Golf Balls and Boy Balls
Jim Carter

Part 5

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Copyright 2009 Jim Carter

“I’m Thomas Arnold, please call me Tom. Mr. Dobbs let me know you were here. He couldn’t tell you anything about your personal accounts, that has nothing to do with the company. Your fathers used this management company to manage their personal assets.” He gave us each some papers. “You need to sign these forms to transfer ownership. Along with the signature cards for the bank. Your fathers had half of the profit deposits deposited into a company called B & M Foundation. This company supports hundreds of charities. Some on a regular basis and some as they are needed. They sat this company up so that the board would completely change every ten years, with ten percent of the board changing each year. With this much money, they were concerned that fraud might be a problem and did all they could to insure it didn’t happen. Can I assume you wish to continue this practice?”

Adam and I nodded. I added. “At least for the moment, but we will have our attorney look over everything before we make a final decision.” For some reason, I didn’t like this guy.

“I appreciate that. I want to be honest with you. My brother was the attorney that was representing your fathers. He was gay and they were very compatible, but my brother died last year from a stroke. I am not gay and my religious beliefs make me very uncomfortable around gay people. I would appreciate if you could have another attorney take over as quickly as possible.”

“I’ll go call Jack and see what we can do.” I excused myself and left the room. Jack said he would be on the next plane and I told him to go to the airport we would have a plane for him. Sure enough there was one available.

“Our regular attorney should be here in a couple of hours. He will take over for now, but will most likely find local representation too. If you don’t mind we would rather wait about signing anything until Jack has looked it over. Oh, I’m sorry, our attorney’s name is Jack Adams. Would you like to wait for him here or have him meet you at your office?” I could tell he was not comfortable with Adam and I.

“I would prefer if he could come to my office. Is he gay too?”

“No sir, he is very straight with a wife and three kids.”

“You both seem like very nice people and I apologize for my hang-ups, but I couldn’t get past my strict believes for my brother. I am sure you can understand why I can’t set aside my beliefs for you.”

“Actually no, I can’t and I’m sure Jim feels the same. Most people are not nearly so narrow minded. I’m sure you have made a lot of money from the queers since you took over for your brother. I don’t want to get started. We will have Jack meet you at your office.” He gave us his card and left we took a picture of it and sent it to Jack. He messaged back that he would go directly to the office.

Alan’s team was impressed with the yacht and said it seemed safe enough to take the yacht to the Bahamas. They said it had just been updated with all the state-of-the-art equipment. The captain said they had an annual upgrade budget and it is usually in a surplus state. Oh, by the way, the crew are all young and very handsome. He said the oldest was the captain who was about fifty, but all the rest were a lot younger with the oldest probably in his late twenties. Alan said the boat had all the latest satellite communication equipment, including internet. The captain gave us all the contact information for him and the boat. We called the captain directly and told him we would be there in time to get underway by eleven the next morning. He was happy to hear it and said he would let Mr. Dobbs know.

We asked and were told there was a good running area around the property. Half the security team and most of the boys joined us on our run. I have to admit those boys looked very hot in their skimpy coverings. When we came in and finished our shower, Jack came in. He said the guy seemed honest, just had those beliefs that he couldn’t get past. Jack said he called a friend of his in Miami that knew a local attorney and he had put him on retainer. He said he wanted to make him a job offer but needed to run it past his other partner. He said from the looks of things it might be best if we have someone full time taking care of things here. He said if it turned out that it wasn’t a full time job, then things could be adjusted as needed. He had us sign all the ownership documents and the signature cards for our bank accounts. He said they would take care of all the filings and getting everything to the bank tomorrow.

We went to bed fairly early, for some reason we were both tired and sleepy after watching a movie. The next morning I woke with my cock in Adam’s mouth. Above my head were Adam’s beautiful balls. I started to worship his perfect nuts. I stretched so that I could lick and suckle his sweet hole. I was going nuts trying to keep from shooting my load. His hot mouth was driving me insane. I could tell he was getting close too, so I moved to take his leaking cock in my mouth. I so love the taste of this sweet boy. It is so nice sucking my Adam and watching his balls resting on my nose. I know it must hurt to have his cock bent so much. I rolled us on to our sides without letting our cocks leave our mouths. I know this had to have been a relief for him. We both started working each others prostrate and soon we were both slurping a hot load of cum.

We went out to run and again we were joined by most of the boys from the house. They were all in good shape and ran with ease. When we were finished and had our shower, we got a call from Jack wanting us to come by the bank before leaving to get our ATM cards. He also said that Max had sent our passports by courier just in case we needed them. We were not planning to stop anywhere, but it was safer to have them.

When we got to the marina to get on our boat, we had to take a boat to get on the boat. We both dropped our jaw when we saw the ‘Sweet Indulgence’. It was monstrous. This thing was almost a cruise ship. Even from the deck, the opulence and extravagance were obvious. When we were shown our stateroom, we were shocked. Neither of us could believe our fathers indulged themselves with this much lavishness. The cabin boy that showed us around was less than subtle with showing us his body and made no doubts that he would be available for anything we might desire. All the crew except the captain were in their teens or early twenties. Our security team didn’t prepare us for this when they checked in after visiting the boat.

The boat was so smooth that we didn’t even realize when we started moving and left the harbor. Once back on deck, it was obvious we were up to cruising speed, we still couldn’t hear or feel the engines. We visited the bridge. It was impressive with all the screens and instrumentation. We were fascinated about all the instruments and the captain very patiently took the time to explain what everything was and how it was used. He explained all the radar information that was showing and then showed us the augmented display that was from our radar and the Coast Guard’s tracking system. It will show anything bigger than a twenty-five footer within a hundred and fifty miles. Smaller than that and it will show on our radar if they are within four miles in mild or better seas and two miles in heavy seas. He said we pay dearly to have that information. He said we were just like a jumbo aircraft. We have a transponder that let’s the Coast Guard know exactly where we are to within a few feet at any time. Of course, since we are moving that information is only accurate for the instant it is read. The system logs our movement and if something were to happen to they would know exactly where we were. The readings are saved in the log every fifteen seconds.

The captain said the boat has a black box just like aircraft. He said they call it a black box, but it is actually red. I was impressed that there were at least three people on the bridge at all times. He told the member of the crew that was showing us around that if we didn’t have more questions, that he needed to go over the safety procedures with us. Jake said he was going to do that when we wanted to see the bridge. He apologized that he had not done it before we got underway. The captain just grinned and said he saw him try to explain to us, but we were too engrossed to listen.

Jake did show us the abandon ship procedures. We found out that one of our security team couldn’t swim. One of the cute cabin boys said he would be happy to teach him and by the time we got back he would be an expert. We didn’t even know the boat had a swimming pool until they took us to another part of the ship. Jake said he wanted to show us the water toys that were on board. We went down three or four levels, I lost count, but we were not below water level. Jake explained that the doors in the stern would open and all these toys could be used when we were anchored. There were four two man jet skies and six single jet skis. There was a ski boat and several Zodiacs. More scuba gear than I could imagine. He said they can refill the air tanks right on board and all the crew are certified scuba instructors.

Our next stop was the galley. We found out that they travel with a cook usually, but when the owners are aboard they also have a chief from one of the hotels or resorts. All the chiefs want to be chosen for this duty. We were told our fathers favorite was our chief on this cruise. When we met him we were shocked. I was expecting a fat old dude that talked with an accent. Instead we met a handsome thin man in his thirties or forties. He was American and he really impressed us when he told us that Maggs had warned him that Adam could be allergic to some shell fish. He said he planned a mushroom steak for tonight and asked if that was okay with us. He said our fathers liked to eat healthy and usually never wanted to decide what they wanted. He said if we didn’t want it to be chief’s choice that he would be glad to prepare a menu or at least let us know what was put on board for this cruise. We assured him we would look forward to his choice and that we too ate healthy. He admitted he was sure we would from talking to Maggs.

Adam and I were impressed with the level of professionalism these people displayed. We had no idea they had talked to Maggs to get our preferences and dislikes. Next on the tour was the gym. This place was better equipped than a lot of the gyms I have been in. Jake asked if we wanted to see some of the other staterooms. I couldn’t believe all the quarters that were available. There were two dinning rooms and five bars. This boat even had a ballroom. We laughed at the thought of our fathers dancing in this big-assed room.

We got a call from John and Joe. They said that they were impressed with what they have seen so far about our new company. They said Jamie was extremely open once all the secrecy was eliminated. We sent them some photos we took of the boat and they were impressed to say the least. We told them that if they wanted to have cruise or even offer it as an incentive to some of their employees they were welcome. I told them that we had already discussed it with the captain and he would be happy to be more busy. I warned him about the crew though. They just laughed and said they might have to get chastity belts for their wives.

All in all we spent a week at sea. Although we wouldn’t have known we were at sea if we didn’t go up on deck to see it every now and then. Almost every evening we found a quiet anchorage and used the water toys on board. Most of the crew and some of our security detail enjoyed the toys just as much as we did. We went diving at several very beautiful reefs that could rival anything you can see in books. The water so clear that it was hard to determine the depth was until we got deep enough to know we were close to the bottom. When we got back to the Keys, to be honest we were both a little sad. We assured the captain and the crew that we would be back and probably bring some folks with us as well. They were delighted. We had grown fond of several of the guys that spent a lot of time with us.

On the flight back to Houston, we decided to take our circle of close friends on a cruise for Adam’s seventeenth birthday. We took a ton of pictures, but were hesitant to show them to the gang. We want to share everything with our friends, but we don’t want to seem to be braggarts.

I started formulating a plan for a surprise for Adam's birthday. I know there is a big poker tournament in the Caribbean that is held somewhere close to Adam's birthday. It was hard to find time alone to find the details of the tournament. Sure enough it was starting the Thursday after Adam's birthday on Tuesday. I made sure that eighteen year old could play and emancipated adults could also participate in this very big tournament. I was told that they were welcome and that all I needed was their passports and the emancipation proof for those under eighteen. I wired the entry fees for all of us.

