Golf Balls and Boy Balls
Jim Carter

Part 6

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From Part 5:

“I love looking at my Adam, but it hard to play at the same table with him. I know we have both had to pass on playing some hands we wanted to play.”

“Did you know you are fifth on the chip count?”

“Me?” I asked.

“Yep, you are within twenty thousand of the chip leader.”

“I knew I had the most at our table, but didn’t know I was anywhere close to the chip leader.”

The tournament resumed and before long we were down to one hundred forty-eight players so we had all made it to the second session. We made it back to the boat before eight o’clock, so our massage buddies were not waiting for us when we got back. We called them and told them we were going to take a shower and should be out shortly. Kyle said excitedly. “Wait for us. We will shower with you guys. We drew names and I get you first and Toby gets Adam first.”

We couldn’t help but laugh into the speaker phone. “Okay hurry up little man.”

“We have to brush our teeth first and we will be right there.” They hung up, we looked at each other.

Now to Part 6:


“I guess we better brush too.” Adam said.

“Yes, wouldn’t want to knock our dates over with our bad breath.” We both laughed. We decided to stay full clothed and we were going to make our dates undress us without much help from us.

When they knocked and Adam opened the door, they hurried inside. They only had shorts on and their backpacks. They were both quickly naked and kissing us. Those boys were both beautiful and soon we were as hard as they were. Kyle said. “Help me Jim.” In frustration as he was trying to undress me. He had my shirt off and my pants down. He sat on the floor and started taking off my shoes. He looked over at Toby and saw he was having the same trouble. “Hey Tobes. They must not want us tonight. Let’s go shower without them.”

“Cool, I can’t wait to suck his beautiful cock, but we have always been taught we couldn’t force anyone to play with us.” They both just left us and started the shower.

We were naked and with them before they got in. Our attempt to tease them was easily turned on us. All four of us

We were naked and with them before they got in. Our attempt to tease them was easily turned on us. All four of us were hard all through our shower. Adam and I love to wash each other’s hair, but it was a little different washing Kyle’s hair. He was enough shorter, I can look down on his hair, but his mouth was at my nipple level and he kept it busy.

I loved washing his cute little butt and he was moaning with his acknowledgment that he was enjoying it. The same was happening with Adam and Toby. I started washing his cock and balls. Kyle said. “I love you washing me, but I’m about to cum.” I rinsed him quickly and got my mouth on his pretty little five inch cock just before I felt his cum hitting my mouth. I did my best to savor his cum but there was too much of it and I had to swallow. When he came down from his orgasmic high he said. “That was so good, but I wanted it to last a lot longer.”

“Don’t worry little bro, we have plenty of time.”

“Now, it’s my turn to wash your hair. Just stay down there on your knees and it will be perfect.” Kyle’s hands on me felt wonderful. Adam and Toby were constantly locked in a lip lock.

We got out and started drying ourselves. We knew not to try to dry each other or we would both probably drop a load and I think we both wanted to save it. “Is your neck and shoulders sore from sitting all day?”

“Actually not as bad as I thought they would be. Some of the people playing get massages while they are playing. I thought to myself, if you had two hunky boys waiting to massage you after it was over you wouldn’t want that massage.” I kissed his nose. “I thought about you and Toby every time I saw someone getting a massage.”

“Cool, Toby and I were excited all day and we both were horny, but we wanted to save it for tonight. He won the bet though, I had to cum before we got out of the shower. I thought I could hold our longer than he did.”

“You silly boy. At fourteen you are a little cum machine. At least I was at that age. I can’t remember how many times I would cum at the slightest touch.”

“Get on the table and lay on your belly. I will massage your back first.” I noticed they had added a second table to our room and had all the oils out. He put two or three different one in the warmer. “I am just going to barely touch you until these warm up. He had a stool he used when he wanted to touch the other side of me. His light touches were getting me very excited. I had to move my cock more than once trying to keep from getting too excited and dropping my load before I was ready. He spread my cheeks and said. “Do you and Adam shave back here. It looks awesome and so inviting.”

“Yes, we shave each other every few weeks. We like having a hairless valley for when we use out tongues back there.”

“I like that. Toby isn’t too hairy back there, but I think I will talk him into shaving each other.”

“I already thought of that when I saw Adam was shaved back there. We will do it for sure.” He grabbed one of the oils from the warmer. “The oils are ready.”

Kyle got a bottle and rubbed some into his hands. He climbed on the table and straddled my lower back. He began to rub the oil into my neck and shoulders. Adam and I moaned at the same time. He both had to chuckle at that. “I know I’m heavier, but would mind if I straddled you too.” Toby asked Adam.

“I think you better or I am going to have suck that hard dick. Maybe if it is out of sight it will be out of mind as they say.”

“No way, Kyle’s penis on my skin is very much in mind. How do you guys have room on the table. Adam and I tried that and the we had a lot of trouble keeping our legs on the sides without slipping off.”

The boys laughed. “We noticed it was the regular size table in here when we were setting up for tonight. He had the one here replaced and the one brought in with heavy duty tables. The heavy duty ones are good for more than just heavy people.”

“Good to know, don’t let them take these out of here.” I heard Adam moan again, followed by my own. “You have magic fingers little man.”

“Do you like my massage better than Adam’s?” He giggled.

“It is almost as good. The real difference is that I know its Adam. I don’t want to hurt your feelings little man, but the best massage in the world won’t compare to having my Adam’s hands on me. It’s not as physical, as it is spiritual. He is the love of my life. I believe we are soul mates and he massages my soul as well as my body.”

“That’s a beautiful way of saying what I was thinking. I feel the same way about Jim, but you are doing fantastic Toby.”

Kyle turned around and rested his butt on my back and started working on my butt. He moved my legs apart and began rubbing. “Your balls look awesome from behind.” He licked my nuts. “Oops, I forgot what I was doing for a second.” He hopped off the table and began massaging my legs and feet. He was well trained. He had me turn over and he got some more oil on his hands. He worked on the front of my legs. He hopped on the table and straddled my legs. My cock was hard as a rock and laying on my belly, but also rising regularly. Kyle was just staring at my cock with his hands barely moving. He bent over and kissed my cock, gave it a few licks and took it in his mouth. He came off my cock and said. “I almost couldn’t wait, but I want to suck you on the bed, not this table.”

When he finished we traded places. I started massaging his shoulders and neck. It was nice touching his silky skin. This is one very cute kid and I am sitting back on his little bubble butt. I realized that I had lost my erection. I looked down to verify something that seemed very odd to me. I looked over at Adam and saw him looking back at me. He had a worried look on his face. He was rubbing Toby shoulders just like I was Kyle. He reached down and flopped his flaccid dick. I did the same. We both shrugged and stifled a laugh.

