay and let him kick you out too. I don’t know but Jack will know what is best. I’ll call him right now and have him call you.”

I called Paul first to make sure his brother could live with him until it was decided what was best. Paul talked to Hank and they said they would be happy to have him. I called Jack and he was talking to Frankie when we left his car.

“That looked serious. Is Frankie still giving you guys a hard time?”

“No, I think Frankie will be fine. I think Frankie is like his brother and just needs a chance to prove he is a good guy hiding in a not so nice guy’s body for awhile. It’s hard to explain, but he wants to be different. He has trapped himself into being a dufus, but he wants to change and I think he will.”

“Cool, I’m glad to hear it.” We hung around with the others at the ski club.

Before we left, Frankie said he and Paul were going to move most of his stuff and some that Paul hasn’t been able to get of his to Paul’s place. Well, technically that would be Hank’s place, but it works. Jack suggested that he leave for school tomorrow like nothing had changed and then tell his mother when he got home from school and then leave. Let her tell his dad that he is also gay.

We took Petey home, then put the boat up and headed home ourselves. There was considerable silence between us. Adam and I were both dreading having to be apart while he was at school. For three months now, we have not been separated more than a few minutes the whole time.

Maggs and everyone were trying their best to cheer us up, but we were in our own world of feeling sad and sorry for ourselves. It was about eight-thirty when Corbin came up to us at the pool. “Look you two. I’m going to have to kick your butts if you don’t snap out of it. It’s good to be separate from your partner every once in awhile. I know it is hard right now, but you guys can’t stay attached at the hip forever.”

“Why not? We are great together.”

“You’re a great team, no doubt, but you need a chance to be good individuals too. We know you are and we know that you will be fine. Just suck it up and don’t make yourself so sad.”

“We’ll be fine. I just have to find something to do with myself while my baby is in school. I don’t want to hear anything about jerking off either.” That did get us both laughing.

We went to bed shortly after that. We brushed our teeth and hit the sack. I couldn’t wait to get my lips around Adam’s beautiful dick. He always smells so inviting and sensual. I licked up his shaft and let my tongue flick the inside of the hole of that beautiful cock. I gently licked the entire ridge around this head. I licked up the gap to again just take the sweet tasting head into my mouth. His soft pubic bush was like a magnet drawing my iron hard tongue to it. I love every second of having my head between this boys legs. Next his beautiful orbs in their lightly haired sack were the object of my attention. His balls taste slightly sweaty initially, but soon just the essence of Adam is all that I can taste. His balls feel fantastic in my mouth. I could stay all day on his balls, but I can’t wait to get my tongue into his tight hole. I kissed and licked every inch of his beautiful butt. I used my tongue to tease and tickle his crack. I went from the top of his crack down to that wonderful hole. I licked around that wonderful hole and had my tongue working in and out of my beautiful boy. I could tell he couldn’t hold out any longer and I moved back to his cock. I worshiped his head a few more times before I felt him start his orgasm. I got my mouth over his cock and started to swallow his wonderful seed. He filled my mouth five or six times. God how I love the taste, and feel of my sweet Adam.

We kissed for a few minutes. Adam pushed me back and gave me the same treatment I gave him. He drives me up the wall with his tongue up my ass. I almost couldn’t hold off long enough for him to get his mouth back on my cock. He always gives me such strong orgasms. We kissed and cuddled and were soon asleep.

The alarm went off and we got ready for our run. Our new running track has spoiled us. We have trouble running anywhere else. The track is so easy on our feet and joints. It is habit forming. Our track measures just over a mile for each circuit. We ran ten and went in to shower and get Adam ready for school.

We sucked each other and kiss tenderly. When Adam drove off, I watched the security team fall in behind him. I wanted to go with them. That first morning was like a lifetime. Minutes seemed like hours. I tried swimming to take my mind off of Adam. It didn’t work. I went to the club and tried to hit some balls. I didn’t hit more than a dozen balls before I was bored stiff. No, I wasn’t hard; I was just not able focus on anything but my missing Adam. I went to the clubhouse and talked to Hank. “Damn it Hank, I’m lost with Adam at school.”

“We tried to warn you, that you two needed some time alone. Paul and I had our work and so we didn’t see each other for long periods of time. I do confess that knowing he is not just somewhere on the course, but at school does cause me a little worry. But not that we are apart; I’m just afraid that his being gay will cause some problems with bullies and bigots.”

“We paid to have the entire school covered by camera and voice surveillance. The school was touting zero tolerance to discrimination and bullies. Once we agreed to pay for it the board jumped at the chance. You know, from what we gathered there was one person in particular that was harassing the students. Of course, Adam didn’t have a clue who it was and no one would admit there was a problem, but we got the impression the principal thought this system would solve one of his biggest problems.”

“Paul never talked about a bully or anyone that he was afraid of. Did you ask him about this?”