The next problem was to make sure that no one spilled the beans to Adam. With this bunch, it is very had to keep any secret, let alone one that everyone so excited about. Adam was making an Itinerary that he was excited about. We all helped him and tried to sound excited although we all knew most of it wouldn’t be possible with the poker tournament.

Sunday before we were to leave on Monday, Adam and I both received a text message from Aaron James to call a number when we were together and could talk on speaker. “Who is Aaron James?” Adam asked.

“Not a clue. Maybe we should ask Mark before we call this number.”

When we called Mark and asked him if he know who Aaron James was, he laughed and said he is the captain of your boat. We looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. Neither one of us had a clue as to his name, we had just referred to him as captain the whole time.

We called him. His first words were. “I am so impressed with these new showers. I have to admit that I wasn’t excited when you said you were going to have them installed without even asking my opinion. I am so glad that you didn’t give me a chance to voice my objections. These new showers are fantastic.”

“We’re sorry captain, we didn’t realize that we were being so arbitrary. We love those showers, but it wasn’t right to force them on you.”

“It is your boat and you have every right. I’m pretty sure he will finish the last of the showers today, so all the construction will be complete before you get here. The crew is excited that you thought of them too and upgraded their showers as well.”

“Everyone is excited the closer it gets to departure time.”

“We are ready for you here. We will see you tomorrow.”

“Bye captain.” We hung up.

The Limo pulled up at about eight the next morning and Paul and Tanner were trying to hurry everyone up. “What time is our flight?” Tanner asked excitedly. “I thought you said we should be taking off at nine. Aren’t we cutting it too close. We might miss our flight.”

“We won’t miss our flight. Chill dude.” I heard Dillon tease.

“How do you know?”

“I have flown with Jim and Adam before. The plane wouldn’t dare take off without them.”

“Quit teasing him, remember how worried we were when we went to Kentucky. Tanner, what does your ticket say?”

“I don’t have a ticket, I thought Jim and Adam were taking care of that.”

Corbin couldn’t keep a straight face any longer and said between belts of laughter. “Sorry dude, we aren’t flying commercial. We will be taken directly to the plane and we will leave as soon as we are aboard.”

“Why didn’t you just say that. So what kind of plane are we going to fly on?”

“I don’t know, we have only seen two of them so far. I can say, they were both very beautiful inside and the seats were awesome with great service. Both the crews were very friendly and good looking.” I quit listening and walked out to the limo. “Jim, what kind of aircraft will be flying on today?”

“I don’t have a clue. They send whatever is available that can handle the number of passengers and the amount of luggage. Since we all have golf clubs and tennis bags as well as a lot of luggage they will probably send a bigger aircraft than we took to Kentucky.”

“How many planes does your company have?”

“No idea.” Adam walked out about that time. “Do you know how many aircraft the company has?’

“I don’t know. I remember seeing that B & M has four, but don’t know if we are flying B& M or Carter West.”

“Speaking of luggage where is our luggage?”

“The reason you had it packed early was so that it and our clubs and stuff could be taken to the plane early so all we have to do is get on and go. Speaking of which, why don’t you get your cute little butt in the car so we can go?”

Tanner shook his butt at me and drug Frankie in the car with him. We got to the plane a short time later. We were all impressed with the paint job on the plane. Adam and I have never seen this plane either. It was brightly painted and was impressive from the outside. We were told it was a 757 and the biggest of the Carter West fleet. The first thing we noticed was that there were not nearly as many windows as in most airplanes. When the captain and cockpit crew came out to introduce themselves, I asked. “Why are there so few windows compared to most planes.”

He laughed. “They were eliminated at the factory so that a lot more noise can be eliminated. You will notice once we start the engines how quiet it is. You will likely feel the slight vibration more than hear the engines. We usually don’t fly such short hops, but the boss thought you might enjoy flying on the flagship of our fleet.” If you would like to see the cockpit, please come now and have a look. This won’t look like most airplanes. All the instrumentation is digital and only a few analog gauges required by the FAA.”

The cockpit was impressive. “Tell the truth captain, can this plane fly itself?”

“Pretty much, but the good news is we are pretty good, just in case we spill beer on the computers.” He laughed.

The take-off, flight, and landing were all very smooth. We had a small convey leaving the airport. We had a limo for us, a SUV for the security people other than the one that was riding with us, and a van for our luggage. The guys wanted to go by the house to see it before we went to the boat. The security team decided that the van and their SUV should go by as well, so they could keep their eyes on everything.

We had not planed to stop there, so the boys were not there and they soon lost interest, so we went to the boat. The boys were impressed with the shuttle even before we got to the boat. As we approached the boat they all had their mouths open. Dillon was the first to actually say something. “Holy shit that is humungous. It’s beautiful too.”

“I can’t believe this thing. It’s a floating city.”

By the time we were shown to our quarters, all our luggage had been unpacked and hung in our rooms. The others knocked on our door and wanted us to take them to see the bridge. Once we were out on the deck, they could see we were moving. Paul asked. “When did we start moving? I didn’t hear any noise or feel the boat move.”

“Me either, but look how fast we are moving now.”

When we got to the bridge, I knocked. The door was opened by one of the crew. The Captain was talking to the harbor master and I heard him tell them that we had just cleared the outer buoys. When the captain saw us he said. “David, take the helm.” He moved toward us. “Good to see you again, so these are the guys you call the bunch?”

“Yes, Captain Aaron, this is Hank, Paul, Dillon, Corbin, Tanner, and Frank.”

“Nice to meet you guys. I hope you enjoy your trip, we should be in port before you wake up tomorrow morning.”

“How is this boat so quiet and smooth. None of us felt or heard anything then we come on deck to see we are clipping alone.”

“This boat was built to be the quietest and smoothest running boat it could possibly be. Even in ten foot seas you shouldn’t feel more than a gentle sway if we are anchored and nothing if we are moving.”

“Where is the steering wheel?”

A couple of the boys on the crew laughed, but quickly recovered when the captain gave them a dirty look. “Everything is electronic, but in case something happened to the system, we have emergency shutdown. There is no rudder so most of the course correction is done by varying the engines. We do have some pulse jets for very precise steering. As you might guess this boat is not intended to be maneuvered in-close quarters.”

We got up early the next morning and I told Adam about his birthday present. He went wild hugging and kissing me. “I was hoping for that reaction, but wanted to make sure you heard it here instead of surprising you in the casino. We had to have a little celebration before having our breakfast.

After breakfast I told the guys. “Let’s go check in to the tournament office and see when we play. Last time I checked they were going to have three first days, but should be combined after that. I was told we most likely wouldn’t be allowed to all play the same day and they wouldn’t give me any other information until we checked in. I have us a couple of tee times this afternoon for us to play a round of golf before we start play tomorrow.”

“That is cool, I hope I have a chance to play along with my newer players sometime while we are here. They have made fantastic progress with our practices, but I have neglected them somewhat in helping them manage their game.”

“Great, thanks Hank, I was wanting to ask you work with me on the course. Frankie tries to help, but he doesn’t know some of the same triggers and keys that you help me from the range with. He is great, but I think it would be better if he was just my boyfriend and let my coach help me on the course.” Tanner kissed Frankie.

We piled into the shuttle and headed for the dock. When we got there a limo was there to take us to the hotel and casino that was hosting the tournament. We all signed in and got our welcome bag. There were three first days to the tournament. Adam, Tanner, Paul and I were scheduled to play in the first day one session(Friday). The rest of the guys were scheduled for day two. None of us were scheduled to play the third day one. On the way out we almost ran over Daniel Naganew (yes I am making up a name to protect the famous). “I’m sorry Daniel, I wasn’t playing much attention.”

“Jim, I haven’t seen you in a couple of years. How are you? I was sorry to hear about your family.” He offered his hand. “We were all looking forward to seeing you at the World Series of Poker, but understood when you didn’t make it.”

“Yeah, I went through a rough couple of years. I am looking forward to playing in this tournament. I want to introduce you to the guys. This is Adam, he is my partner in business and everywhere else.”

“Nice to meet you Adam.” They shook hands.

I introduced him to all the guys individually. He shook everyone’s hand. He got a text message. “Shit, that isn’t good news.”

“What’s the matter dude?”

“They had a main water pipe burst in the hotel and my room along with about a dozen others were flooded. The hotel is full and there doesn’t appear to be a room anywhere to be had. Eric and I are in the same boat. I hope he has better luck than I have had. My travel agent hasn’t found anything yet.”

“Why don’t you guys stay with us? It isn’t an open invitation, but we have plenty of room for you and Eric.”

“Are you in a suite or something?”

“Actually, yes, but it is just to have a place to change and freshen up during the tournament. We are staying on a yacht out in the harbor.”

“Are you sure we won’t make it too crowded.”

Tanner laughed. “You should see this monster boat we are staying on. It’s like a mini cruise ship. Well not even that mini. It is huge.”

He called Eric who was very happy. He had not found any place to stay either. He met us at the entrance and we called for the limo. When I saw him I said. “Guys, this is Eric Linglong.” I introduced everyone.

“Are you sure we won’t be a burden on you guys?”

“Not at all, but I should call the captain and tell him we need to make sure a couple more suites are made ready.” I called the captain and then I remembered Daniel is a vegetarian. He connected me to the chef. When he started questioning me about what Daniel could eat I just handed the phone to Daniel.

“Oh, yes that is fantastic. I am usually pretty flexible at tournaments. Dairy and eggs are fine for me. Thanks chef.” He hung up and handed me the phone. “Damn, I can’t believe that chef is working on the boat we are staying on.”

“Is he going to take care of you?”

“He said you guys just let him choose the menu and wanted to know if I would allow him to surprise me. Of course I told him I would.”

“Oh crap, I forgot to tell him we had another meat eater staying too.”

“He knows, he said the captain told him.”

“Okay, just wanted to make sure. I never want to get the one that feeds us angry at us.”

“How do you two know my Jim so well?”