I did get another erection when I massaged Kyle’s little butt. I looked over and Adam was showing me his too. We smiled and continued on with the massages. When I had him turn over, he was rock hard and bouncing off his tummy with every twitch of his cock. When I got up to his thighs. “Jim, I can’t hold it again. Please suck me before I just cum on myself.” I took his cock in my mouth quickly and even before I could close my lips around the base of his cock, my mouth was hit with his sweet cum. I quickly closed and gobbled and sucked his cum. When he had calmed down a bit. I smiled at him. “I’m relaxed now, can we move to the bed.”

“Sure, let me help you up.”

“He laughed. “It won’t be long, but it will take a minute or two before I’m up again.”

“Wrong, You are up again already as usual.” Toby teased as they went with us to the bedroom. “He’s a little cum machine, but I love it.” He giggled.

We all snickered trying hard not to laugh. He just shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t care what you say. Now I get to suck your dick.” He kissed me before diving on my dick and licking every inch before swallowing my hard flesh. Adam and I were side by side with the boys between our legs. We kissed tenderly while they pleasured us. When we unloaded in their hot mouths we were kissing passionately. They saw us kissing and they started kissing passionately too.

When they went into the other bedroom, Adam whispered. “Well, that was not my best idea. I thought it would be fun, but I was missing you the whole time. It wasn’t fair to those two cuties.”

“I think they are happy and I don’t think they mined that we cut the session short.” I whispered back. “I think we are going to have a problem separating them when Toby goes to school.”

“I was thinking the same thing. We need to find a way to take him home with us. I think Toby will give up his dream so he can stay with Kyle.”

We put on our running shorts, did some quick stretches, and went to get our nightly run in. We ran our ten miles and then headed back to our cabin. Almost back and Adam said. “Let’s call Jamie tomorrow morning and try to set up a meeting with the people that control Kyle’s fate. I guess we should discuss Toby with them too.”

“Great idea. I knew there was something about you I loved.”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can something I love about you if I try hard enough. Smart ass.”

We stopped right there and kissed deeply. “You two need to get a room.” Eric teased. We hadn’t noticed him as we walked by the pool.

“We are on our way. Goodnight Eric.”

“Oh, I need to tell you I entered you two in a tennis tournament tomorrow. It is an invitation only tournament and the entry fee is twenty thousand each. It is single set until the finals. The finals are best two out of three. We will draw for seeding in the morning. Jim, your old buddy Phil Hellmouth wanted me to invite you, instead I just entered you both. It is limited to sixteen people. From how fit you two are, I assume you will be the two to beat. I contributed my twenty thousand. I have never seen either of you play, but from the way the guys talk, you two are very good.”

“If it was doubles, I would say Adam can carry my ass. Singles I will have to bet on Adam.”

“Don’t let him fool you. Three months ago, I was still able to beat him, but now, I guarantee he can beat me any given game. We are about as equal as I have ever seen two people. None of our friends want to play us anymore, but they do just because they love us.”

“Did I mention we are only playing two places? It is split sixty forty. Maybe you guys will draw into separate sides of the bracket and play for it all.”

“If we win any of the money we will give it to First Tee or if there is one of those same types of group for underprivileged kids for tennis here, we will split it. I know Jim likes do that and so do I.”

“Do we need a check or cash?”

‘The best thing is just to get chips. We also have side bets, so you might want to get some extra to bet on the side.”

“I doubt we bet much unless it is on one of us. We don’t have a clue how any of you guys play.”

“Daniel or I usually win these, but we do in golf too. When they heard how badly you beat us, they made sure you were not invited for the golf on day after tomorrow.”

“ Are you and Daniel going back to Las Vegas as soon as the tournament is over. We talked about staying a couple of days to unwind before going home, but we may not. We have pretty flexible plans.” He laughed.

“Stay with us. We were planning to go to few other islands once it is over, just to do the tourist bit for my birthday. Then we will cruise back to Key West and spend the night at the castle before flying home. We will have the crew take you to Las Vegas after dropping us off at Houston.”

“Can we spend a couple of days with you guys in Houston? Daniel and I both want to meet this Maggs and Max. We have heard so much about them and how awesome they are.”

We both laughed. “Sure you can. You will be surprised how tiny Maggs is, but she keeps us in line. She has been with Adam for a long time and I love her like a mother.”

“Yes, she is like a mother to me. My mother has not been around much and I think of her more like an aunt or something. Maggs is my mother in every way but birth.”

“That just adds to the mystery. From the way everyone was talking, I pictured her as a big woman wielding a spatula as a scepter keeping everyone in line.”

“I’ll leave her a message.” Adam pulled out his phone and dialed her message center. “Hey my favorite Maggs’ message center. I just wanted to let you know we will be bringing some people home with us. Two of them are Daniel and Eric we told you about that are staying on the boat with us. Daniel is the veggie only dude.” He looked at me but continued on. “We are going to bring a kid that is going to UH home with us, well, we are planning on it. He will be there permanently or until he leaves.” I chuckled. ”Now I have a surprise for you. We hope to bring home a fourteen year old kid named Kyle. He will be staying with Toby the college dude we told you about. We will be trying to set up a meeting with the Youth Foundation folks there in Houston when we get back. Since you don’t have us boys to harass, we don’t have a clue when you get up, so call us tomorrow, I’m sure you are full of questions. Oh, I forgot, Eric said he imagines you as a big fat woman wielding a spatula at any and all of us from the guys’ stories. Wasn’t Jim or I, I don’t think we said anything about you, so blame the boys. Just kidding. We love you Maggs.”

“Now, I’m afraid to meet her.” He laughed.

“Maggs will love you.”

“I noticed you call them the boys. Aren’t they all older than you, Adam?”

Adam laughed. “Well at least by age. That is the way Maggs refers to them as the boys. So that is why I used that term.”

“So are you guys trying to adopt that kid you were talking about? I know it is none of my business, just wondering, he is one great kid. He is always so friendly and wanting to help everyone.”

“It’s a long story, but I will give you a short version and maybe it will make sense. You heard the captain talking about the work program for kids in Youth Foundation. Well, we heard that Toby wants to be a research doctor at Saint Jude’s. We thought we would help him by paying for all of his schooling and needs as opposed to him having to go by the foundation rules. Kyle is his boyfriend. Before you say anything about their ages, we don’t condone adults taking advantage of kids, but we know that is not the case with these two. They remind us of ourselves and we knew immediately that we were in love, long before the sex. We are just trying to make it possible for Toby to realize his dream. We don’t think he will follow his dream until he can be with Kyle and that might mean he has to abandon that dream. We can afford to provide for Kyle and send him to the best private schools.”

“I think that is great. I am astounded at how much you do for your ‘guys’. They do love you both. I think you guys are closer than most brothers. With that said, I think you should take one of them with you to that meeting.”

“We’ll think about it, but the last thing we want to do is give them the impression we are running a brothel.”

“I didn’t think about that. I guess I am getting so used to being around you guys just how handsome you all are.” We said our goodbyes and Adam and I started to walk away. “Oh, I almost forgot to ask. May Daniel and I use the swing training area you showed us?”