“No, we thought it would be better if we didn’t mention the new surveillance to anyone. Not that we thought Paul would be a problem or anything. All the cameras are well hidden. There is a sign that tells the students that they are in use and the new contracts also tell the parents, if they choose to read it.”

I got a text message from Adam at lunch and he wasn’t faring any better than I was. He had classes to take his mind off missing me, but that wasn’t helping. He found a location where he could talk and he called. We were both miserable, but we knew we would get through this. I just had to find something to do with myself.

I took painting lessons in an effort to find something to do with my time. It was fun and I managed to paint a lot of flowers and leaves. That wasn’t going to hold my attention though. I went to the local tech school and took lessons to weld. This was fun to learn. I mean being able to cut steel with a torch and stick two pieces of metal together with electricity, it is awesome. Although fun and I enjoyed the experience, I knew it wasn’t going to hold my attention or be a practical and sustainable activity for me.

My next endeavor was automobile mechanics. I got the idea that I wanted to do a retro upgrade like the cuda but with a Pontiac Firebird. I got a local high school auto shop class to take it as a project. I enjoyed this for about three weeks. I assured the school that I would continue to support the project and then pay them for the labor. I enjoyed this a lot, up until the finding and deciding which performance upgrades to do was complete. The actual work of building the new car (the shell was the only thing that wasn’t going to be new and state of the art on the car).

During Christmas break, we took a trip to Kentucky to spend some time at our horse farms. Adam noticed that I always inspected a beautiful piece of furniture more than he expected. “Jim, you love beautiful cabinets and furniture, have you thought about trying woodworking as a hobby?”

“No, I don’t think I would be very good at something like that. That stuff takes a lot of creativity and that isn’t my strong suit. I don’t seem to be very creative at all.”

“Actually, I think you are very creative. Besides, a lot of woodworking is just following the plans.”

“It’s a lot more complicated than just following some plans. You have to choose the right wood, and a lot of other things to make a quality piece.”

“See, I told you, I think woodworking would be a great hobby for you.”

A couple of weeks after Adam’s Christmas vacation, I found a man that was willing to take me on as a student. He is a retired executive that loves woodworking. When I asked him if he minded me only working while my partner was in school, he was happy to accommodate me.

I loved working with James. He is a great teacher and we worked well together. I knew after a couple of months that woodworking was my hobby of choice. James helped my architect design a beautiful shop. We decided to build it along the same design as the new gardener’s house, on the other side of the garage from the house. That location made it easy to be able to get a truck to it easily. The finishing area is completely separate from the rest of the shop. I decided to build matching desks for Adam and I as the first project to come out of the shop before we even broke ground to build the shop. James and I built six different desks during my apprenticeship.

Adam and I had a horse in the Kentucky Derby. All the hoopla and pageantry were a little unsettling. Our horse was going off as the favorite. Our trainer was optimistic, but said our horse didn’t like the slop much and we had a very sloppy track. He came in second. He must have gotten stepped on some where during the race and he had a nasty cut on one of his legs. We held him out of the Preakness. He won the Belmont Stakes and our farm won its first Triple Crown race. We were all excited and Adam and I got a lot more publicity than we wanted.

Adam and I still talked everyday at lunch, but we were finally able to make it through the day without going nuts because we weren’t together. Of course, Adam did fantastic in school. He graduated top of his class. My shop should be finished about the time school was out. Adam said he would work with me during the summer when we weren’t playing golf or tennis. He also said he was concerned about me working in the shop alone. He said he knew I was safe, but accidents happen and he would feel better if I had Tobin or someone check on me when I was alone.

Just before school ended, James called me and asked if I needed a good woodworker to help me in the new shop? I wasn’t sure what he was getting at, but he explained that his son and his wife were moving to California and his grandson didn’t want to move. He would be graduating from high school on Friday and needed a job. He said he couldn’t afford to pay him anything at his shop, but he is an excellent woodworker and would be providing him a place to live. He said that his name was Tanner and that he would be going to university at night if he could find a decent day job. Because of his love of woodworking, James thought of me and thought he would ask.

I said that I would meet him and see if we would work well together and then see about hiring him. I told him, I would be spending a lot of time this summer playing golf and tennis with Adam, but that when we weren’t working in the shop, He could help Tobin with the grounds, if he didn’t mind that type work. James was ecstatic and said that Tanner was happy when he heard that. I asked him to bring him over and they said they would be right over.

I told Adam they were coming over. “That sounds so good to me. I was worried about you working alone when I started back to school. I know you said you would take some classes too, but we both know that was just for me and you don’t really want to go back to school.”

“You know me too well, my sweet Adam.” We went out to the pool where all the crew was playing and having a good time. Max brought James and Tanner out to where we were. I got out and went to meet them. “I should have told you that we were hanging at the pool with some friends and to bring your bathing suits. We probably have a few that will fit you in the pool house.”

“Not me, but Tanner might after you guys talk if he wants. I’m sure someone would bring him home.”