Eric laughed. “It is not a quick story, but I’ll try to explain it. Evidently Mark, we didn’t know it was Mark until later. Called Toby and set up a four million dollar line of credit for Jim who was coming to town to play poker the weekend after his twenty-first birthday. A few of us were not sure we wanted some kid with a ton of money we didn’t know playing in the big game. We gave in though eventually. That was our fist mistake. That Friday night he basically cleaned all of us out. Saturday he won, but not so big. Sunday, he won a lot again. The funniest part was Phil Hellmouth. He doesn’t play cash games much, and he couldn’t wait to get there that first day. I guess he thought Jim would be an easy mark. I don’t know exactly how much he lost, but I know it was at least a quarter million that first night.”

“So you have played at the big game in Las Vegas? I didn’t know.”

“I played three times the year I turned twenty-one, then my family died and I haven’t been back. We will go as soon as you are old enough.”

“Since there are three day ones at this tournament. there must be a lot of players entered.”

“There were sixteen hundred twenty-two when I looked at schedule, but I don’t know if they will accept other entries up until the tournament starts.” I looked at Daniel. “We are all live tournament rookies, so any advice you want to give us will be appreciated.”

“This is the biggest tournament we play other than the World Series of Poker. You have to pace yourself. The main thing to remember is that you can’t win the tournament on the first day, but you can easily lose it. It is hard to survive the first day. After the first day most of the people that are left are decent players for the most part.”

“I guess we need to head back to shore, you know how I am.”

“You have made all of us a lot better golfers because of it. Since I have started utilizing your practice habits, I have become a much better golfer and teacher both.”

“Have fun guys. We had to give up our tee time this morning to look for a place to stay.”

“We have two tee times, you can play as the fifth if you want to split up.”

“We usually like to play best ball and gamble a little, but I guess we can do that.”

“Or, I have a way you can do that. I have already told these guys I want to work with my Tanner, Frankie, Corbin and Dillon so I could play with them and help them with course management. The two seventeen year olds could team up and I’m sure Jim will play you guys head up. And before you ask, yes he is good enough to beat you guys playing best ball.”

I could see the look of challenge on Eric’s face. “Well are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?” Eric challenged.

“Make it easy on yourself.” Hank challenged back.

“Wait just a second, I don’t really want to take your money, but I will play for whatever you want and then if I win, I’ll throw all I win into the pot and we will have a private poker tournament tonight.”

“Now, you’ve made us an offer we can’t refuse. How does a thousand a hole per man sound?”

“Cool, we will take the same bet, can you guys afford it.” Adam spoke up. “You will both owe Jim a ton. Paul and I figure we will win a little too.”

“Eric, if I loose thirty-six thousand, I’m going tell the world how much you let your alligator mouth overloaded your tadpole ass.”

“You know as well as I do, even if we loose it will just be a few holes.”

“If you say so bro. I hope you brought plenty of cash.” Daniel laughed and slapped Eric on the back.

We practiced putting first then went to the practice tee. “Show them how far you can hit the ball Eric. They might want to give up early.”

We didn’t even watch, which got to Daniel. Eric was hitting the ball around three hundred yards. Adam couldn’t resist a tease. “Nice, three wood, how far can you hit your driver.”

“Let’s see your driver kid.” Daniel challenged.

“In a bit. Jim taught us all to warm up slowly with our short irons until we were nice and loose. He has taught us that the old saying ‘drive for show, putt for dough’ is based on fact.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle when both Eric and Daniel put the driver in their bag and grabbed a nine iron. Paul decided to get in his two cents worth. “So when Jim pulls out his dick to take a piss are you going to copy that too?” He laughed big time. “I’m sorry guys, I was feeling left out. I just wanted to get in on the teasing action.”

“No problem Paul. I can see right now you guys fit right in with poker players. Anything is fair game and the more you tease the more fun you have. I was afraid you guys could give out but not take it. I’m glad you proved me wrong.”

When I pulled out my driver, Adam went behind Eric and said. “That might be his driver. Don’t let it scare you. He doesn’t use it every hole.”

“Holy shit, he is hitting into the trees at the end of the range. Eric we are in trouble.”

“Yep, I can see why he doesn’t hit it that often. Hey Jim, are you a pro?”

“Nope, can’t stand to play in long pants in the summer.”

“You know the value of the subtle tease. That was the best come back.”

“Shit Eric, we might be over our heads in more ways that one. These guys know how to hold their own talking smack.” Daniel came up to me on the practice tee. “Tell me, how far to you hit your driver?”

“Well, that depends. With a smooth swing I hit it between three-twenty and three-forty depending on the run out. When I really try to hit it hard like I was just then so that Adam could get his jollies, it goes about three-fifty in the air. I only try that shot in scrambles usually. Too unpredictable otherwise. Most holes I don’t hit driver at all. They have doglegs, bunkers, water and rough placed to keep the long hitters from just dominating a golf course.”

“I guess most of us don’t have to worry about such things.”

“Actually you do, you just don’t realize it. Anytime you set up a shot so that you can use your favorite club into the green is course management. All golfers do it or they are just hackers.”

“Paul and Adam are going to kick your butts too aren’t they?” Daniel asked watching Adam hit his driver.

“Nothing is set in stone. They won’t beat themselves very much. One might hit a bad shot, but chances are they both won’t on the same hole. I know you guys probably play pretty well together and they don’t play together usually. Adam is usually my partner in tournaments and Paul is Hank’s partner. We don’t usually gamble though.”

“You are just too good for them aren’t you?”

“No, we are all pretty competitive. When Adam and I first became a couple, I beat him pretty easily. Now though we are both scratch golfers. He will be playing in the U.S. Amateur next month.”

Adam walked up about then. “I’m going back to the putting and chipping area. We only have twenty minutes.”

“Me too.” I grabbed my bag.

Daniel came with us. “Jim says you are playing in the U.S. Amateur next month. Congratulations.”

“Thanks Daniel. I am excited about it. With Jim carrying my bag, I know I will have great advice. He won it twice you know.”

“No, I didn’t know that. Are you sure you’re not a pro?” Daniel teased.

“They tried to get him to go to Q school, but he wouldn’t even consider it. When I asked him why he told me he didn’t like playing golf in long pants in the summer. He went on to say that he would quit playing when golf started being anything but fun. He really does love this game. We got him started playing tennis last summer and he is starting to enjoy that too.”

“So we might be able to get our money back on the tennis court?”

“I didn’t mean to imply that. He and I will play you and Eric if you want to give it a shot. Jim is new to the game, but he is pretty darn good.”

“I take it your better.”

“Yes he is. Much better.”

“I’m not so sure about that. We don’t play each other that much. In the last month or so, he gives us all good matches. Six months ago, he was decent, but we all beat him. Now, we can’t say that.”

Paul came up and said. “Are you guys trying to hustle the gamblers?” He slapped Adam on the back. “You know my buddy Adam here used to be a nationally ranked junior.”

“You never told me that.” I said a little confused.

“Yeah, but I sort of lost interest when my dad quit coming to my matches. I didn’t know why until we found out about or dad’s. It was when your dad died that he seemed to lose interest in everything.”

Daniel looked confused and was about to ask when I interrupted. “It’s a long story. We will tell you tonight, but neither of us want to think about that right now.”

We practiced our short game until it was time to head to the tee.

“It is okay if we use our sky caddy isn’t it?” Eric asked.

“Sure, have you tried this one from Callaway?” I showed him the GPS tool. “We have both, but this one is easier to use I think. Adam says it is because I need the pictures.” We laughed.

I was the last to tee off. All four of them had hit safe shots short of the fairway bunkers with long irons. I pulled out my driver. “I thought you didn’t hit the driver that often.”

“I don’t, but on this hole it looks like the risk is worth it. Even if I get in the fairway bunker it looks easy enough to get on the green, but I only have the clear 300 or so to have a short iron into the green.”

“Aren’t you afraid of getting behind that tree on the left?”

“No, that is why I am going over the bunker.” I cleared the bunker easily and landed on a down slope any my balled rolled almost to the green.

Daniel was the first to hit from the fairway and ended up just short of my tee shot. Adam was the next to hit. “Where is the pin cut?”

I handed him the green sheet. “Looks to be back right, but I don’t have a clue to the contour of the green.”

“Yeah as big as these greens look and the way the practice green was set, you can bet they have some bumps and ridges.”

“Yep, these greens have a lot of character. I played here last year, but don’t remember where the bumps and ridges are. Where did you get that sheet with the pin positions?”

“Most resorts have a lot of golfers that have never played the course before and have them in the pro shop if you ask. Those that don’t and most country clubs I just ask the greens keepers for it. The head greens keeper doesn’t set all the cups, so he makes a sheet so that his people will know where to set the pins. I have only ran into five or six courses that didn’t have one at all. Some try to hide the fact they have them, but as I said most have a few copies.”

“Why didn’t we know about this?” Daniel asked Eric.

“I don’t know. I have never seen them sitting out and never thought to ask. It makes sense that the course would have them. I have seen a few courses that have posted them on the wall, but you had to write down the information.”

Adam and Paul both hit the green and have birdie putts. Eric hit a good shot and got within twenty feet of the cup. Daniel hit a good third shot and was about six feet from the cup. My second shot hit the green just past Daniel’s ball and backed up to within two inches of the cup. I tapped my ball in for birdie. Adam and Paul both came close but missed their birdies. They had given Paul his par, but both he and Adam hit their par putts.

“Aren’t we going to give each other those give-mes?” Daniel asked.

“If it was just us playing you, I wouldn’t complain, but since we have three different bets going, it just makes sense to putt out everything. I can guarantee that Jim won’t take anything and if you ask him why he will tell you that’s golf. He says in match play, never expect your opponent to give you anything and you won’t be angry or disappointed when they don’t give you one you think they should.”

“So I guess you are going to give me my par?”

I spoke up. “Even the pros miss seven foot putts. The boys shouldn’t give you that putt especially before Eric putts. He has a seriously downhill putt and if he can take a run at it without worry about making par is too much of an advantage. It is his turn to putt and he can let you putt first so that he can have that free run if you make it.” I patted him on the back. “We are young, not gullible enough to make it easier on you.”