“Sure.” Again Adam got his phone out of his pocket. “Hi, this is Adam, is there someone that can help Eric and Daniel with the golf area?” Adam listened. “No, Toby is busy is there anyone else?” Again he listened. “Yes, that will be wonderful. Thanks David.” He hung up and looked at Eric. “David will be there to help you as soon as another of the kids get there to relieve him on the concierge desk. You are getting the best. He has been trained longer than anyone and supervised the latest upgrades. He has run the equipment for us and he is great. He does a thousand percent better than when we try it ourselves.”

“Yes he is fantastic at running those computers and playback equipment. We have talked to him about going to college in Houston and living with us, so that we can take advantage of his knowledge. He has tentatively agreed, but wants to make sure it won’t be a problem with his foundation account. We didn’t tell him we were the foundation, so I’m confident we will have him on our equipment at home when school starts.”

Adam’s phone rang. “Hi Maggs. I didn’t expect to hear from you tonight. Oh, someone here wants to say hello to you.” He laughed. “No, besides Jim. This is Eric one of the guys I told you about.” Adam put his phone on speaker.

“Hello Eric. I’m not a big woman, but I do carry a big stick to keep all these young men in line.”

“Hi, Maggs, I must admit, just from the sound of your voice, I know, I better take you serious.”

“I’m an old softy and don’t let them tell you any different. Adam, I trust that you and Jim have those young men’s interest at heart, so bring them on. I will talk to you when you get home. Max agrees that we trust what you think is best for the boys will be and we will help anyway you need us.”

“Thanks Maggs, we knew you would, but thought we should warn you. We will let you know when we will be home when we know better when that will be. We are still being very flexible in our schedule. Why don’t you do some preliminary searches for some help for around the house, we might be bringing a few others into our home and try to make sure that the person you find will be able to handle some minor tutoring if any of the boys might need that. Oh well, we might just hire a full time tutor if we need one. Just make sure you get some additional help to take a lot of your load off. More of us will need a mother figure more than ever.”

“You boys always make me cry. Shut up and take care you yourselves. Bye now, I don’t want to cry.” She hung up.

Before taking our shower we called the concierge and asked him to get us a couple hundred thousand chips each for tomorrow. We told him that the concierge desk should have an authorization somewhere and if not to call us back in our suite. We showered and were soon fast asleep in each other’s arms.

We had just finished our breakfast and were seeing the guys off that were playing their first day today. Of course, they were dressed exactly as we were yesterday. As the launch was loading the captain came up to us and said. “Jim, Adam, I would like to introduce Captain John. He is the captain of the Whisperwind.”

We shook hands with him and greeted him. “We brought the package to Captain James that arrived the same day you left port. I must admit that when I saw the table you made I was very jealous.”

“We sent the first table to make sure that the captain liked it before making the others.”

“It is beautiful and yes I like it very much. Each of the custom china plates with the name and the image of the boat cost over a thousand each. I can’t imagine what this is worth.”

“The workmanship is flawless. I am impressed with your woodworking skills.”

I saw Tanner close by. “Tanner come here a second.” Tanner came over. “Tanner these two captains were impressed with the table and want us to continue making them until we make them all.” Tanner smiled and thanked them.

“So you are the genius behind that beautiful table?”

“No, Jim is the one that was inspired by the plate he brought back with them on their last trip. I just worked with him. You wouldn’t believe how many patterns we made until we got them so that the light wood fit perfectly into the darker wood. Between the three of us, we probably sanded and rubbed that table enough to make it family.” He laughed.

“When you get around to making my tables, they should be easier. My boat has Walnut wood and is not nearly so exotic.” He laughed. Maybe you want to do mine first. Of course, if Captain James was here, he would want his too. Just know we will be keeping up with the progress.” He laughed.

“Actually to make the rest we plan to use the existing tables and just cutting the inlay. We have had a tool made that will automate the cutting from one pattern. When we get the tool it will be easy to turn out the tables a lot quicker.”

“Jim, can I talk to you and Adam privately for a few minutes?”

“Sure captain, let’s talk in the lounge.”

“Jamie said you wanted him to set up a meeting with the director of the youth foundation. He was giving me a heads up, because he thought you might be more amenable to taking some advice from me rather than him. He said you wanted to get Toby to Houston for him college training and that you thought Kyle and Toby needed to stay together. He said he wanted to tell you to not approach the director with that. The director is a good man and he is a bean counter and tries to be above board with the states laws and wouldn’t approve anything that might hint of something he couldn’t sell to any state child welfare organization. He said you need to find a way to do this without mentioning that the boys want to stay together.”

The captain poured a cup of coffee. We could tell he wasn’t finished, so we waited until he spoke again. “Kyle saw the table when we first unpacked it. He was very impressed and commented that he would love to be able to do something like that with wood. Maybe you might approach the director with a work program for your woodworking shop. Another thing you might not be aware of. Before Mark died, your dad’s were planning on moving your classic and exotic car operation to Houston and had already presented the program and were approved to be one of the work programs for the foundation.”

“We have a classic and exotic car operation?”

“You didn’t find the toy box at the castle?”

“No, we didn’t.”

“On your way home, you need to check it out. They have a Corvette from every year they were made. The last thirty-three years models have never been driven except on and off the carrier when taken to shows. You have a ton of muscle cars. The building is almost full and they two guys that take care of them have been bugging Jamie to find them something to do.”

“Why was our dad’s going to move the operation to Houston?”

“They said they were going to leave some in Key West and they have already built a museum display on the grounds of B&M, but it is empty. Houston was better located for auto shows. I gathered from some of the things they said, that they were planning on letting the kids refurbish some classic cars, but mostly they would be building show cars.”

“Thanks captain, we were planning on talking to you and Jamie both before we talked to the director. You can tell Jamie that we would have been happy to hear from him as well. We assume that he might think we were more arrogant than we really are. When we first met him, we were very apprehensive because of the secrecy that surrounded our fist meeting. We have tried to assure him that we appreciate all his help, but I’m sure we didn’t come across to well when we first met.”

“It isn’t that. The next thing I have to tell you is the director knows you are free tomorrow and he is planning to come meet with you tomorrow at noon, when Jamie told him that you were playing in a poker tournament and wouldn’t be free except tomorrow, he decided to come.”

“His coming here is one thing but, on a Sunday? I’m impressed.”

“Jamie doesn’t understand why he wants to do this, but he plans to meet him at the airport and come with him on the helicopter.”

“Oh well, no use worrying about what we can’t control. You have given us a heads up how we should approach the work program.”

There was a knock on the door. Daniel was outside, we motioned him in. “Sorry to interrupt, but we need to go or they will just take our money and not let us have a chance to win it.”

“Thanks Daniel.” We all got up and left. We were already dressed for tennis, so we just grabbed our bag. As were about to board the shuttle, the concierge came and gave us our chips and asked us to sign for it.

We put our chips in a pouch and gave it to one of our body guards. We paid our fees and drew our position in the tournament. I drew number two and was in the first game on court one. Adam drew eleven and was the second game on court two. We were on opposite sides of the bracket, so we could end up playing each other in the finals.