Tanner was very cute. A little skinny; but cute as hell. He had dark brown hair, might have looked black if we were not in the sun, with the bluest eyes I have ever seen. He had dimples that rivaled Adam’s and when he smiled his cuteness increased a ton. “If you are sure you don’t mind I would enjoy that. I’m Tanner by the way.” He shook hands.

Adam walked up. “I’m Jim and this is Adam. If you are going to work here, you might as well know that Adam and I are partners. I don’t know if your granddad knows that I’m gay or not. I don’t remember us ever talking about it, but he knows that Adam and I live together. I just assumed he knows.”

Tanner ducked his head. “I haven’t told you grandpa, but I’m gay too.”

James raised Tanner’s head. “I know son, I was just waiting for you to tell me.”

“Did you know mom and dad didn’t want me to move with them?”

“No, but I know they have some strange ideas since they joined that fundamental church. I was so disappointed when I found out that they did that. They call themselves Christians but hate everyone and everything that is not like them. That is hatred not Christian.”

“Are all these guys gay?”

I took him over and introduced him to guys. “This is Corbin and his partner Dillon over there just getting out of the pool. This is Hank and Paul.” Frankie walked up. “This guy that is drooling is Frankie.”

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. I had to come over here and meet you.”

“Hi, I’m Tanner Jones, I’m happy to meet you. Which of these guys is your boyfriend?”

“I’m Paul’s brother, but I don’t have a boyfriend. Would you be interested in the job?” Frankie was in full flirt mode.

“I would like to get to know you better. I don’t have a boyfriend either, but I came looking for a job today.” Tanner’s smile lit up the whole pool area.

“Cool, I’m sure Jim and Paul have plenty of suits, join us when you are finished.”

“Thanks, that is what Jim said. I was planning on it if I can catch a ride home afterward. My granddad won’t be staying.”

“I will be happy to take you home.”

It was easy to see that Frankie was developing an erection. He turned quickly to hide that fact before he embarrassed himself. Tanner saw it though I’m sure. His dimples just light up his face.

“Let’s go look at the shop. In fact Tobin might be in there, he is making some flower boxes I think. He loves my shop almost as much as I do. Your granddad helped design it and I think it is a fantastic space.”

“I haven’t seen it since it was first finished. You will be impressed with how big it is Tanner. It will make a lot of professional cabinet makers drool over the space and equipment in it.”

Once we were inside. Tanner dropped his jaw. “Holy crap, this is awesome. Look at all that wood grandpa. Those planers must be worth a fortune. Look at all those material handlers.” He was going from machine to machine. He was like a kid in a candy store. “I would work for nothing to get to work in here.”

“You need to work where you can get paid. I wish you didn’t, but your grandpa didn’t plan on college tuition and books in his retirement planning.” He looked embarrassed.

I looked and saw that the in-use light was on in the finishing area. “Looks like Tobin is in the finishing area.” I pointed to the warning light. “Let’s see if he is at a breaking spot.” I knocked on the door.

He opened the door. “Come in I’m just finished.”

“Tobin, you remember James don’t you?”

“Yes, good to see you again James.”

“This handsome young man is his grandson, Tanner. He is going to come to help me in the shop and when we are not working in the shop, he will be another of your helpers.”

Tobin laughed. “Sorry Tanner, I’m not laughing at you. Our boss Jim is not your typical boss. He and Adam are filthy rich, but you couldn’t tell it from the way they act. They don’t have employees, just friends that happen to get paid. I have never met anyone like them in my life. My grandson is Corbin; he is one of those hanging around the pool. He and his boyfriend Dillon also are my helpers. I keep telling Jim and Adam they are paying those boys way too much and letting them get by without really earning it. Don’t worry; I’ve learned it is useless to argue. Adam once told me if we didn’t have enough in the budget that it could be adjusted. Those boys seem to love all of us that work for them, and we can’t help but love them too. “

“So you think you can work for us and Tobin?”

“I think it will be a pleasure.”

“How about you Tobin? You think you can get along with Tanner?”

“Of course, do you want me to put him on the payroll as of today? I will give you the forms to fill out. Just a second and I will get a package from the office.” He started to leave to get the package.

“Tobin make sure you get him all the information on the benefits and everything. Wait just a second, we haven’t discussed salary yet. How much do you need Tanner?”

“Grandpa said you would probably pay minimum wage. I don’t really know how much that is.”

“We can probably do a little better than that. I think we should pay Tanner the same as we do Corbin and Dillon. How much are we paying them?”

“You pay them four thousand a month with all their benefits paid.”

“Wow, you called them Tobin’s assistants and you are paying them four thousand a month plus benefits. Maybe I should go back to work for you two.” James laughed. “What kind of benefits?”

“You know the usual, health insurance, dental, vacation pay, and books and tuition if he maintains a C average. I think that pretty much covers it, but Tobin will bring all the information with the forms. Tobin, we also give Corbin and Dillon a place to live. We have a second apartment above the garage if that is okay with you. I know James you were counting on him living with you, but he is getting the age he needs to learn to cook and take care of himself.”