Sure enough Eric had Daniel putt first and he missed it. Eric missed his birdie but did leave a putt of less than a foot which the boys gave him. Eric laughed and said. “Daniel is going to have a long day. I have been trying to get him to work on and get confident on short putts. I guess it is my fault, I give him anything within six or seven feet when we play.”

“I wouldn’t have a chance to beat you if you didn’t give me so many putts.”

“He is learning though that more and more people are not letting him intimidate them into giving him those putts.”

The next tee is a long par five of over six-hundred-twenty yards. I pulled out a three iron and hit one down the middle. Eric asked. “This hole is so long and you have proved you can hit it a ton why did you hit a iron?”

“Look at this hole. It is very tight with high rough and a creek running down the right side. Even if you burst one down the middle safe, you can’t hit the green in two. Look at all that trouble around the green. So does it make sense to hit a driver and then have to lay up with an eight or nine iron?. I hit a three and will probably hit a four or five for my lay up so that I will have just a nice full nine or wedge into the green.”

“You realize you are costing yourself money by helping me play smarter.”

“I don’t want your money, that is why I said I would add anything I won to a poker pot tonight. You treated me like a friend when I came to Vegas and I like helping my friends play better if I can.”

“Thanks, but I don’t think I did anything to help your poker game.”

“No you didn’t E-dog, he beat all of us, why would he want any help from us.” Daniel was laughing his ass off. “Besides he is nicer than we are.”

When the game was finished, I won eight holes and the boys won five and lost three, so they were two ahead. They laughed and said. “I hope we do better tonight to get some of our money back.”

“So what are we going to make the buy in for this private tournament.”

“Since it has already cost you guys ten thousand each, let’s make it nice and friendly and make it a hundred bucks. With a fifty, thirty, twenty percent pay out.”

“So the most either one of us could win was four hundred bucks.”

“No, if you win you will win ten thousand four hundred bucks.”

“But it is costing us ten thousand one hundred.”

“No, you have already lost the ten thousand each. It’s up to you if you don’t want to play to have a chance to win Paul, Adam’s and my money.”

“Point taken. I wasn’t ready to admit that wasn’t still my money.”

We decided to play our mini-tournament after dinner. All ten of us went to talk to the captain. He was in his cabin and not on the bridge. One of the deck hands took us to his cabin. I was surprised when we got there, his cabin was nice, but very small compared to the other suites. We asked if we could go to an isolated area so that we would play on the water toys.

“Of course you can. You are the boss if you want to go to China, we will go. We might need to add provisions but we can handle any destination in the world.”

“We have to be back here early in the morning, several of us are playing tomorrow and it starts at nine tomorrow morning. We want to take some spare clothes up to the room we have so that we can change if we need to.”

“We will most likely come back to the harbor during the wee hours of the morning. The harbor traffic will be very light and we will have plenty of room to maneuver.”

“This thing is a monster. Jim and Adam didn’t know how long it is. How long is it>“

“Some of the things you might find most interesting might even surprise you. The length of this boat is three hundred eight six feet. It is one of the largest privately owned luxury yachts. Also one of the most expensive as well, before you ask, I don’t know how much it cost. That was all handled by Mr. Mark and Mr. Butch from their private accountant. I’m sure he could tell. This boat can convert sixteen thousand gallons of salt water to fresh every day. It holds twenty thousand gallons of ninety-nine point nine percent pure drinking quality water. It can replace eight thousand gallons of that water from its store of ninety percent pure water used for things like washing the boat. Which every inch of gets washed every day. With the fuel tanks completely empty it would take six tanker trucks full of enriched diesel to fill its tanks.” He motioned to the deck hand that was still there. “We carry a permanent crew of twenty-four. When we are on a cruise with the owners we have a crew of at least forty-eight. I say at least because some of the chefs want to bring one or two of there staff to augment the normal kitchen staff. Jim and Adam know, but you may not. The chefs that we have are some of the most famous that work at BME resorts around the world. Our chef this week brought one of his people with him and when he learned that we had a vegetarian on board sent for another of his people to make sure he was able to make this experience the best he could.”

“Man, I feel bad about that. I am just happy to have a place to stay you should not have gone to that much trouble.”

“This wouldn’t be the yacht it is if we didn’t make this the most wonderful experience we possibly could. BME doesn’t rent this boat, but the older two are rented. The people pay a flat fee for that luxury. They are not charged extra for anything other than food.”

“Are the others this big and what do they rent for?”

“No, the oldest boat is only a little over one eighty and the one before this one is only a little over two forty, it‘s name is ‘Indulgence“. I don’t know what they rent for these days, but when I was captain of ‘Whisperwind’ the small one rented for sixty-five thousand a day plus food.”

“You have to be kidding? Enough people do that to keep it profitable?”

“It is very seldom in the harbor, and even when it is, a lot of the time there are people enjoying it. Think of it this way. People can give their family and friends the lap of luxury for a few hundred thousand instead of hundreds of millions. I heard Mark say one day that his wife hated the water, but this was his indulgence. Hence the name of the middle boat and this one is ‘Sweet Indulgence‘ if you didn‘t notice. Butch and Mark both said that their boys would love this thing, they couldn’t wait to show you this boat. It took that long to build this boat. I think they would both be proud that their sons would become a couple. That is just a guess, but I’m pretty sure it is accurate.”

“Thanks, I hope they would be happy for us.”

The captain’s phone sounded. “You guys might want to get ready for your time in the water, we just cleared the harbor. The inlet that we are heading to is only about six miles and we should be there in ten to twelve minutes. Satellite shows it clear.”

“You have been here the whole time, how did they know to move?”

“I sent the command to the first mate. I felt us start moving, but I bet you didn’t.”

We all looked at each other and agreed. “I didn’t feel or hear a thing.”

“This is still the state of the art in sound and motion suppression.” He looked at his phone again. “They have flooded the wet deck and will have all the toys ready when you get down there. They did ask if you wanted the ski boat out of its cradle to use or just the jet ski’s.”

“To be honest, I don’t know. Will it be a big deal if we launch and don’t use it?”

“Not at all. I’m sure the only reason they asked it to make it easier to get the stuff out when they open the doors.”

“We better get a move on and get our swim gear on.”

“I figured you guys would all go naked.”

“No, we don’t want to give the natives a show. Just because there is no other big boats there, their will probably be a lot of smaller boats. The last time when we docked we drew a lot of attention. We do usually swim naked at the pool on the sun deck, but will require swimwear if it will make you uncomfortable.”

“Not at all. In fact I like being naked. Daniel might be he can be shy at times, but I am fine being naked.”

“I’m fine with these guys. It’s just when it’s a lot more public than the sun deck of this boat is.”

“Hey guys can I ask you a question? I love the look of those Rolexes. They are custom are they not?”

Tanner spoke up. “Adam and Jim gave them for out birthdays. In fact Jim and Adam were the last two to get theirs. I don’t have a clue what they are worth, but aren’t they beautiful?” He gave the a closer look at his watch.

“They are very beautiful. Will it offend you if I ask what does T.D.B. stand for?”

Tanner looked and we all nodded that it was okay. “Well, we are a pretty tight group. We are all gay, but don’t really want to throw it in anyone’s face. When we came up with a name for our little group, we chose TDB for Three Dollar Bill. You know the old saying queer as a three dollar bill. It is just our little secret and we will be wearing matching shirts all week with TDB on the sleeve, but don’t plan on telling anyone what it means. We would appreciate your keeping the secret as well.”

“I like that you guys are fucking with people’s minds without them even knowing it. You know it will drive those TV people crazy trying to figure it out. I love it.”

“Yeah, me too. Your little secret is safe with me. I might have add fuel to the fire if I get a chance without giving out any information.” Eric chuckled.

We all went and changed into swimwear and had a ball playing in the water. Even with sunscreen several of us had a little reddish tint from sun on the water. After about three hours we headed in and got ready for dinner.

Daniel recognized one of the names submitted to the captain by the casino and so we hired him to deal our little private tournament. Adam and I decided that we would make sure Daniel and Eric didn’t get to play a lot of low ball poker which they both love to play. We also had the blinds and antes raise every ten minutes to keep the action from favoring the professionals too much.

Adam and I didn’t have to force the betting too much. Our guys were more aggressive than I would have guessed. I think one reason was that they gave Daniel enough respect to know they could beat them if they got to see a lot of flops cheap. Of course only having a hundred invested helped too. We amateurs had a ton of fun and acted crazy. We were animated in when we looked at our cards. I had us all looking at our cards constantly so Eric and Daniel couldn’t get any reads. We also make all kinds of faces in an effort to keep them from reading us.

Finally Daniel laughed and said. “You dirty asshole. You know these antics are driving Eric and me crazy. Don’t even try to hide the fact it was your idea.” He pointed to me.

“Who me?” I tried to look innocent and we all cracked up laughing.

Eric said. “I bet you and Adam will drop out as soon as we are out of the game. Why don’t we make it easy and the four of us drop out and let these guys get some practice?”

We all agreed and I said. “Okay Sam, split all of these chips between the six that are left.”

Eric and Daniel watched the rest of the battle and after a hand was over talked it over with the guys. I think it was very beneficial to all the guys. We all made sure we thanked them for their interest and critiques.

When all was said and done. Tanner came in first with Dylan second and Hank third. I don’t know how much the captain paid our dealer Sam, but I tipped him five hundred for his good job.

It was still fairly early, so Adam and I decided to go change into our running gear and run for awhile. We had the existing treadmills that were in the gym replace with four new running treadmills. These new treadmills are almost as nice as running on our track at home.

As we were changing, we both kept touching each other. Finally we both laughed. “Looks like we are both extra horny tonight.” Was my obvious observation.

“I think that is more the norm than the exception. I have trouble keeping my hands off you when we are clothed, when we are naked, it is impossible to keep my hands to myself. Besides, I think my hunk seems to have the same problem. Want to just blow off running and just blow each other?”