I started stretching to get ready for my match. Turns out that Phil Hellmouth drew the first pill and was my opponent for the first game. He came up to me and said. “Want to make a side bet?”

“Make it easy on yourself. I’ll cover anything you want to bet.”

“How about another twenty grand?”

“You got the bet.” We shook hands.

“I’ll bet you another hundred grand that you made a bad bet.” Adam spoke up.

“I don’t want to bet that much.”

Adam just laughed. Several people were watching. “In that case you made a good bet. Jim will kick your butt so badly that your ass will still be sore next week.” This was a side of Adam I had never seen before. He was goading Phil. I know we both think his nickname should be spoiled brat instead of poker brat, but I have never seen him show his dislike so harshly before. “Oh well, if you grow a pair, look me up. I will cover anything you want to bet.”

I saw Phil trying to get some backers, but most just laughed.

When they called us to the court, we started warming up. I soon realized that Phil was a good player. When we were practicing our serves, Daniel said we need to get more line people over here. When they got some additional line judges in place, we started. It didn’t take long and I won the first match six love.

The first game on the second court was only about half over when I went to check on Adam. He was stretching and getting in a little cardio before his match. When I walked up he said. “Guess who I’m playing?”

“The bracket says Scott something. I didn’t recognize the name.”

He laughed. “He was the juniors champion a few years ago. I played him once just before he was too old for juniors. He spanked me like crazy.”

“Just play your game. That was a long time ago. Return the spanking. Don’t you dare let him beat you.” I spoke up. “Hey Scott, are you interested in a side bet?”

“How much?”

“Make it easy on yourself. I’ll bet anything you want and then bet you that you made a bad bet.”

“I’ll bet you another twenty thousand, but that is enough for me.”

We shook and he went back to get ready to play. “You asshole, just put the pressure on me now so you won’t lose your bet.”

I kissed him. “No pressure just beat that clown.”

Then Scott said. “I should have known you were a fag.”

“Just think, you will have to admit to your asshole buddies that this fag kicked your ass. I’m not the same little kid you beat five or six years ago.” They were called to the court and once they warmed up, the match began.

Scott was the first to serve and held his serve, but Adam took him to four deuces before he won that game. Adam won his serve at love. When it was over, Adam won the match six three. Scott gave me the chips he owed me and said. “Sorry, Adam. I was out of line before. My brother is gay and I love him to death. Good luck in the poker tournament, you have this tennis tournament won.”

“Don’t bet on it. Jim is still in the tournament. By the way, let me introduce you to my partner Jim. We shook hands. If you are better than this guy, I’m glad I didn’t have to play you.”

“I’m not. He makes me look good in doubles, but in singles, he is the star of the family.”

“Don’t let him fool you. He only started playing a little over a year ago and he is no push over anymore.”

We both sailed through our brackets and soon it was time for the finals. Daniel came over and said. “You guys won’t believe how much money is being bet. Everyone that Jim played is betting on him and everyone that Adam played is betting on him. I have seen you both play and I think it is too much of a gamble to pick either one of you. You are both going to play your best aren’t you?”

“Yes, we have already decided to try our best to win. We don’t usually like playing each other, but we plan to fight it out.” We were both playing very well. Neither of us lost a service game in the first set. Adam ended up winning the set tie breaker so he won seven six. In the second set I won the tie breaker so it was also seven six. Our third game was a very long tie breaker which Adam finally won twenty-three, twenty-one. We got a very long ovation. A lot of people told us they enjoyed our match. I have to admit, I was surprised that Adam didn’t just dominate me.

“Damn, I’m glad you are my partner. I thought that last ball was out but it was called in. I thought we might be here all day trying to finish this game.” We hugged. “We are going to have to play more often. I think we are a toss-up as to who wins. I played my best tennis and you could have easily won.”

“It goes against my grain wanting to beat you, but I can’t help it once the game starts. I I guess we are both that competitive, but I don’t ever want to lose you as my partner. In tennis either.” We hugged again.

“You did have Dave transfer the donation to First Tee didn’t you?”

“Yes, but I forgot to tell him to shuffle our tee times tomorrow if possible.” I called Dave. “Dave, it’s Jim, I forgot that we need to shuffle our tee times tomorrow if we can. We have this tight ass bean counter coming tomorrow at noon. I’m sorry, I don’t have a clue if he is a tight assed bean counter or not, I’m just frustrated that we want to take care of this kid that is in love with the guy we told you about that wants to be a doctor at Saint Jude’s, and this guy is the key to that happening. The problem is that we are at the mercy of this guy and we are not used to being at anyone’s mercy.”

I paused and Adam added. “Hey Dave, you should have come with us, you would love this place.” We hung up and went into the club house to change clothes. We showered and changed. As we were exiting the clubhouse, a TV crew and several others stopped us.

“Are you the poker players we were supposed to see about a large donation to the First Tee?” The female reported asked and shoved a microphone in my face.

“I don’t think so. We did transfer a donation to the First Tee this morning, but we aren’t considered poker players and we definitely didn’t call the press.” I looked around and saw Phil Hellmouth standing around with a grin on his face. “Who called you? They are the one that you should see about a donation.”

She looked at her notes. “Phil Hellmouth called and said some poker players wanted to make a large donation to the First Tee.”

I pointed to Phil. “That is Phil Hellmouth and he is a famous poker player, maybe you should ask him for the donation.”

When cornered, he said. “We had a little poker player tennis tournament and those two won the money. They told some of their friends they would donate the money to First Tee if they won.”

We heard him try to wiggle his way out of this little debacle. “Phil, why did you call the press and these good people from First Tee if you were not going to give them a donation?” I paused to let him squirm a bit. “You have your checkbook with you don’t you?”

“That’s none of your business. Keep out of my business.”

“Sure thing. You are very correct this is none of our business. I will leave the donations you promised up to you.”

The First Tee kids that had come with their representative, hugged Adam and I. They were all thanking us very profusely. I saw Daniel talking to the representative. I just smiled.

Phil realized that his ploy to make sure we gave the money we won away, had backfired. He gasped and pulled out his checkbook. “I will match the donation they gave you.”

“Thank you so much Mr. Hellmouth that is a very generous donation.” The First Tee representative said. The kids hugged him and thanked him too. “I don’t think we have ever had two, one million dollar donations in one day before.”

“I wasn’t expecting a million dollar donation. I will give you a hundred grand though if you will wait a couple of days to cash the check.”

“We will wait a couple of days before depositing the check, to give you time to shift the funds to your checking account.”

Phil was sweating like it was very hot, instead of the pleasant mid seventies with a nice breeze. “Okay, the money should be there by Wednesday.” I could see the venom in his eyes as he handed her the check and stared at me. Once the cameras were gone. He came rushing over toward Adam and me. Two of our bodyguards stepped in front of us. “You two cost me a hundred grand, I don’t forget something like that.”