“Damn Jim, where were you when I was eighteen? James laughed. “Do you want to live here Tanner?”

“I hope it doesn’t hurt your feelings grandpa, but yes, I do. I love you grandpa, but I want to be on my own if I can.”

“I understand and I don’t blame you. Just remember to come by and see your old gramps every once in awhile.”

Tobin came back with a package. He is a very organized man. “We need to get these forms to Mary in the next day or so. There is a code for the alarm, a key, and the opener for the gate. Keep that in your car and just push the blue button to open that big gate. If you are trying to get in without the opener, you have to use the key to open that small door in the gate and you have thirty seconds to enter your code which will open the gate and you can drive through. By the way, these guys probably forgot to tell you that they have a security team that has the whole place under surveillance. Don’t make love behind the bushes unless you want to put on a show.” Tobin laughed really big. “Corbin and Dillon found out the hard way.” He raised his hands. “Of course, you are liable to see the indoor pool covered in naked boys. They do usually and I stress usually try to wear suits out here. My lady friend got an eye full more than once though. She wasn’t complaining, well not about them anyway. She likes to tease this old man. Come to think of it. So do the boys. I confess I love it though.”

We took Tanner and James up and showed them the apartment. They seemed to be impressed, then when they saw the bathroom both their eyes got as big as saucers. “Woe, I have never seen a shower that big except in a gym or something, but I don’t see a shower head.”

“The whole top can be a shower. That is called the rainfall setting. It can be adjusted from gentle to a rain storm that is a lot harder than I can stand anyway. There are all sorts of settings you can program. Once you get used to it, you will find settings you like best and program them so that you can just use a program to get the temperature and direction and strength just like you like it.”

“Dang Tanner, I want to move in with you. This apartment could easily rent for three or four grand a month. I had no idea you would do this for Tanner, when I called this afternoon.”

“I was just looking for a job. I think I fell into a dream. This is unbelievable.” He looked at me. “I hate to seem so eager, but can I move my stuff in today?”

I laughed. “Of course, just a second.” I dialed security. “Hey guys, this is Jim, we have a new guy moving into the second apartment. Do you guys have an extra phone available. His name is Tanner Jones.” I had to wait for him to check. “Okay, that will be fine. He will be moving his stuff starting this evening. Thanks guys.”

“They don’t have a phone ready at the moment; they had a new security guy that took the one they keep in reserve. They will have it ready by this evening. You will need to dial 996* to connect to the security guys. You need to tell them if you bring in a guest and especially let them know if you have overnight guests. They are not very friendly to unknown people on the grounds.” I laughed.

“You’re giving him a phone too?”

“It is part of the job requirement. Security requires it. You should see the scramble for phones when one rings when we are around the pool.”

“I noticed that both of you picked up your phone when we left the pool area, but didn’t think anything about it.”

“It is habit. If we hadn’t, someone would have brought it to us and give us the guilt trip of us putting them out. Our security team is a pretty nice bunch, but they insist that we keep our phones on us or close.” About then both Adam and my phone gave a single tone. I looked at the message. “Your new phone number is (713) 555-6273. They have sent it to everyone on the network, so it will automatically update our phonebook. See, I put you in friends and in household and so I can find you from either. I showed him the entry with his name already in the phone.”

“That is so cool.”

My phone rang. It was security. “Hello. Yes, he will need the student package and make sure you give him a good printer for the apartment. He doesn’t need to have to go to the office for printouts. Yes, exactly like Corbin and Dillon. I don’t know let me ask him.” I looked at Tanner. “Do you prefer a Mac or PC?”

“I have a laptop; you don’t need to give me another one.”

“They don’t like to connect anything except what they have configured to the network. They will transfer what you want off your computer, but they insist it not connect to the network. I know it’s a pain, but they won’t budge.” I laughed. “Mac or PC?”

“I have always wanted a Mac, but could never justify the cost. I feel guilty saying Mac.:

“Make it a Mac, Dale. I don’t know, let me ask him. He wants to know if you want a white or black Mac air, that’s all they have for Mac’s at the moment.”

“Black I think would be great.”

“Black Dale. No he doesn’t have his phone yet, but it should be here this evening.” I handed Tanner my phone. “He wants to give you your id and temporary password.”

“Thank you sir. Okay, thank you Dale.”

He handed me back the phone.

Adam’s phone rang. “It’s Maggs. I’m pretty sure she is making sure you are coming to dinner.” He answered the phone. “Hi Maggs. Yes, he is with us. Just a second.” Adam handed Tanner the phone.

“Hello.” He blushed. “I guess, I’m Tanner if that is who you mean. Yes, ma’am I will if Adam and Jim want me to.” He laughed. “She says you want me to and she doesn’t want any lip. Oh she said that dinner would be at six-thirty and all the other boys said they would be eating dinner. They are both nodding their heads.” He laughed again. “I can’t wait to meet YOU.” He giggled. “I can see who runs this household already. Thanks Maggs.” He handed Adam back the phone.