“Hell, yes, but if we do, we will be breaking our promise to each other.”

“I know. We made that promise so that we wouldn’t let sex keep us from our daily exercise routine, but when we made it we had just fucked our brains out. Okay, I know we won’t break our promise, so lets go run and swim. I want some Jim.” We kissed again and headed to the gym. Of course we ran there and since we didn’t wear a jock, we got a lot of stares from the crew. “Hey Jim, have you noticed that a lot of our crew are young? I know some of them are full time. Are we doing something illegal without even knowing it?”

“I have noticed it and have intended to talk to you about it, but we were always with someone when I thought about it and then when we were alone, something else was always on my mind.” I swatted his butt playfully. “Let’s go talk to the captain before our run or we might forget again.”

We stopped and ask one of our guards for their phone. “Captain, this is Adam. Something Jim and I have noticed concerns us, and we were wondering if we could possibly talk to you about it.” He was listening to the captain. “Great, we were just going to the gym to run. That would be fantastic if we could meet there. We will see you in a few minutes.” He hung up and gave the phone back. “He was apologizing for not being dressed but was heading to the gym himself.”

Since we were almost at the gym, we went in and started our stretching. We had just got on the treadmill when the captain came in and started walking on the one we had left between us. We started talking and soon discovered it was impossible to hear each other comfortably. We all got off the machines so that we could talk comfortably.

“Captain, Adam and I both noticed how young some of the crew is. Adam asked me tonight about it and we both have noticed it before, but were not alone so that we could talk about it. There are too many of them for it to just be a summer job and we wanted to ask you about it.”

“Yes, ninety percent of our crew are under twenty-five. You should be very proud of these young men. They are all very special.”

“But captain, shouldn’t they be in school?” Adam asked.

“I’m so sorry. I thought Jamie had already told you about this program. Someone should have anyway. B&M Foundation supports one charity much more than the others it supports. B&M Youth which is made up of several other charities for legal and government reasons. B&M Youth was the first charity your fathers found and funded over thirty years ago. It started to help gay boys who were displace or abused, but soon grew to include any kids that needed a place to live and grow. I am very proud to be one of the people helped by that organization.” He took a breath and began again.

“Somewhere along the way, they tried different ways to make a difference in these kids lives and help them instead of just housing them until they eighteen and them send them off to try to make their own way. They figured out very early that what these kids really needed was family, but almost impossible to accomplish in a group home environment. Some of the things that were tried didn’t prove to help, but they sort of stumbled into something that did work. They found that some organizations even very large corporations that have smaller work groups that are very autonomous have a family look and feel. That is why they made their corporations have that look and feel. It was also why they were hesitant to combine them until they thought they could do it and still make them retain that family look and feel.” He grabbed a bottle of water before continuing.

“The inter-workings may have changed a little since I knew a lot about the organization, but it basically works like this. The orphans under school age are kept apart from the older kids. They have somewhat of a challenge because the kids are constantly changing. Over eighty percent of the kids in this group are adopted before they move up to the older group. All the kids except the infants have what most would call pre-school. Once the kids move up to the next level. It is basically the kids from grades one through eight. Those group homes don’t encourage allowing the kids to be put into foster homes unless it with the intent to adopt. One of the big emphases on this age group is sports. Each facility has one or two people, depending on the size of the faculty, whose major responsibility is sports and exercise. Academics are encourage of course, but also the older kids are responsible for the younger kids. For instance a first grader would be teamed with a fifth grader and so forth. They soon found out that these relationships by a vast majority, are maintained for a life time. These kids seem to bond like brothers. Because it is not likely the numbers match up exactly, some adjustments have to be made, but it is close to what I described.” He took another gulp of water and we did the same.

“Now things get very different. We, I mean they do have some group homes for kids fourteen and up. Notice that I didn’t put a upper age on this group. Once they are past the age of eighteen if they are having trouble graduating or for some other reason they are not going to college they stay until we are sure they have a good job and are able to take care of themselves. Your fathers were adamant that they would not just dump a kid once they were too old for state or local support. The big difference in what traditional group housing and what B&M Youth encourages is way high school kids are treated.” He needed another drink.

“I am going to use we instead of they, because I do feel a part of this organization, having been a kid there and providing for places for the kids now. At fourteen, the kids have the opportunity to live and be educated in a unique environment. This boat is one of most difficult jobs that are is the hardest for the kids to get. We are pretty demanding on the requirements for this assignment. Very few fourteen year olds can make it, so we encourage the kids that really want this assignment to work on the skill sets to be able to make the team at fifteen. We have had a few fourteen year olds make it, but very few. The young man you noticed tonight was probably Kyle and he just made the team and he is fourteen. I would like you to meet him, if you don’t mind.”

We both nodded and I said. “That would be great.” He called to have Kyle sent here in five minutes.

“We are what is considered home schooled. In fact, our second oldest, me being the oldest, crew member is Jacob. He is the primary tutor for the boys. As you know he is also one of the assistant captains, so he has a lot of responsibilities. We allow for a relaxed and sometimes weird education schedule because of the crew responsibilities, but all the boys get at least two to three hours a day of classroom studies. We have never had a boy fail to pass the test to get their high school diploma. The boys are restricted to the number of hours they work as crew, but have all the benefits of full time employees. They are paid at the same rate as we would pay an adult crew member, but eighty percent of their wages are put into their college fund, but they are able to go to college without using this money. If they maintain a two point five average and commit to working for us the same about of time they spent in school, we pay their tuition, books, and housing. We pay them better than most places, so most never leave. Even the doctors and lawyers.” Another drink and then he continued. “Our biggest problem is getting these kids to leave and go to college, but they all do. We only have college graduated adults on the crew. They know this and do agree it is best for them. A vast majority of them major is something that can get them back to sea on one of our boats or cruise ships.”

There was a knock at the door. “Come in Kyle.”

“You want to see me sir?” He said nervously.

“Relax Kyle, you are not in trouble. I just wanted to introduce you to Jim and Adam. Jim, Adam this is Kyle our youngest crew member this year. Kyle this is Jim and Adam.”

“Nice meeting you Kyle. Very happy to have you as part of the crew. You guys do a great job of taking care of us.” I shook his hand.

Adam shook his hand. “The same things Jim said go for me too. You guys amaze us at how well you take care of us.”

His smile was all over his face and the room seemed to light up he was beaming with pride. “To be honest, I was afraid I was in trouble for getting hard watching you guys run.”

We both laughed. “No, we are flattered and would never want you to get in trouble for that.” Adam just nodded his agreement. Then decided to add.

“I’m only seventeen and I remember being fourteen. I would get an erection when we wind changed and it was usually at the most embarrassing times.”

“Thank you sir. I have been trained in massage and I have dreaded being called to do that for one of you. I know that I am supposed to just do my job, but if I got to touch either of you, I would probably blow a load, which makes getting hard seem like small stuff. Oops, I’m sorry, I guess I shouldn’t say that.” He looked at the captain expecting s scowl, but saw him chuckling instead. He relaxed when seeing that.

“Adam and I usually massage each other and we always get hard. I don’t think it is possible to get a good massage and not get hard getting or giving. Well maybe with some fat Brune Hilda type woman, certainly now with a cute young man like your self.”

“Jim and I are monogamous, so we won’t be sharing sex, but if you have a young man that would like to join you, we will let you and him massage us tomorrow night. You will be free to spend the night with us and pleasure each other as much as you would like in the second bedroom. I have to warn you though that we both like to give a massage as well as get one, so we will be exchanging massages. We will be getting hard as well, so don’t worry about it. We always put a towel on the table and have one handy. Do you have someone that you would like to bring along.”

“Well yes, but I don’t know if he will want to do it with me, but everyone will be so envious, so I’m sure I will.”

“We won’t know exactly what time the first day gets over because we have to play until this group gets down to a hundred fifty players. If it goes past midnight we will postpone this until the next day.”

“That’s fine. I can’t wait.” He did look excited.

“It might not be a good idea to tell anyone about spending the night in the master suite until after you have chosen your partner you both want to share a bed and all that might mean. You know our policy about sex among crew members.” The captain said.

“Yes sir, I would never try to have sex with someone that didn’t want to do that. It isn’t much of a problem though. None of the straight guys wanted this job because it would mean they couldn’t date for maybe weeks or months at a time. The good thing is we are all good friends and I feel like they are all my brothers and I just got here three weeks ago.” He gave a cute giggle. “Well I guess that is not exactly what most brothers do, but we feel like brother but are not freaked out doing things in bed.”

We couldn’t help but chuckle. “I guess that is called brother with benefits.”

“Exactly. I will make sure I have all my work and homework done. I can’t wait until tomorrow night.”

“Are you off for the night?” The captain asked.

“Yes sir, Jacob said I might as well call it a night when you were finished with me.”

“You might as well stay and work out with us a little so that you can sleep tonight from all the excitement.”

“Cool, I will go change and come right back. Can I bring Toby? He is the one that I want to bring tomorrow night.”

The captain looked at us for direction. “Sure you can bring him. By the way why don’t you pass the word that we don’t bite and everyone is welcome in the gym even if we are there. The only thing we would ask is that we get priority on two of the treadmills. We don’t expect anyone to get off immediately but allow us to break in line sort of.”

“Wow, the guys are going to love that. We have a little gym in the crew section, but too many of us want to use it at the same time.”

“Oh one other thing we try to run every morning around six, if you could pass that along, if might prevent anyone feeling bad for having us come in on them.”

“That shouldn’t be much of a problem. That is at the end of the scrub so it is not close to a shift change, but I will mention it.”

“Don’t make it sound like we want the reserved at that time, that is not what we mean.”

“I know and will try to explain it.”

“You know you guys can use the pool too.”

“We are gay boys and there is no way we want to get boners looking at you guys.”

“It happens, we get boners all the time. Hell, I think Paul is hard more often than not. I would be too, except Jim keeps me pretty drained. We almost always get each other off before we go to the pool. We are all used to being around each other, which helps too. Our housekeeper finally told us at home not to bother trying to cover up. She said she was used to seeing boy dicks by now.”