Adam said calmly. “We didn’t cost you anything. I don’t really know you Mr. Hellmouth, but you seem to be old enough to be responsible for your own actions. If you have some sort of diminished capacity, you shouldn’t be gambling with your funds. Maybe you can convince them to give your donation back if you tell them you have diminished capacity to make your own decisions.”

“You little cocksucker, better keep your mouth shut.”

Joe (one of our bodyguards) pushed a thumb into his windpipe just enough to let him know his life was in his hands. “Now, I think you need to learn that your actions can cause more severe reactions. Tell Adam that you are sorry for your nasty remark about him being small. He is not little in any sense of the word. While you are at it, you can apologize for the cocksucker remark.” When Phil didn’t respond immediately when he stopped speaking. He pushed a little harder with his thumb. “I won’t give you another warning. Get busy with those apologies.”

“I’m sorry.” Phil choked out.

“What are you sorry for?” Joe demanded.

“Calling him a cocksucker.”

“What else?”

“For saying he was little. I meant young.”

Joe released him. “I won’t be so nice if there is any other reason for me to make sure you play nice with my friends. If you have to sit close to them at the poker tables. You address them as sir or Mister Carter and Mister West.”

“That won’t be necessary Joe. Phil, please call me Adam and him Jim. We don’t like being called mister. We are not hostile to anyone, and we are pretty certain that you won’t be hostile toward us in the future.”

“No sir I won’t.”

“Joe was just doing his job, don’t think badly of him either.” I added.

He rubbed his throat, “I’ll try.”

Once Phil was gone, we were approached by Captain James, Eric and Daniel were near by as well. “That was one awesome tennis match. I thought I was watching a professional match. I wanted to thank you on behalf of the crew for giving your winnings to us. I’m not sure I want them blowing all of it in the casino, but I guess they will have to learn how easy it can be to lose it if you gamble.”

“I think the organization has done a wonderful job of giving them a sense of purpose and the value of hard work. They have earned the privilege to be able to use it any way they choose. Even the ones too young to gamble should be allowed to do anything with their money they choose.”

“You will be happy to know only two of kids decided to try their hand at gambling. A few of the adults were not decided what they wanted to do yet. All the others wanted it added to their accounts and managed for them.”

When the captain left, Eric asked. “Will you two help us this afternoon?”

“If we can and it’s not illegal.” We laughed.

“It isn’t illegal. Daniel and I saw firsthand how many strokes you saved Adam and Paul with course management the other day. Will you talk us around the course this afternoon, we have a tee time in a little over an hour.”

“Sure, we will do that. Just a second.” I called Tanner. “Hey Tanner, can you find a couple of people to play golf with you this afternoon, Adam and I are going to help Daniel and Eric with course management. That will be great bud. Have fun and play well.” We said our goodbyes and I said. “Since we don’t have much time we better get ready to play.”

“What is wrong with the clothes you have on? Why do you have to get ready?”

“You have just been initiated into the Jim prep schedule when it’s time to play golf. We usually take at least two hours before our tee time. I was surprised at how much better I play when I am fully ready to start. Before I met Jim, I might hit some balls and a few putts before playing. Now I prepare myself for a fantastic round of golf. Take my word for it. That is the best lesson you will ever receive. Listen to him when preparing and you will notice the difference right away.”

“Okay, where do we start?” Daniel asked as we were all putting our golf shoes on.

“The putting green and not just anywhere on the green. We always start with three foot putts. After the three footers are like tap-ins we will move to four, then five and six. You get the picture. Once you build up confidence on ten footers, we hit a few longer putts to make sure we have a feel for the pace of the greens.”

“I see he has you trained.” Eric laughed.

“Trust me; you will be the same once you see how much confidence it gives you over your putts.”

They followed when I left the green. “I know you have heard it hundreds of times, but it is the truth. Seventy percent of your score is within fifty yards of the green, for some a lot more. Yet, it gets the least attention of most people’s practice time. Most courses have an area set aside for chipping and sand practice, but people ignore it. We won’t. First get a feel of how the balls come out of the sand, so that you will have a feel how to hit a shot that may find its way to the beach. Same thing with the rough. You need to have a feel for how all your wedges react out of this particular rough. Practice a few shots that you would hate to have to hit during a game. There is a good chance you will see one or two of them.”

“What do you mean by shots we would hate to have to hit exactly?”

I stepped on my ball. Well, something plugged like this. If you know how to expect it to react when you hit, you are not as likely to be panicked when you have to hit it. Even the pros can hit them all without missing occasionally. At least they have practiced trying to hit a recovery shot.

“Here is how I break down my warm-up preparation time. Half on the putting green and chipping and sand practice. Then I spend a quarter of my time on the practice tee. You are not here to practice hitting shots, that is for true practice time. You are here to loosen up and make sure you are striking the ball to the distance you expect. I always start with my nine iron. Then check my five iron distance. All the while I am trying to make a smooth controlled swing. I know you guys are accustomed to just busting it as hard as you can and we can’t change that today. I suggest that you just make sure you are making the kind of swing you want to make. I don’t know if you try to shape the ball much, but I check to make sure I am comfortable with making cuts and fades also. The last quarter of my prep time is back to the putting green making those short puts feel automatic.”

As we were called to the tee we left our carts and stood on the first tee. “If I am talking too much just tell me to cut it back some. I notice that you two have driver out. Adam and I have four irons. Where are you planning to land the ball?”

They looked at each other. “Just hit it toward the green.”

“Adam, why did you get your four iron out and don’t say because I did?”

He laughed. “Well, the chances of me getting across that cross fairway hazard that is three hundred yards away and three forty to clear is too not a likely shot I can make. That finger bunker and the rough on the left narrow the fairway to about twenty yards across also dictate that I stay short and use the bigger fairway. The four iron will get me down around two fifty and I will have an eight or nine into the green.”

“Where were you to the last time we played?”

“In the bunker.” They both said together.

“Why don’t you go pull out the club you hit about two forty and use that one today?” They went back to the cart and both came back with some sort of fairway wood or rescue club. “Those guys ahead have cleared the area we will be hitting to. Make a nice smooth swing.” They both hit good shots and were in great position to get to the green.

Adam and I hit our shots and were almost side by side.

When we got to Eric’s ball he was looking at his Skycaddy. He said. “It says one sixty-two to the front of the green and one seventy to the pin.”

“We don’t need to use the the to the pin reading, It is basically to the middle of the green. We have the green sheets, so we know exactly where the pin is. It is twelve feet in from the right and twenty-two feet from the front of the green.” I thought for a second. “If my memory serves me correctly this green is fairly flat and you can shoot directly at the pin. What ever you hit one sixty-five with a little release or what every you hit one seventy-five with backspin. I am assuming a high ball flight, so if you don’t hit the ball high you will need to make other adjustments.”

The green was enough above us that we couldn’t be sure how close they were, but we were sure they had birdie putts. Adam put his within two feet and mine was about five feet away. All four of us were within ten feet of the flag and we all made birdie. On the way off the green, Eric said to Adam. “I see what you mean now. Normally my knees would be shaking and I would be praying I would make that eight foot putt. This time, I knew I would make it. I had these down pat. From now on, I am always going to meet my opponents at the course, they will never see how I prepare. You guys have improved my game a ton.”