“She hung up. I guess she didn’t want to talk to me.” We all laughed.

“Grandpa, I guess I need to go get my stuff. Oh, where should I park my truck?”

“There should be an open slot in the garage. The middle doors will open when you use the red button on your gate opener. Tobin makes the boys use the back slots, but we don’t care where you park. There are like sixteen slots in there. The three trucks on the end are available. The keys are on the board by the people door. I heard him tell the boys if they took the blue truck to tell him, he considers that one his.”

When we got back out to the pool, Frankie was the first one over. “So are you ready to swim?” Adam and I both couldn’t help but laugh. We noticed that everyone else was trying to stifle their laughs too.

“No, I’m going to go home and get my stuff. I am going to move into the garage apartment.”

“I thought that is where you guys lived.” He looked at Dillon and Corbin.

“There are two apartments.” Dillon said with a grin.

“Can I help you?” We all had to laugh again.

Paul couldn’t hold any longer. He was laughing so hard. “Damn bro, give the guy a chance. You are going to scare the guy off before you get to know him.”

“I’m sorry Tanner, Paul’s right. You are so handsome, I couldn’t help myself.”

“It’s okay Frankie. I think you’re handsome too. I do want to get to know you, but let’s get to know each other before we hop in bed.” He squeezed Frankie’s shoulder. “You better change clothes if you want to help me get my stuff.” Talk about a change of expression, Frankie changed from embarrassed to happy and grinning from ear to ear.

“I need to wash the chlorine off and will be dressed in two minutes.” He ran to the pool house. True to his word it didn’t take him long before he was back. They left and we heard Frankie say. “I have already made a fool out of myself. Now you will have to ask me out when you’re ready.” He turned to us and made like he was going to give us the finger, but he didn’t.

Paul said. “You should have seen Frankie the whole time you guys were gone. He was pacing and wondering if he had a chance with Tanner. I have never seen him so infatuated with anyone before.”

“Oh he was way past infatuated. I think that boy fell in love with Tanner the moment he laid eyes on him. Tanner seemed to have eyes for him too, but I think he is trying to be very careful. My guess is he has been hurt by falling too quickly for someone, but that is purely a guess.”

“You know Adam and I fell in love when we first met, but I think that happens rarely.”

“I fell in love with Hank as soon as I figured out I was gay, but it took me almost three years to get him to even consider me. I know that was a difference in our ages, but he sure was hard headed.” He laughed at Hank as he kissed him.

“We were a lot more traditional I guess. We had known each other for most of our lives, but neither knew the other was gay. I really liked Corbin, but I was afraid to approach him. We weren’t in the same circle of friends, so it wasn’t easy to get close to him.” He swatted Corbin on the butt. “It’s a good thing Corbin was bold enough to start the ball rolling. He asked me if I played tennis and then proceeded to challenge me to a match. On our second match, I let him win the first one by the way.” He laughed. “Not really, he did beat me two out of three sets though. On our next date, he told me he was gay and that he liked me and wanted to get to know me better. He then said if I wasn’t gay to tell him now, so that he wouldn’t keep trying for more than just a friend. Then I had to tell him I had a crush on him and had for a few months. Needless to say we hit it off pretty well.”

It was almost no time at all that Tanner and Frankie came back. “Let’s go see if we can help them unload.” We all went and grabbed a box and took it up to the apartment.

“Look someone left a phone and the notebook on the counter. Man, that is one thin laptop.”

“The phone should ring any second.” As if on queue, his phone rang.

He picked up the phone. “Hello.” Tanner said tentatively. “Yes sir, I will.” A pause. “Do I need to right now? I have some people visiting at the moment. Okay, just a second.” He opened the laptop. Once it booted he said. “Okay it is up. Yes, it is at the logon screen.” He entered his temporary password and it ask him for his permanent password. “Okay, it’s done. Yes sir, it was quick. Thanks.” He hung up and then logged off and shutdown the laptop. “He wanted me to logon while he was here to make sure I got in.”

His phone rang again. “It’s Maggs.”

“Might as well put it on speaker. She is going to holler at Adam and I to get dressed and invite our company to do the same.”

He put it on speaker. “We have you on speaker Maggs, we know you want us dressed and ready to eat.”

“I’m glad I almost have you two trained. Get your butts moving. The rest of you boys too.” She hung up.

“We’ll see you guys in a minute. We have to go up to our bedroom for clothes, so Frankie show Tanner to the dinning room please. Better yet take him to the kitchen so he will know where it is.” Adam and I took off. The other boys were leaving too. I assume to rinse the chlorine off and dress.

We all got down to the dinning room at about the same time. Maggs had made another fantastic dinner. “How do you two eat Maggs cooking and still say so thin?”

We laughed. “We had to start running morning and night. We do split our run up usually, but she normally just cooks good food, it is not full of fat or anything. She looks out for us. Tanner, if you like to run we have a track around the inside of the fence. Feel free to use it any time you wish.”