“I will tell them that too, but not tonight. I’ll be right back.”

He ran out to change his clothes.

We all laughed as the little cutie left the room. “He is one cute kid. He is so cute he is what I would consider pretty. Most kids that cute at his age grow up to be good looking, but nothing like as pretty as he is now.”

“Yes, I have noticed that too. I hope that kid stays as cute as he is now. He is such a delight and a lot of it is his cuteness that lets him get away with so much. He is a wonderful kid and everyone loves him.” The captain added. “I will use one of the bikes to get my cardio so the boys and run with you guys if they want to.”

We left one of the treadmills between us and did a few stretches before we started our run. Kyle was back before we got started good. “I’m back! Did you miss me?”

We both laughed. “We didn’t have time to miss you squirt.” I said.

“My best friend at school used to call me squirt. I like it.” He climbed on the treadmill and said. “Toby will be here in a second. I think he was as excited to be with me as I was to be with him. He thought I was Billy’s boyfriend, but I sat him straight.” He giggled. “Well not straight exactly.” We all had to stop we were laughing so hard. This kid didn’t hold anything back. Just said exactly what was running through his head.

As we were climbing back on our treadmills, the door opened tentatively. “Kyle said it was okay for me to come workout with you guys with him.”

“Yes, but all you guys are welcome in here anytime. Kyle will explain to all of you later. I’m Jim, and this is my partner Adam.” I shook his hand and so did Adam. “Kyle says you are Toby and will be with him tomorrow as well. Nice to meet you, I figured you to be younger when he told us about you.”

“Yes, the way he talked about you, I thought sure you would be younger than me, but I guess you are at least my age. I’m seventeen.”

“Yes I will be eighteen in three weeks. I was surprised when he asked me too. I hate to admit it, but that little cutie has been in most of my fantasies since he got here.” He blushed.

Kyle came over. “I should have just asked him to be with me when I first got here, but I was sure he wouldn’t want to have anything to do with a little kid like me.” He blushed a little. “Now that I found he likes me too, I am going to be all over him until he leaves in the fall for college. I know it will be hard when he goes, but he will be a great doctor.”

“So you are going to be a doctor Toby? That is a great profession.”

“I have always wanted to work at Saint Jude’s to help kids. I love doing research, so that is my goal. When I was six my little brother died of cancer. My dad and mom couldn’t handle it and my dad killed my mom and then himself while I was at school one day.”

“I’m so sorry Toby.” I didn’t really know what to say but the three of us hugged him.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so gloom. I have gotten over it and to be honest, it was probably the best thing to every happen to me. My dad believed in spare the rod spoil the child and if I didn’t do something to make him whip me, he made us something to whip me for. My mother wasn’t much better and they both were drunk all the time.” He smiled. “It’s funny, but I found a lot of love from the people at Holy Souls.” He laughed. “ It didn’t take me long to figure out that love didn’t always have to include a belt to my butt. Later when I got a little older and figured out that I was gay, I talked to the counselor they had there. He said no one would hold that against me and assured me that everyone respected everyone else. He also told me they had a couple of places they could send me if I wanted to do the work program that were at least mostly made up of gay boys. He told me it wasn’t a dating service or anything, but sometimes it easier being a gay kid when you are surrounded by other gay kids. I was excited to hear that and made the team when I was fourteen. I love it here.” He offered his hand and Adam took it. “I just want to thank you guys for everything you have done for me.”

“You are very welcome, but since we didn’t even know about this part of our foundation until this evening, we can’t take the credit. Our fathers were very special men, Jim and I are just now learning how much they cared about people and the world around them. From what we have seen from you Kyle and the rest of the boys here, I would say they have developed some very fine young men.” Adam looked at me and hugged me. “Let’s make sure this young man gets to live his dream of working at St. Jude’s.”

“I agree babe.” I looked over at John, one of our guards. “John get him one of our special phones and all the contact information. A lap top too. I want him to be treated as special as he is.” I looked back to Toby. “Toby where are you going to school for pre med?”

“I have been accepted at all the schools I applied to but one. I got a scholarship to University of Las Vegas, so I guess I will go there.”

“You now have a scholarship to any school you want. Where would you like to go to school?”

“Your kidding? You would do that for me?”

“Yes Toby we will do that for you. You are now officially one of our brothers.”

“I thought I had a scholarship lined up for University of Houston where some of the third year classes are taught at M. D. Anderson and that is where I was looking forward to going before that scholarship fell through when they found out the money in my college fund. My income on the interest is too much to qualify for that one.”

“Consider that your new choice. We will pay for everything. You might not know this but you will be going with Adam, Tanner, Dillon and Corbin. They take as many courses as they can at UH at the Woodlands, which is the city we live in. You can live on campus if you wish, but we would really like you to come live with us.”

“Kick’n, I would love to go with all these good looking guys. I know you are older than Adam, but have you finished? You don’t look old enough to have graduated. I hope that doesn’t offend you, but I want to know.”

“Jim is only twenty-three, but he already has a masters. He skipped a couple of grades and as you might guess an over achiever in college.” He hugged me. “He might have his PHD by now, if he hadn’t met me.”

I laughed. “Before I met and fell in love immediately with this kid, I was just aimless and drifting. It was two years after my whole family was killed by a drunk driver and I just couldn’t put it behind me for some reason. To be honest, I broke the law for a few weeks before we got him emancipated. He would still be illegal if that hadn’t happened. I am most amazed that I resisted him one day before giving in to my heart and my lust.” I couldn’t resist. I kissed Adam. Since we were not wearing jocks, we both were showing a little bit when we broke apart.

We ran our ten miles and were ready to leave the gym. Kyle and Toby and left the treadmills and were using the dumbbells but were mainly just talking. “Guys we are heading out. We will see you tomorrow.”

They both put their dumbbells down and Kyle ran over to me and hugged me. “Thank you sirs.” He released me and hugged Adam.

“I’m Adam and this is Jim. Please don’t sirs us.”

“I’ll try sir. I mean Adam. We’ll be waiting for you in your suite. If it’s too late just wake us up and send us to our room. We will make sure a second table is in your room too.”

“Sounds like you have it all figured out little man. I’m impressed.” I grinned.

His grin would light up a room. I don’t know how it is possible, but his brilliant blue eyes seemed to get even brighter. His dark hair, bright blue eyes and beautiful looks are captivating. “Thanks Jim. I will gladly do anything you guys wish.” He showed us his devilish or innocence grin.

“Later guys.” I gently swatted Kyle’s cute little bubble butt.

He shook his little butt at us as we left the room. “Want to go get our laps in before bed?”

“That little Kyle is a charmer. I think he has Toby wrapped around his little finger already.”

“No doubt. I bet Tanner was a lot like that when he was that age.”

“Speaking of Tanner, I was talking to him Friday and asked him about him and Frankie messing around with Hank and Paul. He said they still consider themselves monogamous because they only have anal sex with each other and they are always together if they include someone else in their sex play. Never alone would either of them play around. I asked if either of them ever got jealous when they played around and he said their relationship was stronger than to let something like that interfere their love for each other. He said he was more fun than he ever imagined and believe it or not made them feel stronger in their relationship. They have played around with Dillion and Corbin too. He said they all agreed that it was a lot of fun and didn’t hurt their relationships at all. He asked me to talk to you about doing something together.”

“So do you think we would do something with the other guys?”

“I have thought about it a little since Tanner asked me to and it does sound like fun, but I don’t want to do it very often and if it would lessen our relationship then I would say hell no. I was thinking that maybe tomorrow when we play around with Toby and Kyle. If those two haven’t made a connection they I say we pass. I think they will though and I would love to see you make that little Kyle squeal like a little pig when you suck his dick. I think it would be a blast playing around with those two. No anal sex except with me and it is always with us together if we suck or play with someone. In other words we play together or we don‘t play at all.” He laughed.

“Let me think about it and we will talk about it again tomorrow. I’m afraid I will be jealous of my partner having fun sucking someone else or his beautiful cock in someone else’s mouth.”

“That’s fine, I went back in forth in my mind before I even thought about deciding to talk to you about it. I love you so much, I never want anything but the best for us.”

We were at the pool and surprised to find it empty and no one on deck. We were quickly naked and in the water swimming our laps. We finished and got out of the pool. Adam kissed me passionately and led me over to a lounge chair. Our cocks were both leaking tons of precum and when Adam turned around and took my cock into his mouth, I move over so that we could get on our sides so that we could sixty-nine easily. We were both moaning around the cock we were sucking. Adam’s perfect cock was throbbing and we both kept our fingers hitting our hot buttons. Almost at exactly the same time we were both swallowing monster amounts of cum. It was an amazing climax. Once we settled down and started kissing, I saw something in the shadows. Adam saw me looking and looked too.

“I see you guys enjoyed the Jim and Adam show.” Adam teased.

“I’m not gay, but that was so hot, I couldn’t help myself. I had to stroke my dick. I would have cum at the same time you guys did, but I made myself quit. I knew Daniel was beside me stroking too.”

“I was the same way. I had to think of all kinds of blood and gore to keep from reaching over and playing with your dick, the show was so hot.”

“Glad you enjoyed the show. I think it is time for us to shower and get to bed. Night guys, see you in the morning.” We left and had a quick shower. We were both tired and just showered and got into bed. We usually spoon when we settle down to sleep, but we were fast asleep in each others arms this particular night.

I woke up with Adam still in my arms. Our cocks were both very hard and side by side. I could tell that Adam was starting to wake too, but not quite awake. I looked at the clock and it was five seventeen. Our alarm was set for five forty-five. I felt Adam’s cock twitch beside mine and mine responded with a twitch of its own. I felt Adam twitch his cock a couple of twitches and knew was awake or almost so. When his tongue entered my mouth I knew he was awake. We kissed passionately and were quickly reaching the point of no return. I turned him on to his back. I dived and licked through his pubic hair, but didn’t linger long. I knew we were both close to orgasm. I took his balls into my mouth and enjoyed sucking those sweet orbs. I knew neither of us would make it long enough to allow me to lick his sweet hole. I could tell he was struggling to keep from blasting a hot load. His cock head was opening and closing and I knew I had to take his cock now or lose his first shot to his flat belly. Sure enough, I felt his first shot of sweet cum as my mouth closed over his perfect cock. I love between Adam’s legs. I loved his cock until he move my head being too sensitive for me to continue.