“When you finish your tournament tomorrow, we will show you how to make your golf game even better. Not only will you play better, but you will have a lot more fun.”

“How are you going to do that?”

“Let’s just way we will be changing your swing enough that it will be very hard for you to get used to, but once you do, you won’t have a handicap any longer.“

Once the round was over, both Daniel and Eric had improved their best score ever by several strokes. They were almost beside themselves with excitement.

We went back to the boat to get ready for dinner. When we finished our shower and went to the sun deck, Hank was there. “Hank, I take it you busted out early. What happened?”

“I got beat before lunch. I had a set of kings that got beat by jacks over kings. It was a blessing though in reality.” We both looked confused and he laughed. “When John gave me the chips you sent to everyone, I decided to play a little Blackjack. Tanner was there too and told me how tough a tennis match you two had. He said he was astounded that Jim had improved so much. Anyway, he said he was over twenty grand ahead and was going back to the boat before he gave it all back. Once I was over fifty grand, I decided to do the same. I cashed out and had won fifty thousand two hundred fifty dollars. Well, on a hunch I decided to play the two fifty in a ten dollar slot machine. To say it was my lucky day is an understatement. I hit the jackpot and won three hundred thousand bucks. To say I am happy about busting out of the tournament is again an understatement.”

“Congratulations Hank, way to go bud.” I slapped him gently on the back.

“Way to go Hank!” Adam shook his shoulder.

“Hey Jim, Adam. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.” We turned and saw David with a man that looked to be in his forties.” We smiled and headed toward them. “I need to introduce my partner. Mark Jones. He is the director of B&M Youth Foundation.”

“Oh shit.” I stuttered.

“I knew you were not telling me everything.” The director said.

“I told you I would never disclose anything my bosses told me. That would be dereliction of duty. Now that you are assuming the worst and they are here, I will say they have never said anything to me they wouldn’t say to your face. As I told you they are fantastic people to work for and have my utmost respect. You trying to make this into something it isn’t is pissing me off. It’s a good thing our suite has two bedrooms.” It was easy to see they were not happy with each other at the moment.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Jones.” Adam stuck out his hand to shake. He hugged Dave. “Good to see you again Dave.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. West.” Jones said.

“Please call me Adam.”

“Nice to meet you Mr. Jones. Please call me Jim.” I offered my hand for him to shake.

“Nice meeting you Jim, please call me Mark. We might as well try to defuse the tension in the air. I must apologize for upsetting Dave. He has every right to be upset with me. I didn’t think the woodworking aspect of your request was exactly the whole truth. When I questioned Dave, he became angry with me for trying to get him to betray your trust in him. He wasn’t happy that I was questioning your sincerity in wanting to create a woodworking work program, but he really went ballistic when I said I was concerned that you might want a young boy for sexual reasons. I immediately regretted thinking out loud, but it was like a bell. It couldn’t be un-rung.”

“I realize that you two have developed some friction between you. Let’s go into the lounge and discuss this in a less public environment.”

“Oh crap, I am so sorry. I didn’t see him behind that chase lounge, I’m sure Dave didn’t either or we would not have spoken like we did.”

“It’s not a problem. Let me introduce you to Hank Jackson, a very good friend. We have no secrets from Hank, but I’m sure you will be more comfortable if we do this privately.”

Dave and Mark exchanged pleasantries with Hank and we adjourned to the lounge.

“Okay, to start let me explain why I said oh shit when Dave introduced you. When I called to ask Dave to shuffle our tee times for tomorrow, I called you a name. I called you a tight-assed bean counter. I did apologize to Dave in the same sentence and told him I had no way of knowing if you were tight-assed or not. He didn’t let on that he knew you and the condition of your ass. As for the woodworking work program, you are correct. It sounded like a good way to allow us to take Kyle with us back to Houston. The truth is Toby the boy that we are taking out of the program so that he can work toward becoming a research doctor is Kyle’s boyfriend. Toby wanted to go with us, but is hesitant because of having to leave Kyle. To be honest, it only takes a few minutes with Kyle and both Adam and I want to give that boy the best childhood in the world. He is the type of kid that lights up a room with his smile, but he also has a heart as big as this boat.”

“So what you really want to do is adopt Kyle?”

Adam and I looked at each other. “Well yes, but we didn’t think that would ever happen. We are openly gay.”

“Under normal circumstances that would be true, but we are in the business of taking care of kids and adoption. With Dave’s recommendation, I think that the best thing for this boy is to become your son. You can’t adopt as a couple, our society is still in the dark ages on allowing gay couples any rights especially adoption. Since Jim is the oldest, I suggest he be the one to officially adopt Kyle. Will that be acceptable with you two and does Kyle want to be adopted by you guys?”

Adam spoke. “That is acceptable with Jim and I, but we were careful not to talk to Kyle about anything. We didn’t want to disappoint him if we couldn’t get him to Houston. We were going to talk to him if it looked like we were going to be able to take care of him. We can ask him now, I see him with a drink for Hank.”

I opened the door to the lounge. “Hey Kyle, can you come talk to us for a minute?”

He turned and told another steward. “Tell Jacob that Mr. Carter asked me to talk to him for a minute.” He came in. He looked a little worried. “Is something wrong, sir?” He kept looking back and forth between the four of us.

“No Kyle.” I laughed. “It does look kind of tense in here doesn’t it?” This caused us all to chuckle. That caused Kyle to give us one of his beaming smiles. “Mr. Jones is the director of the foundation and he would like to talk to you for a minute. Do you mind talking to him?”

“ As long as I won’t get anyone in trouble, I don’t mind.”

Mark led Kyle over to the other side of the room. On his way over I heard him say. “My name is Mark and yes, I am the director, but no one will get into trouble.” I couldn’t hear after that.

Then I heard Kyle. “Really? You are not fooling me? Heck yes, I can’t believe Adam and Jim are doing this for me.” He rushed over and hugged Adam and then me. “Is it true you are going to adopt me and take me back to Houston?”

“Are you sure that is what you want? Think about it. No more of those tutors that you can wrap around your pinky. You will be going to the best private school in Houston and they are very strict about academic achievement. No flexible hours.”

“Can I call you dad? It will feel weird at first, because you are not that old, but I want a dad. Will Toby be there too?”

“If you want, I will be honored for you to call me dad. Toby will have a place there too, but he is an adult and fee to do as he pleases.”

“Can I call you dad too?” He asked Adam.

“Sure you can little bud, but the law will only let Jim be your official dad. We will make sure the lawyers fix it so that if something happens to Jim, I can take care of you. If you get tired of us calling you son, just tell us. I know I reached an age that son sounded dweeby to me. You will have to help Jim and be cool without letting you get away with too much. As much as we want to be your friend and buddy, we know we have the responsibility to be your parents first. Good thing we have Maggs to help with that.”