“Wait until you feel it. It is the best surface I have ever run on. Dillon and I usually run with Adam and Jim almost every morning. They get up and run at six o’clock though, so they run early. The circuit is a tiny bit over a mile. They usually run eight to ten laps of a morning. I’m not sure what they run at night. Tobin usually has us busy during their evening run.”

“Before I go up and start unpacking, can I talk to you about how I will know to go to the shop or to report to Tobin.” I could tell he wanted to talk, not just ask about work. We went into the game room to talk. “Nice, very nice room. What I really wanted to talk to you about is Frankie. I really like him and it’s evident that he seems to like me too. I just got out of a relationship a little over a month ago. It was a very painful breakup. I caught my boyfriend with my best friend. So, I sort of lost both. I don’t want to turn Frankie off, but I’m not ready to risk another broken heart just yet. Do you think he will understand if I tell him?”

“I’m sure he will. I have noticed that he backed off a little already. I think he sensed that he needed to go a little slower. I have never known him to be that aggressive, like he was earlier, but I think he will understand.”

We went back through and Frankie asked. “I would offer to help you unpack, but I rode with Paul and Hank and they are ready to go. Give me a call if you want to do something tomorrow.”

“Okay, I will. Can I say something with all of you here. I have a very bad breakup about a month ago. My best friend and my boyfriend were cheating on me. It really hurt a lot. I like you Frankie, but I’m not ready to risk getting hurt just yet. I hope that you don’t get totally turned off at me.”

Frankie smiled. “I don’t know how to explain this, but I have never been in a relationship. I have had sex buddies but never had a boyfriend. I only admitted I was gay recently. I want to apologize for being so aggressive earlier. I want to get to know you too. I might need to be put in my place every now and then, but help me get to know you. Even when it was just your looks that got my attention, I felt more than just lust. Now I know you have a great personality too. Can I have a hug before we go?”

Tanner came to him and hugged him. Then he gave Frankie a quick kiss on the lips. When they separated they both had visible erections. Unlike this bunch normally, no one teased them.

Since Adam was out of school too, he helped in the shop along with Tanner. The three of us were becoming fast friends. Not only was Tanner good help in the shop, but his sense of humor was starting to show through now that he was getting comfortable with us. We did see a lot more of Frankie than usual too.

Tanner and Frankie were becoming friends. No matter how hard he was trying Adam and I both thought he was falling in love with Frankie. Frankie asked us for advice. He said he couldn’t get Tanner out of his mind. No doubt he is head over heels in love with Tanner.

We decided to pay our first visit to the house in Key West that our fathers used for their rendezvous. We were both excited and a little apprehensive. Just before we left, Tanner joined us at the pool. “Guys can I talk to you for a bit?”

“Of course, any time Tanner. Jim and I both love you like a brother. Anything at all, we are here for you.”

“You guys know that I am afraid Frankie will break my heart. I tried really hard to not fall for him, but it didn’t work. He is so sweet to me. I know he loves me, but will he still love me if we become boyfriends?”

“You know that there are no guarantees in love. My gut says you guys are going to be great together. I think you both are so in love you are miserable apart. Until you actually try, you won’t know what love might bring you. Sometimes love has to be like poker. Your gut tells you to go all-in and let the cards fall as they will. In poker you play your opponent more than the cards. In poker you never want your emotions to dictate your actions. In love, it is pure emotions. Only you and Frankie can decide if you want more out of your relationship.”

“I knew that is what you were going to say. I love him guys, I need to see if we can really be boyfriends. To be honest, my fantasies have all been about Frankie. Is it okay if I invite him over for the weekend?”

We laughed. “You can invite him over anytime you want. Just make sure security knows. Although we won’t be here the security team still watches the property.”

Tanner’s phone rang. “It’s Frankie, no time like the present. Hiya Frankie, I was just thinking about you.” He grinned. “Yes, I was thinking of you naked and in my bed. Can you spend the weekend with me and we will see what happens.” He stifled a laugh. “Yes, they know, but they are leaving for Florida in a few minutes. Yes, you need clothes.” He grinned again. “I can hardly wait either. Bye for now.” He hung up.

“Sorry to run out on you bud, but we do have to get moving.” We started to leave. Then Adam remembered we were going to talk to Tanner about school. “Oh, Tanner, we forgot we wanted to talk to you about school. We know you are planning to take night classes, but we would rather you take a full load. We will have Tobin to help Jim in the shop if he needs to run any of the planners or saws, other than that he will be fine. We have made up our minds and we won’t hear of you taking night classes.”

“You guys sure? I don’t think it is right.”

“Just do what we wish then. We should be back on Tuesday.”

John had asked us to call him before we got on the plane to Florida. We boarded and Adam called him on the plane’s phone and put it on speaker. “Hello boys, I assume you are on speaker. Oops I did it again, I’m sorry to keep calling you boys.”

“That’s okay; I like it John, and Adam doesn’t mind, so it’s a good thing, keep calling us boys. It sounds better from you than guys. For some reason that sounds too weird from you.” We all laughed.