He knew I was on a short fuse and quickly licked my balls before taking my cock in his mouth. He played with my nuts and on his second stroke of his mouth on my cock, I had a fantastic cum. We kissed tenderly and rubbed each other’s back, just basking in our morning bliss. “Good morning beautiful.” I squeezed his butt. “You make everyday wonderful.”

“You are the beautiful one. Everyone drools over my Jim, but he is all mine.” We turned off the clock just before the alarm went off. We dressed and went to the gym for our run. Kyle and Toby were kissing when we walked in.

Kyle ran over to us and said. “Guess what?”

“You lost your tongue in Toby’s mouth?” I teased.

Toby was doubled over laughing and Kyle poked me in the belly. “No you dummy, he wants me to be his boyfriends and Jacob said we could be roommates.” Then did a little quick step dance and quick fist pumps. It was definitely as big a celebration as he could think of at the moment.

“I think you are a little excited little man. We are very happy for you. Maybe we should let you have tonight to celebrate instead of our massage date.”

“No way, we are both looking forward to getting our hands on you guys and we have a bonus of you touching us. It won’t lessen our love for each other.”

“He is right, I can’t explain it, but for me it was love at first sight. I didn’t think it would ever happen, because of our age difference. It’s weird, but I don’t care if it is illegal. I love the kid and he loves me too.” He kissed Kyle. “He said we can be naked with you guys but nothing sexual at all, is that right?”

“Well, Adam and I talked about it. We have changed our minds. As long as we are together we think playing with others would be fun. Anal sex remains only between us, but other than that we want to have fun with you guys.”

“Yippee!” Kyle screamed and jumped in the air.

“My little lover said it better than I ever could.” He kissed Kyle again. “Every one of the crew has been dreaming about you two hunks. A couple of guys got to play with some of your buddies and the rest of us are all envious and hoping to get a chance at some of you guys. You are all so sexy.”

“Thanks guys but we better get our run in, we have a long day today.” I swatted Kyle’s butt softly. “I can’t wait to see that cute little but naked.”

Kyle bent over lowered his shorts and shook his butt at us. He parted his legs to give us a better look of his balls. Toby knelt behind him and started licking his hole. “Oh that feels so good. Let’s go to our room and have some more fun.” They both hugged us and left.

After our run and shower we dressed in shorts and tee shirt and went in to the small dinning room for breakfast. The chef set up a wonderful buffet with a lot of different fruits and everything else you could imagine for our pleasure. He came out and said. “Maggs told me to remind you boys that fruit was your friend on these long days. She also told me to remind you that you need to take a couple of energy bars with you to the tournament.” He grinned. “She didn’t say it, but I definitely felt my manhood threatened if I didn’t pass along the message just as she sent it.”

We both laughed. “It is not your manhood, but ours that she was threatening. She definitely runs the ship at home.”

“She has always been fanatic about my breakfast. She also sent us here with our supplements. Her favorite saying used to be I don’t want to see my Adam as some pimply faced kid. You better do as I say young man.” He laughed. “I knew better to disobey her.”

We both did as she suggested, but we both put a little egg and sausage on our plate as well. No one else was at breakfast yet, so we ate in silence for most of our breakfast. Daniel and Eric came in and fixed their plates. Daniel was the first to join us. “Man this selection of fruit looks fantastic.”

“It’s as good as it looks.” Adam stated. He grinned evilly. “You guys look dapper this morning. Must have gotten a good night’s rest.” He asked in a veiled statement.

Daniel and Eric looked at each other. “It won’t happen again, but we did jerk each other off. I have to admit it was a lot better than just doing it myself.”

“I liked it a lot. If is not against the rules, I might try something with one of the crew. A few have seemed to be available.”

“There is only one rule and that is don’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. Of course, the captain won‘t let them approach you. It will be up to you to invite them to join you with anything.”

“Hey guys, what does that sign “First day light blue/dark blue” mean?”

I laughed. “That is our dress code. We will all be wearing light blue shirts with dark blue slacks for first day matches.”

“So you guys are playing as a team.”

“I guess you could say that, but to be honest, we just wanted dress like we were family. We think of each other as brothers, if anything we are closer than brothers. We don‘t seem to have any of that sibling rivalry that most brothers have. Even Frank and Paul who are brothers, have bonded much closer than they were before our little band of brother came about.”

“Can I ask you guys something?”

“Sure you can ask, we might not answer, but feel free to ask.”

“Do all gay guys have big cocks? You guys all do, that is for sure.”

We both laughed. “I don’t know that. I would assume we are endowed the same as the straight population. I had a tiny little dick when I first figured out I was gay.” Adam laughed.

“I never like to generalize or put people in groups, but I think as a general statement, most gay guys work a little harder to keep themselves in shape. I know a couple of chubby guys that their cocks looks smaller because they have extra flesh around it. To be honest, I have never thought about it. My favorite cock is just perfect and happens to be attached to the man I love.”

When it was time to leave it was raining. The crew told us to go to the wet deck so that we wouldn’t have to worry about the rain. When we got there the shuttle boat was in the bay waiting for us. The crew had a bowl set up with plenty of energy bars available for to take with us. We all had small matching leather backpacks to store the things like the energy bars we wanted to take with us.

“Damn you guys look great.” Eric made an exaggerated effort of checking us out. “Even the embroidery looks expensive.” Our shirts had our initials on the sleeve and T. D. B. over the left pocket. The covered shuttle took us to a different dock than we had taken before. We easily see why. This dock was completely covered and we took a covered walk to where the limo was waiting. It was completely covered the whole way.

Of course the limo let us out under the covered part of the hotel. Once we all got out and started into the casino a hotel representative stopped us and asked Daniel and Eric to step aside. They did, we went inside and waited for them. We saw Daniel laugh big and Eric just walked away. Daniel turned around and said something we didn’t hear.

When they caught up to us Daniel said. “They had the nerve to tell us they had room for us now.” Eric told them. “No way in hell would we want those rooms. As we were walking away, I couldn’t resist telling him. We are staying at a place that makes your hotel seem second or third class.”

We checked in, got our table assignments and the day’s schedule. I called the chef to let him know when to bring lunch and dinner. Our body guards were required to stay behind the ropes and they were very nervous not being allowed to be close to protect us. I don’t know how many tables they have in this giant room but it had to be over three hundred.

I was standing around the table waiting for the tournament director to get us seated and started. Daniel wasn’t very far away and he came of and said. “Watch this turkey. He’s pretty tough. Jim, this is Gavin. Gavin this is Jim, the guy that came to town and eat all our lunch.”

Gavin held out his hand and I shook it. “Nice meeting you Gavin.”

“Glad I don’t play cash games. I loved that you had Phil cussing for a month after you busted him. I wasn’t even there, but I still needled him about it.”

“He has to be a lot better tournament player than what I seen of him in cash games.”

“Isn’t that the truth. I am for sure, that’s why I don’t play cash games much either.”

“I have never played in a big tournament like this before. I have online a lot, but then only sit and go’s. I play tournaments online, I have played in one that I played like six or seven hours and then got knocked out by a guy that went all in pre flop with pocket deuces. I had pocket aces, so of course I called. The guy flopped quad fours and I lost interest quickly. I got out four or five hands later. I mean the guy with deuces was not short stacked at all. I decided then and there I didn’t have the temperament for online tournaments.”

The early going had people going and coming quickly. By the first break we had lost a hundred fifty people. I had built up a chip stack of about twenty times our starting amount which was a little better than the average count, but no where near the chip leader. I met up Adam he was about the same as I was with chips. “Thanks for this birthday present. It is the best ever. I know we told the six brothers we are giving any money we win to our brothers, and I think we need to include Toby as one of those brothers. Only problem is we haven‘t told them. I hope they understand.”

“They will they are all great guys.” About that time the rest of the crew arrived. Everyone was having a good time and all were still in the tournament and no one was in bad shape. “Guys Adam and I want to talk to you about something. We met a kid in the crew that is going to college in the fall at U of H. He is working toward being a research doctor and wants to work with the kids at St. Jude’s. We are taking him as one of our brothers and hope you want to include do as well.”

“Sure, we know that if you care enough about him to make him a brother we will too.”

“Do you mind if we include him when we divide up any money that Jim and I might win. I know it is a long time before we even think about money, but it was bothering me.”

Tanner laughed. “Why would any of us care, besides, a brother is a brother and it would only be right.”

“Thanks guys, looks like time to get back to our tables.”

We got started playing again and Daniel came up to me. “Can I invite Phil to lunch and dinner with us?”

I looked shocked. “Ivory, not Hellmouth.” He laughed. “I’m not ready to be thrown off the boat just yet.” He laughed.

“Sure I will call the chef to make sure he sends enough.” I folded my hand and left the table and set it up with the chef. He told me he was sending enough for two or three extra anyway, but would make sure he had some extra vegetarian food as well.

As we were breaking for lunch the television people asked me if I would give them and interview. “We can talk after lunch if I have time, but if you want an answer right now no.”

We filled the elevator and Tanner pushed the PH button. “It isn’t working.”

“Use your card in that slot knuckle head.” He did and the elevator started up.

“How was I supposed to know. I’m just a country boy from Texas.” He laughed

Daniel introduced Phil to us. He was as nice and also quiet as he is on TV. When the elevator opened into our suite he said. “Damn, you guys staying here? This place is nice.”

“No, they are just using this as a dressing room and a dinning room too I guess. Well, since I am staying with them I guess I should say we.”

“I can smell the food, you guys wash up and I will go make sure they are ready for us.”

I walked in to the dinning room and to my surprise Kyle came and hugged me. He was wearing a tux just as the other four boys were. “Where are the guards?” I asked no one in particular.