“Better not count too much on Maggs, she will spoil him like crazy.”

“When will I be your son?” We all turned and looked at Mark.

“I will have my people start on the paperwork Monday morning. With any luck and a good judge we should be able to go before the judge and get this done as soon as you get back to Key West. We will do this here in Florida. Since you have a residence here, they are more corporative with our organization here. If for some reason we can’t get it done before you go back to Houston, we might have to come back, but I know that isn’t a problem for you.”

Kyle hugged me. “Thanks, I knew you and Adam were special as soon as I first saw you. Something just made me feel good every time I saw you. Back at the home, they teased me about being a witch because I could tell who was good and who we couldn’t trust immediately. I was never wrong.”

“To answer your question Kyle, as far as the foundation is concerned you are now Jim’s son. You can move your things into guest quarters instead of crew quarters. I will tell the captain you are officially no longer a member of the crew.”

“If you don’t mind I would like to stay a member of the crew until we get back to port. I am needed to fulfill my duties until we get back to home port. I know they could probably get a replacement, but think I need to finish what I started. Is that okay.”

“Sure it is. I’m proud of you son.” That got him to crying and hugged me again.

“There is Toby, can we tell him now?”

“Sure why don’t you tell him.”

“No, I want you to tell him. He was worried about having to leave me.”

Kyle went to the door, “Toby, Jim and Adam want you to meet some people.” He looked back at me. “Your new son and Mark and Dave.” His dimples lit up the room.

Adam spoke. “Hi Toby, Jim and I would like to introduce you to Mark and Dave.” He nodded to them in turn. “We also want to introduce you to our son, Kyle.”

Kyle ran to hug him. “It’s true, I’m going to Houston too. Can you believe it? I have two dads now.”

“Will you let us adopt you too. Well, since you are an adult now it will just be for legal reasons. We want to be there for you every way possible. You don’t have to make up your mind immediately.”

“Sure, I would love that. I was so afraid Kyle and I would be separated. Oh, by the way the chief sent me to tell you dinner would be ready in ten minutes. Less now I guess.”

At dinner we got word that other than Hank, all the boys were still in the tournament. They were getting close to ending the session. It would be amazing if seven of eight of us made it to the second day of play. We did tell all the boys present about adopting Kyle and Toby. They were all very happy for the boys and joked with them about their ‘old man’ or maybe ‘old men’.

Tanner was the biggest tease. He just couldn’t leave it alone. “So Kyle, your old man is supposed to impart knowledge and teach you how to be a good young man. What do you want your daddy to teach you first?”

“That’s easy.” He lifted my shirt. “I want him to teach me to have a great body like this.”

Everyone laughed. “I agree with you little bud. I have been working out with him for a year and I don’t have a six pack like that.”

“You’re not bad, I would settle for your four and a half pack.” He laughed.

“This kid is just like his old man. You can’t get one up on him. He sounded just like Jim.”

Mark said. “The old saying like father like son, was meant for biological fathers, but I learned a long time ago that fathers and sons don’t have to be biological to have a connection. We know what you want him to teach you first, what do you plan on teaching him first?”

“Not to yell at the boys to smooth out their transaction from backswing to address. He keeps telling them, loudly I might add, that when they jerk in their transaction, it’s impossible to keep it in the fairway.” He grinned. “I haven’t played in a few months, but on the swing trainer, it sure made a difference for me.”

“Do you and Toby play golf? We were going to have Mark and Dave in our group, but if you boys play, they can play with Hank and Paul and you and Toby can play with Jim and me.” Adam said.

“We will have to ask Toby. I want to if the captain will schedule me so I can. I can’t speak for Toby; he isn’t crazy about golf like I am.”

“Why don’t you go ask Toby and clear it with the captain either way you can play with us?”

He was gone maybe three minutes when he came running back. They both said it was okay. Toby didn’t want you to see how bad he plays, but said he would play for me. I told him that I would help him practice tonight and that made him happy. The captain said we could take off any time after the scrub.”

“What is the scrub?” Mark asked.

“Every morning from dawn until every inch of the boat is scrubbed we clean the boat. Salt water and air cause the boat to look dull if it is not done every day.”

“The boat is washed every morning?”

“We do our best to have it done before the guests wake up. Jim and Adam run so early, we can’t have it done before they get up. Every time they see me scrubbing they swat me on the butt if they can get close to me. I try to always be where they can reach me. I think they figured it out quickly that I was trying to get them to swat me when I shook my booty at them the first time.”

The guys that had been at the poker tournament came in. “Well, I was the bubble boy.” Frankie said as he came in. “Everyone was playing so tight, wouldn’t you know it, I tried to buy a pot when the chip leader had pocket rockets.”

We introduced Dave and Mark to the guys that just came in. When we told them about Toby and Kyle, they were all excited and congratulated them.

We were going to help Kyle and Toby with the swing trainer. Mark stopped us and asked. “I’m pretty sure you don’t know, but next Saturday is Toby’s eighteenth birthday.”

“We didn’t, Dave, call the Rolex folks and have them make watches for Toby and Kyle. I know Kyle, just had a birthday, so we will give them both the watches.”

“We need to get Toby something else for his birthday.”

“How about if we let him pick any car he wants from those cars that we were told we have in Key West. From what they said they are a mixture of classic and exotic cars. I bet there is something there that will excite an eighteen year old.”

“You should know. Will that excite you when you turn eighteen?”

“We made a deal. We both have everything anybody would ever want or need, if we don’t we get it. We might find something there that we want to take back with us.”

“You know that since you said you would follow the plan already developed for the work program that some of the cars have to be sent to Houston anyway. The two guys here in Key West have decided that they will hire replacements for here and they want to move to Houston. They are more into building show cars than classic cars. I think they have already found their replacements.”

“Cool, since the buildings are already built, does it look like the work program can start pretty quickly?”

“I’m hoping within a month. We have kids excited about the auto mechanic program. This program is so unique, it is generating a lot more interest than we expected. Butch told me that he wanted the team to build him a Hummer limo as their first project. I was going to suggest that be the first project. Looks like you will need a very long one with the entourage that you have now. Oh, I sent a message to have them set the Corvette show at the B&M showroom.”

“Great, we will check it out when we get back to Key West. And the limo sounds cool. Jim and I talked about getting one that could carry the whole crew.”

“I am planning to leave on Monday, but will be back sometime next weekend. You guys don’t mind taking care of Dave do you? He decided that since you two will be here, it will be the perfect time for him to take some time off.”

“We will do our best to keep him entertained.”

“Just play well, I think the boy is wanting to work on his no tan line tan while he is here.”

We laughed. “We promise to resist laughing and pointing at his white butt. Daniel and Eric almost got burned when they tried to lose their tan lines too quickly. Can you imagine how bad you would feel with a bad sun burn on your cock or ass?” We laughed again.