“Joe and I have been trying to figure everything out about your place in Florida. The more we get into it, the stranger it gets. It seems Butch owned the house and Mark owns the boat, but exactly why they did that, we don’t know. They both own a company B&M East LLC, that owns considerably more there. We called them and they are looking forward to your arrival. They said that all will be explained to you when you get there. It looks like they had to replenish a trust that funded the company about ten years ago, but no transactions since then is why we didn’t know anything about it. It was not a holding that either corporation held, it looks like they held this company completely separately. Have either of you been into your father’s safe deposit boxes yet?”

“I haven’t, I just forgot about it actually. I asked the attorneys to hold the keys for me.”

“Me too.”

“My guess they have the stock for that corporation in them. You should both check them when you get back. The address of the company is being sent to your phones. Wish I could tell you more, but I can’t. Let us know what you find out. Since this seems so strange Mark is adding a couple more security folks to your flight and has already sent a couple ahead to check this place out. I’m sorry we waited until the last minute for this, but at first we thought it was just a house there. I assume it isn’t anything illegal because it is a Florida company, If you guys want to wait until we can find out more we can do that too.”

Adam and I shook our heads. “No, John we want to go. We have waited so long they probably are wondering where the hell we are.”

“Could be, well, have fun and please let John and I know something today. We are both very interested. It was not like either of your fathers.”

“We will. I think the pilot is about to the runway.”

“Please buckle up we are second in line the steward said.” We hung up and were soon airborne. When we landed our security team had a limo for us but so did the B & M East. Alan our lead security on this trip explained that we appreciated their consideration, but we have already taken care of transportation. He did tell the limo driver that we would follow him to the office.

To say we were not prepared for what we would see when we got there was an understatement. The office was beautiful. A man Jamison Dobbs met us in the lobby. He was probably around forty, handsome and had a great smile. “Hello, Mr. Carter and Mr. West. I am Jamison Dobbs, please call me Jamie.”

“I‘m Adam, pleased to meet you.”

“I‘m Jim, pleased to meet you. These gentlemen are Alan, Tom, Blake, and David. They are our security detail today.” Jamie shook hands with all of us.

“I am very pleased to meet you. Your fathers’ asked me to watch over this company, at least until you decided differently. I know you have a lot of questions and your fathers have chosen to attempt to answer as many as they can themselves. If you will follow me, we will see if we can’t work on that.

He led us to a very nice conference room and offered us refreshments. Adam and I both just asked for water. Our security team wouldn’t take anything. I guess they were too much on alert to have the distraction, don’t know for sure, just my assumption. “If you two will sit here, you will be able to see the screen better and be more comfortable. He showed us to a lounge type area with couches and comfortable chairs. We sat on a couch that faced the big screen mounted on the wall. “I know you are anxious to get some answers, so let’s go ahead and start.” He pushed a button on the control box and the drapes closed and softened the lights. I noticed that a couple of the security detail had their hands inside their jackets; I presume they had their hands on their guns.

The screen lit up and our fathers appeared on the screen. They looked younger than we remember them. “Hello boys. Yes we know we are finished having children and the three of you are it, assuming none of you have passed before us.” I became sad and tears trickled down my cheek. Adam hugged me.

Adam’s father spoke next. “If you are watching this, we are both dead and you have been brought here together to hear this. We instructed Mr. Dobbs that you all be contacted after two years of both our passing, unless one or both families initiated the initial meeting first. We know the first question you have and yes, we are lovers and have been since we were teens. Hopefully, times are better now and if any of you are gay, you won’t feel the need to hide the fact. Of course, if we had not had to marry, we wouldn’t have had you boys, so we are very glad for that. We are so proud of you boys.”

My father took over again. “When we first came down here, this was the place we could be ourselves. We kept this as our very secret get away. Neither of our companies knew anything about this place, except the parts we chose to make known to our companies. I have a boat and Butch has a house that is the public persona of what we have here. Jamie will tell you all about our business here. We just wanted to make sure that you boys have something that our wives couldn’t touch under any circumstances.” The screen faded.

“Now this one.” Jamie pushed another button.

Butch appeared on the screen. “Hi boys, as you know, Mark passed before me, tragically and there are only the two of you left. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to come back here after Mark died. This was our place to be close.” We saw tears rolling down his cheeks. He wiped them with his hand. “I’m sorry; this is very hard for me. Anyway, since you are watching this, I have gone on to be with Mark. We were very secretive about this place and unless you decided to come check the place out sooner, we asked Jamie to wait until we both had been dead for over two years. Either way, this is yours now. It was organized in a way that we didn’t have to worry about anything. It was a totally self sufficient entity and could sustain itself. The one and only time we made an investment outside our initial investment was when we bought the cruise line. Jim, to you, I want to tell you how sorry I am for your loss, needless to say it was my loss as well. Mark was so proud of you. When you came out to him, it was all he could do to keep from telling you about himself. Adam it was the same for me when you told me. I hope that one day you boys will be friends, but at least try to learn to work together. Since you are both gay, you are not likely to have a blood relative to leave this company to. Please chose wisely who you decide to leave it to. That reminds me of another thing I wanted to tell you. Mark and I were on the verge of merging our companies when that tragic accident happened. I didn’t want to proceed without Mark, but you boys might want to consider merging the two companies. I hope you both have long and happy lives.” The screen faded and Jamie brought up the lights and opened the drapes.