“They are set up in the other room. Chef said that was the only way we could seat everyone at once in this place.”

The others started coming into the room. “Go ahead guys, I am going to wash up real quick.”

I washed my hands and face and was soon back and found an empty seat next to Adam. We were all enjoying the food. Phil was the first one to speak. “This food is better than what they serve in their restaurant.”

“That’s because it was prepared by one of the best chefs in the world. I could believe I was spending a week eating his food. He even brought in one of his assistants because I’m a vegetarian. Their boat makes this penthouse look like a bungalow.”

“You are on that big ass yacht taking up half the harbor?”

“Yep, best thing that ever happened to me was having my hotel room flood and run into Jim. Jim is the guy that came to town a couple of years ago that Hellmouth thought he could fleece in a cash game.”

“Phil choked. Nice meeting you Jim. If I remember correctly Hellmouth wasn’t the only one he raped that weekend. From the stories I heard you must have one three or four million.”

I laughed. “Someone is pulling your leg. I won close to a million, but that is all.”

“That’s what Daniel said. He also said you didn’t let Hellmouth rattle you when he started in on you. He said you didn’t say anything but on statement that shut him up. Is that true?”

“To be honest, I have seen what a cry baby he is on television, so I didn’t pay much attention to his rant. Why you guys call him the poker brat I don’t know. He acts like a spoiled brat to me.”

“You’re right he does, but what you said was. You know mister, Hellmouth they do keep score in poker and the loser usually takes home less money than the winner.” Daniel looked at me. “We all got him to hating you. We would laugh at him every time he made one of his stupid statements, like he can’t wait to bust you. I tried to tell him he might in a tournament, but you would kick him up one side and down the other in a cash game. He went into one of his rants trying to tell us how much money he won in cash games, but didn’t play anymore. We laughed at him and I’m afraid we made him even madder at you. Sorry, Jim, it seemed like the thing to do at the time.”

“It’s no problem, he can’t do anything to me that I don’t let him do. That is one thing my father was adamant about.”

After eating, we started downstairs. I lagged back a little. I hugged Kyle. “You look mighty handsome all dressed up.:

“Thanks Jim. You guys do good.”

“Will do little man.” I caught up with the guys before the elevator opened.

“Why did those guys insist on going down before we did?”

“They were part of our security detail. Daniel neglected to tell you there are some inconveniences in hanging with us. We have gotten used to it, so it doesn’t bother us much, but it is what it is.” Adam told him.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound as negative as it sounded. I was just curious.”

“It’s not as easy being very rich as some people think. Most of us are not rich at all, but Jim and Adam have adopted us as their brothers, so we had adjust to some extra people around. It is kind of funny that we don’t even thing about it anymore.”

“I forgot to say anything earlier, but those uniforms you guys are wearing look awesome. Can I ask what T. D. B. means?”

All the guys that were there nodded. “Three dollar bill.”

He crinkled his brow. He thought of a moment longer. “You are all queer as a three dollar bill?”

“That’s it.”

“I would never have guessed any of you are gay, let alone all of you. I didn’t mean I should be able to guess you were gay, but of my five gay friends, three of them are obvious.” He laughed. “I guess your fashion could have been a clue. I just wish I could dress that nicely.”

I was almost back to the table when the television lady stopped me. “You said you would give me an interview after the lunch break.”

“No, I told you I would talk to you about it. What exactly do you want to interview me about? After all the tournament has just begun.”

“Someone said that you were one of the richest men in the world, is that true?”

“You know, I haven’t met that many people, but none of them are named Someone. I can’t fathom what they might have told you.”

“Are you one of the richest men in the world?”

“That I can answer. That is none-ya.”


“None-ya damn business.” I walked off. I went to Adam’s table and whispered to him what I had done, just in case they might ask him the same thing, I wanted us to be on the same page. We had listed our occupation on our entry as partners in AJ Farms, so it seems likely they would tackle him next.

Daniel stopped me on the way back to my table. “I heard your interview and was laughing my ass off. My guess is that Hellmouth is ‘Someone’.” He punched my arm. “IF they tell you it was him when they ask again. You should tell them about taking a quarter of a million from him the only time you have played together that might encourage him to keep his mouth shut.”

“Will do, thanks bro.”

I got back to the table just in time to keep from being folded. I was on the button and had Ace King of hearts, so I raised. Most people raise on the button even if they don’t have a very good hand. The small blind called my raise. The big blind was fairly short stacked, and raised all-in. I called. The small blind didn’t have much more that the all-in so he went all-in as well. I would still have half my chips so I called. They both had pocket threes, so they were not going to get sets. Well, not three’s anyway. The flop was six of hearts, Ace of spades, and nine of hears. The hand was over and I had gained a good chuck of chips.

“You timed that just right. Nice hand.” Gavin said.

“Thanks, luck counts in this game.” We laughed and he offered his fist, which I bumped.

A few hands later Gavin on my right raised four times the big blind. I looked and was surprised to see pocket Aces. I only called. The table folded around to the big blind who went all-in. Gavin went all-in when it was his turn. I had the chip lead at the table and had them both covered. When you know you have the best hand pre flop there is no way I would fold the pocket aces. When I called Gavin slapped his hand and said “No.” The big blind had pocket fours and Gavin had ace king. When I turned over my pocket aces he said. “I knew I was beat as soon as you called.”

The flop was king, queen, jack. The turn was ace of clubs. Gavin and I would split with a ten, he could win with a king, the big blind could win with a four. If I could dodge those cards I would gain a huge amount of chips. The river was a jack and I got a ton of chips. They broke our table and I drew a seat at the feature table. To my disappointment Adam was at the table. We had already discussed this possibility and we decided that when one of us was behind the other that we would not raise each other’s raise unless we were sure we had the hand won and then only if we would not knock the other out. Since we at the feature table we would have to hide our cards from the card camera. At least until the other was not in the hand.

“You two look a lot alike and are dressed alike. Are you brothers?”

He was looking at me so I answered. “We are don’t share parents, but we are brothers in spirit.”

“I have seen you two before somewhere. Did you by chance have a horse in the Kentucky Derby?”

“Yes we did. Our horse Special Stare came in second.” Adam smiled.

“I remember now. He got stepped on and had to set out the Preekness, but won the Belmont. I won a lot of money on him and would have made a fortune if he had won the derby. Beautiful horse.”

“Thank you.” Adam and I said together. We were setting across from each other which made it hard for me to focus on cards when I had my beautiful boyfriend in my sight.

On the first hand I played after sitting at the table Adam called the big blind from the early position. They folded around to me. I looked at my cards and had pocket kings. I made sure to look at my cards where the camera couldn’t see them. I raised six times the big blind to let Adam know I was strong. The Big blind called and Adam folded. I looked at my hand again so the camera could see. The flop came king, six, six. The big blind raised almost the size of the pot. I looked at my cards again, ran my fingers through my hair and tried to look frustrated. I let out a sigh and just called. I was hoping my acting wasn’t over the top. The turn was seven of hearts. Big Blind went all-in and I wasted no time in calling. He knew he was beat and he was. He turned over king queen. “Nice hand Jim. Glad I was smart enough to fold my ace queen.” Adam shared.

We played along a few hands and Adam raised my big blind. The small blind called. I had ace king, so I re-raised. Adam called, so I knew he had a good hand. The small blind called. The flop came ace, king, ace. The small blind checked. I would normally have checked, but with Adam in the hand I had to let him know I was big. I bet half the pot. Adam called, so I knew he had a good hand too. The turn was seven of hearts. The small blind checked. Adam didn’t have a whole lot of chips, but I have the nuts on the board. I checked. Adam too awhile but checked too. The river was four of clubs. I still have the nuts. The small blind goes all-in and I have to call. Adam called too. I was afraid I too most of Adam’s chips. He had a pained look on his face when he called.

The small blind had a king, seven. Adam and I both had ace king so we split the pot. We both laughed. “I guess we both got lucky.” I teased.

“Or unlucky. Kind of hard to think of the nuts being a split pot.”

“I can’t think of anyone better to split a pot with.”

We both added to our stack during the rest of the day. When it was time for the dinner break we were the first two to the elevator and one of our guards was in the elevator when the door opened. We finally got everyone on the elevator. “I hope I am invited to dinner.” Phil said.

“Sure you are. Didn’t we tell you so?”

“Yes, but the more I thought about it, I wasn’t positive and I didn’t want to just intrude.”

“Just consider yourself invited for the rest of the tournament and you will not be confused.”

Everyone was above the average chip stack, so dinner was enjoyable. Daniel said. “Damn, I would never believed out of the eight of you all of you have made it this far. It is not easy to do. I have been out early the first day more times that I would like to admit.”

“Don’t jinx us man. We still have to get twenty-three people out before we make it to day two.”

“Didn’t mean to do that. Hell, Eric and I very seldom both have good first sessions during the same tournament. I think you guys are our good luck charms.”

“Everyone has complimented how nice our uniforms are. I think we are becoming celebrities just for our dress.”

“Dress, I aint wearing no stinking dress.” Adam teased. “If I did Jim would have had he foot up my dress all afternoon.” He laughed.

“I love looking at my Adam, but it hard to play at the same table with him. I know we have both had to pass on playing some hands we wanted to play.”

“Did you know you are fifth on the chip count?”

“Me?” I asked.

“Yep, you are within twenty thousand of the chip leader.”

“I knew I had the most at our table, but didn’t know I was anywhere close to the chip leader.”

The tournament resumed and before long we were down to one hundred forty-eight players so we had all made it to the second session. We made it back to the boat before eight o’clock, so our massage buddies were not waiting for us when we got back. We called them and told them we were going to take a shower and should be out shortly. Kyle said excitedly. “Wait for us. We will shower with you guys. We drew names and I get you first and Toby gets Adam first.”

We couldn’t help but laugh into the speaker phone. “Okay hurry up little man.”

“We have to brush our teeth first and we will be right there.” They hung up, we looked at each other.


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