While we were working with Toby and Kyle on the swing trainer, it was evident that Kyle’s clubs were way too short for him. I called Hank and told him to measure and order some custom clubs for the boys. He did, but said we needed to get Kyle something tonight before tomorrow. We took a quick run into town and found a sports shop about to close. We made it just in time. Hank picked a set of Titlist with a couple of rescue clubs for him. He found a putter he thought he would like. We outfitted both boys with shoes gloves and all the accessories. We went back to work with the boys. Kyle has a great swing, but we needed to make sure he knew how far he hit each club. The good news was that Kyle had taken the advice I keep trying to get the TDB boys pay attention to. He smiled and said. “These clubs go a lot farther than my old clubs.”

“I’m glad to see you have a smooth swing without trying to kill the ball, like the boys do.”

“I watch you and Adam and I want a pretty swing like you two have. How is Adam doing over there with Toby?”

We went to the other station and Toby was making very smooth swings and hitting the ball very well. “You have done wonders with him Adam, he didn’t listen to me nearly as well.”

“Well, Adam gave me first hand information, instead of Jim says or Adam says. I’m sorry Kyle, everything you said was true. I should have known that you would soak up everything from these two.” Toby hugged Kyle.

Once we were finished with Toby and Kyle, Adam and I changed and went to do our nightly workout. We were almost finished with our run when Kyle and Toby came in and started running beside us. Adam said. “Hi boys, you know you need to warm up and stretch a bit before starting your run?”

“We did before we got here. We stretched in our room and then ran here. Kyle said that is the way you guys do it. I swear he thinks if that is the way you guys do it, then it is the only way it should be done.” He grinned as he teased his boyfriend.

Our treadmills beeped telling us we were finished with our ten miles. We went to the machines and started our core work. We were soon joined by Kyle and Toby. “Do you do these same exercises every day?”

“Some of them we do daily, but we basically have a cycle of exercises that we use to make sure we work on all the muscle groups two or three times a week. We use a personal trainer to help us make sure we don’t get too bulky but are in the best possible shape for golf and tennis. When we get back to the Woodlands we will have him set you boys up with a routine. You shouldn’t just jump into our routine. It takes some time to work up to some of the stuff. You might even hurt yourself if you do some of these exercises without being ready.” I squeezed Kyle’s shoulder. “Don’t be discouraged, in a couple of weeks Cameron will be driving you nuts just like he does us.

As usual our shower became more of a foreplay session than a shower. When we got in bed, I couldn’t keep my hands off Adam and he was just as grabby with me. Most of the time our foreplay is slow and tender, tonight, that was far from what was happening. It was like we both flipped a switch and went into animal mode. “Enough! fuck me!”

This was unusual for us. We still emptied our bodies and gave each other enemas every morning, but neither of us was really into anal sex. I flipped him onto his stomach and attacked his cute butt with my mouth. I love having those gorgeous globes in my kneading hands. I was slobbering kisses on every inch of his butt. Once I got my tongue into his hot crack, I was becoming even wilder if that was possible. I couldn’t love his crack very long before I had to ravage his hot hole with my loving tongue.

“Fuck me now. NOW!” I grabbed the lube and quickly prepared his hole. I slowly sunk entered Adam and once I hit bottom, I nuzzled his neck and he turned his head for a kiss. I began to slow stroke him, trying to flex my dick with every stroke to tickle his hot button. I guess it must have worked, I felt him clamp down like a vice with his muscles. I knew he was firing a load into the pillow. He was clamping down so tightly, I was stuck unless I wanted to force it either direction. I just nuzzled his neck until I felt him relax a bit and I sank into him. “Now I can last. I want to be on my back, so I can kiss you while you fuck my brains out.” We got situated and I couldn’t help but give his beautiful cock a little loving with my mouth. He made it clear he wanted me inside him and I entered him again. He locked his legs just above my butt and immediately started using his legs and pelvis to control the tempo. He was attacking my mouth very passionately. I don’t think I have ever seen Adam this passionate and wild. We were both making all kinds of animalistic moans and groans.

We had been going at each other for fifteen or twenty minutes and we were both sweating like we had been running a marathon. The sweat was pouring off us both. The sheets were a light grey color, so it was easy to see they were soaked. I had held off my orgasm as long as I possibly could. Adam could see it in my eyes. Once we figured out that he preferred the bottom and I preferred the top, we began trying to let me cum and then finish Adam with my mouth. We finally figured out that the only way we could make it happen was if Adam had a cum just before we began anal sex. It worked at little differently today, but we both understood it was time. “Cum baby, I’m about to cum again.” He kissed me passionately. My juices gushed into this beautiful body. I hadn’t come down from my orgasmic high, but I knew I had to suck his dick or his sweet juice would be shooting on his beautiful chest instead of in my hungry mouth.

I gobbled his beautiful cock into my loving mouth and used my right hand to play with his heavy balls. Three slides up and down his cock and I was rewarded with the first blast of his sweet juice. I had to swallow three or four times. Of course, I will never tire of swallowing Adam’s sweet nectar. I was still loving his beautiful cock when me put his hand on either side of my head and pulled me up. He made it clear he was getting too sensitive and wanted to kiss.

It took us several minutes before we were not breathing hard and had settled down from our sexual passion. “Wow, what got into you tiger? I’ve never seen you so animalistic. I’m surprised I don’t have claw marks down my back.”

Adam laughed. “Blame our sons. When you and Hank were looking over those new wedges, your sons gave me a blow by blow description of their love making this afternoon. I was so horny, I was beside myself. I Made myself settle down so many times that felt like I was going to blow a load when you were bending over helping the boys with the swing trainer. I finally just had to give in.”

“It was definitely different and I blew a hell of a load.”

“I know it’s leaking out of my ass still.”

We laughed and walked hand in hand to the shower. I looked behind him to his perfect butt cheeks. “Damn that is one beautiful butt. I love you my sweet prince.”

“You can’t possibly love me any more than I love you. I think together we redefine the word. Today when we were talking about the boys and making sure everything was spelled out legally in case something happened to one of us. I realized that I have to die first. I can’t possibly live without you. Let’s never discuss that again. I just can’t stand thinking about it.”

“Me either, but we do have two boys that we have to think about too. We don’t have to think about, I know that no matter how hard it would be, we would do what we had to for those boys. I agree with you though, I don’t want to have to even hear something about us not being together.”

Once we were showered and ready for bed, our bed had been remade with blue sheets. We looked at each other. “How do you suppose they knew to come change the sheets? I hope they aren’t watching us like the security people were last year.”

We were so curious that we call the security lead to ask how the crew knew we needed our sheets changed. He laughed and told us that we were very loud tonight and that our porthole was open. He said most of the boat knew were having a great night.

We closed the porthole and went to bed. Adam snuggled up to me and I felt his even breathing of peaceful sleep almost immediately. I was also fell asleep almost immediately.

I must have slept like a log, I woke up to find Adam and I in the same positions we had gone to sleep in. I was looking at his beautiful face and counting my blessings for having him in my life when his eyes fluttered open. He saw me staring at him and he asked. “How long have you been awake?”

“I just woke up and was staring at your beauty.”

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