“I’m sure you still have some questions, but first let me tell you a little about B & M Eest LLC. We are a holding company for eighteen other companies wholly owned by B & M and stock holders in about three hundred other companies, none of which we own more than three percent. This stock portfolio is set up to provide a solid financial base for our extra cash. To be honest we have to work extremely hard to maintain a decent amount of debt. We have such a positive cash flow that we have to constantly keep buying and selling businesses to keep any sort of balance. Our major holdings are in office buildings, apartments, and what we call our entertainment sector. In that we own two cruise lines and our marine holdings. In the marine holdings we own twelve major marinas around the world. The one on this island being the smallest. You own the three biggest yachts in the harbor. Two are often rented by a select cliental, and the other one is your personal yacht. That yacht has a permanent crew of fourteen and twenty-eight when you will be aboard. Wait that might not be correct, I think that was the old boats numbers. Anyway, the captain can all of that for you. Neither of your fathers ever got to see her, she was started just before Jim was killed and Butch died about a week before she was finished. We have the yacht in harbor; it was scheduled to leave on a scheduled cruise to the Bahamas tomorrow. Your father’s knew that it needed to be sailed regularly to remain at its best. If you and your team would like to join the cruise you will be in the lap of luxury the whole time. Your fathers were not pretentious men, but they did allow themselves this one indulgence.”

“We will have to let you know later if that is okay with you. We want to see the house and then we will discuss the cruise with our head of security.”

“Very well, they are scheduled to leave at eleven, I’m not sure if there is a time they can’t sail past without rescheduling until the next day. Since the captain didn’t say anything, I assume they can wait as long as you wish. Here are a couple of copies of the corporation’s audit report. Would you like me to also send copies to Mr. Turley and Mr. Jolly. They have been trying very hard to obtain information about us, but until we got your permission, we didn’t think we should be that corporative.”

“Yes please do and also to Jack Adams, our attorney. Here is one of his cards with his information on it.”

“When your fathers weren’t in residence here, we only had the house cleaned once a week and no cook or staff. When they came to town, they wanted young men from one of our naturist resorts for their staff. They never indulged in anything with the boys, but the boys were always hoping. The boys that we chose for this visit are very good at their jobs and very cute as well. They will be completely naked unless you request something different.”

“We are a committed couple and we have nothing against beautiful bodies, but I think Jim and I would be more comfortable with the boys wearing something. Jim and I aren’t the jealous types, but at least for now, we want to keep them covered.” He looked at me sheepishly.

“Yup, I don’t want some hot stud ogling my sweet Adam and if they are naked, I’m sure we would be too.”

“Very well, I will let them know your wishes. Is there any questions or something else you need to discuss this morning?”

“Oh, will you also send a copy of the videos you showed us to Joe and John? I think they need to see those too.”

“I will be glad to. Oh inside the cover of your audit reports is all my contact information. Feel free to call me at anytime you have a question or concern.”

Once we were in the limo, we called John to give him an update. He got Joe in there so that he wouldn’t get second hand information. We told them all we knew and told them they should be getting the courier package sometime today. We also told them we were probably going to take the cruise to the Bahamas, unless the security team said we shouldn’t. We also told him that Alan had two of his men on the way to the yacht to get a first hand impression of what to expect if we go.

They had us look at the audit report and find the net worth statement. We gasped when we read it. “It says twenty-four billion, seven hundred thirty-six million, three hundred forty-two thousand, four hundred seventy-seven dollars.”

“Wow, I didn’t expect that. That is almost as much as this company is worth. Let us know what you think of the yacht. I’m sure the boat will have a satellite phone, but if not make sure Alan brings one or two.”

“He said they brought two, just in case there was no cell coverage in the Keys, but so far this island is well covered anyway.”

“There won’t be on the ocean though. Have a good trip boys.”

“Thanks guys.” We ended the call.

We were not prepared when we saw the house, it was a fortress. We learned that it was the highest location on the island and Alan said that it was probably initially built as a fortress. It even looked like a castle with it parapets and towers. We entered the code and the huge gates opened to allow us entry. When we pulled up to the house if you can call it that, we were greeted by several near naked beautiful boys. All looked to be fifteen to eighteen, but beautiful is the only way to describe them. We all introduced ourselves. The one that must have been in charge said. “You guys are even more handsome than your fathers. Oh, I guess I better get to the point. Your fathers’ attorney, I guess he is your attorney now is here to take care of some paperwork, at least that is what he said. He is in the study right through here.” He led us to the study.


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